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Sarah Galle

Went to see a friend's band. Buy your ticket early. Counter seats are a better view but it's kind of awkward because there's that wall in front of your legs, it's kind of uncomfortable unless you pull your stool out a bit or sit sideways. The acoustics are pretty good, I enjoyed the performance, waitresses are friendly, they stop serving before the performance that you can still order food and drinks at the walk-up window. They choose your seat for you, so if there's a performance you want to attend, than get your tickets as soon as possible to get the seat that you want.

Matthew Bruneau

The Tupelo is great. There is not a bad seat in the place. I was there to see a comedy show. The sound quality was good too. They have good menu of finger foods and a bar where you can get mixed drinks and beer as well. I look forward to my next visit.

Nick Simonetti

Great for a smaller concert. Only complaints are the somewhat lack of parking and bass will occasionally cause vibration in the ceiling

Gloria Mottram

Saw Hermans Hermits tonight, what a great show! Peter Noone and the band put on a great and funny show, Peter sounded like he did 40 years ago. Great interaction with the audience, everyone was singing, great crowd. Hope they come back soon. Staff at the Tupelo were helpful and we had a great time! Will definitely return for other shows.

Alicia Forte

Small intimate setting, typical pub food, ok drinks. I like not being in a huge crowd and seeing a performance.


Awesome venue that brings big name talent to small town New Hampshire on a regular basis. The venue is very clean and the sound quality is impeccable.

Rochelle Rosenthal

Nice place to see a show! Beautifully done renovations with a nice selects of snacks and beverages.

Dawn Roby-Clark

Loved thus venue...We will be back.

William Larkins

Great place to see a show or event! Not a bad seat in the house and the acoustics are fantastic. Staff was all nice and helpful and the food wasn't bad either!

C.R. Laurin

First time to this venue, and it is wicked awesome! My wife and I go to 10+ concerts a year and this is by far one of our new favorite venues! AWESOME ACOUSTICS! That's important. Also Easy parking, easy to get in & out of the event, the place is perfect size for a more intimate experience, NOT A BAD SEAT IN THE HOUSE. It's great, low key, and you're not stepping all over each other, actually have room to breathe! FUEL was a fantastic concert Aug. 2018 and we are delighted with this venue as I'm sure everyone will agree. Drinks are reasonably priced too! And the staff was friendly, accommodating, and looked like they actually liked where they worked! Thanks folks!

eric ross

I like the blonde bartender. She got bug boob

Stephen Labbe

We had our Paradigm Christmas party there last night. The food, the service and the whole event was amazing. We saw three great comics and had an super fantastic night. Thank you Scott and Julie for organizing our perfect event. ❤️ Steve :-) Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C Inc.

Jillian Seabrook

I have been here numerous times. Fantastic venue! Love the bar seating!

Ken Desantis

Intimate setting for a show, not to big not to small. Good acoustics. Nice place. Head on over to the Stumble In afterwards and make a night of it.

Daniel Neville

Love the " new" venue! Great sound, intimate setting.

Dave Sayward

Really enjoy the performances, but more needs to be said to patrons about limiting talking during performances. It's really an issue there each time I have gone. Perhaps when buying the tickets, printed on the tickets and posted on the walls inside.

Martin Ford

My favorite venue for hearing music. There is not a bad seat in the house and you can actually see what the artists are doing and hear excellent musicians. There is a good variety of shows on the schedule, so you are bound to find something you like. Come early and have a burger and fries along with your favorite beverage. You will not be disappointed.

Robert G

An amazing place to see a show or concert.

Dawn Vaillancourt

Small venue, nice seats, friendly staff..

Michele Robitaille

This place is amazing!!! Great service and great staff. A great place to see your favorite band or favorite comedian. I recommend this place to anyone.

Joseph Conway

Saw the Fixx on the Reach The Beach (35th Anniversary tour) with one of my oldest and dearest friends. 1st time at new venue (saw the Fixx at the old venue too). I recommend Tupelo for live music. Great Venue!

Irene Godin

Nice venue, not a bad seat in the house and good acoustics. The rows of seats in the back are a little tight if you have long legs, but everyone was up dancing so it didn't matter.... There is food and drink available. We saw The English Beat, they were amazing! Great time.

