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REVIEWS OF Montgomery Cinemas IN New Jersey

eileen fiore

I felt like I was sitting on the floor. New seats should be installed. However, glad to have somewhere to watch fine cinema, instead of watching football with hubby.

Anetta A

They always play international movies for open minded people. There is reason why they are located by Princeton in Capital County!

Marjorie Egarian

Love this throwback, intimate theatre because they have terrific films, wonderful restaurants nearby and not too far from home. The audience tends to be more mature, discriminating movie critics too.

Sue Stember

It's my Ugly Duckling Theatre and I love it because its got Class where it matters, up on the screen..

Dali Hi

Steven Schnurman

Great boutique movie theater for Indy movies. Love it.

Margaret Huettenmoser

Seats are rough

Bill Gibson

Great local theater. Comfortable seating. Usually has the best of quality movies.

Bonnie Tivenan

The movies are EXCELLENT. The theater may not be state of the art but since the selection of movies is the very best in all of Central Jersey, there really is nothing to complain about. I've also, over the 40 years we've been attending the theater in its current location or up the hill, found the attendants very pleasant.

Guy Dip

French Tutor Guy gives 5 Stars!

Peter Sifnakis

Comfortable and cozy for the special movies they show!

Robert Machover

As the only "art cinema" in this part of NJ., they are to be cherished.

Skippy Paul

Always a great plane to watch movies

Isabelle Ganzer

The concession area could use a good cleaning! Stale popcorn, there is never any fresh-made. Great movie offerings, which is why we go.

Randy Barbiero

The Montgomery shows excellent independent and foreign movies but they show way too many commercials before the movie. I was there last Saturday (May 25) and the commercials ran about 15 minutes before the previews, which ran about 5 minutes.

Russell Hall

The ONLY place to go for a great selection of indie and foreign films. I wish this place was a chain.

Matthew Geller


Barbara A. Preston

Independent films!

Sandy Bodzin

Great selection of foreign & domestic films for the discerning moviegoer. The viewing experience is nothing special - theaters are small. But you'll catch movies here that you'd otherwise have to go to NYC or Philly to see

Daniel Morris

very old. small theatres. no one there. concession stands inexpensive

lorne schachter

Wonderful theatre

gina haren


J Levine

I'm sitting in the theatre waiting out an audio problem that will be at least 20 minutes and management didn't have the intelligence to offer free popcorn. Just bad customer service. They could have made lemonade out of lemons but they chose to just stick with the lemons

Mark Allan

Ugh, the seating is AWFUL! Most uncomfortable theater seating ever...we had to get up and stand at the back to make it through the film.

Kevin Vinicombe

Smaller theater, great throw back to the way movies should be.

Matthew Steinmetz

Montgomery CInemas is a good theater. Small showrooms, quiet audiences, comfortable (if old) chairs. Can't speak about the concessions. The movie selection is always good, you'll get your Oscar winners here and other thought provoking movies. Here's my only gripe. Update the screens! They are small and stained. If the film has a bright color palette, you are going to see the discoloration and other damage on the screen, which draws you out of the film. If this problem was fixed, 5 stars, easily.

Flora B

Good movies but dirty and old place

Eirene MacBean

Always my first choice when I see a movie because of the great choices!

Sandy Lea

Great movie selections. Intimate theatres. They just need to spruce up their lobby!

Michelle R. Levy

I love this theater. Every movie is gold. If it's playing here, I know I'll like it. They show independent, foreign, quirky movies (and sometimes really good mainstream movies too). I've seen so many movies here before they became famous, like Little Miss Sunshine, Sideways, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's wonderful to have this gem in the area. It's not a fancy theater. Some of the theaters are really small, almost like really large home theaters. It's a little shabby, but once the movie starts, who cares?

Linda G

A very friendly staff gives this theatre great personality. I thought the seats could be more comfortable.

David Carbone

Comfortable, small theater in a mall plaza location. Less expensive than typical theater chains.

Deb Reed

We are staying in the area of for 7 weeks. So far, we've seen 3 films, and know of 2 more that we will see. Absolutely worth the 30 minute drive. Best selection of films we've seen. Wish we could take this theatre home with us.

Andrea Weinberg

I love the films they show...they get foreign and indie films which just can't be seen outside of NY or LA. A treasure in central New Jersey.

Jodie Francis

Could use an update to decorating but I've seen worse. Nice to have some indie options, especially in a shopping center with lots of parking. Amusing to hang out with all the grandparents ;)

Tim Petty

Clean old cinema with small theaters.

Michael Bullock

We only go here because they show independent films that are hard to find elsewhere. Theaters are falling apart.

