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1 SOPAC Way, South Orange, NJ 07079, United States

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Where is Bow Tie Cinemas South Orange?

REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Cinemas South Orange IN New Jersey

Donald Remonvil

It's an old cinema. Looks like it has history but they make sure it looks good. There is a romantic atmosphere when you get in. I also like the little shop inside.

Renee Wyatt

Even though the snacks i like the theater

theresa loyd

Great staff, food, & service!

Yvonne Loiseau

Movie was great, however ever parents with toddlers were doing their normal busy behavior was upset about having to sit for almost 2 hours in the darkness of the movie which caused repeated crying episodes. The ushers had to ask them take the poor babies to the lobby until they calmed down. They were just watching the as their babies discomfort didn't matter

Kynene Oma

I wish they had recliner seats like AMC!!

Robert Nevius

They need to upgrade the seats. No leg room or elbow room. I sat the whole movie elbowing my wife & sister in law. And the rows of 10 or 12 seats only have one way in and out so. I will never see another movie there.

Iris Wells

My first time going here. Loved the lobby art & replays - should be highlighted more (didn't know they had that) as it was a nice surprise.

christopher blume

Went here instead of Mountainside to see John Wick. Floors sticky and theater quite dirty. And seating is not optimal as there is a screen and four rows of seating. Will not return

Kay Dee

I come here with my husband whenever a new movie comes out. Love this theater!!

Amelia Massiah

The seats are not the most comfortable and no matter where I sit I feel as though I am too close to the screen. Also the popcorn was cold but the facilities are clean and you can't beat their Tuesday price so I will continue to visit.

feelin groovy

Great! My only problem is the pricing, and the limited selection snacks.

Jay Kino

So I get that phones and theaters don't clash fine I texted one person for 2 seconds got asked to put my phone away but the rest of the people are border line screaming and no action is taken... Got it

Racha Sbaiti

Art and music center. Independent cinema inside. Loved the gallery and all the three floor are amazing. They have music classes and courses. 5/6 room for the movies and an expensive bar.

Neel Sawhney

Pretty good theater. Staff is nice though one guy was high when we went to see a movie on 4/20/16 but it was 4.20 so it's expected. Theaters are clean HOWEVER, the theaters are extremely SMALL. The seats are also pretty close to the screens. It's not remotely unbearable or uncomfortable, you just won't get the best "movie theater" experience. The location is great, it's right by the South Orange train station and there's plenty of places to eat nearby. Safe area with a large parking lot. It's a shared parking lot, so it can be difficult to find a spot. Recommended for casual viewing but I wouldn't watch Star Wars here unless you don't mind the small theater space.


It was my 1st time there The manager they are right now is very kind great experience thank you!

Mighty Gameplay

Watched end game here, and they had it in 3D

McGregor S.

From Theatre 5: This place can become so crowded that it is hard to find a seat. To go further into the front one only have a single aisle option; otherwise others would have to maneuver out of the way inconveniently just to provide a free seat. To fully enjoy the experience the movie has to be really good.

Breee C

There isn't anything bad here the food is great the movie selection is wide the chairs are cozzzzzy the movie quality is

TJ James

Love this theater. Honestly the only movie theater I’ll go to anymore.

Elmer Rivera

Seats need to be replaced, uncomfortable and old school, service was ok and the vovie viewing experience moderately pleasant.

Jahl Brown

Unprofessional Management Jahl Brown

legend gaming

Nice and clean, but theatre has no incline so all seats are leveled which isn't the best. If you go on Tuesday all tickets are discounted.

Loren Lieberthal

The theatres are fine--but the patrons won't shut down their phones during the movie.

Caroline Sylvester

One star for location. Paul the manager came to 3rd floor by passing ticket taker, to shine flash light in my face and daughter who has Downs. To see if we paid. We been going here since she was a child. He was even ruder when ask why saying at least he wasn't aggressive. Done with that theater. I take the train to Morristown AMC now.

Eva Lintag

The seats in the theatre were the most uncomfortable seats we have ever say in.

Idris Mutasim

Nice and clean, the way a theater should be. No sticky floors.

Britany Anderson

Great experience and customer service. The only problem is the theater too dark.

Sebastian Seda

Great neighborhood and cozy theatre.

Walter Anderson

Smallest movie theater I've ever been in but it's good

Grady Parks

Nice clean multifloor theatere.

florence p

A little dirty definitely dont eat anything


This theater although small, does pack a punch for content. Also very grand that its within walking distance of South Oranges' main attractions, making it a very good place to go after dinner, or even before one. Really all they need in Dine-in capabilities like AMC has.

