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REVIEWS OF CMX Cinemas - Closter Plaza IN New Jersey

Lauren Hines

We really enjoyed this movie theater attending from out of town. It was very unique and not like any other we have ever been to. Updated, modern, sleek interior design with classy finishes and fixtures! It had a pretty expansive bar in the lobby. The theatre was small not like the gigantic chains we're used to. Our theatre had very few seats (only 3 rows with 6 seats each), with really comfy leather recliners. The popcorn was yummy, and everyone we encountered was really nice. Bathrooms were clean and modern too!

Sean Park

I love this theater. This is in my neighborhood and allows me to watch movies with friends whenever. I like how it isn’t so crowded, and the price is very reasonable. I like the food there, and they pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness of the theaters. I come here every week and I recommend people come here. A very underrated cinema that is one of the best!!

Pamela Bern

We love going to CMX in Closter! Most recently, we had my son's birthday at the theatre. Everything was great! Ian, the manager, is wonderful to deal with. He is so responsive and ensured that everything would run smoothly- which it did! Getting pizza, popcorn, sodas, etc out to 17 kids seamlessly.... Between Scarlett, Cooper, and the rest of the fabulous, attentive staff it was a great evening all around. The hot pretzel, turkey club, and the drinks at the bar should not be overlooked either! CMX is part of our town and we love it!

ofri inbar

They were pretty good but the movie stopped and we waited 15 minutes

Melissa Koontz

dave mackey

Alejandro Iglesias

Charlie Modesto

Really nice staff and really comfy


Great theater experience. Fantastic staff, amazing food, private theater experience. Highly recommend for a relaxing movie experience.

Tyler Doh

Susan Mauel

The employees were friendly and helpful but the overall theater experience was a let down. Positives: - Employees were very friendly and helpful! - Seats are comfortable Fixes needed: - Cost is too high - Popcorn is OK but there is no butter option - ask before you buy it if you love buttered movie popcorn - Very limited candy options - Only one size popcorn and fountain beverage available - Food (hamburger and hotdog) was concession stand quality - Theater should have recycling containers available The staff is great and I hope the theater elevates its quality to meet the quality of the people who work there.

Justin Quezada


Dan Sullivan

Very helpful staff. Clean facility with very comfortable seats and a great overall experience. A little expensive.


Kyle S

Clayton Kim

The service is horrendous, food overpriced and there is a hotdog that cost 6 dollars which is very unreasonable.

Angie Díaz

glenn thomas

larry lusha

Michael p

Comfy chairs and good customer service

Christopher Ferrara

Adam Jacoby

Great theaters but staff inexperienced. Need to keep theaters cleaner and work on smoother experience

Hira Naqvi

Great cinema. Amazing experience.

Brandi Simpkins

Great space. Clean. Courteous staff. Fantastic!!!

Miguel Botero

Came for the first time to watch Red Sparrow with my fiancé for a date night and it was great. The service was amazing and everyone was super attentive. The theater I had was a small private one and even with sitting in the front row it didn’t really effect my viewing which is key because normally I would never even sit front row.

Ryan G

It is very upscale and luxurious compared to the former Bowtie/Clearview Cinema. The food is great, considering that they give you the hot food right at your table! Ticket prices are okay, but the food is so expensive! But the seating is super comfy! Overall, I think this theater has potential.

Lisa B

So happy they reduced ticket prices. Went for the first time today with my husband and son. The theater is beautifully designed, very comfortable reclining seats, lots of food and drink options. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I ordered a mojito and it was delivered it to my seat. We all enjoyed the movie and will definitely be back soon.

David Pabon

What a great experience. Small intimate theaters with great big comfortable reclining seats and a table. Great quality. Great sound.

Soo-Nam Lee

Jiyoung Lee

ron anari

Emily Salmirs

Alexandra Marghella

Jay Meadows

Claudia Gonzalez

Stephen Lynch

Convenient location. Staff is friendly. Theaters are small so not always easy to get seats. Lots of families and kids so beware if you're not someone who tolerates that well. Concessions are $$$$ so be prepared.

ruth quintana

So why they opening up in manhattan but only offer new employees $10 an hour when the law changed for minimum wage to be $13 an hour im guessing it can be reported to dept of labor so as to stop this from happening to these employees

Kat Christie


Gordon Koch

Kate MacLauchlan

Very clean with friendly employees. You can order and have your pizza, nachos etc. brought to your seat...your reclining seat.

