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REVIEWS OF Delsea Drive-In Theatre IN New Jersey

Alexander Rucci

This place was great. Not over priced at all for 2 movies. Food wasn't over priced. My car battery actually died and their staff helped me out big time! Great place!

Jeff Podwats

This place is great. 2 movies for 12 bucks is an absolute steal. The concessions are very fairly priced. I have seen alot of complaints about having to pay to bring in outside food. For the price of concessions it's worth it just to buy it there. The owner clearly isn't trying to get rich. Just trying to make a living. And the popcorn has real butter! I can't remember last time I has actual real butter. If your battery dies, they jump you for free.

Joseph Wiedmayer

Absolutely wonderful experience all around. My two girls 7, 3 loved it. This was my first time and I'll keep coming back to support the Delsea and I hope more will too to keep this landmark going for years to come!

Brian Pontious

We had a great experience. The admission price is reasonable especially considering you get two movies. The staff are very friendly, from parking attendants to those checking the cars. We will be back and definitely learned some lessons. My only two issues were the wait time to get in and the wait for concessions both of which are just out of control. We purposely didn't buy food before hand so that we could support the drive in but the wait time and the mix of quality with the food makes that slightly more difficult. Regardless we will be back. We also appreciated the red balloons !

Laura O

Good to see movie outside. But eat before you come. Food is not good. Do not get the popcorn!


Great place! Can't wait to visit again.

Rachel Hendricks

Good fun in your own car.

Drew ODell

Popcorn sucks. One of the reasons I go to the theater besides the movie. You'll notice not to many people buying it. Prices seem fair. Didn't try any other food there.

Luna Alayna

Had a great time!

Susanne Warren

So cool! Brings back all the old memories it's awesome!

Dd Landers

Drive-in experience is fun. Food service is atrocious!! Used to be better organized in kitchen, but now food order comes out in fits and starts. Took 15 to 20 minutes after first item from order arrived for rest of items to complete trickling out!! By the time you receive the order completely, the first items are cold. C'mon, Delsea, get it together!!! Work on one order at a time instead of 5 or 6!! Makes the entire evening aggravating!! What has happened the past couple of years?!?!

Misael Fernandez Jr.

A great place to enjoy a movie with friends, family, or that special someone in your life.

P I Forsyth

I grew up going to drive-in theaters. It's one of the cooler experiences of my life. I live in Delaware County Pennsylvania, and this place is about an hour away. We don't get to go very often, but when we do we absolutely love it! The old school feel the place it's perfect for what I look for. We usually look for when they have to family friendly movies so our kids can go with us. The only down points that makes this a four out of five star for me, is the food, as well as the positions of the screens. If you want good food, make sure you bring it. It's an extra $20 to bring it in, but it's better than paying at least that for the blandest food you can think of. You could be waiting a while to get it too. It's just now worth it to buy your food there. The food rates are what keep the theater going too though. So the $20 to bring it in makes sense. The screens are both visible by anyone in your vehicle, or sitting outside of it. That means your children could be viewing any kind of movie just by looking over. We steer clear as much as possible. Those 2 things aside, I highly recommend this drive-in!

Keith Charlton

It was a good time. They have a very large menu witch allows you to order on line also.

Alicia Heister

Love the drive in. It's a pretty good experience. Usually you're able to find a good parking spot and the sound quality is pretty good. The only thing th at kind of sucks is the food permit if you bring outside food. I ended up paying double the price for food that I bought on the outside.

Kimberly Fearrington

Wonderful! Watched 2 fun movies back to back. Great car neighbors. People need to be reminded of turning on headlights to leave and not moving. Go!

Jennifer Oquendo

One of my favorite things to do when summer comes around. Something about watching movies with your family underneath the beautiful night sky does it to me. Highly recommend. Come early.

Evil Z-99

Always a great time. Great prices on movies as well as food and drinks. Great picture and sound quality. All in all a great value for the whole family. We love it.

Matthew Gaehring

Loved the experience but as much as going to a place that feels like it's out of the 80's is great I don't want it to feel like it hasn't been touched since the 80's. They need a better system for handling concessions, all over their website they speak about how concessions are how they financially maintain themselves (which I completely understand) having a regular 30-40 minute line just to order is not conducive when trying to see a movie. Overall it's a neat experience but they could use some serious updating overall and some help in the concession stand.

Kathy Miller

Love it but I wish people would okay the rules about their lights being on

Brandon R.

Went here to watch Avengers: Endgame and was not disappointed!

