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REVIEWS OF AMC Brunswick Square 13 IN New Jersey

Joseph Oneill

Love the comfy seats, plenty of legroom. We always buy our tickets beforehand so we know which seat we're in, no worries.

Peter Lenihan

This theater is clean, the workers are friendly and they have a decent snack bar. The theater is small but they do have reserved seating with recliners. If you use the AMC app, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time. We are frequent movie goers so we joined their A List promotion. For around $24 a month you can see 3 movies a week. As long as you see 3 pe more movies a month, you are ahead of the game.

Kenny Schwartz

Love the seats

John Conroy

I was made aware of free refill of popcorn and soda at 10:10 pm. What I wasnt made aware of that concessions closed at 10:30 when I returned at 10:45 for a refill. After the movie on my way out I see same employee and officer eating popcorn. Also my chair at F8 did not work . It didn't recline at all. I made the same employee aware of it after movie he nodded , but in no way did he record the information. I understand mostly young adults work there , but TRIFECTA of gaffes.

mike jr

Theatre is kind of small, but i like that. They have all the latest movies, and a $5 movie ticket deal every Tuesday. Not very busy, but also not very clean. The seats are the best part so comfy, and they recline.

Troy T. Whitney Sr

Great movie atmosphere. Reclining chairs to comfortable eat your Nathan's hot dogs and don't forget the Nathan's fries. I always enjoy myself there.

Steve Gabriel

The theater was clean and the movie was great. The managers Adriana and Nick helped us out with everything we asked. This was probably the best experience I have had with AMC.

Venkat Narayan

Again disappointed with small screen


It's a bit small for a movie theatre, but it's cozy. It's a nice place to go with some friends or family, and kids are very welcome (as long as you're seeing an appropriately rated movie). If you don't have an AMC account or an AMC Stubs account, tickets, food, and drinks can get to be a little expensive, especially if you have a large group of people with you. With a little self control, this is a nice and fairly inexpensive movie theatre to go to.

Luciano Marquez

How is it possible that reviews are so contradictory? Who are we going to believe? It's obvious that everyone have different experience in different days in different circumstances and different staff...

Tomas Melendez

Staff were nice but my God this place is just so dirty. Its honestly the worst AMC theater I've ever been to. Both bathrooms were horrible.

Luis Velez

I,have a good visit at at the mall ,plenty of places to shop at.very accessible. Good ride.

Amanda Luken

Clean theaters and comfy reclining seats. Cheaper tickets than other theaters. The only thing is that the sound isn’t as great as Lowes on Rt. 1. I enjoy coming to this theater though!

Sam T

Love but here! Usually clean and food options have improved!

Lennah E

Walking distance from me..Great attitude from staff.. Great job for young individuals.only negative is when teens are in attendance.. sometimes their rude during the movies..And if sitting directly behind you their kicking your chair. Not on purpose but because they can't keep still. It's super annoying..Come get ur Kids

rafael suarez

Food expensive, painting of red and black inside are hideous

Earl miller jr

Clean and nice movie place

Julio72 Perez1234

Clean,nice environment.good time.

Eric Flores

Every theater has recliners. You can't go wrong here.

Kevin Diaz

My showtime was at 10:15pm. I arrived at 10:28pm, more than enough time to catch the entire movie. The doors were already locked, the staff saw me knocking and pulling on the door and they completely ignored me. This is unacceptable service, especially to an A-list member. Trailers are 20 minutes long, i arrived with enough time to watch the final trailers and the entire movie. I drove 15 minutes for no reason, couldn’t even get inside.

Anthony Reeves

Nice and clean, comfortable seats. 4 different flavors of popcorn. Caramel, cheese, hot cheese or regular butter pop

Brian Chang

Great time with my best friend...

Deanna Endsley

Haven't been to a movie in 10 years loved the seats

Joshua M.

The seats recline and are so comfortable you'll have to try to not fall asleep on them.

Michael Burgess

Bought tickets online. Enjoyed movie

Obadiah Williams

Clean, good people.

Lisa Cetta

I have been going for many years, but it is getting worse and worse. The refreshment stand is filthy. Not a great selection of candy. The drink station is also filthy. Last movie my seat was broken. Theatre hadn't been vaccumed or cleaned. Popcorn left on seats. I hope they start to address these issues. God knows what's crawling around in this dark dirty theatre. It's a great location but they need to get their act together.

