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REVIEWS OF AMC Aviation 12 IN New Jersey

Milagros Hortez

Very dirty but located in a great mall. Ghetto people going here. Don’t expect them to shut up talking during movie. Cell phone use is rampant during movie

Shay Richie

We saw Lion King in Dolby cinema theater and it was amazing. It was not crowded and the place was nice and clean. Loved loved loved the Lion King.

Carl Jackson

Very convenient to where I live

Carol Gomez

Great place! My daughters always love coming here :D

Tyrone Johnson

I like this theater. Now the bad news; When we were there yesterday the Mens Room was awful. Water all over the floor Something must be done about this

Fernando De Oliveira Jr

The theater smells and looks like a dump.... we went on the 11:00am show and looked like nobody cleaned the night before....the garbage cans were over flooded with trash, the bathroom floors were so dirty and sticky that my shoes came off .... Mind all of this at 11:00 am. This movie theater is dirty, smelly and disgusting. They just lost a customer. I rather drive 30 minutes out of my way to clean theater than go to this dump

Ericson Champion

Best people around but they need to update their sitting arrangements

Glai Martinez

Nice place to take the kids too.


High prices, convenience fee for buying tickets online but no reserved seating (11% fee), coupon and QR codes didn’t work.

Ms. BC

I always enjoy visiting this Theater to watch movies. It is always clean and just a peaceful place to visit.

Manoj Santhi

Excellent theater with best seating and sound of all chains!

Ezekiel Simmons

Clean theater good staff

Jayden Costa

Spoiled endgame by showing the new spiderman trailer before the movie. Also movie got canceled

Luis Caban

Good place to go and see a matinee.

Sandy Halbing

It's not the cleanest movie theater, but parking is always available, the theaters are HUGE, they have the recliner seats and the staff is friendly.

nikole warren

The seats feel like I was drowning in them and i don't like the lights on the chairs cant be turned off. The menu is good but the food tastes unsanitary.

Melvin Mickens

I always love it. Clean place and great staff

Harry Uhrig

Great sound n seats

Julie C

Stadium seating. Pretty average movie theater. No service at the snack bar after 11pm and all the soda machines were off and we were supposed to have free refills which was really disappointing.

Bill Woods

Had a good time. The theatre wasn't crowded when we went but I could see how the setup of the front desk could be annoying if there were crowds. You would have to wait outside if there were large crowds. Parking lot was very busy even though theatre wasn't. I could imagine would it would be like when busy. Seats inside the IMAX theatre were very comfortable but a little worn. Stadium seating in IMAX was nice. There doesn't appear to be any bad seats.

dawn higgins

Clean comfy a little pricey

Vicky Perez

So last night me and my family went out excited to go watch the joker we bought the tickets and snacks to eat while watching the movie and so we selected our seats and where we selected our seats there was a poodle of throw up on the floor and we were eating too that's not acceptable because we went to go spend about $150 just throw our the food because of the throw up you guys could do better employees or managers need to at least check after the movies

John Anderson

Don't go there people always talking loud screaming etc . Very rude in theatre . Can't enjoy watching movie there

Sonia Choto

Amazing theater! Excellent service and the screen is so clear and the sound quality is excellent! The food is good, but expensive. Overpriced water, candy and snacks. But, overall it's my favorite place to watch movies.

Franco Libunao

AMC Aviation 12 is a great movie theater. They offer a great variety of movies, good food, and a helpful staff. They also have an arcade in the theater, so you can play some games before your movie starts. Overall, AMC Aviation 12 is a great place to watch a movie and I recommend it.

s. elmore

The movie theater was very nice and clean. The workers there were also very nice.

Richnj Alcedo

The dirtiest amc movie theater I had been. snack manager very rude young staff unprofessional this is a joke . 10:30 pm on a Tuesday no refills on popcorn. Bathroom supper dirty .

ryan carey

Terrible service didnt have anything but popcorn and soda. Front entrance was filthy and every part of theater also! Will not be returning very dirty. I give this theater no stars but it made me give 1 to post!

