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Hina G

Great movie theater, very comfortable seating... clean n friendly we were greeted as soon as we walked up to the concision stand... only thing I didn't like was, I asked for a small cup of water n the cashier charge me over $5.00 for it!! Didn't realize it that he was going to charge for a cup of water when i asked him

hiren patel

Very good theater and nice recliner seat. Given two star less as staff member issuing tickets today afternoon was dump, dam slow, don't know how to speak with customer. Talked very rudely. He spend almost 15 mins in completing order for one customer.


Seats are so sooo squeaky!!!! And loud! The seats are more narrow than your average theater. Snack bar is okay. My food was not warmed all the way through. Theater had a lot of people there the night I was there. Security guards watching you as you make your way to your theater. It was okaaaaay... I’ve seen much better theaters.

Sonny J

Best theater in Middlesex county....clean, great seats,. Just sound is a bit loud...

Jenna Wallace

Lion King was amazing.

Loretta H.

Better than I expected. The last time I was here was 8 years ago. Back then the place was in need of major renovation.

Carl Jackson

Nice the seating

Jamal Rice

This is my favourite movie theater. Always clean and fast service. Prices for food is a bit expensive.

Steve Hand

Take out a loan if you go there hungry

Alan Towler

Best seating and viewing concept of any movie theater I've ever been to.

Stacy-Ann Sterling

My favorite theater to go to. Reclining chairs very comfortable and clean. Staff helpful and friendly

Nicole Fallon

Well, I went to go watch a movie with a friend. Tickets were reasonably priced but they could work better with fandango to make sure seat reservations work out well with the theater itself. For example, I ordered tickets for seats h7 and h8; however, the rows ended at F so my seats didn’t exist. Regardless, this wasn’t my issue. My issue came when my phone slipped out of my pocket and I only realized once I was outside in my car. I can understand employees not feeling comfortable allowing people back in however there was no reason for this certain employee to come off so rudely. He could have walked to the auditorium with me if he wanted to. Instead he radioed in asking if a phone was found and only after admitting someone into the theater did he again rudely allow me to go fetch my phone. I said it was ridiculous that I had to go fetch my phone after so much time when I could have just done so right off the bat and he laughed. Once he saw me with my phone he asked if I had found it and then laughed when I showed him. Absolutely amazed by the fact that they have someone so inept and immature working here. In case you cared, he was the guy working at around 7:45ish. He had braces and was scanning people in. This took place on June 6th.

Pallavi Bhasker

I love the fact that they have reserved seating and recliners. The only issue is the auditoriums seem a bit smaller so the tickets sell out very fast. They have to be booked in advance for weekends. The staff is good and the concession stand holds a decent variety. Buying tickets are easy as they hav kiosk inside plus counter outside

Juan Key

Clean stadium seating. Pop corn could be fresher.

Harish M

Very clean n neat, but few of the screens are too small...

Kathleen Ellinsky

The seltzer to syrup mixes were off (more seltzer than syrup), but otherwise it was just fine.

Hariom Arora

Its a theater. Nothing stands this one out compare to others. Just a fact it got recliners and due to that the seating capacity is small. But all good.

dawn auguste

This is one of my favorite movie theatre Love the seats. Like the chicken tenders. The staff is very professional. I recommend this place on a hot day. Love it.

Lance Gillman

Great local movie theater. Never to many people. Comfortable reclining seats.

Michael Irenski

Good local cinemas with stadium seating and 3D sections. It has been renovated but, still needs more. It's a nice local addition. Plenty of parking with lights. A few restaurants are in the area like Five Guys, Joe's Crab Shack, Brickhouse bar, pizza, and Chinese. If you like to dine before or after.

Cheryl Van Ness

Good popcorn. Comfy reclining seats. Great movie theater.

Joo Yun You

Clean and not crowded. Hope chair doesn't make sound when I move

C Rod

This is one of my favorite Regal movie spots. The only issue is movie selection. They only offer the top 2 or 3 movies out at a time. But the seating is great (recliner seats)

Kelvin Smith

Theatres are good, crowd is good too, they need to train there staff at food court. Ok experience.

