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REVIEWS OF AMC MarketFair 10 IN New Jersey

sohail ali

As far as movie theaters go it’s fantastic; It meets all the requirements for a good movie going experience. It’s clean, it’s well stocked, the employees aren’t stoned, and it’s connected to a mall for pre or post movie options.

Matthew-Donald Sangster

Best movie theater I've been to in a while. Helpful well-meaning staff. Matinees get a bit rough when it comes to popcorn but that should be expected

Heather Reilly

I am horrified at the Management of this AMC. I bought my 17 year old daughter and her 17 year old boyfriend tickets to see a movie. When they got to the theater, they refused to let my daughter in because she did not have her license with her since her boyfriend drove. She has been going there for over 2 years with friends, etc. and has NEVER had to show ID to get into a movie, even if it was rated R. I called the theater and spoke to (supposedly) the manager who screamed at me on the phone and said I should have my daughter go see a movie at a “competitor” theater. I mean seriously?! I wish I recorded the phone call. I’m horrified by the way he spoke to me and screamed at me on the phone. Not to mention how they treated my daughter and her boyfriend. So much for kindness and respect. I will NEVER step foot in that place again!

Rachel Trischetta

Lots of interesting choices at the concession stand beyond your usual popcorn including fancy nuts, large varieties of candy, and a slushies station. Theatre seats are big and recline as much or as little as you'd like.

Tyler Bowers

Very nice theater they have recling power seats. Staff has always been helpful and friendly.

Hannington Musinguzi

Modern sitting but the theatre space is small

Stacey M

Didn't like it. The entrance staff wasn't very welcoming, the lady behind the concession stand hated her life. I get it because it was labor day weekend. What got me the most was the projector screen had a defect that made watching the movie unenjoyable. Would rather go to the AMC in Hamilton.

james martin

Dope movies and comfy seats! Chicken and waffle sandwich is delicious

Ruchie Shrivastava

We booked ticket last minute and got the front seat for 3D movie was little worried for eye or neck pain but had good experience except one thing couple who were sitting next to us they were too annoying keep taking or whispering and checking phone 2-4 times in the middle of the movie and this did not end here, the worst thing was the guy took off his shoes and his socks were stinking (I got so upset that paid so much money for the Avengers-End Game movie) and hard to sit there. I was desperately waiting to end the movie and run from that place. Well theater is great but just my day was not great, free parking and clean restroom.

Anish Wilson

Recliner seats takes the movie watching experience to next level

Mike Sip

Very nice, clean and quiet

Kirsten Arentzen

$5.00 Tuesdays are the best! Comfortable seating, too. I wish they served some healthy snacks instead of all junk food.

Tenaj RPW

Overall it's a good place to take the family! I'm not giving it a 5 star because their counter selection is extremely limited and its kind of hard to find within this mall

Sin Sin Au Yeung

I come here me and my boyfriend and we bond over watching a good selection of movies it’s never crowded very comfortable and clean here

Noelle Harper

It is a nice theater to watch a movie, it has the comfy recliner seats, which make the viewing experience that much better. The only thing that I would warn about, not the theaters fault at all, is that the seat you get with your ticket is where you have to sit. Since its the reclining seats, that means that they cannot fit as many as normal movie theaters. If you sit in a different seat, it messes it up for everyone and it's a domino effect of no seats for the people who bought them. Plan ahead or buy ahead if you want to sit next to the people you came with. Save yourself the hassle, the workers (who move you to your original seat) the hassle, and your fellow movie go-ers the hassle: Sit in the seat on your ticket. Other than that, the AMC in MarketFair 10 is great.

Kenneth Roberts

Nice theater, has recliners. Would love to see them do more with food options, etc like I've seen in other AMC theaters.

Nelson Zara

Great place easy to get to and from home. Comfortable seats


It is a medium sized mall when compared with Quacker Bridge mall. The facilities are more or less the same like any other mall with adequate parking and public restrooms. The entrance, parking and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Stephen Beam

This AMC Theater offers reserved seating and plush reclining seats. Ordering through the kiosk was a little confusing and the theater could have been a cleaner the night that I visited but overall the experience was positive.

