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REVIEWS OF Star Theatre IN New Hampshire

Melissa Nelson

The seats are comfortable and offer plenty of legroom. The prices are decent. When it's freshly made, the popcorn is amazing- especially with real Cabot butter. I'd love to see other food options like pretzels or corndogs

Donna Ellery

Absolute best popcorn with cabot butter, right? :) Great priced theater. Sometimes i wish there were a bit fewer children's movies, but overall, an important asset to the region. Thanks!

S Mitchell

The new part of the theater is nice. Good place to go.

Brandie Slicer

Not a lot of theaters - and cash only - at the time of this review. However, not a lot of choices in this area to see movies :(

Heather Cookson

Best popcorn ever!!!! Very friendly staff!!!

Michael Dalton

Some of the 3d movies are extremely blurry and shift from into focus to out of focus


What an absolute delight! We drove up to St. Johnsbury solely for the purpose of attending this little movie theater. A co-worker of my husband told us about this place & their one very unique feature: They use REAL Cabot butter on their popcorn. So after driving more than an hour to the Star Theater, we were absolutely thrilled to be greeted by the kindest woman who had a ton of knowledge about the current films showing, and about film history. We had a grand time chatting with her & she had the warmest, most welcoming spirit, even showing great concern about our lengthy drive home & the potential of winter weather. : - ) The theater itself? SPECTACULAR! We see a lot of movies at the theater (averaging 4 per month). We have been to more theaters than I can count or recall. When you come across one like this, it really stands out. The theater was larger than I expected, with more seats than I thought there'd be. The layout is smart, the lighting is sufficient (prior to showtime), and then you get to the best part -- the seats themselves. Holy cow...SO PLUSH! They are seriously comfy. As far as "traditional" movie theater seating is concerned, these are my most favorite ever. I was deliriously happy the instant I sat down. And then it got better -- the armrest, between the seats, folds up/down! What????!!??!! So what does this mean? Well, for one, you can actually snuggle with your date or spouse without that supremely unforgiving armrest bruising your ribcage! You can literally sit side-by-side without any interence, it's terrific. Or, if you're by yourself or with a platonic friend, you can stretch out across two seats. Or if you're seeing a scary movie, you can all protect each other in a huddle! Lol. Point is, this is such a fantastic design feature with so much potential, I know I'm never going to be truly happy in "normal", stationery, typical theater chairs. The next time we make the hour-long drive up to the Star Theater, it won't be for the butter, it'll be for the awesome seats! But I haven't when mentioned the best thing about this little gem....the average movie ticket cost is now over $9/ticket. A full-price ticket (adult, non-matinee) at the Star? $6.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly fell over when I read that on their website (which is awful, by the way; I cannot recommend visiting their website, it's the one & only thing related to this magical establishment that I have nothing good to say about), and the next logical question, for me anyway, is "what about matinees?" A whopping 4 bucks. Yep. $4. And not just matinees, but also seniors. Seniors never pay more than $4 to see a movie here. What else can I say? I'll tell you --- I am now looking at all the other fun activities there are in St. Johnsbury because I want as many excuses as I can find to say "well, since we're here in St. Johnsbury, we might as well go see a movie." ;-)

Christopher Lepage

The theater was nice, comfy seats, reasonably priced admission and refreshments. My only concern was the temperature inside the theater. It was HOT!! my entire family was in agreement with me on this. Otherwise, was a great night of family entertainment.

justin call

Cool. This place still uses real butter on their popcorn. Prices are pretty cheap for a 3 movie theater. Seats are decently comfy and spacious. Only thing about the is the lack of upward angle towards to back, meaning if someone tall sits in front of you, you'll want to move. Otherwise throughly enjoyable place with up to date movies.

Nathan Carlson

Get there early if you want a good seat because there's not many to choose from. Not a place to watch a good movie you've been waiting.

Vic Pino

Its the only one in town

Chris Maggio

Extremely small seating arrangements. Get there SUPER early for a center seat or you're stuck on the sides. Terrible 3D quality and blurry if you're stuck off on the sidelines, not worth going. Rumor has it they're expanding, but they'll probably add more small crappy screens instead of expanding their current seating. I'd suggest taking the 20 minute drive Littleton instead.

Christine Owens

Best popcorn around!

Michael Vandenburg

Great staff and management, love Tuesday discounts.

