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317 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006, United States

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Where is Bow Tie Caldwell Cinemas 4?

REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Caldwell Cinemas 4 IN New Jersey

Eric Delmar

This theater got a very nice update with electro-recliners. They're comfortable, and you have huge space around you. This makes for a very relaxing movie experience. Be sure to reserve your seats, since the theater doesn't have many seats for each show. Sound system is good, and whole theater feels nicely upgraded. Haven't tried the popcorn yet, but it smells good.

Karin Fernandez

Love the renovations here. Much more enjoyable! Will be back again.

mike Appello

Buy local! Nice small town old school the arts.

Matthew Hatheway

Small and cozy

vanessa brown

Cute, small theatre. Nice for a family movie outing!

Philip Beaulac

Love this place.

Bryan Perez

Great old-school movie theatre

Ann S

Staff all young kids but friendly enough. Theatre clean and seat reasonably comfortable. Don't know why people complain about the staff, all they do is sell you the tickets and popcorn, how bad can they be?

Kristen Bongo

This theater is ridiculous. The manager came into the theater and kicked four twelve year olds out of a movie they payed for. The service is terrible and all the theaters are too small, and the chairs are cheap. They would not let these children stand on their property to call there parents to pick them up. The weather conditions were horrible and the children had to run to a near by friends house to safely secure shelter. I will never come back to this theater, the experience was uncalled for. Since this was a horror film the kids have the right to scream because once again this was a horror film.

Aleksandr Kustanovich

Melvin Fernandes

It's a 50 to 100 seating small cinema with 3 screens. Sound wasn't loud and the clarity was ok too. In 12 bucks I could have enjoyed AMC' s big screen and comfortable seating and even better sound. Anyways it was an OK experience.

Hassan Malik

William Cummings

collin bancroft

Small theater with friendly staff. Most stuff could really use an update but nothing that's a deal breaker

Michael Wilczewski

Benjamin W.

Old school, small movie theater. That's how I personally like it. If you aren't a fan of huge, overpriced, mega theaters then this is the place for you.

Poto Nerd

i’ve been coming here all my life and my only complaints are the snaccs & beverages

M Jeff Castillo

violeta reynoso


Jade B

Very comfortable feel

Joseph Cavera

nice little theater, shows rare movies, like Your Name. Worth the trip out

Ian Mattison

Its noice

Fabiana me

Nicholas Walker

Halim Wise

Sound and pic quality is decent. But there simply a re better theaters around

Jorge Cobos

Asia Edwards

Incredibly clean theater, with friendly service. They tried to update with recliners, however they are very entry level recliners. Don't expect to sprawl out in comfort, but hey..they tried.

I'm Luvnlife

Love this theater. Accommodating to our special needs students.

Charles Sagorin

Michael Fichtenbaum

I saw us. After the renovation, it was a wonderful theater to go to

Treza Accardi

The remodeled finish is beautiful very comfortable large reclining seats spacious clean overall great experience

Klippy YT

Robert Bear

Good sound and large screen and comfortable seats.

George Janulis

This is the first movie theater that I have been to where the lights are on during the movie and where they don’t offer to put butter on our popcorn.

Joseph Trapani

Nice staff. The seats are very uncomfortable and they are not centered properly.

ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ

My favorite cinema )


Didn't like the people that worked here and the seats were not comfortable

Alexis D

Robert White

been going here for years and love it but I'm trying to buy tickets for the weekend and it's only giving me showtimes up until Thursday. What's up with that?

James Baskin

Nice classic small 4-screen theater

Nestor Fotos

Enjoyed the flick.

Elizabeth Shorten

Go on Tuesdays when it's cheaper. A nice local place that is family friendly

Catherine LaQuaglia

One of the few local theaters left!

Manny Portnoy

Great little neighborhood theater.

Yosi Millburn

Stuck in time but amazing seats clean and fresh

James Evans

Seems like a theater from my childhood. While it was clean and the staff very friendly, it lacks the stadium seating, etc of more modern theaters. Prepare to have a hard time finding a seat where there's not someone's head blocking your view. You'll also not be able to get your seat ahead of time.

Joe Best

Classic small town movie theater

Maykel Chong


Very nice seats...great movie

Prabhat Gurung

Rob Macri

Nicole Rutkowski

The staff are very friendly!