Kimberly Marshall

Seats are not comfortable. Friendly staff.

Chrystel Bausch

Jan Chotek

The good old indie cinema, showing indie and foreign films, still going strong despite the fierce encroachment by the imperial behemoths.

Thomas Mundy

Watch a movie there.

Daniela Bittman

The only movie theater around that shows foreign movies and movies that are not run-of-the-mill, box-office pleasers. And, not least, offering the wonderful matinées!

Joe Sgro

Nice little theater with a fine selection of the latest indie flicks playing. Crowd skews a little older than I am used to for films of this type. Chairs are comfortable and prices are reasonable and everything was in working order.

David Shaw

Great for independent films. Chairs are the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced.

Elaine Bertville

Great place to see foreign movies and ones not usually shown at the big cinemas, like an AMC. They likely don't have the money for them, but more comfortable seats would be nice.

david mcclure

Some good movies,and the staff isn't nearly as bad as they used to be. But 'run-down' would be the kindest way to describe the theater's condition: a stuffy, moldy smell, poor picture quality, audio overlap from other theaters and view of the screen is partially obscured-almost no incline. Also, the most uncomfortable seats you could imagine. We might go there 6 times a year, but more often simply decide to wait 3 months to watch movie on dvd at home.

Ben Purbrick

toby bose

Overall excellent. Seats are not that comfy

Froma Zeitlin

I love the Montgomery for its choice of films and hope they manage to survive in this digital age. Don't know what we would do without this treasure in Princeton.

rafael melendez

One of two places where you can enjoy films as opposed to movies. A fan. I try to be a patron as often as possible.

Jameka Crowther

Good place and very relaxing place

Pauline Schneider

Julia Burke

Great movie selections!

Autsom Peterson

Howard H

Best small theater in the area. Great for those hard-to-find movies. Older clientele (don't see kids here very often). The theaters smell like a grandmother's home.

Princeton Photo Workshop

Montgomery Cinemas is the only theater in central NJ providing the intelligent, thoughtful movies, including foreign films and "indie" films. They have done so for years and, with their recent upgrade to digital, offer an even better experience. Montgomery Cinemas has the best of the best and we're so grateful to have this theater in our neighborhood.

Alex Witkowski

I adore this theater. The employees are so nice and energetic, and seem to know the movies that are playing. The prices are incredible--I still can't believe how much cheaper this place is than the big theaters. The snacks are really great, too. Is it old? Sure. But that's hardly worth getting upset over. This is the only place in the area that plays this kind of movie, and it does what it does exceptionally well.


A fine experience. Nothing exceptional.

Paul Brown

Great indie movie selection. Best in the area, better than the Princeton Garden (though I believe they currently share an owner).

Robert Burke

Old uncomfortable seating. Good selection of small budget independent films that appeal to mature adults. Reasonable pricing.

Juanita carroll

I went to the theatre today to watch Amazing Grace, the Aretha Franklin documentary for the 2:40 showing. They could never get the projector to work and after 40 minutes of hearing audio with no picture, the manager finally came down and told us he was canceling the showing. He showed very little remorse and seemed annoyed that we insisted someone tell us what was going on. We got refunds, but everyone was disappointed. This is an old theatre with old equipment. I’ll never go here again.

Ronit Jacobs

Love this arthouse theater always playing foreign & indies. It's old fashioned and kind of run down, but that's how they can afford to remain so reasonable. We trek 45 minutes for their fantastic selection of films. Praying they never go out of business.

Ellen Dollard

Nice movie theater. Small but comfortable!

Ronald Bonneau

The only thing that attracts here is that the movies shown are excellent and often cannot be seen in other theaters. But, PLEASE, clean the place up!!!!!

Supportive Solutions

It's a great place to go to see good films and not have to deal with dozens of screaming, out-of-control kids as they typically don't show kids' movies or the usual "Hollywood Blockbuster" with cars being blown up, superheroes, science fiction crap, etc... The crowd is mostly middle-aged and older. The place is not dirty, but it also not a state-of-the-art multiplex. It's a older theatre. But I am grateful that it is there and almost always go there when I go out to see a movie.

David Brown

This movie theater is dilapidated and dirty. Seats are incredibly uncomfortable. Will never go back to this place.

Maria Cristina Antonio

Staff and movie selections great, only missing the comfty reclining chairs

Elio Arrechea

It is the perfect "off the beaten path" movie house. A nice break from the wild "zoo-plex" type of movie theater.

Frank Kaplan

Nice theater with standard seats

Bob Guglielmon

Weixu Lu

Great selection of movies!

