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555 El Rancho Dr, Sparks, NV 89431

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REVIEWS OF West Wind El Rancho 4 Drive-In Theater IN Nevada

Nicholas Bailey

Everyone should come try it at least once if nothing more.

Eric Benton

Havnt been in yrz. But tha nostalgia of watchn moviez outsd nvr fadez. We used 2 brng a tbl, campn chairz, a coolr, etc. We def made an eve outa it. Gota hed ther soon. 4 ol timez sake


We did awesome at the flea market


Good flea market. The knife guy has some cool knives & other stuff.

Danielle Fennimore

Great for family movies with little kids or just date night. I always enjoy my time at this drive in!

Troy McDonald

Two Thumbs Up. Quite, nice atmosphere.

Kelly Lim

Haven't been in a few years and they have improved the restroom. Still, it is run down and old. There is no reason to prohibit switching screens between features.

Jerry Gower

Great place for family outings

silviano plasencia

The only thing bad about this place is if you get the south east screen there is a terrible glare from all the lights right behind the screen

lynne lash

They dont announce when snack bar is closing. And it has been noticed the last three times we have been there, on different days pf week.

amber the one and only real life gamer

Absolutely so cool I love it

Ululani Faufata

I totally enjoy going there with my family. Its family time for us and everyone that works there is so nice. And the place is clean.

Teresa Hunsaker

Normally really good. Normally they have Congress with a rope put up so people can't cut in line. This time they didn't and people were cutting in line. It was very frustrating. Then we were behind a car whose older kids were screaming the whole time. Not so great this time. Talked to the cashier and she said she would talk to the manager about putting up cones again. Hope that is true.

Danny Lewellin

Been going here since I was a kid love this place

Susan Smith

Really really needs to be repaved!! Nasty potholes there, watch out. Signs not posted. Don't know which theater is which. No lit clear exit signs, confusing.. Movie was good, price ok but one movie not 2. Screen or movie was very dark. Saw Annabelle. I give 3.75 outta 5

chad gibbons

Would get 5 stars if they could get people to stop smoking

pro gamer23

Love this place, best way to watch a movie

Franklin Dinius

I love taking my son here he is still very young and doesn't sit very patiently at a theater so it is nice to be able to go to the movies without having to worry about bothering others, I have been coming here for over 30 years now.

Cece n Ellie Alonzo

Love this drive in theatre!! Prices are great. The staff is always friendly and very helpful! We make it a point to see at least one movie whenever we are in town. See you the next time we are in town!!

Jonah Wungnema

If you love the old fashion movie watching this is a lot of fun for you and the family

Christy Kindness

Had a great time, staff is awesome

Kelly Grant

Great fun, great service, really enjoyable overall. Friendly staff, nice outdoor eating area, well kept up. The only negative was the bathroom that was dated and needing a remodel, but everything worked so no stars subtracted. Definitely going again soon!

Michaela Joy

Love, love, love going to this drive in. I just wish some people would teach their kids that they need to be quiet and not be giggling the whole time. Would you allow there to do that at a regular movie theater? I think not!

Maria Torres Carvajal

Going to have a great night watching movies thank you for having us.

windy raynard

The place is great the kids had fun in the bounce house. The movie and the snack bar was fantastic. We will be going again.

Justin Chamberlain

Some screens are worse than others, and I wouldnt recommend seeing movies with a lot of CG here, but good for casual date nights.

Ricardo Lara-Pintor

I feel like they have improved a lot on the projectors for this drive in theater. The quality is impressive! Ever since I was a young kid I have visited El Rancho Drive in theater. Highly recommended. Needs more choices of food, but overall it’s great.

Sweet Pea

Me and my sons favorite place to watch movies!

Ugf Ugf

Poor lighting, screens are dark and hard to see. Screen four parking spots are misaligned. Needs more trash cans. Good prices.

Sam Humphries

My family loves this place. All the good movies at a fraction of the price of going to the theater. Very well kept, clean and helpful staff.

