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REVIEWS OF AMC Brick Plaza 10 IN New Jersey

Savanna Gray

Its a nice place, been going here my whole life. Definitely was happy when they did the upgrade. The only annoying thing is the woman ID’s us every time which can be a hassle. Instead of going straight to the movie, we have to take them out & stand there while she squints & observes them for a minute. I wish they could come up with a system so that when they scan my phone it shows age automatically.

Carlos Diaz

Large, spacious lobby. Easy access to ticket counter and concessions. Floor was littered with debris. It was the end of the night. 3D auditorium was clean, and seats are large and in good order. Good image and sound quality. Support your local cinemas.

Steven Riznyk

The theater was clean and well organized. The screen and sound quality was good and the seats were the larger electric ones that recline. Snack stand has all the standard movie theater fare. Not a lot I would eat. They have the new soda fountains with the screen allowing you to select a dizzying assortment of soft drinks. No adult beverages served on site.

Russell Groff

Excellent place to be and great movies too and local

Angelia Albert

I love the theater however I tried calling multiple times and no answer on the phone.. I had an important question and no one could answer it.

Anthony Khouzam

Nice seats and clean theater.


I like it, is always clean and on Tuesdays is cheaper.

None Of your business

Since the remodel the place is amazing you know the usual movie stuff 12 dollar drinks and popcorn ahah jp


Perfect place to go for a date night

Mike Perno

Comfy recliner seats, lots of space and a huge movie screen

Gloria Battaglo

Very nice seat love them

Kimberly Pagliaroli

Great time


Comfy chairs, perfect temperature, great place to see a good movie.

Jesslyn Mason

What a relaxing time. Even though we had seats up close it wasn't neck breaking. I loved being able to move the arm rest and get closer to my husband!! I liked all of the drink selections as well. All movie theaters should be like this one!!

Vanesa Nye

Love the updates to the theater..clean..comfortable and every seat has a great view of the screen.

Ashley Brown

Saw Detective pikachu here. Good movie. The theater was pretty nice and the staff was friendly. The theater room was clean and the seats were comfty.

Gavan prior

Just went there to see Venom and it's was a pretty good movie. I love it when they have these chairs with the buttons that you can adjust the position so you can lay back.

John De Mata

Been coming to this place since I was a kid. Glad they got the recliners. A-list member. Lot of memories here. Love this place

Joe Scott

This is a luxurious movie theater. The seats recline, and are comfortable, and they are clean!

Russell Smith

The Seats here are one of the most comfortable I have ever sat in. Great theater

Gail Akers

Best most comfortable way to watch a movie!

Caren Sanns

Comfortable theater for watching the newest releases!

Mona Myron

Very comfortable seating & saw a great movie.

Rose Marie Parsell

Enjoyed our reclining seats. Popcorn was cold. Screen larger than life itself and the movie, once it began, was great. Almost like a hidden jewel on a Thursday night. We will definitely go back and enjoy another date night at the movies!

Elizabeth Paul

Apparently this theater has been remodeled in recent years. I haven't seen it before but the upgrades are great. Its clean with nice reclining seats. The new AMC A-list program also is a great deal for avid movie goers and the app makes it so easy and convenient to book tickets.

Oreste Durazzo

They only seem to play mostly big budget movies and never independent films. Ironically, Avengers Endgame was played over a month but took Brightburn off two weeks after it's release when I waited to see it. Also, they are getting lazy with the trailers because I have already seen four movies this past month. Each of the them had all the same trailers played identically before each show. It's really starting to get annoying. There are alot of movies coming out, and not just four. The last movie I saw was not in the correct ratio either. Also, the soda fountain is nasty. I don't usually buy refreshments but I did the last time and it smelled bad and was very dirty. As for the bathrooms, don't get me started. Some of the people that work here are not the friendliest either.

Christina Tello

4 stars only because the seats are only adjustable one way rather than separate buttons for your back and legs. It's usually clean and the lines aren't as long as other theatres bc they have multiple ppl helping customers which is nice.


Haven't been here in awhile. Pleasantly surprised at how nice it is now. Very clean and comfortable theatres! I def recommend.

Connor Sheridan

Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody! Awesome venue

Joe Downey

Filthy theater, rude non-functional staff. I legit had to get the hired security to get what I needed because amc's staff was too busy hanging out at the concession area.

