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Praveen Kumar

Worse theaters in NJ. Seats can't get any bad, as they are already in pathetic condition. Restrooms and theater lobby, doesn't even deserve to be mentioned. Just below par, at the very sea bottom in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Hope they would improve the customer experience, which right now seems to be a distant dream for the audience.

Prudhvi A

Never go here ... worst ka bap


Good theatre, but the hall smells of urine at times. Friendly staff and Indian snacks available. Air fresheners would make it a pleasant experience.


It has a lot of options for all recent Bollywood movies and regional Indian language movies. It is really nice to have such a nice multiplex on the oak-tree road which is has ample of indian grocery stores and restaurants. The only thing is the screen size and price of ticket. Cost of ticket is lower than AMC or Regal Cinema, however, in terms of services, it does not have recliner seats and screen size is relatively shorter as compare to a traditional multiplex screen.

Rakhi Bhattacharya

Good movie theater.

ldesi nj

Screens are small, sound meh, but we watched quite a few movies here over the years. Sgreen slightly bigger than that of our screen at home. Couple of days ago watched Mallesham in Screen 2. Things were crawling over us all the time, not sure what, rear of the seating area, we were the only ones in the theater. We came home bathed and put clothes in washer. That does it for us, no more. We emailed the management, no response so far.

Tarun Kalidindi

There are better places to go

VIvek Ganesan

Good maintenance

Rakesh Reddy

Good place for all Indian movie stuff. Screens are small, seating is comfortable and the sound system is just OK. It s nice place to watch movies and grab Indian food next door.

Drashti P

It bit small but I like it and best for Bollywood movies

Srinivas Kolusu

I watched telugu movie here here are Pros and Cons Pros: Only advantage is like this is Very near to our locality. Cons: Not a big Screen, very small screen. Not Sound at all, forget your were in theater its better to watch the movie in your TV without sound system. Finally the worst seating. Thank god i went for a night show so i couldn't get a chance to see the ugliness of seats.

Saji George

The place is clean, well maintained, perfect theaters as it has big screens, I watched Peranbu in Screen 3, enjoyed the movie, ample sound, but the viewing experience was fantastic

Saisudha Nookathota

Place is utterly disgusting power orn everywhere coffee on the seats and the entire cinema has a nasty salty aroma. I would rate this a negative eight stars out of five. AVOID AT ALL COST.

hetalkumar patel

Not good. Small theater and staff thing smile or hi nothing. Only who many tickets. Not any smiley face or reaction. Inside not clean and chairs are dirty not clean.

Virendra Tavathia

I think the sound system is fine and not as bad as some people have written here. Some of the comments about screen and the staff's behavior seems to be prejudiced. I have always had a very good time at this theater, for the following reasons: 1. The staff is friendly and helpful. We must give them their due as they have a difficult task to perform. 2. The owner whenever present (which he is most of the time) is very polite and friendly. 3. The coffee is awesome to the extent, that I don't mind going to the theater only to have coffee sometime. 4. Movies played are latest, and cater for the entire Asian Indian Community. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English and so on is the day. For a small theater like this having all this must be appreciated. 5. And finally, it is our own community cinema that has been serving the community needs for almost two decades. The owner is improving the things every single time, and I am sure in near future it will give its competitors run for their money. All that he needs is our support, which as a community is our obligation too.

bharath somashekar

Regional Indian movies are played the most. However, they dont assign seats and it's a 1st come 1st serve basis. We always end up going on the dot and end up sitting in the 1st row.

Usman Mohsin

Worst cinema ever

Japdeep Singh

Great for watching last second movies that are about to get off.

Ritesh Udsaria

The place was not really good. Seats were comfortable but congested.

purani sivarajan

Good movie place

Akash Nair

screening is ok, not a lot of seatings in the theatre. Over all good for indian and other international regional movies. Need more refreshments at the box office counter. More food and drink option will b good as well. P.S- samosas need a lot of improvement. Taste like boiled potato with no seasonings. Hit the like button if the review was useful. Thanks!

harini priya

Ok place to go watch a movie.Need to make sure that the food is fresh. We ordered egg puffs they were rotten. Be careful guys!!

