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4150 W Carey Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89032

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REVIEWS OF West Wind Las Vegas Drive-In IN Nevada

Deborah Dilks

Hannah is the bomb!!! Always super sweet!!!!! Best drive-in for the price!! Bomb popcorn and huge snow cones!!!

Jonathan Sparks

Great prices and awesome quality. Only bad part is the airport that is next door. My kids love climbing the wall there Haha (there is a playground there too)

Miss Paulina

Good place for date night ❤ oldie but a goodie.

Anthony Chavez

Love this place , great service and good times always


The GM is so great! My car battery died and she came and quickly got us back up and running.

Antonio Carter

I really like this place, they have great popcorn but the lines are insane sometimes and they don't have to be. I just waited in line for 20 minutes to get inside because one person is selling tickets. I go inside to get popcorn and there's like 49 employees in there. Why???? You have a line of cars out to the street and 50 people on the clock. This happens often. Fix it please!

iamjust jayana

Just like going to a movie theater but you outside and sit in your car with a big screen .

Crystal Hill

The lot is paved and there are many screens. The facilities and bathroom were clean and well kept. We really enjoyed our experience there.

Luis Mercedes

I love this place, but last night i got charged for 4 adults instead of 2, maybe miscommunication and I’m trying to speak to someone about it and have not been able to. The phone numbers online are recordings. I didn’t check my receipt when the guy gave to me (which I still have)I noticed it when i saw my bank account. Can someone contact me please.

Nyque Brown

With a toddler and an infant this is my type of movie night for quite a long time. I enjoyed my experience. Love the double feature.

Andrew Weaver

Greatest place to watch a movie. Very affordable to take a family

Gage Dupuy

I wish they had old westerns or classic films when we went but the experience was pretty cool!

Betsy Dobs.

Every time I go there it makes me feel like a little kid.

Amber Gottardi

This place is awesome!! The only thing is when a dark lighted movie plays, you aren't always able to see the movie clearly. Great staff! Everyone is friendly. Great place for families!!

Nieonky Jones

Love to take my grandchildren to great out door experience

amber the one and only real life gamer

Was awsome seen the lion king..come early if u can always a line

Jose Loza Aguilar

I love coming here, something about being in the privacy of your car that makes movies more enjoyable in my opinion. The staff do a good job at keeping the place clean, the prices are good and they have a decent selection of snacks .just make sure you come ahead of time so you don't drive around with your headlights on trying to look for a place to park once the movie already started. Overall good place to bring the family


It's cool but not like it use to be .

Tony Burton

A great way to spend the night. Multiple movies for only $7.50 a person and you can bring your own food and watch in your pj's!

Vernita Powell

Great would avoid screen 6 not good, casino light's and car lights hamper the screen view

Isaac Big Mex Andrade

there should be a no idling rule. I went there and spent $60 on concessions and to have a cali visitor keep his suv idiling and the heat and noise of his idling truck keep us from enjoying the movie. asked the lot attendant to help resolve the situation and he told me that I could move if i didn't like it instead of asking the visitor to either turn his truck around or turn off his vehicle. we left. I used to love taking my kids to this event twice a year, but will opt to never go to this event ever again.

Michael B

Great theater, reasonable prices at the concession stand. 10/10

Nicole Thomas

Had so much fun with the grandbabies!

Madalyn Vazquez

I LOVE THE DRIVE IN!! It was recently my best friends birthday and I decided to request an onscreen message for her, Chris and the manager on location were both wonderful. With their help everything went by smoothly, I was very please with it all.

Nye Jefferson

Great staff.. very understanding and helpful..

Sara Galvan

Drive in was fun. We showed up at 8:30 and the line was insane. Come early!

Jacquelyn Hardeman

Always fun for the family. Restrooms have been worked on. Confusing to go in and order food and snacks. Needs clearer directions for that but it's a great family night out or date night place.

Jorge Mateos

What’s not to love about a night at the drive in with family? Whether you bring your own snacks, food & drinks, or buy it at the concession, West Wind Las Vegas Drive-In is always a fun time at the movies!

evonne berentsen

It's great! How can you go wrong with a drive in? Have been going here since 1987. Total family fun.

