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531 Elm St, Milford, NH 03055, United States

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REVIEWS OF Milford Drive-In Theater IN New Hampshire

John Notte

Very nice late season visit. Great for the whole family ... toddlers to teens... Excellent management with high ideals. (However I can't condone the advertisement for the gun shop or shooting range. Maybe management cannot refuse a paid advertiser, but it certainly lowered my spirits. The rate of at home accidents and suicides really can't be ignored when we consider increasing gun ownership.)

Kevin Kays

Very cool place. Very family oriented; love the playground under the screen for before the movie. The movies sound great over stereo FM and the staff is all super friendly.

Armand Downey

We've been going here since i was a kid, and ill continue going until i get sick of watching movies. $27 a car is a steal for 2 movies, the concession stand is delicious if you forget to bring your own food, and the service is fantastic

Aric Wilsie

Great place to watch movies under the stars with friends and family. One of the only drive-ins left in the State. I would've given 5 stars, but the owner can be a little abrasive at times, but other than that the place is great!

Nate Fortin

Really great place, but get there 30 minutes early or you will have no good spots left! It is cleaned up VERY well for a drive-in theatre and people are usually respectful. Management does their best to makes sure nobody is ruining the viewing experience. The food/ice cream/drinks you can pick up are SO good. Only sad part is that they had to jack up the prices to 27 dollars per car, but I understand. Carpool with 4 to 5 good friends- problem solved.

Julie Savlen

We look forward to getting some movies in at Milford Drive-in. Ppl even get there early and play wiffle ball or frisbee before the shows start. Great place! Owners do a great job keeping this childhood memory alive for my kids!!! Cant thank them enough for the memories I was able to share with my boys!

Stephanie Bacon

Wonderful for a family night out! Very reasonable prices at the concessions also.

Joshua Vasseur

What a great experience for the family! Good time! Will definitely be going back!

Brie Anna Marie Coates

.... Just wish they were open into the fall more

Rachael Alexander

This place is awesome! The snacks are overpriced, but it's the usual for the movies, and honestly they have more options than a regular movie theater in that regard. I love going here every once in a while!

Judy Gould

Dumbo was ok and Aladin really stole the show!!!

ronnie allen

Fun time

amanda patenaude

I love this place. Friendly staff,fun for the whole family. Clean bathroom

Nick Pappas

Never miss a chance to catch a couple movies. A must do every summer.

Michelle DeMont

This place will be forever in my life. Living with in a few towns over. I was probably concieved because of this. Long gone are the wired radio set that clipped to the door. No today you can listen from your phones. And car radio. The value is 1 carload ((6 lifeforms), kids radio.))$27.00 ,2 feature movies on different screens. Meant adults outside. Bring grill and make a day of It. your vehicle or blanket and chairs. It is my bucket list to bring my grandchildren.

Taylor Stratton


fred rinaldi

Went to the grateful dead night at the movies. Had a blast and the concession were very reasonably priced! Definitely going back for another movie.

Michael King

Fun times for the family. Prices are reasonable and it’s a unique experience like camping and movie going combined. Would recommend bringing chairs and blankets.

bobbi jane plummer

Good deal cheap $27 for a car of 6 people. I just want to add I bought a rootbeer float for 6.75. Which i was ok with until i received a cup of vanilla ice cream and a bottle of rootbeer. I asked for a larger cup to mix ice cream and soda and was told I would have to pay for a whole soda to get an empty cup. So I paid 11.75 for a float and lg popcorn and they wouldn't give me a 5 cent cup unless I bought another soda. I did get a small cup to fill multiple times with the I cream and soda Never again.

Paul P.

It's a drive-in, but getting cars in could be better organized, and there were still cars driving in after the movie started with their headlights on. Kids liked it, because it was new. If you go I suggest you take a portable radio as even with car radios on, it was hard to hear the quiet parts of the movie unless you were sitting right next to an open car door - plus you don't have to worry about your car battery going dead like some people's did (they do jump your car if that happens though, which is nice).