Lance Johnson

Ive been coming here since the early 90s this place has always been great but the last couple years it has gone down hill with rude security guards that are pushy and have no people skills and not to mention whoever is incharge of setting up the screens that the movie are viewed on doesnt have the concept down as far as not putting the darkests movies on the brightest screens .. 3 and 4 have horrible background lighting that drown out the movie

Fernando Huizar

This is such a cool thing to do in Reno/Sparks. Great for a date night!

Doris Dionicio

We enjoy watching movies with the whole family and you can seat however you want.take your own snaks

Alicia Gray

We enjoyed the new Spider Man movie. The kids had fun!!

John Anderson

Great place to take the family out for the night. Always nice people that show up with big speakers to make the experience that much better.

Janee Smith-Davis

Awesome place, such a unique experience going to a old school drive in. The food is good at the snack shack and there free movie night is really fun with extra entertainment

Evelyn Mages

Wonderful place, I have been going to this place, since I was little girl.

earl thomas

Favorite movie theater, double feature for $7.75 a head. Ginourmous bucket of popcorn (and free refill) for ~$7, Huge soda ~$4. Night out with DW for less than $30.

Maxx Fritts

It was awesome needs to be repaved but it was fun.

Thomas Reeves

Rare to find an active drive in, great value, worth supporting.

kar MEL O

Ive always love this place since i was young. Still going to this day

roy Burton

Its a lot better then 10 years ago I stopped going to much drugs pushed around.. I found family's I was wonderful..

Rita Sevier

Love the drive-in

Janice Hsu

Arrive earlier to park ur car in a nice spot. There are 4 areas for different movies, at the gate, they will tell you what radio channels and where ur theater is. A fun experience of watching movies and chatting with friends and eating whatever u want.

Greg Gibbs

The El Rancho Drive-In is an enjoyable piece of American history with a modern projection system, well-stocked snack bar, and friendly staff.

Lau Elliott

Enjoyed early morning produce selection and quality.

Tina Coffman

Love to sit in my car & watch movies with theatre pop corn. Need more drive ins.

James Musterman

Fun stuff..

Stevie Lamas

I always love the drive-in, but certain screens have better quality. Screen 1 has street lights behind it so always makes dark films difficult, screen 3 is the darkest of all the screens but limited backlight and closest to bathrooms. Screen 2 and 4 are your best bets for quality and brightness especially since the first screening always starts when there is still a bit if daylight. Tuesday nights are the cheapest, family nights so rather than the usual 7.50, each adult is only 5.50. The coffee is great, mini doughnuts amazing and still a wide variety of other concessions. I almost always see a screening here whenever I am in Reno.

Teressa Alger

Great idea for families or smokers

Dylan Lindsey

Toy story was a great movie we just loved it....

Rachel Duckett

We hadn't been to a Drive~In movie theaters for years! Decided it was time to take the tykes to a double feature & saw 'Abominable' our overall experience was awesome! Excellent customer service from all the sweet youngsters. Surprised that the restrooms were super clean and smelled pleasant. Reasonably priced. Hot beverages available on a chilly evening completed our wonderful experience Enjoy folks.

Rose Painter

Good for the only drive in theater

Ty Mason

It was a crazy wait we were in line for 30 minutes 5 blocks long so Saturdays get there early but once inside all worth it.

Nathan Neal

A Drive-In is one of those old American traditions that many will never get the chance to experience. West Wind may me old, but they have all new technology! The sound and picture quality are both surprisingly good. The snack bar is loaded with typical movie snacks. And during the warmer seasons they host a Flea Market where you can find almost anything. Check this place out! Something for everyone, all year long.

Melissa Borges

Long lines, no refills on drinks (not even for a small fee). I do like that they have free jumpers if your car died. Lol

Jamila Carrier

Always love this place!