Jen Holland

This is one of my favorite places to go see new movies. I was even more excited to see they were open on Sunday night for Jurassic world since that was the only day I could go see it. I love the food and the atmosphere this place has. They even offer online food ordering that I have not used yet but would be useful in the busy serving areas on some nights. Would 100% recommend going I tell and bring family and friends. Car, truck and SUV friendly

Luis Gomez

Nostalgic and nice place, but the food is awkward... Not for healthy people at all

Charles Woolson

Greatest place to see a drive in movie. Fantastic food!

Deidre Smith

The prices are reasonable. The sound quality and picture of the movie is good.

Gloria De Jesus

Great movie

Marcos Abreu

I really like the place but the screen could be a lil bit brighter.

Carnival Of Collectables

LOVE THIS PLACE! When you go don't just go for the double feature also grab dinner, the concession stand is AMAZING!

Althea Williams

Movies were 10 min late in starting. Online ordering didn't work. Lines weren't long though so it wasn't too bad. Though my son must have ordered a very intricate grilled cheese sandwich since that took quite some time to be finished in the kitchen.

Brian Peeke

the drive in itself is really great... However the concession stand is a completely different story... Absolutely no perceptible management whatsoever... Waited almost an hour and a half for three items. People who ordered an HOUR after we did got their food way before we did. Seemed to be no system for filling orders. Excuses are not enough, and any negative reviews below seem to be meet with nothing but excuses. If you're understaffed; staff your establishment. If concessions are what keep you open, you need to be better at completing transactions. I work in restaurant management, and what I experienced today left me completely unwilling to patronize your establishment or recommend that anyone else do the same in the future. Before you recommend your standard excuse of "get there early"... I was in line before 6:30... Received my cold dry pizza and the rest of my order shortly after 8pm. No excuse. Unacceptable.

Kelly Osvold

It's tradition for our family to go to the drive in as soon as they open. We get there earlier to secure a good spot and get settled in. Set up our chairs, get our snacks and then play frisbee in front of the concession stand while we wait for the movie to start. They always have a double feature on each screen. The concession stand has a LARGE menu.

Jessiah Milk Styles

Awesome. Worth the Drive. Great food options. Double feature every Thurs to Sat. Rent the speaker and save your car battery. Bring lawn chairs to kick back.

John Rhubart

Love it here, kid friendly, good atmosphere, the owner, Doc, is a really great guy, he always wants for you to enjoy yourself. And the concession stand is the best!

Robert Alesiani

Went for the first time last week. Definitely had a blast. Was completely impressed by the price and taste of the concessions. The popcorn was probably the best I've ever had at a theater. Definitely get there early as if you're right on time you'll probably be in a pretty good line getting in which might make you late for your film. Great staff. Beautiful view of the night sky as a backdrop for your film.


It was GREAT, Flash Back when we were Growing up

Ronald Murphy

Best experience everytime we go here. 10/10 everytime, 2 thumbs up etc =)

Susan Mclaughlin

Great food. People super nice. I was on crutches and a young man helped me walk to the ladies room. I didn't even ask

Eva Berglund

Read the rules and regulations before you go and enjoy! Nostalgic and fun. Most movies are G or GP rated and able to be enjoyed by the whole family. Put the kids in their PJ's, bring their blankets and pillows and make some childhood memories for them! They even have a night that you can bring the dog! Consession has a good variety of food, beverages and snacks and prices are reasonable. Designated area for smoking. The bathrooms could be cleaned more often but other than that, a very affordable and fun night out.

mezzmezmo .

Always a great time , a blast from the past. Family atmosphere , fun , very reasonable prices for food which was actually very good . Cant beat price for admission. A must visit every summer for my family last 10 years. Only an hour drive from Philly.

Alan Sasdelli

The Delsea Drive In is a great place to watch first run movies with the family. It's the only drive in in NJ! The food is also very good with a huge selection to choose from.

Sweet Jayne

Very cool to still have this here in N.J. We enjoyed it very much! Very nice people caring for it. Had a great time!

Anthony Poventud

Great experience. Food is good multiple options. Two movies for the price of one. Friendly service. Should do at least once especially if you live in the area.

James Caldwell

I loved this place it was my first time going here and we had an awesome experience with the kids!! It's definitely something I would suggest for everyone to try, I guarantee you'll enjoy your outting here it's an awesome experience that you can't really get anywhere else locally. It's the last drive in movie theater left in New Jersey I highly recommend it!! Also they have delicious food and snacks here as well. It's very well organized and ran very well. Like I said it was our first time going here but definitely will not be our last!!

Alyssa Clothier

My boyfriend and I love coming here!! The double features are awesome, food is good (especially the milkshakes) and there’s always current movies playing. A little tip if you have a pick up truck we put a blow up mattress in the back of our truck with some pillows that way we are comfy!