Kathi Soule

Love the new location. It was our first time. Bruce Hornsby and the Nousenakers were great. One observation is that they really cram the seats together for theater seating. I felt like I was in an airplane and had to keep tucked in during the show as not to encroach on the person sitting next to me. I'm not a big person either. They could lose a few chairs on each aisle and make it more comfortable.

Amy Craig

Dairy Queen and always has great band

Justin Roberts

Awesome venue for an intimate feeling. No waiting in lines or getting lost in a crowd. Parking is great and it's an easy spot to find. Staff was more than helpful when it came to finding my seat. I don't think I'm going anywhere else for concerts. Definitely plan on coming back. Concessions are reasonably priced for the sort of situation you're in. I recommend it. Two thumbs-up, five stars, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Steve Hyde

Excellent venue except the floor seats give very little room.

Adam Lord

Great place to see a show as long as the date doesn't change. The customer service is beyond sub par. A show was rescheduled that I bought tickets to 8 months in advance. Never recieved an email or call. The website showed the date as correct still a month and a half before the concert. My family and I show up for the concert we are actually let in then we ask who is playing and it was another band than we purchased. The staff their gave me the owners email. I emailed him and recieved a respone 3 days later. He said we sent out emails of the change. I stated I did not recieve one and he states again we sent out emails then no more responses. For such a small venue I would expect much better customer service than this. Needless to say I wont be going back.



Lisa Mccullough

Awesome, saw DOA, Bon Jovi tribute band, had a great time.

Warren Green

One of the Best places to see a show. The sound is awesome, you're intimate with the band, and the whole experience is amazing!

Sal Lombardo

Great venue, great seats everywhere.

Dan L

Great venue for music and comedy shows. I would recommend eating elsewhere but as far as the hall it’s self I love it there

Diane Dalamangas

Nice venue, stage can be seen from all seats. Food, beverages including alcohol is available. Once you have gone into the building, don't expect to leave and re-enter because you will not be able to do so. There is a smoking area outside, fenced in so you can get back in the building after enjoying a smoke.

Peter Sorrentino

Excellent venue for us. We had seats at a table in the front, near the stage. They were excellent. The sound was very good, but to loud. There was table service, but far too few servers. The tables were arranged such the it was impossible to pass between them while people were seated. But overall very good experience.

John Parker

Intimate venue eith great sound and a friendly staff.

Rob slyeman81

Great place for a night out! Whether it be comedy or music you will have a good time


Been a fan for many years- the new TMH is great, not a bad seat in the house, the ticket prices are always reasonable, but I miss the BYOB from the old place....

Karen Madison

Comfortable, affordable, easy to get in & out if traffic wise.

N Jones

Great place to see a show !

Melanie Anne

They are the best. It's such an intimate venue. Much better then the Londonderry venue, when it comes to the aesthetics. Great food, great staff, always a good seat! You'll love it.

Edward Sullivan

Tremendous venue for seeing and being close to the Performers to add more excitement to the show.

Mike Landers

Great food great sound, best place around to see a show

John Savage

This is a Great venue. I've been to a few concerts here and the sound was Awesome! There's not a bad seat in the house. Some of the seats in the back seem a little cramped. I'd pay a little extra to sit closer to the stage. Staff is very friendly. Bathrooms are clean and they have reasonably priced drinks, food and snacks. I love this place!

Louis Stamas

I performed there in May. They gave us performers a great meal, the same as the guests received, I imagine. Smart move on their part. Musicians don't get that everywhere. We gave them a good show, and the audience LOVED it! I didn't need to interact with the staff, personally, but they seemed to be great people to work with.

Gayle Darrell

Saw “The Stranger” ...Billy Joel review here last night. It was fantastic! Each musician was great, and the artist performing as Billy Joel was incredible! If you closed you eyes you were TRULY at a real Billy concert! The sound, lighting, talent, etc. was perfect! Don’t miss this concert if they come back in the future! Tupelo is a Great venue right here in little NH! Thank you Scott

Thomas Perry

Nice! The bar closes too early, but great show tonight! (The English Best)... Danced all night long... Thanks Tupelo! (very nice facility, the lobby is open and easy to get around, and seating is excellent with great view of the stage from anywhere) )

Sully DiFrancesco

Great venue. Show was excellent. Little pricey.

