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REVIEWS OF AMC Wayne 14 IN New Jersey

Jason Snyder

It looks much nicer since they renovated the place and they keep it quite clean. They now have reclining, heated, and comfy seats that you can reserve before a movie. My only gripe is that they haven't done anything with the space that they removed the arcade from.

Joshua Gabriel Bleeker

Since they redid the whole theater it is honestly as good as it gets. Every single theater has reclining and heated seats now and it is wonderful.

Mark Eulie

The says and new renovations mahe the movie experience fantastic

alexis parades

It was good! Celebrating our 23 anniversary! Enjoying a film together! And more fun after!

Amit Sinha

Brand new recliner and heated seats. This makes the movie viewing experience far better than ordinary seats. Clean theatres and everybody was ready to help.

Jeanne Mc Elroy

This theatre may have very comfy seats, but it is poorly managed. Never enough help. 1 or 2 people at the concession stand, and it gets extremely slow when they only take "premier" customers before everyone else. Luckily there is another theater being built nearly.

George T

They did a good job renovating the theaters but there are thin walls.. The sound in some theaters is muffled by louder movies.


A colorful, friendly place that everyone will enjoy. Great food, comfortable seats, and a warm/welcoming staff.

jeanie patel

I really love this theater but it is really sad that they spent an enormous amount of money overhauling this theater to compete with the new one opening in the mall right next door and the staff cannot keep this theater clean. Again today my son goes to sit down and there sticky soda on the seat and armrest. There is popcorn on the floors and soda stained carpet in the hallway rugs. How is it that their staff doesn’t care that they may be losing their jobs when people flock to a nice new clean theater at the mall very soon. I am a Premier member and have had to wait for concessions because they don’t have employees that take Premier first. You need to get it together before all the work you did improving this theater is a waste and no one comes back.

Joemy Assaf

Love the seats. Prime theater has great surround sound.

J Lezama

Whao just whao. I have been coming to this teather for 9 years and it was always old, dusty, and uncomfortable chair. But hey they hit it with a remodel and is way better. Cleanliness could be a little better but overall for a movie theater is pretty good. Close to 5*.

Akemi Winters

Love the seat warmers!!! Gives it an extra and nice touch to the whole experience! I usually get really cold in the theater and had to stay in my jacket to keep warm, but now with the seat warmers I felt so comfortable... Without my jacket on!

Arlene Causin

Love the heated reclining chair. Makes you enjoy the movie more.

Kate Inglett-Smith

Really nice since the renovation. Now they have those comfy leather seats where the arm rest raises up. They also recline! It's generally very clean, and the staff is generally friendly and accommodating. I used to dislike this theater, but it's much nicer now.

Mike Diaz

Our spot to go to the movies. Recliner assigned heated seats. So much better than years past.

Sameer Joshi

Not terribly clean. But gets the job done! Audio and screen not bad.

Vineet Tripathi

nice and my favourite one....


My go to for movies once again. They've recently renovated, and it's amazing.

Angelo J. Molina

I'm an avid DOLBY CINEMA mobie watcher & decided to try PRIME @AMC and I have to say I was impressed. They somewhat stadium seating on the ground level could have been done better as you would need them seats in front of you to be fully reclined in order fir you to see tje screen from yourself view fukky reclined. The ordering online for delivery to your seat is still working out the kinks but when I spoke to the manager about my online order & also mentioned the disruptive person next to me he advised me of their policy or reporting such thing's when they happen so that staff can address the issue as they take each customer's theater experience very seriously. He also provided me with readmit tickets due to my bad experience which I was very please with. Would give 5 stars but the issue with my online order which had shown up canceled on their end prevented me from doing so. Other than that this is my next go to theater.

Alan Hart

Decent multiplex that did the job: plenty of choice, comfy reclining seats.

Pinal Shah

Clean, friendly staff, concession line are quick, reclining seats, heated seats are awesome even in summer because theaters are chilli for the girls and wife.

Chirag Trivedi

In process of being upgraded to new seats and design. Sound and screen upgrades ate must...Dolby or Digital is definitely worth it.