Ashley Salvatore

We have never been to a drive in and decided to go for my birthday since it was opening weekend. I was looking forward to it for a week. The food was good, but the projection was terrible. The top half of the screen was worn or something because it was always black. We ended up leaving 30 minutes through the first movie because we didnt want to continue listening to a movie we could barely see. The other couple in the car with us was in agreement. The would not give us a refund either, even though it was clearly them not maintaining equipment.

Eliezet Velez

An awesome way to watch a movie or two with your kids. I have a 1 year old and as you can imagine, it's not easy to go to the movie theater. He gets restless after a while. At the drive-in we can take him for a short walk to settle him down. The tickets are reasonably priced.

Anita Principe

Fun place to go!

Emanuel Matias

Always fun, If your a movie buff looking for a unique and amazing time for the family i recommend it. Also anyone who has not been here to go. My fiance and i go at the very least once a month and we enjoy it. I must say from when it first opened to now it changed alot.. The Variety of food, snacks, drinks, and memorabilia they have is great. Thank you, for opening and for keeping this place open, I pray God Blesses this Theater and allows it to stay here for a long time. Always an awesome experience!

gail deleski

Never have had any issues in all the years we have been going

Anthony Jerbasi

Great theater loved the atmosphere and experience!

Frank Rodriguez

My bf and our 2 boys went there last night to watch 'Smallfoot'. The movie hadn't even started yet and we were in love with this place. The staff was friendly, the food was good, and the quality of the movie was great. We can't wait to go back.

lorena giraldo

We went to watch IT chapter 2, its a great place, they only thing thst I can say its thet need more peoplenin the food stand, but thats it all the staff was very helpful and friendly.

Briana F Moran

Love it! Even if your cars battery dies they recharge it for you!

gloria marin

I used to come here regularly but haven't in a while. I'm hoping I caught them on a bad day. but after sitting in line for over an hour and missing half my movie I went to the concession only to be greeted by a bunch teenagers that spent more time chattering than actually doing anything. I counted 7 employees then 4 more came and I still waited 45 mins for a hot dog. Got back to my car just in time for the ending credits. To top it off another customer got frustrated waiting for his drink and snacks only to be mocked and disrespected by one of the teen employees instead of reprimanding her one of the 4 adults on duty also gave a bit of attitude to the other customer. It was ridiculous either they are going down hill or it was a bad day in any case the person I was with never had been to a drive in and this was his first experience. Very disappointing to say the least.

Joseph Whistleman

Long wait for some popcorn. Besides that it felt like I was was in the 60s 70s. Had fun. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys different things. Was my first time and would definitely do it again.

Will Camp

Love this place. Best deal to see a movie!!

Jillian Hair

My biggest issue with this- no closed captions/ subtitles for the deaf/ hard of hearing. I wish I have the similar experience with the Hearings. I would have gone as often as I could. I been there several times growing up. Only feature I wanted to see is to have subtitles/closed captions like AMC has, captions in the cup holder area. Something to accommodate our needs. So we know what’s they say on the movies in the silent world. Pleasssssse!? I would give it a 5 stars tho. Other than that it’s usually just sit around looking around with the car neighbors were doing. I couldn’t get into the movie without acknowledging or understand what’s happening with the film. Then again... it’s imperative to accommodate this.. just like you have handicap stalls in the bathroom, handicap parking spot.. what about deaf? We need to access this!

Ronald Hindley

Yes it's nice to go there. But We would come more. Ever two weeks my wife and I have our 3 grand sons for the weekend .Yes we know most of the your $ is made on food sales . Long story and short of it is we are both are on Social security and as most people know we do get a lot to live on already. How bout a (cut in prices for older adults. THANKS

Robert Tustin

Great drive-in theater with a wide selection of food to choose from. Parking is easy with room for larger trucks and vehicles. You can also rent chairs and radios if you forgot them at home.

Prophesy 144

Good all fashion drive through movie theater, also they have a great selection of foods not just your popcorn and soda drinks, do keep in mind they don’t allow any outside food or drinks and will ask to pop your trunk when checking in.

Stew Stewart

Last good drive in left we love this place

Carmen Diggs

Renovations seem to be coming along nicely...great concessions; clean, newly remodeled, decent screen viewing, bathrooms, and friendly staff. Would had given 5 stars had lawn been cut....the push lawnmower was not getting the job done...however, I stayed in my car vs sitting out....Overall, I look forward to returning and my experience was good...Go on a Thursday without the crowds

Leon Hinson

It was my first time ever at a Drive In ... Great experience!!