Edward Hector

Great classical movie theater for no frills movie watching. Much prefered to the AMC dine theater. No distractions, no lights, no superfluous BS. Just movies.

Kamran Uddin

Its in South Orange. This place is absolutely amazing. The people there are wonderful. The building itself is very clean. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Good Job and continue the great work!

Chris King

Small and cozy . The right fit for a small suburban town.

Maisha Cheatham

Today was my first and last visit. The parking(there wasn't any park on the main street near the gas station).The seating arrangement were not comfortable at all. The bathrooms were not clean. The facility should have staff checking the bathrooms at least every 30 minutes to assure that it is clean. I was disappointed with the facility because of it's location.

Andrea Tylicki

Not impressed. The screen was small the seats were uncomfortable. Would prefer other small town theaters.

Florent Dalencourt

Easy to get to, reasonable priced tickets

Sade Boss

It great small theater with modern upgrades.

Kasendra Rachelle

It has a pretty nice atmosphere for the most part you can tell that they keep the movie as clean as possible and the customer service is swell. They don't have that great of a selection of movies to pick through; which is kind of upsetting. But you kind of get what you get since its known for being a small "town" movie theater. Other than that they're pretty great.

rosy gervais

Ok customer service was ok but they need to clean up .

A Riley

Loved my first experience there, however the seats weren't as comfortable as I would have liked.

Cassandra James

The place could be cleaner and the staff far more professional. There was 1 young man, Corey, who obviously had home training and a strong work ethic. Others were conversing about sex while I waited for my food. I enjoyed my movie and the seats were comfortable

Terrie Nelson-Johnson

Clean well lit lobby, friendly staff . Online ticket purchase allowed us quick and easy entry. Didn't stop for snacks so I can't comment on prices or freshness. I did not like the 20 minutes of previews, other patrons were begging for the movie to start. ❄

Swiyyah Fareed

My go to theater when I don't want to be around large crowds. I think high school students with school ID's should receive a discount as well like college students. Elevator was out which was a bummer. My movie was playing on the 3rd floor

Cali Innis

I absolutely love how clean this theater is .

Tina Figueroa

The place is big with lots of local art hanging about. The different levels can be confusing to navigate but the staff is helpful and can always point you in the right direction. If you're not a fan of children/big families/teens at your movies maybe try a different spot because it's close to so many middle and high schools. The theaters are a medium to small size depending and are normally clean! The seats are comfortable but not recliners. Overall this place is convenient and has a lot of movie options but not my favorite theater.

Ari Ascher

I like this theater bc the adjoining building is a performing arts center and they also have a gallery

Ann Liu

Small but great for $5 Tuesdays!

Jermaine Julien

Great theater its big the staff is pretty decent the prices are high like most other movies

Jane Jubilee

The best place to see movies especially if you go during off peak hours.

Panda Queen

It's a really nice theater

Briteja Williams

Nice Theater. Originally I rated it well. But have been back several times and cannot stand this theater any longer. Other viewers are obnoxious and rude and staff does nothing. Ruined the entire movie going experience on several occasions for me.

Alvin Romero

Im literally sitting here now seeing a great movie but it seems they have not paid there Gas bill as it’s cold as hell in here. I’ve walked out several times to get heat from hallway. Might as well sit outside and see a movie in this 19 degrees weather

Princess Infinity - Queen of Intricacy

NEEDS TO BE CLEANER! The place is very dirty, the movie theater is EXTREMELY SMALL!!! not much room, needs recliner seats ! and for a drink its $4.75 thats insane make sure you go to the dollar store and get some snacks lol but I love that they have the option for student tickets its $10.50 for students.

Adriana Freixa

It's a relatively small cinema, but the installations are well maintained. The popcorn is good, but the food items need an improvement.

Chris Eaton

I like this t GB eater alot. Comfortable seats, refreshments cost more than tickets.

Marty's Mix

Always a go to spot for the teenage crowd on the weekends

Wayne Williams

It's close to where I live; it's very clean and the staff is very helpful.

Chelsea Santiago

Not bad to be Close to home

Keith Evans

Not a big place ,gotta hold your head up

Philip Alban

Very good theatre. It is the standard/go-to theatre fir the surrounding area. While there is a smaller, traditional theatre in Maplewood and Millburn, SOPAC (Bow Tie) is the only multi-plex. As such, even though there is a large lot with an adjacent smaller lot, you can expect to search for parking. If you're local, it can even be a good idea just to walk if a popular movie/blockbuster is playing. The service and staff are excellent. Have always had prompt and polite service at this theatre. It is also directly adjacent to the South Orange train stop, which may account somewhat for the high level of traffic.