Nishit Desai

Tiny screens and small halls. Go here only if you run out of options

reetesh sahu

Good place to watch movie

Bankim Patel

Food (popcorn was so bad quality) and they sold in 9$. Taste like was sitting there from 1 week which was unethical.. if you sale for 9$ food, customers will expect quality of food.

Anudeep K

The halls are pretty small and ticket is costly which doesnot match the place. They do not have nice audio system and I think may be any home theatre may sound good at home. The pop corn place is pretty bad and some times they do not have internet running to book the tickets which i think defy the whole thing. They will have some old guys sitting in-front of the ticketing place and run some promotions work which it self looks bad. The theatre chairs in there are pretty bad and smelly. Some chairs stuff do have some sharp objects or may be som thing coming out of the seat.

Vishesh kumar

Not good

Shravankumar Hiregoudar

Indian movies at reasonable cost. Poor maintenance and service.

Ravinder Panessr

Very dirty bathrooms... small auditorium theater room size,...35-60 seats....Food is ok not that good...Poor service....bad movie audio and graphics are sound is poor always cracking can’t handle loud noises in the movie...

rakesh j

Very old theatre

Abhijit Deshmukh

Family owned theater, good for watching Bollywood movies

mkrish m

Very small screen 4. It was as if I was watching a movie on a big tv. The sound system is outdated too. Off to AMC again.

Jillu Iyer

This is outdated theatre. Tickets same price but soda popcorn no refill for same places like outside. There was a sound video mismatchfor 10 mins and started movie all over from beginning. The screen and the sound effects weren’t good. I went in for a movie which I was waiting long time but didn’t walk out with that great feeling. I didn’t get the theatre experience bcoz of the small screen and sound .... it was like watching in my home in Netflix in your big tv when you don’t have proper sound system in home.

INSU Homes

Good 8k movies but small screen and inside the theater not clean, worst maintenance except parking lot.

Sowmya Krish

The theaters are small and not in the best shape! But considering it is close, I used to go here often. But my recent experience with one of their employees was horrible!! My friends came with their movie pass and he asked for confirmation from app. They were unable to find the theater in the app. So they got the tickets paying cash. But when we asked him what the issue was he got into an argument with us saying it was the issue with the app. Even if it was the problem with the app, the ATTITUDE AND RUDENESS of the employee was unnecessary!

Suman Reddy

Good place for desi movies but the sound quality was not good.

iCynical PC's

Shows hindi movies but that's about where the pros end, very cramped and average seats, concessions are mediocre at best.

kumar Lonely Traveller

Not comfortable sitting according to the price.. this theater making the benefit of indian movies.

Amol Naik

Theatre is very small. Seats are ok but screens and sound systems need to improve a lot. Tickets are much less compared to the other theatres

Hari Sivagnanamani

Great place to take your date, had a wonderful time with Anika.

Tarak Ram

Very small Theater. Poor sound effects. Do not recommend

Harish Neygandhi

Ok place to see movies but needs to improve and upgrade

anuradha arun

Improved a lot with new management

Satya Dev

They have student discounts of almost 50% which is affordable. The theaters are small, comfortable but the sound system is just OK.

chaith vi

Like the choices of regional movies screening here!! It will be great if big budget, extraordinary movies are screened once on Friday morning by 10 or 11 am. So that we can watch freely while the kids are at school :)). Pls try!!

Praveen K.S

Worst theater, very small screen and seats are also not very comfortable.

Seema Jagtiani

I like the personal touch of the staff not to forget the desi samosas and the best coffee. Reminds me of my days in India munching samosas and coffee during a movie. Agreed screens are small but I sit in the center of the theater not too far in the back and enjoy the movies. More over I like to promote our own people.

srini grandhi

It s nice place to watch a movie and grab dinner at next door.