Marcus DeNerey

Love this place. Great way to get out of the house for a date night.

Bobstock NJ

Always a fun family experience!

Angela Yarbray

First time in decades I have been to a drive in love the atmosphere

Christie Balis-Groce

If I could give it less than one star I would! An hour and 15 minutes in line to get in be the people running the front to buy tickets are sooo slow. Then miss almost the entire first movie because online ordering was down, had to wait in regular line for 30 minutes and then 40 minutes later had the nerve to ask where our pretzels were. Asked for a manager who screamed at us that we don’t understand about the ovens and how they can only cook one thing at a time. Not my problem. Can’t bring in our own food but have to miss basically an entire movie if I want to eat there. Owner then joined in on the screaming. Poorly run business with even more disappointing management.

Eric Cephas

Wish there was a way to speed up admission and concession, but once you're in and have your food, it's a wonderful experience. The waiting is just part of the package. Expect to pay a premium for food, but you do have quite a choice on the menu. We lan to back when we have the chance.

Jacquelyn Schrum

I absolutely love coming here. You can't bday $11 for two movies. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. You would think the prices for food would be crazy but they are very reasonable. They don't just sell your typical candy, popcorn, and drinks. They have sandwiches, burgers, pizza, ice cream. They also have gluten free options. Great place to bring your kids or even have a date night. Dinner and movies in one places, you can't beat it.

Bri Dev

This place was a lot of fun. The menu for food they have is huge. We had a great time.

Amy Martin

Screen two needs to be higher or a better slope. Food is reasonable still a great time.

Maryanne Williams

It rained durning the movie. The snack stands prices were not bad

Nita Scott

I guess you have to get there 30 min early or be prepared for a long line to get in. Girl at concession stand had horrible customer service. Once in the line moved quickly and and I loved the double feature!!

Double Duce

Concessions staff were rude to 13 yr old son when asking about food that was 1 and a half late. Militant and rude even management. Want you to buy there food and not give you apology at all. Even the women at the consession was rude. Wanted an apology to my son for rude behavior.....classless all the way around.

Susan Ashmen

This place is great. It's like stepping back into time. They always have a good selection of movies. The concession stand has a great selection of food... But be prepared to wait. The only negative is they need to be more efficient at the entrance. We missed the beginning of the movie but had arrived 15 minutes early.

Becky O'Toole

Good experience to take the kids, can't beat the price for two movies. I do wish that they wouldn't let people in after the first movie starts. It's very annoying people driving with thier headlights on (and not turning them off right away once parked) or running a big truck while parked during the movie.

Kristina Scales

We love going here with the family or even just as a date. You can't beat the experience and freedom at a drive in. I wish there were more in NJ. Also, you can't beat the price. They charge less than a traditional theater and you get at least two movies! If you pay attention, sometimes they show three. The prices for concessions are not exorbitant and there is a huge variety to choose from. I recommend showing up like 1 1/2 - 2 hours early, though. The line to get tickets and get inside gets rediculously long after that and you shouldn't be surprised to spend an hour in line. If you get there when I suggest, though, only a few minutes and you're in. You can bring chairs and blankets and just chill. I've seen some people put an air mattress in the back of their pickup. Anywho, go there and support a local business that's been around forever.

Patricia Buckley

The kids had a blast! They have an extensive menu with reasonable prices! Only wish I could have picked the second movie you can see both screens so should be able to tune into either station!! But was still good experience

Nazzareno Ripa

Great prices compared to the regular movies. Love the drive in and the atmosphere that it carries with it

Tyler Hare

Not sure if this is new or I was lucky enough to never experienced it, but was directed to park in the third row on my most recent visit. I've been coming here for well over a decade and have always parked in the back and never had anyone tell me I had to park in a certain place. Not a huge deal but I don't like parking in a manner where they squeeze everyone together and close together, just like any other place to view a movie you should be able to park wherever.

chito rodriguez

I love it am happy they r still there

Keith Nelson

Great for family fun

Kayla Strbo

The only drive-in theatre in New Jersey. It's a great spot and they have a wide selection of food and snacks to choose from.

Julisa Spradley

First time going last night and we had a blast! The kids that were there were playing softball and welcomed my kids to play. Very friendly people and staff. Movie quality was great. Food was a little pricey but reasonable. Only thing I disliked was I came in and rented 2 chairs, they took my id and told me to wait out front and someone would bring them to me. I waited about 15/20 mins than I went back in and asked where were the chairs, The lady said they were all out. Would've been great if I were informed instead of just waiting.

