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REVIEWS OF Claremont Cinema 6 IN New Hampshire

Jennifer Quaglietta-Tomolillo

It's an older theatre, but it's clean and the staff were nice.

Alison Edmonds

Love this place but they need more employees. Ridiculous wait at the concession to the point I was going to miss the beginning of the movie waiting in line so went without snacks and drinks during avengers endgame.

Michael Rodriguez

Great theater. Excellent sound and comfortable seats. Good choices at the concession stand. Good picture and you might even get the theater to yourself sometimes!

Marty Foulger

Arrived 15 minutes early on Sunday 7/8/18, and when we entered the theater, an obnoxious, repetitive sound was blaring from the speakers. I brought it to the attention of the staff, who said the pre-show audio was malfunctioning, and there was nothing they could do about it. It was really annoying, but we already had drinks and snacks, so we just had to put up with it. Then the trailers for coming attractions started 10 minutes late, so we were subjected to this racket for nearly 25 minutes. Surely someone could have manually cut the volume until the trailers started?

Heidi North

Awesome small town theater - newest movies always out and comfortable seating - food is overpreiced but what theater isn't?


Good theater for this area.

Antonia Hernandez

Great theater

Brent Baker

The staff is always friendly, the food is good, and the facility is clean. My family has always had good experiences with them.

Charlotte Stevens

Clean and not busy. Loved The Book Club

Denise Champney

Have not been there.

Isaiah Prever

It's fine

Gary Byron

Typical theatre

Shanna Emanuel

Convenient location and friendly staff. Theater rooms are cold in the winter so bring a sweater or jacket. Picture is not the best quality and 3d movies can appear out of focus here. But overall good night out with a few friends.

Tim Goodwin

Clean with nice staff

Scott Knowlton

Clean. Food & drinks a little pricey but its ok

Uriah Hess

Good place

Barbara Draper

I like going to the movies there it's always clean and the workers are very polite


Had to buy tickets at the concession stand, there was no heat in the theater, and I always wonder why they don't replace the ceiling tiles that have those nasty water stains on them. Is the theater not doing well?

Julia MacDonald

Best theatre in the area. love the quarter candies.

Michael Paquin

I am a type 1 diabetic and they wouldn't let me take my medication in with me to the theather. Over priced for the food and service that is provided. I rather drive to hooksett and see a movie then drive ten minutes to see a movie in an uncomfortable place and an unwelcoming place

Jeffrey Temple

Decent theatre, good sized screens. Concessions aren't any more overpriced than other theatres like it. Staff leaves a lot to be desired and the cleanliness is sometimes suspect but it's convenient. Should invest in electronic ticketing at the facility to free up staff for the concession stand where there is always a long line.

Stephanie Zara

Quality is good now that they've switched to digital.The one time I tried their popcorn is was WAY too salty to eat, overpriced, and they don't even make it on-site, they get it in big bags from somewhere else. Ticket prices are high already, so definitely skip the concessions. Seats are not very comfortable. Only the bare minimum quality. It's the only game in town, and it's good enough that you don;t feel the need to travel.

Nikhil Karkare

It is a quiet movie theater. Also the screens are small. But still a good place to enjoy a movie.

Jason Steele

Normally lots of empty seats

Blaise Edwards

Arlene Cody

Needs a renovation and stadium seating.

Greg Therrien

Pretty expensive for food and drink

Bernie du Breuil

Theatres are nice but empty during matinees. Lots of advertising before the movie.

Lucas Goncalves

average small town cinema good service and clean, lines can get long for snacks

TreyWorld Chris

I think Cinema 6 isn't bad. However they need a better airing selection.


Great service but can get super busy

judy conte

One of my favorite stores for unusual things but don't expect to find extra extra large sizes As far as T.J.Maxx is concerned big girls don't exist some of the prices of good some of them not so much

Lonnie Bunnell

Great small town little theater, prices are comparable to other theaters.

Pamela Davis

Good movies.

Bruce Monroe

Its pretty average for a cinema. Prices are getting up there. Recommend Springfield vt.

Susan Petro

expensive. employee loaned me headphones because i am partially deaf. the headphone were lower end. they also had serious static and pops! sometimes, voices were not synched with move. But, overall is was a good time, expensive, but fun

Heidi Lynn Page

I have found this little theatre very nice. Friendly staff and ticket prices a bit lower than larger places. Concession prices are about the same as ever where. I just wish they had earlier and later shows.

Chris Emanuel

A bit overpriced for the service and quality.