Marie Thony

This particular AMC is horrible. My movie started at 10:15pm I arrived at 10:25pm, more than enough time. Doors were locked, security and staff saw us knocking they refused to open . I continued to knock until 10:45 pm security came at the door. He asked if I purchased tickets online and ask to show them which I did. He then stated next time be on time we shut the doors about 10 ??? What ??? My movie starts at 10:15pm. First and last visit at this theatre. Menlo Park and Bridgewater are great !!

Anthony Gilmore

All the New Renovations Make For a Wonderful Experience.

Jerry McSpadden

This theater has been here for many years. Clean theaters friendly staff

Jaime Brownell

The theatres are small but I like that the seats recline. The cups holders accommodate the large cups, so you don't have to hold the cup in your hand or lap. Tickets can be ordered online or with the AMC app. The usual treats like popcorn, soda, candy, etc. Is sold at the concession stand. Because of the small theater sizes, it's a good idea to order tickets a day or two before the show.

Brian Morris

Nice theater, everything else was annoying/not well kept. No papertowels in bathrooms, bathrooms not clean, weird layout. But like I said, the main reason for going, the theaters are very nice/comfy.

Ed Gilroy

This is my favorite local theater and it is exactly what you expect from an AMC experience

christopher szatkowski

Nice place to shop clean and safe

Kimberly Cunha

Great service!

Mirna Jess

Very nice Theatre. It is not huge and they have few theatres not as many thou and they don't have IMAX or movie varieties. However, it is convenient for me for a fun night out with my friends and it is inside Brunswick square Mall so you can watch the movie and go shopping after all in the same place.

Laura Onifer

Average movie theatre. Need to have a talk with the teen employees, socializing skills need work

MaryLynn Harrington

Close to home. Love the comfy seats!

Deidre Williams

Love this movie theatre, just got to get to tickets early if there is a new movie that is popular.

Farhaj Hassan

I've heard better sound. Loud does not necessarily mean clear and crisp. Clean and crisp are far more important than overall volume. Nice staff. Good location.


No Ac it was 90 inside movie. Not good no ac in summer. Never going back to this movie theater. sad i liked there to.

Yolanda Crandoll

Nice and clean. Seats are very comfortable. Tuesdays are the best day to have date night

Robert Taylor

The workers are happy. Truly happy. Popcorn was delicious

Наталья Стоянова

It is our favourite family movie theater. In I am mute very comfortable cinema halls - their a set. Seats are displayed and it is possible to have a rest lying. Also, the pleasant and honest personnel work there. I recommend for visit.

lisa Gibson

It was a good place. Food prices a little much. Seats sucked.

Matthew carroccio

Wouldn’t let me in to see my movie because I’m unfortunately 1 year not old enough and my girlfriend had forgotten her identification I didn’t like the attitude or disrespect I got after being told I wasn’t allowed to see the movie I paid money for this is a disrespect and a poor place I’m never going to be at this Theater ever again

Murali Krishna Bujji

Good movie hangout.

Roy Lee

Horrible amenities. Are they ever going to being this place up to at least 1990 acceptable level? Forget 2018 level. Smells horrible too. Why would you waste your money at this place???

Dan Van Derveer

It's decent. Theaters are a bit smaller but the seats are pretty good. Service is pretty mediocre but typical for every theater in the area.

Jodie Francis

Borderline confusing to enter the first time but nice and has comfortable recliners! The mall isn't too bad either

Denise M

Comfy chairs and nice staff. One of the less expensive AMC's that I like to go to especially since I have three kids.

Sam Berg

Good clean spacious movie theater with seats that are spacious & recline that you reserve ahead of time. Good choice of theater!

M. Fynn

1st time and last time. Dirty, unorganized - employees off post. The latter must be why an already 3hr plus movie started 20 minutes late. After being told to wait on the side beacuse the theatre room hadn't been cleaned yet - I was happy to know it was being cleaned - it became apparent that someone else must have left their post. After being seated it was about 20 minutes of looking at a black screen that people began voicing and double checking their tickets thinking they must be in the wrong theatre. It was resolved after bringing it to an employee's attention but come on! What a bust. They have to do better at this location.

sol gud

Huge screen, comfy recliner seats, blasting AC

Louis armani

Good theater usually dirty everytime I go though

John Pingatore

I'm LOVED IT it's so COOL

Gregg Sharkey

Not really a fan of this theater. Could be a little cleaner, seats become a distraction to me when compared to some other theaters. The screen and audio are on point so that's the most important thing I suppose

Howie Deitche

Love $5 Tuesday matinees all day and night

Robert Petrie

Dirtiest theater I have ever been to and the seats that we had were broken.