Rivera Family

My family and I love this place. It's just such a wonderful experience to be in a drive in theatre. Very nostalgic. All of the staff are so kind and always smiling. I've had the pleasure of meeting the owner a few times and he is wonderful as well. Everyone's so helpful. The food is delicious and most importantly, affordable. When we come, we have dinner here, watch 2 movies and still pay less than a indoor theatre like Regal. If your battery ends up dying, there's always 2 boys walking after each movie with a battery charger. This place is ran so well. I pray that it continues doing well so it can remain open for many years to come. Thank for all of the wonderful memories. God bless you all.

Nicole Volpa

I've been coming here for years, since I was in high school (I'm 27 for some perspective there) and there isn't anything like coming to the drive-in. Bringing a set of lawn chairs for watching first-run movies is just quite an experience. Being all cosy in the car if it's rainy or chillier than lawn chair weather is another other wonderful experience I hope stays around for when I have kids and generations to come. The intermission commercials are some of my favorite that I'm not sure if other drive-ins in other states have, but it adds to ours and it's something I love holding out for the bathroom to see. If you're looking for a fun evening, or even a bit more romantic for a date, I always hope the drive-in is open. I've introduced it to so many people who should know what's in their back yard, and they fall in love with the place too (even though at first, sitting for the sky to darken they're thinking "where in the world are we", it's worth the reactions to see your friends question, then instantly love when the previews start and the pieces come together with the experience) Also, the movie selections are always rotating and there really is a set of movies for anyone and everyone to enjoy, so make sure you check back weekly, or just get added to their email list so it's extra easier, and you'll have the first step of enjoying this place!

Joe Kalucki

A great spot. Some people can be loud and obnoxious, but just shoosh them. They are jerks.

Joshua Koerner

Great movies. Fun for the whole family. It's different from the regular movie experience. You stay in your car and watch the movie.

Alex Vaporis

Don't get food. I waited an hour for two chili dogs and a cheesesteak made with onions when we asked for no onions explicitly. The cashier took every order I saw in front of me and behind me incorrectly, and most of the rest of the staff was oblivious. The movie experience was great, but the food service was so bad that I do not know if I will go back. UPDATE: The owner responded to this comment, issued a full refund for the food, and talked to the staff about the incident. This type of customer service is awesome and I will definitely go back.

Andrew Lyon

Video quality was ok, they should probably upgrade their audio though

Dean Foulks

The website says get there closer to start time. Missed the first 15 minutes of the movie getting in even though I got in line a mile back 35 minutes before the movie started. The theatre is great. We had a drive in when I grew up and it was the only place I ever saw a movie as a kid. This hits all the buttons. The nostalgia. The video quality is satisfying, on par with smaller theatres, but that might have to do with my location the screen looked amazing from in front of the concession stand. By the way everything tastes like popcorn butter. That makes it immeasurably better in my opinion, buttery mozzarella sticks mmmmmmm. The staff was friendly and helpful, 2 movies for $12 a person, wow. Didn't stay for the second film but just like when I was a kid the match was weird, Toy Story and Childs Play. When I was young it was The Rescuers and Mandingo. Worth the trip!

Casey Shirk

What a great drive-in! Drove an hour and it was worth it. Did not order any food, but will have to give concessions a try next time. The entrance was not very well lit, so keep a sharp eye when arriving.

Aaron Jelinek

A unique experience in the Garden State. Expect a good time.

Jared Kohr

Food quality has definitely gone down since my last visit. Soda wasn’t mixed right, popcorn wasn’t fresh, slushies were more liquid than slush. Employees weren’t patrolling enough to stop people from parking in the wrong spots, blocking people’s views with larger vehicles in rows closer to the screen. People were smoking in front of us didn’t help, both cigarettes and weed. I would recommend painting the poles to better indicate where larger vehicles can park. Weeds were growing out pretty badly in a few spots. Otherwise, it is a nice experience. EDIT: Added a star for the owner response, glad they are looking at reviews and some concerns are addressed. Also fixed some grammar, because mobile.

Ric Waters

Great deal. Extensive menu. Double and sometimes triple features. 2 screens. Very few if any bugs. Worth the trip.

Justine Coyle

Great place to visit! We drive 45 minutes to get here and it is totally worth it! Price of one movie ticket for a double feature.

Tim Miller

Good place to take a date. Food was a bit pricey but the movie was cheap and the staff was nice.

Jay Santiago

For the first time there a very good experience but the welcome at the popcorn stand wasn't no good greetings for service; food was good though and on time.

