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REVIEWS OF Jax Jr Cinemas IN New Hampshire

Kelly Taranto

Favorite movie theater to go to. Affordable tickets and concession stand. Snacks average $2.50! Matinee films are $5. Can't be beat.

Samantha Lavoie

Cute, quaint 2 screen movie theater nestled in the White Mountain region. My boyfriend and I were staying in Littleton for vacation and it rained one of the days we were here! Grateful to find a local movie theater to watch the new Spider-Man movie. Tickets were cheap and so were the snacks! However, they don’t take cards here but there is an atm on site.

Lyndsey Labonte

I have to give no more than 3 stars. Everytime I've gone there in the past year this older woman was working and is flat out rude every time I go. The most unfriendly service. I'd understand if it was one time but I bring my daughter and neice often and it's literally everytime. Even my 7 year old neice noticed it. Maybe I should just go on her days off then I could give a 5 star. Everhthing else is fine but work on customer service lady

branden bonnett

An awesome theater!

David Pair

Cheap movies

Sean Marquis

richard grootenboer

Rude older lady working their! If you don't like your job quit don't ruin everyone's movie night!


Always a good experiance

Mikko Phaneuf

Weston Lunnie

Jennifer Theriault

Been a few times... never had a bad experience! Good ppl good popcorn... although they could use an extra butter pump... and parm cheese.. :)

'JT' Tatem

I love this theatre. Great way to spend a matinee. Like a throwback to the glory days of your local movie theatre. I’ve always had awesome experiences here. And everytime I visit I’m thankful Jax is here. Clean. Inexpensive. Really good popcorn and snacks. I LOVE movies here.


Great local movie theatre!

Melissa Ryan

Cheap compared to the big city with all the same amenities

Specto Spaz

Pretty Cute Theater. Rude Staff Tho. Volume is kinda low too...:(

Reynold Dodson

Fantastic historic modern theater

Katherine Bastien

The unkept woman at the ticket area was rude&obnoxious.She's better suited to work as a bouncer at a biker bar!! We went for the 1pm show on 2/8/15.Her attitude was very unproffesional.She should be cleaning the toilets¬ be allowed near the customers...

Mike Beckett

Movies yeah!

Zane Woods

I either go to Littleton or St.j theater and i would say Littleton is the best.

Kristy G

Love the old style movie theatre !

Jason Tors

Great old school movie theater!

Mary Ann North Wind Acres Mann

I would have given them 5 stars if it wasn't for the rude and condescending older women at the ticket booth, she was most unfriendly and unhelpful. Everyone else gets the 5 stars.

Edward Mack

Great place to go see a movie. Prices and concessions are good

John Evans

Benjamin Ferguson

Elisabeth Terhune

Cute little theater, good prices and convenient location. Problem is the customer service is TERRIBLE. The last two times I've been there staff members have been rude and unhelpful. It was my husband's birthday and we decided to try again. We were watching the credits waiting to see if there was an after credits scene when a staff member marched up to me and demanded the 3D glasses I was still wearing. I politely told her NO - I was still watching and why couldn't I turn them in on my way out. She informed us that there was no after credit scene (something I enjoy waiting to find out for myself) and practically took the glasses off of my face! It was embarrassing and ridiculous. This is not the only issue we've had there and I doubt we will ever go back.

Shiv Gupta

Its pretty good

Stephanie & Sam Marston

Great tiny 2 screen shows at an affordable price.

Marianne O'Loughlin

Susan Hood

Mike Cap

It is a small theater but they have spent money on updating it. Sound system was good. I thought the screen was a little dark and could have been brighter. It is clean. Seats were very comfortable.

Alisa Levesque

Stephen Gorman

Nice Theater. Always plays the latest movies.

18 Wheels and a Drone

Amanda Martin

Keith Rexford

Tetz Gaming

a nice cinema

Dan Law

Very fair pricing and friendly staff.

Annette Hicks

Packed tight, but pretty cheap comparative to city prices. Terrible popcorn.


Good popcorn restrooms really clean staff friendly kind of cheap for tickets

Eric Ford

We went to see..Lion King. A movie my wife I remember from animation. Parking is always challenging. Stairs are a nemesis for disabled and those in wheelchairs. Price was $5/person. Worth it to locals. Was a matinee ...since I work in the mornings..PT. New chairs in the theaters..very comfy. Urgonomic..they recline slightly..alot more comfy. With drink holder on right armrest. Each chair has one so noone can take Very friendly people ..good concession stand. Once in the theater..egress is at the bottom..left or right..or back through the lobby at the top. Enjoy.. Hope to see you too..At The Movies!!!

marilyn rivera

Quiet, Like a blast from the past this small town theater is a lot of fun. I enjoy going at least once every three months.

David Sweeney

Joe Torres

Amanda lee

Small theater, concession is cash only, fresh popcorn, new movies

Emma Straw

Best movie theater hands down! Great prices, food, and extremely friendly employees. Thanks for a great time!

Elizabeth Nuffer

Pretty spend, but it's fun to go

Owen Charbonneau

Debra Smith

Nice home town theatre, clean and comfortable. Staff is very helpful.

Cariss Stewart

Peter Nightingale

Great small theater. Very inexpensive tickets and snacks. Cash only.

Jean Sapere

It was so freezing inside the movie cinema that my husband and I suffered hypothermia. We will never visit again in the winter.

Warren Nichols

Price is Right. Theater a bit dated but the popcorn is good and it's clean. Better than traveling 200 miles to go to an IMAX

Micheline Schultz

Amaro Hall

The woman behind the ticket window is one of the most unfriendly people I have ever encountered in my lifetime. You have one job!! Be kind, collect the money, say, “Thanks,” and you’re done.

Loren McCusker

Renny D'Amico

Nice ppl and reasonable prices. The seats are really comfortable.

Kim Labens

My family and friends have been watching movies at this movie theater for more years than I can count. I have NEVER been as disappointed or disrespected by an employee here until tonight. My 13yr. Old daughter asked me to help her find the friend she was meeting as we got there 20 min late. I explained this to the woman that I just purchased the ticket from and she very sarcastically and rudely said "you didn't buy a ticket." I nicely reminded her I was only dropping my daughter off to meet a friend. She started to raise her voice and repeat that I could not go in with out a ticket! So my daughter tried to explain to the woman she wasn't compfortable walking in the dark by herself to look for her friend. I simoltaniously muttered the same thing to the older woman employee. She responds by saying "your daughter should be able to find her friend herself!" I immediately responded that that was not for her to deside. She still refused to let me make sure my daughter was comfortable and safe even after I assured her again that I would be in and out. I told the woman the I always thought Jax Jr. Cinema was family friendly.?? I couldn't tell you what her response was because My daughter and I were so uncomfortable and I was so upset i left immediately and assured her I would not be back!

Brenda Pineo

DanT 123

Great movie theater

ALDK p4nD4mOdzZ

Not to many people. Fantastic service

Rick and Kids Hobby Time

Sandra Brackett

Great sound system and big screen. The concession stand and bathroom is a little dated but it is a very old building and quaint. Access right off of Main Street is nice.

Theron Miller

Typical theater

Phillip Fournier

Clean restrooms clean seats nice atmosphere will come again

Bobbi-Sue Baker

Great movies

Cindy Mckean

Bridget Faunce

TNT Films

denise hill

Great food selection. Many toppings for popcorn. With adult beverages. They have ladies nights. Early previews. They always have the newest of shows.

Karen Spataro Perdue

Kimberly Crawford

Georgia Power

Megg Howard

Michael B

Great sound system. Enjoyed it very much. We'll be back.

Todd McClenathan

Laur Horner

My husband is from Littleton so we visit his mother there often. Whenever we go we try to stop in for a movie at Jax because it is much less expensive than Concord. The staff is always very friendly and the building is kept very clean. The bathrooms are creepy pink but Hey it's a bathroom!


I love the idea of a quaint movie experience, and the prices aren't bad for this time, but the bathrooms are not user friendly, no handicap access anywhere, rude ticket taker at the window, no butter for popcorn, it's just flavored oil, and no refills. The counter staff is overworked, one person even on busy nights. Sound system and seating is adequate.

Chris Whiton

Great movie theatre. They do a pretty good job staying modern in a small community.

Diane Lagarto

Historical location where history meets modern day convenience with old time charm.

Monique De Coste

We love this Cinemas. One of the reason we moved here, reasonable price tickets and they have the best popcorn. ❤

Trisha Hunt

Historic movie theater. Old fashioned front lobby/ticket window. Super clean inside with a display of old movie projector equipment and memorabilia in foyer. Awesome experience

MsMarlo18 .

Still GREAT popcorn. (Just be sure to have cash.)

Casey MacMillan

Gary Chase

Clean fun!

Katie Hildmann

Room big has cup holders but bathroom was tiny only 2 stalls! After a two hour movie, having to wait for 2 stalls NOT cool lol. Had good experience overall

Jeremey Stewart

Friendly service

Paul Jackson

Quaint, two screen theater.

corey berner

Not the newest seats but the tickets and concessions were dirt cheap.

Ethan Bergeron

The prices are good and the actual theater is quite nice, however the staff are a hit or miss, there are some who are quite rude. The fact that they are cash only is also ridiculous in this day and age, they have an ATM but it is offten out.

Melissa Carney

Love the movies

caleob previe

It's false advertising it's says in there website that matinee it 1and 4 pm and you come in and pay and you pay full price for 4 tickets and the price should've been 20.00 dollars

Ariel Miller

Casual Pixel

Small theater but always clean.

alex cusano

joshua Smith

Good theatre, small venue makes it pretty cozy, but only real issue is it's cash only.

Alice Mainville

Best matinee prices and the popcorn is always fresh!

Helen Brennan

It's a nice theatre, comfy seats

Tammy Burton

Matt Kristoff

John Maciejko

Went and saw deadpool 2, this theater is always a treat to go to, todays movies at yesteryears prices

Kim Skidmore

Bunny Stoddard

Charlene Gibson

I always love going to the Jax Jr when I'm back for a visit to see my fiance's family! Small town theater with a big heart, nice people and great prices!

Bryan Rexford

Historically significant theater, friendly staff and clean.

John F.

Ticket girl is very rude! Overcharged my son because he was tall! Still a child... Probably kept the money... Good theater for movies... Just no cs skills...

Asher Salomon

Been goin here since I was a kid. Great experience.

Norah Garland

I liked it.

angela catalanotti

Erik Thunberg

Excellent theatre, great snack selection. Wish they were open more often but not gonna hold it against them!

Jan Benton

Great movies close to home

Nicholas Hunt

It was freezing inside

John McIntear

Steve Bean

Amanda Aspinall

Nice cozy little theatre

ben vincent

A little cramp but nice, some of the pre movie trivia is out of date and no longer true

Sydney Perkins

Peter reynolds

Always a good experience and affordable

Taha Jamil

Great prices; $7 for adults, kids and seniors $5. my only gripe is that it's cash only, but still a good deal.

Brian Wyman

Great movie theater, it's by far my favorite in the area.

Steve Soucy

David Zabroski

Denise Page

Wyatt W.

Nice little theater, good staff, good food and good movie quality. Volume level is nice as well. Would recommend.

Irving Smith

Rodney Wimett

Love this little theater! Great prices, great old theater feel, my family and I always have a wonderful time.

Keith V

This cinema has 4 theaters that are a little on the small side. While the seats don't have cup holders, the theater does use dolby digital, so the picture quality is excellent. The popcorn is yummy with real melted butter. They have slushies and the standard soda and snacks. As with all theaters the snack prices are crazy high. At least buy the popcorn though. If your in the area it's a decent theater for the family.

Ron Baillargeon

Great service comfott seating

macks fox

Offers the best cinematic experience with the best rate

Robert Bowman

Great seats godd movies just a little loud.

Theresa Winn

Yay! JAX Jr.

Justin Wentworth

Can't go wrong. Best in the area. Good prices.

Merissa Couture

Love this movie theater very friendly

donald kiepert

I love the charm of a local non-chain movie. Always clean and I have been consistently treated well from a customer service viewpoint. Prices for tickets and refreshments are reasonable.

Derek Ward

Danielle Rodrigues

The seats are very comfy, the sound is great, prices reasonable for snacks, drinks and admission. The only reason I didn't give this theater a 5 star rating is because there is one employee that always seems like she's watching your every move and it's very uncomfortable feeling.

Larry Baker

Needs to up grade

B Irving

Gus Garrigan

Old school theatre. Brings back memories. Friendly staff, reasonable prices and really good popcorn

Nancy Whiton

Small local theatre

Sharon Thomas

For a kids movie maybe turn the volume down a little. My little man 7 years old plugged his ears the whole time.

Roger Metras

shane butson

Great sound system


Love going here. Its a great old building that really shows off the history.

mark donahue

Wonder place

Lance Moody

Derek Champagne

Alicia Gil de Rubio

Went there while on a weekend getaway, kids wanted to go see a movie got there they picked a movie but then their excitement turned to upset and disappointment. They were told to throw their lollipops away or was not allowed to go through to see the movie. They are 5 and 2 yrs old. I was NOT going to take their lollipops out of their hands and throw them out, have them upset and cry. The guy was heartless... rules or not how can you tell a 5 yr old and a 2yr old throw away your candy or can't see a movie GTFOH!!! This establishment is a joke NOT kid friendly, like how can you not let young kids in to see a movie just because they have a lollipop. Very disappointed, how would their kids like it if tables were turned. Yeah the sign saiid no food or drinks in but damn come on they are small kids and how you said that to them, of course we voiced our opinion to this rude "ticket boy" .. I don't care to hear apologies or an explanation under my review it happened my kids were upset I was angry and I'll write my review under every site. Jax jr ha NOT kid friendly. Do a favor and close down.

Roger Hibberd

Tyson Conrad

Good little theater. Beware, cash only. Very nice people.

Michael Dann

Great little movie theater. Prices are cheap, movie quality is good, and staff is super friendly.

Stephanie Haile

I always go here, it is one of the best movie theaters I have been to.

kirby lawrence

Great cheap theater... new movies, inexpensive snacks... Cash only is inconvenient this day and age, but they do offer an atm for cash withdrawals... a little run down, but all in total a great little home town cinema!

Nathan Brown

Can't beat the price. Excellent seating and sound.

Christopher O'Grady

Cute theater right in town. Not an Imax experience, but great price and totally adequate.

Michael Piper

The fountain sodas taste like mold every time I go here.

Go ex

Very small and dirty theater, but would make up for it by accepting credit cards. The "convenient" ATM inside charges $3 to take out your money. Two popular movies playing at a time. Overall feeling of a bad business, but can get away with it because they are the only theater in town!


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