Margie shortstuff

It's bad

Desiree Sweet

I've been to this theater since I was little and the price has gone up way to much. I have to say $9 for a 2D movie is outrageous and the concession stand prices are just as bad. The chairs are filthy and absolutely uncomfortable. I will never bring my kids here. Best place to see a Movie with reasonable prices for tickets and food is Springfield VT Movie theatre.

Franklin Phone

It would be nice if the staff walked through now and then to tell people to stop talking, chomping their food and parents with crying babies to step into the hall. Missed most of Lion King due to distracting noises.

Donald Fontaine

The volume is way too loud in there they need to turn it down some everybody's not deaf

ugh note

Volume is so high you can hear it as you can walk in the door. From the food area you can tell there more than one movie going.

Chanea Wilson

For the area, it serves the purpose without having to drive an hour or more to go to the movies. There is even a small game room with a table. Parking is ample and free. Online ticket purchase is available. Just wish the seats reclined more, could be more updated.

Ricky Morales

Popcorn is not made fresh

AJ Carroll

Childhood theater that I've always gone to. It's good, nothing to really write home about. 4 stars!

Christine Tobin

Went to see Jurassic would fallin kingdom with my 7 year and he loved it great service as well

stephy _d

Fairly priced tickets, however screen isn't that big... Seats very uncomfortable and spaced to tightly together...

Jennifer west

Was fun going out to the movies with my kids, movie tickets are reasonably priced but the concessions prices are through the roof!

JesaLyn Byrd

Jaime Gallagher Billiel

Small town cinema. Somewhat dirty and dated.

Candice Park

Love taking the family here. Wish the movies were still posted on the board. But still a great place with awesome popcorn

Lisa Dahill DeBartolomao

Clean, 6 cinema facility

Glen Gardner

Great times. Some people were loud and annoying while watching my movie

Barbara Hollingsworth

Popcorn and soda WAY OVERPRICED!!!! What is the markup? 1000%? No wonder people would rather wait and see it from REDBOX or Netflix. $3.50 worth of popcorn will feed a household.

Dale Giles

Admission Prices and Concession Prices are high, staff was polite

Jessica Kelly

I've been reading a lot of the other reviews on here and I'm surprised by the excessively negative ones. I've been coming to this theater my entire life, even when I lived an hour away, and it's not the best but it's also FAR from the worst around. The seats are pretty comfy, the concessions are overpriced (but where are they not? Plus the popcorn is always good), I've never had any issues with the staff, the picture and sound quality are great, and it's not too huge but also big enough to show all the new movies and not feel crowded (except during opening weekends). If you're looking for the theater experience of your life, go find an IMAX. If you want to go have a nice time at the movies, Claremont Cinema is as good a place as any and better than most.

Bill Adams

Very dirty know one seems to care.

Angela Given

Nice theater comfy seats

Mary Ives

Roseanne Veillette

Nice place, clean, and staff is friendly.

Lambo Margan

The Staff were very rude. I felt harassed. I Wanted to see a R rated movie (Trainwreck) I had my ID, but my friend forgot hers. I am in college. We ended up seeing a different movie(Paper Towns) but the staff first told us off for trying to see the R rated movie, insinuating we were both under 17, even though I showed them my ID. Then when we bought tickets for the other movie they yelled at us, saying if we tried to sneak into the other movie they would kick us out onto the street. While we were seeing Paper Towns they checked on us 8 times to make sure we hadn’t switched theaters. It made for a very uncomfortable atmosphere. I am not an accommodating person, I totally understand their a rules. I don’t like to break rules but the staff were just aggressive and mean towards us. If I could give ZERO stars I would.

Pris Hagebusch

I miss the marquee showing current movies on the outside. Used to be able to see what was playing while in the grocery store parking lot.

Gabby Hall

Its stuipd that you cant bring your own food

Ryan Shackett

Decent theater but prices bit much

Tab Putnam

People are okay but way over prices on

Joshua G Runnells

Great movie, woner!

Kayla D

Dan Ryan

Great current movies, comfortable seating, pleasant staff

Operator K

Clean, good prices, and great spaces.

Derrick Kimball

Plenty of parking

Danavan Gentles

Friendly service

Jimmy Doherty

Great movies

Paul Caron

Decent a bit old.