Meester Potato

I never really really recognized how uncomfortable the seats were. Until, They installed those awesome new seats. And I love that freshly made popcorn. But, one thing i'm sick and tired of is that dumb auto savers group commercial at every movie. But, It also does save me time in case if i'm late. And, They have great pricing there. So, I'm gonna give my rating a 4.

D. Roy

Nice staff, awesome popcorn, good selection of movies and good deals!

Connie Jarvis

Love their popcorn and cheap rates

Nancy McBey

Great prices and comfy seats!

Sarah Foster

Great fun for the whole family and reasonably priced!

Cassandra Leonard

The seats aren't hard and the candy and food is inexpensive

Ethan Bergeron

Fair prices, nice staff and great popcorn what more could you ask for?

connie jarvis

Love the cheap ticket prices and is a comfortable place to watch movie's


Lowkey has the best popcorn I have ever had... Like seriously, it is amazing.

Jasmin LeBlanc

Love the prices!

Bill Heywood

Great place to go see a movie. Good family fun with low cost

Jake Dodge

Timothy Anastacio

Ok theatre seems like it needs an update

Bonnie Kirchoff

Great ticket prices. Really Vermont butter for your popcorn. Small home town theater feel. Clean.

Elizabeth Choquette

Very friendly and kind

Jeremiah Aiken

Great prices for tickets, but could use some cosmetic work

Kevin Gallagher

I saw IT there a few days ago and I had a hard time hearing the movie over the audience's incessant babbling. Ticket prices are relatively low, just keep your expectations equally low.

NWG Gaming

It was very nice cheap and great popcorn

Malinda Gallagher

Love star theater! Yes it's a smaller theater but never huge lines or arm to arm seating with strangers. The snacks and candy are affordable at about half the cost of other theaters I've been to. The general manager Ken is awesome!! He's there helping the staff and keeping the "flow" of things going.

Mark W.

DJ Nelson

Comfortable, great popcorn,

Roraima Trovat

Lugar muy pulcro, salas amplias y muy bien surtido de dulces y exquisitas cotufas

The Smile Tribe Official

Date night for $20, real buttered pop corn, and reclinable seats

Marjorie Brooks

I thought it was OK but could be better

Patrick Carr

Brought my son to watch Dora and the City of Gold. Very welcoming of kids.

Nicole Conley

3d movie. Place was clean and prices were very satisfactory. Much more friendly to the budget than other local movie theaters. We saw Captain Marvel in 3D. It was thrilling and a must see. Wait until after end credits for more insight to other marvel movies coming out.

Karah Mkrehouse

Mike Plough

Is it even legal to have movie tickets prices below $10? Star Theatre has the best prices I have ever seen at a movie theatre. I mean, $4 matinee? $6 for a regular ticket? In today's trying times, Star Theatre does an amazing job offering a cheap movie night with all the latest releases.

Chelsea Henderson

Very reasonable prices if comparing to other places in state/ country.

Lena Poulin

Great prices and parking

Christopher Goslant

Only place i know of where you can go to the movies, get a soda and some snacks, bring a friend, and still spend less then $20.

Rich Radley

new seats digital screens! WOW $4.00 Can't beat that!

Brian Starkweather

This theater is old and real run down and they have done nothing to upgrade the seats and floors they have water stains on the walls in the thater

Garth Leach

You can't go to first run movies any cheaper than the Star Theater -- and the popcorn is made with real Cabot butter

Wilson Davis


MrBerlin NH

Nice little theatre.

Theresa Vander Boon

Perfect little three screen theater. The staff is always really friendly and you can't beat the prices. The movies rotate though pretty quickly so pay attention to that. Also, they have $4 movie day on Tuesdays!

Ann Shover

Prices to get in are great, but some times the popcorn taste like left over popcorn , food is alil high! Oh well it not as high price as other theaters! Go Star theater, great job!

Teresa Poginy

Seats are comfortable and the popcorn is great!!

Laurie Landers

Great prices & seating

Michelle Gilfillan

Love this place, food, and entertainment

Jenna Cunniff

It's got everything you need

Dusty 2Dawn

Very clean and nice atmosphere.

Amanda Effrig

very nice theater

Victoria Bergeron

Always a fun family experience. Staff so friendly and theaters comfortable and roomy.

Jacquelyn Kuszak

Cute little theater. Friendly staff. Awesome specials on Tuesdays! Definitely come by!