Ryan Asri

Had a good experience.

omar ahmed

The best in the area. Awesome seats

chiribitica monica lopez

The best chairs in The area ..

Mary Bove

I loved this theater. Much nicer than the AMC near me. They had reclining seats! The only bummer is that we had junky seats right up front so our necks were craned to see the screen. But nice theater overall.

Mick Raimann

I like the new look and atmosphere they started with their seating. Much more comfortable than how it was years ago. A lot more leg room & the chairs recline. Very nice!

Jason Walton

It's gross floor sticky and chairs smell

Bob Rossi

Clean. Movie theater. Nice chairs

Jeanine McGrath

Place is very clean and the seats are very comfortable

Tom Butala

IT2 was real good

Erin M

Why does the website have movies under now playing that are not playing at thurs theater???? Ridiculous! Every movie i clicked on it said it wasn't available!!

Mike Mantel

Clean theatre, great service.


A great comfortable place to see a movie.


I think everyone should love it her such great food and service

Mordy g

I grew up going to this theater. For a really long time this place kind of was in despair. It has a usuals theater smell of piss and popcorn. However about a year ago they finally renovated the place. While it is not the greatest year and it's on the smaller side is finally a decent place to go.

Gary Samer

Great Movies, Each theater the seats are Always comfy and Fully reclinable. Popcorn is Always Fresh and there is a Great selection of drink choices to choose from as well as Icees. Been there, almost, a dozen times, to see movies this summer, Just saw Crazy Rich Asians and will be going back, next Tuesday, $5.00 Tuesdays, to see Alpha. Always enjoy going here to the movies.

john skikus

Comfortable leather seats but they should be commercially cleaned more often. Leather holds sweat and other odors.

Robert Powell

The upgrades to the place are nice

Roberta Harris

Went to a matinee, no wait, movie was terrific!

Mike Litterio

Reclining chairs are amazing

Tee Persky

Love the chairs the cleanliness but d3f need to just lower the sound a few decimals

Yaquelin Crump

I saw Hobbs and Shaw all I can say.... is that I'm beyond amazed and pleased

Carlos Costa

Easy purchasing of tickets with the app had a great time

James Demarest

Love the recliners good shows professional staff

Jennifer Maidment

Loved the new broadwalk

Susan Allred

Comfortable, cozy seats. Now, if they would only do something about the nauseating smell of month old popcorn . . .

Michael Carmine

The theaters clean. D images amazing. The seats recline. The food is never ready in time for the 1st showing of the day. If you want a hot dog you're not getting it until at least 30-30 5 minutes into the 1st movie of the day. This place has very poor management when it comes to having food ready to go

Zach Zohan

Best movie experience ever thanks to awesome reclining seats! - buy tickets online and pick your seat - $1.75 per ticket fee - show ticket person your bar code from email or app and you're in - show up last minute (25 mins of previews) because you have a reserved seat - recline and enjoy your leather, electric recliner with cup comfortable! Theater and bathroom were clean. It was a Saturday afternoon and the theater was busy but if you buy your tickets online it doesn't matter. My only gripe is the ticket convenience fee ($1.75 per ticket) that they charge you to buy online but since you can reserve your seat and show up last minute I guess it's worth it. Plus the recliner seats are so worth the extra fee. The legs extend 90 degrees and the back extends about 60 degrees. There are really no bad seats in the house, even the front row is fine because you can recline and see the screen without straining. The food and drinks are pricey just like every other theater. I would come back here again over a closer theater just because of the seats. If you don't want to pre-buy your tickets online there is a self service kiosk to purchase or print out tickets.

Charles Messenger

Very disappointed with the level of service at this theater. Was refused entry to a movie that started 10 minutes prior to my arrival and the doors were not yet locked. I have used this theater extensively in the past and will no longer give them my time of day. #WhoYouServeMatters


My favorite local theater. Reclining seats...advanced seat reservations....clean theater and restrooms...good variety at the concession stand. Love the perks of being an AMC Stubs member.

Carla Allen

Love the new theater, should have built two sets of bathrooms on both sides.

Janemarie Bayer

Awesome ! Comfortable seating & service

Richie Cunningham

I watched captain and the theaters were.perfect

Mike P

Saw a star was born, Lady Gaga Rocked it, she is actually quite Beautiful i thought. Bradley Cooper, well done! Dice Clay, the same but older. The theater was very clean and comfortable. Only problem was the movie started 63 minitues,after we were seated. So the 9pm show didn't start until 10pm.

