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486 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042, United States

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Where is Bow Tie Clairidge Cinemas?

REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Clairidge Cinemas IN New Jersey

Gregory Barbero

Small theaters, kind of dingey, but essential to this town. We seem to have 200 coffee shops but we're down to one semi decent movie theater.

Nikki Dunn

Snacks are way tp expensive!!

Steve Barnes

Great theater. I've been going since 1962. The indie movies are always top notch.

Charles E. Moes

Lucky me I can walk there and back...

Deon Miller

Shows a good mix of independent and popular movies. Does not have a very diverse range of movies. Small theater. Concession stand food is not that great.

Thomas DeLeasa,lll

Small screen rooms fill up fast

al knobel

Nice place to see different movies then you would see at the big movie houses. A nice theater very cozy.

Amy Reynolds

Great for an older smaller main Street theater.

Cathy Cepeda

Great movies, excellent service, great happy social employees. Thank you for showing different movies! This is a small theater with a great vibe with the review board which I love.

Jerrilyn White

Great films. Sofisticated crowd. Small venue. In the heart of downtown Montclair

ann edmonds

Chaotic for a film festival. Parking is awful. Carpet ok, theater floors sticky.

Daniel Nigro

Best selection of indie movies for miles. Love the "post your own review" board.

Username [Redacted]

Was so happy i could see kimi no nawa there.

Elliot Greene


Dennis Gentile

Excellent theater with interesting independent films mixed in with popular ones.

Jon Bloom

A local treasure. One of the few movie theaters in the area that shows smaller Independent films. They're doing a community service.


It's a pretty average location, nothing spectacular about it whatsoever, but they have a great film selection. I love the classic movies that they play every month, they showcase a lot of independent and foreign films that's are not shown in bigger theaters such as AMC. I really appreciate their selection.

Andrew J. Coughlin

Excellent place! Many indie films. Great popcorn!

Lauren Joy

Went for a Sunday matinee and we were almost the only people in the theater. Small theatre but cozy feel. Good enough.


Nice quiet small theater showing less well known movies.

Arnold Cabasso

We always enjoy the Indie movies shown at this theater. They are often films playing only in Manhattan . And Montclair has plenty of good restaurants and coffee places too.

Clare Garcia

There is no parking whatsoever in the town center on Saturday night or any other time. Parking garage full. Narrow concrete ramps. Outside lots full. Expect to pay for parking if you can find any at all. Left without going to movie. Horrible experience. Easier to find parking in Manhattan. Avoid like the plague.

L Arriola

Small theater and older crowd, I love it .

Carla Durante

Always a great selection of movies located in the heart of downtown Montclair.

Jackie Fox

My visit to the Claridge was quite the blast from the past. Growing up in Glen Ridge/Montclair the last time I was at this theatre is way too many years to divulge. Kind of small and Very Dark. All in all in it was nice to reminisce and The Shape of Water was fabulous.

M Styles

Love this theatre. it's one of the only ones I go to. Nice size, great movies and friendly staff.

George Lopez

Great place. Great movies selections not found on other New Jersey cinemas.

jan achenbach

Great cinema that shows off beat movies.

E Okeowo

Love this location and the people. Great location. Parking sparse!!!

Doktor John Ambrose

Tiny multiplex cinema, comfortable when you are able to pick your seats when it's not crowded

sheila safirstein

Very unsanitary ladies room often

Marvin Feil

Good theater. I can't recommend The Farewell.

Peter Basto

What can I say, it's a movie theater

Michael Forcan

Little theatre in a not so little town.

Stu Sutherland

Great indie films. Building an active and informed community of reviewers which you can participate in. Favorite place to be a film critic!

Epiphany Tea

Recently saw two films at the Clairidge, “Pavarotti” and “The Other Story”. A quiet little theater with good customer service. I also like the fact that they have a board outside in the hallway that you can write a review of the movie you’ve seen.

Terry Guerrero

Love their movie choices and great location Parking situation not good, but that is Montclair.

K Webfest

It was a great cinema. Its very traditional movie theater theseday hard to find. It was one of the main venue of the NJWEBFEST

Elaine Delvecchio

Nice theatre but tickets are rarely available because always sold out.

Hilary Traphagen

Coolest little theater in the area. They play all the awesome indies that the big chains won't touch. No frills with old-school seats. Support your local arthouse!

Esther Suero

I love this little theatre! Great showings and intimate atmosphere

Diane Neglia

Love going here, they have movies that you can't see anywhere else nearby. The screens are a little small in most theaters but that's okay. Also Tuesday's everything is super cheap.