Paul Fallat

Was just there yesterday and had a great time with my wife, daughter, and her 2 friends. There staff were exceptionally nice. I initially had problems with radio reception to get audio and was told it was probably my new truck with Sirius/XM trying to pull in too many signals. I thought it was a bit much to have to rent a radio for $10. The owner came out to help troubleshoot and eventually turned up the signal on his end which solved the problem. He was very helpful. If we are in the area again (live quite a drive away) we will definitely come back.

Excuse My Sass

Loved it! Especially loved the double feature. Awesome experience, and great idea for taking your family out or for a date night. They have a lot of food options and even have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free items on the menu. I would suggest bringing a radio to listen to movie, so that you car battery isn't being drained. They do offer radios to rent.

Holly Bellamy

Overall was a positive experience, only negative were the workers inside of the concession stand. They were unpleasant and mocking previous customers. Using foul language in front of my family and I.

Jessica Daws

I absolutely love the drive-in. I remember going frequently growing up and seeing all of the new movies. However, lately it feels like the movie choices have been a bit stale. I'm not sure if they're picking them to save money or they really think people want to see Hotel Transylvania 3 several weeks in a row..

Mike Wileczek

This is a must experience just for the historic value alone. The prices are great for 2 movies and the food is very affordable. I really couldn't recommend this enough for a date or family outing.

Athena Withers

I love this place. Family friendly, great prices. I went to the drive in as a child and had such great memories. Now I can share this with my family.

Stacie Riker

It's like a twofer on price and you live out a little nostalgia, but try and avoid trucks in the row ahead of you.

Jocelyn Israel

Cool experience! This was my third time here and the staff was super nice. Takes quite a bit of time to get your food but otherwise it's fun. I went with friends and the staff even jumped our cars when the batteries died.


Love the drive in. Snacks could be better and they don't allow outside food (even asked to check my trunk) which i get but spent about a half hour in their snack line.

Becky Krasting

Great experience!! Front greeters were great! So polite and friendly!! I would suggest eating dinner BEFORE you get here and just buying popcorn and/or snacks here. Very pricey and not very good, especially considering what was charged. I know they make their money from concessions, but $27 for 2 people and we even shared a soda and fries!?!? Taught us to come after dinner next time and hopefully you will too!!!! But definitely come for the movie experience!!!

Shadow Flare

One of the few drive in theaters left in the USA! It's an experience I definitely advise trying at least once.

Saki Hanajima

Pro tip: I would recommend that you bring a battery powered radio. The movie audio comes through the radio, but you can’t keep your car on (state law prohibits idle running vehicles for more than ~20mins) or in battery powered mode (don’t want to kill your car battery). So to prevent having to turn your car on and off repeatedly, just bring a radio. Review: If only we had more places like this on the east coast, I would go to a drive in instead of the theater any day. Here the movies are EXTREMELY cheap and you’re guaranteed a double feature every time! The concession stand is also very generous in portion size with prices much lower than your average theater.

Latisha Crowner

The experience is thAt of so fun. Get to one and try it

Abekah Mensah

I got to watch 2 up to date movies @ a fair price I cannot complain

Layla Jones

The drive in was really great the owner was not the popcorn was old but the movie was really good dont get me wrong. The owner made sure she let me know she been there 15 years when i was totally confused about the order of the novie and i was not looking for a refund but she offered to fix it then she tried to say i was switching screens because the movie started at 825 and i paid for my ticket at 806. She was rude but the older man was nice nice screening old popcorn mean ownerto reply to the comments feom the ownwe you popcoen was chewy and i did not awitch screens so dont call me a thief ok the popcorn was bad i will come back and do another review and show everyone your food is bad and i didnt switch screens when you gave me a wierd excuse why you couldn't fix it i left you were rude after you made me go to my car twice to get 2 recipes to prove i paid

Deborah Gerritsen

This move theatre has it all. Great movies. Sit in car with your great sound. Bring chairs rent chairs rent radio etc. Great food! All kinds of food. Check out there menu on line. We have been going there from south jersey for the past 3 years and we love it. Bring the kids in there pjs because there is 2 top movies always playing.

April Comiskey

I visited here for the first time yesterday for my daughter's birthday we had an amazing time. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and the staff and everyone is very courteous. The owner even helped me find a park so we could see tge screen clearly. The food id reasonably priced and very good and they really strive to male the customer happy. My family will definitely be returning!

Greg C

Really great! Friendly, helpful staff. The concession stand is GREAT. Quality of food is good but also the price! This is NOT your typical movie theatre where you are getting gouged $12 for popcorn. Prices are super.

