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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Bridgewater 7 IN New Jersey

mark Liebman

Haven't been to the theatre in years, tried to purchase a few tickets for a movie and find out they charge you a convenience fee equivalent to an entire ticket. Complete and upper rip-off the only convenience here is how convenient my money goes into AMCs wallet.

James Graziano

Pricey place to eat. I'd think I'd rather just watch the movie. The food, I got a burger and fries, wasn't that good and wasn't that bad. The service was good.

Lori Fohs

Went to this theater last night. Best I can say is the waitress was very nice, she should get a raise just for working in that place. The theater was filthy. Your feet couldn't even stay in the same place because the floors were so greasy. The theater was dirty,obviously wasn't cleaned between the last show. Or maybe not ever. The seats were extremely uncomfortable. Some even ripped. Had a bad odor also. The doors were never closed so you also heard the other movies. And the bathrooms were disgusting!!! We will NEVER go back to this theater!!!! And to top it off...The movie started late!!

Andrew Singleton

Great dining experience as you are watching a movie. The menu seems to have gotten a whole lot better. The dry rub wings were spectacular and the burger was meaty, juicy and definitely to my liking. You might think that the servers moving around the theater during the movie is distracting, but you get used to it and they do a very good job of being very Indiscreet. I am a huge fan of the dinner and a movie concept.

Mukesh Mirchandani

There could be more food varieties. But overall a good experience good service


Nice theater food & drinks is delicious

Wil Torres

A bit pricey but good food and fast service. Wish the seats were a bit more comfortable but you go for the overall experience.

carlos posada

Food was terrible, cold nachos thrown in a microwave with messy cheese and beans topping them, popcorn was cold. Expensive food for the poor quality you get. Theater was also dirty. Screen was fine, sound was fine. Will not visit again, specially not ordering food again

Fatima Rana

The food there is horrible. They messed up on my family’s order. Mixed up plates. We waited so long for one of my family members food to come out because they mixed up orders. My alcoholic beverage had noooo liquor in it almost- very stingy. I had a drink with more orange juice in it and barely any liquor at all. It was horrible. Should’ve just gotten a lemonade. I would recommend just watching a movie there, not getting food. Also no reclining chairs. I have back problems and the seats there hurt. No impressed compared to the rest of the AMC’s.

Steve Gabriel

Always loved thistheater. Its small so space runs out quick but the management is awesome, especially Sara. We had a small issue and she took care of it immediately.

Tobias Müller

Food arrived late, was cold enough so the cheese on the hamburger was thoroughly hard. Staff seemed very stressed. And had issues remaining polite. Cinema experience was sub par, very noisy and overly bright room.

Christopher Pancoast

Nice staff. Clean bathrooms. Seats are made for fat people. Oh did I mention u can get alcohol drinks?


If you spend $50 or more for a dine in experience, i think the customer service should be a little better. The waiter was not too friendly and seemed pretty miserable. Service took too long and wished the waiter would have a better attitude when taking our order. A smile goes a long way. The movie was great though which compensated for the lack of customer service. I prefer concession stands and most likely will stick to those few theaters that still have that type of venue next time.

Luis Diaz

Service is slow and mediocre food way overpriced.

Shahid Afzal

This place is nice, I like it as there is good food, plus the mall is next to it. Seats are good also, they are not reclining seats though, amc need to put a dolby or prime cinema here. Overall its good cinema.

David McGinniss

Always my favorite place to catch a movie

Greg Miller

Love this place. Very nice venue to see a movie.

Monique Hall

Service is very slow done fine im.


I went to go see Avengers Endgame and I was annoyed. My husband and I ordered food so naturally I asked for silverware and the server got annoyed. Then my meal was missing items so the server had to go get it. About 2/3 into the movie they started clearing plates which was fine. But then my alcoholic beverage was taken and I was only half way finished!!! They are expensive!! I was so mad!!!! Then to top it off, a bunch of people were waiting for ending credits and one of the staff in the back started yelling 'there's nothing guys'....dont rush people, they pay good money to see a movie. I dont think that I will come back to this theater. My movie experience with this theater was ruined.