Arturo Alvarado

Scott Semone

Great place to eat and watch a movie (which deserves six stars); however today - the bar is / was closed as per Corp management.. :-(

nancy markert

Ghaith Alkhalifah

Way too pricey

Vinny Forma

Very attentive and friendly management....really make you feel welcome.

Sylvia Mogielska

Pricey tickets . Should have discount options for first viewing, students, etc. Extremely strong scent in theatre probably from New leather and built. Tiny and private . Works for a date night but not so much an average day at the movies. Nothing special worth viewing your movie of choice at a different location.

Rob Ferretti

Theater is small (only 5-6 screens with ~50 seats per screen), and everything is brand new. All seats recline and leg room is a non issue, food was good although I was there before full menu and bar were in effect so I can only speak to the burger and fries. Seats are comfortable and the staff is very friendly and helpful, its a nice luxury intimate movie experience. Great local choice. There is no dedicated parking lot but plenty of parking in Closter commons right next door.

Ido Avnon


Amalfi Bonseñor

Lindsay Arrigo

The remodel is amazing staff is kind and helpful only thing is the price of the food dont get me wrong it was tastey but $6 for a fountain soda is a bit much other then that we loved it

Ognen Nikolovski

Kyle Horan

Tara Viggiano

The chairs and viewing was perfect. Our meals came quickly, were still hot and were delicious. I thought eating during a movie would be distracting but we the food was so good it didn't last long. I plan to return. Love that you can pick your seats as you purchase your tickets

Sonia Williams

I ordered a burger and i got sick... to expensive. i spent almost the same price i spent when i wento to Ipic theater.

Steve Williams

We didn't know what to expect when we decided to go there, so we ate before arriving and therefore didn't get to sample the food on offer on the premises. The manager showed us around and explained the set-up - we liked the food and bar options. The advertised and scheduled start time for our movie were an hour different, but the manager was super nice and started the show as advertised once he realized the discrepancy. The movie price is more expensive than most cinemas, but the facilities are more up-scale and intimate, so we will definitely revisit it in the future.

Edward Winter

Staff had never disappointed. Any incongruency in your viewing experience results in free passes. The extensive offerings at the bar adds a top shelf option to the long list of bonuses.

James J

very friendly helpful staff i left this pl w/o knowing my cell fell out of my pocket in my seat. they kept it safely till i went back to pick it up tysm

Michael Sherry

William Rubin


They don't give a full discount even if its their fault. Food is overpriced and tickets are overpriced.

Ellen Zlotolow

The website on fandango did not work for us to order tickets. The phone number was a 504 personal number. So I searched the 201 number. Called 3 times and only got recordings to wait for someone from either the manager or box office, no one picked up. After 3 tries and 20 minutes later( way too long) I hung up and went to another theater!



Jeniffer Zapata

Ryder Balay

Aleksandra Rutkowska

The place is beautiful. All the finishes,leather, style it's a great spot for a drink with friends or date night. Place is very clean and coctails are delicious. Service is great. Very kind and helpful. Bartender was very acknowledgeble and made sure that we get what we wanted. Hostess showed us our seats and how the chairs work. we get our food and drinks. We were very surprised how all of the stuff took care of us. We paid $33 dollars for 2 tickets which in my opinion is not expensive especially for the płacy like that. Definitely will come back and I highly encourage other people to come and relax.

Joey Golden

I love coming to this place.

Christopher Morris

The food was okay feel like it was missing something. Chairs are very comfortable and the cocktail that I ordered was good.

누나와 동생들

Susan Lewandowski

Great atmosphere and really comfortable seats

Kimberly Tran

dormiente Israel

Liu Gao

Anna Kang

Renny Koshy

Clean. Friendly staff. Very nice place to go see a movie.