Joe Critchley

Every thing was great

SuZon Paudel

Why won't you guys feature Wonder woman ?

Larry Anthony

Friendly staff, comfortable seating! Thanks for the hospitality!

Satenik Margaryan

Rebecca Glass

Nice in-town theater.

Robby S

Not the biggest or best screens, but convenient

Elaine Delvecchio

Small cozy theatre and never sold out.

Meriam El Mansour

quiet and cozy

Kate Chardavoyne

Derek Zambarano

Awesome. Recent renovation. Large comfortable reclining seats.

Sarah Vero

The movie theater itself is small & the side seats are cold.

Katherine Herbert-Berger

Wonderful place to have a birthday party for kids.

David Rolon

First here after the re-model. Theater is perfect. Just saw Captain Marvel, surround sound was good and new recliner seats was comfortable.

Katia Wojcik

Super clean, comfortable reclining seats. Small theaters... refill option on the crazy large tub of popcorn was nice, candy, icee, nachos and water. They of course had other popcorn size options, soft pretzels (not the bite size) and soda. We parked behind the theater. It was Sunday so it was free unlimited parking, there was an alley from the parking the led right to the front door of the theater.

Sharon Calfa

Clean, fabulous new seating, roomy & adjustable chairs, 4 intimate theaters, loved utilizing the on line reservation for seating, free parking in the back. Rewards included. Great for senior citizens

Margaret Murphy

Theatre was recently renovated and is very comfortable and clean.

kike ordoñez

Matthew Goordman

Awesome small town theatre with extremely comfortable reclining seats.

Chase Houser

Yuhong Cao

It's a small cinema, with comfortable seats and good sound.

Leo Chiaet

Jennifer Dominguez

Elaine Trusio

Hometown theater. Love it.

Daniel Hart

Great sounds, good atmosphere, and very polite service

Wendy Ventola

Mark Sparks

jeet upadhyay

You would feel like you are sitting in some nyc cinema.

Derek Fields

Convenient local theater. Desperately needs an update

Rich Mcgoldrick

Frank Segura

Clean.friendly staff.electric recliner seats.across Caldwell Diner and pizzeria.park on the back

Monica Coralluzzo Roman

Quaint little theater super friendly staff

Alice Govor

(Translated by Google) I really liked this place. Beautiful design, especially these magnificent elongated numbers, signs of the hall. The hall is just great, absolutely comfortable chairs, a clean toilet, I was even able to find a drink to my liking - organic tea, but the bar is mostly not very useful, but this does not cloud my visit to this place. On the chair you can literally lie, everything is done in order for me to enjoy the film. It's very nice, I will come back more than once, keep up the good work, well done. (Original) Мне очень понравилось это место. Прекрасный дизайн, особенно эти великолепные вытянутые цифры-указатели номера зала. В зале просто великолепно, абсолютно удобные кресла, чистый туалет, я даже смогла найти себе напиток по душе - органический чай, но бар в основном не очень полезный, но это никак не омрачает моё посещение этого места. На кресле можно буквально лежать, всё сделано для того, чтобы я насладилась фильмом. Это очень приятно, я вернусь не раз, продолжайте в том же духе, молодцы.

Adrienne Tookey

It's adorable, seems very kid friendly. There is street parking and a parking lot near by, but you may want to give yourself time to find a parking spot.

Welby Lloyd

Great small theater not very big but really nice to go to not a lot of people. Never crowded. They have specials on Wednesday. There is a pizzeria and small restaurants really close by if you want to grab something to eat before the movie. Definitely good to bring kids.

Maaz Siddique

Colin McCarthy

Lovely small theater and a great place to see a film without crowds.....well not crowded when we went.

Brian Pawlak

Old Time movie experience


small, cozy, very nice, but it's popular for kids so i like going off hours

Kim Todd

Kathleen Salafia-Betts

Closed for renovations Update 1/20/2019...the venue has reopened and now has luxury accommodation. This is great news considering it dates back to the 1900's.