Kerry Sheehan

I used to go to the drive in almost every weekend. I'm now wheelchair bound. I never noticed before but your "accessible" bathroom is a port a potty. If you're going to expect that of your handicap customers they should at least get a discount on admittance. The ADA passed 30 years ago. 27 bucks for me to have to use a port a potty. I'm really disappointed. We should have warning so I'm posting this review.

Ember Cote

I've gone to the drive in since I was a little kid. I've always loved it. It's clean, and the screen is super big. Very good place to see a couple movies.

Deborah Berard

Went here last night to see Deadpool 2, the price to get in is great, the area is clean and the staff was super friendly. I hadn't been to a drive in theater since I was a young girl and all those memories came flooding back to that time. I loved it and will definitely be going back. Thank you for adding another great memory

Matthew Murphy

Always a good experience when I go here. The food is great and reasonably priced, the staff is funny and friendly, and the movies are always good. A great experience every time and I’ve never been disappointed.

Serious Black

The movie screen was partially blocked by the car in front of us but it had a clear picture and good audio.

Victoria Hebert

omg so good there

Kristen Harden

You just don't get great experiences like a drive in enough. For 27 dollars you get to see 2 current movies and enjoy the outdoors. Food isn't super expensive either.

DD Smythe

The Milford drive in is really cool. They don't always show the movies I would like, but it is a great thing to have in town!

Tim Carroll

Overpriced. Can’t switch screen even though you’ve paid to see two movies you have to see the ones they have picked. The snacks are overpriced as well and they removed the playground that used to be here. To top it off someone in front of me was running their engine and I asked the management if they had a policy on that or could do something and they said only if it’s disel which I understand but all in all not a good experience and not worth the $27 admission

Erin Masson

Always a fun time

Charlie Richardson

Get there early for best spots

Joshua Marshall

The family and I have been going to the Milford drive-in Theater for over six years now. It's always a good time with the kids, and you cannot beat the price of 27 dollars for a car of six people.

Rebekah Leach

Overall it was a great experience. My one complaint was that before both movies they had a clip that stated the movie would begin in 20 minutes but both times the movies started earlier. Because of this I missed the first 5 minutes of the first movie standing in line at consessions.

Chris Nuttle

I love going here! Food is so good and not overpriced!

Stephen Burke

It was great. The service that you get from the team at the concession stand is great. They are very polite and are happy to make anything they can for you. The bathroom is clean and the sound was great.

Chris Hart

This is a great theater! Well cared for, well run, great value!. If you want to go take a minute and read about Drive-In etiquette (all on the website) and learn how to be kind to your fellow movie goers. I ran my battery dead somehow but Milford Drive-In even had me covered there. Take the kids and go tonight!

Ryan Bouchard

It's a fun experience watching a movie from your car or outside on a picnic blanket.

Jeremy Lucero

Nice place! Nice price??

Gregg Perry

Fun experience. No complaints. Plenty of options at snack bar, good price for two movies.

Crystal tejeda soto

Nice and clean drive ins

Ann Lowell

Love bringing my family here


The price is worth it. We have a large family and it's expensive to do things that are fun. This is fun and affordable. My children enjoyed it and there is plenty of room. They have bathrooms and a concession stand. Screen are big and can easily be seen. They only thing is don't forget bugs spray the bugs are crazy. We didn't know this but will be bringing it next time. I highly recommend them we will be back a few more times this season.

Diana King

Price is fine for two movies and being able to bring it whatever you want for food and drink. Tonight, many people came late and were driving the rows; it'd be nice if they didn't let people in at a certain time. And if you have a car, not a truck, get there early. Otherwise, you probably will have your view blocked. Bathrooms also could be cleaner...scum was building up around dryer. I only plan on going maybe only a couple times a season.