Taylor Guild

First time being inside very nice and clean seats could be more comfortable other than that they have awesome venues I just saw Jimmie Vaughan last night Awesome show

susan mccarthy

First time I went saw Kingston trio's was awesome! Had cauliflower pizza went with my friend!

Don Clark

We went here to see Hollywood Nights a Bob Seger tribute band. They were EXCELLENT! They played for two hours straight, which is unheard of. Tupelo Music Hall is an intimate music venue. Its seating arrangement is very good and is comfortable. Overpriced food and drinks can be had. My reason for four stars is the parking is inadequate for the number of tickets they sell. Inspite of my negative comments this place has reasonably priced quality musical entertainment. I will return for the quality entertainment.

Michael Brooks

Saw eaglemania 2/1/19.. show was exceptional!.. sound was great..not a bad seat in the house..

Walter Guild

Loved the place all great seats had a blast

Cassie Florence

Seating sucked. The rows where not clearly marked and the staff couldn't even find it. I found my own seat. Which are folding chairs by the way. Hopefully they've upgraded.

Sean Gatchell

Nice small venue.

Bobby Queen

Theres not a bad seat in the place! Saw Jim bruer here! Plus they have food and drinks!!!


Great shows, floor seating could be a little more comfy.

Ms Mary

Greatest concert venue outside of Boston. Great helpful staff


Just a really great venue!

Bill Davidson

Great place to see a show. Not a bad seat in the house and the sound is excellent.

John Campbell

I was able to send a night to see Robben Ford, the great blues guitarists and it was my first time at this venue. I must say I had a very enjoyable evening and everything was pretty stress free. Just a good little place to see and hear music.

Lenny Logan

First time at the new venue. Much much bigger than the old place. I thought I would miss the old Tupelo but I don't. This really is a great step in the right direction. The old place was BYOB this is not. Now they sell everything you need for drinking and eating. The lobby is roomy and nice. The concert hall needs a little more decorating, but it's still awesome the way it is. Maybe put the Tupelo logo around the stage and above it so it ends up in more photos. Can wait to go back. Looking at the calendar now!

Michael Malloy

One of the best music venues I have ever been to. Great acts, good prices. Easy access and easy parking. Wow.

Curtis Brown

Very good show, John Tesh. Facility was easy to locate and the show was great.

Tom Foil

Nice little venue. Saw Gordon Lightfoot. Had a great time.

Gary Poland

Seating is crowded and cramped. Banquet chairs on the floor level and what looks to be old style theater seats in mezzanine. Narrow with no leg room for any normal size person. The sound is excellent but seating detracts from the overall experience.

Jeffrey Hemmerdinger

Very nice place to see live music. I hope to return often.

Jack Carr

Excellent place for a show. Great food and friendly service

Sean O'Donnell

Good venue! Seats aren't too close together and there is a smoking section. Prices at the bar are astronomically high! They advertise dinner too but don't give you anywhere to eat it...

Tim Nesmith

The new location is very nice. Seating was a little close together, but atmosphere made up for that.

Brian Rowe

Great venue Friendly staff Awesome place to support live music

Vincent Gnatek

Great acts in a intimate venue, sounds fantastic without blowing your ears out.

Thomas Rodger

Atmosphere, food entertainment was great!!

Will G

Probably my favorite venue. Close to home, incredibly clean, and I always meet great local music fans here. What else could you ask for?

Nancy Mitchell

Great cozy venue for to shows. Good food, prices are good, and the staff is great! Always a fun time

Bob Owen

Huge upgrade from old hall. Sound was great, food was good, staff was great also very friendly

John Crabtree

No better concert venue in the area. Always have great acts, the staff is just awesome!! Friendly, helpful and very professional!

Sarah Pearce

Nice venue. Polite and helpful staff. Wish they didn't leave the door open at the end and let all the smokers smoke fill the room.