Hannah Ainsworth

Picked up a book of tickets and popcorn with a free refill (in a bag) to go

Patrick Seymour

Amanda Mason


Older theatre

Cyndy Andrews

Everyone is almost friendly. Fast service and the prices are good. Movie was fine but the seats recline WAY TOO MUCH. Aside from not really be comfortable the guy in front of us refused to sit up at all when people in our row needed to leave and 2 people fell on my lap crossing past me. That's a weird experience for just going to see a movie. Adult men failing on your lap.

Michael B

Courteous staff, nice cozy atmosphere, seats are comfortable and great prices for movies. You can't beat it. We go there often.

Caitlin O'Connor

Tickets are inexpensive, especially matinees. The popcorn gets covered in real Cabot butter with free refills on large soda and popcorn. It's no Cinemax or anything, but it's our go to family night theater.

Julie Fowler

Bathroom was nice and clean.

Linda Brooks

Elaine W

John Repsher

Peaceful, comfortable, clean and relaxing place to take in a movie. Absolutely loved it and is where we are going to go from now on.

Chris Vachon

This place is a favorite for my wife and I. How can you get any better than real Vermont Cabot butter on your popcorn?

greg taran

A place with great and fair pricing, on both tickets and food. Show times can be a easy to find if you just call or look at there website.

Hannah Casterline

Love coming. Great prices and seats

Sarah Alekseiunas


Steph Fowler

Love coming here. Great prices and movies

frances ellis

Aesthetically interesting little theater. Nice folks. Popcorn hit or miss but they use Cabot butter.

Christopher Mercon

Always pretty clean and service friendly.

Brian Barney

Great locally owned business. First run movies at great prices in both 2D and 3D. Good concessions.

Tonya Levesque

Great activity for the family

Faye Carr

Awesome staff and comfortable seats.


I really like this theatre! Good popcorn,seating,pricing! Now that Newport has theatre back, I might not be able to come here as frequently. :( Newport is closer. Thank you Starr theatre for

Vivian Layton

Watched dumbo with Shana & Jas

Laura Tatro

Chris and Summer Dolan

Excellent customer service and the food is good


I loved the movie that I watched, and I will want to go again. They had excellent service, and even let me order custom popcorn. I approve of this message.

Tim Hodges Sr

Great friendly customer service. Great popcorn with real Cabot butter melted and hot. They're very family friendly also!

Jesse Dimick

Lenny Stlaurent

Good theater with fair price and it is clean

Samuel Patoine

A great theatre, a great movie experience!

Bobbie-Jo Davis

The 3d movie we watched was great here. The concession stand was not staffed well it was more of a headache to get candy and popcorn..

Billie-Jo Garfield

Good place for the family


Good prices, comfy seats.

Jeff Rowe

They use real Cabot butter on the popcorn! Can't best that

Ronald Cushing

It is a great value. And the films are the same as more expensive options. Well worth tje trip from Barre.

Harley Hughes

Awesome affordable comfortable. it's a really awesome place to watch awesome movies.

Jeff Killian

Clean floors and spacious seating. REAL butter for the popcorn, yum.

Susan Peters Russell

Great value. Matinee still $4, regular price only $6.50 (add $1 for 3D). Current movies and soon to add a 4th theater and ice cream shop.

Jacklyn Martin-Baker

Keith R Charron

Have always love this theater

Debbie Jenkins

Miguel Gorham


It's conveniently close by with very affordable rates. Staff are very nice and accommodating.

Candy Burnett

Scott Stevens

Nice theater, new reclining seats. Great place to see a movie!

Susan Palmer

Three movies playing, prices can't be beat. A good place for a matinee or an evening show.

Sydney Perkins

It's a great place

David McGregor

Good sound, comfortable seating.

Blake Kincaid

Enjoyable. Front signage could use an update and they could play a better quality of show for example.

Mr. Moyet

Awesome prices! Free refills on large popcorns. I would of given 5 stars but way too many local ads prior to movie and not enough previews. I love seeing what movies are coming out for the first 10 minutes. Outside of that seats are decent and I do recommend this theater

Stephanie Despins

General Dunwich

Wholesome place that have good popcorn.

Kevin Carney

Friendly, inexpensive, home town experience. This is what all theaters should be.

Lana Davenport

Nicholas Figueroa

Good experience, 3 movies , new seats, fun to go to with friends/family

Angel Chilafoux

Very nice !!

Thomas Dunbar

It's a good movie theater, but starting to show some signs of age. The seats are comfy and new and have cup holders, the popcorn is excellent, and the prices are reasonable for a movie theater. There's nothing amazing about the theater, but nothing wrong either. I'm excited to see what the new screen is going to be like, which is supposed to open during the summer of 2019.