Ace Vette

1 of the few theaters that has all the current movie technology for your experience. I would give it 5 stars but there are no ticket stations to retrieve your tickets! You have to wait in line unless there is some one extra there to scan your ticket.

Michael Green

Atmosphere is great... Seating could be better

Josh A Dalin

This is my go to theater. I love all the upgrades they've been doing and very much look forward to when they're Dolby theater opens up very soon. The seats are very comfortable the audio is exceptional and the screens are clear. I would recommend this theater to all of my friends.

Ryan McMenamin

Asked for a cup of tap water and had to pay $7. Bought popcorn and it was stale. Bought $20 tickets to the movie, seats are extremely uncomfortable. Highly suggest staying away from here.

A Portuguese

Decent movie theater

Pablo Romero

It is a good place to go. Somwtime a littlw bit crowded bur that is normal

Budget Blinds of Westfield NJ

Great seats and sound. The puddles of urine in the bathroom are quite disgusting... other then that and the price of snacks it was pretty good.

Orlando Buan

Watching movies here is very nice ambience

Alex Peake

AMC Aviation 12 is a great theater. Usually very clean and a great staff that works there. Always friendly and helpful. One of the best theaters in the area. Highly recommend.

Kieran Cline

Out of all the different AMC's in my area I like the linden won the best not only does it have big stadium seating theaters but it is always generally clean. It has a small arcade that I know some AMC's have already removed so if you come early to your movie make sure you try a race or play on The Terminator game. Also I'm a stubs member so every Tuesday we get $5 movie tickets and then you end up getting points where you can redeem for $5 rewards so half the time I end up going we get a free ticket anyway.

Carol Rose

Always a pleasure. Nice theater. Clean and nice crowd

Romonica Stokes

Nice place to visit

Michele Stanley

Great theater, I would recommend it.


Went to see Hobbs & Shaw and it was awesome but my experience was not so good. I had 8 kids under 18 unaccompanied by an adult at 11pm which I would have thought these snot nose little brats would be in bed. It is unlawful for a minor to be in a public place after 11:59pm. Constantly had kids kicking the back of my seat and constant chatter.

Sal Cossari

It's my favorite place to go to see a movie. That probably has a little bit to do with my location of course, but the theater is always clean they have security so nothing gets too crazy with the young crowd. I'm an AList member so I go once or twice a week. They show all the popular movies and some of the more independent stuff, but not as much as I'd like. The food and snacks are always good and I have no complaints about the theater either.

James Hutter

Always a great place and well run. Staff is very helpful

Gilberth Valverde

Pretty small compared to the elizabeth amc theater but you wont have to wait in line as long. Constant security presence is nice and the concession stand takes reasonable time to prep and give your order.

Mar Mar

Big theatre with not a lot of people. Clean and quiet

Charlie Kang

Bathrooms are a disgrace. Dirty af. Watched a movie with subtitles but subtitles were cut off. How do you cut off subtitles on a movie screen?!

Madi Wallace

Really love the Dolby Digital, reclining seats , the staff is quick and efficient. A great overall establishment, really neat and clean.

Rhoda Sheppard

Great picture quality. Too many previews

John Santiago

It's a great movie theater..just wish some of the quest would quiet down..especially the adults that come 2 kids movies with no kids..smh

Saul Asian

Better than Jersey Gardens...

Yusef Lopez

Theater was small and dated. Good staff parking was great even on a Saturday. Ticket price is pretty high but I see that's normal for the area.


Good spot to watch the latest movie's

Meh Elamenu

the movie was good but the popcorn was not that good was not hot chicken tenders was hot. The chairs are not that comfortable.

Chica Banana

Went recently to see Lion King with the family and there's a lot of upgrade in positive way. Loved it.

Desiree Schaal

Has good movies playing in theater and normally up to date but snacks is expensive


When I picked my seats I figured that they would be recliners, like many other movie theaters that let you select your seats, but I was wrong... just regular seats. Movie theater was nice and clean, just not updated like the others.