Michael Vezza

Nice indie theater in the heart of downtown Montclair. You can enter from either Bloomfield Ave or Church Street. The lobby before entering the theater is unfinished and a bit dark. The theater lobby itself is small but clean. Popcorn is fresh and the attendants will butter it for you. Most of the offerings are super indie; documentary; foreign films; low-budget films with known talent; and classic films reshowings. The theater screens are not terribly large as and some are on angle like this \ to the seating. Seating is comfortable and has some recline to them. The auditoriums are generally well kept but some of the patrons can be trashy.

Tisha Nicole McKenzie

The movie "Green Book" was great, theater was clean and cozy

Ken Black

Love this little art house

Steven Hess

Great art house films that don't play in the larger theaters. Love the films here.


Small homey movie theater. Loved to be there. Very comfortable and clean.

Robert Danker

Theater is small but cozy, staff is nice.

Adrienne Stanley

Curated art house films in an intimate space.

Chris Stratton

The best indie theater in nj. Its right in downtown montclair next to some great restaurants. The selection of moves is phenomenal - especially if you like foreign or indie films. The movies they show here are usually only found here. I have seen so many movies here over the years, and ive always enjoyed coming here.

Alex C

The theaters and seating are awful but they play lots of good movies that are harder to find outside NYC. Set your expectations and see a movie that wont suffer as much from the seating and screening technology.

Hector Seclen

Love this place. It's cute and cozy and they have a board where you get to write and read reviews from other viewers!

Phil Kayal

Best prices comfortable theater good staff

Kim Walker

Montclair Film Festival week - premiered "Premature". Enjoyed the movie! Glad I saw it esp on Mother's Day with a gf. Good time.

Nneka Peters

The lady at the front desk was obviously overwhelmed. Other than that the place was clean. Lines not too long.

Alan Sato

Cute theatre shows cute films in a cute town. Great for a cute date

Donna T Law

The seats are horrible. My neck is killing me...

Bruce Fryer

Great movie selection. Cookie cutter theaters.

Joanne McLellan

Cool, artistic films

Ken Berger

Nice seats in classic small theater

nyc ttocs6973

Art House Theater that caters to and show cases indie and highbrow films. Staff are exceptional as is their popcorn. The theater is small, cozy and intimate. Saw 'Greenbook' today, absolutely loved this film. We then stayed back to see 'Favourite', which was a bizarre, twisted, carnal tale...hated it. Loved this theater since I was a kid. It's great that it still exists.


Clean convenient and warm

Digital360 NJ

Whenever I want to view a new film that is not playing at the main theaters, I can count on it being shown at the Bow Tie Clairidge!

Ellen Flanagan

Small and quaint theater. Comfortable seats. The screen is pretty small but overall a positive experience.

Jacques Stevenson

Niche, cute little movie theater. Great prices and food is expensive, but which theater isn't.

Karen Goldman, LMHC,BCPC

Quaint cinema, the MALE staff were very courteous.

Mary Davis

As always a pleasant experience. Green book great movie!

Wetlene Pinthiere-Cross

Cozy, excellent films,

Robert Forrest

Expensive even for matinee. Childrens price was only a dollar less than adult. Setup is horrible, there is a center aisle where the optimum viewing and sound would be. The viewing is to the sides. At the end seats you are pressed against a wall.

Harrison Kanarick

Nice small theater in the middle of Montclair, clean

Lucy Banta

One of the best theaters around that show independent films and offer choices that aren't blockblusters.

David J. Klein

Friendly staff, comfortable seats and a good sound system.

Steve Martin

Didn't honor my coupon; parking stinks. Don't plan to go back

robert defranza

Good seating even if full.

Natalia Osorio Quintero

I love this place, is calm and the staff is friendly. The type of movies are great!

Paul Leonetti

Nice theater. Great movie....STAN & OLLIE. Been a long time since I've been to a movie that the audience eagerly applauded. Good experience.....

M. Hart

this is one of my favorite places to come with my family. It’s charming and clean and despite bad parking it makes up for it. I came to see Mary queen of scots after not coming here for some time and i remembered how much I love this place. Keep up with good work especially the delightful staff. Michael was lovely!

Safiye Cagar

Small theater rooms but it brings lot of independent movies, which does not play at bigger theater.

Wayne Ferguson

Great for Indy films. No big budget films. You can see movies here before they win awards.

