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1055 NJ-34, Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747, United States

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Where is Bow Tie Strathmore Cinemas?

REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Strathmore Cinemas IN New Jersey

LiveLoveAnd CelebrateLife

It's a nice place especially because you can sit any where

Laura Onifer

Nice cozy place. Always can get a seat. Great price

Nicole L

Friendly workers, nice theater! Love this theater, I have been going here for years.

Benny Olivares

Great if you have kids. Very family oriented!

Herman Graff

Great prices, standard, comfortable seating.

Leticia Sosa

Popcorn was not as fresh.

Theodore Sliwinski

Great movie theater. Love the prices. The seats are a little hard though.

leonore montagne

My family loves going to go Tie Cinemas in Aberdeen New Jersey the price is always less than other theaters and on Tuesday nights they still have bargain night. We love the giant popcorn which is refillable.

Jody Ross

Horrible movie theater. Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody & the sound wasn't great, dirty place, needs serious upgrading, would not recommend or return. Sorry!


Great small town, local old style theatre feel, but with updated seats. No not stadium setup, electric recliners or 4D (nor 3D). Not that updated.

P Costello

Very convenient and relatively inexpensive

Brad Davis

They only serve popcorn, hotdogs, candy and soda

Eileen Appelblatt

Comfortable and Clean theater

Max Grinberg

Small but very well priced and neat local theater

shamim tadrisi

good service and amazing prices

LaChaun Willis

Love this place. Inexpensive current movies. I can take my family out for a night and not break the bank. Half the price of everyone else

Vicky Darjeeling

Nice small theatre and very inexpencive.

Ladycarmen campbell

Low price for top rated movies...saw Black Panther there. Old Seats, I wish they would get new ones.

Nancy Feigenwinter

I love this place ,it’s just the right size the staff is great Love taking the kids here

Anthony M

Cheap, 6$, refreshments a little high. Sound system good. Clean bathrooms. Parking not that great. Get there early. Handicapped areas for wheelchairs.

Robert Frazette Jr

Great prices and classic theatre feel

Rob M

Nice little movie theatre. Reasonably priced and friendly staff.

Michael Taeschler

Fun times. Retro theater.

Mohsin Zaidi

Lastest movies for probably the cheapest price out there.

Puppy _GachaLifeLover

They have AMAZING Movies there. The food, snacks, drinks, and movies and AWESOME!!!

kenneth lewandowski

Old and dirty chairs.It hasn't changed in 40 years.

Mari-Ann Garcia

Great selection of movies, great seating, great staff, and great prices... now if only they could put less salt on their popcorn... (overwhelmingly salty!)

Michael Lang

Old theater, good seats, nice sound system.


Not top notch theater, but small hometown not bad. Took to kids for a movie. Empty and enjoyed the movie.

adam calo

i like it but miranda sings is gooder ;)

Bonnie Pollack

Small theatre but clean, 2 cashiers doing double duty selling tickets and snacks at the same time.

Bryan Strang

Yes, $6 Tuesdays and $7 every other day, but there's a blown speaker in theater 2 and no such thing as a center seat. They are nice about refunds, but that just means they know how terrible their speakers are and just never bother doing anything about them.

Paul Batren

Great time in a really clean theater

Tom D

This is my favorite movie theater in the area. Can't beat the prices. 2 adult tickets, large popcorn, large drink, and a bag of candy all for 27 bucks. It would be close to double at a larger theater. Screens are a little small but movies still look and sound great.

Emily Hastings

Great little theater. A gem! The sound system is particularly good - engaging surround sound, but not too loud.

Colleen Ciecura

Friendly staff, great prices great place to see a movie!


Great customer service

Natividad Gomez

Great family oriented cinema. Always great seats and pleasant customer service.


Clean but not new with reclining chairs. Staff was fine and they try their best to clean up any messes after a showing. Floors aren't sticky and acoustics were load but didn't feel like the surrounding sound when I watched and listed to the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. All in all, 3 1/2 stars but I can't round it a out to four stars without misleading people.

Michael Katz

No reserved seating, that makes it worth every dollar.

Eydie Oberbeck

Small cozy theater like the old days. Love it here.

Bridget Quinones

This is my favorite local theater. Great prices and staff. I love coming here.

Sara Rahmes

This location is closed

shellys sharpe

Love the staff, comfortable without being over priced.

