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REVIEWS OF Teaneck Cinemas IN New Jersey

German Hernandez

Last visited here with my best friend and brother Tyrone. Good place

Dwayne Utsey

Watched Endgame here. It was awesome. Pricing is excellent. They could have more food options, but popcorn and nachos worked out fine. Great neighborhood movie theater. Perfect for the family.


Very good and clean place . Never had an issue here . The price are great. Even the concessions stand prices are reasonable . Doesn’t get packed and have all the new movies . The only thing that I wish was better is the volume . The volume of the movie should be louder and that would make it perfect .

Telisha Mims

Dirty didn't want my feet touching the floor

Amanda Perkins

The seats werent super comfy buttttt it's 5$ for a movie before 6 pm!!

Jay Looez

My family and I love it. Very affordable and kids can be kids with out the extra that is not needed.

Shani Misir-Najera

The theater was restored a few years ago. It’s beautiful and very much part of our community. Tickets and candy are reasonable priced. Love having it in Teaneck!

Knight Old Code

For a small neighborhood theater it's not too bad they just need to redo the floor tiles and some places.

Clover Cohen

Always have the latest movie thats my favourite movie theatre the price is good

Migue Lito

Love the matinee before 6pm, all tickets are $5. Snacks are a bargain as well.

Kee Thomas

The movie theater is clean,safe and affordable.Great place to bring kids on a Saturday night or right after church in the afternoon.

Sonora Amanda

Inexpensive, cute, and cozy. $5! That's what the movie theaters should charge! I enjoy it there always and the popcorn is good and fresh. The staff is young, but very friendly and sweet.

Ruth Bauer Neustadter

This theater was digitalized and updated with the promise of at least one screen focusing on "art" and a reasonable admissions policy. It shows the exact same films as everyone else... Most disappointing. They do participate in a local film festival.... It could be so much more. There is good local parking and a nice array of restaurants

Edward Hazuka

Waited 1 hour for movie to start but never did had to change theaters. Was unable too went to a smaller theater that was not good for my one son with speical needs

Harris Miller

Well priced local theater. Don't have to compete with crowds and parking at the mall. Seats are good.

Jonathan Galandauer

Great theater with great prices. Tickets are only $7 at night and a large soda + jumbo popcorn is only $10. Would highly recommend, 10/10, 6 stars.


Excellent audio systems and theatres, cheap snacks (for a theatre anyway) and incredibly friendly staff. Along with old theatre relics strewn throughout the building. Best cinema in the the area. Cheap and well worth the money

tushar saxena

Terrific art house theater which shows first run movies at a very affordable price. It's a very typical "local" movie theater experience where the setting is more intimate and the selection of movies may include a film which would not be shown in a giants multiplex. As I said, the prices can't be beat. $5 matinees before 6pm, which then go up to $7 for adults and $6 for kids and seniors. Lovely little, local place for the whole family or just movie nuts in general.

Nitzan Ben-David

Cute little theater. Great place for a kids birthday party.

Zac Armstrong

Great theater in the classic sense, friendly staff. Would get 5 stars if there was better soundproofing. Don't watch a low key, quiet drama if there's a fast-paced paced action flick in the adjoining room: you'll hear both movies quite clearly.

Monica Wenzel

We love this place because of the early bird special seating is $5.00 before 6 pm

jose her

Nice little place , enough to enjoy a good movie in a mostly quiet and respectful way (Also not to expensive, if you have a big family is a great option)

Ishmael Cato

Noisy teenagers and old smelling theaters. The upside is the cheap 80's pricing.

Dan Zeevi

Small multi-theater location. Inexpensive compared to other theater locations, they still have first-run movies. Clean.

Richard Langer

Crazy large crowds for avengers. Staff kept calm and in control.

Joyce Kirschner

The theater was too cold the handicap bathroom was not working and the theater itself is dirty

Jerianne Pizza

Reasonably priced first run movies. Concession stand is also priced right making an evening out affordable.

Fay Khan

$5 for a matinee. Ample seating but don't love the seating layout. If someone tall sits in the front it could really block the view and ruin the experience. Can't complain much because the price is cheap and location is convenient. Plenty of parking in the back.

Geri Goss

Nicely refurbished, good sound system. Very friendly people working there. Only reason for deducting one star us the seats are new and well cushioned, but too upright, should lean back a bit, and quite high. I am 5'4" tall and just barely touch the floor with my feet.

Jahaira Araya

Is small, cozy and clean. Tickets are cheap to watch the same movie is playing everywhere else. We like it!