Ace K

Always a great time

Amya Ride

This was honestly the best experience I've ever had at a drive in theater, and I've been to quite a few. The prices are affordable, especially for a double feature; it's only $27 for one car and more passengers than 6 have an additional $5 per extra person. Concessions are crazy cheap for a theater, a small popcorn was $4, candy was $1.50, all prices were of that caliber. The site says you can't buy tickets in person but it appeared that was incorrect. When I went with my friends we lost the confirmation email for our online tickets and had messes up and paid for 3 cars when we only needed one. They were so helpful, found our tickets and refunded the additional 2 we had paid for with no hassle or problems at all and with a smile. The place is well kept and has indoor bathrooms for guests. They use radio stations for the sound so provided your vehicle has fm radio and speakers you'll bee able to hear perfectly fine. The staff were all so friendly and clearly enjoyed what they did. I cant recommend this drive in enough, for real. Every second was incredible!

Joe Piccolo

Wonderful time with family

Cynthia Voisine

Old drive in, but fun. We brought pizza and drinks with us, so I can't speak to the food. It is kind of expensive if it is just two of you because it costs the same as 4 or 6. Something different, though, so it was fun. And we watched 2 movies.

Evangaline VanBibber

Super awesome fun. Great place to take the family and the dogs for a movie night. Staff is friendly, and the French fries are addicting.

Lisa Dunbar

Our drive was an hour from where we came, but so worth it! Very popular and you get your money's worth! Lots of parking spots to see the screens perfectly anywhere you park! Great for the whole family and the pups too! Restrooms were also surprisingly very clean.

Tom Kelley

The staff here is very friendly and they try to make your food to order to keep it fresh. We had a great time and look forward to coming again.

Olivia Flewelling

Consessions are a bit expensive and it's rough when it's buggy but pretty cool!

Sharon Abbott

Brought back so many memories!!!

craig carey

What a throwback to an earlier time. Great place, well run,and memorable experience. We all had a great time. They even have the swing and metal slide in front of the screen to play in before the movie starts. Loved it!!!!!!

Tj Metrano

We will definitely be back!

Cristina Pulkinen

Amazing drive in! The parking is plenty and the snack shack has great food for reasonable prices. The staff were all kind and attentive to make sure the experience was enjoyable. Just arrive more than 30 min early to avoid the long lines

Bertie Wright

Great experience, should avoid rain if possible but doesn't ruin the movie typically. Generally very fun to watch a movie in your car and the concessions are good and not overpriced unlike normal movie theaters. Also $27 for a car for 2 movies comes out to $6.xx with 2 people which is fantastic value.

Michael Gignac

The food was great, the restrooms were really clean, men's and women's. My wife was impressed, as was i. They had a member walking around and keeping an eye on things. $27 per vehicle and you can bring your own food and drink. No alcohol allowed on the premises.

Diane Ogata

Loved going to a Drive Inn after 10 years of not going! Had to keep it alive, though the 40 minute drive home at 12:30 at night was the only bummer. Would love one a little closer to Lowell Ma, or Honolulu for that fact since I moved there. Went with my mom with take out Greek Food. Loved the double feature, sound quality out of the radio was good. Only a couple of mosquitoes

Danielle Perry

Do not go here. The owner walking around harassing customers over and over again both before the movie started and during the movie was too much. He has a nasty attitude and he’s incessant. So many people were upset. Then I came home and read so many other reviews that say the same. What a shame. Won’t be going back unless they announce that he’s not involved. I have never felt so uncomfortable let alone because of the owner of a business.

Reid Wilson

Brett and Jess are kinda dope I guess. Fort for life. Peace

Duncan McDivitt

Great theater, wonderful people and an awesome experience.

Bob Amey

Really nice selection of food, and you can bring anything you want. Reasonable prices for admission and concessions... absolutely HAVE to go at least once a summer, often more... one of the VERY few drive-ins left around here.

Janette Barchus

Awesome drive in. Good picture and sound. Clean every where. Adults and kids on this Friday night. Absolutely no problems. I would reccomend it 100% and will return. We also love the nostalgic look, feel, and pre movie ads.