Tyger Bullies

Been going to this theater for years and it was my 2nd and/or 3rd option, if my first pick were not available. Since it's last upgrade it has become my #1 and prefer to select a different date and wait if not available when searching. Super comfortable and heated seats are always a plus.

Corey Taylor

I am an A-listers member. Thats membership to have. For AMC theatres

Javier Escalante

Love the new setup looks more modern. It was about time for the upgrade, it was looking run down. But now it looks as good as any other movie theater in the area.

Rosiclayr Dykstra

Because it's a very good place to go and the Staff is amazingly nice and helpful!!!

Wendy Hartmann

Don’t let the exterior trick you! After their renovation, the interior is quite nice. I am loyal to this theatre after experiencing their new chairs!! *swoon* they’re spacious, recline all the way, and they’re heated! I much prefer this over the theaters that serve food.

Mike Acre

What's the point of having starting times just to make us sit through 20 minutes of previews?

Gonza Merlin

I liked going to this movie theater. It was clean and very pleasant. They have reclining seating, the staff left the theater super clean. Plenty of parking and the Willowbrook mall is 5 mins away. I gave it 4 stars because the concession stand was super busy and only had one cashier and there was a long line more than 10 people. The attendant at the concession stand was super helpful courteous and fast. He was trying to get the line moving as fast as he could in a professional manner. Will go back again

Benjamin Johnson

The seats were incredibly comfortable. They recline all the way back. And as usual, the food was great. The popcorn was delicious. Big kernels.

Regina De Loach

I haven't been here in about a year so I was pleasantly surprised to find out the theater was upgraded. Way to go AMC Wayne 14!! And I love the heated and reclining seats.

Joseph DeLuca

I love AMC but ran into a couple of issues at the Wayne AMC. They did not have bottles of water for sale, not sure why but they offered me a $6.80 soda cup to put water in. I declined the costly water and they handed me a small cup apparently they offer you water for free. They could have led off with that but I guess they were trying to make a sale.. The biggest issue I encountered was a strange loud sound in theater 5. It could only be heard during quieter parts of the movie but something in that theater is broke. Movie was great and seats ultra comfortable earned them 2 stars.


Comfortable seating but twenty five minutes of coming attractions with a deafening sound level spoiled the experience. Won't be returning.

Christopher Grace

Over all good theater to check out a movie. The Prime offering here is great. All theaters have been converted into recliners (I believe). Staff is decent and place is relatively clean. Every now and again you come across a broken chair, but it's to be expected with how busy this place is.

Justin Klosek

Newly renovated this theater is beautiful inside. Reserved seating with recliners is a great way to see a movie. Really enjoyed the experience.

Mabel Montero

I really love this theater...however I went for a visit and they didn't have any carbonated drinks...its expensive here...the least they can do is be ready for their guests....

mia zantua

I ordered Hotdog but they run out. so i ordered soda only but charged me hotdog and soda.

Shirley Nicloas

Love the reclining chairs and the screen also that surround sounds is the best way to watch a movie

Michael Jackson

This is our new go to theater. My children love the reclining chairs! We highly suggest this theater.

jan achenbach

Most comfortable theater chairs I've ever sat in. Heated. Yes heated. Excellent leg room. All center screen. No aisle seats. Very polite staff! Small problem with the sound during our movie. A staff member came in promptly, informed us of the problem and then solved the problem. This will be our go to theater in the future

Terell Roberts

It was hot and uncomfortable in the theatre. Chairs were on the smaller side, forcing you to sit on top of your neighbor. Concessions counter was dirty and I asked for sauerkraut they brought something else entirely.

Ankush Chauhan

Fun place to watch movies!

Gregory Barbero

Nicely upgraded since my last visit, still a bit spare in the lobby area but the theaters have the reclining chairs which are excellent, also no one can block your view.

Tiffany Flores

Clean theater with comfortable chairs that recline. They have the coke machines so a nice selection of drinks.