Md Pe

We went there Sunday night. We sat at the bar and ordered our food and drinks. Everything was great. Bartender name D was very attentive. She was by herself. She was going back and forth making drinks, taking food and drink orders from customers. It was few different people that ordered food and drinks around the same time and she made sure we all received our food and drinks at reasonable time. We'll definitely go here from now on for our movie and date night.

jeff sailliard

the menu has been getting smaller and smaller but food prices keep going up. hot food is at best warm but most of the time cold. theater is good, food not good

Ken Griggs Jr., MBA

A little pricy for food, which would be okay if the portions werent so small. The servers are friendly though so that helps... The seats... They are almost too comfortable!

Mike Rosa

It is always cheaper then manville but with 5$ tuesdays it's a crime not to go. The food is pretty good, maybe some items are a bit pricey but they are still good. During the weekends the kitchens seem to back up a lot during peak hours so expect that if you go on a Saturday.

Danny Snow

Finally a movie theater that I dont have to sneak alcohol into. Dope.

Lindsay Morris

Stella the bartender was great! She made our terrible experience at bowlmor forgetable! My boyfriend and I appreciated her hospitality and warm personality. Aside from the bar the movie theater seats are super comfy and the staff is always available for a fast dine movie in experience.

Lisa Jensen

Great place for the matinees. Food is expensive but good. Not overly loud. Great seating. Good service. Worth it!

Laura Gubitosa

Very disappointed. They should NOT give handicapped seating to people who are not handicapped. A patient of mine (who is in a wheelchair) was unable to see the movie because there were only 2 available handicapped seats (and there were 3 patients). There were only 3-4 other people in the theater so it is not as if there were no other available seats. Very sad.

Meenakshi Sharma

The theater has an awesome concept....loved to drink and watch movie at the same time, but the seats were uncomfortable.

Michael Messig

The best movie expereince i've ever had. Comfortable home theater like seats and you can order food and drinks from the comfort of your seat. I ordered tickets online and reserved seats. Really easy using the AMC app

Derek Peters

Purpose of the dine in is to eat and watch the movie. Arrived 10 minutes before start time to order. Previews are 20 minutes. Placed order 45 minutes after arriving. Now everything is done while movie is going on.

Val B.

Prices are on the higher side. Burger was dry and boring but mac and cheese bowl was amazing. Good service!

Mike Catalonello

Aquaman was such a fun movie the seats are comfortable but I wish they reclined. The seats you select beforehand which is smart. Love the movies period it's a place to get away from the real world for a little bit.

Farah Val.

Service was a bit tough, but one must sure understand that the employees here truly work hard. Amazing seats and the food wasnt bad itself. I might try to stop by soon

Emmanuel Hernandez

I loved it! Its something new and different


The entire facility smells like urine. I wouldn't recommend this place with anyone with a nose. I wouldn't dine here, I wouldn't watch movies here, and I sincerely hope management reads this review because this is a real problem. You can smell popcorn and piss from the shopping mall outside. Not clean at all!

Surayyah Reece

The seats are not as comfortable as other dine in AMC's and the food is priced too high for the quality

Chris Eskender

Okay. The seats are incredibly uncomfortable to what the standard is now a days. Relatively small but the service for the dine in theater is pretty good. Overall my biggest complaint would be how small some of the theaters they have are, the uncomfortable seats, and how expensive some of their foods are. I one time got a drink and the drink was 5/7th’s all ice. Kinda disappointed when that happened and have since never gotten a drink from them. This wouldn’t be my first place to see a movie but I wouldn’t outright avoid it.

Donna Baker

Me and my family went to go see the Lion King. We are from out of town and have never been to a dine in theatre before. The prices were great! We signed up for their membership program and got a good discount on the tickets (atleast compared to what we are used to). The staff was great, but some of the theatre aspects took away from the experience. First thing I noticed was the seats. They were uncomfortable and squeaked whenever I moved. Then as the movie itself started I noticed that a lot of lighting was still on. There were of course lights on the aisle, but they seemed brighter than normal. I figure those were for the waiters. My main complaint would be the lights right next to the seats. It made it hard to see darker parts of the movie. Other than that the experience was good.

Stephen Robert

Ticket prices seem fine, but the only way to order concessions is via a button at your seat, in which a guy comes and takes your order. A popcorn and a fountain drink, plus tip for the guy that brings you the food is around 20 bucks. Manville theater is right nearby and infinitely more inexpensive

Omar Elissa

The three stars is only for the condition of the theatre. The movie video playback and sound quality are great. The food and service are good, obviously pricey. The building has been showing it's age and needs updating.

Jodie Francis

Tough chairs, questionable service, weird layout and not even a good selection of films.. I avoid it now. There are other AMCs

Gobinath Mallaiyan

I'm a frequent visitor to this movie theater... Positive : Food Quality, Friendly staff / Cleanliness Biggest Negative: the biggest let down for me is the light thats in every seat. Most of the time you see pale movie screen there is no darkness... ;( seat light should have option to be one & off but there is nothing like that... guess it might be same with other AMC Dine-In as well (Never visit some other AMC Dine-In)


Love the Dine in. Coffee and a movie..very comfortable.

Maggie Moore

Comfortable seats, food that can be altered to your specifications, and a really loud theater make for a great show. If you want the best kinds of seats, you should reserve your seats online before the show.

Dan A C

If I get the choice, this is my favorites theater in a very large radius. food is consistently good, chairs are amazingly comfy, and it's never overly crowded. Also, this obviously isn't the main thing, but the mall that this is a part of is quite good too. So you have something to do before or after the movie

Andre Hernandez

My seat was broken and was not comfortably lean-able on. But other than that, food and popcorn were great

Rotem Weisman

Great movie theater in Bridgewater. I personally prefer Reading Cinemas in Manville. However, if you can afford to dine or want a theater in the mall, this is your best option.

Alexis Morales

There is no need to be eating in the movie theaters besides the popcorn and candy. It’s a movie theater. Not a restaurant. And you’d expect the seats to go back but they don’t. And the smell reeks. If I could give it no stars, I would.

Peter Palumbo

Nice dine in theater. Food options finally including gluten free

Karen Glencamp-Daniel

Staff and some employees need customer service skills

Kaitlyn O'Hara

This was my first time at a Dine-in theatre and I wasn't sure what to expect. The seats were roomy and plush. Very comfortable to watch a movie in. The screen and surround sound were awesome! What made me feel uncomfortable was the fact that my friend received a free drink from a waitress without ordering it. We weren't even sure why they offered it and it was a bit odd.

Joe Fullam

Good food, nice and clean only wish the chairs had recliners

Keenan Smout

Seats could be more comfortable, and no lazy boy style recliners but the foods good and the service was great

Jake Cubero

This place is okay because the seating was kind of comfortable and the food there is really expensive

patricia pridgen

Always love going to this theater comfortable good food.

Brian Franchuk

Decent dine in experience with reasonable ticket prices, food can be a bit pricey but pretty tasty. Lights on chairs cannot be turned off, and center armrest doesn't retract fully for couples who want a loveseat experience. Otherwise a good theater experience and excellent for date night.

Matthew Coburger

The Nachos are awesome. While the seats are nice, it would be nice to see the recliners that alot of other theaters are starting to get. Overall good experience.

Eric L Koons

Had a chance to see Aquaman at the Dine-In AMC and had a decent experience. Extremely long wait times for ordering and service, drinks took about 20+ minutes to receive and food 40+ minutes, put a mild dampener on a nice theater with comfy, oversized chairs and plenty of room. Food was good and other than the service delays and no napkins until repeatedly asking, I’d say it’s worth doing. My feeling was that the evening holiday crowd on a Friday probably put tremendous strain on the kitchen and bar so for that reason I’m keeping it a 3 star review. Easily could be a 4 star location. I’ll bet on off peak times food and drinks emerge right away. Nice mall too. Do it.


It's a pretty good theater and an easy to get to location. It is attached to the mall though, so be prepared to run into more teenagers than a typical stand alone movie theater. The staff is always very friendly, and good variety of drinks. Be wary of the specialty drinks, as it's more sugar than anything else. The dine in option is great, but the food quality is not that fresh. I'd expect Applebee's or TGIFridays type of microwave food.

Eryk Dybas

No complains. When ordering food save urself a buck and order a small drink cuz refills are free anyway

Mark Bampton

I was hoping for the reclining chairs with footrests, they no have. Otherwise good. Clean theatre, good staff, good video and sound.


Seats are extremely comfortable, great service. I miss the old arcade tho!

Terence Calulo

Great theater. Now they need to upgrade to recliners

LaRaven Gordon

Great experience! Nice chairs, good drinks, food and decent service

Michael Cotignola

I love this theater. Drinks are overpriced and the menu is limited, but the food is quality.

George Dalrymple

This place is a good movie theater to bring your family or treat yourself. Good quality food and theb popcorn isn't too salty and it has the just right amount of butter. If you happen to like 3D movies they also have great 3D theaters for you to enjoy. I hope this reveiw helps you.

james lee

Good food and clean theater seats. Book your tickets ahead

Derek Burns

Cleanliness is an issue. Smells like actual garbage throughout, and there were flies in my theater. Could just imagine what the theater would look like in light.

Ajish Gopan

Our family's go to movie theater. Finger licking good food. Great cocktails. Never disappoints. Great movies too :-)

Raemarie Soroka

This theater is filthy! The chairs are sticky, they don’t recline and are very uncomfortable. My cup had lipstick from someone else on it. But I have to say the service was good. I couldn’t get over how dirty this place was down to the bathrooms and chairs. Never again not even if I get a good deal.

Mindy Kushner

Fun experience watching a movie and eating real food instead of just popcorn. The seats are very comfortable and the staff very nice.

paul m

I was visiting the area and didn't know this theater was called dine in and what that meant. Throughout this whole movie there are people ordering and the waiters were constantly up and down the aisle serving food, talking and blocking the screen and causing a distraction. I thought that it would be only during the previews not throughout the whole movie. On top of that there is a built-in LED light in all seats that take the attention away from the movie, you can't turm it off. So it is hilarious that the theater runs a commercial to silence your phones and turn off the screens and do not talk during the movie. When that is all they do throughout the whole movie and not just some of the people all the people.. And to make matters worse the seats dont recline.

Walid Nabhane

Nice concept and confortable seats. The food is ok.

Andrew Bacchus

Come here once or twice a week!!! Always good service and good food. Excellent to sit and watch a movie and eat dinner to relax after a long day

Ganesh Marve

Go for movie experience....avg. movie also looks great when u visit the hall

whally tever Whall

We drove 35 minutes to go to dinner and a movie and we paid for the movie tickets ahead of time . When we arrived we were informed that the movie was canceled and that they would give us our money back. So now we also have to find someplace to eat dinner and then drive 35 minutes back home. I feel that management should’ve made more of an effort to make up for the inconvenience. Just giving our money back and kissing us off is kind of insulting.

Michael V. Burgermeister

Service was good when asked for it and staff was friendly. Would give 5 stars but food selection isn't nearly as it was when the theater opened up.

L Bradley

I don't like the seats in this theater. They are not adjusted properly and hurt my back. This is due to the fact that these seats are on an incline. They need to replace the seats with recliners or get foot rests on the seats. Other than that good theater; but this is my last resort theater to attend.

Mark Taylor

Bar tender was more concerned with talking on her phone than pouring our beer. For the price customers should have the attention. After going into the theater service improved.

Lawrence Greenberg

I saw Godzilla in 3D and ate dinner. The chairs in the theater are excellent. I had the southwest chicken bowl and the nachos both were fairly good. The service was quite good and drinks were large. All around it's really fantastic night out I highly recommended it.


AMC is the closest movie theater by me. We like the place, layout, the seats are pretty comfortable and the movie place is in the Bridgewater Commons Mall which is great because you can go to the mall and walk right into the movie theater. The staff is friendly and they have a bar and tables at the theater entrance which is convenient when you are waiting and can have a drink if you want. What I truly dislike about this theater is that you can order anytime you want throughout the movie, it sounds like a good idea, until we were watching the avengers movie 2 weeks ago and there were staff members constantly walking up and down the aisles and talking to customers throughout the whole movie. It disrupts the audience no matter where you sit. This was like high traffic scenario. Please do something about this annoyance. When I go to the movies I want to enjoy the movie and not be distracted or have my view partially blocked because your staff is constanlty walking up and down the isles with trays of food, drinks and popcorn. Most good theaters allow customers to order before the movie starts only. If AMC cares about their customers they will address this issue I am not going back until they address this problem.

PJ Arts

Outrageous prices for mediocre food. The theater is nice, being able to eat/drink during a movie is a fun novelty...but, when you pay over $50 for 2 burgers and 2 milkshakes, you expect the food to be (at least) tasty. Not so: Been going here for 5 years...last time about 9 months ago. Up to that time, you could get your burger cooked to your preferred temp (we like med-rare). Yesterday, we were told that we could only get them cooked med-well or well. We chose med-well; but, as should be expected, the burgers were dry, and had less flavor then a McDonald's patty. I've had several dishes here over the years (shrimp, chicken, flatbread pizza), and it's not even on par with Appleby's or TGI Friday's. When you are charging 'NYC Gastrobub' have no right to serve food that is less-then-generic. From now on, we'll stick to the movie-only AMCs. The Dine-in is a major RIP-OFF

Mike Stack

Went with a few friends to see the movie “ The Nun” approximately a week after it was released. We purchased our seats online ahead of time, just in case. We arrived an hour early to have a bite and a drink at the bar ahead of the movie. The bartender was training for this position but it seemed as though she was very comfortable and she was very friendly. She joked and laughed with us, gave us some snacks as we waited for our appetizers and the wait was a great experience. They do a great job with their training and customer satisfaction while training on the job in real time situations. All of the management and other employees seemed and were friendly while waiting for the early movies to let out and as their jobs go , appreciated our business and thanked us for ours as we went into the movie Once in the theater, we found our seats easily and the theater was well- lit and CLEAN. We buzzed our server in order to really eat and she responded quickly. She was smiling and friendly, and provided great service, along with promptly delivered, warm, wonderful food The movie was great, the service was great, and most importantly, the premises were spotless Especially The bathrooms. Great job and we’ll be returning wet soon

Keerthana Setty

We love AMC and we're loyal members but this location was disgusting! Our seats were so uncomfortable and they were sticky. The menus had food on them too! We left before the movie started and watches it at a regal closer to us.

Sharon Salas

Seats are large but not entirely comfortable, having everyone order and having small lights are distracting

murtaza 007

Bridgewater Amc is my favourite movie theater.

Tuatha de Danann

Great place to see a movie, get the monthly pass and see up to 3 per week for $20 a MONTH. I never went a lot before the pass, but not it's been fun and entertaining and quite often delicious with their top notch burgers and some great drinks. No reclining seats though, I'll trade that for a martini any day.

Dawn Graf

First time at this theater...seats were NOT reclining and awkward to sit in. Not enough rise in the flooring between rows so all i could see was the man's head in front of me, plus all the servers walking around was distracting. Food prices were very high. Just not what I thought it was going to be. Disappointed!

Random Uploads

Really cool place, although they tried to charge me more because they gave me a old menu.

Fady Assaad

Worth trying. Positives: Menu has a good variety and prices are reasonable. Staff is friendly too. Negatives: No recliners but still large and comfy. lights in the seats don’t come off. We used our menus to cover it. It was not dark enough but still not bad.

Ajinkya Pose

It's a decent dine-in movie theater. I am a frequent visitor at this place. Never had any issue. So far, all good. Food is good, but on a bit pricey side, which is obvious - they don't have bulk orders like restaurant. Best thing - they allow you to carry water bottle along with you. Staff is friendly too. Best things, today 08/08/19, they gave free passes to all audience as movie started late. Actually there were no previews today, so movie actually started on time!! Wow! Very good customer service! -ve: don't have recliner seating/ adjustable seats.

Daniel Chiera

Not a fan of the dine-in theater. The waiter call buttons are super bright and, unfortunately, the waiters and chatter gets very distracting during a movie. Nice, clean cinema with lots of movies showing at once though

Nirmal s.

Service could have been better otherwise it's ok.

Michael Mahony

Comfortable seats. Love the ability to reserve seat.

Nicholas Cringoli

The previews are loud I'll never come back. Omg I had to walk out surfing the previews, get your act together AMC.

Neil Patel

If you actually want to enjoy your movie definitely don't come here. Seats are fine, food is overpriced and underwhelming. But the amount of distraction is what really makes it not worth seeing a movie here.

Melissa M

No options for plant based diets and very squeaky uncomfortable seats. The theater screen also had a rip which was extremely annoying during the movie.

Greg Hart

The dine-in is fine. A couple draw backs with the high price of drinks/food, good service at the beginning of the movie not during and the seats are pretty uncomfortable. Overall just an okay time which is why I'm giving 4 stars.

Matthew Bruce

Hands down one of the best theaters around. Dinner and a movie at it's best. Have a beer or your favorite dish and enjoy a 3d or regular movie flic

Mark Pinho

It's a nice theater but the seats are pretty rigid so that takes away from the experience. On the plus side you can order drinks and food while there. It is a bit pricey as but still enjoyable.


Staff is very attentive both at the bar and inside the theatre. Food has improved over time and the experience is good. I would love for there to be more than a few movies in the theatre at a time. It seems there are only 4 or 5 at a time and it's mostly kid movies. The theatre seems so small for such a large community.

Corey Adams

Went to see Avengers Endgame on Saturday night at 10:30 PM. The staff ruined the movie. I was in the last row and they would just stand there, holding the door open, and have conversations with one another. The doors took FOREVER to close and they also liked to congregate by the cash register directly across the hallway from the door to the theater. Of course when you have 5+ employees all standing around at 11:00 at night, they are going to talk. But they repeatedly did it with the door open and it was just so loud! Also, the girl helping the people to my left kept standing directly in front of me every time she went to take an order and would completely block my view of the movie. Just go to Manville theater. It is quieter, and the entrances are set back enough from the viewing area that you cannot hear any noise from the hallways. I would not recommend this theater to anyone. Also, $10 for any sized Yuengling is a ripoff. And the food isn't good enough to justify going here.

Bob Harkins

Very loud, especially during previews, cold - Ac was set to max. Very uncomfortable, seats are hard not great for viewing a movie or eating a meal. My meal was McDonald's quality and expensive. Men's room was dark and not exactly the cleanest I've been in. Servers were just okay.

Ed Jones

Not bad , but their button didn't work for us to get a server

Kokouvi Jondoh

It's a place you can watch movie and order food or tea or coffee the same time. Outside the movie field ,there are various restaurants.

Robert Rohaus

Great place to see a movie. Comfortable seats and good food.

Austin Frihart

Very reasonable prices and fast check-in. They had friendly employees and comfortable seats, only wish that they reclined

Nigel Powell

The service is a bit slow and once you get your food and drinks the revisits are none existant which looses the company money as I wanted to order more drinks. It has been like this for ages and the manage.ent dont seem to care. I think there needs to be more training to get the work flow right.

Frank Reichl

I like everything about this theater EXCEPT they need to change out the seating. Seats are worn out and uncomfortable. Once they do it definately deserves 5 stars.

ilia sanashvili

Really nice and comfortable place. Seats are awesome and food is good too. Plus you can get drinks

Amalia Moro

Great place is way too spensive and the dinks are crazy spensive $18.00 for a margarita

Jon Testa

Movie theater is wonderful, sound is impressive but the wait staff has left us waiting multiple times (3rd time without service). We went for a lunch and movie and though the rows in front and behind were served and the button was pressed no one came. We notified the staff but were told that our server was working 2 showings and would be with us eventually. Honestly its better to enjoy a meal prior or after and just go for the reserved seating or goto another theater.

Antoine Peterson

Food was alright, for the prices they charge I feel like it could be better

Diane Linton

First experience at AMC Dine-In. Loved it! Perfect for date night.

Eric Luz

Just got out of a movie here. Sad to say I'll probably not be coming back. The speaker was crackling and popping the whole movie. The management was made aware and did nothing to fix it. The entire audience should have been refunded.

mohoc x

Reserved spacious seating you can pic for yourself online at AMC theaters website or at a kiosk inside and usually clean with friendly staff. The food has been toned down and there isn't much of a selection however its real food and what they have is a bit of everything and generally pretty good. The food prices are still really high just like any theater so be prepared to spend around $100 on tickets, food and drinks for 2 people. Of course you can still get candy and popcorn with a soda so there's that.

Allison S

Reasonably clean. Movies are usually projected on time and without issue. The food is only ok but if you see a movie during a meal time it's nice to have the food. The popcorn only has one size in dine-in theaters - a humongous tub - but it's a good value. A family of 4 can munch on it during the course of a 90 minute movie.

Denise Gundayao

This is the closest movie theater by me and I rarely go to the movies and wow what a disappointment. For the amount of money you pay now to see a movie and the place is pretty dirty. I agree with one of the reviews seats were sticky and there was garbage all over the floors. It was just uncomfortable. The staff were nice but would nice that they don’t go up and down the aisle while watching the movie. There has to be a better management to ensure that it’s clean or something. It’s pretty gross.


I enjoyed my experience eating and watching my movie here. The service was fast, food tasted great, prices were fair, and everything was clean. My only suggestions is for the food offered, it would be great if they could add on wrapped ice cream bars, cracker jacks, and add Chocolate flavor to the gourmet popcorn.

Starr Zackerly

The movie was great the service sucked. We were 30 mins into the movie before any food came and one meal was missing 2 of us asked a total if 5 times were the meal was and then call for a manager. But the movie was awesome! Sound quality was Dolby delightful. Pack a lunch lol

Sonya C Ritter

We tried the dine-in experience last week. I am not sure about it yet. The staff was great, the food good and theater clean, though.


I’m never happy with the quality of the popcorn but the staff is always very nice and get orders correct every time. The seating is nice and I like that you’re able to choose your seat when getting your tickets, but it’s hard when going in large groups as all the seats come in pairs. Great movie theatre and clean

Camila Marsiglia

It was very clean, the staff were very nice and the food was delicious.

Christopher Yap

Great theater, good food. Just wish the seats would recline.

Melissa Coletta

We love coming to this dine-in theater. Good food and drink options plus the seats are super comfy. I like that they have self service options when you are buying your tickets.

Terese Acocella

Expensive food was served on dirty dishes with dirty utensils. The theater needs a better dishwashing system.

Just No

Very clean and always an amazing time. I like to come here with friends or a date night. Comfortable seats, good food, and friendly employees. It can get expensive however it's worth it for a nice time out.

Claudia Salgado

The movie we went to watch was great and we had food while watching the movie. Food was tasty! Overall an enjoyable experience.

Kevin Adams

Not my favorite theater. I ordered nachos which the picture made it look amazing...I've had better from 7-11. Waiters in my way of the movie, people talking(not really the business fault), sound quality is nothing compared to the new dolby atmos theaters my family had been to recently. Then the price of this 14 cost nachos that made my stomach hurl.... never again. Movie was good though.

Wayne Anthony

Service was great and seats were comfortable, but not reclining. Bathroom was clean, but we were at a 9:30am movie

j atmaca

Honestly it was just okay. The seats don’t recline, took over 40 minutes to get a popcorn. All in all it was just okay probably won’t go to the movies here anymore I’m used to seats reclining and much quicker service where I’m from.