Alex L.

A decent theater. On the smaller side size wise but good overall. North Brunswick has better recliner seats compared to this spot.

Teresa Pearyer

Everyone is Friendly, the recliners are comfortable and it’s in a convenient location with plenty of parking.

Kiran Shettigar

Nice theaters. Good seating arrangements.

Mayank Trivedi

Watching movies here is more or relaxed entertainment, just like in your own entertainment room. They are located conveniently and close to shopping as well as eating joints. That gives them an additional thumbs up.

Meenakshi Sharma

My favourite place to watch movie. Very comfortable seats and neat and clean hall.


Comfy seats. Spacious aisles. Overpriced concessions but the popcorn is worth it. If you plan on seeing a popular movie the weekend it comes out, you have to plan way ahead and reserve your seats. My husband and I learned that the hard way. It’s kind of annoying that they make you reserve your seats ahead of time but I understand why they do it.

fatimah blake

It’s free I g in here and 20 mins before the movie is over they turn the lights on. If y’all could give them a negative score I would DO NOT COME TO YHIS THEATER EVEN FOR FREE‼️

anuradha arun

Love this theatre... Which is close by

Monica Azeem

I tried for over one hour to buy tickets online for this theater for a limited showing of a upcoming movie. The seats were shown as available but each seat I selected were not able to process. This is same result for every single seat in the particular theater. I tried different computer and different browsers and received the same result. There's no phone number to call to book tickets. I tried again a few hours later and all the seats were gone. The website to purchase tickets for the theater is terrible. I don't know how the theater is since I cant get tickets.

saahu chintha

Pritty Good theater for watching movies and having some fun.

Ed Co

Ok theater All condiments are overpriced but seats are great and screen is large

Melissa Salermo

This movie theater has the most comfortable reclining seats I have ever sat in. I always go there because of the seating. I won't go anywhere else after experiencing the comfort of their seats.

Annmarie Klimowicz

The staff was really rude and and seemed annoyed by our presence. Most of the staff were younger kids, but not everyone, and no one smiled or said hello. The theater itself was awesome. They have new chairs that recline and which are super comfortable. The popcorn was also delicious! Again, the staff wasn't enough to interact with, but the popcorn and the seats were great!

Brendan Felicio

Omg literally the best movie theater in 50 miles. The place is always clean, the food service before you go in is quick and the theater seats are amazing. The seats almost fully recline and there is so much room from the seats in front of you. I also think there is some kind of soundproofing in between the rows because I couldn't hear any of the people behind us. I would give it 8 stars if I could.

Stephen Gibney

This is a great theatre. I love the seats. You can relax and bring your family and enjoy a good movie and have memories that last a long time.

Ahmed No

Seats are comfy. It would have been great if they had uniformed member's discount! I was shocked that they don't offer any! But place was nice to watch a movie. Quality surround sound system.

Shanthan Kumar Padisala

Really comfortable seating. Good ambiance.

Derrill Eggerson

Nice place love their seats

Rohith Malangi

Quality theater featuring reclining seats and a wide variety of movies, domestic and international

Bill Nye

Went with my friends had a good time. The theater is clean not too noisy. Overall I had a good experience.

Firdavs Mirzaev

Love the seating, you can just take a nap)

Reji Mathew

Went to watch "Lion King" on Screen 13. Pathetic screen. Had so much of dark dirt lines. It made the movie horrible. I would have chosen some other theater instead. Would say Atleast be careful to watch anything on Screen 13.

Pavan Immadisetty

I love this place...almost went to 50 movoes in 1.5 years. The reason for giving 4 stars is.... we have to be in queue even for refills at popcorn stations..... other than that...good place to go for

Jayasreelatha Bommu

Very nice ambience.. Comfortable reclining seats. & sound effects are great.. Great service.. clean & tide.

Ryan Carless

Love the theatre, always welcoming and a great place to watch movies

Rose D

This theater is great! Comfortable recliner seats, clean theater and concession stand, no wait at all at 7:30pm. In fairness it was a Wednesday night but overall a really good experience.