Eric Moreno

I come here often and like how quiet it is. Came back after a month and found some AMAZING renovations. This place looks extremely beautiful and highly recommend watching movies and paying for PRIME. It's absolutely worth the price. (Also, the food is DELICIOUS)

Iffat Siddiqi

They really made some big improvements recently. All the seating has been replaced with reclining chairs that also have seat warmers. There are self-serve kiosks to automate and expedite the process of buying a ticket. The only thing I say I miss is the feeling of the thick tickets they used to have as opposed to the paper thin ones they have now.

Shaquille Makowka

An AMC finally worth it. Clean, everything smells new. The Prime theatre here is amazing for any movie with action in it. Only complaint is the amount of space in front of seats, but it's better than their old-style seats. Will still go to Kerasotes for most of my movie watching, but will definitely use the Prime theatre here for action or horror movies.

Mari Esco

My family and I visited the AMC theater in Wayne, NJ over the weekend...we just loved there recent renovations and how spacious theater room 6 was. I liked the fact I could pick my own seats and so particularly happy with the heated recliner seats. My only minor complaint was that my husband's assigned seat and that particular area was dirty. So, if AMC staff could be a bit more attentive to make sure theater rooms are properly cleaned after each viewing that would take care of that minor issue. Also, let's not serve crumbs of popcorn being the large size is almost $10 a bucket. A little upkeep after each viewing will hopefully maintain overall appearance of this nicely newly renovated theater.


This place used to look a little more run down and like nobody came here but now it looks refreshed and new. Love the new changes

Errol Wilson

I love the way they renovated the place. The seats are so comfortable they even recline with a foot rest. The sound was so crisp I will be taking the family again.

Halloween__ Tesla

Decent prices, but be aware of FLOODING in the parking area, still an issue that hasn't been resolve for the pass few years..smh!

Anand Singh

Very nice and clean Theater with heated recliners. Only issue is limited parking space unfortunately. No parking issues during weekday but it can be difficult to find parking spaces during weekends.

Chris Dzierzko

After the ronovations the place is great. Comfortable reclined and heated seats.

Michael Blair

Very comfortable full reclining seats!

Carolyn Hayes

I stop in a lot at AMC because they have all the Christian movies when they come out! So, many times, I'll just stop in to look at what's playing, and if I see something interesting, I call a friend, and we spend an evening at the movies! And, if my friends can't make it, I go by myself!

Vito Pecoraro

Don’t Bother Coming to this location. A 10pm Showing. Snack Bar is already closed. You can only get candy. So now u can’t even get a $15.00 Bavarian RIP OFF Pretzel! Everyone knows they make al their money at the Snack Bar and this place has it closed. Won’t be visiting this one Ever Again!

Arvind Rajagopalan

Probably the best AMC in NJ..hands down!! Great screens, fully reclining seats, which by the way are "heated"... good concessions, ...and service. What more do you need...


This theatre gets alot of people. But....only have two urinals?? The line was long to use the bathroom in the mens restroom. But the womans line was so long they were walking out. One woman waited over 40 minutes to receive her food that she ordered that she practically missed half her movie. In before or after the movie and dont drink lots of fluids before or during the movie.


Do ushers even exist anymore? Our theater was filled with loud and obnoxious people and no one bothered to do anything about it. Money was not well spent here and won’t be returning.

Pete Matos

It was a great experience the service was on time although the popcorn wasn't as fresh as normal and the soda was a little off in regards so taste but always fun to go.

Giomar Garcia

Great sound system and seats.

Sunil Tikyani

Such comfy chairs and perfectly placed surround sound

Dexter Castillo

This place have really improved with all the updated seats and screens. Best of all they have gone with every movie theater should have as a standard is reserved seating.

Carolyn A.

