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REVIEWS OF AMC Seacourt 10 IN New Jersey

J Vergs

I am really disappointed with this place . I bought 3 tickets to see a show with my family. First we order hot dogs and I was told they don't sell them anymore. But they are listed on the menu board. And half way through I wanted to get more drinks and candy . And they tell me everything is locked and they can't sell anything. It's better to bring your own food, drinks and candy.. So then you don't have to worry about them telling you that you can't sell you food, drinks and candy.

Dom Giunta

A theater I love going to primarily because it hasn't been updated in years. The place is clean to a fault, smells pleasant, and has friendly staff, but looks like the Loews theaters that AMC Theatres consumed in the late 90s. Reminds me of the theaters I went to as a little kid. Looking past the sense of nostalgia the place has, tickets are a little bit competitively priced, although they do not have any solid snack or refreshment bundles some AMCs have. Their seats are a little uncomfortable, but this can be easily rectified, as only some of the theaters have older seating, or you could grab one of those child bucket seats, alternatively. When it comes to film selection, Seacourt 10 typically rivals the other best AMC in the area, Hamilton 24. They have a great selection of movies, but not nearly as many showtimes as Hamilton 24, and Freehold 14, for that matter. That aside, I always enjoy coming here, as it is usually quiet, comforting, and above all, a rather nice little trip down memory lane with new movies and stories to pave it with.

Acquiesce Sin

Love this theater always have, of course I've been to many others but not nearly as much as this one. I go to the movies almost weekly, and i can honestly say this is the ONLY theater I've never had a bad experience in.

Angela Sweet

At this location there are no reclining seats at least not yet.

Tom Grabosky

Nice theater, unfortunately there was a person who kept playing with Their phone.

El Presidentte

I caught a quick matinee here in between my jobs... Movie started @ 12:45... @ 1:20 I had to grab da young attendant girl and let her know my movie hasn't started yet (I was a lone ranger in da theatre). She called da manger and we got rollin around 1:35... Place is kinda dated and needs a big refurb... Prob won't eva return...Deuces✌

Jarren kersey

This location is really convenient for my friends and I but why are you like the only amc around that stops playing movies like 2 hours before all the others latest showtime is like 9-9:15 when all others play 10:15 or later showings. Always stuck driving up to brick.

Susan Wagner

Great place to take the family. Big theaters and lots of seats.

Andrew DeFeis

Been going to this theater for as long as I can remember. It's outdated now compared to other theaters in the area, but I look forward to its remodel (hopefully) and bringing my future kids here one day.

Robert Anderson

Good but old...clean, decent seats but no stadium seating

Dominic Calderone

Not very modern.. But clean establishment and very polite and helpfull employees

Frank Hager

This is an older amctheatres. It has standard seating. Lots of seats in the theater. You do not select your seats. Plenty of Theatres, plenty of movies. The restrooms are clean. And, yes, you can buy popcorn. Adequate parking.

Andrew Ritchie

It's not as bad as I remember it

Gloria Battaglo

It very good

Jermal Smith

In need of some upgrades, this place has aged a lot over the years

Matt The Dude

No complaints about this place at all. Very helpful staff, great food, drinks, and popcorn. I don't mind that the seats don't recline. Very undercrowded, which is a great addition. Its very clean and well maintained in my opinion.

Christopher Christopher

What can I say. Fantastic

Gabrielle Holton

My family when to see Bohemian Rhapsody with a friend for her birthday. They left us sitting in the theater for 45 minutes before they told us that the project was broken. They gave us a free pass but we had to go to the service desk to get a refund. The manager hid from us for several minutes. We had to demand a refund for our tickets and our snacks. Even then we had to wait for several minutes for the refund and then join another line for the refund for the snacks. Worse customer service ever. I would never go back to that theater.

Angel Whelan

Though the theater is dated I love this location for its convenience. It's minutes away, the only time I ever have a wait is during a premiere (a short one), and the staff is kind. Quite frankly the only improvements I would ever desire for this location is a simple face lift because whilst its clean, it isn't much to look at but for most that isn't a problem. All and all my go to.

Eric Karstensen

Very comfy seats but I find the movies just keep getting more experience. Me plus 4 kids for movies and food was around $100

Catherine Bowers

Floor in the theater was sticky and the women’s room smells like old urine. Really old.