Anjani Vyas

Its good one.. also i seen gujarati movie as well.. but chair and sitting arrangement are not good..

Girish M

Only good thing is you get to watch all Indian local movies. But it’s priced in par or more than regal and amc but quality wise not even worth comparing. Average quality theatre. An option considering the proximity and the movies they play. Wednesday’s it’s worth it due to the offers if available.

lorne dixon

Absolutely love 8K Cinemas. As a huge fan of horror genre films, I've found myself growing bored with the stagnancy of domestic releases. Without 8K, I would never have found new favorites like Game Over (a masterpiece in every sense), Kolaiyathir Kaalam, or guilty pleasures like Mohini. I'm positive the experience is just as eye-opening and wonderful for fans of any type of film. A sanctuary.

Bhargav Kesavan

I've watched at least 20 movies here in past 5 years. It was Big Cinemas before and now 8K cinemas. Earlier there use to be old seats, but now they've renovated the seats. But sound system is still bad & screen size is small, it's like you're watching movie at basement of your house. On Wednesdays you can get tickets for half price for select movies.

Nirav Shah

They have now changed name to 8k cinema. But there is no upgrade to theaters. Everything is same as before. Screens are small like home theaters. It was not really clean either. They need major upgrades to make it decent movie theater. But you don't have any other choice if you want to see New Indian regional movies on big screen.


Another stupid venture in New Jersey , never been to this bad movie complex anywhere . Most populated india can accommodate better business than here (new jersey )

Surbhi Pandey

It's alright, nothing fancy. Decently clean.. and plays movies that sometimes nobody else is playing (am an Indian and not all movies get attention here in America).

Deepa Ahuja

All the new Hindi movies

prashob s

Go-to indian movie place . Close to Indian restaurants. Nothing much to write about.

ashly jose

If you are looking for home theatre experience then here it is

Arun Duddilla

Very poor and ill maintained theater. Staff is very rude and bathrooms are ugly.

Pritesh Patel

Excellent recliner seats and clean theater

Saketh Sitaram

Small Theater but still plays movies ...

Pavan Reddy pashapu

Good place to watch all our indian movies. New staff, new stuff, renovating system. Managers and staff are very friendly. Went here to watch movies, experienced arjunreddy, Jailava kusa ,mersal, VOZ recently. I feel Our indian community in/nearby Edison,Iselin, New jersey should encourage them..

Mo des

Great place

nagar1946ak ak

Me and my wife were in screen 8. The seats are upright. It is better if they are reclining. Anyway it was a good experience, watching a good movie Mulk on the first day of its release.

Kanchan Thite

Good location as is located on the oak tree road lot of restaurants and lots of shopping options and if someone wants to go grocery shopping after the movie you have that option as well

Dilvinder Singh

Small theater but great it was quite

Jinu Vishal

The sound in the cinema theatre is not good .You will miss all the charisma of the background scores & songs in the movie.But, they play all hit indian movies (Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu ,Hindi,etc ) & it is the ONLY THEATRE which does. So..we have no choice but to watch movies in 8K/Big CINEMAS.The screens are also small... & the WORST experience ever is that sometimes when we drive for so long & finally reach there, they will not show the movie.They always say some excuse.So make sure to call at the theatre & confirm whether they will show the movie, in prior.


Poor theater. Movie kept stuttering 50+ times, had to be restarted twice. When majority of audience complained after the movie they tried to say why didn't you walk out then! Did refund the money after much protests from much of the audience.

Rakesh Bhatia

Nice place

Harsh Bhatia

It is not experiencing a movie here. It is more of experiencing sitting at a home theater. Find alternate places for movies or just stream at home, avoid this place.