When I was a kid and it was never a favorite theater of my family; we used to joke about HAVING to go there for birthday parties or cringe when it was the only one showing a certain film. Now we actively try to come to this theater. The updates in 2018 really helped- they now have the reclining seating and reserved seats. Two problems I currently find: 1. Their check in process is horrendous. I was on a line for AT LEAST 15 minutes to show them my ticket I had bought on the app. NOT TO PURCHASE THE TICKET. That was an additional 15-25 minutes. The people that went to the box office to purchase must have spent 30-45 minutes just standing in lines. The lines also ran into each other, some people were confused and sent to the box office line after waiting in the entrance line. They need a better system and organization for busy days. 2. I was early for one of my showings and their version of cleaning the theater was walking in, sweeping two rows, and walking out. There was popcorn and trash on a few of the seats and all over the floor in the rows. Another time popcorn containers left stuffed in the chair and popcorn all in the side. So I guess I’m asking for a cleaner feel.

Danny Chong

Nice seats, dated lobby,.... Did I mention the nice seats.

Jerod Johnson

One word to describe this theater UPGRADED. Even though it's not the dine in theater they have updated and upgraded this theater to the max. Plush recliner chairs heating and cooling. Put me to sleep watching the movie, lol lucky for I know the story of the movie already. Must go to if you haven't been before. Clean theater, Smell good, friendly staff.


These heated seats are AMAZING. So warm and cozy!

Donald Godowsky

The upgrades they have made to this place are awesome. Love the new Prime theaters and the seats are so comfortable

Evelyn T Robinson

I really like how the theater was renovated. The seats are comfortable and roomy. The staff is friendly, courteous, and patient.

Mahin Miah

Great service and nice and clean theaters

joe rickert

Everything was great the only change would be the kid bring the food should of been more personable.

Linda Heinkel

The seats are great, recliner plus heated seats! Concessions are tasty and the service is usually pretty quick! Bathrooms could use a little work staying clean and operational. Always 1 or 2 stalls with a cone or locked for maintenance.

carlos fernandez

Great family expirence place was clean and seats are comfortable

Matt Sinforosa

This theater used to basically be a dump (though I still went there for convenience) but they redid it and now it's really impressive. Reserved seating is great. All theaters have nice recliners, some are heated, some have rumble speakers. Everything is nice and clean.

Joshua Lewis

Loved the theater it was comfortable and the movie Lion King was awesome

Nick DiDomenico

I hadn't been to this theatre in years because there are a lot of better options in the area (usually I go to the AMC in Morristown for the $5 Tuesday ticket promotion) but I heard this location had renovated so that they could compete with the cinemark that's opening around the corner in a few months so i figured, what the hey, let me give it another shot. Big mistake. Concessions were understaffed, the theatre climate was too hot, and the recliners were not functional. I will not be returning.

Richard Weems

In terms of AMCs in the area, this one is actually your more reasonably priced option. A little smaller, but they do still reserve a theater or two for offbeat movies as well as having the big blockbusters. If you’re OK in general with the AMC thing, this one is fine to go to.

Erin Apriceno

I swear the employees must be sleeping on the job here. The sound wasn't on for the entire opening of the last screening I went to. Audience members had to run downstairs to tell them. They didn't turn the lights off for the first 20 minutes of the screening I went to prior to that. I had to run downstairs to tell them. We pay good money to see movies on the big screen. The least they can do is make sure the sound is on and the lights are off.

Joshua Joel Rodriguez

This place has been revamped and awesome reclining leather chairs, it's also peaceful and quiet. Nice staff. My only problem is the seats are new but dirty some of them. They have food stains on them and candy and still cups and napkins from previous people. Whoever cleans this place needs to take better care of the new seats. But aside from that it's nice.

Nitza Alicea

Great family place to go. My 5 year old grandson enjoyed himself.


Love it! Seats are extremely comfortable! Not a bad seat in the house

Marissa Zubalsky

The renovations have greatly improved the environment of the theater

Mello One

Courteous staff and about 12 screens. They offer they latest movies in the box office. Temperature and lightning is usually at acceptable levels. Patrons are usually well behaved and don’t distract from the movie. Great for family or intimate outing. Parking garage offers shelter from the elements. I recommend.