Denise Terrigno

Seats are awful. You can hear the other movies in the room you are in.

Akash Rao

Ok to watch films not soo great

Lucio Rojas

If you love old school theaters, this is the way to go! They have the latest releases and it's super cheap! Popcorn is always fresh!

liliane Brown

One of the women's toilets had no tissue so the after movie line was long &slow. The theatre seats are all on same level instead of stadium seats. This nakes it hard to see the screen if the theatre is full.

Meryl Surgan

Theater is small but well kept. You can't beat the $5 ticket price if you go to a matinee.

Steven Soracco

Nice local theater with reasonable prices.

Dianne Glasner

I have always loved this cinema, but tonight the theater and snack bar were extremely dirty. I give them the benefit of doubt and assume it was due to high volume of people trying to escape the heat. The bathroom was very clean. I will try again. I must add, for a children's movie the volume on the previews was way too high for young ears.

Lucy McKenzie

Not bad, $5 show even after 12pm today.....cute and small old school feel, the only negative was that the seats are all kind of high so makes it a little difficult to see the screen, but we would definitely go back

Jon F

Tiny theater in the center of town. Most stuff in the neighborhood is closed on Saturday. Ticket prices are very reasonable and you can purchase online in advance. Seating is a bit off-center, but was easy.

shyyam khan

Popcorn was too salty. Price for the movie was excellent.

jane lenner

Great price, $5, for a movie. Clean theater. Nice employees.

Stephon Wolf

great prices, comfortable seating, convenient location. all around great theater.

Andre Reese

Nice place, clean, friendly environment

Michele Ascione

This place is great. The seats are not the huge reclining comfy ones but they are not small. Best time I've had needing to sit through a kiddo movie I've ever had knowing the seats were only five dollars and free refills came with the jumbo popcorn!

Dwayne Simpson

It's cool

Greig Roselli

For matinee screenings, a ticket costs $5. Even in the age of MoviePass and Netflix, that's a good deal. If you're coming from Upper Manhattan, the New Jersey Transit 175 bus from the George Washington Bridge Terminal will plop you right in front of the cinema - with access to the various restaurants and shops on Cedar Lane. From the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you can take the local 168 bus or the express 167T bus.


This movie theatre has gotten a huge makeover yet has always remained true to its customers with their low prices! I've been going here since I was in the single digits and now I'm in my 30's so that says a lot in terms of being a loyal customer. I'm not one to snack during a film but there is a concession stand. The employees are pleasant and the bathrooms are pretty clean. Gotta love going to the movies for a really low price!

Tony Reo

Nice place

Juliana Arcila Gaviria

This cinema is so familiar, the have a very good service and good treat... Also have good prices...

Rob Feinberg

Great local theater, more affordable then others with out sacrificing the experience

Raymond Diaz

Movies cost $5.00 b/4 5pm, there are only 4 theatres here, cap. Approx. 75 to 150 persons depending on theatre, The seats are very comfortable. It's a neighborhood theatre which reminds me of the 60's. I Love the cozyness.

Wesley Gray

Comfortable seating. Great concessions

Katheryn Morales

I love the convinent drive to the theater. Saw black panther at this theater and it was so good. You can't beat 7 dollars to watch a movie. Five dollars if you buy a ticket before 6 pm.

Lisa Kelly

I called last month to get movie times, a human person answered and I went blank, I was stunned and thrilled not to have to listen or talk to a machine. For this personal touch...5 STARS!

Hoctor Madred

If this place is not enough for people to go and watch a movie in the theater, I don't know what is. Low prices, easy in and out, delicious popcorn and friendly staff. The whole p[package.

Lidor Ben-Arbon

Cheap, comfortable. Love it here

Pamela Derfus

Great prices, comfortable theaters and seats. Local vibe. Friendly staff. Fun place to see a movie. Not giant screens or seats though. For that you need to pay big bucks elsewhere.



Crissi Beth

Small but good! Good prices ($7 per adult ticket). Small concessions stand. Friendly staff and small town feel. Pretty Marquee out front. Somewhat comfy seats.

Stacey Gonzalez

First time in this quaint little theater, very cute

Emer Mendez

Do to it being small I can't say it's for everyone but it is a very good and cozy theater. The top movies do play in a fairly large size screen. Prices are the best around.

Lou Gualario

We need more of these old time Movie theaters with there rich history and community preserved and Thier prices are within reach of working families when others would cost for 2 tickets the price of a full tank of gas

Mary Jean Kerr

Not the most modern or up to date Movie Theater but the price is always right ! $5 Before 6 PM and after that $6 ! All these movies are up to date !