Manu B

Overall great theaters. Only local spot with Indian movies but it's renovated. All chairs are recliners and have ample space and leg room. I wish the food would be delivered to you like AMC dine ins but I've been spoiled from that. Still a great place.

Savvas Korakas

I prefer Regal over AMC any day. Less crowded, much better food quality and rooms are super clean. Staff is very polite. Pop corn is always from a fresh batch and not from a nylon bag like AMC. Nachos are delicious. Cheaper than AMC as well.

DJango Brown

I really like this theater. A couple of the screens need some much needed TLC but overall things are very nice. My major gripe is how damn expensive Regal is. Matinee showings are $12. Come on guys... AMC is almost half that!

Ganesh Raja

Wow I like this place. I go here once a week. People work here are nice but not everybody. Can do better. If your going for non English movie, make sure to call them to ask if there are sub titles , some don’t have it


Slightly expensive but upscale and clean cinema. The chairs have lots of legroom and recline fully. Screen 1 is large and the 3D works well. Row E is probably the ideal distance from the screen. 3D tickets are about $17 each. The only hitch was that they played the first 5 minutes without the correct 3D effect (it seemed that the images were out of sync somehow) and had to replay it after they found out.

venkatesh popuri

They have the worst audio system. Watching END GAME in dead silence

John M. Goncalves

Their is only one set of stairs for people to go up and down. If someone is in your isle pray that you’re able to get a seat all the way to the right. The screen is super small.. idk what year they think it is but movie screens probably aren’t sold in those small sizes anymore. Saw a movie that was absolutely horrible, walked out in the first 30 minutes. Couldn’t get a refund. Customer service was nasty about it too. Didn’t realize I couldn’t get a refund after the movie started playing. The screen was damaged as well, but yet still no refund. Save your energy and time by going to AMC. Definitely never coming back to another Regal after today.

Adam Cohen

Just came here for the first time. The theater was clean and comfortable and the bathroom was clean as well.

sarah George

Comfortable seating and great service.... It's a little pricey but completely worth the experience

josue serrano

Nice place to go and wat a movie.The chair are so comfortable.

Thomas Bradley

Very nice theater loved the reclining black leather seats

Raquel Armstrong

Expensive snacks and such but loved the seating especially with me being physically disabled. Love that they recline.

Nicole Stuhl

Love the new comfy chairs and reserved seating options.

Killol Butala

Best theater in Edison area. Reclining seats are great option. Small but well maintained place. Dine in would be great like Amc. Very convenient and clean. Close to all favorite shopping and restaurants. Recommend this location over any other theater nearby.

Melissa DeLello

Currently sitting in the DARK about 1/2 way through the new avengers: end game movie due to a power surge. UNACCEPTABLE- a movie theater should NOT EXPERIENCE a power surge - you should know how much energy is required. Last time I’ll be coming here.

Paula jones

Great service. When projector failed we were moved and offered passes to another movie.

Arlene H.

Newly renovated!!! Need to work on maintaining cleanliness. Good theater overall!!

Tamoor Haider

Great Theatre to catch a movie specially Indian movies. The seating is very comfortable as most are recliners and the facility is clean which can't be said for most area theaters.

Luis vega

Very nice theater. Not to attentive at the food counter. Plenty of good seating. Had tenders and fries. (Not great) Atmosphere is ok.

Ronak Modi

I love the sitting on regal cinemas compare to AMC. Only exception is above average sound quality.

Jeffrey Creswell

Nice place with great chairs! Gets really hot inside though, even with few people in the theatre; they need to revisit their A/C

Luis Dionicio

It has everything very good.

Waleska Gonzalez

I enjoy going to Regal Cinema , the staff is friendly & the place is clean . Even thought I don't live in town anymore I always choose to go there with family and friends.

Jorge Carrasco

Theaters was good, the only downside was that we had to let the staff know to turn off the lights after the movie started


you guys have good food, and nice seats. HOWEVER, i came here and one of the rows of recliner seats were not working. so i was quite displeased with this service. All and all though, this is a great theatre with kind and very polite staff.