Joanne Dufour Rowe

Friendly staff

Joshua Tetreault

Nice Get away to see a movie

Hal Levingston

Go to church there. Great people. Come on sown sunday 9am.

eileen Fiori

Came in with a Dunkin' coffee, paid for 3D movie, popcorn and then was told that I had to pay $2.50 to bring my coffee into the theater. When i asked why i was told that i had to buy one of their cups to put the coffee in. Only problem was they didn't have any cups. So...spent all that money and an additional $2.50 for a nonexistent cup. I drove 1/2 hour to get to yhis place. Guess I won't be doing that again. The theater was very dirty. Would NOT recommend this place to anyone.

Matthew Charles

Lisa Abbott

The seats are fairly comfortable, the prices are normal for the area, but the movies are played at an incredibly loud volume, the heat never seems to work in the winter, and the bathrooms regularly look flooded and disgusting.

bud Tate

VERY clean good movies

Angela Fowler

Great movies, excellent prices

Steph Fowler

So glad its still there

Raynell White

Was a great movie and the service was good also

Ralph Simoneau

Pretty good place to go to the movies for a night out. Don't go to West Lebanon, poor Management

Tara Slocum

Great place

Melissa Page

It's a movie theater...

Brian Jarvis

Always a good time.

David Rose

Super pricey and the seats weren't the most comfortable. It's been the same way for many years, feels like it's due for a facelift.

Chris Brown

Good theater

christian page

An ok theater best you can get for 30+ min drive in area

Amy VanGundy

Nice theater. Staff was nice, always felt safe there no matter the time of movie, place was relatively clean. I went to multiple movies while I lived there and would recommend people go to the movies there.

Neil P. Allen

The theater was clean but the chairs weren't super comfy.

Monica Olvera Herrera

Good place

Timothy Martel

Movie theater is clean, decent staff. Tickets are a tad pricey for me

Christian McFarland

I use to go here regularly until they said they were a gun free zone. So now I save money by not going. It's too bad really. It's a decent theater and decent prices.

Cassidy Turner

Probably the best movie theatre in the area. It is usually pretty clean and well cared for. The prices are a little high for tickets and especially food, thus the reason for not giving it 5 stars. Do NOT go to the movie theatre in West Lebanon. It is disgusting and has supposedly been under renovation for the past 3+ years!

Fawna Moore

We come here quite often, but the popcorn is ridiculously priced. The medium bag is more what the small used to be and it costs pennies to make popcorn! 8$ for bucket should at least get free refills. (without them scraping the bottom so all you get is broken up shake crap that you cant eat).

N8 C

So comfortable and cozy.

josh T

Great local place to catch a movie

Carol Thibault

Very nice place and the staff is great!! Love the place.

Lance Foster

Very high admission and food prices. Seats were dirty looking. Screan was nice. Men's bathroom was disgusting with hair and urine all over the tiolets.

Kate m

Good selections for movies all the time! Awesome birthday parties! With reserved seating! The staff sometimes seems unhappy with their jobs but not all of them, the prices are really steep but most cinema's are. All and all good experiences and we always go back.

Green Dragon

Nice establishment and clean! And excellent popcorn!

Liz Emerson

Its always a good time! I mean, youre going to watch a movie. You cant go wrong!

Jeremy Palmer

Clean and always friendly

Raymond Evangelista

We have been to the theater 2 time and had good experiences both times.

Wendell Shepard

The movies are great but the seats are terrible! After 15 minutes i cant stand to sit comfortably.

Ian Gates

Pricing is completely in line with other theaters.

Kalyeska Lemire

I had so much fun! Great movie quility

LlamaOfChaos Jr.

I loved this theater, when I was a kid I spent every weekend at this theater. I've been a faithful patron for years, but just yesterday I came to see a movie, and the guy behind me was getting a handy-j! Right there in the theater! Who does that? Well he kept moving and I just could not hear the movie, then to make matter worse he finished and some got on my brand new jacket! Terrible experience!

Deidre Rivard

Nice place Clean facility Comfortable chairs

Denise Egbert

Nice theater.

Doug Howell

Nice cozy little theatre.

Bryan Natusch

Clean seats, good service, great time

michelle Almestica

Very clean and friendly

Nyssa Schmidt

Nice theater, clean and no complaints. It's not new and fancy but the the sound and picture quality were good. My fiancee had a great time playing Point Blank 2 :)

Gloria Murray

Clean and comfortable. Staff is friendly and consistently on task. Prices consistent with other local theaters Good location.

Andrew Sawyer

Slightly dated theatre but plenty of screens to enjoy a movie.

Sara Campbell

Always very clean staff is very friendly. I love that my youngest and I can see a movie that he can watch while my husband and my oldest can see a movie they want to watch. The seats are pretty comfortable and they have more room than most.