Stephanie Perez

Lovely little theater that is true to its roots. I feel like I'm taking a time portal back in time when I was a kid, everytime I'm there. They have the cheapest prices around, great atmosphere, and all the latest movies, you really can't ask for more!

Alan Sohn

Current movies at a great price, right in the heart of Teaneck's Cedar Lane business district. The recent renovations have significantly improved the quality of the seating and the projection system.

David Thompson

The price is right ALL THE TIME!!!

Michael Potter

Great place for family and friends

Gina Alpi

The only reason I went to this theater was because it was one of the only theaters that were showing the movie my son wanted to see. The staff could care less about anyone there and barely said a word when being spoken to. The theater was pitch black with nothing on the screen. I had to use my phone flashlight to see where I was going once I was inside, and then had to sit in complete darkness with my scared 6 year old waiting for previews or something to come on the screen. The movie started late which wasn't a big deal but when you feel like you're sitting in a bat cave it's pretty scary. Also, the upstairs restroom had no toilet paper and no soap. Gross.. The only good thing about this place was the $5 movie ticket matinee, but I guess you get what you pay for

Emerita Ortiz

This movie theater is old and needs better lighting in concessions area. It is located close to restaurants, banks, salons, shopping area, pharmacy, etc.. It's a great bargain at $5 before 5pm and they even show current movies.

The Cringe Factor

So I walked in, he gave us the tickets. Didn’t specify where theater 1 was (mind you it was my first time here) then I go into a random movie and a staff member walks in. At first he was quiet then he started talking to some people in the last row (the row in the back; we were sitting there). Then I was whispering and it wasn’t to loud, he says “Shut the hell up. Damn” I understand that you want a silent movie theater but was the rudeness necessary? No I don’t think so considering you are getting paid for good customer service. Then some other people in the rows before us were talking and he yells “SHHHH” as if he wasn’t talking a few minutes ago. The customer service in this theater is terrible and whoever the manager is needs to fix this. Also he runs the concessions so shouldn’t he be there waiting for customers? Instead of watching the movie?

Frances Dooley

Great theater. Clean and roomy great price for snacks and movie.

Virna Manning

Nice and cozy.

Christine Young

This is a town staple. Prices are amazing and the theater has an old time feel about it.

zakkai notkin

Great small theater, very cheap

David Rothschild

Very nice move theater I went to see inside out 2 and the incredibles 2 and it was really good and the seats are really comfortable and the renovations they did are really nice! I would definitely recommend coming here!

The Critical J

PROS: Every time a movie comes out I always check to see if this theatre has it first. This theatre looks like it's from the 1980s with its bright colors and its background music. The staff is always nice and the tickets are the cheapest around at $7. This place also has a lot of snacks to choose from at typical theatre prices. CONS: This place is on a busy street that's hard to find a parking space on, in result, you have to park in a parking lot far away. A bigger issue is that this theatre may not have the movie you want. They don't always get the newest or the best movies that are released. OVERALL: This is my favorite cinemas to go too. The price is right, the atmosphere is amusing, and the staff is great! Especially if you have the cute girls working the counter like usual. I highly recommend!

Juan_ Cena928

Amazing seats and i like that little museum of how movies were shown

Kree Jean

My children love this theater. It is the right size & comfort they need. A small intimate place for a day or night out with family or friends. I also had my Girl Scout Troop kickoff meeting in the convenient conference room. 4 stars as the Staff talk a lot to each other and not as helpful with finding booster seats for the children to sit on.

Mark Smith

Great place. Great prices. Ample parking.

Laura Sanchez

Pretty shabby, first time going there to watch Pikachu and I walked in to find most of the floor dirty with paper and popcorn and the staff were in a group lounging at the snack bar. It's a dim litted place with not much to do but stare at an old popcorn machine and a claw machine filled with cheap plush toys. There was no one standing to receive our tickets or direct us , so we just walked in found a spot to sit. The screen is poor quality but sound was alright , and lighting wasn't dark enough so I wouldn't recommend it.

Adina Benhamu

Old time movie theater, with nice crowd of movie goers. Great prices, very family oriented. They have booster seats for kids who can't see.

Cathy Jackson

Very Good Movie Theater Love This Theater

Patricia F Schwartz

Inexpensive movies and place was modernized! Lots of free parking!

happy time pinkie pie

The chairs are not recliners and it's not so big but they make up for all of that by making their customers happy and making the movies 10 times better

Stephanie Martinez

so usually i go to this cinema at least 2 times a month but this last week or so i had an incident where i actually physically called the cinema and had told them i had purchased my tickets online and they told me it was fine, i did mention i was going to be late or may even not arrive to the movie to the movie and upon arrival they were closed so i called fandango to ask for a refund or movie credit as i did have to buy tickets all over again elsewhere and they denied ever speaking to me on the phone. but overall not a bad cinema just will never visit again.