JacobandLeisa wimpee

Constant marijuana smoke. We used to be regulars but when I have to spend the whole movie with my shirt over my nose because it's so strong...its not worth it.

Suleyma guerra

I had a nice night watching movies for only 12$ dollars. Cool

Lindy Baker

Expect slow long lines to get in. Go at least 1/2 hour before show to start. Very crowded

Ana Aguilar

I love the drive in.. up to 3 movies a night!


Amazing place to watch movies. You can bring your own food. Or you can buy some. No chairs their tho.

Andrew Savaiinaea

Was a great experience. Definitely going there more often. Better than inside a building

Brooklyn Greer

Love it but one thing that's annoying is that they need to put more trash cans.

John Jernigan

The drive in is super cool the only thing that made an issue is the glare from all the other lights around the area and street poles casting a shadow on the screen besides that only happening a couple times the movie was awesome the concession needs a revamp and maybe a good good cleaning of staff and all!!

Lori Young

Parking is tight. 6 year old granddaughter had a blast. Her n I made a mess outa my van.

Kisha Brown

We go all the time, atleast 3x a month now that so many good movies are out

Anthony Cafone

Really enjoyed the drive in movie, went up to see John Wick 3. This was my first time going and I will definitely be back.

Krista Cadogan

Good prices! Not crowed on Monday. Enjoyed our show.

Dan Rodriguez

It's great, the now paved the lots. Great experience!

Paige Easley

Toy story 4 was amazing! Aladdin is gonna be fire! I love the drive ins having 5 small children! The traditional movie theater isnt kid friendly, even during kid movies

Tero Venäläinen

A gorgeous, classic experience that doesn't exist in Finland. Radio Frequency buzz. And the lights coming from the site were disturbing.

David Ortlipp

Where else can you get a double feature, (legally) bring your own snacks and all for less than the price of tickets at a standard cinema? Don't get me wrong the audio and visual quality is superior at a normal cinema but the drive-in is good fun and value as a change every so often.

Robert Schwartz

I love bringing my kid here on the weekends and some weeknights. They have cool specials too.

Ashleigh Keyes

It’s only a 2 star because the last two times that I went and got screen 4 something is wrong the projector and the screen is ripped on the right side. It’s dark. My husband and I went to go see US and they started playing it later during the night on a different screen and that one was much clearer. I never want to go to screen 4 again!!

Sophia Marie

Best place to see movies(if you have the right car)! Be early if it’s a new movie because this place gets packed and they are known to sell tickets when there’s no available spaces, which happened to us but they gave us complimentary tickets for another day! The Tuesday hotdogs are the best

Adam Archie

It's was great having a free night, but we were in line for an hour. They need more than 2 people working the line.

April Knox

ice cream was great music gentleman said the movie started great popcorn

Kealoha Lani

Love it here. But that Scentsy lady is rude. Other then that. Love the family time.

Kaylee Abeyta

PLEASE NEVER GET RID OF THIS PLACE! So amazing that a drive in theater I don’t want this to be taken away

Theresa M Bell

Fun! Bring your own snacks.

Sonia Contreras

West Wind is awesome. They have the 2 for 1 movies which is unbeatable. I moved away from vegas & there's no drive in where i live. So i definitely miss west wind. It is a little old & they could certainly use renovations, but you still can't beat the price & i never had a bad experience here.

Sherry Harker

Fun place. Made over screen areas. Put in parking lines. Great value. Be warned if movies has night scenes, will be hard to see. Still recommend for the family.

Willis Manson

Been going there since I was in elementary school and is changed a lot but I still love it it makes me remember sitting in the backseat of my parents car

Christi R

One of the last old school drive ins. There's plenty of screens and its fun to go in autumn so you can bring blankets and campout In the bed of your pickup or bring out the lawn chairs. We bring a crew so there's about 4-5 cars and we bring an old school boom box. Common courtesy, turn your lights off coming in and out of the screen area and turn your car off. It's not cool listening to the movie over the sound of your Cummings.