Doug Laubshire Sr

Good get to put your feet up and you can heat your chair

s lee

Theater is of a good size. Concession stand is right as you enter. Could have been a farther in so you can get seated and go back out for food.Very comfortable seat with heat and recliner. Movie screen to me is small but make up for how the seats are position. I understand they might not have the light to control it but when playing previews they should darken the first row of lights so that way they are not glowing on the screen. Just me since I do enjoy watching the previews.

robert trefurt

It was great seats heated super clean

Lynne M

Love the heated, reclining, comfortable seats-like being in my living room. Also love the ability to order my own tickets at the kiosk.

Jon l

Great theater, it's a bit far from me but the heated recliners are a nice touch and the prices are really good at $11 a ticket. Can't beat it!

Rosa Milette

Lines are quick but needs more bathroom stalls for women

Dora Skaggs

I always come here love them

Greta Mills

My favorite movie theater for years. Glad they upgraded. Food is good. Plenty of bathrooms that clean most times.

Mystic Minutes

This place is amazing I went today to watch a movie in theater 7 the only problem is the restrooms there pretty dirty other than that the theater is amazing! <3

Craig S

We love the movies and this place is great. Reclining heated seats and stadium seating.

Jenny Ramales

Love the heated seats!!!! Just beware the time you pick because I didn't know they have showings for kids who like the lights on and volume low, they're also allowed to walk and talk around the theater never had this experience before so just something to look out for. I wasn't able to change the tickets either so just an fyi. I was surprised the lights stayed on the whole time and the volume was so low I could hear the movie playing in the next theater very distracting.

Meghan Reynolds

Renovations look amazing! The new seats in the theatres are incredible, it's so great to be able to put your feet up and be truly comfortable while watching a movie. Everything seems so much cleaner and more open now.

Claudia Laylor

Best theater ever n Wayne. Seats are reclining and you feel like you inside the movie itself

L Franco

Nice theater. Comfortable seats. Good parking. Decent staff.Would go again.

Stefano M.

Recently renovated, all theaters have nice recliner seats. The Prime room offer the best experience you can get in any AMC of the area

Michael Mahony

Very large theater. Great seats recliners and heated seats.

H Here

Parking lot has been flooded on every trip so far. Keep clear of the water. I go in for a movie during a clear sky and come out to the rain. Not an issue cause I parked closer to the theater, but it is an issue when I have to go through the water and around the cars parked in the water before I can exit the lot! Best to park on the other side of the garage. The theater itself is nice with recliners that have heated seats (except for the prime theater). Get there early during peak times cause apart from the parking issue, the line to show your tickets ends up being as long as the line to purchase tickets. **** If you found this review helpful or you enjoy clicking on things.. I’d be delighted if you gave it a

Matt V

Just saw Avengers last night. Theater was modern and had comfy seats, but the movie theater was uncleaned and trashed when we arrived for our showing. Bathroom was filthy.

Stuart F. Richards

Scarlett was super helpful!!! Heated seats. Super comfy.

Monica Sansi

Best theater around. Amazingly clean, superb reclining seats and online reservations. Our favorite place to go!

Geojoe FiX iT aLl

Love the place. Is not crowned as other places

Marie Lherisson

The remodel is amazing this has always been my favorite theater but now they'll never lose me as a customer especially with seats that recline and warm up. What sweater?

Monica hoffmann

Great improvement by adding reclining seats, very roomy and comfortable, makes watching movies more fun !!

Andres Delgado

Love the theater cause almost all the screen rooms have recliners

Adrienne Tookey

The theater was recently remodeled. They seem to be encouraging credit card kiosks but still have a friendly staff for cash customers. You select your seats, and the seats are comfortable recliners with a water and cup holder.

Valerie Pombo

There is no place to sit while you are waiting to be let in to your movie, lots of empty space because there used to be couches. The seating inside the theaters are a vast improvement from before.

Don Budz

Typical movie experience. Same level of service and cleanliness as any other AMC it just depends who works there. And itd be great if you could stop charging $8 for a small popcorn.

Jorge Haber

Old location, but they have prime which is awesome.