Neetneet Orange

Loved it

Rachel Benjamin

Decent theater, good selection of non mainstream movies. Make sure to bring your movie manners

Glenn Basgaard

Saw free solo here. Great film selection and theater

Mary Grace Lattig

Easy, convenient andneat theater experience

Joe Lowenstein

Best movie theater in New Jersey. It is just as good as any Manhattan theater in terms of the quality and quantity of the independent and foreign films which are shown here..Thee only drawback is that the seats are uncomfortable and they offer a tall person very little leg room but it still is my go-to theater to see the films that I want to see.

Derrick W. Jordan

Old school underrated place to watch a movie will be back soon!!!!

Alexandra Garzero

The Clairidge is a cultural treasure.

Gwendolyn Lee

parking can be difficult to find but other than that its great

Nickolas Juliano

Artsy movies, nice crowd, small but never seems crowded, in the heart of downtown Montclair

Sean Queenan

Very nice threatre in the heart of Montclair. An an enjoyable experience I have always had here when seeing movies. It is a clean theatre. The staff are very helpful and kind.

Elizabeth Rival

They have a great selection of smaller releases. It's my go-to theater for less mainstream films.

Dominic Healey

Garrett Morris opening intro of Lorne Michaels was the best as is Fusion Empanada restaurant also on Bloomfield Avenue

Mike Downes

Tiny theater with borderline stale popcorn. Great selections of art house movies that you can only see in limited places. We travel over 45 minutes to see movies here. Better popcorn would have pushed it up to 5 stars.

Adriana Rivera

Great movie. Green Book

Stuart Rosner

This was a rundown old theater. Now, newly refurbished with reclining seats and great new staff & uniforms.


Great selection of movies

David Lazarow

Very good food and service.

Hana La

Very cozy and in a great location. Always playing great and interesting movies.

Kaye Nichols

Movie sucked. Hard to park.

Frankie Li

Great art house. Cozy theaters and friendly customers.

Betty Holloway

Monclair is a great place for movies and food.

Dawn Chiorazzi-Roda

Love this movie theater! There are no bad seats. Nice crowd, respectful and quiet during the movie. Parking may be a challenge

Rod Abid

Not the best theater. Overly comfy chairs. Friend had to stand entire movie because some patrons decided to see 2 movies. 3 stars because they did refund his ticket.

Danny Prado

Old theater, but it is clean and every employee is always nice. Shows all the films that get your mind thinking. Be there 10 mins before show start and youll always be able to get a "neck strain" free seat. But since it is an older theater not all seats are created equel.

MK Thomas

This movie theater starts On Time, sans product commercials and coming attractions! Smaller intimate sized screening rooms.

Abbie Cozzini

Nice location, parking garage nearby, friendly staff.

Juda Engelmayer

Good small indi theater. Basic, classic theater where you have to manually shut the lights. Good films. Hard parking Saturday night.

Kristine Bell

Seats need updating/upgrading. Cost is high.

Sinyi Cheung

Comfy seats. Half price tickets on super Tuesdays great for family.

Diane Wilde

Love the films here but the seating should be renovated.

Tammy Schweiger

Clean, ontime, family owned!! Loved it


Old old old fashion cinema that I still remember after years.

Barney Simon

Clean convenient multiplex theater with comfortable seats good mix of first-run and Art House films

Suzanna Dodd

Great little theater, always has the latest indie movies I want to see that other theaters aren't screening!

Jay Tall

Great neighborhood mobie place

Stephen Loeb

Good venue for independent and artistic films in the heart of Montclair.

Abhinay Reddy

Nice little indie theatre

June Walker

Great experience enjoyed myself

Colleen Roche

Hands down my favorite movie theater around **Establishment has a stair free entrance and wheelchair accessible restrooms..turning radius to exit is a bit tight for larger powerchairs**

Carlo Pietroniro

Nice small place, I love it

Michael Rohr

Excellent movies, good popcorn, friendly staff, congenial audiences.

Jaime Rios

Unique with a classic touch.

Yvette Martin

It is ok. Good for small groups and couples.

ahmad turk

One of the best cinema chains in new jersey. Descent options offered throughout the day. they accept reservations beforehand. Occasionally may have yo wait in line till you are allowed in but line moves fasr. Prices of popcorn are not in my opinion reasonable, but most movie theaters are like this. Otherwise clean and elegant. Prices are reasonable. You can try the yearly pass, if you go once a month or more, i dont.

S. MacDonald

Great movies, ambience & staff!

Bonggo and Patrick Moore

Wish I could rate this place higher. The selection of high quality artistic films is hard to beat. However, it can't be denied that the seats are getting old and not nearly as roomy and comfortable as newer cinemas.

Adrian Menichelli

It is cozy and intimate movie theatre. The movie selection is relate to independent type.