Humaira Sardar

Looks awesome


Nice seats. Small coke and medium bag of popcorn $17.00 Movie usually starts 20 mins after posted start time. One less star because slobs can mess up the bathroom and it doesn't get cleaned up right away.

Saurabh Rai

The theater was good but the place was dirty and not well kept.The toilet was dirty as well it looked like it was ransacked.

John G

Great place to see a movie, very clean

Jean Tomasula

Very good nice movie theater

jeremy thomas

Great seats, service is great.

Istvan Nik

Second time it happens. We went to see a movie as a family and after the movie I noticed that my whole back was covered with chocolate. This time, my wife's shirt and pants was covered with red candy. On top of that, while my daughter was laying down on the recliner chair, the whole seat tipped forward.

Yohun Lee

Comfortable chair, enough private space, good place to watch movies.

Docbhc Carolina

Courteous staff and great popcorn!

Jacqueline Nguyen

I like good movies. Old movies make me happy, and happy people don't commit a crime as legally blonde, my favorite one always in the hopelessness, brokenhearted.

Justin Rice

Where to begin. We went to go see once upon a Time in Hollywood which was excellent, in case you were curious. But giving theater 3 stars cause the staff did their job but obviously did not want to be working. I get it you hate your job. Listen we all did but trust me man life gets better and even smiling when you give someone their beverage or food does go along way. That being said the person that scanned our ticket was super friendly. Now onto the seats. Please for the love of everything fix your seats. They reminded me of my grandma's old beat up station wagon with faux leather interior.

Bobby Bunka

AMC has Great Offers for Stub Members. This theater is Older and could certainly use an overhaul. I would love to see them make a more upscale theater like the one in Menlo Park Mall. My only other thing would be to keep the bathrooms a little cleaner. Other than that it is a good place and #BunkaApproved !!!

Pamala Plastock

Theaters had new oversized reclining seats. They were a treat. The sound and picture quality were quite good. The audience was polite and quiet. Hard to ask for more.


Reclining changer!!!

Lisa Cosgrove

Order tickets online, quick and easy! Good service checking in.

Aleksandra G

Fantastic.... Spontaneously watched half of some nun movie that freaked me out so I left halfway through when they said Victoria then peed then walked in halfway thru predator but I feel like the movie was telling me to leave and join the army so I did, hopefully I can get to watch it from the beginning one day!

Paul Rao

It's okay, starting to get rundown, again. Go here a lot b/c it's near home. But I'm going to better theaters more often. Recliners are a bit beat up. New stuff is always hard to get seats. Got to buy tix 3-4 days in advance. Smells musty to me. But others don't notice it. Staff is really nice though and bathrooms are clean. Not the best place to see a movie, but not the worst.

Gabriel Goldblum

Mine and kids favorite movie theater. I remember when it was mega movies and now it is a huge improvement. Will be coming back

Imad Daoud

Nice seats the only thing that they're pricey with drink and popcorn

Damond Nollan

Loved the reclining seats! That fact alone made our movie going experience memorable.

Neel Rathod

Do u even A/C bro

Nelly Dinerroo

The seats ain’t working and the movie theater is dirty. I couldn’t walk a step without walking into popcorn.

Sean O'Halloran

Even sitting in row B in their big theater isn't bad.

Sweetcheeks Jackson

Nice theater. The concession guy was very personable and friendly.

ShankNCasey Rampersaud

Nicely remodeled theater. Assigned seating is a major plus, but lacks the full ambience of the larger AMCs.

Harrison Chiu

Small theatre in a larger complex, so maybe if you prefer smaller crowds. Driving there is fine, but directions may lead you to the mall complex rather than the smaller specific entrance so just drive around the complex until you find it. Take care as the exit onto main roads is not maintained well during winter.

Grace G

The theaters are small and really close to the screens but the food is good

Nyere Nevarez

Very good experience. I love the reclining seats. I recommend ordering tickets online, because seats fill fast and you may end up with undesirable seats.

Rob Pfister

Have been to this theater many times. The overall experience is good. The movie times always seem to work for us. Never had any issue with purchasing tickets, either on line or in person, entry, or with the reclining seats working. The theaters themselves are kept relatively clean. The food service is consistently prompt and courteous. Minus one star as the bathrooms are just as consistently a train wreck.

Francisco Perez

I love this place is amazing

GeriAnn Burger

Small theatre not busy, not crowded. Perfect for taking my young son. Big comfortable reclining leather seats. Bathrooms need updating and aren't the cleanest.