Herat Zaveri

This theater is horrible. First of all there is no movie hopping. There were multiple time when the movie did not start on time and they did not give discount either. The washroom was not well maintained well. There were also broken seats. Will never come here in future.

sujay kumar

Nice place for affordable cinemas ...

vamsi vemuri

very bad movie house. over priced snacks.

Vishaldeep Singh

movie rooms are small, only 35 to 50 seats. max 70. small screen. the food is really good though. popcorn samosas nachos are really good.

abhinandan reddy

This place is owned by different people now. Needs improvement in all possible ways

Nikhil Rushmith

The most disgusting place in the world to watch a movie. Please avoid this. Also, celebrities are invited to watch movies here, they might be kidding.

Bala Vivek Kolli

This place is becoming worst day by day. Quality of the sound, seating and overall movie experience is missing.

Vasantha Krishna Kadambar

The audio and the seating deserves zero stars. However, the ticket price is also low ($8-$12). Never expect a good quality audio system and seating. Very small group of people will be around. Do not expect a real movie theater experience. Only reason to go here is to watch Indian movies.

Dev Pujara

Awesome theater guys. They have nice big theatres and the seating arrangement is great! Sound system was perfect this time, not too loud not too quiet. Movie was extremely clear and we all had great fun and enjoyed viewing it. Definitely a great theater to go to.

Saurabh Vyas

It felt like watching movie in india.. need to upgrade some more features and need to keep clean but it was fun to be there. I would like to revisit there also i was able to watch my first gujarati movie in United states also i guess this place only have Bollywood movies on the screens.

deepika indeti

The worst theatre I have ever seen! May b v can cal it a home theatre for better... can’t give less than this hence 1. And its 14$ for this small suitcase of 76 chairs!!

Bhãskar Rãmarãju

I felt like watching a movie in India

Aseem Nayak

Clean and helpful staffs... Gives you attention and always ready for your any queries to ans n help as soon as possible

Ajay Penemetsa

Crappy theater. No maintenance. But I guess if you are looking to watching Indian movies - it's unavoidable.

Raj S

Sound is very normal. Home theater is better

dayananda shenoy

I want to support local theatre but it looks like despite management changed for this theatre no measures are taken to improve quality of this theatre. During recent visit our theatre (2) had very dirty seats (liquid spilled on seats) , broken seats (covered with black sheets , at least good gesture to save someone from tripping) and no proper lighting . Worst of all some insect kept on biting throughout movie. You pay 12$ for a movie here and end up with this experience . Except for the fact they show Indian regional movies I don't think there is any good reason to watch movie at this theatre. Long back I remember one Mr.Nair during one such visit was appealing to support this local theatre (then Big cinemas).nothing improved then and I don't see Any positive hope for improvements in future. BTW in mens bathroom one unit seems to have broken door (or probably door itself is missing). If someone from this theatre management is reading I hope they take some measures to fix this problem and give comfortable and safe movie watching experience.

Devam Shah

This place used to be big cinemas here but they have changed the name here and put as 8k cinemas. The service is ok here and the seating here and the screen are not as good as AMC and Regal are. Sound quality is ok and service is ok to. The show times are odd in this theater and inconvenient to.

Kantilal Rana

Edison Big cinema

Tels Abraham

Good place for Indian Cinemas

Manju Bhargava

New management is doing an excellent job ! Much better experience.

samuel gomes

Nice place

macharla saiteja

nice place to watch indian movies and eat indian snacks

Chaya Dewan

This is the worst theater I've ever visited!!! I paid $12 for a ticket expecting a regular theater experience but this turned out to be a home theater. The size of the screen is so small that I am surprised it's got a commercial license. Don't waste your money even if the movie that's running is on your must see list. Too bad when you get cheated by your own community

Deepak Verma

Screen size is small compared to AMC and Regal. Seating is ok, sound not that great. Lots of items to chew on at confectionery.