Gavin Gruca

Somebody throwed popcorn at us

Dawn Morris

Seats so uncomfortable

Kyril Kavetsky

Friendly and helpful staff. Pricing seems opportunistic but that's how theaters usually operate.

rose chalen

I think the employees behind the food stamd should advertise there menus so there customers has a better knowledge of what there getting

Diana Suso

Old theater but still good place to see a movies

Albert Sbarro

Place is in desparate need of a renovation. Staff was nice but popcorn was stale.


Uncomfortable seats.

Veronica Lima

Went to see Gotti with friends. Godd movie. Greeted with happy smiles. Given my senior discount with a smile. Food stand, bathroom and theatre was clean.

Joseph Aligo

It's a nice movie theater but it's in need of an upgrade. It's very clean though.

Kathy Gay

The movie theater SMELLED and was dirty!! Springs were sticking out of most seats!! Then we sat thru 25 minutes of previews and they put on the wrong movie. We were in the right theater to see the Spy who dumped me and Mission Impossible started playing. Another person in the theater went and had to tell someone to put the right movie on!! Very disappointed!! Staff was nice and friendly though!!

Jkirchner Kirchner

Needs to be updated but good price for what it's worth.

Pam Tirado

Clean and reasonably priced. Needs new seats.

Gillian Dey

Never have I ever been questioned about my age and told I can’t see a movie . I’m 18, my boyfriend 19 and because he didn’t have his id they wouldn’t let us into the movie . After we had purchased food and all , we were told to call amc for a refund but when I called , the man told me I would have to call that specific theatre . I still haven’t gotten my money back . Worst movie experience ever ..


I can't believe this place hasn't been updated are they just waiting for their lease to run out?

Christopher Ridpath

Nice theater, haven't gone when it's packed but awesome experience none the less

Tj B.

Comfy chairs, but the people who go here can be super rude. Completely empty theater minus myself... And they sit right behind me and talk super loud.

Robert Forlenza

Fine but falling behind other local theaters.

Kayla Hodkiewicz

Not as nice as the renovated AMC in Brick but clean and the people are nice. Its smaller and not as busy, which is a plus. I love that they have a bathroom in the hall with the theatres so you don't have to go as far.

Mark Batchelder

The theater is great! The staff is extremely helpful. Closed captioning always works. The bathrooms are clean. The seating is comfortable, but the back is a bit short compared to other theaters. The $5 Tuesdays are a great idea for Stubs members. It is an older theater without a lot of bells and whistles, but it's a nice theater. Not sure why so many negative reviews., but I have never had a bad experience at this theater .

Marilynn Laws

Not clean

Tom Charles

Gave it three stars because usually empty during the day which works best for me since I work nights, but seats are not comfortable, food prices high even for a theater and the smaller theaters are worse than others I've been in

Justin M.

Good theater, though doesn't have the reclining seats that many others have. Good prices, has Fandango events, comfortable theaters.

Hilary Traphagen

I love this little theater. Old school seats so the theaters hold more than 20 people. Prices are lower than the remodeled AMCs with the recliners and massive screens. Film selections are better, with more small indie movies than other places. Very rarely sold out!

Michael Weiner

Really fun Aquaman was great. 3d is a must!!!

G Wall

Nice enough. Needs a bit of updating inside the actual theater

Aleks Kap

Not my favorite movie theater its a little run down but very good location so cant complain

Anthony Card

Nice Theater...nice people

Matt Posemato

A little disappointed that they didn't have the reclining chair like they do in most amc theaters but other than that it was a fine establishment. Great for everybody!

Hyrule Hestu

The most mediocre movie theater you’ll ever go to. Convientiant because it’s closer than the other movie theaters like the Marquee Cinema and Brick Cinema but it’s really disgusting. Movie screens are dirty, the theaters are awful, gross, and unsanitary, food is mediocre and nowhere near the quality of Brick AMC. Don’t feel as if you’re wasting your time driving to these other theaters that are farther away, you’re not. It’s totally worth it. The service could be better and the prices are a bit overpriced. There’s a new rule where they won’t let anyone else in after 7:30 which is pretty annoying if you’re only slightly late for your 7:30 showing and there is no exceptions. Just recently was rejected since apparently since “School is in session” and “The banks are closed”; Words from the manager. Wouldn’t suggest going there unless you’re in a pinch.

Anthony Flagello

Enjoyed this movie theater


Nice place to see a movie.

Amber Fritzinger

Movie was amazing... Theatre room 1 was still dirty after attendant supposedly cleaned it.

The Robbins Nest

If you're in the area, not the best or cleanest movie theater. They haven't upgraded to the reclining seats in fact he theaters haven't been upgraded in probably over a decade. However, this theater is the one to go to for hard to find movies or those that have been out for awhile. It also is not the cleanest or best staffed. There is usually only a few people on at a time so don't anticipate the service being fast. It will be friendly but not quick. Overall, not my first choice in the area but not horrible.

john skikus

Saw Aquaman old school... no recliner or 3D glasses. The theater is clean and the popcorn and soda was good. Loved it.

Tim T

We saw aquaman. Theater is in dire need of a remodel. They have many dysfunctional seats that don't adjust and /or have cushion-spring issues. We had to move around to find unbroken seats.

Michele Galda

Not crowded. Easy access to download your tickets.

Lisa Rose

Really great!

Stephen Geberth

Nice, clean place to go on a rainy day

Christopher Gordon

Seats are out dated, but its all in all a good experience!

Elizabeth Koff

Theater was messy. Prices are high for what you get. I prefer the Marquee on rte 37

Margaret Gerba

The theatre was cleanand well maintained, but I am disappointed that they have not yet converted to recliner seats.

Carmine Vizzero

Clean. Lot of theater's.

Sharon Derr

The air conditioning in theater 5 has been broken for several weeks. This is the theater that opera and ballet is shown. I was given a ridiculous line of waiting for a pert today so I will stay home. Why not cut one show of a summer movie?

Philip Hickey

The alternative programming is a plus. Unlike the Marquee Cinema, the AMC understands that serious film goers need films that have not opened everywhere. The place may lack the Marquee Cinemas' beauty and its reclining seats, but I love the Seacourt 10 Theater. Since I don't drive, it's hard for me to get to the theater. Also, the staff is very courteous. One negative: from time to time, the projection of certain films is lousy. Not sure if it's the theatre's fault or not.

Matthew Pelcher

No complaints about this place at all. Very helpful staff, great food, drinks, and popcorn. I don't mind that the seats don't recline. Very undercrowded, which is a great addition. Its very clean and well maintained in my opinion.

Laurie Damrose

I like to go to the early show and sit in the back row.

Georgia Cohen

Disappointed that after they finished renovations they still don't have reclining seats! And the snack bar area still looks like it could use a good scrubbing.

Sonny Stumper

Very old, keep dark to cover poor housekeeping. Was there for a 3PM movie that started 3:30. Worst of all "NO HEAT" We sat there with our coats on and froze are butt off!!


Older style theater needs a renovation no reclining seats

C Perle

Expensive, but what the heck!

Jim Fennell

Good theater, but prices are no lower than the newer locations with updated seating.

Vince Pulignano

Cause it is awesome

Melinda Schnatter

The movie was good. My 2 youngest, ages 7 and 11, loved it. Yes, yes its' characters are inanimate objects, in the real world, but SO WHAT! The bad reviews, eh... don't bank on what they're saying, it's just what those kinds of ppl do... we just saw it and I liked it, my kids loved it... no complaints about the movie. My complaint is with GOOGLE!! This was the THIRD MOVIE in one month that the movie start time was posted incorrectly!! VERY frustrating ... this movies start time was 545... NOT 615!!!

Christine laboy

Went to 6:30 movie. By 6:40 they still didn't have movie on. My friend had to go out and tell them to put movie on. Also, theatre smelled like mold. Sorta like a sour smell.

Denise Barnes

My kids and I often come here to watch movies and we love it... the employees are kind, and its always clean and never packed.

Lana Ostrowski

Nice, need to get a little facelift...

Jeffrey Glaser

Chairs marginally comfortable. Snacks were marginal. Asked for q couple of hot dogs but they were not ready. Bought nachos but the cheese was cold. Movie was good. Next time Oll take the 40 minute ride to Freehold. The movie theater there is great!

Sonia Maida

The movie White Boy Rick was Great. Not snacks!

lisa citta

Bring your own candy

Erick D

Lots of parking. Easy to get too. Staff are always smiling and helpful. Facility is clean and seats are in good condition.

Craig Radhuber

I like this theater because they show current movie's, along with TCM big screen classics, "Fathom Events." The theater needs upgrading, but what can one expect, it is across the street from a dying mall.

Fatal Spyder1

Tonight we were going to see the movie split. It began at 7:45 pm. These people had the nerve to lock the doors and ignore us outside when we arrived at 7:50pm. Horrible service and just rude. They clearly saw us and pretended like they did not. Talked to the manager and had no apologies of anything. How can you call yourself a manager? I would not even go as far as 1 star if I could. The building has not been updated in over a decade in which AMC "claims" they were renovating the theaters. Marquee cinema is a much better choice, with a cleaner and friendlier environment. I'll be taking my business there. They need to fix this place. 0 out of 5 (if I could)

Ann Gravitch

H Great movie Thanks

hen Kelley

Totally sucks... The movie admission was practically free but for 3 kids under 12....$40+dollars for refreshments and no refills on soda! The worst AMC hands down. Cloth old school recliner ? Never again

Aaron G

The theater is a little dated. But it seems like they've cleaned it up recently. I find it kind of quick and easy to get out of. The staff are courteous and easygoing. Overall we've had enjoyable experiences here lately

Colt Thurber

The sound wasn't the best, it was ok

Ashley Mccabe

Love it here

Stephen Cook

My first movie theater when I was a kid. I saw Lion king!!! Unfortunately this theater is starting to show its age. So many good memories here, I hope they plan to renovate soon

Jeannette Marcelli

Went to see Avengers End game.Theatre was clean. Popcorn was great. Service was great.


13 years ago I went here to see March of the Penguins, and more recently to see They Shall Not Grow Old. I'm pretty sure I saw the same stain on the floor from over a decade ago. A very dated theater. You're better off going the extra 10 minutes to the Marquee for a more comfortable experience.

Evelyn Sutter

Friendly workers. Clean bathrooms. Could lower prices on refreshments

Travis Petrowski


Casey Sherwood

A one is more than it deserves. What a dump! I almost walked out because it was so hot. Staff was fine but they don't clean between movies. A sticky floor covered in popcorn. I new going in they had old school seating so can't blame them for that. Go to the Marquee on 37 or take the ride into Brick, worth it!

Jennifer Vassos

I do like this place. Always has seats available. Staff is nice. But the Seats are very uncomfortable, other then that. It's out goto movie theater when everywhere else is crowed or sold out..

James Carlin

Excellent seating never really packed great place to bring the kids if you don't want long lines or the hustle and bustle of the other one on 37.

Veronica Lonon

Not clean. Movie didn't start on time. Staff was nice.

Francine Schmehl

Was ok, hoped they had more comfortable seats. Movie was uber great!! ( Bohemian Rhapsody)

Kim Cuny


lawrence costa

10 plex with good selection of movies

Lisa Hunt

This place needs a remodel it is old the seats are jacked and the floors are gross. Staff is pleasant and friendly

Rc Tomazic

Theater very cold and can't wait for them to get the reclining seats

Sierra Binondo

Specifically paid to go see the subbed version of the My Hero Academia movie and they played the wrong reel. How the hell do you mess that up? Heard they messed up the screening last night too. I wish I could have gotten my money back.

Jackie Nowak

I like the Marquee 10 better, closer to home and they had the new reclining seats. I made it to the door before a group of six senior citizens did, so being polite I let them go ahead of me. There was one person doing ticket dispensing. All of a sudden about six people come in and go into a line on the left of me. I realize that they have the stubs card program. The ticket dispensing attendant takes each one of them and I had to wait for mine so basically I had to wait for twelve people go ahead of just me. I was not happy. They finally sent another attendant to move folks through faster. I was really disappointed with this theater. I never experienced this in any other AMC I have ever visited.

Steve Sanner

Could use an interior update. Not very busy for Saturday matinee

John Carling

It's ok. But really needs to update it seating and overall appearance. It was great in the 90s... but its really showing its age. Bathroom floors were flooded, paint chipping, carpets worn, etc. Use it as a last resort if other theaters are sold out.

Chandra HR

Morning shows are much cheaper than late afternoon & evening

Indrajit Choudhury

The staff's always been great and I've never had any problems watching new movies here. Its emptiness is actually pretty awesome because I love going there with my friends and watching something cool and not having to worry about other people being too loud and ruining the movie.

Nick Lampe

Needs to be renovated big time.

skylar piscope

My friends and I were in the theater to see "It" and we go kicked out because my friends parent was in the bathroom for a while and they said we must leave because she wasn't in the theater at this point! The theater was gross it was trashed and their were bandaids in the cup holders and the seats were uncomfortable!!But on the other hand the previews were great!


The bathrooms are disgusting, and smell like thursday nights dinner, there was a bandage in the cup holder. There was trash everywhere. And I recommend never to go to this theater.

Steven Neil

Typically expensive tickets. They do have, however, good senior discounts all day on Tuesdays every week. If you are a senior, tickets are only $5. Call the theater for details or go online and check it out. I dont' think you' ll be disappointed. Also, great large, reclining seats. You can choose your own seatiing too!

Andrea De Santis

This movie has absolutely NO mgmt whatsoever. Within the past year on 4 different occasions I paid $$$$ for 2 adults & 2 children upon entering. There is NO one taking your ticket at entrance entrance as we watched people just walking in wo paying. I asked for the mge & got nowhere is it fair that people just walk in wo paying? My neighbors recently told me the same thing and said they went back the following week w their 3 grandchildren & just walked in too. Is it honest ?? No, but, why pay when others do not. They need to wake up there. Horrible mgmt

Cheryl P

Clean comfortable theater. Best deal is $5. Tuesdays.

Kerry K

Great purchasing tickets on line and picking up upon arrival by skipping the lines. The theater seats were comfortable but the whole place could use a really good deep cleaning! Bathrooms were yucky

Joseph Donelan

Needs updating,but you can't beat a movie for five bucks at matenee.

Anthony Venturella

Nice prices for stubs membership on Tuesdays

Thomas Crandall

Great place, workers and movies!!

Tomas Sr.

went to a afternoon movie on $5.00 tuesday. movie theater is easily accessible and has lots of parking. bought a bag of twizzlers for $5.00 ! guess they have to make up the money somewhere. and they wonder why patrons sneak in their own candy.

John Herega

Usually a good time visiting this theater, and giving 4 stars rather than 5 because on last visit, a rainy s in me day, there was a large crowd at refreshments and onl uh half of confession stand open, then in n the theater there was something wrong with the AC, it was very hot and humid in the theater. When leaving I heard someone being told to come back and just tell the ticket booth they were there the day AC broke & they could get in free. I would think they should have given out passes and told everyone in the theater not just the ones that found a pers ok n to complain to. Please note every other time I visited all was good. This one time was a bad day that could have been handled better.

Katie Sobeck

So outdated. Straight out of the 80s. It just can't compare now to all of the movie theaters that have upgraded the seats and decor.

Katherine Banyasz

Our first time at this Theater. Employees were very nice. However, the noise outside of #10 was awful!! We heard loud banging, and a very small child crying loudly...alot of distractions. I would rate this place a 6 out of 10.

Cristina Dolman

They need better chairs!!! Upgrade its 2019

Damion Blake

The only reason I go to this theater sometimes is because it is conveniently located. Otherwise, I would go to AMC Brick or the Marquee theater on Rt 37. This AMC is very antiquated - terrible seating, sticky floors, no reserve or preferred seating/ reclining seats. Concessions are also outdated, no Coke machines, etc. Just very run down. They shouldn't charge the same ticket price here as the upgraded theaters. Also worth noting, the most recent movie I saw here let out at 11:30pm, and the parking lot was pitch black. Not a single lightpost was lit in their parking lot. I dread coming to this theater, and only do so out of convenience, and if it is for a movie I don't care much about seeing in one of the nicer theaters nearby.

Erin Molloy Jelley

This place is old and it shows. The dingy carpet looks like it's been there since the 70's and the uncomfortable seats have not been updated in a long time either. The whole place looks dirty and smells weird. Worst of all the staff is beyond rude. Go to the Brick AMC 10 instead.

Karen Malone

When I got the tickets for Seacourt in Toms River it didn't let me pick seats. I called and asked. The girl said they aren't a reserved seat theater. "We're not really anyone's first choice" Well, that's their mistake! Tickets before noon under $5. It was awesome! Like stepping back in time, but in a good way. Place was clean and everyone was nice. No reclining seats, but comfortable. Center Isle with seats on the sides (vs the newer theaters where there is the big middle section and sides seats tucked away...) It was built in the 80's and still has it's original set up. LOVED IT !!!

Marcelle Maggio

Easy . Not overcrowded at matinees. I like the comfortable seats.

Janice Camiolo

Theater is old outdated and crappy. Old chiairs no recliners, small screen , will not return.

Eva Capo


Kathy Scott

Very clean theater & concession stand attentive & clean. Highly recommend it. Bathrooms are clean & ticket person helpful.

Giovanni Marrero

Nice place

That Guy

Unlike every other theater in the area this one has yet to be updated. The upside of this is the tickets are slightly cheaper here. The downside is you get what you pay for along with some 'things' you didn't want that come with this lower price point. Bought tickets online to avoid the line? There's still a line, just now it's at the single kiosk right next to the cashier selling actual tickets. Hate the smell of burnt popcorn? Believe it or not, this was an upgrade. It used to be they served you popcorn cooked elsewhere. Now they make it fresh, but you're going to walk through a cloud of that stench as you make your way back to the larger theaters in which... surprise there are (harmless) flying bugs! I've been going here for nearly 2 decades, originally because it was the only option close to home and because the theaters further away were no better and still the same little critters fly by the screen like random extras in a movie scene. Now though the theater in nearby Brick, NJ has been updated with reclining seats and an easier snack buying center so that's more of a go-to place. As a fallback plan though, this will still get the job done, but with two other theaters, the Marquee in 'West' Toms River and the Xscape theater over in Howell, you'd have to be hard pressed to land in Seacourt theater. As the closest movie theater to all the tourists in Seaside, NJ it's a straight-up embarrassment for AMC Theaters. Honestly there are open pad spaces on Highway 37 and even just off it on Fischer Blvd where the could build a brand new one from scratch. SMH! Tip 1: Don't let this place be your first choice Tip 2: Wear nose plugs if you are sensitive to odd smells Tip 3: There is no assigned seating, so arrive early for choice seats Tip 4: Don't scream when a bug flies by Tip 5: Keep your flashlight app handy at the end of the movie, very poor lighting and the house lights are slow to come up.

Patricia Gajewski

Super comfortable seats. Great views from every one of them!

Rob Jablonski

Dirtiest movie house I've seen. Stainless steel tops of water fountains were discussing bathroom for filthy and total dirt on the walls and speakers in the theater I was at. Typical prices at the concession stand.

Brandon Edmondson

They were the only one close to me playing the movie I wanted to see so I was happy. It's an older theatre with a dated interior( i.e. no stadium seating) but I liked it and the employees were nice.

Eliza Pacis

Plenty of seats...wish they are reclined for 2 hours worth of a movie.

Joseph Latshaw

Needs updating and is never clean.

Nicholas Koff

A decent theater, prices are ok, however not as clean or updated as other theaters in the area.

Jay S

Nice and quiet. The seats are a little old

Orders ForLess

Always clean very nice stuff

Ruben Moksha

Sticky floors are so retro. Popcorn lung awaits the staff. Class action anyone?

Robert Rodgers

This place needs a make over

heyitz._. myak

Nice place good movies

Kathy Moravek

Theater is clean. Staff is pleasant. Wish they would get recliners.

Vr regan

Good location, comfortable seats, friendly staff

Stoop Singleton

Theatre was clean and staff were friendly. Only thing was I think they forgot to turn the volume up on the movie this one time.

Dat boi

Hardly crowded. Seats are uncomfortable, temperature inside is warm, and staff doesn't seem to know their jobs.


No one even takes your ticket when going into the theater that cant be right or safe And I go to buy pretzel bites during my movie and the employee goes I threw them all away?? Why would you throw out the food when people are still seeing movies and your open I hate this place and the seat’s are uncomfortable.

David Gibson

Saw rocketman of course music was great, movie was good.

Clarisa Gonzalez-Lenahan

Clean and polite

d kelly

Totally sucks... The movie admission was practically free but for 3 kids under 12....$50+dollars for refreshments and no refills on soda! The worst AMC hands down. Cloth old school recliner ? Never again

Marti Helmick

I love that this theater still has the old seats.

Jay Cogan

The snack bar very under staff Ed. Could not get refreshments! Seat was broken. Theater was not even remotely clean. The movie was decent at least. Most likely will be not returning. Wish things were much better. It is convenient, it would be nice if the place was managed better.

Ron Shaffery

Nice and clean . Staff is friendly, food prices are crazy but so is every other movie theatre I can think of.

Jack Strube

Ok to watch a movie. Floors were sticky but what theatre isn't...good price for tickets.

Kenneth Kelly

Still has yet to modernize. Same old seats no recliners in a very small concession area

richard johansen

Early ticket prices are awsome food prices are average but warning does not have assigned seats you sit in any seat and and row staff is very frendly and helpful

Joseph Nardino

Old and unimpressive. Why spend good money here when there are much better options? It's like a discount theater without the discount.


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