Fred Ortiz

It's a really nice experience, the staff is friendly and they have first run movies. Food is good but ordering and getting your food is hectic. Took my wife 45 minutes from getting in line to returning to the car. I believe you can get a permit and bring your own. May be worth it not to deal with the lines.

don mags

It's always nice to go to a drive in. The snacks were reasonable. orientation of the two screens was not the best,, all in all it was worth going to

Danny Loredo

Amazing place... It's like going back in time but with just a touch of today.

Anais makes ASMR and More

Good price and good people

Samyra Wragg

Love this theatre I will miss this place now that I live in Florida. Favorite thing me and my kids enjoyed doing together.

Andrew Bentz

Great price for a double header movie although it runs late to watch the entire second. Tons of food options at decent prices

Ronald Feliciano

Food was over cooked and service was not great

Holly Jerome

It reminded me of my childhood great experience

Jeff Borges

I give it 5 stars for the experience and the nostalgia. Reminds me of my childhood. My 9 yr old son loved the experience. After watching the Lion King outside in a lawn chair, he was all thumbs up. I understand others frustrations as far as long waits for food and all but maybe try eating before you go. As far as the diabetics are concerned, you have to do what's best in your situation and your needs. I have empathy for both sides. Imagine one day these places will cease to exist and all you will be able to do is tell your children about it, but you can take them now. At the end of the day we have to try and find a perfect balance. Please support what he's trying to maintain, and at the same time, communicate your concerns. What's better than watching a movie in the great outdoors. Don't let drive ins become extinct too! If you don't care, fine, but if you do, make it known to the owner.

Steve Przychowicz

I always have a great time here. Its everything I remember and expect from a drive in. I wouldn't dream of bringing my own food. Concession stand food is part of the experience and fun. As far as wait time for food...who cares? You order and they text when its done. There are nuances with outdoor movies that make them special. If you want a perfect movie experience go to the theater. If you want a fun relaxing experience, come here.

Glynnis Miller

Awesome drive in movie theater. Very large food selection that's reasonably priced. You can bring chairs and sit outside your car or stay in the car. Most people park backward and sit in the trunk of their SUV or Trucks. A great night out for families with children that are a bit older. Get there early because it gets crowded. First movie starts about 9 so plan to be there until at least 11pm, or 1am if you're planning to see both movies

Frank Sinatra

A GREAT place to see a movie! The one of its kind in New Jersey!

Johadane Pierre

Great experience. Great deal on the movies. Price for food is decent and the quality is pretty good. No outside food allowed. They do search your car/trunk. When purchasing your food, be prepared for a long wait. You can also order your meal online. Cash and cards are accepted at this site. Bathrooms were clean which deserves 2 thumbs up for me. The customer service received was great as well. It was remarkable to see the staff's positive interaction between themselves and the clients on a busy night. This is the only drive-in movie theater in NJ, so if you are from NJ or the Philly area, it's worth the drive and it's a fun experience. Enjoy!

margarita grigoryan

Great experiences. They need to be more organized in food court. Hire stuff, kids behind counter can't handle the valium of costumers.

Lisa Markowitz

7/27/19. Spent almost $100 to get in and immediately experienced a very very rude older man. Watched him yell at another family who did nothing wrong. He insisted that we move our car several times despite almost hitting a pole and nobody next to us. He just wanted to utilize his parking powers. This caused distraction to other guests. Not fair to them or us. Finally got into place and he then insisted that we move our chairs and told us to move it front of another parties vehicle... not fair to them. People parked in front of us had hatches open beyond their cars..., couldn’t se the movie. He didnt seem to care about that. Then we went to the snack bar.... purchased 6 sodas and were not given straws. We asked where to get straws and we were unkindly told “we give them out”. I asked if we may have them since we just purchased 6 large sodas.,, waited 15 minutes for them to come back with straws. Paid all this money to miss most of the movie. Can’t even see the second movie at this rate. Our family has been coming her for years and never experienced such rudeness from so many people. We will not be back and I will make sure I share this with many.

Jim damato

I give it three stars bc of the food. You can miss a whole movie waiting on food. They need a new faster system to getting food.

Raymond Collins

We had an awesome time! I love that this place still exists.

Ruxon Gordon

I'll never forget my night there. Nothing like the last drive in movies in Nj. And the food was a great selection. Just the perfect amount of freedom to hangout with your other outside at the movies yet nothing gets out of hand as far as trouble. And just the right amount"freedom to hangout with your other" at the movies as well

Tiffanie Davis

Always a great time when we go to the drive-in.. Staff is friendly food is good.. You always get those few straglers that are miserable and like to complain. But we always enjoy ourselves.