Hallam Bradshaw

Great place for a dinner and movie night

Ted Shaffner

Comfortable, nice staff, exorbitant food prices, like everywhere else, I guess.

Aaron Pereira

Nice clean AMC with new chairs. Really liked it good parking.

Danny Betancourt

Okay and relatively inexpensive. Although I prefer Regal cinemas, my friend choose the place to save time and catch the last showing of Aladdin which by the way excellent.

Jerry W

It was a good theater, comfortable recliner seats. Only problem is the screen in theater #1 looked like sandpaper, distracting texture.

Linda Fejko

Nice, clean theater. Good choice of refreshments. Helpful staff. Love the recliner seats and smaller thea ters. A Wonderful time.

Andrew Channin

Comfy seats. Relaxed movie going experience. Food order went well.


I want to love this movie theater. For the most part, my experience has been great. However the ladies restroom is usually in disrepair or not clean. They may just not have the staff to keep up with it in busy hours.

David Sutherland

Great but overpriced

Rohan Arora

Fine experience but I spent 22 dollars on two drink and one large popcorn. Wack

steven mihov

AMC MarketFair 10 is located in a great, sub-mall which has a variety of delicious restaurants to dine in after a great movie. The movie theatre is modern, sleek and clean. It features reclinable seats and very clean bathrooms and amenities. Overall a wonderful place for a long haul movie!

Ntumba Makenda

Nice and clean. Have recycling chair

Sagar Setru

Clean movie theater with comfortable recliner seats

Antonio T

Nice theatre with many of the updated luxuries like reclining seats and choosing your seats online before heading to the theatre, a feature I use EVERYTIME. just wish it was a larger theatre, because of its smaller size some of the movies you may be looking for might not be playing here.

Vijaya Bhargavi Cherukuri

Reduce movie ticket price with stubs rewards on Tuesdays

Savanah White

Great you can shop get food then when you want to relex and watch a movie go there seating is great

Tyrone King

Great place to see a movie.

Alexander Furman

The theatre I was in had spacious reclining seats, very comfortable.

Flora B

Very nice seats but the selection of movies is relatively stupid.

Dr kim Lee

been going here since the last couple years its all ways fun! love the 5 dollar movies on Tuesday!

Daniel Brun

Our choice theatre! We love being able to preorder our seats and just walk in, scan the phone and sit down. Especially Love the recliners! On the cleaner side as theaters go. The five stars is limited to the theatre minus the concession stand. Concessions are beyond a rip-off now, highway robbery would be conservative. On the bright side there’s almost never a line for concessions. Seriously what business courses did these people take? Lower your prices, and by lower I mean something comparable to a wawa or quick chek, you’ll make more $$$. You do realize most people just sneak their own stuff into the theaters nowadays Right?

Tiffany Basma

Comfortable select seating but the upkeep of the lobby, theaters and bathrooms is horrible. They need more staff to keep the place clean.

Ullas Krishnan

Reclining chairs are the best

Bootleg Zani

I regularly go to this theater and it is usually pretty dirty in most of the theaters. The past month they have had someone do a cleaning of the screens or something which has left an awful glare and haze as if the used the wrong type of cleaning spray similar to when a cleaning lady uses the wrong spray on a TV and gets that awful sheen on the screen. Not sure if they ever plan to clean the screens properly but it ruins most visually intensive films since the grain effect is awful. I can say for certain theaters 8 and 10 have this on the screen.

Kelly Ranson

I love coming here on six dollar Tuesday movie night me and my girlfriends come here and we have so much fun.

Jodie Francis

AMC and Barnes&Noble were the only populated parts of this mall. Which is fine i guess but i hope it sticks around for this convenient location! I do get annoyed by the several doors to exit the theater and always lose my car, maybe it's a fire safety thing. Anyway this is one of the more updated AMCs with no gross old chairs so a thumbs up from me.