Raja Sonnylal

Good theater. Chairs need updating but good anyway

M. Shawn Britt

Kind of confusing, but a nice, secluded location.

Carley Quinn

I dont understand why the reviews are so good. Theatre was dirty, loud, kids running everywhere- my boyfriend and I left halfway thru movie because people wouldnt shut up.

Max Levine

They humiliated my friends and I because they would not let us into a Rated R movie even tho we had a parent there to give us permission. They said the adult could not just say we could watch it but actually watch the movie with us. That was some nonsense and it was unethical.

Carlytto Lee

Some great artwork is up on the 2nd floor right now. Check it out b4 or after your movie

Melissa Collymore

Chairs are uncomfortable! It's too small

Lou Figueroa

Nights under the stars, great staff and food.

Sam Woods

Ehhhh... It’s the only movie theater in South Orange. The building is obviously not meant to be a movie theater because the seating is so weirdly mapped. There basically are no ushers so a lot of people come in late and turn their flash on and shine it everywhere on the way to their seats. Also people vape in the theater and blow it up and it covers the screen. I’ve even had a guy next to me take a 5 minute long FaceTime call during opening night of Black Panther. When I went to complain, I searched every room in the building and there was no employee to be seen. 2 stars instead of 1 because they have great popcorn.

Keisha Jefferies

I like this theater. Its always clean and quiet. Never too many people. And its close to home.

Mike Williams

Great seats recline one best movie theater for sound

Shawna Akene

The theaters are small and ok. Not my favorite movie spot. But it's ok. Be sure to bring a jacket it gets extremely cold in the theaters. The location is ideal if you want to do something after or before the movies. The staff are always very polite whenever I happen to go.

Cynthia Tann-Thomas

Nice and clean

jamaican girl

Love the settings and it was very clean.didnt order anything, but the cashier was very nice when we were buying our tickets

Abdul Houser

I've been here many times! I love the convenience!

Carmen Berry

Theater was great,clean and quite.

Adina Watson

Very clean and orderly movie theater. No loud, ghetto yelling or babies crying.

Shonda Brewer

That theatre is more for teenagers. A lot of talking.

Sporadic Travels

Beware: the movie times listed on Google are not accurate. Save yourself some time and call ahead to confirm prices.

Sonya Fenn

This is a nice small theatre that tends to be freezing cold. They have free summer movies Tues. and Wed. which is a nice gift for the community. Unfortunately, they are "sold out" just about every time for these free movies due to summer camps that attend and take every seat. There is an easy solution - open two auditoriums instead of one. When this is done, both campers and other patrons are able to enjoy this community gift. It's not like the other auditoriums are jam packed on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10 am so I can't see it being a major loss of revenue. This long review is just an indication of my frustration at being turned away multiple times and getting in ONCE this summer -when they opened 2 theaters. And I'm not the only one. I would guess the employees turn away at least 15 people a day from seeing the free movie. Just open two theatres, PLEASE.

Appollo Merc. Creed

It was actually pretty good. I came at around 7 for a movie showing and it was clean, no one was rude, the staff was kind. 10 out of 10 would do again.

Alexandra Garzero

Get your cardio by taking the stairs. Walkable if you like in South Orange.

Akbar Hubbard

I actually love this movie no complaint people always need things perfect but how about we appreciate this quite secluded little theater that has $6 movies on Tuesday you can't beat it

Erin williams

Clean nic employees only problem was could barely hear the movie

Raydell Gomez

Cool quaint theater.

kameka davis

Theatre rooms are small, but cozy and ticket prices are relatively low. Tickets on a Tuesday are called Super Tuesday, you get half off on ticket sales!

Jaylen Lanier

Corey provided a great experience

Ibrahim Olayiwola

Got to see John Wick 3 here. It's nice.

Kwame Williams

Great in Town Theater $7 on Tuesdays

Simone Hayling

A little more variety in the food court would be beautiful.. but had a great time here!

Beach Powerpuff

Its was great!

Melody's Channel

Bring a jacket, gets a bit cold!

George Matias

I attend St. James Worship Service Here. Also, An Occasional Movie.

Miss Sandy

Convenient location but theater is small. My biggest complaint is about the seats which are uncomfortable and often smelly. It's time to renovate and replace the seats with something that will compete with the comfort of an AMC theater. I have used my last bow tie certificate and will be hard pressed to go there again.