Michael Townsend

Lots of space. Food is decent and fairly cheap compared to a normal theater. Staff is friendly and helpful. I go about once a week since I live nearby. Even if a movie is bad it's so much fun to sit and riff on it with my Fiancee without bothering other patrons since we are in our car. I like to cover our windows with trash bags to prevent lights/other people from distracting us.

Chris Aldrich

Loved this place, they have novelty ice cream fresh cooked hotdogs and hamburgers. Plus you can watch 2 movies. Highly recommend this place absolutely loved the experience. Great place for a family very inexpensive!

Mrs G

We bought tickets to a double show. My kids had their first drive-in experience and they loved it. Huge plot so plenty of parking. Concession stand sells lots of goodies as well as ice cream. Clean restrooms. Friendly staff. Great experience all round!!

Elizabeth Leach

Super busy snack area. Everyone was very kind. A good value for a drive in theater. There were quite a few smokers which isn’t great but other than that an awesome experience.

Ed Krzesinski

We saw 2 great movies(Toy Story 4 and Aladdin). My daughter's first trip to a drive-in. She had a blast.

Bentley 1 up

We saw both IT movie!! Drive In wasnt crowded loved how the concession stand was run the line went super fast. BEST Drive In I've ever been too. We will be back.

Ivy Rogers

Fun place

ItsThe Rush

Great friendly staff and plenty of them in the concession areas only complaint I have are the bathrooms are pretty small for the volume of people they get causing there to be long lines during intermissions between films

Dominik Lupo

Great for the price, food and staff are awesome, bathrooms are nice and clean, and its so much better than going to a movie theater. We love the drive-ins!

Dawn G

Tradition in our family and its always a fun time and the food is good too!!

Candice Erwin

Loved it brings back memories from when we were kids... easy access and very clean we will be going here instead of the regular theater from now on

jayson wulf

I can not stress enough not to visit this place. If you have a diesel you are not allowed to start it to prevent your batteries from dying. As well the little man who claims to be the owner is absolutely rude and abrasive. Also he is anti-veteran and thinks anyone there has to bow to him after they paid to see movies. As soon as he is confronted about his rudeness his reply is so and he’s ready to call the police to have someone removed because they called him out in front of other people.

Mrs. Criselda Lavoie

The area was nice and family friendly. However, one of the owners not so much. There is a way to address rules and regulations in a calm manor instead of yelling. A word to the wise for those who are experiencing their first time at a drive-in, park right next to the pole!! In conclusion, the staff was great and the owner was not customer friendly. My family will definitely try Weirs Drive-in next time.

Kristina Focareto

Everone is so nice there

David Deilbert

One of the few remaing . They could try a little harder.

Scottie D

This place awesome! 2 movies for under $30!! A great place to take children or your SO or even go alone if you want! Spacious parking and it's in a very nice area as well. Highly recommended!

Michael Murray

Best movie experience

Diane Judson

Been going to this drive inn for over 25 years. Very clean, family and dog friendly. Good sound system. Concession stand reasonably priced, good selection of items. Management all very helpful and friendly. Bring your bug spray.

Krystal Winslow

Amazing. Clean place friendly staff, lots of room kid friendly

Mark Williams

I took my family to the Milford Drive recently. I think the prices are more than fair at $27 for a minivan of us, 6 in total for 2 new release movies. We went the concession stand, the fries and fried dough were both very good. I am not sure about the other food items as we didn’t buy anything else. The concession stand was very clean, and there were plenty of workers keeping things moving fast. The bathrooms were definitely dated, but very clean. There is a playground there, but our kids didn’t get a chance to use it since the first movie was starring. I highly recommend this place if your looking for a fun and cheap night out, and enjoy doing things outdoors, as you might get a few mosquito bites.

christian page

I love going to the drive ins wish there were more.

Benjamin Hamel

Great place, friendly staff, reasonable prices

William Russell

Thought this would be more modern but guess not... Food was not very good either.