Lisa Champagne McCarthy

One of my favorite venues to see a show! Clean, comfortable and intimate. Saw JJ Grey & The Mofro great seats, perfect sound and clean venue. Absolutely loved it!

Mary Fredette

Excellent small venue; more intimate experience. Modern and clean. Typical bar tasty, but pricey. Expect security at front to check handbags. May be small, but well run and organized. Will call tickets in front was ready and easy to get to. Great night out without having to drive to Boston

Kate Cox

Great venue. Not a bad seat in the house

Leona Whitney

The acts are fantastic. The music and show are for all ages. The floor seating is way to crowded!

Bob Ayer

Fun place to see music. I'd like to see a more diverse lineup though. Seems geared to an older crowd

Shelly Duggan

Lovely little venue! Seating is a little tight and the only drawback is when folks down front stand up. Then you can ot see the stage from the back section.

Gale Gallant

Mr Nick's Blues Festival great show !

Harold Kozlowski

A wonderful venue, especially for the "experienced" rock fan. Great acoustics, plus a good selection of did and drink.

Diane D

Great place for a show. Tickets are low price on most shows and the sound is amazing.

Kurt Gergler

I love the music they bring to us. Nice spiffy new building. Great sound, Great people.

Michelle Wheeler

I took my special needs daughter to her first concert here. The staff was very accommodating. They let me bring her in a couple of days before so she could see where we were sitting, and the stage. The night of the concert, the staff was very friendly, offering to take pictures for us, and stopping to talk to her. The venue is very intimate, and from what I could see, there isn't a bad seat in the house. It was easy to get in and out of the parking lot, and find a spot. There were no long lines to get in, or when we left. Picking up tickets was also quick and organized.

Beverly Masciari

The show was great. Drinks were good. Would not eat there again, food was edible, but not great. Staff was friendly. Will definitely go again but just for drinks and the show.

Eric Colby

I was very impressed with this venue. It is not huge so the shows are very intimate. They serve food and has a bar. The sound was great for the concert I went to. Tom Keifer Band. I will certainly love to see more shows there.

Christopher Varnum

Fantastic venue! Intimate, top quality sound, great food and drinks! One of the best venues in New England!

Tex Nugent

Not a bad seat in the house good ticket prices found and drinks a bit expensive but overall great experience !

ben Russell

Saw Chris Cross last night......did a 1st of many yrs of going to concerts....I walked out after about 30 minutes, terrible I mean terrible sound, very bass heavy no highs, no dynamics. In an area where one would expect to see a salvage yard, old place was much better.

Nathan D

Great medium size live music venue, definitely one of the top five music venues in NH. Front seats are uncomfortable for long shows and tight in theatre configuration but mezzanine fixed seating is better and has cupholders. Sound is generally very good-they have a small Meyer line array but some shows have better sound than others depending on the bands engineer. Dislike the no-rentry policy, the lobby can get crowded/stuffy. Drinks are a little pricey for NH and there are limited options. Haven't tried their food. Overall a very good place to see a show and they book some great artists!

Dominique Dube

.great service. Even better acoustics

Steve Wellmann

Great venue for a show. Will definitely be vack

Christina Shepard

So intimate. Great seats all around. Will definitely be back!

Fran Beloin

Tupeloes performance was 5 star it's to bad the air conditioning was so cold for the 1st half of this show so I was uncomfortable otherwise 5 stars. They did fix it after intermission

John Goode

Great venue, food was on point surprisingly. Drinks weren't bad, they seemed well organized.

Jose De Jesus

Visited this place over the weekend to see Laurie Berkner (kids concert) and had a great time. The concert Overall was a great experience, however I did find it a bit strange to not find any parking space (I arrived 10 minutes late to concert) and had to park in the grass. Outside of that the place was awesome.

Bruce Locke


Barbara Tullis

Steve Sweeney was awesome! Love Tupelo Comedy Nights!

Annette Kurman

What can you say about Tupelo? Performances for all music genres at affordable prices, table service when it is set up that way, and great tribute bands, comedians, the original performers, and food, to boot. I prefer it over the venues on the coast, as you are closer to the performers. (We have our favorite table)

Wayne Jacques

Not a bad seat in the house. Well thought out.