Blanche D

We love that the Clairidge theater often has lesser-known films, foreign and indie films. And when you are seated in one of their larger theaters, it's mostly a good experience. BUT there is at least one theater within the Clairidge that is absurdly bad--the seating area is not very many rows deep, and is much too wide. If you don't get there among the very first patrons, you'll end up sitting MUCH too close to the screen or much to far to the right or left to really enjoy the film--it's vertigo-inducing to have to watch a film from such a distorting angle. It's extreme enough that I can't believe that anyone forced to sit in those areas is charged full-price. It's truly awful. On one occasion, my husband and I had to sit apart from each other, or sit in a spot together where neither of us could really see the screen well. I don't think we would do that again--we'd more likely ask for our money back. I can't imagine what possessed them to create a room so badly designed for viewing. Greed, maybe? I don't know. But they should have gone with one less viewing room, rather than force patrons to sit in that one. But again, the rest of their viewing rooms are fine and perfectly comfortable. They do get some very good films, as well.

Katica Urbanc

A real jewel in the heart of Montclair. Excellent film selection and kind staff.

Ben T

This place is great for art-house flix. The theaters are a little bit on the smaller side and there is no reserved seating. Otherwise this place would get a perfect rating from me. I always love the selection of movies here. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for high quality films.

Arabica LiteNsweet

Clean movie theater.

T. S. Collins

A very nice well maintained independent theater

Mr. Bridges

A nice cinema. Their seats are too laid back, so much so, that you can fall asleep during the movie.

Jack Gattanella

They got the best films. Just watch out for the older talkier moviegoers.

Pasi Mantyla

They have the better (non-commercial) movies. Often sold out.

Rich R

if you want to see something not in the mainstream, and you don't feel like going into Manhattan, come here and avoid the toll, the traffic, and the headache.


I used to work there!! I enjoyed my experience there as an employee. I loved all my co-workers/managers (except for one). Gotten to meet pretty cool people and see cool things! They play movies you ain't never gonna see anywhere else! Y'all should open up down South, people would love you!

Susan B

I love that they show independent movies that you can't see elsewhere. The downside is the theater is very old and I had to pay $5 for a bottle of iced tea

Nicholas Bilynsky

This is one of the best theatres I will ever go to. It's clean, quiet, well-maintained, etc. The only drawback about it is that parking is not perfect. Otherwise, I would be happy to go back.

Richard Manberg

Better movie selection than most theatres in North Jersey

James Garner

I love going here for the independent films and the old school style theater with the good popcorn and other theater guests who forgot a spare hearing aid battery. It's an atmosphere of its own. A true gem.

David Goldsteen

This theater is a local treasure - the best place to see independent and offbeat films, and at a decent price

Allen Goldschmidt

Unique selection of movies. Dated, drab decor. Uncomfortable seats. The air in the lobby is saturated with burnt oil smell.

Lynn Roberts

I totally love the old style movies they have there!! And the area around it is awesome too !!

Kim Persson

Great selection of movies, comfortable seats and clean enough. Friendly kids work here. Did I say great movies?

Anuraj Bismal

Fleas in seats ! My family and I came out with a ton of bites ! Tried to call to complain but staff did not seem to care - just said “OK” - terrible experience

Linda Wilczynski

Great movies.

Alexey Kashpersky

Good local cinema. Of caurse not top row, but close to home, clearn and nice.

Kevin stein

Clean place .great shows

Madeleine Thier

Worth the trip from Bergen County...excellent movies before they reach us in Bergen.

Mark Merrick

Screens Indie and Docs and Shorts. Atomsphere ok. You won't find these movies at the mall.

Polo Cruz

Saw Apollo 11 here Sunday night. Very comfortable and intimate theaters. Friendly customer service and conveniently located right in the heart of Montclair.

gale wells

I love this little movie theater experience.


The Clairidge Theater is the place to go to find movies that are not being shown in the big movie houses. It gives the impression of a small theater. The snack bar is much smaller than those found in the AMC theaters, but their selection covers all the basics. The hallways seem narrow, but the individual theaters are roomy, and the seats are comfortable. One major difference I noticed last weekend when we were there. After the movie ended, there was no garbage left by the clientele. Nice people on a nice place. We give it two thumbs up!

Leo DeGennaro

Small view area and seating, all films are indie. Montclair left wing crowd.

Jan Kamil

A nice, multi-screen art house. Comfortable seats and good sight lines as long as you avoid the first 3 rows.

Sharon Reilly

Great theater.... Outstanding movies...

Michael DIsa

Nice local theatre


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