K Pac

Pretty bad theater in terms of comfort. Watched a movie for the first time here and the AC/fans were not running in the theater. It was suffocating inside and hot to sit in this damn theater for two hours. Totally not worth $12. The outside lobby was fine and had the ACs/heat running. The seats were uncomfortable as well. Maybe ppl are fine viewing movie in this setting. Never again in this theater where ACs were not running in a closed room.

Yogesh Waran

All Indian movies get released here and the theater is good and location in centre place where all main restaurants and grocery stores are there


Big Cinema nice clean and affordable. Staff needs big smile on there faces to make this place better.

joel john

Worst theater I have ever been to. Paid 12$ to get a home theater experience. Please don't waste your money here. Look else.

Ravindra Vangipuram

This is a famous theaters among Indians as it only shows Indian movies. Parking is just sufficient. The screens are little smaller.

Shake Sajan

It was good experience. Can anyone tell if we have Malayalam movies( South India ) screened here in big cinemas?? I checked twice directly at cinemas but dint find helpful info.. whereas online it lists the shows

PandiaRajan R

Compact screens which lacks comfort, leg space.

Vivek G

NOt BIg Screening LIke Your Home Theater Good

Naveen Kumar

Filthy theatre.. screens are too small, it’s like watching in home using 100$ projector.. chairs are not good .. restrooms are not clean.. totally worthless for your money ..

Erika León

Nice place

Alex Babu

not 8K effect ;(

Ramajayam Gopi

Better stay at home if you have home theatre

Ramesh T

Below average seating comfort and cleanliness.

Piyush Srivastava

Good place for watching Indian movie.. short staffed.. average clean..

Vikram Pandian

Except it releases indian movies i dont see any good thing with this theater. Screens are small, no special screens and tickets are expensive.


This cinema is terrible! We had ten different breaks because the movie stopped working. Delayed us an additional hour in general!!!!

Debasmita Basu

The screen size is rediculously small. Seats are just upto the mark and sound system is old school. After a long time I found sound boxes in a theatre, and unfortunately it was just above my head.

Praveen Thadakamalla

No good maintenance at all. Bathrooms smell alot. Very bad customer service

Vaishali Patel

I think home theater is better than this theatre. Horrible sound system.

Doodle Girl

Very nice and comfortable seats The location is very easy to locate The theater has a huge parking space The staff here is very friendly and pleasant I had heard many bad things about this theater earlier but my experience has been good and I totally disagree with everything I’ve heard

Elamurugu Arumugam

Most indian regional movies will be released here..

Sivaguru Kumaresan

1980s decor with furniture and screens equally old.

Bismah Masood

Movie experience was great. It was clean.

Parth Patel


Manny Swami


Sundaram Natarajan

Very poor audio quality and very cheap theater setup .. will never go again.

Sailokesh Mondi

The crappiest theater I've ever been to. Completely unsanitary(there were MICE on the floor inside the theater), the theater itself is extremely small and I would suggest staying at home and watching a movie in a home theater if you're spending $14(average) on a movie. Go elsewhere(AMC, Regal, Cinemax, etc.). This one isn't worth your time.

Arun Shankar

Very good for regional movies

James Sulva

Was a clean and beautiful theater.

Deena's Eyes on Entertainment

The size of theatres is the only downside that I see . Other than that for all Indian language movies, you can rely on Big Cinemas to get tickets. I also heard that Indian movies in all the screens are projected and directed from Mumbai digitally. Not sure but was interesting to know..

Arun JJ

Seats are not good. Front sitting person is hiding the screen.. seats are not good . This is not like AMC theatre.

Venkat Gopal

$12 ticket price for a theatre with small screens and old fashioned sound system seems outrageous. Go here only if. You are desperate to get your fill of Indian movies

Siddharth Raut

Comparing to the ticket price Seats - pathetic Screen positioning and size - pathetic Sound - okay okay Only reason to give even 1 stars is it being the only theater nearby that shows regional movies.

Palani Kay

Desi movies hall..