Dan Stickney

This is my favorite venue, bar none. The sound is great, the setting is intimate, and the staff are all above the bar. Once in a while you'll land with a yappy row neighbor, but that's the same everywhere. Show up, grab a drink or snack if you're inclined, and enjoy the show!

Jonathan Wayashe

Love having this place so close to home. It's clean, comfortable and just an overall great place to attend a show. The one drawback I have noticed a couple of times now is if you're watching a high powered band, the audio system does seem to get overpowered pretty easily. Other than that, this place is great!

Jen Nolan

Great, small venue without a bad view in the house. The best seats go first, so get your tickets early. Would have been 5 stars, but we had a not-so-good experience with the food (dried out hamburgers and undercooked fried pickles). The venue itself is fantastic, though, and the staff has always been friendly and superb.

Brian Silverwood

Easily accessible, plenty of parking, and the staff was amazing!

Greg Thomas

Awesome place for a show. Very quaint. You can get up close with the preformers

David Masson

It is a great venue. You can order food but I have not tried it. There are pub tables you can stand at to eat.

Don Baillargeon

Well done and an amazing venue.


Have been going here for years. Tupelo finally brought Country music. This Joe Nichols night was one of the best I've ever seen!

Big Whoop

The new space is very nice and modern. Not having to wait in a long line for 2 bathroom stalls is nice. It's very clean and the variety in seating is nice. I do miss the intimate feel of the old venue, but the upgrade was well done.

Pam anderson

A hidden gem! Always bringing on different venues right in our backyard!

Joanne Hood

I'm rating this 4 stars because of the wonderful auction that was held prior to the concert and the people hosting were wonderful! Concert Journey & Foreigner mash entertaining for sure! Issue was if you were in the seats at the isle; people kept getting up during the performance very annoying!!! People around us getting aggravated as well. They need to remove the the walls seats at end of building (need more isle room!) Would have been much better seating arrangements for entry & exits!

Stephen Schroeder

This was my first visit and I am very impressed! This venue is terrific. I don't think there is a bad seat anywhere. Sound and lighting were excellent and the staff was very professional. I am very glad I discovered this place and will return as often as my favorite groups play there.

nancy mitchell

What an awesome venue! Not a bad seat in the house. Food & cocktails available. Service was fast and friendly. We will definitely be back

David Morin

Ripping show from the Lost Lonely Boys thank you for the Rocking Roll , Texicans Rockin Roll

Jay Delano

Awesome sound, great view anywhere. Seats are a little tight, but great place to see a show.

Jen McCoo

Great venue. I was there for New Years show starring Adam Ezra Group. I recommend seeing a show here.

Stephanie Hooton

We are lucky to have such a great venue in our town!

John Fant

This place it too flat. Too many seats where all you can see is the back of a head.

Stacey Rubin

The music was amazing typically not a country fan but he was really good

Nathan Confer

Great small venue. Excellent views from all seats. They offer a variety of seating arrangements as well depending on the show. I drive down from mid-coast Maine 4-5 times a year to see some shows. Decent food and beer. Strict no re entry policy though so don't leave anything in your car. I prefer the old venue by far but this one is good and they usually have a few must see concerts every year.

frank wereska

Great venue with good talent. Something for everyone. When they have a popular act, they tend to fill in with a lot of chairs.

Debbie Peach

Still looking for the perfect seat, but know which ones I don't like. Great small venue!

Dave Doherty

Great concert... Cherry Cherry - Neil Diamond tribute band.

Davin Desborough

Nice venue to see a show. Cozy in size, so there are no bad seats. Good food if you want to get there early and eat.

Jason Lanteigne

Sound is great, prices reasonable. Just crowded.

Alan Ball

Very disappointed tonight. This new venue was so stifling hot that the artist, Glenn Hughes even complained about it. Very uncomfortable. The show was promoted as an "all Deep Purple" show. Don't know if it was the venue promotion or the artists promotion but one would believe that some of the more common Deep Purple songs would be played. Very misleading. 1 1/2 HR into a 2 hour show before a single hit was played. The music sounded good and if I went to a bar not knowing who was playing, it would have been fine. But I went to hear Deep Purple. Between the hot conditions and the terrible set list, we left with a half hour left. As for the venue, it was my 3rd time visiting. I always get the mezzanine seats as the rest of them are so uncomfortable and packed in that I'm not sitting there. That being said, the acoustics are very good, the mezzanine seats are comfortable, But I will do a lot more homework before I waste another $100 and see what I saw tonight. You can do much better.