Craig Radhuber

This theater is clean with comfortable seating. The only problem I have is that this theater does NOT show many movies that I would like to see. I know it is because of population in the area that is dictating their film selection. This theater shows many G rated movies and rarely a slightly off color film. All and all, it is a nice clean theater.

Al Maiorino

Great comfortable seats and concessions

Candace Bailey

Most comfortable seats i've ever experienced. I was also able to save money and order our snacks and have them delivered to our seats. Great value. Will definitely return.

John Bigley

Great sound and picture comfy recliners ,$21.00 for a soda and pretzel way to much

Roberto Santos

Favorite go to spot especially 5$ Tuesdays with the AMC stubs app..there recliner chairs are awesome and the fast food is pretty good

William Clauser

Nice comfortable reclining seats. Very clean and modern theater.

Sir Spoony

Just got out of the theater. Simply amazing! A bit disappointed with the 3D technology, but all else was perfection...!

Tony Scala

Great theater, super comfortable seats, awesome experience.

Michael Callaway

Not a bad theater, has reserved seating and electric recliners! The place was clean and the service was good. Can't say anything bad about it.

Tom Delounge

BEDBUGS BEDBUGS BEDBUGS!!!! I am not coming on here trying to scare anyone. Me and my family have been coming to this theater for years and have never had an issue. Last Thursday I left the theater and thought I had a tick on me. When I looked at it further I realized it didn't look like a normal tick. Thankfully I have a friend who works for pest control who I immediately texted a picture of it and sure enough it was a bedbug. I had my house turned inside out and the pest control company found nothing (thank God) and nothing in my car either. I called the ocean county health department and they told me because it is not a disease carrying insect THEY DON'T GET INVOLVED. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CONTACT THE THEATER!!!!. They just told me how to handle my house (which I already did) and to let our friends and family know and that's the best I can do. I am calling the theater and letting them know but I want everyone in the area to also be aware that this theater has a bedbug issue. I was in THEATER 4, ROW C. OF THE Brick AMC

Thania Heraclio

It's like any other normal theater. I used to love how they had games there as I was growing up. ( miss that a lot because it was the only theater that had them). I don’t really go there anymore but today when I ordered my tickets online I ordered my food with it. WAS NOT DELIVERED TO MY SEAT. I had to get out of the screening just to get my order, AND IGNORED when I told them that I had PAID for the delivery. So I got NO refund, it’s a shame that when I finally decide to go there and my FIRST time ordering food ; it was not well managed . ( Even when I sow the staff delivering other orders). Other then that ,it was normal.

brian reeg

This is a great redone theatre that has the reserved seating and reclining seats. Great deal on Tuesdays, it’s 1/2 price movies all day. Can’t beat that! Do yourself a favor though and purchase early. They go fast.

Jim Thomas

Nice movie theater.Large reclining chairs. Clean.

Desiree LaCharite

Love that theater. So comfortable!

Carl Costantino

I will come back nice place

Jack Buckley

Lion King was great. Theater is clean and well run

Patrick Schevlin

Had a seat issue . Resolved immediately. Great staff. Great place to spend your money and time

Robert Balioni

Seats are a bit smaller then some of the other larger theaters but experience is a good one.

Larry Berberich

Nice theater. The new recliner are great when they work. Heard one the other day that sounded like a saw.

Staci Primmer

Clean love the new seats!

megan taylor

Easy to buy tickets and select seats.

Shaun Meyers

Love the reclining chairs. The main reason I go here

joseph turner

Great seats amc premier line is great

Henry Bucco

I live the renovation. I feel like I'm on my recliner when I watch a movie. Just wish I seats were wider.

Malanie Joyce

Very comfortable and relaxing

John Carling

Nice place. Roomy, reclining seats.

timothy vogel

Was kicked out for watching spider man naked

Vzzvb Kertap

This place is great. I messed up and bought tickets for endgame weekend and clicked on the wrong date. Guest services helped me out in a big way! The place is clean seats are comfortable employees are friendly.

rich paseler

Clean and very modern. The seats are very comfy.

bob k

Most comfortable theatre I have EVER been too!!! with fully reclining chairs!!! dare ya to try to stay awake!!! lol...