Ray Stevens

Amazing place. Make sure to check out one of the last drive-ins. Good food and its pet friendly!

Jamey Ross

I'm so happy to be able to introduce the drive in experience I had as a kid, to my children. The shop is priced right and the food is really good. The theatre is nicely placed, close enough to the highway to get you home fast. After finding this gem, my family has gone multiple times each year during its open season! The retro commercials are fun too.

Jennifer Hart

Theater etiquette for the patrons would be nice, headlights, door dings, and alarms make the hard to enjoy the films. Theater was nice, employees friendly and helpful.

Alan Alan

This place is the real deal like the old days. For the modern crowd they have a website, t-shirts, a phone app too. Go once, go again, go often! Let's keep this one on the map, its an iconic American cultural experience.

Jacob Whitcraft

Great place to go for movies with the family. Like just the old fashioned days. Can not go wrong going here and great concession items!

Lauren Lyons

‘Rules’ that will never make sense with an uneven gradient for parking; horrible experience. Left our six year old crying on our way out. We’ve been multiple times and NEVER had this issue. But hey we got money back

jay money

Great place for a date.

John Smith

I've gone here since I was a little kid, i love going there every time, and all the old commercials brings back such nostalgia.

andrew stone

Two screens on either end and you park to face whichever movie you are watching. Concessions are normal movie concessions. Friendly staff and priced well for what you get.

Steve Jones

Best place for a family to view a movie

Kathie Holland

Love this place. Nice place you can take the grandchildren to. Very affordable!!!

Colleen McCarthy

Great place, family friendly and staff is always helpful. Food is well priced and much better than what you get at a theater. Milford drive in has become a tradition passed down in our family.

Sharon Darakjian

The admission is getting pretty strep. Certainly be thinking about a return. Overall attendance was especially low. The main film was good. The second not so much.

Tina Louise

Even the bathroom was clean my only issue did not see stall for disabled.

USA Ninja Challenge

Always a fantastic time. Awesome family outing without breaking the bank. When 6 people can see 2 movies for under 30 bucks. Thats value.

Sherri T

Show started an hour late. The guy walking around who I heard was the owner is a jerk. I didnt appreciate him hitting the hood of my car to tell me to pull up a little. Cool to go once, but wont be going back ever again. I'll spend my money elsewhere, at a place where customers are treated better.

Dan Silva

First run movies. We go at least 3 or 4 times a year. Lots of snacks and even soft serve ice cream.

Ian Murray

Local gem! Great video and audio quality, friendly staff, plenty of room for kids to play around before the movies start, and a solid concession area that even has bugspray.


Bad experience, the tickets are already very pricey at $27 dollars per car, but we had to pay twice. We bought tickets online, but it didnt give any conformation or something to redeem for a ticket, but the card still got charged. We get to the drive in, show the ticket clerk this, who can somehow see when we bought tickets 6 months ago but not 2 hours ago. We show them the charge on the card, but tell them that if were just gonna be charged twice do it now. She proceeded to talk in the phone for 10 minutes with some form of manager all while spots filled up. The clerk was very rude with us not seeing how this was an issue, and not understanding our issue with being charged twice. We were then directed to the wrong screen, so we ended up with an atrocious spot since we had to move so late, despite showing up 40 minutes early. Very annoyed with the entire experience

Chris Tompkins

Great value. Clear view of the screens. It's the people around you who detract from the experience. Not sure why people can't keep their lights off...

John Bazdanes

Very poor picture quality and rude management... prices have gone up over the last 2 years as well, which is confusing considering the quality of the picture has gone down. Take some of that extra money you’re making now and invest in new projectors... you definitely need them.... waste of $$$

Wow Ok

Good food and nice people but hard to view movie with three people without being outside.

Matthew Randall

Great drive in spot people need to keep their headlights off though

Amber Johnson

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place already. Though if everyone knew about it maybe it would lose some of it's charm. It is a small town drive-in, but you do see a lot of Massachusetts plates. They have local advertisements and old school movie intros. The only detractors I can think of is a minor smell of cow manure in the Spring. Not all that offensive. Maybe even a little charming that it butts up against a local farm.