Ann McDarby

The Aviation Plaza was very clean. The movie was n the strange side. But I enjoy the movie it

Dhanashree Pillay

Yesterday (Saturday 4th) watched Avengers End Game 3.15pm show without 3D effect :( , worst Imax 3D experience ever. 3D glasses were of no use, don't know whether they messed with the print or it was the glasses.. after spending so much and 3 hrs of my time. Bad decision ever. Never ever going to spend a dime on IMAX 3d ever for Aviation 12. And near entrance there crazy trash all over lying around. Overall, they don't even deserve one star..

Edyta Zakrzewska

Good movie theater, it was just really warm last time I was there .

Iris Edwards

Nice location beautiful theatre

Christina Mcclain

Love the proximity to my home.And they have all the movies...great popcorn.

torren hope

I really like this theater.

Balavignesh Thirumalainambi

This is our family s favorite theatre. The dine in seats are pretty comfortable.


Amazing new perks for customers like A-List services. Had an amazing time.

Anuj Goyal

Good place to watch real 3d movies

Carl Weidenburner

The movie was great. The food service not so good. We were at an early show and they were not ready. If you're open - be ready.

Tiwana Smith

One of our favorite theaters. Great food and drinks for a movie place.

loyalty tubtomb

Nice and clean and cold is hell.

Hugues Thevenin Jr.

The theater was nice but can use some modernizing. Reserve seating, a waiting area for guest and maybe better theater chairs. On the other hand, the staff was very greeting, curtisous and professional to me and my family.

Miguel Alvarado

It's ok. The seats are comfortables!

Thomas M

It's ok. There are better theaters.


Enjoyed the movie. Prices for consessions are a bit much 8 dollars for a regular size popcorn is robbery.

Dorinda Mascitelli


sam williams

Its nice that they are slowly upgrading this theater!!

Maria Castillo

Nice comfortable leather seats,

DeAnna Janee

This is the dirtiest movie theater I have ever been to. I am disgusted. There was so much trash everywhere like it was a dumpster.

Donna Marie Beza-Sobejana

The new Dolby cinema is very clean. New reclining chairs!

Essy Galarza

Friendly service, but bathrooms need to be kept cleaner.

Elaine Daley

Love that you get to pick your seating

Mark Oldfield

One of the best movie theater around with plenty of space to park your car.


The staff and management are generally good. The facilities are mostly kept up to date. My main problem with them is that they have eliminated most of the matinees, especially for popular movies shown in IMAX and Dolby.

Jennifer Buckley

Love taking my nephews on a Saturday morning for a movie date

Geraldo Luis

Had a great night watching Glass with my friends. All my friends were waiting on me and I hadn’t paid for my ticket, when I finally got there the doors were closed and one of the staff asked if I had a ticket. I nervously said I’m still trying to pay for it on my phone, hoping she would still let me in. I understand they probably have a right protocol for not letting people in after the doors are closed but I decided to test my luck. She says she will let her manager know and to my luck I got the most kind lady in the whole world! Assuming I had a stubs memebership she brought me over to the registers being that I couldn’t buy the ticket over the phone, and lucky again, I had just signed up on my way over to the theater. She charged me for my ticket and I hurried over to meet up with my friends after her telling me that she didn’t want me being left behind by my friends and to enjoy the movie. Customer service now a days needs to take care of their customers and I’m not saying to take every single customer after locking the door, but it makes us feel welcomed when they are nice enough to let us get away with being 5-15 min late sometimes. I felt bad as I work in retail and I know what it means and the time that it takes to ring someone up after your POS systems are down, having to log in, and if payed with cash, the obsolute necessity to count the register again. I really appreciate the kind gesture she did last night

Evelyn Hofmann

AMC Aviation is a very busy theatre but the friendy associates make u feel special and take great care ..