Bigdog bigball

First time at this movie house. Took grandson to see clock in the wall. Surprised to see recliners for seats and made reservations very cool

Jenna Deacon

Everything about this theatre is fantastic. The seats are comfortable, the screen is big, it's clean and inviting. But my #1 complaint is you can no longer have a spontaneous trip to the movies anymore. When it came time for I and my family to pick seats, there were none we could chose together so we had to sit seperately. Really bummed about this new concept of seating.

Mikk D'Imperio

The last time I was there with my bf and family to see Bohemian Rhapsody a while ago, me and bf had trouble adjusting the seats when the movie was over. Any-other that I think everything was OK!!!!

Patti Farrell

Recliner seats, stubs rewards, fun night

Dr. Andrew Presti

Lovely theaters with fantastic seating, almost too comfortable in fact! Reasonable prices, but watch out for overpriced popcorn and soda; costs more than the actual movie. Despite that, it's still a very nice theater.

Will Privett

Employees are nice. Building is clean and food is okay, if a bit expensive. My main issue with this complex is that they only have 8 theaters with about 80 seats per theater, making it so that you have to plan pretty far in advance to see anything even remotely anticapted when it comes out lest they sell out. My other issue is that this lack of theaters results in them showing less movies that have a low key release due to the lack of space for them. Not a bad experience if they are showing something you want to see though.

Justin Campos

Love going to the movies. This place has gotten cleaner over time. I would know since my keys fell out of my pocket and I had to crawl under the chair.

Natasha Astapchyk

Just enjoyed the movie, pleasant place

James Waters

We bought 4 tickets and all 4 were handicapped seat, that means it no chairs. The manager pulled out fold out chairs and said I'm sorry... Worst experience ever

Robert Pladek

Recently installed comfortable reclining seats everywhere clean Lobby fast ticketing service nice

Maria Megill

Nice theater. Comfortable seats. Good popcorn. They gently remind people to not talk or use electronics during the show. Good atmosphere.

Brenda Guarino

I love that they give complementary drinks


Nothing wrong with it, just nothing outstanding. Still, I would recommend.


Great theater, and great quality, definitely recommend it to others.

Shell C

Comfortable seats and clean. The woman who takes the tickets is extremely soft spoken.

Barbara Beck

1st time i have been to a movie in a very long time i am very happy with how they have it set up.

Melanie Gee

Great experience. Everyone nice and professional


Clean neat

Philip Joseph

Love this movie theater is very close to my house love the reclining chairs just over always a great experience

Damion Blake

Nice theater - well kept, clean, good seats and nice picture. Conveniently located, and lots of eating options in the area. One of the better choices for movies in the area.

Desiree Rager

The concession stand workers have such a bad attitude. Poor customer service as well. The soda dispensary is gross because it taste like every soda combined. The topping station for the popcorn is dirty, it's always dirty. The theaters are aways clean that's a plus. At least the workers responsible for cleaning the theater do their job well.

Erin Marx

My mother, sister and myself visited AMC in Brick on 1/14/19 at 6:45pm. In the theater there was an issue with the heat not being on, so the theater was probably a good 40-50 degrees. None of us really minded and my sister got a blanket out of her car and we all cuddled up. It was only cold for about a half an hour in which I'm sure a few guests must have complained about it. The movie was great and all of us completely forgot about the cold start in the beginning. On our way out we were pleasantly shocked to be greeted by two very nice male employees who whole heartedly apologized and handed everyone in the theater complimentary tickets. I must say that this was the most professional, kind, and intelligent decision that I have seen any company do in a very long time to solve a problem and keep their guests coming back. ALL of the staff were kind, helpful, and always smiling. I applaud the management for the amazing way that they solved this problem in an effective manner. Please AMC recognize your Brick location for how intelligent, professional, and kind they are. I will not use my complimentary ticket at any other AMC location, and will now spend double the amount on snacks in an effort to let the theater gain back any money they may have lost by giving out the complimentary tickets. Brick AMC created many dedicated guests tonight by the way they handled this situation. Thank you Brick AMC for restoring my faith in old fashioned great customer service. <3 ~Erin~

Rebekah Rarr

The reserved seats are great and they are reclining. Very clean theater.