Lou Esposito

This was a nice cozy theater. It was a small theater, but less hectic the the larger ones. The staff was nice. Enjoyed it

Jim Blicharz

Decent prices but old seats

John Cinalli

This is and always has been my favorite theater to go to.. no it's not AMC and no doesn't have a big screen... but that has the most friendliest and accommodating staff than at any theater, lines for tickets or concessions move extremely quick better than waiting 20 minutes for popcorn at a mega complex and prices you just can't beat the price.. $6 for an adult movie ticket everyday ($5 on Tuesday!)at Bow Tie is a hell of a lot better than spending $13 or more at AMC. They also do some special showings like Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday night at midnight and showing of movies for kids program in the summertime. I also like to do my part at supporting small local theaters like this.... but without them we would all be forced to go to AMC and spend 70 or more bucks for family of four to go to the movies.

celia lesniak

Affordable ticket prices. Great value!

Jessica Natal

It never disappoints me. Small place with reasonable price, love it!!!

Lucy Lewis

Amazing movies, family theater, great price and food selection! Extraordinary!

Donna Abel

This is a great small local theater. The prices are much better than the big theaters, even the evening shows are inexpensive. The staff is very nice as well. They went above and beyond to help me with two issues I had on my last visit, one of which was to make sure I got all the points I earned on my Criterion rewards card. We had a great time!

Ellen Nicolas

A clean theatre, reasonable price, current movies for all tastes--what's not to like?

Kreg Dade

Great place, went in got two tickets for a movie, popcorn and price was reasonably priced. I'll be back!

Jake Shapiro

I have been to many theaters in my life and this one is not one of my favorites. They only show about 4 to 5 movies all day. The theaters are very small. They have wonderful staff and are ready to assist you at all times. The theaters are very clean, the ticket prices are very cheap. If your looking for a cheap ticket for one of the great movies they show, then come here!

anna hernandez

This theater is old and out dated...The bathrooms are Disgusting, The chairs in the theater are uncomfortable and there is this old musty smell. Idk but now i know why the tickets are cheaper then other theaters


"Old fashioned" movie theater. No recycling seats and no seat reservations needed. Lacks all the bells and whistles of the super fancy theaters but that's just fine by me. Great prices, good movie selection for only having four theaters and the staff is always really nice.

Jose Berron

Small but very nice theater.

Geri Flood

You can't come here expecting stadium seating. But the seats are kept up nicely and the price is much more affordable than other theaters. It reminds me of going to the movies when I was a kid about 15 years ago. I've always had a great experience.

Jennifer Regan

Tickets and snack bar reasonably priced. Old school theatre experience.

Cami R

Small theater but clean and nice. No stadium seating but you can't beat $6 for a movie tickets 7 days a week.

Jonathan Woodcock

Love this place. Not as fancy as the other area theaters but that is reflected in the price. Great place to take kids

Pedro S

Small place, only shows 4 movies at a time. No reserved seatings so it's the only place in the area that you can go watch a movie when the mood hits without all the planning required when going to other theaters.


This is a great place to watch a movie. Its so good i drive from a few towns away just to go there. Great popcorn with a lid for sharing.

Kayla Leadbetter

Very clean and cheap, service is excellent

Grace Marie

Staff is friendly especially one name Gizelle. I had a great experience and look forward to returning.

John Moreno

Awesome place

Linda Beam

$5 Movie for a Senior, $5 child Friendly staff, clean movie theatre nezt to a small shopping center

kathy whittington

clean plesant warm no lines Parking is a bit odd needs but available.

Dean Foulks

I love this theatre. It feels classic. Tickets are always $7. Popcorn is hot and buttery. The seats don't recline, the sound is on par with my home system, the picture isn't as sharp as other theaters, but for a kids movie or maybe something story driven that doesn't rely on effects and explosions this is the spot. Listen I have never say in an empty theatre here so they have to be doing something right. I

Rebecca Szuminsky

Bow Tie Cinemas is definitely my theater of choice. Prices are cheap, you don't have the hassle of selecting limited seats. Plus there is a 24 hour diner across the street for late night food

nicole boggs

prices are great but the place smells of dust needs an update. cinema isnt as advertised! but again prices are unbeatable

Kyle Linsell

Amazing place! I have been going for years. Great staff, great prices, great seats. Love this theater.

Mx. Rowan

It's turning into a micro brewery soon, but it's been a great home to Rocky Horror for as long as I can remember. RIP, and support them while you can.