Avrumi Weinberger

Cheap prices. Great sound

Helen Neil

I have never seen a movie theater with seats that don't rewcline before. It was very uncomfortable to sit straight up the entire time. The price isn't cheap enough to make up for this. Hated the entire experience


Cheapest prices easily in all the tri-state.

Geovanna Contreras

Good prices Nice people.

Dominick Williams

Takes you back to the 50's. Best popcorn ever, Fresh.

Patrick Rumble

Good price, comfortable seats and decent concessions. No issue with the movie quality either.

moshe silverman

Was good but took for every to get the tickets

Elizabeth Richter

Price is right. Movie showing on the second floor. No elevator and no handrail on right side of stairs. Bathroom floor slippery. No hook to hang purse in handicapped stsll

anissa ainbender

Nice little movie theater with friendly staff.


Came to see the avengers endgame with tickets bought a month in advanced and I'm literally sitting on the floor right now

Michael Hooper

Great price and cozy, old school thwarted theater atmosphere. The speakers are a little shot and can get over crowded so go early.

Romesh Sharma

It's a gem of a place. Can't go wrong with $5 before 6pm shows. Even the pop corn is like 6 bucks for a whole tub. Staff is friendly and public parking lot is close by. So many restaurants on the street. This place is a gem.

Melissa loveyouright

I love going here the prices are amazing. The people here are so nice. I also love that it has that old time look.

Jennifer Burns

Very fun, cozy theater. It was a lot of fun and the staff was really great!

Todd Bennett

This is a great theater to see near 1st run movies at a bargain price. The facility is an older establishment, but has recently been remodeled. Usually not overcrowded, a nice place for a cozy movie for two.

Tamara Bills

Nice small intimate theater, cheap tickets, no highly overpriced snacks like the other bigger name theaters and decent quality complaints

Reign Ruyolty

Worth the drive for the price of tickets for me.

Sahara Niles

Perfect for families on a budget. Great prices. The staff were really respectful. I'll definitely be back.

Elizabeth McClory

Always a good time!


I like this theater. Cozy and family friendly and the Popcorn is goooood.

Jim Clancy

Not as crowed as the big box theaters. Prices are good at the snack stand too.

Dave Katz

Prices are great but the seats are not comfortable compared to the stadium seating and recliners in newer theaters. They start the movies on time, no previews. If they say 9 pm, they mean 9 pm. Don't be late.

Nikki Willis

I love the hometown feel of this theater. It has great ticket prices and a friendly staff as well.

Michael Clark

Noelle is the light of this theater. Without her we would never ever even dream of enjoying films here, but that smiling angel behind the concession stand makes it all worth it! Would be a 5 star review but this one Tuesday she smelled like a dog...but like not a cute dog, a wet old mean dog...but yeah other than that she's probably the best person that works here!

Francisco Colon

Cute cozy town theater...


This place was actually pretty nice. It was clean and had a nostalgic feel to it. I love the diversity of the patrons and staff. The bathroom situation could be better and the viewing rooms were kind of warm but overall its a nice place to go for a flick if you arent into the huge arena style seating.

Craig Carter

We had a good time at that movie theatre, $5.matinee till 6pm. Black Panther was excellent and the movie itself was very clean and organized. I'd go there again and again. It's that good.

Hope D

Very disappointed in the staff. I found 30$ by the ticket center and the employee I informed said to the one by the snack stand " hey 'so in so' you dropped 30$" he replied "oh really I did?" And then he pocketed the money. We then order something from the snack stand and he instructed my friend to get his own dip in dots from the freezer, which had a container of Chinese food on it. My friend had to move the staffs food in order to get his own dip in dots. We come here regularly and this upset me.

candi rodriguez

Very good prices AND Very good movies

Angelina Jones

my favorite cinemas, they always super friendly.

Raja Sekhar

Very good and reasonable pricing

E Crum

Nice little community theater. Once there was technical difficult in starting the film and the audience was kept abreast of what was going on with option for a refund. Seats are VERY comfortable, bathrooms and theater itself are clean, and snack bar had reasonable prices. Admission cost was half that of the nearby multiplex. We will definitely be back!