Paul Anderson

Very clean and plenty of leg room between the seat and they recline, which was very comfortable.

Ur Local Edgelord

It's alright. Its a bit pricey to get in at night, but its understandable. Day showings are definitely cheaper. Good seating, decent snack selection.

Marcel Veilleux

Small, but good cinema

Bob Blodgett

They use real Cabot butter on their popcorn.

Michael O'Mara

small, personable. Great for a Sunday.

Ethan Holt

I am very grateful for magic 97.7 FM to get tickets for the movies on Saturday. Like Incredibles 2.. thank you Jeff

peter miller

Good selection of first-run movies

Anthony Conley

Been going here for years. Good experiemces every time

Chris Morey

Great movie


Love going there for movies

Kim Germain

Nice service, pretty comfy seats, and the best popcorn ever ~ covered with real CABOT butter!

Chad Neilson

A little rough on the outside,but the seats in the theater were amazing. They also have pretty much any soda.

breannah bessette

pj d

Prices to get in good. Popcorn holly cow was that nasty. And it was friggin freezing in there.

Jessica Rose

Comfy seats

Alex Calcagni

I love thus place mostly it's empty and they have good popcorn

Terre Lefler

Best service. So friendly. They appreciate your business. Always clean and the best popcorn with loads of real butter. I drive extra miles past other theaters just to come here.

Maurice Guertin

Nice theater, reclining seats, and the floor is as sticky as you might expect

KaiDelAv Ricker

Phyllis Sapp

Saw Beauty and the Beast 3 D. Short lines, popcorn made the way I liked it

Michael Trudeau

Great and have the price for movies anywhere!!

Misty DelÇid

Frances Ellis

It's quaint. Retro interior. Cheap as you'll find for a theater ticket. The popcorn is hit or miss, & it's terrible when it's a miss!

Russell Hayes

Great prices. The staff can be a bit cranky when it's busy, but they usually have a decent selection for the three cinemas.

Kelly Mears

Pleasant employees and found the cost extremely reasonable.

Tammy Ross-Smith

They have cabot butter for the popcorn! Mmm

Karen Judd

This is a great place to see a movie. Vermont is such a nice state and we go here whenever we are visiting.

Marcus B

The best local theater but only 3 choices

Mary Lou Lamont

Great popcorn real butter

Glenn Towle

Keep in mind if you go for the late showing: they apparently "shut down our credit card reader at 10:00pm" or so I was told, and there is no ATM in the building. So concessions cannot be purchased after 10pm without walking to the bank at the end of the block. This is 2018, really who does that?! EDIT 5/22/19: I added two more stars for a few reasons: First and foremost, I really appreciate that they seem to have paid some attention to everyone here complaining about the Popcorn, and worked to improve. I recently went to see Avengers Endgame and the popcorn was delicious. I also noticed which I hadn't before that they use real butter, not only that but they use Cabot butter. That says a lot about concern for quality and support of the local economy. They heard our complaints, set to task remedying the problem, and for that I believe reciprocation is in order and I give them 4 stars overall. I will also say that the staff is polite and friendly, the place is kept relatively clean, and prices have always been pretty low respective to the industry.

Tiger Dean

Used to go here when I was a kid, loved it then, love it now. But after all the years the seats never improved.

Robert Bunnell

Over priced candy

Carmen Phillips

Sunday afternoon staff/high school kids seemed lazy and unmotivated to service you. snacks over priced. nice matenae prices. clean theater seating. nice quality movie

Chad Slaughter

Great little theater, amazing popcorn with Cabot butter

Brenda Bundy

Love this place, staff are very nice, helpful. Great prices. We now have a 4th cinema come check us out at the Star Theatre you wont regret it.

Aurora Love

Great prices, usually a good selection of movies and pretty comfortable seats. Totally worth repeated visits.

cereal boi

The popcorn was great, and the employees were patient and quick workers!

Isabella Mertens

Better than some movie theaters around here, but its definently one of the lesser movie theaters i've been to, the atmosphere seems a little too open and cheap. I understand you get what you pay for, but if it was a bit darker around there i would have a better experience, and if the walls were painted a darker gray color that would look much better. And its odd that in the theater i can practically see everything.

Matthew Gray

My hometown movie theater what can I saw but awesome best pricing for movie theaters period

Karen Bickel

Kelly Dumont

Great theater to watch a movie .


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