Christopher Andalcio

Enjoyed multiple scenes of the live-action "Lion King" movie.

Brad Summerville

Okay service. Smaller theaters.

Tina S

I love this movie theater! It's clean, it's super convenient due to the assign seedings which helps with crowd control. It's easy to do everything online, and the snack Booth is always running smoothly and quickly. The staff is always super helpful and friendly and the theater is always nice and clean. This is the only AMC that I normally go to because it's close to me and it's not chaotic. I recommend it to all!

R Botwin

Ok... needs to have AC on more in summer!

Mark Burton

Nice multiplex. Loved the recliner seats

Abhay Kulkarni

Could have been much better if the sound was louder to be heard in the last row. Probably the problem with that movie or that theatre as other theaters in the complex seem okay

Patrick Millien

It's one of the AMCs that has reserved seats (that recline) and smaller theatres. GREAT if you are an AMC A-Lister and are trying to get the most out your subscription but the opposite if you're not. It was one of my bottom AMCs to go to when I wasn't reserving seats on the regular (non A-Lister) because the smaller theatres meant competition was high for seating (the leather seats are really clutch). Nice nich theatre to binge movies though!

Alexander Frese

I love the comfy seats. I wish they had the independent movie selection that some of the other larger AMC theaters have.

Neha Saini

Very nice seats and ambience is good. Popcorn were run out when I went there. Other than that its good.

Amando M

The best seats in a movie theatre by far I've visited. Selfserve multi-choice soda machines Get your tickets and claim seats early, online or self-check-out up front because seats are limited (not the largest theatres)and fill fast especially opening week for big movies


I love AMC movie theater. The chairs were really large and comfortable. Good service.

Oleksandr Linnyk

Good service, comfy seats! Even if you're sitting all the way in the front.

Patrick Savickas

Cozy recliners if not smaller theaters

Chitra Naidu

Great place to put your feet up and watch a movie after a long day of shopping

Daniel Wang

The tickets are expensive and the theaters are small so tickets run out fast. There are reclining seats which is a plus. The double doors on both sides is also an annoyance. When you watch a late movie they lock the one end so you have to walk around the building to get to your parked car.

Justice McMillion

Clean theaters and nice reclining seats.

Lule Lekaa

Very clean movie theate I come here on six dollar movie Tuesday night once you are a AMC member.❤️❤️❤️

Terri Brown

I love this location because they have recliners in just about every theater.

Brian Dsouza

Loved the seating arrangement. Makes watching a movie so much fun and if you can make it they have a rate special on Tuesdays - $5. That's amazing value for money

Denise Soto

My family and I frequent this theater even though we live closer to Hamilton 24. Aside from better seating and enjoying a smaller venue with less crowds, it is always clean and the staff are pleasant. This evening, (New Year's Eve) my family and I went to watch a movie as we always do on NYE. Prior to leaving I noticed that I lost an earring. Not the most expensive but very sentimental in value. The MOD, Brian, went above and beyond trying to help me find it. Though we were ultimately unsuccessful in locating it, his assistance was very much appreciated. It is the gesture that will have me continuing to return. The lost earring may be a sign of what's to come in 2019. Perhaps a little less fortune but we'll continue to be surrounded by amazing people willing to lend a hand when needed.

Bruce Steenson

Comfortable chairs, good sound and screen. Clean.

George Telegadis

A bit dead compared to Quakerbridge, but for a smaller mall it I pleasant looking with with the glasses atrium.

Barbara Sahm Benjamin

Comfy seats that recline AND seasoned curly fries. That's all the joy I need, well, besides the icees. Stadium seating that ensures every seat has visual access. All it needs are seat heaters and I would move in.

Natraj Patro

Next to US-1, neighbor Hood is full of shopping, restaurants... Spend the day with full package....

Tiffany Gevaras

Probably my favorite movie theater. My first time being there was just the other day. It is very clean. The seats recline and I love the self service kiosks for buying tickets.

Ian Pringle

Really nice since they redid it. There's very limited seating to buy your tickets in advance through the AMC app or Fandango but assigned seating means you know what you're getting and you don't have to wait in a line before show time. They have the big reclining seats.

Garreth Armstrong

It was good - - mkre for a romantic outing... Great seats - - Screen is not massive but its good for medium sized movies....

Beatifullee Curled

This place is disgusting. I came to see mission impossible . I’m visiting from another state . I could even find the girl to scan my ticket . It’s a bunch of kids working here . The snack area was filthy . I didn’t even get popcorn as it was being heated by a light . So no fresh popcorn . There was butter all over the dispenser garbage all over the counter . Don’t believe the positive views about this place . Seats look so old .if I could give it negative stars I would . Don’t go here go somewhere else .

Michael DePaulo

It's an AMC like many others, with coca cola freestyle machines, etc. But on top of that: 1. It was opened in 2016 & has leather recliners everywhere with physical buttons (rather than poorly designed touch-sensitive buttons.) 2. It is well-maintained, unlike Hamilton. 3. About half the staff just does their job, while the other half are genuinely friendly and want to help you, which is a high % for such a business.

karen kucowski

The ticket kiosks took us off guard, but after a couple times I guess I'd get used to them. Loved the smaller theater sizes and the reclining loveseats. The theater was clean and not overly crowded. There were plenty of good restaurants nearby for dinner prior to the movie.

Saif Ahmad

Love the recliners and reserved seating option. Unlike AMC Hamilton, it's connected to the mall so you have option to walk around and eat.

Andy Beloff

It's okay. Not 'wow,' but okay!

Nina Mantrom

They were not kidding when they said the pretzels are big. To be honest, the food options aren't stellar here. You are better off sticking to popcorn or waiting until after the movie and hitting the restaurants within the mall proper. Seats are fantastic though, and the theaters themselves are cozy but still spacious. Not too cold either!

Paula Andras

It was a busy Tuesday night and my first time visiting this theater. There was little help from the employees or signage on directing us where we should go (we had already bought our tickets so we didn't have to wait in line). So we just kept walking until we found the entrance. Theater itself was nice and clean and we enjoyed the ability to recline. But I was extremely disappointed in the cleanliness of the rest of the the theater! The ladies room was a mess: paper towels and toilet paper all over the floor. The trashcan itself was completely overflowing. The men's room was similarly unsanitary. And the snack bar was covered with food stuffs and trash. Everything was just a big mess. I will not returning to this theater. It is too small and busy to be so filthy and unsanitary.

Curtis G

Great seats and movie experience. Amenities could use work bathrooms are a mess. Not enough staff to take food orders. Staff is really good and patient when it comes to ordering tickets. Considering the movie and comfort during the movie are the priorities this is our go to threater

Norman Rockwest

One of the best movie theaters in the area. Electric recliners, ample space, relatively clean. Expensive though...

Kari M.

I love that AMC is doing $5 Tuesdays, and I hope it continues! I love this theater and the reclining seats. I choose to go out of my way to this theater because it is so much nicer and more comfortable that other theaters in the surrounding area. The staff is always friendly and helpful. However, the prices on the food menu are ridiculously overpriced. $20 for an extra large drink and a pretzel? That's insane.

Lee Garwig

Great place..comfy stadium ordering..popcorn..what's not to like?

kerry mcquarrie

Love being able to reserve a seat.

Tom Clancy

Been at this location a dozen times, I have had fast service. I always purchase tickets online. The theaters vary in size. Never had any problems. Enjoyable. Plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Will go again.

Tim Hatch

Clean, comfortable, leather power easy chairs. Excellent sound and screen. I definitely recommend watching your next movie here at AMC Market fair 10.

Talha Ahmed

Love the reserved seating and recliners. Normally pretty clean and I've never had a bad movie experience in years of visiting here. The theaters are on the smaller side so it is definitely encouraged to buy your tickets ahead of time.

Ducky_Sickle_Cell Warrior85

Enjoyed. Facility was clean. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Adithya Rajagopalan

Slightly overpriced but the only movie theater that shows mainstream movies in the Princeton area. The food here isn't the best. The popcorn is particularly stale most of the time. But the seats are comfortable and parking is easy. Most popular movies are screened here

Eugene Kang

Probably one of the smallest theatres I've been to but it is well-maintained and clean. Seats are comfortable.

Carlos Wolff

Clean, comfortable movie theater. Conveniently located for other activities. Always my go-to place for a movie.

Peter Lombardo

The scanner to scan your mobile device did not work so, had to wait in line to have them manually scan it. Once it was scanned, the kid did not tell what seats were reserved for us. As for the speediness at the concession stand was a 5, quick and painless.

Ehud Zion Waldoks

Love the reclining love seats. Good sound, nice variety of beverages.

Joe King

Would give it a 6 star if I could. Excellent seating and $5 Tuesday tickets

Boo Cat

This is a great theater in the Market Place Mall. All seating is stadium style with comfy recliners. The sound and picture is great. The seats are clean. The theater is clean. The staff can be hit or miss depending on the day. The one thing that I really don't like is the concession stand. They will take all premium members first before helping others. If premium members keep showing expect to wait a while for snacks.

William Gao

I watched the End game there and the lines were short so I got my ticket quickly.

Janell Peterson

Nice theater with big comfy reclining leather chairs.

Cheryl Siewierski

Great movie theater. Really comfy seats, efficient service and not too crowded.

Jennifer Bradshaw

Nice movie theatre. Friendly clean

Michael Luster

Always enjoy this theater.

N n

I like that movie theater very much as the seats are comfortable and has recliners. There is popcorn and fountain drinks with different flavors. There are sandwiches, etc. On Tuesday the tickets are cheaper . The movie theater is not that big but you can see very well. I enjoyed watching a 3D movie over there. I like the AMC there.

Holger Drallmeyer

Comfy seats when they are not greasy. It's pretty dirty and don't look for someone to clean here. AMC is still working on an app for that. Update: AC no longer working. They took our money without informing us about the issue. Was 95 degrees inside with no ventilation. This place is a dive and their manager is incompetent. Lowered my rating from 3 stars to one.

Zenith Zefyr

Always a great place to watch a movie, their food is okay, popcorn is great though. The bathrooms are fantastic considering and I feel that in my experience they always make it a great visit!

George Baazak

Probably the best movie theater in the area! Never too crowded. All the seats are the signature recliners so you never have to worry about sitting in those uncomfortable standard movie theater seats. Only thing that can make it better is if they add a Dolby theater. Have that and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

William Randall

The updates to this place are dope! I liked this place before, but was my second or even third option for movie going. The new updates as well as the burger restaurant have made this my go to spot for a movie night, or afternoon. The only gripe is that some times it doesn’t have the movie I want to see and that show times aren’t always ideal. That being said if they have the movie I want to see and it is in the area of the time I want to see it I rather go here than any other area movie theaters. The seats are so comfortable I once came here basically to take a nap!!!!!

Michael Kenny

So many of these theaters are micro theaters that make you feel like you're watching a movie at a rich friends house. I don't have any rich friends, but I do have their A-List program and a house in PA, and I'll happily spend the extra 10 minutes it takes to come out here for a food movie selection and a cozy small theater.

eugenia gutierrez

Small theaters but comfortable

Meg Luo

I don’t go to AMC that much but today I went with my friends. I was gonna watch Dead Pool 2. I already got tickets online. There was no sign or information telling me that I should bring some identification for proving my age to able watch this rated R movie. Instead when I bring my ticket with me to the desk. This lady at the desk was not letting me in. I mean I understand according to the law or rule I need something to prove my age, but it’s AMC fault for Clarifying for the customers about what to bring for rated R movie. The lady at the front desk was not happy looking and was not nice to me . Then I call over to manager and the manager give me an excuse saying that she’s worked here since 1985 and the policy has never changed. There was nothing that they can do instead of a refund. I did learn my lesson for Next time I should bring some identification to prove my age but AMC should also improve on clarifying the information of what should we bring or what should we do before entering the rada next time I should bring some identification to prove my age but AMC should also improve on clarifying the information of what should we bring or what should we do before entering the rated R movie.

Imran M Yousuf

Nice screen, comfy seats, enjoyed watching Shazam.

Sherry Waleiko

Favorite theater

Jeffrey Krystek

It was pretty cheap but the seating is not great. For a taller person like me I could not sit comfortably in the seats because there was a wall about 2 feet in front of my seat.

Robin Lenoir

Great seats! Staff usually nice and all is usually clean.

James Heck

3D Theatre has reclining seats. Concessions serves food including coffee & "loaded" (spicy) hotdogs

Troy Vetter

It's so cool how a footrest comes out once you press a button

Jacky Foufas

Went to see an R rated film and some annoying kids were there by themselves. I was worried about them irritating me throughout the film as they certainly were not a quiet bunch. but thankfully they were escorted out. How did they even get in? Also the food is pretty good and the people friendly! I would definitely come back again.


Love this movie theater! My dad brought me here last year as an early birthday present and we have gone here ever since for all of our movie trips! The chairs are great and the kiosks for tickets makes lines much shorter! I love it here

Malcolm Tears II

Love the reclining seats... Its never crowded when I go.

Tammi Draper

Always fast service,and clean theaters.

Barry Mednick

Very comfortable seat set at great angels. Easy access from parking lot. Food was typically expensive and easy to get.

Mike McLay

It's a comfortable theater, but it's in desperate need of an update

Amarnath Ede

Decent theater with multiple screens but only English movies. Comfortable seating with recliner facility

Ladymarr M.

Movie theater is sooo nice. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the concession stand is soooo unaffordable. It's like $18 for Chicken Tenders and Fries.

Chris Shellenberger

Staff was monotone in speaking to customers. Could have been more friendly. Purchased a regular size drink at the concession stand. We are A list members, so we should have been asked if we wanted to upgrade size for free. We were not. We got the drink at the freestyle machine and 2 machines were almost out. The area near the drinks and popcorn butter was messy. Considering today was a day off for school children and many people go to the movies around the holidays..I was very surprised at how ehhh everything was here. This was my first visit to this theater location. It may be my last.

Hotdog’s Mann Cave

Nice theater with comfortable reclining seats. No complaints here.

Michael Brienza

There is stadium seating, reserved seats, nice staff, and no hassle to get to whatever movie you want. The food is expensive, but its a movie theater after all. Standard movie theater food (popcorn, etc).

John Roberts

Great environment for a Blockbuster movie. Live the assigned recliner seats.

Jinseok Lee

nice place to watch a movie. theater is clean, roomy, and cozy. but a little bit expensive than other movie theaters.


Comfy reclining seats Clean

Brian Papocchia

Attended a business function. No information was at the main entrance. One AMC worker was hovering in the area. I asked him where to go, and he said Theatre 3, but he didn't point out where was Theatre 3. So I just had to wander and find it on my own. Then, the projector failed during the presentation...several times. Definitely needs some work for more business events to use this venue.

Yifeng Yan

The place I went there often, but lonely... Sad story...

Mirtha Tirado

Entrance is compact but organized perfectly. Seats are very comfortable and love that you can select a specific seat.

Denis Michel

Reclining comfortable seats you can reserve in advance. Manageable lines to buy refreshments. The renovation made this location up to date.

Brian Feldman

Super comfy reserved seating. Not having a ticket booth is a mistake. There is a loss in just having a computer. It would have been much simpler to walk up to a person and tell them what I want.

Christopher Schneider

I saw the movie Aquaman here and I saw it on a weekday night so the theater was not very crowded. I got to choose my seat when I purchased a ticket and the seats are full fledge recliners. The picture was bright and the audio was clear the only problem was the couple three seats over for me that was making out. Really they're only like seven people in the theater and they pick three seats away from me!

Greg Mitchell

A little pricey but the seats are worth it...comfy, reclining and assigned.