Dorine Scott

It's not just the movie theater in this area there are restaurants shopping and supermarket in this plaza. Movie theaters are pretty clean, they do clean up after each showing, however the bathrooms can get quite dirty and they need to have a staff check them and clean them on a better basis. Movie quest are the normal as most other theaters you pay extra for IMAX, they have reserved seating for the IMAX but they don't serve meals there, and to be honest I didn't find the seats all that comfortable they didn't recliner much. The row I sat in the seats really weren't in that good of shape some were all torn. They offer you a lot of snacks but very pricey. Sometimes they are not hot when you get them, they are in a rush to move on to the next customer because the lines in the snack concession area can get quite busy. the popcorn napkin and straw area is always filthy they never have anybody there cleaning it up and you have to be careful by the soda because again people spill it and they don't have anybody in the area cleaning it up. They do have the $5 Tuesdays, and they do offer that program for $19.95 will you can see three movies. I do the $5 Tuesdays, but they do have discounts for seniors and kids under a certain age if you don't participate in any programs they offer. After the movie you can go want to one of the restaurants that are there, Applebee's Chevys & Dragonfly, there is also a Starbucks, a pizzeria and I think Jersey Mike's just moved in over there.

Salatiel Suriel

This is the best movie theater within the 10-15 mile radius. It is always clean and the staff is polite.


If they cleaned up more often would it enhance the experience. Everytime I go (day or night) trash cans are overfilled and even the concession stand is just plain dirty.

Jessica Law

My fav theater. With my stubs member ship $5 Tuesday movies

Yvette Alzmann

Awesome place... I love it better than these other movie theater with all the extra meals @your sear... Idk what could be in those meals it's dark in the the theatre...

gloria pereira

Lovely movie theater everyone is friendly and accommodating I love going there

Dawud Ingram

I just wish they had more rooms like the Dolby. Recliners and vivid sights and sounds

Felix Mejia

I've had no issues here so far. Spacious, seats are comfortable and the line for food isnt long. Crew is helpful too

Jason Vazquez

Good concession choices, popcorn was super fresh. The theater was really clean, we enjoyed our movie.

Joanna Schwerdt

Godzilla kids loved it, chairs nice, but I thought they reclined


My husband and I always visit this movie theater. However, do not think about having your premiere honored here!!! The regular line moves quicker!!! Don’t pay for the premiere!!! It’s not worth the extra money! Save your coins unless you are going to a better theater. Sad customer!

Paul Alvarez

Clean theater. Respectful fellow patrons. The kids enjoyed the movie.

Nery L

By far one of THE MOST DISGUSTING AMC theatres I have stepped foot in! Went with my fiance and his family to see Avengers Endgame. The machine to print the tickets was broken so we went to the desk. Had to deal with AN EXTRMEMLY RUDE EMPLOYEE. She couldn't be more than 20 and gave attitude about us wanting to print our tickets. Then the floor was super sticky and dirty. My shoes weren't just squishy with the floor, they were actually getting stuck to the floor! There was popcorn everywhere and swept into the corners haphazardly. The trash cans were over flowing with garbage and there was no water for the sinks in the Women's bathroom. Ugh! Utterly gross and awful experience except for the woman at the concession stand. At least she was nice and helpful.

Andres Jimz

Beautiful theater horrible customers. These crowds destroy an enjoyable night. Examples : Guests scream loud in the theater, alot share no fellow respect, and bathroom was in horrible condition.

Shannon Alexander

Super friendly staff and clean theater.

Janet Miller

My movie place, especially Tuesday $5 Stubs membership pricing.

matthew hitchcock

Great place. The workers have been nothing but nice

cristina gordillo

Great the movie was on time,the service good and the food was great as well

Shanda Stokes

Movie theater was nice and the chairs nice.

Gianna Zydallis

Everyone here is so helpful and the cashier at the front desk remembered who we where and asked me how the movie was before I left. Little comments like that make people feel like more of a person and not just another number. I will definitely be coming back!!!

Anthony McNeill

My chicken was burnt and looked old. Not good!!!Terrible sandwich.


Seating needs to be updated... stiff back chairs are out...we need nice reclining chairs!!! Otherwise this place is always neat and prepared for customers!!

David Rivera

I love amc but the wait to buy tickets...the wait to but food..omg

Jay-Jay Nation

I did have a very good time and the movie was very nice

Valen P.

Place is ok. The workers are very friendly yet they could improve some stuff like the smell that surrounds you as soon as you enter the theater #2. Was very bad, the sit in front of me had something very disgusting stick to it, in the dark looked like vomit. Place looks old, workers are great!!!