Martin Israel

Excellent films

Paola Caro

(Translated by Google) Very dirty. Needs maintenance (Original) Muy sucio. Necesita mantenimiento

Frank Resta

They pick the best movies

Ash E

Great theater!

Scott Bramson

Excellent movie selection, antiquated theater

George Zervopoulos

Always great cinema here. Snack bar is priced reasonably too. Couple of nice dining establishments next door for before or after movie time too.

Maureen Quap

Great film choices. Proximity to my home. Reasonably priced popcorn. Parking. Sense of community. Shopping and eating nearby.

L Lu

This is a wonderful theatre with great movies and happy, friendly, and polite employees! I frequent this theatre and I am so glad they provide quality American and foreign films. I give this five stars for movie selections and the popcorn! Great snacks and good prices make this a win-win for us!!! Parking is sooo easy, too!

Claude Taylor

Very good venue for art house, foriegn, and independent film

Louis Szabo

Popcorn was great

Joan Floyd

They always show great foreign films.

Donald Hughes

Always a great choice; helpful staff! Ice cream and wine a few steps away.

norie C

Love the movies here. Quaint nice theater. I've been here several times. This time a 220 movie on Sunday, bought some popcorn and was very disappointed. There was a big batch made which the employee said was made in the morning. Needless to say it was cold and stale. When I came out I handed him half the large bag I didnt eat and told him how stale it was and that they shouldn't make so much so early in the day. The popcorn bin was still full so apparantly no one was buying it. He didnt say anything.

Steven King

Love the movie selection. Regularly shows hard to find films.

Theresa Solomon

The film selection is the best around and they've kept the price of admission reasonable. Thank you! . The audience tends to be all adults which means there's no feet on the back of your seat, no talking during the film, and often good conversation after the show. We go to see great films a few times a month -- not to eat (though the popcorn''s fine) , not to judge the decor (I can wait in a bare bones lobby just fine) and not to establish a friendship with the staff (who always seem pleasant and efficient) -- so I don't quite get some of the complaints here. I'm so grateful they've staked out indie and small-run territory and are holding on to it! If you're a film fan, this is home base in central Jersey.

Diane Keller

First visit there but won't be my last. Shows the independent films that I usually have to go to Manhattan to see or wait until they are at my library. In an open mall with a good selection of restaurants. Convenient to get to - right on Route 206.

vladimir vizcaya

Love this theater. Staff is always awesome and the movie selection is alwasy impressive.

Alex Medina

This is one of the few theaters in the area where you can see indie/art house films.

joe izes

Scott Fisher

Seats need some work to low to ground hurt knees. Price is cheap and that is draw.

Meg Helms

We always love to go to our beloved Montgomery Cinema. They have the best selection of films ever, and we frequently try to see ALL the films that are shown here, because it is such a great selection. We have friends who are very jealous, because they have to travel far and wide to see art house films - and we have it right here in the center of Montgomery!! Thank you for having such great taste, owners!! We go to your Hillsborough occasionally, but Montgomery - all the time!!! The popcorn is good, too!!!

barbara cuneo

Although the seats could use updating and the theater surely isn’t luxurious, Montgomery Cinemas is one of the few theaters that consistently screens the movies she want to see. I don’t know what we would do without this theater!


This is a fine medium sized movie theater. The people working there are very nice. The movie selection is the best! They hold the movies for a few weeks and that gives me a chance to get to the movies to see it. Whoever is choosing the movies is doing a fine job. The theater is a treasure!

Niket Jain

The movie screens are outdated and so is the lobby. But it plays movies that you won’t find in most regular theaters.

Eric Andresen

Nice selection of movies

Marcia Wells

This place is terrible and the projection person could be heard talking through the entire movie

iris schultz

seats are terrible manager is rude only thing good are the movies they choose

Matthew Lawson

One of the best art/indie theaters in Central Jersey. Seats feel low but there's plenty of legroom.

Christopher Heins

So happy to have a true Indy/Foreign film art house cinema within a half hour drive. While the madding crowd goes to see the latest action or animated kids movie, we can enjoy the greatest films being made today at reasonable prices in a nice setting. And it's close to Sahara, our favorite Middle Eastern food haunt. The fifth star is waiting for you if you put in more spacious seating. But thank you for giving us a chance to see the movies one normally has to drive to Montclair or NYC for.


The place is falling apart but it's one of the only art cinemas around. Recent renovation didn't do much. Please update the rest rooms.

Deborah Gichan

Favorite Movie Theater - This small theater presents the best movies in the area. It is our go to theater.

Sarah Awan Johnson

Offers a high brow selection of current films, some of which may be in limited release. Always worth a visit.