Cameron Christie

Heard about this place through a coworker who had a great experience here and came into work the next day gushing about the great time she had, so I made sure to visit as soon as I got a free night. She recommended that we buy the tickets online to save time, and it was surprisingly easy,. even for someone who's not exactly "tech-savvy." To say that the Milford Drive-In Theater did not disappoint would be an understatement. A truly unique experience, along with decent food that is not a ripoff like most other theaters, was capped off by excellent service (seriously, not a single employee was rude or anything). I will be recommending this place to my friends, and possibly will look into booking larger events such as my niece's 6th birthday soon! Overall, me and my husband had a great time and can not wait to come back again.

Timothy Root

Good ol' drive-in with FM sound to your car stereo.

Michael Desmarais

Always a great experience

Robert Erskine

A special treat for you, family, and friends. Pay by the car for a double feature after dark. Better food offerings than normal movie theaters and they don't frown upon bringing in outside food. But bundle up, it gets quite cold at night.

Brian Donovan

I loved it as a kid 45 years ago and my kids love it now they can bring there own children awesome just so awesome.wonderful job adding the second screen

Geoffrey Sloan

This drive-in was well-maintained with good food. There was a good amount of parking spots and they made sure no one was disturbing the experience with headlights, high tailgates, etc... They also sell mosquito repellent if that becomes an issue and blankets if it gets cold.

Scott Lessieur

Throwback to the days of old with this fun drive in. Showing double features and a great snack shack cooking decent priced food. Also a car full of people make this a steal when it comes to ticket prices.

Scott Maitland

Two shows for $27 (2018) per carload. Ben going here for years. They're well maintained, friendly and a digital cinema. Everyone should see a movie on the drive in at least once. For movies and showtimes, see the website. Don't rely on Google.

Devin Hussey

Tickets are incredibly cheap, you pay less than $30 to watch two movies with as many people that can fit in your car. Food is good, although it is a little on the pricey side.

Cory Day

Love this place been going here for over 20 years

Kimberly Colby

Had a great night. So much fun to get to the Drive thru!

Andrew Smellie

Be warned, the owner come of as brusque and unfriendly but he isn't really. He is just not the please and thank you type. It's an old fashioned drive in with two screens, unhealthy but delicious snacks and a great family night out. Bring bug spray.

Chad Lawlor

First time there ever. Had a great time with my son.

Justin Magoffin

Great service, friendly staff, wonderful setup that's both modern quality and yet has that vintage feeling to it. Playground for the kids. Good enforcement of theater rules. You'll have a great time here if you're a fan of cinema.

Gerry Pell

A step back in time. We had fun.

Susan W

Love this drive in. We bring a blanket and a cooler. We go early have a picnic, walk the dog, play a b game while we wait for the movies to start. Great price too. 1 fee for a car of 5 or 6 and you get to see 2 current new movies. Family fun

Jessica Norris

Its one of few drive ins left. I love going and tbe price is decent


Love this place. We are here almost every weekend. Where else can u take entire family to see two movies for this incredible price?!? Staff is helpful. .atmosphere is good family fun

Kyle Provencher

Me, as a dog, enjoyed the movie very much. There was no cats there, lots of other dogs to bark at, and lots of trees. My owners fed me my food while we watched the move. I don't still don't understand how saying 'shazam' turns me into a super hero though.

Peter Lott

Popcorn is the best. Ice cream in the bowl is well worth it.

michal fux

Great venue (just bring bug spray!!!). Concession store has great stuff and great prices (we had hamburgers and onion rings that were made on the spot and were delicious!). Would definitely do that again sometime!


Great place!

Cole Wissman

This place is awesome, will be back soon!