Roslyn Pollinger

Reclining leather chairs are super comfy. Lots of room in the aisles. Beats the old set up crammed small chairs.

r s

All assigned seats.. Confortable reclining chairs.

Sarah Oli

I love this theater. Food is delicious, service is fast and the seats are pretty comfortable. Always clean and the staff is always so welcoming and warm.

Ira Weaver

Great seats and was able to enjoy the movie The Avengers End Game.

Dwight Johnston

Nice recliner seat makes you feel like you have your own space

Keyur Patel

Great experience. Reclining seats are the best

Dianna Roberts

Always clean. I like that they employ special needs folks, too. This location shows several Indian movies each day as well as the expected blockbusters. Love the assigned seats! They recline.

Joel Burg

Edit-(from 3 to 5 stars) Comfortable seats spacious short lines .amazing staff .I gave 3 stars originally because the movie affected my experience.

Cathy Alvira

Extremely clean and seats are oh so comfortable! Staff are very nice and helpful.

Midas 2016

Liked recliner seats, very spacious. Food was good and not very pricey. Clear video and good sound quality. Also booked tickets online and was quickly allowed to enter. Many auditoriums (screens/movies). I don't know how system works here but you have one entry point to scan your ticket and then you just can enter any auditorium, nobody is checking. Interesting.

Sud Singh

I loved this theatre since after going to a few, I felt this was my choice. Nice recliners and quite neat. Don’t have many quick bite choices but still good. Overall, the experience nice.

Jay Bailey

A very nice theatre! Much better than I had expected! The reclining seats were VERY comfortable! The prices at the concession stand was exorbitant, like most theatres today.

Don Windrem

Nice theater with reclining seats and theater floor and seats are normally clean. The parking lot though is not very nice. The lot is small right in front of the theater and most times we go, we end up parking pretty far away from the theater entrance.

Raj S

Loved everything about the theater except the quality of sound. Horribly low volume. I think home theates has better sound. Seats were comfortable with recliners but u would prefer a better sound than a better seat. Wouldn't go more often ..

tn murty

I always prefer this theatre, very comfortable seating, good sound quality and good maintenance

Jean Carlos

Great movie theater, customer service is always great. All seats are recliners and comfortable plus the facility is clean everything I been there. Food is okay, they just have your basic stuff like popcorn, nachos, candy and drinks, I whish they would serve other kind of snacks. Bottom line great place to watch a movie.

Dawn MD

Great location, live the new recliner chairs, and purchase and pick seats days prior option

vijay d

Best place to watch movie

Angelus Anthony

The remodel came out nice. Comfy reclining seats, and image quality was great.

Rosy Lenette

Love it here nice clean and quiet

vandana shaw

Theatre is very clean....seats are very comfy .... I really enjoyed movie here with my kids....even though he don’t like to go to movie hall..

HanumanthaRao Sadhu

It is comfortable to everyone

Sara Pocklington

We love this theater. I've been going here for years, first with my mother and then with friends. I enjoy the fact that it's a little calmer than the Menlo AMC and better quality than the Rt 1 Lowes. There are plenty of nearby restaurants if you want to do dinner and a movie but the food at the theater is actually pretty good. I love the spicy chicken sandwich with pickles and waffle fries. The wait for food can be a little long, so if you're planning on getting more than popcorn, give yourself some time before your movie. They've had reserved seating for quite awhile which is great for not having to get there too early and their reclining seats are some of the comfiest theater seating around. The staff is really nice, friendly, and accommodating. We go alot and had one issue once (I forget exactly what) and the theater manager fixed the whole thing and did so with courtesy and professionalism. The Regal Crown Club is a great option, the points have gotten us free drinks, popcorn, and even free tickets so it's worth it.


Would have given 4 stars but the self service kiosk wouldn't scan my egift card. Seats recline and were comfy. Service was good as well.

Sameer Gill

Go to movie spot very quiet during the days.