Pamela Diotes Wood

Staff has always been great. Revamped theaters and bathrooms a pleasure. Comfy heated reclining chairs. Reserving seats ahead of time on weekends now a must. Only complaint: in the Prime Theater "seat rumblers" for "feeling explosions," etc. during action scenes is just dumb and distracting. Thankfully, normal seats in the rest of the theater, so an enjoyable movie experience.

Elizabeth Ferreira

The seats are so comfortable now! Recliners with heat for those of us that get cold in movie theaters. It was an amazing experience!

Anthony Venturella

Saw Joker great theater vibrating recliners.

Juan Rodriguez

This Movie theater Was amazing as all can be.! Soooooo relaxing and enjoyable. I loved the Heated seats and how they can recline. I almost fell asleep hahah.

Iesha Lisboa

It was awesome they truly fixed up that place beautiful lounge seats that go all the way back very Comfortable!!!! and if your cold they have heated seats!!! Love the new look!!!!

Giselle Torres

Loved the new recliner chairs more comfortable and relaxing..

Olga Martinez

I do not know what happened to this theater. They just spent money to remodel and when I went tonight, the rugs are already filthy. Trash everywhere, the ladies bathroom was filthy with garbage cans over flowing, urine all over the floor and no bathroom tissue in any of the stalls. None of the self serve soda fountains were working so your choice for a drink was water, sweet ice tea or Gatorade that tasted like cough syrup. What a disappointment, I wont be going back here again. Back to Kerasotes in Secaucus for me. Why spend all that money to remodel and let it end up looking like that. What a shame. Poor management.

Muzzy Teke

Great recliners,recliner side service not bad, not bad at all.

S Mack

Floor was sticky and cup holders were dirty. No one monitored the theater so people including big kids were running around during the movie. The staff was pleasant, popcorn was okay and the slushie was great. Ticket price was good for an AMC theater and non matinee.

Nayeli Garcia

I love coming here because of the chairs and how good it is the movie theater

Catherine David

Nicely renovated movie theatre, always a great time when I go with my family.

Robin bacchus

I like the new look especially where the wasted space was by the last rooms on the ground floor. The seats are so comfortable and lots of space for people to pass.

Francine Asquith

Went for the prime showing of scary stories to tell in the dark They bring concession stand purchases right to your seat if you order ahead. Sound and vibration was amazing! Will def be back.

Marcia Evans

I certainly understand that some have paid a premium to be served first at the concession stand, but when you've got 40 people waiting on the other line, perhaps they should mix it up a bit. I don't go to the movies that often, so I'm not paying the premium, but it's ridiculous to have to wait almost 25 minutes for over priced snacks.

Karen Tejada

I loved the reclining and heated seats

hector estevez

The front entance its not all that appealing maybe a touch of paint and some love would do the trick, the main lobby could use some refreshing too but other than that the staff was very friendly and gosh I love the chairs. Electrically operated chairs super roomie and ample leg space don't go there if you are tired because you might not see the end of the movie, lol. I loved the whole experience I would go again to this location!

Miguel Colon Jr

AMC PRIME is currently better than IMAX. Screen is smaller, but sound and image quality are as good if not better and the reclining seats are the deal breaker!

Sampath Reddy

Place is clean and screens are good size with recliner seats.

Xandria C

My favourite AMC location so far. They have heated seats which is awesOme. It's my gO- to for moVies.

Joe D

The renovated seating and bathrooms were a huge upgrade. Reserved seating is a bit odd though, and I wish the back of the seats could recline without the foot rest raising. Overall, it is a great theater.

Jake Budris

Absolutely no enforcement of reserved seating. Ruined my night. Terrible theater. Terrible staff terrible management. Go literally anywhere else. I paid 32 dollars to be absolutely disrespected by the staff and this company.

David Chen

Not the cleanest theater, but not gross either. We were there at the end of the night, so all things considered it was in decent shape. The seats were in good shape. Reserved seating is the way to go.

Elaine Morales

Remodeled. And so clean and beautiful!