Nicole Tafaoa

We loved it. Awesome family night. Kids were beyond excited with the double features. All worth it. Have fun.


Loved it! Me and my family went to see a movie, but it got crowded really quickly. This was our first time. I recommend going an hour before so you have to set up and get drink and snacks. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Can’t wait to come again!

Cat Fritz

I like the lines they have painted on the ground now for parking. Over all was pretty clean even the bathrooms. Staff was friendly. Great place to go on a budget and family friendly.

R Russell

Bring a chair to sit out and feel the breeze. If you blow trees, be cool because they walking police.

Juan Eduardo Martinez Rico

Wonderful experience last night. Enjoy the movie with the whole family. Prices are really cheap, which is thumbs up for that. I recommend families to come on out and enjoy this drive in theater.

Trina Gentzel

A great experience if you have never had the pleasure. I believe they have 6(?) screens to choose from in addition to an indoor screen. Bring your own food and drinks while watching 2 new releases for under $8! Only downside- no grassy areas.

Cinnabon Bun

Since they have the new asphalt. People just sit on the drive way excite. Bunch of teenagers think they cool if they are together. Just sitting on the drive lane expect me to ask to move. Ask my self if they don't see a car coming. I shouldn't ask. They are in the drive way.

Kenny Newland

The best place on earth to watch a movie. Love this place cant say enough how awesome this place is.

Kenneth Pompura

Go every pay week with family. Popcorn is awesome. Safe place. Only drawback is the air traffic. Tends to interrupt the movie.

Alexis Bates

The remodel is wonderful, I have not been in a while so it was a pleasant surprise. I recommend, drive in theaters are hard to find so cherish the ones we have left.

Mrs Brown

I'm so glad to be able to take my children to a drive-in theater. I actually didn't fall asleep this time.

Jennifer Smith

Family night was my husband and kids first time ata Drive in. Moves are cheap. Food over priced. Will be making it a regular thing.

Nick Muir

Continues to improve... just repaved most of the surfaces. Screen quality is very impressive for the circumstances. West Wind continues to be a great family venue here in Las Vegas.

Monnasha Harper

No security telling folks to turn off their damn headlights, couldn't see for over an hour. Tried calling and no one answered the phone not to mention screen 4 is always so dark. Replace it soon!!

Cenayda Iniguez

The best drive in i ever been in.❤

Laura Rodriguez

Great family place to enjoy movies . Bring your own snacks tho cause their prices are high!


Staff great. 1 car getting caught sneaking in. Staff handled it. Took little time

Karol Woods

We really had a great time, it was clean and also while I was there an incident happened, they handled with care and professionally. Thank you!!


I love this drive in. It reminds me so much of the one i used to go to with my family when i was a kid.highly recommend.a great time

Larry Mckenzie

We had a blast! The play area was kinda small but with the bounce house my son couldn't have had a better time.

Stella Lopez

Very big & beautiful place to stretch out at

Dave R

This is the way to see a movie!!! I love this place!!!

C2 U

Haven't been to the drive-in in years it was fun though wasn't overcrowded concession stand was nice and clean and people were friendly

Emanuel Garcia

Good signal. No interruptions, weather waa nice so we watched the movie oitside. Fun for the kids

Marcus Fuller

It was really nice, the screen was huge, you could see from anywhere. Definitely will return!

Lianne Herbert

So friendly 5 stars just for that plus it's clean thanks. I can't stand a dirty establishment

Jolene Stratton

Nice and clean... not too expensive in snack shop!

Amy Harvey

Enjoying a beautiful night out at the West Wind drive-in.

midnight moon

This place is so awesome you can watch movies like Aladdin or detective peakachoot

Laurianne Vivienne

Crowded lot made for interesting parking maneuvers, long lines were slow getting in... but with the audio being broadcast over the radio, it sure beat those monotone and crackly boxes we used to have to hang on the car doors! We got charged per person instead of by the car load....guess the good parts of the "good old days" are over...but the movie quality was great, lol and the kickass sound system in the open air Jeep just took it over the top, but I'll have to thank my guy for that when we get home. ;) All in all, a great movie outing with just a few inconviences.

