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110 Main St, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720, United States

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REVIEWS OF The ShowRoom Cinema Bradley Beach IN New Jersey

Sue Howard

Newly renovated but same nice old timey movie theater.

Amy M. Toman

This theatre is wonderful! It's the new version of the Beach Cinema, which was around for almost 50 years. We went here on the weekend it reopened, and loved to see the updates. It still has the same local vibe, but, well, new. The carpet has been replaced (still nice and mellow though), the walls have been repainted, the concession stand has been moved to the right, and the theater itself has been repainted, rewired, and the seats are WONDERFULLY spacious (they don't recline, but that's made up for by the fact that they removed every other row, so there's TONS of leg room). We love this great local theatre and look forward to its renewal. We hope the new owners, who also own The ShowRoom in Asbury, acknowledge the theatre's history, while also adding a bit of spice and fun to it.

Bill Dowd

Homey place. Nice seats. Clean

Mary Markowski

Donna Hall

Robert F. Dillon


Eric Lenz

patty mulholland

jeanne liberkowski

Just like I remember the movie theater when I was a kid. We used to go every weekend because it was affordable. A great, kitchy, retro, local experience that I love to support! Very reasonable prices and the best wasn't sold out on a Friday night for the Beauty and the Beast premier!

Marilyn Rosen

Nice local theater. Never fear going by myself. Prices are good. Owner is friendly and so is Mary at admissions.

Corinne Yaworski

Jack Niclolson use to go there. Not too expensive. An okay place.

Patricia O'Neill

Love an early movie and dinner at the Shore, anytime!

Giovanni Carpio

It's cheap I like it got to watch my movie seats a little uncomfortable tho

Edward Cavanagh

betty baker

Jen W


This is the cutest theatre.

Patricia Raffetto

Nicely renovated movie local theater!! Much nicer than going to a mall.

Doris Rogers

The seats are old, small and not very clean. The theatre has an odor that is hard to tolerate. The screen is large but that's the only good part. Also the heat is old too and not even, either too cold in middle of room or too hot along the end of the rows.

Wpr Jersey

Best little kept secret on the Shore

Shannon Brown

Jill Potter

Wonderful theatre with great owners and staff!

Jessica Stark

Love this theatre, it harkens back to an earlier era of single screen movie houses. Great movies, unbeatable price & location

Bill Conticchio

BB Cinema is in a charming time warp with the kind of hometown theater atmosphere the big multiplexes can'T offer. It''s just popcorn. candy and a good movie at a good price. And the men''s room is an experience too. I hope it''s around for years to come.

Raymond Hansen

zombie cow

Norbert Boettger

Eli Ritchey

Old and decrepit...bathrooms out of the 1950's ,but cheap and friendly..


Larry Welle

Joe J

this is what going to the movies used to be like in the good old days. not the high powered antiseptic multiplex corporate wastelands that now populate the landscape. a big theater and a big screen. good sound. what more do you want? wish they would go back to their original name, The Palace.

Tino polce iii


Said to start at 1:10pm take 20 mins to start I rushed there never picked up phone off line the next day the phone was on went to robot never picked up phone and does not say when The movie is coming on tomorrow only that day playing old music there’s no music in are time this movie theater is for old people and it smells like dead feet and a restroom and there’s no bathroom

Andrea K. Locke

Great popcorn, cozy venue

Steven Wilmers

A bit antiquated..showing top features

Caroline Evans

Good prices, classic theater, and I don't have to drive here! Dinner and a movie with no car required is a plus!

Donald Deacon

Susan Coluzzi

Nice, quaint local cinema

Brainer Mosquera

Betty Capra

Aaron G

Great for independent films

Alex Kushnir

Oldie, but goodie

Ed McCormick

The now Showroom Cinema has made several upgrades for the better. However it was so cold that you could hang meat in there. I asked for the air conditioning to be turned off without success. I will think twice before going again or maybe I'll wear a ski suit.

Amy Toman

This theatre has reopened and it's great! The carpet is new, the walls have been repainted, and seats have been removed so there is SO much legroom! We saw Rocketman and the experience was great. The main theatre is still very bland, but clean and comfortable. The concessions area is still small, but they have popcorn, candy, and soda, so everything is there. I didn't check out the bathrooms, but in general the space is great. We'll definitely come back!

Fred Lesto

They turned the air conditioning off today it was in the 90's but they were cool at the concession stand. We were dripping not like the Asbury Showroom at all very uncomfortable the old seats that make your butt numb. They need to change the seats and keep the air conditioning on!!!