Jocelyn West

I love this place. There isn't anything like it to go to the drive-in and have that movie experience, and I'll always value that we have that right in our backyard. Movie selection is always with recent things, although having more oldies would be appreciated by myself and friends at least. When I bring friends they always expect something older, like Alfred Hitchcock or something, then they're super surprised it's current movies like Dumbo or whatever's newly released. We all love it, and I hope this review expresses that.I'd recommend it to anyone even remotely close to the area or visiting for a weekend.


I was there in 1964 for Mary Poppins. We used speaker stand. The screen seams smaller .

Dawn Rapko

Love the drive-in. We go every summer. It is a bit of a hike, but worth it. Reminds me of when I was a child. The only thing is I wish they had more radios to rent. I never get there in time. You get 2 movies, with a brief intermission in between, to get food or use the restroom. Highly recommend.

L Vana

GO THERE!! Two movies for the price of one... plus IT'S A DRIVE IN!!!! Childhood memories being relived and being made for a new generation. Cannot bring your own food in, and they do check. Let's face it, at the price they charge, food is the ONLY place they can make any money. It is a family owned business... BTW, great real food selection at reasonable prices.

Melissa Corson

Great place. Extensive menu .. wow

tara Tett

Great location and awesome food.

jessica Carson

The prices went up this year which still isn't bad but I hope it doesn't go up too much more. And it's a nice area and the screens are huge. But the only negative is you can't bring food in, I understand they have a snack bar that sells a varitva of food but the food isn't the best. It tastes cold and reheated. I've ordered popcorn, pizza, fries, and so far it's been cold if you don't want people to have to start sneaking food in, make the food you sell better.

Rosoro 1980

I make it my business to come to the Delsea Drive In Theater. You cannot beat the price they offer for watching to movies. The food is excellent & I love how you can order on line & go inside to pick up your order. Each time I come here I have a great time which I am surrounded by people who just want to be able to relax & watch a movie with family or friends.

Andrea Wood

Loved time ever

Richard Unto

This place is easily my preferred venue for seeing movies. There's something to be said for being able to stay in your car and not have to worry about a noisy audience. It's definitely a full experience, with a concession stand that has more options than you'd imagine, and the food is pretty legit. The prices are super reasonable. For less than the cost of a standard movie ticket, you always get a double feature. Even the concession stand prices are way less insane than regular theaters. They do a great job at providing a unique experience.

Tiffany Davis

We really enjoyed this place!! Food was amazing!!

Rebecca Tatum

Watching a movie outside is a really fun experience.

Deepak Patel

A pleasant experience.

Lyndamarie Smith

You have to get there 1 hour early because the check in is slow. You cant bring in outside food they will take it from you, so the wait at the concession stand is at least 45 minutes. The staff gave us all the wrong information on what channel. It wasnt bad we over all had fun but if this is your first time it will be a little confusing.

Ebony Taylor

The food could be better. Had chicken fingers that were not done all the way but overall place was great

Jonathan Bates

Great deal and lots of fun for a evening activity. Concession options are amazing! Wish the popcorn sizes were a bit larger though, and popcorn is too expensive.

Damon Knox

A fun place to watch a movie

Matthew Schreiber

It's hard to compare Delsea Drive-in to any other drive-in because this is the only one in the area. Overall, everything was great. There's a big selection of food at the concession stand, the staff all around was friendly, and being able to watch a movie from the comfort of a car eliminates the interruptions of other talking. My only complaints are mainly directed toward the upkeep. The dirt paths had a lot of large pot holes that need to be filled in. This limits some of the parking for cars but a bigger vehicle would have no problem. Just be mindful of headlights

jack finnegan

Wish I could give it no stars.Owner and manager should be given lessons on how to treat customers with respect. Unbelievable how they were acting. Waits in line last at least 1 hour 4 food

Melissa Bryant

We went last year brought back so many memories as a kid love love it ❤️ My family and I will be attending a few of us lol for my 53 rd Birthday and my Granddaughter kindergarten graduation this is what I wanted love the family environment and hoping something cool playing June 7th HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

Carlie Secure

Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The quality of the movies is great. It's always been a blast to go to Delsea Drive In and have the drive in experience I wouldn't get anywhere else locally. There is tons of trash cans and the bathroom is clean, though seems small, I didn't notice if it could accommodate someone with a wheelchair. Bonus..There is a sweet cat that rummages around for food. He loves chicken wings.

cams glam

Price is good. Rules are kinda outrageous. I would rather pay more and be able to bring my own food. But 20 extra dollars to bring food into the theater is ridiculous. The concession stand is not the best. I guess it’s good it’s the only one in the area. Probably won’t be back.


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