Diana Vichare

One of the perks of going to the drive in was paying for a car load, now its per person.... wont be doing that again anytime soon. On another note, we did however enjoy watching Aladdin there.

Jessica Biggers

I like that it's a drive in, but I took my girls to the movies yesterday and they over charged me. I wrote down the tickets I wanted and the amount, so I know they got it correct (unless they can't read, which is possible ☹). I always get 1 adult and 2 kids because it's just me and my girls. I guess he thought because I wrote instead of spoke and I'm disabled, he can pull one over on me. He charged me for 2 ADULTS and 1 kid's ticket. I pointed out it to him and he just repeated the price. So now, I got overcharged and I kind of don't want to go back. That sucks because it really is my favorite theater to go to in Vegas.

Alexandria Baker

An experience that tickles my nostalgia, for sure! It's a bit bright around but that didn't interfere with my experience. Bring things for comfort, plenty of snacks, and come early to secure a great spot. This is such a good time

Sienna Miller

The picture quality could have been a little bit better. Some of the dark scenes were hard to see. But overall decent first time experience.

Rebekah Flowers

The drive in is great. The kids love it. Its pretty awesome to be able to go see a movie with a bunch of small kids and not have to worry about bothering everyone in a theater. Its also really great just to be outdoors. The staff is always very friendly and helpful and add to the experience. They allow outside food which makes it even better. No guardians at the gates out to stop your snacks here. All in all the drive in is a great value and a wonderful way to spend an evening at the movies.

Aaron Nycum

This place is cheap for a whole family it was like $27 and it's like watching a movie in your own car is way more comfortable then sitting next to people in an indoor theatre. Only think that bugs me is that people shine there headlights on you even though it says no headlights but that not there fault that's the customers fault.

J Buchbaum

For me, drive ins evoke a certain nostalgia and experience that cant be had in a theater. There is more motion, and it is more visceral. That said, the west wind is centrally located (just east of the intersection of Carey and Rancho), close to major attractions (Texas Station and Fiesta Rancho), and well run. All of the screens have been replaced in the past year or so and the projectors are well maintained. The pictures on all the screens are bright and clear. Theirs are well maintained, paved and marked. The ticket price is very reasonable at $7.75 for adults and $1.75 for kids 5-11... the concession stand is reasonable for a movie theater and the popcorn, while to salty for my taste, is always fresh. Tonight, I even asked for fresh popcorn and was accommodated, so there is good customer service. Unlike other drive in movies, they actually wait until dark to start the shows. There sound is patched through FM digital signal, and it is great to hear multiple stereos around you pumping out the bass and effects and dialogue. Overall, a great experience and one that my family and I will be repeating throughout the summer.

Nancy Muniz

I actually enjoy coming to a drive in theater its different from the usual cinemas. Plus the prices are great and you can take your own snacks.

Jorge Ramirez

There is so many good things I can say about this place there's not enough room for all the great things I can say. It's is just the best my kids love it

maria ramirez

West wind went all out for the kids, childrens zip line n face paing, music dancing, bouncy house, ferrisweel for kids, really good snowcones..nachos..granddaughter had a blast..first time 4 her at the drive inn..thanks west wind.all free just 4 the kids..

Paul Pak

We come here more than I'd like to admit. Mainly because it's the best theater to go to if you have young noisy kids. only bad thing about this place is it feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure if it was south east instead of North east they'd have more customers.

Mycki Manning Live!