Rachel Alesse

This is a nice mid-sized venue with plenty of parking and seating. Seating consists of round tables and chairs in front if the stage, and movie theater type seating in the back. There's a full bar in the lobby and a snack concession. Snack concession is small but serves sandwiches and burgers. The burger I had was fair. The most impressive feature is the sound feature and whoever was doing the mixing on 05/20/18.

Billy Schoof

Great place up and personal shows

Joe Christopher

Good venue to see a show. Really could step up the food game easily. Bartenders were friendly. Great choice in shows.

Harrington Flowers

So lucky to have this music venue in our town. So many great shows!

Peg Sklarski

Could have been warmer inside Quinn Sullivan was awespme.

Caron Pelletier-Renik

The Tupelo never disappoints! This was my first time at the new venue and I loved it! I can't wait to go again!

Terry Kellaway

The Tupelo Music Hall is an intimate setting to see your favorite music groups or comedians. The acoustics are fantastic. I have been six times in the Derry location- Five for Fighting with the string quartet was my favorite concert so far.

William Martin

Beautiful venue. You really feel like you are next to the band here. They tend to be a great value as well.

George Cramer

Great venue, amazing shows, good food

John Mcdermott

Saw my first show here a couple of months ago, and it is already my favorite venue! Not a bad seat in the house, and its spotless! Good beer selection, too, and at reasonable prices.

karen farmer

Perfect intimate venue. Drink prices were okay. Chris Isaak totally rocked!!!

jeff vigneault

I have been to tupelo's many times. The building is very nice and the staff is great. All except one older bartender with glasses. She isn't patient and is very moody. Almost rude at times.

Lindsay Johnson

Such a wonderful venue! Very intimate setting. Let's you get a better feel for the performers personality.

Braxten Abbott

Great experience , good show and awesome place to grab a beer.

steve s

Horrible experience we returned a salad because it was terrible and they refused to take iff the bill! The burger buns were hard as hockey pucks, and the medium well burgers were dry as sawdust. The chicken tenders were marginal at best after soaking in sauce!

Mark Dufour Sr

Excellent venue! Outstanding staff.Great parking.

Robin LaBerge

We had seats very far back and even had a good view of the stage despite this! Clean facility, parking was easy.

Jeff Mulligan

Acoustics here are outstanding

Kelly Dobens

Nice small venue. Not a bad seat in the house, but if you get next to a big person, be prepared to share their lap. They zip-tie stacking chairs together so you have to touch your neighbor. Kinda icky if you get there wrong neighbor.

MK Sullivan III

Easy to get to. Easy parking.

Jason Lemieux

Great place to go to see a band play! Very intimate. Not a bad seat in the place.

Jennifer Frost

Intimate atmosphere, great acts, shows start and end early for us surbanites

Dorothy Alexander

Totally enjoyed Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy. Can't wait for them to do another show. Love the new building.


Great venue for a show but DEFINITELY DON'T EAT THERE.

Jody Bellew

Comedy night, pleasantly surprised all 3 comedians hysterical, worth the low cost of admission, looking forward to the next event

Brenda Pease

If you've never been to The Tupelo you don't know what you're missing. It's big enough so you don't feel crowded yet small enough to give you the feeling of intamency. Almost like you're having your own private show. We just saw Chris Isaak on August 4th and what a show.. The crowd was mixed with youngsters to older than myself how cool is that!!!! The food is pretty good and the beer is very cold don't be afraid to order something to eat before the show. My one thing that I found slightly bothersome was the spot lights on the artists. At times they were in the shadows while preforming. My husband said it might be a new system to the person working it and reminded me how hard it was when I worked one a follow spots years ago. Inspite of that I love this venue, to the staff keep up the good work and I look forward to our next show..

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