Lisa O'Shaughnessy

Needs better seats but otherwise great local theater

Otebeline Dieujuste

It's was ok next time put more interesting movie

Cassandra Rose

Great local cinema to see new releases

Angela Cherai

I am surprised no one has mentioned this but I’m giving this theater 1 star because of the bedbug issue that they have had within the past year. I was told about the issue a couple of years back when I was talking to a random person in line while shopping and stayed away from the theater but then my mom and I decided to check it out last summer and when my mom mentioned it to the cashier, she thought we were talking about recent issues and assured us that the bedbugs were only found in one theater and that the theater was exterminated the previous week. Needless to say, we quickly left and I am scared to go back so unless they tear the whole building down and start fresh, I WILL NEVER go there again to see a movie!

Gordon Chiu

My daughters loved sitting in the mezzanine section.. Vincent Mora you're going to go very far in life!! Just like you did wonders on your ACT. I am honored that our paths have crossed and I could be your academic coach !!!

Soukeinatou Sacko

I do 4 cause it's amazing but need to upgrade the chairs

Brunette Michel

Little Hidden Cozy

Jonathan Isaacs

I've come here many times over the years to watch signature movies. The staff are mostly always helpful with providing service to customers. To those looking for the IMAX experience this theater does not offer movies in IMAX like other surrounding theaters due mostly to size of course. Food is ok-- still sort of pricey but ok nonetheless. It can get a bit weird when there are large crowds on movie release days. Overall, it's a nice to bring someone to chill and watch a film any day of the week.

Theresa Richetts

Movie pricing too high vending is too very costly

Vinnie Smith

Always quiet

Charles Love

Fantastic seats and great amenities

Mandy Sprow

Theater need remodeling, not worth the visit, expense or lounging

mary meade

Beautiful facilities, nice staff, it is pricey. We went on Tuesday so it is discounted.

Marwa Shaaban

The theater rooms are wonderful and the decorations in the halls are fitting. Loved the whoke experiance.

Richie Choice

The chairs were making noise.

Xavier Samuels

The atmosphere was good

Ben T

Decent local theater. I recommend going on Tuesdays for the discount tix. Some of the theaters are pretty small so beware.

Yosh VA



Theater is not that big

James Bond

Good place to see a movie when not crowded with teens.

Luce Daphney Paul

The staff were respectful and undersranding.

Jung Ki Kang

The theaters were unclean and there was popcorn and drinks spilled all over the place. People came in and out of the theater. There is one ticket checkpoint downstairs but you can just take a couple flight of stairs up to enter the theaters without anyone checking your tickets.

T Bizzy

Don’t know how all the rooms are set up but took my 2 year old granddaughter to see Toy Story and the seating is not children friendly. Seats were all one level and backing was to high so she could barely see the screen

Debo Oyenusi

Good small city movie theaters with attached Play theater. Good environment for a night or afternoon outing. Good restaurants around the area also.

QuiQui Warner

Low key, calming great place for early movie with self or boo


They're always showing the movies i want to see, and usually nobody is talking during it. Very nice ambience as well

Whitney Pennington Rodgers

Nice small movie theater. Often show titles in black cinema, which I appreciate.

Nneoma Ibe

Very enjoyable experience if you go to a showing when it isn't as busy as usual. I do not believe the employees are emotionally equipped to handle high volumes of costumers. The rating of 4 is because they have amazing popcorn and it's a nice and cozy little movie theater, very intimate.

Marcus Hobson

It's in a convenient location next to many restaurants.

Kendra Latimer

Love this theater!

Taj Tobin

I just love the atmosphere

My Opinion!

It's okay, just small. Lots of teens and young people working who are not able to focus well. The young people who work there don't take the job seriously.

Raja Munjal

If you're trying to contact the place, dont bother. They'll pick up your call, purposely not say anything and then hang up. Horrible service

Jessica Macdonald

They need to do a better with the staff and their managers if a costumer complains that their are young people talking as soon the movie using their phones during the movie and the kids got spoken to by a manager then they should come back in to check to see if those kids lesson to the manager and stop if they didn't lesson then he or she should though them. I am never going to come back to southern bow tie cinemas ever again you guys have a costumer!

Tiffany Camelo

Love the prices here! Also a very nice atmosphere.

Sanjeet Soogrim-Ram

First time it was a bit dirty...small drinks and snacks like popcorn are a bit expensive. But overall nice place!

Marcus Barnes

Small but very nice



Suzan Lindsey

Great Movie experience. Friendly staff too.

Koonce Dollaz

Chill place not to crowded for a movie theater

Alpha Wendi

The theater was cold so bring a jacket! Besides that everything was fine. We got in and got our tickets for a cheap prices which also came with a family pack. The family pack included a large popcorn (with refill) and 2 very large drinks. My go to movie theater!


Good movies and great service

Christopher Ramos

South Orange is a cute town but I expected a better quality experience and cleaner establishment to match.


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