Gotta love the drive in!! ...Such a cool throw back experience. It was fun to take my son and brought back great memories of my younger years. We loved being able to take our own snacks and drinks and we turned the back of the car into a bed with the hatchback lifted - laying down for a movie was awesome!! I'd recommend arriving 30 minutes before your movie starts - it takes a long time to get through the 4 lanes of ticket takers. Go with right lane- it has the shortest curve and seems to go fastest. The snack bar area has had an overhaul since I was last there. It was much cleaner and had a game area in the front. They even had a slide and bouncy house for young kids. The only reason I gave this review 4 stars is because my son said the men's restroom was nasty. The ladies room was okay considering how many people were there watching the multiple screens. The way the screens are arranged you could easily watch a different movie without moving your car, should you choose to. Pricing was a good deal for admission too. And if you join their mailing list you'll get great ongoing offers via email. I highly recommend having this nostalgic experience - this is the only drive in left in our area. Let's patronize it and keep it open!

Britt Senecal

I love that it's perfect for a family night. This place is a constant stop for our family.

Anastacia Taylor

I grew up going to drive in movies & I’m glad I can take my kids to them still!

Scarlet Pablo

Love it here! Perfect place for our big family, unfortunately weather doesn't permit year round enjoyment but we definitely go when we can! Snacks are reasonably priced unlike regular movie theaters and we can bring whatever we want! Doesn't get better than that!

Tony Harvieux

The only Drive-in here in Vegas that's left. It's been around since I was a kid, they have updated to Digital movies and sound. They also have a full concession area with food-drinks- and Video games. It also still has the original "playground" . Great for the family that does not want to spend $$$ on a night out at the movies. Very affordable, the only draw back is that the line of cars on Fri-Sat and Sunday is long enough to make you miss the first few minutes of your movie. So get there early and Have a great night out with the Family.

Nicole Burlew

Awesome! We go for the double features. The movie are heard via your car stereo. The popcorn is great (with a bit of salt). Atmosphere is relaxing. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE LIVING OR VISITING LAS VEGAS. Drive ins are rare these days and to find one is like finding a diamond in the ruff!

Jesse Greasewood

Love bringing the family to watch movies here.

Chris Coca

Love a drive in movie unfortunately the picture was off and the audio was with statick but otherwise I will be back great popcorn and big areas all around

J . Eduardo Nuño Solis

I love it... First time at drive in movie theater... I loved the experience... It's very very cheap. 2 movies for one price. You can bring your own snack and food... After 3 hour the car it's a little uncomfortable.. But was great... I promise to come back.

Angelito Gelato

Great place to watch movies, if you're not looking for the traditional movie theater. You can take your own snacks too.

Ms. L McDowell

Great value! Double feature for less than what you pay for at a walk in theater. Just know they don't have the speakers for your car anymore, you use your car radio or a portable radio. Staff was friendly and informative. Great place to have family fun.

Someone special


xavier mesler

Not bad concessions could've been better but overall really good

James Pickett

Its cheap and a nice lil spot to hang out at

Joseph Shepherd

Drive in theatres are lots of fun! You can bring your own beer, food, chairs, make a nice place to lay down in your van or truck, sit on the roof of your car. My kids love it. My only issue is that when you're watching your kids show they might have a super violent show playing right next to it :/

Alex Garcia

Lovely experience. As always remember to turn of your lights as entering

Paul X.

The experience was surreal, I enjoy the kinks that you need to take to watch the movie, i.e. Tuning in to radio to hear audio, as well of the atmosphere in general, highly recommend

Calvin Dumas

Great family experience we had a lot of fun

Israel Cervantes

I love this place! Super affordable. A cute place for dates and also for family-getaways.

LizBeth KnowsBest

Great drive in for anyone looking to get out on a nice night and catch a flick without being cooped up in a theatre. I gave it 4 stars because of a minor draw back- it’s right by the airport/ helicopter pads so it can be quite noisy while trying to watch your feature! Other then that it’s a wonderful place to get out and catch a movie! Their prices can’t be beat for movies that are newer releases and they usually have DOUBLE FEATURES for one price! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ The snack shack is INSANELY overpriced! BUT, you can bring your own snacks, drinks and food which is convenient & a great perk. They have conveniently located bathrooms and trash bins along the facility lot. Such a good choice especially for little ones, they enjoy it the most! Would recommend.