Dark Angels

Love coming to this place for great movies

Kodi Hamill

Really nice to go to an old school drive in. You also get 2 movies for the price of one. Would rate 5 stars if food was a little less costly and the place was a tad bit cleaner. But still a fun experience!

Tiffany Vickers

It's great..

Barbara Dayton

Flea markets are fun. You never know what you might find

irene mendoza

The drive in is so great for kids who aren’t ready for a sit down theater. Definitely cheaper!

Joe Pacheco

Been coming here since I was a kid long time now lol great idea for Tuesday family night. And still great a 711 across the street but the popcorn and pretzels with cheese are awesome! Will continue to come here for many more years to come.


I love this drive in and had an awesome date with my bf but I was really disappointed that the website said it was a double feature last night and it wasn't; only Avengers. Date. Cut. Short.

Allen Jr Carmazzi

Good family event

Alex Levitan

This place was a G hangout spot but all you gotta know is don't do nothing dumb to get kicked out and carpool with ya bae

Lisa Gatlin

Nice for a drive-in. Great family fun for a fair price.

Monique Gay

cute idea and I'm glad there is one in town!

Christopher Beucherie

Its fun but......... Theres a ton of traffic and people are not courteous. Drivers cutting in line while others wait. Theres no one directing traffic either.

Jeremy Hitchcock

Even though they upgraded the screens they still are not great. Especially if you have 4 that faces the 7-11. Sound is okay but be warned you may need to adjust your radios equalizer if you watching a summer blockbuster, because the sound comes out bad during explosions and loud noises. The snack bar offers a large variety of food and it's a safe place to take the family. If you go in knowing the screens and sound isn't top notch you should have a good time

moneymotivated Gucci

Kids enjoyed it 2 movies for the price of one

Angelica de la cruz -arroyo

We enjoy going to the flee market every weekend

Jeremy Woodham

Awesome experience, plus you can bring your own food!

Debra Bareno

Oh my gosh! My first time at a drive in in decades. Had a blast! The young lady who worked there was incredibly sweet explaining everything, and didn't even laugh in my face when I asked about the speaker for my window.


Love this place, 2 movies 7.50 cant beat it ,great staff and good popcorn

Rebeckah Smith

Went with my sister to see Child's Play and Annabelle Comes Home. It was a fun experience.

Tony Frank

It's an old fashioned drive in with modern amenities. My parents took me to drive ins aa child and i live taking my kids there. Ther kids love it and they can act like kids because we're in or own car. Sure, there are drawbacks, but for the money and the experience, ther drawbacks are easy to accept

Teresa Davis

I enjoyed the place. Love the price to get in


I enjoyed the movies. Although I wish not to be notified by this app anymore, thank you.

Richard Mejia

Great place to watch a current movie on the "Big Screen" from the comfort of your car. Tune in the sound on your car FM and it's all good. Basic movie foods offered, restrooms were clean, the employees were very nice and really helpful and accomodating.

Adam Vallaster

Who doesn't love the drive in theater? Their prices are great... I took a car load of 5 people to a double feature showing for $35.

Marie Miley

I really liked going to the drive in. I haven't been in many years when they would have u listen to the movie by a speaker so this was cool going and listening in my radio. That was a great part. The only thing I don't like is not being able to see going out. I had a hard time finding the exit and when I did it was really narrow over all I would go all the time because I really like this one.

Krista Gulick

I love that we have a drive in such an awesome experience for the whole family!

Jesse Theron

I love going to the drive in and this place is a good one to go to. The admission prices are reasonable and cheap for kids. The food is slightly overpriced but that happens with most places you go to see movies. If a popular movie just came out and you want to go see it without the huge crowds, come here. It's nice it's open year round, too.


loved having the option to sit in my car while i watch my movies . my kids and my wife really enjoyed ourselves will definatly be back

Adan Aguilera

This place was awesome! Staff was super friendly. The price was cheap, my wife and I plus 2 kids was $19 plus the concession bar was half the price of a normal theater. They also had games for the kids like a train ride and a mechanical bull ride. It was awesome, we will be back for sure!