Vivek Sridhar

The infrastructure is poor and run down. There's a moist smell of mildew inside the theater and the seats are all things and worn out. Speakers are exposed and loud and jarring.

Kitch Pilapil

about six small rooms and merely 100 people only to accommodate per room but the audio and the screen is so good for a cinema. might need some renovation or repainting. suggestion only.

Abhijit Shrikhande

One of the best places in North America to watch Indian movies.


Personally I don't care about the theaters and ambiance as long as the Movie is Good....Would be more happy if rest rooms are little clean..

Nitin Pandey

Filthy place. I guess they only clean it like once a month. Used bottles, wrappers, popcorn lying all over the floor. Broken chairs covered with garbage bags, filthy rest rooms-the list is endless. Guess people dont have choice as this is the only place where one can catch Indian movies

chandana chandrashekar

One of the few cinemas that plays Indian language movies. Plays most languages. The manager was kind enough to accommodate our request to play a movie in the language we requested even though the show was supposed to play another language.

Sundaralingam Chandrasekar

Can improve ambiance!!

Dev Karlekar

Keep up the good work Rupinder Ji

hariharan gopalakrishnan

No surround sound.. screens were small.. not much food options..

Sivakumar Kalyanaraman

Cheap tickets. Small but decent screens.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Lousy theater.. bad sound, bad visuals... Overdose of Indian advertisements ruin the movie going experience. Skip it ....

Adrita Mukhopadhyay

With $7 tickets experience is very good. Staffs are very well mannered. Halls are quite good. We often go there for movies. It'll be great if you can bring Bengali movies too.

Nabeela Hijaz


Davis Johnson

Small screen with just a few seats. But worth the price. Just $8. Moreover, there's a student discount and the tickets are $5 for students.

Athira Sadanandan

Decent place. No water fountain though

Naveen Pamulapati

Do you know difference between home theatre and actual theatre ??? Totally worthless .. I should have seen reviews before coming here ... totally worthless... Feel home theatre is far better than this theater. AMC/Regal theatre standards are increasing day by day but Big cinemas standards are decreasing drastically.

Kush Patel

Theaters are poorly maintained. The seats are not comfortable, the ceiling has a giant hole in it. Plus the sound quality is below average. I could literally hear sounds from adjacent theater during my movie. Paying $11/ticket not worth the service you are getting. Plus the screen sizes are small

Chandrakanth Senadhipatyam

Decent for the bells and whistles


On cash counter internet was not working so credit cards cannot be accepted.

Rani Nair

They need to up their cleanliness

sanjay lalwani

Theater is good, but could have been better.

Nirmal Mukundan

The movie theatre used to be Big cinemas. Its a good one to watch Indian movies. Especially more of Telugu movies more than any where in New Jersey. The facilities are not upto standard as compared to an AMC or other movie houses. The size of the hall and screen varies. Seems it depends on the movie popularity. They have a small snack bar which is okay.

Ramaseshan Parthasarathy

Pricey ticket, small screens, poor seating arrangement. Would highly NOT recommend, but unfortunately options are extremely limited if anything for Indian movies playing at NJ theaters.

Yashasvi Arun

This place is good for a quick movie. The theatre is small and the screen is not very clear also. The seats are not comfortable either. But the place is not as bad as people are writing in the reviews.

Sidhant Rastogi

Good quality theater.

Nim Mat

Terrible and dirty! Restrooms stink! Auditoriums are small and sound systems are pure noise.

Sriram Radhakrishnan

This is a stupid theater. The audio system sucks. The voice comes from the front and music comes from the side. This literally gave me a headache and had to come out of the theater during intermission. Please improve asap.

ivar 02

Over priced and seats are not comfortable. You can't see the screen if you sit in the back rows. Seats are not at all comfortable.

Shaurya Kalra

Vy bad experience....not going there again.the screen is small and popcorns we’re not hot

Aiswarya KS

Good for Indian movies


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