Tvr Murty

Enjoy the Dolby as well as IMAX experience at one place

Ex-aequo Transportation

Relaxed depending on the hours

Ibrahem Younas

Dolby Cinema is simply unmatched. I can't go back to watching standard format movies now


Really upsetting that my husband and I drove about 20 mins to this theater to catch the last Spiderman showing and once we got there were denied tickets because we were running a bit late (they said they were closed, which they're NOT because people are in the theater watching movies), but this has never been an issue before any other time we've watched movies at AMC. I told the employees that I always was able to to get into a movie even if I was late and asked questions like if this was a new rule or protocol or it all AMCs do this. They didn't answer my questions but instead just kept saying they were closed and that they would let us in only if we had tickets. Perhaps this IS a new rule or new protocol that AMC employees have to follow that we were unaware of, but can't help but feel disappointed still. (TIP: Buy your ticket online in advanced so if you're late to your showtime, they can't deny you because you already paid for your ticket.) So now we're sitting here in our car, eating our fast food dinner and watching The Office on our phone (which is probably a better plan anyway

Patricia Abrantes

It was unbelievably dirty and disgusting. The floor was so sticky that my feet were permanently glued. The restrooms were beyond disgusting. Will never go to that location again.

queen desiree

The girl at the front desk was so nice she gave my family coupons

D Grubbs

Very friendly staff! A very nice movie theater, I would definitely visit again with my family!

Nneoma Oseagulu

It was good but the soap in the bathroom didn't work so I hope they fix it good thing I had hand sanitizer

Youssuf Abrahim

This is my go to movie theater, I see all my movies here. It’s very popular so it’s always full. It offers everything you’ll need for a great movie experience. It’s also in a great location and not secluded from everything, parking can be a little competitive at times.


This movie theater is my favorite I frequent here basically wants a week. I am all about Dolby theater now. You can't get me to go into any other theater besides the new one. I usually order my tickets online, and I love the fact that they have ordering ahead. What I don't like about the ordering ahead is that someone can just take my food if there's nobody there to man the station. Security is usually tight I don't know why but I guess because it's a movie theater and a popular one. The bathrooms are usually clean and the concession stand is usually prompt. Best of all where I sit in the theaters are always clean. Go AMC

Jeffrey Gomez

Great atmosphere. IMAX experience was incredible. Highly recommend.

Reema Gandhi

So glad I went to AMC Linden because my previous experience watching a great show with the comfortable seating arrangement has been disappointing (at various locations of course). AMC Aviation, Linden has far better services to offer than it's other counterparts. The place looks well managed with friendly staff. I noticed that their ticket checking was a tad bit lenient which wasn't an issue for me nevertheless I want to mention it here. I like the screen size and the seats too. Plenty of legroom, comfortable chairs, and amazing surround sound system. We could feel the thumping of dinosaurs roaming around. This theater has a small game room for kiddos which includes a couple of fun games. Large parking space so no wasting time looking for a place to park. The worst part was women restroom. They were filthy and literally stinky. I hope it isn't the case otherwise because I can clearly see many reviewers appreciating the cleanliness.

Rachel Milito your Realtor

What a great experience! Of course the movie AVENGERS was phenomenal but I think what pleased me the most were the group ooo’s, ahhhs, clapping and crying! It was fantastic. The chairs are super comfortable and soft. Delicious pretzels with cheese dip. Attentive service.. they were working really hard to keep everyone happy being that the theater was packed to the brim. Order your tickets online prior and you can pick your own seats !!!

Dee Mac G Photography

By FAR the nastiest, grossest cinema everywhere. The halls, bathrooms and food areas are disgusting. I couldn't even fit a straw in any of the garbage containers on the outside entry because they were overflowing. Staff nice and great seating but the filth everywhere is stomach turning.

Andy B

Great movie theater. Not big and if you time it right not crowded. Great viewing theaters with great sound systems. Love going there.

belinda bell

Great customer service. Good atmosphere. I like it better than 1 in Mountainside


Movie theater was dirty and you can really feel the stickiness of the filthy floors. (Dont bring your good shoes). Service was terrible and the snacks were way to expensive for just popcorn and a soda. (Might as well just sneak in snacks)

Rosa E

They keep it fairly clean. Seats are comfortable

Robert Parson

Nice large multiplex with ample parking for a multitude of customers. Long lines sometimes, but it does move quickly. And of course there's always the online purchase option.