Greg Panza

Let me understand....I order my own tickets from home, print at kiosk, never any interactions with paid employees, and you want to charge me MORE? Convenience fee? How about convenience REFUND as you do not hire employees. PLEASE!

Karel Schnitzer

Very comfortable recliner seats. Clean.

Patricia Chieffo

Love these theaters with the comfortable reclining seats! This place was very clean.

That Guy

Better now than its ever been. Still needs a few changes IMO. Must separate the lines between Stubs/A-Listers and regular customers. The Regs get angry with the paying privileged and sooner or later there is going to be a fight. Mini butter topping dispensers should be by the register so customers who want to add topping to the middle of their popcorn don't have to walk away to do it themselves and then return to complete the fill. It slows down the service. I say refuse the practice, but move the self serve topping dispensers into the movie hall corridors so its fast and easy to run out mid movie to add topping. Those little cups you give out to people who don't care have ruined several articles of my family's clothing because they sit on the mess those cups leave behind. I hope the construction going on next door was you being smart an adding an IMAX since no theaters in our area have that. Keep getting better and hire a few more kids. Service is too slow. You're still the best, but certainly you can do better!

Tol Butler

Love the reclining seats. The snacks are classic movie theater, so so quality and way overpriced. We have the AMC Stubs card which gets you free popcorn sometimes and you can bypass the long concession line.

Laura L

I usually go to a different theater in Toms River. Went to an early showing today. Used the restroom before the movie, and the smell was awful. So off putting and was no cleaner after the film. Theater itself was comfortable.

Eliza Pacis

Always my favorite theater.

Francis Johnson III

Great place to watch a movie. So relaxing and comfortable. Can't wait to go back!

Cassandra Coles

Great place family friendly great customer service

laura cinquegrana

O love this place. Clean, large reclining seating and great popcorn!

Devon Gordon

Comfortable seats, purchase tickets on your own on a screen rather than waiting in huge lines

Judi Jaeger

Everything was fine, except every trash can was overflowing. At 7pm when we walked in and at 10pm when we walked out.


Great customer service and the theaters are kept clean.

Lori Gee

Super comfy seats and fresh popcorn... What more could you ask?!!!!

Genocide Gregory

Watched the new Annabelle ... was a great time whenever the infant baby a few rows behind was cryin every 30 mins

Jenna Paris

I've been going here for years. Friendly staff and always clean. Popcorn is always fresh!

Richard Strada

Great recliner seating and very good popcorn . It also a had very nice staff.

Barry Kole

Nice theater. Reclining seats. Good screen and sounds. Nice staff.

Robert Murphy

Great movie theater, just watched Halloween. Accidentally ordered seats online that had an armrest between them. I had to cuddle with a stranger during the scary parts, he was very accepting and I had a good time.

Mark Minetti

Great place to see a movie.

Tony Palazzolo

Captain Marvel, every daughter needs to see..girl power!

melanie barnes

Customer Service mediocre. Movie line up very basic current movies playing not being played here

Alex Isaac

Staff is always nice, never had a problem.

Christine Sanso

There is no one at nite when you leave .I lost my keys and didn’t know it until I left at 12 ish am and was at my car with two kids,13 .The door locks you out when you leave .i tried to get back into building to find my keys.I had to wait for someone to walk out for me to get in .once I did that no one to be found ,not at any customer desk no where.i was hoping to maybe talk to a manager to see if anyone found my keys... I found this disturbing about 20 more people left walking out no security or anyone working there I looked all over not one person thank god my husband came and picked me up Sat Sept29 2018 .....

Eric Moser

Best ever. We got here at least 2 times a month. Great time. Very comfortable

Danielle Ortiz

Butter flavoring dispenser area was filthy!!! One of the two was broken. Ladies' room was out of toilet paper. Garbage overflowing. Rude snack area workers. Lines were all the way to the door, although we pre-purchased our seats. There was only one person scanning. Even at the end, just after the movie's end, while reading the credits and listening to the end music, bright lights were turned on in the theatre and one man began to sweep.

Nancy C Reader

Spacious & clean

richard johansen

Better visit this time accepted cash not like last time

Isidra Ramos Rodriguez

Nice movie time

Lori Oliver

Clean and comfortable with reclining seats. Nice staff also.

Donna Miller

New recliner chair are great. The sound is great. Heat came on as the movie started& became a bit too warm


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