John Foreman


Isaac Bejar

Have been coming here forever, best movie house for quality films.

Rob Silvagni

Small theater with stadium seating.

Paul Sher

Sergio Bichao

Thank goodness for this theater. Only place to see indie, small films in the Somerset County area.

John Kenny

Seats are hard, narrow, uncomfortable.

Donna Pascale

This was my first time there. The lobby and theater were very clean and the staff was great and very helpful. Prices are reasonable

Jacob Goldfarb

They have interesting films that you don't find in large theaters.Comfortable seats.

Denis Michel

Old fashioned movie theater; Good prices

Siobhan Flynn

I would love to give this facility five stars because of it's great variety of films, but there are a few drawbacks. There are many movies shown here that you can't really see many other places. This is about the only good thing I have to say. The projection in the theater is not very good. Many times, the place is also very dirty. But above all, the people that work there are the worst. Nearly every time I go to this theater, there are several employees that are extremely rude upon our arrival and do not want to help anyone at all. On top of that, they have their very own alcove in the corner of the concession area where they sit around and watch things on a laptop and THEY DO NOT LIKE BEING INTERRUPTED. I've had to learn this the hard way by getting a very bad attitude from a young lady on several occasions. If they aren't watching something, they'll be on their phones. I have nothing against phones, but you're working and that should not be your priority when you are supposed to be helping people. The theater is great, but there are many things about it that make me question whether or not I should return.

Charles Heckscher

One of the few alternatives in the area to the mainstream big-budget theaters, Montgomery Cinemas always has an excellent lineup of independent and foreign films. Parking is easy, the theaters are comfortable, the projection is good quality.

St Nu

Kind of expensive for a ten year old patron.

Todd Lock

I love this cute little independent movie theater

Dottie Ji

If you love independent films, this theater is the best around! And to top that off they have two BYOB restaurants and a Wine/Liquor store in the same strip mall where you can discuss the film afterwards. So what if the lobby isn't ultra-modern. It's quiet, at least, with no racket and clanging of video games. My favorite place to catch a film even though other mainstream theaters are much closer.

Tim Corlis

Montgomery Cinemas shows smaller-run movies that are not found in the large capacity theaters. It's clean and we'll run. They also have the advantage of very good ice cream and pizza shops immediately next door.

Valentin Tzankov

Independent theater showing films you won't be able to see in megaplex.

Kyle Wheelhouse

Hands down the worst theater I've ever visited. Seats were uncomfortable (my wife's was broken). Things piled up next to the screen. Short arm tests that are too high with cup holders too small for the drink cups. Funky smell. Something was dangling in front of the screen (thankfully out of the frame). Screen had lines on it & a blotch that has been patched. Service up front was passive. We saw Apollo 11 -- fun fact about the theater is that they haven't done any updates or repairs since that first moon landing. On a positive note, it was a short walk out the front door after the movie.

Nathan Greenwald

Great independent movies

Gail Mitchell

Outstanding! Quiet and clean and small!

Salman Khan

Fantastic theater.

Rachel Paulus

They remodeled the seats!

Nancy Van Dyke

We go to this location because of their higher standards in movies.

Jessica Tatton

They show flims that you can't find in most local theaters. It's worth the 30 minute drive for us to see these movies. I do wish they had recliner seats.

Barbara Muller

Nice Israeli film tonight!

Linda Oppenheim

Has the feel of a neighborhood cinema rather than a multiplex. I appreciate their selection of films which match my interest.

Arthur Shaffery

Movie was great but as usual the popcorn still sucks and they need to clean the popcorn maker

Ryan Floersch

Has great movies which you might not find in larger theaters.

Richard Flammer

Very small and intimate theatre. Very clean. Friendly staff.

Kathi Ann Doroshenko

Good movies. Old seats

Ece Emanetoglu

They have freshly made buttery popcorns, pretty nostalgic

anthony patafio

Lou Szabo

Nice theater,but the girl waiting on us for popcorn and soda couldn't care less .I almost did it myself.

Steve & Judy Reichman

Shows artsy movies- indies and not your main street flicks. Facility needs some updating.

Doug Poswencyk

The place isn't exactly a palace but I could care less about that as it is the only theater in Central Jersey to show foreign and American independent films. There are however problems sometimes with projection and sound. I go every week as there is always something that I want to see. There are some very good restaurants such as Sahara, Ricky's Thai and The Rocky Hill Inn (I wish Yao's didn't move) in the area so dinner and a movie makes a nice night out. I don't eat or drink at movies so I have no comment about the concession stand.

Judy Mullins

Not your average theatre ☆☆☆☆


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