Jackie McCuin

not clean

Kalypso Angel

Amy Poutre

Nice and small. Friendly staff too. I hate big theaters so this place is perfect.

Bob Nevins

Seats are ok but cause me to move, staff is great. Screen's are not anything special but no major issues. Bring a light sweater or jacket if your temp sensitive.

John Desnoyers

Nice theater. Clean and comfortable, great sound. However concessions prices have increased and are the highest in the area (although they do have rewards program for tickets & concessions).

andrew grace

Nice little theatre, easy to find.

Kyley Gobin

Nothing special, clean theatre.

Lisa Carlin

Horrible experience. Food was overpriced, staff was rude, and it is not clean at all. GO to HOOKSET!! or TILTON!! I cannot stress enough how bad my experience was.

Brenton Hood

They can do better. Internet wasn't working (no backup internet solution implemented) so it was cash only. There was also a cable hanging down in theater 3 right in front of the screen. It wasn't SUPER annoying but it was clearly visible in the screen image.

Lourdes Tolentino

Seating and spacious

Mike Wojo

stale popcorn that leaked on my shorts.


Theatre is clean, fairly large seating and screens, nice open conscetions area and some arcade games.

MA Mcgrath

Great theater to see movies. Lots of parking, friendly faces and clean seats.

Daphne Ellis

Unfortunately the staff did not prepare the popcorn and nacho soon enough before opening.... Popcorn was cold and stale and the nacho chip were stale as well. The food is very overpriced for the quality. And why can't they pop their own popcorn? They emptied it from a large bag into the popcorn machine.

Will Frank

The ticket price seems to be about normal, but the Concession prices are outrageous. I feel like I'm being ripped off every time I go there.

Cecil McLaury

Great food and great staff! They have numerous gluten free choices!

Greg Loupis

This is probably the the best movie theater in the area including Lebanon. I come from Lebanon to go here. It's cleaner and better run than the Lebanon theater.

Madeline Olsen

I ❤ that cinema it has glory and 3d movies don't even get me started on the beauty I can't keep my eyes off the screen with such good clean clear filming

jose mojica

Had the place all to ourselves!!! Great staff and awesome movies

Crystal rich

Great place.

tim randall

The people sitting behind us had a baby that needed its diaper changed.

Joshua Doonan

Not a terrible place to see a movie, certainly will always be able to find a seat

Lucas Fox

Closed by 6 on a Wednesday What kind of movie theater is closed by then, u could even open then and it would be better. Garbage.

P-Lynch1 PSN

Very respectful staff, but a bit over priced compared to local stores in Claremont, NH 03743.

Michelle Wood

Movie and staff were great, but seats are horribly uncomfortable.

Brandi Vilkauskas

Really nice people fast service great ticket and food prices compared a few other places I've been. They also have arcade games and 3D movies available the screens were nice and big and the place isn't out of date like a lot of the places around Vermont. I had my 8 month old and 4 year old and they didn't mind at all.


When I go to a movie theater, I like to be welcomed by the staff; and not be made to feel as though I am a burden. This theater does exactly what I dislike. You're constantly made to feel as though you've killed the dog of whatever employee is on shift. There is one girl who's nice, her name is Meg, I believe. The popcorn is bagged and stale, so we know it's not popped daily. The theater is also lacking in legroom, picture quality, and cleanliness; as it took me five attempts to sit in a seat that wasn't covered in melted chocolate, or whatever fluids had leaked onto the seats. Just very unprofessional, and a non-inspiring place to go see a movie. This could be looked past if this were a second run theater, or even a bargain theater, but it is a full price--and I do emphasize the U in full price theater, as it's more expensive than other local venues. Sometimes they have things that other theaters don't get, so I'm hoping my next experience will be better, but I doubt it.

Brenda Alcala

Nicest theatre in the area. Comfortable seating. In good condition. Bathrooms are kept clean.

Raymond Gagnon

Standard box theater

John Smith

The seats HAD NO HEADREST. Your neck will be very sore by the end.

Loriston Fennell

Pretty much what you would expect from a movie theater. The service has always been good, as have the facilities. Seats are comfortable and no complaints regarding screens or the sound system.

Jillian White

I think they charge to much for the food

Joe Budden

Decent movie experience

Hayley Moore

Cool quiet place.

Dominic Myers

Good not the best seats though pretty uncomfortable...

Baby Steps Family Assistance

Good family theater with great selections

Jackson Cooney

This place is so amazing I love it one star yipee


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