Kathleen Divine

Helicopters flying over, back and forth behind screen. Plus they don't take cash smh

Nicholas Vosdoganis

Affordable, fun, been coming here since I was a kid, nice throw back, glad they are still here and going strong. It's nice to be able to take my young kids to a movie without having to worry about them pestering everyone in a theater, just back our car into a spot, pop the hatchback , set up some lawn chairs and enjoy. Kids 4 and under are free as well.

Erin Cullinane

Westwind Drive-in is awesome. Under $20 for a family of 4 to watch 2 movies. Under $20 bucks at the concession stand. Sign up for their rewards it is worth it. I got a free ice cream with the purchase of a large drink.

Amanda angel

Great movies, get there early!so your not in front of a big truck, bring your own snacks and drinks. The prices are high, bring some chairs, best place to watch movies!

Dan Brown

Me and my wife go once a week and we always have a great experience. Neither one of us had been to a drive in theater since we were kids and we really enjoy it

Jennifer Rochford

This is a wonderful place to bring the family for a fun night out. Prices are low for movie and concessions. The staff continually walks the lot to ensure there is no alcohol or drugs or bad behavior. Every time we go we have a great time. There are always the rude people that litter the lot and don’t throw out their garbage but the staff does their best to clean it up as soon as they can. Great night out!

Shanna Nottingham

Been going here for years. Theyve redone the asphalt and its cleaned up really nice.

Ms Comfort

Currently a vendor at West Wind. My only issue is the one way in and one way out. On days where they have discount or free nights the drive inn is so packed it persents a problem if anything were to happen out there. Other than that, its the last drive inn in Vegas!

Jason Fowler

Always a great family night just be warned the people in the next car might be smoking out so pick your spot carefully.

Diamante Wilson

Love being here. Great place and organized

Nancy Perez

3 stars because the movies are missing color. Their white screens need upgrading, the picture is horrible. The bathrooms are filthy and smelly. Loud helicopters constantly flying around. Its fun but the movies need more color.

Chacho Ayala

Its always been improving and been coming here since i was a baby

Maxine Rivas

I love taking the family to the west wind Las Vegas drive in. The prices are so reasonable! And watching the movie from your vehicle brings back such memories! And my grandchildren love the experience of it as well. There is nothing like watching a movie in the summertime with your family at the drive in!

Victor Martinez

Always a great time when going to the drive in

Aubry higgins

Love this place. My kids and I have a great time.

Tina Tili

Prices are great! The best part, you can take your own food and beverages! Will go again! Thank you!

M.V. Jr.

Great Time at The Drive In..Oldschool Style!

Abdul Smith

My kids luv the drive-in and so do my wife & i. Great prices

Regina-Heidi Jackson

The place to go with the kiddos or as a couple. I often forget to go there. If I could remember, I would go more. Very reasonable prices and down to earth people all around you there.

Jophiel Silvestrone

They did a free movie showing for the community. Cool place!!

Shelby Markovic

Love this drive in. Only reason for 4 stars is I feel it needs a little updating in the snack shack. But otherwise I love coming here and have loved it since I was a kid!

Linnea Hooker

We had a blast watching the Lion King and Dora movies. However, I wished the ad for the Snack Bar would've come on immediately after the first movie, rather than before the second one, so I could've been enticed sooner, because by the time I felt like going, it was closed. But, at least now I know for next time!

Virginia Abato

Over crowded. Parking was not correct. Barely able to see the screen/movie

shark_nacs xz

Great prices and great popcorn

Debbie G

Went for the first time with my youngest daughter this past week. We brought our own snacks but from what I saw the prices aren't terrible. My babygirl is now obsessed with the drive in. We'll be back soon!!

Theresa Keeney

I've been going to this drive-in movie theater since I was a little girl I have lived in Vegas for 53 years and I'm 55 years old right now. I just love this place pretty good snacks to if I do say so myself!

Deborah Simister

Had so much fun with my granddaughter there!!!

Star Lozano

Enjoyed Annabelle tonight! Worth paying regular price for it!

Hafeezah Majeed

I love this place and if I have to go to watch a movie this one of the best places

Madisen Lemen

Love to know I can still go here with my kids like I did as a kid


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