Aidan LaChac

Tinia Heath

Went to see Avengers End Game opening weekend. The theater is new and pretty small but the staff is amazing and the decorum modern. When we checked in the gentlemen told us he had printed our tickets earlier and error and apologized profusely. We walked over to the concession stand and the young lady was so friendly that I found myself chatting like I knew her . For some odd reason there were no previews so we jumped right into the movie but I did get the opportunity to note the gorgeous floors and extremely comfortable chairs Definitely going back !

Carmen Moreno

Is nice place.

Lois Jackson

Comfortable seating. Better than a mall atmosphere

Debbie Johnson


Salvatore Barbato

Fantastic theatre!! The staff is friendly...Tom, Jamison..etc. I love this theatre because it has that family friendly nostalgic surrounding I grew up with in the 70s and 80s. The 12 cinema theaters are over crowded and noisy! This Caldwell theatre better be around for many decades to come. A++++

Nicholas Chivily

I has no issues before, but I am not going to complain about wide, soft but firm seats that recline

Mychal Kelly

New seats are great!

Kyle Smith

I could get into more details, but for the basics it's relatively comfortable theater than generally gets a pretty respectful crowd and makes for a good viewing experience. I had one really bad experience in which we were forced to switch auditoriums midway through and the projector was still cutting in and out (a few years ago), but they gave out vouchers for free tickets as refunds and I've never had a similar problem since. Tldr; I would go here over the AMC in Wayne Also discounts on Tuesday!

Chris Brown

Average cinema

Sarah Andrews

Local spot too see major films. Small theater with limited parking. Theaters are clean but seats can get uncomfortable is seeing a 2+ hour film.

Lidia Murphy

Luis Ramos

Small theater located in Caldwell, they usually have deal such as a dinner and a movie with restaurants in the area at a discount ed price, for the summer.

scott S.


Tayyeb Ahmed

Nice movie theater, the seats are really low in comparison to the screen. Most theaters that I’ve been at have the seats progressively higher up as you walk up (which is why the seats in the back are better) but at this theater all the seats are on level ground. It makes for a weird viewing experience but the tickets are cheap and the staff is very friendly, which partially makes up for it.

lia diamandas

So nice to still be able to find a family owned cinema! Cozy, comfy, great selection of film showings. Friendly welcoming staff.

michael liberti

Seat were very uncomfortable...old

Dee Takach


theater was all right but not impressive with some of the other theaters I've been to. it was clean but the carpet and theater was a bit outdated. the snack selection was a bit disappointing. they had an ad for something but didn't have that candy in stock. we didn't even get ticket stubs which was disappointing since I like to collect stubs (as a reminder when I saw the movie). the sound quality during the previews sounded a bit muffled but during the movie it was ok. the chairs are not as comfortable as I'd like but for the theater's age it was well kept. I wouldn't come back especially since I like being able to adjust my seat.

Samina Ali

Cute little place. Very small town USA

Veridiana Moreno

Steven Kramer

Seats not so comfy

Avocado Andrew

They did feature Wonder Woman. I don’t think you made it in time though.

Neil Rossi

Ally is by far the most friendly person their. But overall a good place

Trio Vlogs

the manager kicked out 4 twelve year old girls because they were apparently being to loud. They wouldn’t even let these girls stand on their property in a blizzard so they had to run to a nearby house. the service is not good. this theater is not worth it. note that this was a horror film so the girls did scream but there was no need to kicked them off their property.

Linda Heinkel

Nice when visiting or dining on the Avenue....but no matinee prices and the seating is older. On the plus side it's rarely crowded and the popcorn is fresh and yummy.

Misha Tsirulik

An older theater but nice people

Michael S

Without a doubt the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experienced in my lifetime of movie going and I am 59 years old. The problem is that they slope forward but do not recline at all which makes for a torturous seating experience. I was so uncomfortable that I could neither concentrate nor enjoy the movie at all and I will never go back again.

Ethan Spare

Monica Roman

Love this small theater. Great service everyone is so friendly

George Hill

Easy to say that this is the worst theater I've ever been to. The staff treated us like money instead of guests. We didn't enjoy the movie we purchased, we stopped watching after ten minutes. They wouldn't refund our tickets or let us watch another movie. Terrible customer service

Thomas Jung

Accepts MoviePass.

Audrey Harte

Clean environment. Courteous staff.


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