Gaurav Jain

Small theater without many screening options. Its well maintained with comfortable reclining seats. It's located inside the mall (marketfair) and access from two sides from the parking lot. However for screenings that end after the mall closing time you can go out only on one side so be careful where you park the car (or be prepared to walk around the building after the show - luckily it's a safe neighborhood)

Melu Marsa

Easy parking, movie theater, restaurants, Book store, boutiques.

Stacy Lim

Nice reclining seats but they always smell funny, which makes me wonder how often they are cleaned. Bathrooms are always gross. Still one of the better theaters in the area.

Sara Lemley

One of the best theaters in the area. Small but you can reserve seats and the chairs are super comfortable and recline. Reserve your seats a day or so in advance because they book up quickly.

Jason Kuehn

Fairly small theater by modern standards. But I generally like that. Some of the upholstery on their recliners is cracking and can be uncomfortable.

Chris Anthony

Comfortable recliners and fairly clean.

Darius L

Still miss the old Regal from back in the day but its not a bad theater

Mai Jadé

Pricey but if you're not the one paying, still go to freehold or East Windsor. You still have to pay for snacks.....

Ana Diaconu

Extremely nice, clean theatre!! Wish it had a wider food variety though!

Shirley Wright

It was located in a mall. The common area is very small. You can order from a computer screen or a person if you prefer. Seats reclined and were nice. There's only one set of bathrooms.


I'm down for this place. The cashier helped me and my dad out by signing us up for Stubz on the spot and getting cheap tickets. All movies are $5 on Tuesdays! There's a lot of recliner seats, which is awesome, but I get annoyed that I can't access them all when reserving seats online. When I get to the theater, there's a bunch of empty seats that were unavailable on the site. Not this theater's fault but AMC in general. This place is clean and spacious. There are also some places to eat afterwards at the mall.

Sarah Kort

Theatre nine has broken ac it seems. No popcorn is made. They told me to wait while they made some up ? What?? No. The popcorn should be made. And the customer service when purchasing the tix at kiosk was subpar. Totally rude experience. Two stars for the movie itself and cozy seat. Pls at least fix the air.

Bento Brawler

Staffing in general is fine. Asked about an application I had recently turned in, was directed to management who in turn was not very polite. Straightforward about how they are basically useless when it comes to talking about interviewing process. Didn’t ask for any info and said they have no idea about any of the stuff catering to hiring situations. Then what was the point for me to talk to them? Thanks for wasting my time.

Tracey DeLorenzo

Comfortable seating!

Hasees Qazi

Nice seats

Ryan Morici

On Friday night and and me and a couple of my friends went to see Stuber, an R rated movie. Now we know the rules, but the service was impeccably terrible. The one star rating is extremely generous, honestly there should be a negative section to rate service, it’s atrocious. It ruined my birthday; Come On!

Paul Birnbaum

Love the recliners. Too bad they don't have an IMAX auditorium.

Tim Bruchez

Our hometown theater. We love coming here to catch a movie on a Tuesday night. Has to be a Tuesday or during midweek since seating is limited. The big cushy seats help make the experience, but theaters are small.

Manny Hunt

Service was nice and fast. Just wish the seats were a little cleaner and worked more consistently (me and my friend had broken chairs once or twice).


Screen are not as big as AMC Hamilton, but seating is comfortable.

Colin Fahmy

Staff spoke very rudely with inappropriate jesters. Acted like I was retarded when I'm a perfectly normal teenager. Wasn't aloud in a rated r movie and we had an adult with us. The adult was in the bathroom and we were in the theater and three managers came in and escorted us out. Unbelievable service. This is outrageous!!!!

John Wiggins

My favorite place to watch movies besides my living room. The food is limited and expensive.

Korrin Durkin

Love that you can pick your seats ahead of time. Friendly staff and clean facilities. Seats recline and very comfortable!


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Cinemark Hazlet 12
Cinemark Hazlet 12
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater

AMC Brick Plaza 10
AMC Brick Plaza 10
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater

AMC Hamilton 24
AMC Hamilton 24
Movie Theater - New Jersey

Movie theater