Lynn Cortez

The movie was fine, but there is no selection for food, and movie area floor was little dirty.

Ismael Tapia

Is nice located inside the mall

Bianca Nieves

Great, small theater. However due to the size movies often sell out very quickly.

elastic lizard

Smells bad, people took my seats, and the seats also are not comfortable. Nice employees though.

ChunyMin WuodSuba

Movie was great, chairs great recliners General experience was good

Sean Reeves

Smaller theatre connected to the mall. No special features. Nice recliners

Michael Martin

If they fix the chairs that are worn down and broken I'd bump this up to 5-star. This is by far my favorite theater to go to.

Natasha Cruz

Nice environment with a good staff, they're very helpful and well organized. Place itself is pretty clean, with a popcorn or drink spill here and there but they're all very on top of everything.

Krishna Bachu

Okayish theater. Seats are comfortable, sound system is great and thats about it. Staff is mostly indifferent and concessions are mediocre. I prefer nearby regal commerce.

Johanna Cruz

Grateful they brought back Tuesday deal. Comfy seating.


Amazing experience reclining seats blew my mind

Jessie Kabel

Stubs membership is totally worth it, and the AMC app is awesome.

Dae Y Han.

Good space.....

Laura DeSimone

Love bargain Tuesdays

yvette pitra

Nice close theater

Felix Mejia

Saw wreck it Ralph, theater was clean, getting food was fast, and the crew was very nice! Picture and sound were also very enjoyable

Victoria C

Great movie "Downton Abbey"

lily appello

great movie theatre, they have good food and service

Shawn Shane

Best theater seats here

La'Toya Cesar Reed

Excellent theatre. Clean, comfortable recliner seating and freindly staff

shebeer salam assya

The best theater to go to with family. The sofas are big and comfy..

Christina Tucker

This is my every day theater. amazing recliners, very reasonable tickets, convenience of saving your own seat online to avoid the lines which I do. Just download the app & you're good to go

Ben Madero

The staff were so pleasant with my group of residents. Thank you very much and God Bless you as well.

Shayaan Siddiqui

They close concession stand at 10. If you're going to see a late night movie, you can't get free refills on drinks or popcorn (even if you're entitled to). Concession should be serving popcorn and drinks until the last movie. There is no reason to start cleaning up and closing 3 hours early!

Brendan O'Dwyer

Wow, such a great place. Walked in to be met with the smiling face of one the building's employees. I believe his name was Brendan. He is tall a bit stocky but hey more to love right? He was so helpful and kind and generous and wow what a guy. I also encountered another employee, I think his name was Marcus or something. He stuttered, that's all I really remember. I could tell that for one reason or another he was jealous of the evidently far superior Brendan. What a theatre, nice seats too!

Ashley Dell'Olio

These chairs are so uncomfortable and they basically separate you from whoever u come to the movie with because the double seat arms don’t go up. Super small theater

Wilkens Philippe Jr

Great service clean restrooms comfy chairs and great sound and picture

Michael Levine

It's still around and seems to be able to attract merchants when one goes out of business. It's not a large mall but has a comfortable selection of stores, just not high end shops.

George Baazak

Favorite movie theater in the area hands down! Probably one of the better priced theaters. They have a great staff that are always very nice. The concession stand has a really large selection. The food is priced just as you would expect from a movie theater. This place is always one of the cleaner theaters.

Hosie Cross

Great place to relax and enjoy a movie. Good price. Covenlently located in the mall

Tamara Ramos-Sadel

I wish they upgrade the theater. It's not inviting, looks like an abandoned place.

TheReal CarGuy

Clean and comfortable seating. What more do you need?

Danielle Simone

Nice theater. Popcorn was stale and not enough seats to allow my group to sit together.

Juanita carroll

The seats were comfortable. The only movie food was bad popcorn and $20 pretzels. The theatres are laid out strangely and the entire cinema area seems like something out of the 1970s; dark paint even outside of theatres. It just doesn’t seem clean. The service from the young man selling food was particularly bad and I found him quite rude. I won’t be back.

Patrick Blackwell

Chairs are awesome, usually a low wait time. As far as theatres go this one is very good. I can never bring myself to rate theatres 5 stars because of their egregious food prices. Other than that, it's a solid theatre. Maybe a tad to cold though.

Russell Collins

They've expanded the menu to include hot savory food.

Tay LeClaire

Great seats. Stadium seating and leather recliners that are motorized.