Caleb Rothrock Steinfeld

Always good service. But it's really dirty and could need some help.

Jesse Campbell

Very clean movie theater. Lots of space and it's great that you can secure your seats. Schedule your seats ahead of time.

Amar Ghuge

Very nice seating exp they have all recliners amazing movie exp very good surround soundq


Theater is really nice, and I only have 2 issues with it. First is that there are only 2 ticket kiosks inside the theater as well as the actual box office outside, with only 2 the lines really move slow since people can buy tickets with them as well as pick up tickets they bought online. Second is just that somehow even with 4 people behind the concession stand the line still moves slow. Regardless still love the theater and have been going to it pretty much my entire life and will continue to.

Mohamed Faizal

Awesome theatre one and only regal very clean and very comfortable seating

Alisa Douglas

This is an older, smaller theater but very neat, clean, and comfortable.

Mazeed Alam

Excellent Theater....Clean and cozy..... Always have good selection of movies and show times..... This is the goto theater for my family..... Sign up for Regal rewards and usually you get a small popcorn for free.. each visit.

Jason R H

Those bathroom sink knobs are A-holes. They won't stay on sufficiently. And I dont trust that your employees consistently overcome the frustration of it to properly wash and rinse their hands well.

Bob Harkins

Lately Regal theater has been great, comfortable, clean and the audio volume has been right not painful.

hatha sandey

Great theater! Great seats, complete with reclining, great maintenance, and great screens! The new audio systems truly intensify the cinema experience and Movie Pass works well. Food and drinks are a little overpriced but theater itself is exceptional!

Altamash Momin

That place needs to revamp their decor. I feel like I’m the 80s or 90s

Dr Hobo Robo

My go to theater. It has awesome seats (recliners) and and decent concession items. Usually there are not noisy patrons there. Nothing much else i could say.

Gilbert Nickens

They have very comfortable that even decline. My popcorn was stale it wasn't hot or fresh, and the prices was I spent $30 for one person.

Beth Ann Gallant

Beautiful inside and out. Very friendly staff

Tompach 77

Great place...One of if not the best comfortable theaters I have ever seen.

achintya bhavaraju

The entrance looks creepy, but the movie theater Hall's are great, reclining seats, big screens, etc. It's great, but, just like all other theatres, the food is extremely overpriced. But, if they allowed food from outside (the target right next to it) maybe it would be a better experience! Anyways, overall, it's a good theatre but the quality of things is a little overpriced.

Mohammed Harneswala

Awesome place to chill out with friends n family. Just love their screens as all have recliners

Eric Wolff

Really nice local theatre. Regal has nice points system to get free tickets and snacks as points are accumulated. Good selection of first run movies. Always seem to be seating available. Tickets fairly priced compared to AMC theatres. Stadium seating available. Recommend giving it a shot.

Jon Black

Assigned seats are not properly enforced and people were talking most of the movie with no usher in sight.

Deena's Eyes on Entertainment

I have been to this theatre around 5 times and the experience has always been good. The only downside that I see is the size of screens which is little bit small. May be out of the 16 theatres, few have small screens but I'm not sure. Truly the recliner,popcorn and the movie experience was definitely enjoyable.

Andrew Oleniach

For some reason, this theater is obsessed with only showing 3D as the first movie showing of the day. Even for blockbusters on opening weekend.

Penny Sanchez

Best theater ever. Comfortable seats and great location

Fairlady Z

The worst customer service ever! Matt and Enrique need an etiquette class on how to treat customers! Our movie was for 10:20 e arrived 10:30 the doors were already locked we banged and stood at the door for 10 minutes! Matt finally came to the door after ignoring us and basically called us liars nd asked if we had tickets. We then walked into a cleaned out movie theater! The cash registers were already empty and all the machines were competently shut down!! Enrique was rude and also called us liars saying there is no way we could have been standing out there for 10 minutes and that they just closed the doors. So you just closed the doors and magically cleaned up the entire food and cash registers within seconds? Bringing this up to cooperate!!