Jamie Landsman

Worst theatre in the area. Bright white lights at the seats that can’t be turned off. Very distracting. Theatre is also getting a bit run down. The seats are showing and feeling their age. I will only go to Manville now and I live right around the corner from the AMC.

Justin Lejava

Love the dine in option, food was pretty good but a little pricey but I guess that’s typical of any movie theater, I would recommend going here

Deepak Bhatnagar

Great movie experience and prompt response to request for eatables !!

David Tran

Food was great, service was okay.

Sandra Petterson-Hall

Tasty bowl of quinoa. Dry rub wings not so much.

Kristen Duska

The last couple times I was there the seats were dirty and sticky. Pretty gross. Food has gone downhill too.

stacey bauer

Theater has larger seats...staff friendly normal size theater easy parking in upper lot by movie theater entrance

C Han

As we entered the main lobby we were accosted by the stench of spoiled food, dirty carpet and the Good Lord only knows what else. Our shoes made that nauseating squealching sound as they stuck to the filthy floor with each step. We won't be returning.

Javier Vazquez Caputo

The sound and image are pretty good, as you would expect from a movie theater. The rooms don't feel too crowded, access is great. The individual tables for eating and the seats themselves look somewhat questionable in their hygiene...

Barbara Eisenberg

The food looks great in pictures, but is a total miss on taste. Service is excellent though, and theaters are clean.

tim connolly

Great place to eat while watching the latest and greatest movies

H. Israel

Not a great experience. The food was cold and bad. I really wish they served better fod. I think AMC should come out the food serving business or they should hire a business partner who are expert in that business to help them out. Otherwise let it go. Just serve popcorn. As a stub member, I'm extremely disappointed

Don Walpola

Pretty good theater, standard generic fare in terms of food selection - the same type of food you’d get at a TGIF, Chili’s, or Applebee’s. To order food, you have to push a button near your shoulder on the side of the seats. The only real complaint I have is the seats are a bit too cavernous- they were going for something like a booth in a restaurant, but it seems a bit much for a movie theater, even if you’ve got a plate of food in front of you.


Love amc and the atmosphere. One of the best amc theatres

Chris Wright

It's been a while since I've been here but from what I remember, this mall AMC was always nice. The parking, however, can be difficult. Overall a decent spot.

harsh sharma

Nice dealt only one bad thing because it's a done in it has a bad smell of food inside the hall .

Nikeea Holliman

the food is yummy. the experience was good, the ONLY draw back are the seats not reclining.

Ada Terrizzi

The staff is friendly and there is a decent variety on the menu. It's novel that you can have food served during your movie, but depending on the crowd, this can become distracting when waiters are walking about through the movie. And the entire place smells like dirty carpet, as if the food aromas have been trapped and rotted in the furniture. Granted, you become nose blind after 20 minutes.

tonya eason

Great movie spot. Food ws good service ws good. Great time

Linda Smith

The light on each of the seats is a little bit distracting and you wind up having to put your pocketbook or menu to cover it. Other than that little inconvenience it's a very enjoyable experience. The food as you would expect is little overpriced and is the typical movie grade finger food.

Aja Bethea

I rang the bell for the server and no one showed up. I had to go out to the lobby to get a server to bring me candy and popcorn. THEN, AFTER I ordered, I still had to wait twenty minutes to receive it. I'm thinking in my head.. "are they going to the corn field to make the corn and then pop it!!" Nonetheless I do know that it was the last movie, after 9pm, but I still wanted some service, let alone great service.

Giselle Cole

The food was good. The menu was filthy as if it had never been wiped down. Other than that, it was ok.

Patience Medway

I saw pet semetary wish it was real lol

Matt G

Great theater for comfort and snacks and now drinks. Wish prices could be better but that's a usual thing.

Kellee Heavens

Clean. Great service. Food and drinks are good.


The seats were comfortable and roomy, we didn't try the food service because it was overpriced as expected, only complaint is the lights stay on next to the chairs and is a bit distracting from the movie, but overall it was great

Nick Stouchko

Good atmosphere and service, but the chairs aren't that comfy.


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