Hemali Mehta

I love how they have security late at night and check ID's

Deven Brown

Great place my only complaint is "where are the seating benches"?????? My family and I came to see Spiderman and we we're about 40min early. We walked around looking for seats and there was nowhere to adequately sit while we waited. We sat on the stairs and another family resulted in sitting on the floor. Get it together AMC!!! I have been a Stubs member for over 9years and this is unacceptable.


This theater is pretty high quality. The tickets are a bit on the high side ($11) per person on average, but the food is decent, and the theater seats are heavenly. You basically have your own recliner chair. They have pretty good sound as well. In some cases, depending on the movie and room you select, you can feel everything in your seat.

Ali Ahsan

Completely refinished. Now with leather-reclining seats. I also recommend watching a 4D movie, where the seat also shakes. Ticket prices are still too high though.

Sammy S.

After they did the renovations and new reclining chairs my family and I love going out to the movies now. At least you don't have to worry about bed bugs anymore. Leather heated chairs make you want to go more and more. Snacks are definitely much better now to. MAKE SURE YOU BECOME A PRIME MEMBER TRUST ME ITS WORTH ALL THE KICKBACKS YOU GET AND LOTS OF MONEY SAVED....

Lord Remuru

Seats were comfortable and reclined. My only problem is that the screen sizes are smaller than other theaters in the area.

Shamanta Hussain

Easy to get snacks and find the theaters.

Bhushan Sonaje

Nice and clean Theater with recliner heat chairs. Plenty of free parking.

Mike Flood

They redid the place and it's awesome. Big comfy chairs that recline and plenty of leg space. The chairs are also heated. The sound system is awesome as well. They did a great job fixing it up and did it right. It's the only movie theater I will go to around here. Very happy!

sanjay lalwani

Good theater, seats are comfortable, good service. Reducing one star for parking issues here.

Joe M

Very comfortable and pretty clean. Not cheap.

Brian Greene

It's been a while since I've been here, and I was blown away by the upgrades since my last visit. No more crowded seating, plenty of leg room, and it was pretty clean when I arrived. It's a shame to have to include cleanliness but it's part of the experience, right? Anyway, I prepaid for my tickets and no waiting involved. I'll be back! (Famous last words, right?)

Catherine Hughes

Great theater. Reclining seats. If the movie had been a bore I could have fallen asleep

Yelitza Rosario

Very nice! Clean. Great seats


Easy and convenient process of ordering tickets and food through the app. Food was suppose to be brought to my seat but the app failed to provide my information at the concession stand. I won't blame the theater but amc needs to stream line their online process.

Melisa Ferreira

Nice place to visit really good foog

uzzul hussain

Love the new look and the heated seats ❤️

Gina Amesbury

Ok, this theater is clean and has amazing seats but the concession stand is often messy. The parking is terrible and the door/railing area is kind of gross but as far as sitting and watching a movie, it is great.

Charlisa Petteway

This is my new favorite place to go. Especially the prime theatre!


This place is newly-renovated to today's customer

Lucky Me

This movie theater gave me my first experience with Prime 3D and it was everything. The movie theater is clean. The bathrooms can be a little better between showings. There also isn't any overcrowding. We'll be back

Jacob Torris

Good movie theater. Has spacious seating that reclines, and is heated.


I came here when this theater was being renovated and vowed not to come back. But luckily I had a change of heart. This theater is great. Fully reclining heated seats, spacious, and great sound. Food pricing is a bit steep but that's what you get when you go to the movies.

Thomas Jung

Just saw Godzilla in Theater 4, newest and top of the line. The bass of the audio vibrates in each seat. Eerie effect, but very good for a movie with lots of action. 3D. This is our go to theater for very cheap, 1st show matinees on Saturday mornings. We belong to AMC loyalty program (paid), with paperless ticketing, rewards, etc.


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Regal Hadley Theatre
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater

Teaneck Cinemas
Teaneck Cinemas
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater

AMC Aviation 12
AMC Aviation 12
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater

CMX Cinemas - Closter Plaza
CMX Cinemas - Closter Plaza
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater