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REVIEWS OF AMC Mountainside 10 IN New Jersey

Adrian Goldberg

Very clean and was not packed like others I’ve been to. Nice tag and easy to park and find right off of 22 Highly recommend!

Franco Libunao

Overall, the AMC Mountainside 10 is a great movie theater. They often have a variety of films that you can watch. They lots of food and drink options to make watching the movies even better. The theater and the bathrooms are clean, which is great. Finally, the staff is friendly and helpful, so I recommend this theater as a great place to watch a movie.

Maria Santana

Love this theater! There is no scandal like in Jersey Gardens.


Theater was dirty seats were peeling/wripped. Staff was great

Amanda Laurel

Popcorn was stale. Too many kids was running around, jumping around, sliding around and etc. The parents weren't doing anything to stop it

monique heath

Great family day

Hancy Nunez

This is a great theater. We actually were able to go in a movie and we did not feel comfortable with our movie choice as in the first few minutes of the movie was too intense. We asked the lady at the front desk if it was okay if we were to change our tickets and see another film. She gladly helped us out with that.

Lucille Perez

Comfortable seats but a little too cold and way too loud.

John Fic

It's a good place to see a movie and the seats are comfortable. The snack bar has many choices but had no hot dogs or pizza the day I went.

Fran Giameo

Plenty of parking. Quick service at the concession stands. Purchasing tickets at kiosks is a timesaver as well . Tuesday bargain day best day to come.

Stefan Kunkoski

Nice theater. Never really see it crowded.

Katherine Gamboa

Good service

Monica Perez

Very dirty!!! Seats are uncomfortable!

Alyssa Kollef

The seats are visibly dirty, I had to wipe mine off because something was spilled all over it. We bought our tickets online and just walked right through. I guess anyone can walk right In? No one checked them. The popcorn was only okay. Staff acts like it would kill them to smile. Overpriced for the level of cleanliness and customer service.

Nickesha Palmer

My 2 year old was told to shut up or go home...

Wes W.

Very good stadium seating. Plenty of parking. Folks are respectful when watching a movie.

Taye La

Easy check in from using app. Clean with an incredible staff !

Jeffrey Shaw

Great theater. Parking is hard on opening nights but it's not impossible. I need the mozzarella sticks in my life.

Malinda NL

It was ok, if you don't like stadium seating. #datenight #moviepass #imax #reclinerseats

Elaine Henry

Love it there! Clean, Convenient, great seating, great staff.

Irene Blewis

Friendly znd heloful staff. Clean facility. Bathrooms clean

Staci Channing

Just refill the soap in the EVERY time we're there they are Staff are nice, it's fairly clean. Seats are in good shape.

carla lewis

This is definitely one of my most favorite places in the World. Sit back relax and order a delightful meal from your seat. Everytime I go I really enjoy myself...and the food is always tasty and fresh.

L s l Charm

I've been going here for some years now and I'm not sure I will be going back. The service was great at both the ticket counter and the concession stand. The girls were both very polite and courteous even when I couldn't make a decision on what to buy at the concession stand. So that part was great! But when I went into the theater it was just so dirty and the seats were worn and dirty that it turned me off a little. Maybe it's time for an update. Idk. Or maybe because we went to a late movie is the reason it was a mess.

Peggy Conlin

Loved the atomsphere and seats were very comfortable

Barbara Bardley

Seats were comfortable and theater was nice and clean

Craig Allen

Was visiting a friend and was out of the area to catch a movie. Very clean theater and great food selection

tye gibson

US 22 mountainside location is convenient to shopping area. Restroom & Snack station need a serious cleaning.

marcos dominguez

everytime i go we the family is clean pleasant

Negrin Prue

I have always visited other theater chains, never been to this one. Came to it to watch a movie that wasn’t available anywhere else. I just say I was very surprised by this theater. The chairs and nice, spacious, and comfy. They are all in good shape too. The theater rooms are quite big as well. I love how they serve everything too. Not just your usual popcorn and nachos. And the chairs are even designed with this in mind, with plenty of space around the armrest to place a food item, or even trays that connect to your cup holder that will hold all your food.

Trevor Silver

The theater is okay, but it can use more maintenance in the lobby area. There is popcorn and drink spills on the floor near the register, counters and soda/drink dispensers constantly. The ice dispenser does not work on all machines. Some of the drinks chosen do not work either. The dispensers need maintenance as well. Even the bathrooms can use more regular maintenance. This is two to four jobs right there to help improve the appearance. Food is made to order so it's a given and in your best interest to get to the theater at least 30 minutes before your showtime. Summer is coming and with all the new movies coming out this will get worse. Cinemark is opening down the road soon. I can also go to Menlo Park Dine-in Theater which is much better.

Gary Jordan

Clean and comfortable seating for top notch movie watching. Decent admission prices too. Become a stubb hub member and reap the benefits if you go often it would be a great membership to have.

Deborah Eddy

Clean and quiet during the day on a Tuesday.

Brenda Evans

Pikachu detector was a nice movie its was 4 my son he loved it

• Ivan •

This AMC is a good place to go if you want to relax while watching a movie. If you are a stubs member, you gets some nice rewards via app. I ordered the usual, popcorn and a drink. The quality of the food there is great, the employees are very friendly so don't be shy! And at last, the movie theater. The atmosphere in the movie theater is pretty chill if I do say so myself. It can get pretty cold in there so I suggest bringing a jacket with you! I don't mean really cold, but just a tiny bit chilly.

Jen Landaverde

Clean environment. I enjoy coming here with my friends on the weekends. We appreciate the reclining chairs that they have available in most of their rooms. Food selection is great, service is a 9/10. Recommend this theater to anyone in the area.

philomene docsol

Love this place very clean

John Noah Adedeji

BEST MOVOE THEATRE EVER. It's really a great place and has the latest movies all the time. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to watch a movie and fun

Torri Howard

Very comfortable seatings and Great staff!!!


Very comfortable seating. Good food. Friendly

Keith Forbes

Great place amazing renovation love the seats

Emily Green

Huge movie theater usually pretty clean. I always buy the tickets through the self buy where you pay with card instead of waiting in line so that saves time. Snacks and food are way overpriced and not that good of quality but that's with any movie theater. They usually offer a good amount of varied show times to see the movies when they first come out. However once the movies have been out for a while then the showing times get less frequent and that's a little annoying as well. Overall nice movie theater comfy seats, wish they reclined like the Dine-in AMC movie theaters though.

Firedragon 64

Good we saw toy story

DJango Brown

Just like New Brunswick AMC... Big bugs flying around during the movie.

Tailz 2000

I went to see the new Spiderman movie and it was fantastic and the theater was nice,cool,and quiet

sam allos

Too expensive for a cramped up theater. Ones better off at a dine in theater..

Michael Regusters

Went to see Widows on Sunday 11.26.18. As the film was nearing its climactic scenes at the end, there was a technical problem.and the film stopped playing. Management told us it would take no less than 20 minutes to fix the problem. They offfered refunds and passes to see another film.

tiffany sims

Nice size movie theater, they were nice to me and my family especially with my son having a small accident within the theater and helped to clean up and didn’t give any attitude, customer service was nice too to help with my minor ticket problem

Arelis Vindel

Nice theater. Never had an issue. Seats and screening are in good shape.

Elizabeth Stanley

Staff was great. Very clean.

Slime Kids

It is so good with my little sister with my family

John Deren

Great seats.... very comfortable

Giovanni Fiorenza

Place is overall clean, the sound and visual quality of the movie was amazing. The seats are really comfortable with enough room for bigger guys to sit. Of course, like any movie theater, the snacks are overpriced, but they never check my bags!

Donna Mayo

Nice clean roomie and Parking.

Niki H

The people who work here, seriously hate their lives. Luckily, it's clean usually, if you go earlier in the day.

Michelle Bailey

I come here all the time but I think I'm going to start going to another one. I can't deal with attitudes when I'm spending my money. Paying $20 for popcorn and they only fill it halfway.

Yolanda Lee

Is a very nice place to go to the movies by yourself or with friends or family. The place is very pleasant. But the popcorn is expensive. LOL

Rodney Wicker

This is a nice THEATRE!!! Very clean...very safe!! I haven't been there in a while but I will be going back soon. I definitely recommend!

Seckinc C.

The a/c runs on max. and it's so cold inside, you cannot enjoy the movie

Daniel S

I accidentally bought tickets for the previous day (online) and somehow they let me in and there was mass confusion when it came to our (and the real ticketholders) seats. Sure I f'ed up, but they sure as hell did as well to make things worse.

Angel Rayes

Workers get lazy at night, one person working the register while there are 5+ people on line. Perhaps bad management because workers were still great when it was time to serve. Theater is very clean

Zuzana G

The movie theatre itself is pretty average inside and the staff is mostly really nice and helpful. The parking lot has more than plenty of parking, is lit and feels safe. But one of the most important things... the seats you sit in for 2 hours are broken. They tilt way back to where it doesn't give you any good support. I'm in my 30s and I'm starting to get a back ache now anytime i sit in there. Once that's fixed I'd give definitely more stars.

Victor Souza

Good theater. No recliners or stadium seating but still a good movie experience

Angela Stone

love this place very clean

Rochelle Peck

Interesting movies now. Anticipate going soon to see movie of mutual interest with companion.

Sir Gneiss

It's clean, had comfy seats and I had free passes. Not sure if it was the movie itself or the projection but the movie I saw didn't seem as vibrant as I would normally expect. I got to my seats just as it was starting so don't have the ads and whatnot to compare it to. Not a bad spot especially if it's conveniently located for you. I only went there because it was one of the closest places showing the film I wanted to see.

derrick moultrie

The staff is very welcoming

Markos Vidalon

Everything ok but....the seats are ok if you are a tall dude. For this small guy it feels like you need a booster seat. The back sit is high so even when it does not block the view of the screen it gives you that feeling anyway.

Constantina Aristodemou

We had a great time !

Trey Dolla

really a terrible experience! First it was packed in the empty parking lot. Then it was boiling hot in the freezing movie theatre. Lastly, the cheap drinks were so expensive! Never coming here again! Nice employees were so mean. This is why in my opinion, this 5 star hotel and air port popcorn company is 1.14753693 stars. quality service? Can't wait to come back:)

Kallark Praetorofguard

Great. Clean theater with big auditoriums and big screens.

Tom McGhee

Has good food and plenty of seats for people.

Danielle Bookhart

Seems better to buy tickets online to guarantee show times, especially if trying to seat together with group of friends.

Jen Hsu

The great thing about this place is that it is never busy on weekend morning. The ace is clean and organized.

Natalia Rondon

Great clean place.

Nijhia Broomfield

This is my favorite movie theater they always have a neat for me

Ross Leibowitz

Occasionally crowded. Staff are occasionally overwhelmed by crowds and some elements are broken down. Still a decent place to see a cinematic film.

Hariom Arora

The line to get refreshments was way too long. I understand that you guys are busy, but need to staff accordingly. I waited 8-9 minutes in line just to get a drink and popcorn.

Ksk Mmaa

No one working consession stand. Dirty.

Robert Pryor

Best seats in the house, nobody can kick your chair! Love it.


Is ok but very pricey and not super clean the bathroom needs to be cleaner and the chairs need to be taken care of.

Mary Ellen Wilber

It's fine because each theatre is not massive.

Mitchell Gorbunoff

I want to be clear, I have been coming to this theater for most of my adult life, first as Loews and then AMC. A few minutes ago, we received an email confirming a time for a movie we had purchased tickets for a month ago. The time in the email, did not match the time on the ticket. When we called customer service, they informed us that they changed the time of the movie. No warning, no heads up, nothing, had we not just happened to look at our email, we would have all shown up at the wrong time. Since the theater made a mistake, you’d expect that they would help to fix the problem, they refused to exchange our tickets for a different time, so instead we had to refund out tickets (a process that takes 3-5 business days) and then pay for six more tickets on top of that! It would be one thing if we simply couldn’t make it to the movie, but that is not the case. AMC made a mistake, and refused to help us rectify the problem they made, so this will be the last movie I go to at AMC.

Anthony Lugo

It is so nice to go to a theatre where everybody respects each other. No talking, no looking at your phone etc. This is the only theatre I go too. Very comfortable and relaxed I am. Love it.

Matthew Houstle

The seats were filthy when we arrived and we had to ask that they be cleaned before we sat down. Many of the seats were also in disrepair with tears and broken armrests. (We were in theatre 10). The movie didn't fill the whole screen which was very distracting. Most theatres have curtains that can trim the screen size for different format films and either this one didn't have them or they weren't working. The staff were very nice and helpful when we interacted with them so I give an A+ to that. I also witnessed other customers and children have great experiences with the staff. Overall this theatre needs some upgrades to make it worth the ticket price of going to see the movie on the big screen.

Kim L

Updated renovation complete. Reserved seating, chairs tip back but do not recline. Very comfortable seats. Concession stand moved to back of lobby which gives more room for customers and a more organized line.

Tyrone Mitchell

I love the $5 Tuesdays.. I also enjoy the Big Cushion select seating.

Myriam B Estinval

This establishment needs a do over. I'm really disappointed, when this place reopened after renovations it was awesome. Now, the selections at the snack stands are meager at best, the drink machines don't always work and the counters and floors are a mess.

Robert Shaw

Cool place and I always go there for movies.

r randy

Throwback old fashioned Theater Great seats

Willow Reviews

Did not like the seats. For child it is so difficult to watch. We had to move around then had to sit on side seats separately to watch. Will not come to this theaters again for sure.

Big Muslim

Nice and clean inside

Benjamin Ashie

The chairs are not elevated enough on each row. Screen too old, they need to upgrade to a HD screen. Movie theater sound just too loud for any average or normal human hearing.

Katya Ay

Nice, clean and friendly staff.

Joshua Zawislak

Always clean, quick entry, food line can get long, but always have had a good experience. Nothing extraordinary but consistent good experience.

dimez chiefin

One of my favorite theaters. Always clean.

Doug M

Great place but old school seats... Comfy but don't recline

Chelle MToo

This was a great theater. Big comfy seats, no prob finding it right on 22. I do wish that little side entrance didn't say emergency only. I hate getting on 22 lol. Clean, friendly, may be my new usual theater even tho it's a bit of a drive.

Tonya Wilkinson

I love this theater! I normally go early morning and have the theater to myself. Even when others are there it is an enjoyable pleasure.

Donna Mat

The attendants and servers are awesome!

Cassiar Jones

Had a good time. Very clean & polite staff.

Apryl Rosenthal

Seats could be more comfortable if they didn't rock everytime someone from behind you touches your chair . If you are holding a drink and you get rocked forward, it spills on you.

Daniel Hart

Food was good service was fair, the only down part is I wish the chairs recline more

Kevin R

Place can be a lot cleaner and wish they would install reclining seats for the price that they charge for seating

Tony Pillich

Nice well-run AMC Theater we liked it

Monique Richardson

Love the movies they have there



Michele L. Vallejo

Wish seats were different.

Disc Mogul

Clean theater. Although updated, seats arenot tiered and do not recline and the seat back are too high - you constantly find yourself readjusting to view the screen. Sound and picture quality were good.

Soumia Zaman

Clean place but chairs weren't too comfortable

Anabela Ferrer

Decided to give this location a chance after seeing the positive reviews but I must have come on a bad night. It was nice to have reserved seating but the Bathroom is disgusting, The screen has stains on it and out of focus. There were even people smoking in the actual theatre. Definitely will be the last time I come here.

Shawna Mobley

Love the seating idea. The really need to keep the snack bar cleaner. Over all good place.

Jonie W

Good clean theater, nice staff


I enjoy choosing my seat before I go...I like this theatre.

Roshonda Hale

Messed up on my seating manager was great moved my show time and seat with no problems and i loved my seat thanks manager


Food was Good, Customer Service was Great, Line went fast

Tania Hill

Nice theater. It hasn't been too crowded the days I have gone, but I do matinees. Had the popcorn once as of today and it was not good. Bathrooms have been clean. Haven't had any big issues with overcrowding since seats are purchased with your tickets. Parking is generous but it's one way in and out.

Rafael Hernandez

Awesome place to enjoy a movie with family and friends!!!

S.L. Anderson

The floor is dirty with popcorn all over the place. The girl fixed my food and didnt use gloves after she was sweeping...terrible

Avia Riley

Great family spot to check out the latest movies!! Nice and clean with great snacks!! The staff is wonderful!!

Stephen Odom

Took my family out for a 3D movie time and they loved it. Aladdin was a good movie as well. Nice place No crazy crowds I'm glad we went.

Christopher Tonstad

Decent venue, nice sized screens, seats are large and comfortable.

Ant Live06

Great theatre!! Nice & clean!! Will be going back! Super comfy seats!

Joy Arnold

I was great and I love it I had a great time at the movies with my family I will go here anything❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Kassiem Lawry

Always a great experience. No issues with seating or people on their cell phones. Also the seats are spacious and soft even for a big guy like myself.

ann A

Good movie theater. convenient location with the option of buying your tickets ahead of time or at a kiosk inside or via personal assistance. big comfy chairs that looked like they wanted to recline but I couldn't get figure out if it was possible. Definitely worth a stop

Hala Fandom

It was fun, clean, and very smoothly run


Mountainside Theater Is A Really Good Theater That I Would Highly Recommend I Have Been Here Before A Couple Of Times And I Must Say It Was A Very Quality Experience (Well At Least For Me) It May Not Be The Best Theater I Have Been To But It Is One Of The Good Ones That I Have Been To.

Erin Yuill

Lately, my family and I have been going to the Mountainside AMC more frequently than any other theater. The main reason is because not only can buy tickets ahead of time but you can also choose the exact seats you want to sit in. In most of the other theaters in the area only allow you to buy ahead of time. Having a ticket for a specific seat is the best, especially if the movie was just released. You don't have to arrive extremely early to get a seat. The theaters are clean and the staff is kind and courteous. As a "STUBS" member I really enjoy the perks this particular theater gives. My only complaint is that the people working the concession stand don't move fast enough. Sometimes the line can be really long and by the time it's your turn it's as if they don't understand that movies start at a specific time. I feel like they move in slow motion and it's extremely frustrating

Ronald Giameo

Been coming here for over 20 years. If you're not an AMC stub holder, you're missing out. $6 tickets every Tuesday.

aaron lozada

Staff is rude and very condescending, and apparently now you have to be 21+ to go into a rated R movie which ruined the experience for the most part.


Not enough to do while you wait.

Vaughn Jones

This movie theater deserves three stars, but I gave it two because of location, which I'll explain later. The PROS: the largest movie theater I've ever seen, so no problem finding a park, but you'll have a long walk if the theater is busy and you arrive late. They have 10 screens and all are pretty big and they usually have all the trending movies. CONS: The consession stand is poorly managed so there is usually a long line when there's no need, while the workers talk with themselves and are slow. This theater has been around for a while, so the seats are big , plush and a little worn. Now for the location and the reason for two stars. Exiting the parking lot is DANGEROUS!!! Be careful. The theater exits into route 22 east, and there is a bend in the road just before the exits, so you will not see the cars coming. And their mission is to not let you leave the parking lot. So, if you have a new car and want to see how fast you can go from 0 to 50, this is the place. Again, be careful. You can avoid this by going when most folks are at home around matinee hours or late evening shows. Or when there are no popular movies out. Overall , it's a quick place to get to if you're trying to see a movie, but bring a buddy to stand in the consession line while you watch the beginning of the movie, and be careful at the parking lot exits.

Miguel Suarez-solis

Closed until further notice... But you keep your Fing movie times up online... Thanks for making me take over 20 bucks in Ubers for no God damn reason. Congrats you just lost a weekly customer to the Cinemark that opened down the road you idiots

Veronica Talavera

I like coming here cause there always lot cops here so I feel safe wen I come here

robert tennard

Mountainside has really stepped up its game. Such as vast improvement from years ago. Updated stadium seats, the ability to reserve your seats online. The staff was kind and courteous. Theater was very clean. Will definitely keep Mountainside in mine for the future!

Ben T

It doesn’t have power recliners or the indie films like the East Hanover location, but with the reserved seating it’s still one of the best theaters in the area.

Benvelic Band

Accessible, good service, good pop corn, comfortable seats. Just that the seats were not much onto an inclined plan so people can get small obstruction from front seat.

Hoyt Neal, Jr

Good place to see a movie! Reasonable prices for trears. Great seats. Good view. Lots of space and clean.

Richard Stone

Best movies theater! I recommend this place if you want to see latest movies

Datoya Coker

The best movie theater ever!!

Adonna Walcott

We had a great time there

sabrina tyre

Very busy in this trip with it being premiere of endgame weekend however, staff was extremely helpful and friendly to my family. We enjoyed our movie day out.

Mary Fayton

Enjoyed the movie. Snacks were good. Chairs comfortable.

Madison Renea

My kids love going to this Amc mountainside! Workers are friendly they always play what they want to watch!! Snacks are great

Sam Hayez

Movie theater was nice. But the bathrooms needed some cleaning

Greg Stevenson

Decent theater. Comfy swingy seats, no recliners as far as I know.

Imani Peterman

It doesn't have seat warmers and the chairs doesn't go back

Bill Martin

Clean theater, food was pretty good, all in all a great movie expirience

ronald ravelle

Nice clean place


Movie was good, ladies room was filthy. I've been here several times and never experienced this as an issue. It won't deter me from going again

Matt Gurnicz

Parking is usually ample, is heaters are clean, and for the new releases they are a good size, and the seats are comfortable. They just don't have some of the recliners at other theaters has but they will be back a little ways. I typically order online and I've never had a trouble getting the seats I want and just skipping through the line.

Nobel Leonardo

beautiful movie theater and also is very clean


Hard to tell the premier from the stubs line. Which cause alot of confusion. Very unorganized

Tina Denise

Love the reserve recliner seating.

Tammy Miller-Owens

Loved the movie! Movie theater is great!

Ed Sylvia

Laughing in the background the amount of commercials is ridiculous. I have never gone to a movie theater that I had to choose my seat before I got in the theater. The prices of the concessions is absolutely ridiculous sneak your own stuff in.


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