Virna Simpson

Great movie theater and great prices

Will Gardner

Affordable first run movies for the family. Popcorn is great, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

John McNally Jr

Nice and quaint. A nice little hole in the wall type place to catch a quick movie!. Friday Nite Specials host a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing along with a shadow cast every Friday night at midnight.

steven sandgren

Always nice employees. 18.00 for movie popcorn and drink oh and 3.5oz candy. Good deal!

Sethu Senthil

A decent movie theater for the price. Don't expect AMC like quality. Only 4 seats per row. Don't judge the theater by it's looks from the outside.

Chris Hansen

Great place. The way seeing a movie used to be. Simple and nice.

Cassandra Costello

Went to see Rocky Horror at midnight, always a fun experience!!

David Hoj

Enjoy the movies ... low priced tix

Samuella Williamson

Well besides being real old and nothing fancy on the inside, this is not one with the reclining updated chairs like other bow ties, but the ticket pricing is amzinggggg and even for drinks n such way better than amc, we had a blast

José Luis Franco Rodrigues

My good buddies neighborhood cinema. nice place. nice theaters- I'm a fan.

Dawn Lugo

No waiting and better than East Brunswick. Not too loud like starplex cinema

Giovanni Fiordaliso

Been going here since I was a kid, most of the time I prefer going here compared to the bigger movie theatres. It's smaller, cleaner, less crowds, better prices, and a nice escape.

James Langford Jr

Good time, nice people


Great little movie theater. It isn't new or fancy,( the chairs do not recline) , it's old school first come first serve.

John Gilgannon

Great theater and can't beat the prices. Definitely not your high end multi cinema theater but the movies are still the same. Check what movies are playing online first, there's only 4 screens

Himanshu Kharkwal

Cosy cinema place. Love to take kids there as many times as I can. Lovely place all in all.

Alexander Drakh

Has a quaint, old school vibe, great prices, clean theater.

Janice Arbital

Friendly staff. Comfortable seats, although they do not recline. Least expensive theater in the area. You do not need to pre select seats prior to arrival.


Great local movie theatre. Better than the big theatre because you don't have to deal with the large crowds and crazy parking lot.

Alli Dowling

I've always loved this movie theater! It's small, but they always have the best movies playing. They show Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday night, which is a rite of passage in Aberdeen! Very tasty popcorn, very sweet staff.

Mindi Kosmowski

It's a good theater, but they only have one guy working the concession stand and selling tickets for the shows, so you wait a little bit, otherwise it's fine for a small theater

Jessica Barnes

Best prices around and easy to get tickets opening night without fear of the movie being sold out.

George Holiday

Great Feel when you walk through the door nice place to take the family and watch a good Blockbuster film

Tracey Cook

I liked this theater. It was small and charming. Family owned, which I liked. I will go back again.


Small theater, but very well kept and fun place to go!


Great family friendly low priced cinema

Diabolique Hater

Utter chaos, crappy screen and sound. There is no order to the line for tickets. No one is checking tickets. The screen miniscule. The seats are tight. The sound coming out of the speakers couldn't get much worse. Go to Cinemark in Hazlet; a world of difference and excellence.

Paul Rubino

Great old school theatre

John Falzone

This place makes it possible to still take a family of 4+ to the movies last minute and without breaking the bank.

Jais S.B

You can wach eny

steve vanburen

clean and very reasonable prices only thing is missing is the stadium seating besides that a very good theater!

Mr C

Great place to go bowling and prices are good. Some food on the other hand is NOT worth buying, only good thing there to eat are the fries but in general the price of drinks and food is wildy overpriced and you can simply go to anyplace around and get same foods at less than half the price.

Keith Kluetz

This is where I go to see every movie now. The last 5 movies I watched I have seen here and I do not think I will go back to any other theater. 6 dollars for a ticket?? You and a friend can go see a movie together for cheaper then for just you to go see a movie at a AMC or Regal even at matinee prices...for the price obviously its not going to be as nice but the theater seating is fine and the sound and picture quality are great too. You can see the same amount of movies here and cut your expenses in half or you can afford to buy a large popcorn and still save money.

April DeMartino

Quaint small movie theater. Comfortable seats..always has the big releases and maybe one lesser known movie. The popcorn is amazing.

Michael Ferraioli

Excellent place to watch a movie!!

Richard Dembner

Always clean, properly airrated,good manager.