Antonio Fernandez Bosch

Best theater around. No doubt

Fabian P

Small theater yet Comfortable recliners.

Lee Arleth

Every theater has leather recliners with cup holders. There are three restrooms throughout, so you're never far from relief. $5 Tuesdays have become a habit for me here, but the regular prices are better than some of the other area AMC theaters.

Dori Dittmyre

Local and comfortable movie theatre. Good family fun.

Digna Dubon

It’s a really good theatre the bathrooms are clean and the chairs are so comfortable,plus the quality is the best.

Ginger Johnston

This is a sad places some people like it others hate it. My cuz says they clean and your butt sticks to the sit, her sisters boyfriend likes it.

Mary ann Musarra

Great service

Jagajith Jayaramu

Staff are really nice. The recliner chairs are great but the theater is small, old, and has a musty smell it. The stairway lights are too bright, not diffused, and at an angle that directly shines at the corner of the eye and distracts from the movie experience.

Zaurbek Badiev

It's clean, the staff is nice, the seats are comfortable, and you can reserve your seats. If you have extra time, you can walk around the mall. The theaters are a little smaller than others I've been to.

daniel sullivan

Good theater with ok screenings.

Narciso Bones

Nice theatre


Comfortable seats, and clean theatre. Decent prices for an AMC.

Christina Alba

Horrible sound! Horrible seats! Old theater!!! Movie stopped playing in the middle!! Will never return. I want a refund!!

Ashley Asklof

Love the updated theaters

Samiyah Smith

It was so a amazing

Maria’s Fishing adventures

Good seats but I wish it would open a little earlier. Also I wish they would say what time it opened but good overall

Kathy Donohue

The theater is very comfortable and well maintained. The staff is friendly and the snack service was fast. They are trying to enlarge their snack menu - just wish prices were a bit lower.

maria montanez

The theatre was clean, the seats were clean and very comfortable. The movie played on time and the staff were friendly. This will be my ho to theatre.

Jay Kim

Great deal if you go early in the morning on the weekend. Prices were $6 for adult or child.

Joselyn V

Very comfortable recliners and good service.

Al Adams

Clean friendly well priced

Nector Rivera

Great theatre staff and amenities. The entrances feel a little claustrophobic and dated but the theaters are great with nice recliner seats that are well kept.

Bob Bigos

Great that you get pick your own seats. Would be better if they weren't broken

Carlos Suarez

Clean theater small and peaceful.

Sharon Milstone

There’s a lot of fancy movie theaters in the area but when you want to go to the movies and just have a drink and popcorn and be in a good environment I highly recommend this place this is how the movie should be this is how it should remain not with liquor or cheeseburgers and macaroni LOL very comfortable very clean

Jessica Chevalier

Love this theater I love the movies too. Great service even though absolutely everything is crazy over priced. The seats are awesome though some of them are getting permanent butt prints from age LOL. Absolutely a good time and a great place to watch movie. If you're a real movie goer and or buff become a stubs member and get the most bang for you buck next time you head to East Brunswick to go to the movies.

Sandi Pontecorvo

This movie theater has been part of my life for a very long time. It was only 2 theatres at one time and was remodeled a long time ago to keep up with the other mega theatres. I bought my tickets online ended up being $14 per person for a 4:35 PM movie. The place needs a facelift BAD! The seats are ripped and the place smells like feet! I will not be back there until they do something about it!

Melissa M

This is by far my favorite movie theater in the area. Clean theater, comfy seats and ticket prices are very reasonable. Tickets are actually LESS then other theaters in the area. I rather take the drive to this movie theater then go to the one that is literally 5 min from my home.

Amit Gupta

Very nice place. I love the iMAX theatre, very big screen and quality sound. I usually go for Hindi movies and sci fi Hollywood movies. The place cool and calm. The staff are nice and well behaved. For me the Tuesday movies are just $5. So it’s great not to miss any movie. In addition we have some movies for $5 on weekend morning. But generally you will not get good and hit movies in that price. Birthday popcorns and drinks are added advantage to go here and be a regular AMC card holder. Go and enjoy.

Anthony Livoti

This place is shot. Recliners are hard and stiff and uncomfortable, the bathrooms are disgusting and overfilled with trash and paper towels. Popcorn all over the place. I'll only credit the snack people cause they are prompt professional and keep the line moving. Not completely terrible but could use a definite improvement


This place is disgustingly dirty the lobby has popcorn all over the floor! The soda area is gross with napkins popcorn and soda all over the floor.


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