Vanessa Felgueiras

Nice and clean. Lots of parking. How ever they never seem to have any of the food they are advertising..

Donovan Roman

Pretty cool place, seats dont recline though

William Carolan

The Dolby theater experience was fantastic. A great way to see a super hero movie.

Jorge Rodrigues

IMAX theatre #1 is in terrible condition. Seats are all ripped and no one cleans up after each movie. There was popcorn, candy, cups and napkins everywhere. Will never return.

ichiban Jdm

Awesome place. Keep it up...

Cristofer Hernandez

Its a pretty good movie theater and is not full most of the times

Manmi NewJersey

I used to go here for IMAX and Dolby. This has smaller IMAX screen than the New Brunswick AMC but better seating with some space between rows, so I suggest this IMAX. But Dolby is same as both theaters. This is neatly maintained theater and I used to order onion rings, pop corns. This is having nice parking facility and shops around the theater.

may cruz

I usually go to this theater and never had any problems. But last weekend it was a complete mess and utter chaos! I don't know if they weren't expecting there to be a lot of people but it was just a madhouse! Lines everywhere, dirty theater, dirty bathroom. But we saw bohemian rhapsody and it was awesome!

J.C. Perez

Pretty nice movie theater.. the rooms are a tad small so seating is limited.. but the employees make up for it. Great service for the moment

rosemarie donald

Courteous staff, clean environment.

Alfredo Ramos

The Best...Nice...Nice..Imax is Awesome

jason pryor

Nice theater, they recently added select seating when you buy your tickets, which is great. The food and drink choices are good but they do not serve you at your seat in this theater.

Adwoa shaw

Oh my goodness, outside the theater was nasty garbage everywhere, the look did not change, inside was just as bad. The bathroom had not water to wash your hands once finish using the bathroom. I just know the Aviation was my go to theater to go to, after today I don't know.

Ren Reidy

Linden is my least favorite theater in the area. Most recently we visited to see Avengers, which is a 3 hour movie. I visited the restrooms before and after the movie and both times there was no toilet paper in all but 2 of the stalls. The only good thing they’ve done lately is add reserved seating for showtimes.

Mike Suave

Watch this Movie last night AMC #DolbyCinemaAmazing #ReservedSeating #SignatureRecliners #AngelHasFallen great movie...


Very neat and spacious but can find the screens with ease

Lawrence Abernethy

Your talking to a guy who at 12 years old would pay .35 cents to see at least 2 cartoons one (A ) movie and one ( B ) movie and then those movies would go in rotation 2 more times . I spent 17.00 Dollers and had goten one flick.

ashley chacon

Very safe place to watch movie

Jaden and Justin videos

Clean theaters and friendly staff. Food is better than other AMC theaters in the area.

Mark Gray

A pretty good theater in the AMC family. They offer an IMAX screen, have quite a few concession options, and their restrooms are kept very clean compared to other locations. They've also greatly improved how they treat their Premiere members, which was a major problem for me in the past. I can now give them a hearty thumbs up.

juan m banos

The theater was hot .

Anthony Sapichino

Theater was absolutely disgusting. There was garbage on the floor before we walked into the theater. The entire lobby is a total disaster. The concession stand was barely stocked and the line was ridiculous. Seats were not super comfortable. I'll just wait another day or two to see a movie next time and go somewhere else.

Eileen Martinez

It's a movie theater. Nothing to review. They show movies and I watch them.

Nisai Gibbs

They need more help a bigger tendors.

Karthik Venkatesh

Very good sound system for both imax and Dolby

Edward O'Connor

We love seeing movies here.

Author rule jacobs

Great service every time I visit

AB Pryor

$5 Tuesdays for Stubs Members. Many times there are concessions specials. Multi theaters with great selections. Wide spacious restrooms and an arcade. My family loves to take photos by the posters of the show we attend. Great staff and management. Secure facility.

Vanessa Lovelace

Service is great! Place is neat and clean.


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