Eric Walls

Definitely a good value....27 bux for 2 choice movies! We all know its more than that at a regular theatre for 1 show! Plenty of concession choices that are also cheaper than a indoor theatre. Pet friendly is awesome too!!

Samantha Cate

We love that we still have a drive in to go to! It's really something special to do with the children. U arrive early enough to toss a football and wait for the show

Paul Flotten

Loved it. Bright screen. Good audio via FM in car. No external noise or distracting lights to disturb the show. And yea there were kids running around some but that's all good at least to me - kinda takes me back to some other time and place. This is not an upscale version of what used to be; it's what used to be. Going back for sure.

Gwen Jones

Great for the whole family!

Zak Erickson

Holding true to the classic drive-in atmosphere, this place keeps the tradition alive. Always busy and full of activity, this Milford establishment is a real treat for young & old alike. At $27)carload it's likely the cheapest way to bring the whole family to the movies. Traditional snack shop with fried favorites & soft serve. What else could you ask for?

Elizabeth Dubois

Awesome time

NH BassFishin

This is the best way to watch a movie. The movie price is VERY cheap because not only do you get 2 movies for the price of one, but you can have cars of up to 6 people! You can bring your own food and drinks too, but I highly recommend the concession stand because they have very fair prices, and the food is great. They even have an ice cream stand, and a playground for kids too.

Rebel Scum

The balance seems to be off, sounds like everything is coming from the right side of my vehicles.

Lynn Roberge

I enjoyed going to the drive in theater in Milford NH tonight. I always have a great experience when I can go

Maryann therrien

It was my first time there and it was great keep up the great job and God bless you and your family

Heather Ruiz

Absolutely love this place. I'm really grateful they're still around after all these years and I can share the experience with my children. Our most recent visits to see Toy Story was a bit overwhelming and overcrowded but everyone was in a great positive mood. Our neighbors put his radio super loud so we could all listen from his car. That is what I love about this place. We all come together to do something that is sort of a lost experience for many and even when it's insanely busy we make the best of it. My husband and I bring our kids at least 1 to 2 times in the summer. It's a fun cheap tradition. 5 of us get to watch 2 movies for under $30. You can't beat that.

Julie Varrato

Great drive inn

Wynde Mcknight

Price is high when you don't have a carload, but worth it.

April Rhine

Brings me back to going to the drive inn with my folks. Brought my daughter's they absolutely loved it. Price to get in is very reasonable. Just a little buggy be sure to bring bug spray.

Catman alex

Always a great time..would have liked to see an adult movie after the kids movie though.

Kirill Bykanov

One of the few old drive-in theaters left in the area. A truly one of a kind American expirience for friends and family. Enjoy!

Sean Langelier

Great experience as long as you are prepared. Bug spray is typically a must. Foodstand has great selection and decently prepared foods. The food isn't cheap but isn't unreasonable either. I'd suggest bringing some of your own snacks especially if you are more of a healthy eater. On the rare nights that there are two movies that peak my interest its one of my favorite places.

james kane

Go 2 hours in advance, calling ahead abd booking is a bigger charge.

Uriel Ramos

The best place for a movie night out with a love one or the family the food is great and you get a double feature of new released movies.


This place is amazing They should nevver go out of buisiness. The food is great, they have jump cables for when your car dies and the sound is crystal clear.

Nathan Therrien

Great place good food

Sara Kate Tillman

One of the few drive ins left in our area. Always great movies & concessions

Mildred Pedato

It was ok. Be sure you bring bug repellant, because you're going to need it.

brittany teixeira

I absolutely love this place. It's clean the staff are friendly the concession stand has a pretty good assortment of food/drinks to choose from and must say the bathrooms are not filled with bugs like a lot other Drive-in Theaters I have been to. It is a very popular place bit never too packed with people so your not necessarily going to have to park in between cars for those of you who like your privacy. I recommend this to my friends and family I go as often as I can. Also very fun for the kids.

Kathy Hilton

Wonderful place to watch a movie with family and stand up kids.


Milford Drive-In Theater en New Hampshire
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