Lilian Diaz

Great customer service! I bought 3 tickets and list 2 of them..I was let in after showing my receipt! Tickets are cheap before 6 and the complimentary treats are fairly priced. I definitely recommend it for a date or a night out with friends!!

Harold Peters


Michael Worku

movie tickets are only $5

Arlene Velez

Nice small town theater. Great prices so I don't mind taking my son to the movies to watch Everything.

Andrew Michaels

My film was shown on the silver screen here! I will always remember this gorgeous cinema. Great location, parking, nice seats, great for film festivals and to see blockbuster films.

raymond vanorden

$5 movies before 6

Bruce Karimpour

The movie screen quality is good but the sound systems needs an upgrade

Carlos Perez

Great Small Theater

crysdarlin floyd

Great price. Sound and picture was good.A few missing floor tiles but better than overpriced places of today!!!

Itai Epstein

Good theater. Small selection, but cheap tickets. Can't complain

Lisa Bilander-Gray

Great local theater....first run movies, reasonable price. So glad we have this theater in our is a treasure.

Gaby Gaby Martinez

The movie theater was too cold. Otherwise everything else was fine.

Lorraine Castelluccio

Love this theatre...whether it's going with my 5 grandkids or seeing a movie with friends, this us my No. 1 place to go....clean, friendly, no lines, & Affordable!! I definitely would recommend!!

Patricia Morrone

I have been to Teaneck Cinema many times and have always been satisfied with my visit. However, today was a different story. The rest rooms were lacking as far as cleanliness and provisions in the stalls are concerned. The floor of the stall I was in was very wet and slippery. The handicapped stall was not usable and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in quite some time. There was no sign on the door saying it was not in working order. Another patron alerted management to the problem. Closer attention needs to be paid to the rest room areas.

Mrs Kennedy

I like it the movie tickets is so reasonable and inside theater is so clean. $5 for tickets , just they don't have parking lot sorry

Shoshanah Weisinger

Can't beat the prices!

Sara Strozier

Great Experience and friendly Staff


Very clean and great movie theater staff. We will be back

Andrew Coyle

Old fashioned movie house, the price is right! Cheaper than new movie complexes.


This movie theater is not very good. The seats are quite old and not comfortable. However at least the place is cleaner these days then it used to be and the tickets are much cheaper than any other theater.

Azriel Jonas

It’s a pretty good and convenient theater with very nice staff.


Newly renovated.

C Aiken

Too cold.

Elys Vasquez-Iscan

Great priced movie showings.

Blue Sky

I like it. I always go there with wife and kids. Good prices and clean bathrooms.

Andrew Salvi

Incredibly priced, not crowded, staff was very nice.

rosemary c

I love the prices here. It doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to watch a movie.

Hannah Ney

I LOVE an old-school place! Reminds me of my old theaters that closed in past 5 years in Manhattan ... So sad . But I can come here for that old movie theater vibe!

Adam Myszka

It's hard to complain about the quality of a theater considering how affordable the ticket prices are here. The most you'll pay here is $7 for a seat, which won't buy you the use of an arm rest at other theaters. The bathrooms are very clean and well lit. Keep in mind most of the workers here are highschool age kids, and while they are very nice and polite, they are still young and rambunctious. All in all, a great place to see movies on a weekday.

Marlene Chance

It's old.. but seats were comfortable and the price was right.

Emil Gitman

The place is Very dirty. The showrooms are not clean.

Daniel Seraphin

The best theater ever

sabine morrow

The BEST local theater. I grew up going to movies here, then it was renovated rather than allow it be demolished. It is one of the key venues for the great Teaneck International Film Festival. Photos of the amazing poet, activist, teacher, spoken word artist Sonia Sanchez after viewing of documentary The BaaDDD Sonia Sanchez. A provocative and educational experience to a packed house. Always something wonderful here. Great staff, service, amenities, retro feel and great venue for kid parties.

Dioni Tech

Like the spot small the theater looks out dated but the price is cheap.

khristopher M gamboa luna

Well the place is not amazing.. you clearly will see it but!!!! Is super cheap and is not that bad.

Gabby Gist

i don't like Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet aaaaaaaaaaaah the reason i can't watch The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part because someone dislikes it! but i like that ultrakitty one okay that's it I can't watch Aladdin anymore!

Darlene McLendon

Love this Theater

Nakieme Murphy

Spoke to owner or manager b4 renovation completion didn’t get job, been in there 1-2 times

Andrea G.

Nice small theater doesn't have a lot of movies but is nice for cosy dates

AH5 _

Very cheap and cool place

Doctor Robinson Jr

The popcorn is horrible.


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