J AntoMira

Very impressed by the renovation and upgrade. Smaller setting which I think is awesome versus the larger AMC theaters. Staff are very nice. I wish I can remember the staff(male) who was amazing. I was inquiring regarding seating and he showed me one of the empty theaters. This was on a Friday evening May 10. This will now be my go to theater

Howard Feld

Great theater, comfy reserved seats, only reason for not 5 stars is pizza is too salty

Billy Newport

Very nice cinema, cozy setting

Siracusano Theresa

Clean and comfortable lots of goodies to choose from

KK Hwang

very cold inside due to strong A/C. don't forget to bring blanket or jacket!

David Beltran

Phillip Vogel

Comfy seats, plenty of room.

Mike Hunter

Ridiculously Expensive... 3 tickets $67...

Patricia DeAngelis

Matt Rr

This theater is new and modern. Its small so it's not over crowded. The food was good and the seats were better. It a nice chilly theater the way it should be during the summer. They serve non alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages with a variety of food like pizza and sandwiches. The price might be a couple dollars more than other theaters but you definitely get what you pay for... I think I found my new theater. I will be back soon.

David Jung


Ryan Wien

My brother and I went to see a movie at the CMX. However, there was a smell through the air at the movie theater. He now has bronchitis due to the smell going into his lungs. Worst experience I ever had.

Gaming Gods

Glenn Luciano

Nice theaters, seats are comfortable and roomy


James Kelly

nice spot. certainly a pricey night out for a movie. but seats are very comfortable and you do get something for the extra money. being able to reserve seats is sweet. bar prices are excessive for the kind of venue

Adam Hampton

Super friendly staff nice accommodations and clean theater. We will be back for more movies

Nick Reeves II

Good seats and theater quality except the digital film broke up a few times

Paul Echeverria

Gautam Desai

Gavin Mitlitski

Peter Sadovnik

Nice place. Perfect inside. Comfort seats like business class aircraft.

Jessie Reeves

Was kicked out 5 minutes in for whispering and didn't get my money back if I ever go to the movies going to Westwood

eric oh

This was first ever movie theater experience for my son. Exteriors are nice but small. movie theater is clean and looks nice. Movie started and after 5 minutes, manager had to reboot the movie because it just stopped playing. Some rowdy kids in the back yelling and screaming. With Movie price for 2 adults and 1 child for $65, it wasn't high-end experience compares to regular theaters with much cheaper price.

Chandra Hundigam Venkat

Andrew Salkind

Johan Colorado


Great space, staff and yummy snacks!

Nicole W

We have had nothing but great experiences at this theater! The theater is upscale, clean, and convenient. Ian, the manager, is outstanding at what he does and just great to work with in general! We recently had our child's birthday party at CMX and Ian made sure every detail was perfect; from the in-seat popcorn, pizza and drink delivery, to the friendly staff available when we needed them, Ian was on-site to ensure everything went just as we hoped. Both the kids and adults enjoyed the party! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone wishing to host a party or just enjoy dinner and movie!

chickie tallerico

Totally AWESOME seats are so comfortable and sound system is amazing. Staff are just wonderful! I love this place!!!

Stuart Meissner

Nothing special to warrant paying $22 . Employees are super nice but that doesn’t cut it. My prediction either they need to take up what they have several notches - waiter service at the seats like other fancy theatres for example and better menu items fast, that are different and more upscale vs other theatres or lower their prices to normal, otherwise they are out of business. Having a Bar ( which no one uses) and nice seats and theaters really is not different from an AMC theatre. They are crazy to not lower their prices to a normal theatre even in off hours during the day. Should also accept movie pass, at least until peop,e get to knowthe theatre. Won’t survive. I’m going to Tenafly or Norwood next time and save the &10. UPDATED REVIEW Since my bad review they have lowered their prices substantially where it is about the same as AMC and large theater chain and the service and seats and amenities are still great, so now they are 5 Stars. Good change. Now my main place to go.