The cinema is good. But they don’t not allow customers to take food and drinks inside. And there is no place for us to save it out of the auditorium. So I put my stuff on the bench. But when I finished my movie and come out, my stuff was in the trash can!!!!!!!!

Never Free

Movie was great.we saw captain marvel. Food was very expensive though. Like most theatres. Lol


Best reclining seats. Ample parking.

Wayne Jia

Very comfortable reclining seats, but the food price is very expensive.

Girish Kumar Reddy Veerepalli

The screens are pretty good and the seating is awesome! Would definitely recommend!

Sonny C

Love the theater, clean, welcoming , nice concession area, great seats...Great place A++++

kelley korenski

They don’t really clean the floors inside the theater. There was garbage all over

Christopher Patterson

Nice theatre. I really like the reclining seats. Clean.

Raman Srinivasan

Good movie experience

C Han

Best theater in the area. Clean, comfy recliner seating.

Boring Mower

The kids really enjoy the new look of the place. Having reclining seats... I take that back... Comfortable reclining seats is great. This is especially true if you are taking the kids to a movie and need a nap. The only problem is that the theater jumped the cost making it way more expensive than theaters that have the same thing a little further south.

Brian Johnson

Only thing good about this theater is the seats. The parking sucks as the first 100 parking spaces are for handicap folks and the customer service SUCKS. Unfortunately a bunch of young untrained and inexperienced kids who are led by incompetent managers. Sucks that I won’t visit this theater anytime soon and unfortunate that they’re clueless to customer service and what it’s value is.

Renee Sanderson

Best ever. Love this place.

Jo-Sette Miller

Decent movie theater. Plenty of room in the seats. Surround sound wasn't a hit the night i went.

hrishikesh krishnani

Clean theatre and good recliners. Overall good movie experience

komal munawar

Please sanitize and use some air freshners

Nancy Van Dyke

I like the layed back seats. Very clean.

Livia Agosto

This theatre is awesome, great comfortable recliner seats with SPACIOUS leg room. Great sound & screens!! Will go again!!

Sandeep keerthi

The theater has good ambience.

Aparna Dasgupta

I loved the new movie is clean and sits are very comfortable.

Priyanka Neelam

This is an amazing theater for our weekend hangout. They get all movies in Indian languages which is very good. We get to see movies in comfortable chairs. We got so much used to this , don't like to go to other cinemas. Regal App has lot of benefits. We love it. Our favorite here is Chicken Tender and Popcorn.

Carol Bright

Intimate sized theater, clean, updated reclining chairs, food menu has more variety.


Decent theater. The electric reclining seats were pretty cool and comfortable. Large screen.

Travis Jones

It's a good movie theater

Zoë Kitchel

Expensive, but very comfortable seating. Be sure to reserve seats ahead of time on line for best selection!

Emanuel Armour

Good movie spot. A friendly family atmosphere


Not bad, clean. Restrooms were clean, staff was friendly, reclining chairs are nice but not really comfortable. I would go again


Nice and clean with assigned recliners seats so its always good to pre purchase ur seat but nice movie theater


It's fine! Seats are comfortable food is good. Front seats too close.

George Ryan

Comfy staff was so friendly loved it and spiderman kicked but

Alexander Urena

Love this movie theater. Just love going there!

Edward O'Connor

Good place to bring your family, theaters are in great condition, staff was friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

John Nanavati

Nice theater. It's clean, the staff is friendly, and the seats are nice - they have reclining and wide seats. Their tickets are also a couple dollars more than other theaters, I assume because of the nicer seats.

mohan vijay nisankarao

Theater is nice, recliner. Well maintained. My rating is keeping busy days in mind, the front rows are worst part here, mainly in large screens where new movies come .. Try to not book seat in first 2 rows especially corner seats


So many auditoriums and almost all new movies on screen all the time. Its nice theatre especially the seats. Theatre is free of any fowl smell. Screens are clear, some of them are small though. Its missing a big auditorium rest all is wonderful. Staff is helpful. North Brunswick theatre is bit better than this one though.


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