Marc Chester

The movie theater that time forgot. It may not be the biggest screen, or the ultimate in sound, but it's a great way to catch up on movies at a great price. Note: cash only.

RealRoofers Mark Nejmeh

This is where you go when you want to feel like you are in a time that people and society was reasonable. It is old and it is less expensive but the place has class and the movies are bigger than life in this theater and that is the way it should be. I Love it,

Michael Tondi

Old time movie theater with crappy seats. I like to support local businesses. Popcorn was tasty with real butter.

Jack Buckley

Great old theater

R.I. Taylor

Owner screamed, yelled and then threw out an elderly lady right in front of my family. She was almost in tears. Poor thing had asthma and he wouldn't let her stick her head in to see if the obvious musty smell from the theater would throw her into coughing fit. I love supporting small cinema but this guy doesn't deserve our money. He doesn't care about his customers.

Nick Greenquist

Good walking distance to restaurants and other things in town. Wish they accepted card for food and drinks though

J Cline

Barbara Hart

Leo Clark

Great, old school theater. Don't go there expecting it to be able to compete with a public company like Sony. Instead it is like going back in history and I think the owners did a wonderful job preserving the place it within their means. I would recommend going just to give your business to an owner operator that probably eats, sleeps and breathes his/her business!...

Dylan Thomas

Nice renovations

Marian Donohue

Dan gendel Gendel P

Great old time movie venue. Good prices for tickets and snacks

Kenneth Patterson

My number one place to see movies Everyone trys to be friendly helpful an place is always kept clean Low prices good movies

Lucy Korzelius

Local movie house by the seashore.

Al Smith

Rude people. No indication of "cash only" on website. No handicapped section. No booster seats. Dump

Mary Mazza

I happen to work at the beach cinema for 30 yrs and I love it here we have wonderful people that I enjoy selling tickets to and the best of all they love coming here

Maria Megill


Frederick Cesareo

Visit at least once a month. Easy to reach the restaurants in the area before or after the show.

Robert Hazelrigg

It always smells like piss

Kelly Schott

Definitely an older theater, but it has a lot of character. It's also an affordable ticket and they show new films as well as films on limited release. Parking is shared with Vic's across the street, so there weren't many spaces but you can find street parking pretty easily off-season.

carolyn mahoney

Really disgusting smell as soon as you walk in theater.....cross between wet dirty dog and urine.....won't ever go back again

Janet Palughi

Always a favorite go to local theatre. Still one movie theater.

Stephanie Camp

I love this theater! Partly b/c of nostalgia. It's one of those last remaining town theatres that are sadly disappearing. But this one seems to be holding b/c it plays good movies and local community support. It's street parking and there's enough if you go around the corner.

Rose Connelly

Great theatre, Love it, hope it never closes!!!!

Maureen Keane

Kathleen Calvert

Terrible renovation job. Lights bright during movie showing, seats are most uncomfortable I have ever sat in. Why would anyone go back here when you have the comforts of the theaters at Monmouth Mall ? Asbury Park Showroom is much, much nicer.

Jordan my dudes

Nice place miss when it was an old school theater though :( but it's still a good place and low prices solid 5/5

Elena Egan

It's very inexpensive, shows first run movies that cater to seniors' tastes, and the people that work there are very friendly. Unfortunately, it smells like urine and it's difficult to park. However, a movie there and pizza afterwards at Vic"s can't be topprd.

andrew vuocolo

It is old school

Jean Schrem

Nicholas Sullivan

Donna Gallucio

Vince Nardiello

I love this place. It is what going to the movies should be.None of the nonsense ,buying seats in advance ,getting shut out of movies you want to see. Leave that to the 20 somethings and let them pay double for the abuse.

Christopher Doyle

I have been going to the beach cinema for over 10 years when my grandmother was alive her and I looked forward to going to the movies every time a new show came out. John Mary and Walter were always so pleasant to deal with the theatre got that old back in time feeling and you can't beat the prices great location

luke matarazzo

This place has great prices and a good theater. The only thing they're lacking is cup holders and more comfortable seats. But that's probably how they keep the prices so low!

Muriel Levine

Alix Katz

Kathy Shearer

Patricia Hultgren

Joanne Jorgenson

Perfect small town movies, that gets all the latest movies

Jason Danahy

Classic. Unfortunately being sold but to seemingly good owners


Love the movies they show and the funky, old fashioned decor, warm staff.

Lisa Consiglio

It's the perfect spot for a date night!

Ronald Meyn

This an old theatre and could use an update, however it is very convenient to our area of the shore. It only has one screen, however they charge lower prices beside providing a senior discount.


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