Alla Gorman

Great prices, new movies, nice staff

Grace Batren

This was such a pleasant experience. Had not been in this theater in over 10 years. My first impression was how clean and well maintained it was. Seats where comfortable, the sound system was outstanding. I definitely will be going back.

Cinthia The First

Good popcorn, but long wait for drinks

Joanie Hausleiter

The price is right. Never packed and the staff is always friendly.

Jonathan Lemiska

Best employees on Earth. Small cozy theater where you don't have to listen to a million other people while trying to enjoy a movie

Bobby Bunka

I Love this Place ! Great Prices on Movies and Concessions !! A Little Hidden Gem !!! #BunkaApproved

Anand K

I actually liked it here. Though the setup does not look as premium and luxurious when compared to AMC and Regal cinemas. This one definitely gives you the feel of being in an old neighborhood cinema theatre. The place is clean and the staff are really good. We went to watch Aquaman and I feel that the sound system was terrific and we enjoyed every bit of the movie.

Ralph Moscarella

Great place for the old time movie experience!!! Great place for families, I highly recommend this wonderful theater!!!

William McCann

This theater is a gem. Small and intimate with friendly service. It has four theaters showing current top titles. There is always a show for families. Forget the mega-plexes, try this neighborhood theater.

G. C.

Five stars, for keeping the ticket affordable. No bells and whistles.

Svetlana Feldman

Nice clean small friendly stuff, feels like home


GREAT little theatre for intimate movie watching. And you can't beat the prices!


Great staff and each theater has surround sound!

Kimberly Costanzo

Old school, cheap, LOVE IT!

Meh Photos

I've gone here many times for their live Rocky Horror Picture Show showings. It's a lot of fun, and for a really low cost

Harry Rarig

A traditional theater with traditional theater seats at a great price. Our first choice for all our movie going.

Roman Colleton

Thank you bow tie cinames:)! love pets dragon employees so nice

Dee Marilyn Gonzalez

There was a few obnoxiously loud people in the theater during the goosebumps movie but nothing takes away from the fact that this is a nice location with great prices and awesome staff !

Michelle Cypher

This theater is small but has great prices. They are accommodating to many issues.


Very good local theater. They usually have the same nice staff always. It is also a good theater for prices because it is $5 for a child and $6 for adult for 1 ticket. It does not have luxury loungers which is a downfall, but when I asked the manager if they are going to he said ¨probably not we are an old fashion movie theater¨ and in my opinion, that is very true. The prices for food, snacks and soda are expensive, but what can you it is a movie theater and that is how they make there money.

Charles Mccrea

Popcorn was too salty, movie was fine just have to get used to the old style of seats as most theaters have switched to recliners. All the workers were kind and courteous.

Barry Ziskind

old neighborhood Type of theater no reserve seats no long lines good prices

Kurt Wurmser

It's old. It's small. It's like time travel to the 1980s. They show Rocky Horror here. Plenty of fun. No stadium seating or anything, but I would go here again.

Swaroop John

Very cheap tickets. Screens are not so big but good place to watch movies. it costs only $6 and on Tuesdays it's $5 only


Amazing and price is extraordinary

Lorraine Waxman

Love this movie theater. Nice family place. Prices are inexpensive and the people are extremely nice. Why pay $14.00 a ticket when you can pay $ 6.00

Joe Mastrolia

Great neighborhood moving theater with awesome popcorn. No stadium seating and probably not the best for epic-style movies, but excellent otherwise. It's our first choice.

Rita Morena

Nice theater. Good prices!

Shanna Williams

Great prices.


Small and cheap movie theater. Gets the job done at an amazing price.

Debra Lawson

Home love it

Rich G.

Been going here since I was a kid. Only gave it 4 stars cause I could here the sound from the theater next to us rumbling thru the walls. Otherwise I'm glad this theatre is still around!

Carmen Campbell

The theatre is old, seats uncomfortable, not very clean, but its close to home, I just go as i dont believe I should pay more than $7 to see a movie

annie d

Very cute place wheelchair seating it's very comfortable. Get tickets and food are very reasonably priced.

Anthony Sapichino

Very inexpensive and always clean. Older seats so less comfortable. Good place to see a popular movie and guarantee no-one will be there

Tony vjam

Love this theater great place to see blockbuster movies with people in your town

Michael Harrington

Saw a great movie

Irene Franklin

Very good


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