Juan Bravo


Sean McChesney

Staff was extremely helpful. We went during the soft opening, so all of the hot food options were unavailable. The burger and fries were very good that we ordered. Movie experience was very nice. The manager stated better seats and a bigger menu were planned. Overall, a great experience and worth the price if you’re looking for that high end movie experience.

M. D. M.

The staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating. This is a theater for an elevated movie night out experience - clean and well-appointed with large comfortable, reclining seats and a tray for the food and drinks they bring to you inside after you order them up front. Of course, this kind of first class experience comes with first class prices. For that reason I only gave 4 stars because it is not for everyone. Great for date nights.

Karina Kelleher


Barb A Velez

So me and my husband went a few weeks ago during the week it was very nice and cozy, we ordered 2 drinks which were good but a bit pricey for sure. Theater was clean and everyone was friendly. Nice theater but pricey I wouldnt go there regularly.


What a great place to have in the neighborhood.

Matthew Gonzales

Edward Sedano

Not worth the price. Chairs are not as comfortable as the chairs at Lowes. Volume is way too loud.

Yael Grady

Nathalie Jean Paul

Patrick Burns

Comfy seats....

Asaad Sleman

Very cozy, great staff, and an absolutely fabulous bar.

Calista Blanchard

Initially, I was hesitant to come here due to the outlandish prices (I know Closter is a lovely area, but I'm just a college kid and my wallet cried after buying these tickets!). However, I was quickly delighted by how friendly the staff was and the absolutely wonderful seats in the theater. I usually frequent a different theater, but due to the unforeseen lack of last-minute avengers tickets, I decided to come here. Overall, I enjoyed the experience but will likely only come back for special occasions or specific movies. Parking leaves something to be desired and I got lost on my first visit, but you are for sure getting something nice for your tickets. I would however recommend seeing movies at later times, especially if they're oriented for all ages, as this seems to be the type of theater that younger teens and children are dropped off at by parents. Again, the building is beautiful and I have no huge complaints, but I would definitely recommend saving this spot for nicer occasions.

Brett_Finetto 20274039


Nitzan Levy

Edward Affoumado

It a freaking joke

Joshua Kim

Food is over priced and horrible service. Worst movie theater I’ve ever been to.

Hee Hwang

They don't let me watch the movie

Derek Ottaviano

Good time , nice theater.

Craig Schappacher

bob the burger guy movie reviewer and vloger

This was my first time at your theater this was a Amazing time the sound quality was super cool the staff would really nice and the food was great it a small theater but it feels like home who ever runs this place keep up the great work you have a new customer

Sang Lee

Robert Gordon

Mansion style seating and sound Best theater I've ever been to

Henry P

Alan Totten

I mistakenly purchased tickets for the wrong day, arrived to a packed house for Avenger endgame with my son and was told I was a day late. The staff and manager (Amber?) without hesitation found us two seats that were previously malfunctioning and blocked for sale to the public and allowed us to use them to see the movie. I was a huge fan of this theatre beforehand but after last night I have nothing but the highest praise for that staff. Thank you and you have my business for good! Also-give Amber a huge raise!!

Julie Elcock


Nathan Amitai

Very comfortable seats, great sound

Anthony Iannone

Robin Martin

Staff excellent!! Food Great!! Wine selection fair Theater WOW!! Price $$ Overall experience

Ifedayo Akinyemi

Prashant Mehta

Excellent experience with my son's birthday celebration. Would recommend to anyone who wants to have a great movie experience and celebrate something special

Michael S

The staff is great, but the seats are awful. They have fake leather and recline in the utmost akward position. Not to mention the exorbitant prices: If you book online there is a fee; If you do in the store there is a fee. The worst movie theatre, even normal theatres are better. If you want a good movie theatre, go to iPic. They have a much better system: You can order food from your seats (which are much nicer), and when somebody gets food, at CMX they have to go across the row of seats because they are not in pairs of two with aisles.

adam kidron

Very stark, cold, unfriendly and unfinished place with average screens and below average should. Go to IPIC.

Grant Bradley

Jonathan Yammarino

Olakunle Oluwole

Clean, convenient and food is served!

Leon Tsipris


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