Taylor Elkins

Cool place for a relaxing date night. My boyfriend and I popped down the tailgate of the truck and brought a couple blankets & snacks for a double feature. Movie selections are usually pretty good & there's always a showing after dark but not too late. The late shows are very late (start time after 11pm). The radio-audio usually is fine but can be fuzzy at times. Overall, a easy way to catch up on what's coming out without dropping the big bucks by going to a indoor theater.

Queenthundercat Thundercats

Staff very friendly

Todd Lutes

Not very clean, the screens are small, parking seems random, and the smell of weed saturates the air, but it's the only drive-in in town.

Cassandra Downing

One of my favorite places as a mom of 6 is super affordable and really comfortable being able to keep the kids in their own spaces. My husband and i grew up going to this drive in and we have never been disappointed.

Dex KyzR

It's the only drive-in I know of in northern Nevada. Pricing seems reasonable. Don't get the pizza unless you liked the stuff at Chucky Cheese as an adult. They have cool light toys for the kiddos. I bought a bunch.

Edward Mack

Love going Saturday nights 15 bucks whole family one of the last drive in movie theaters

Albert Heisler

Love this place, great movies at night, flee market Saturday an Sunday, bring the hole family, fun stuff.

kieffier stacey

Super fun. One of my favourite things to do with my kids.

LeeWolf lonewolf

love it and I would do it again soon

Ashleigh Hamill

Fun place to take your family. Great for when you have a screaming toddler but want to go to the movies.

Athena Jones

Always a fun place for the family. It's a little rundown but it had a old school charm!

Edy Hatcher

Great and affordable movie theater.

Gregory Santos

The Reno swap meet is the best. Great finds, great deals, and friendly people. I would highly recommend this place.

Thizzle 530

Love coming here always fun

Tisha Nickerson

Drive in lots of parking lines were long but moved quickly

Charles Owens

Good place to sale your things

Lady Erisine

First for of a double feature played great but the projector died before the second film started. To their credit, the manager, Diego, and his team went car to car offering tickets to another double feature if we didn't want to wait for the fix to be accomplished. Overall, a very well handled situation on the theater's part.

Ryk-Emily Van Brouwer

I sat in line and watched half my movie from my car from under the sign. I was not late but the car in the first line had not moved for 30 mins and i started to get upset. There was only 2 cars in that line and our line was on the other side of the booth so that car was not being helped due to the one on the other side. Once that car left, my husband got into that line got tickets for the correct show abd had to drive through everyone to get to the right screen. It took 45 mins from the time we stopped and there was about 6 cars on front of us. Not sure if this is a training issue. But i will def be asking for a ticket to see the first show i only got to see the last 15 min of. I did not yell at the booth lady because she was under a lot of stress already and I didnt see a productive outcome. If anything i felt bad for her. The people in line behind us got in just in time for the second movie. (This was not on a busy night, I've worked movie theater's and drive ins)

Rosa Jurey

Went and watched Toy Story 4 with my daughter and grandkids

Sandra Waters

This is a really fun place and right now it's not at all crowded. Movies start early and you can watch a double feature and still be home before 11:00pm.

Jen Grant

Awesome customer service and experience! Be careful leaving, roads ste not well marked and there are normally people walking around. Happy viewing and fresh air!

daniel dent

Great place been coming here since i was a kid

Antoinette Armenta

Always a great movie playing as well as great experiences being made. Love the drive in!!

Jammer 4d1jh

It was great, loves it awesome pictures, but when characters walked farther away from the screen they got pretty blurry. But hey what do you expect? It was amazing loved it lots.

Pharoah Boi

All of the new movies are here and the popcorn issuperfood. Would come here again

Martha Coffer

Great place to watch a movie! I wish there were more places like this in other parts of the country.

Dillion Douglas

Great place to watch double feature movies while in the comfort of your own car. Or pull out blankets and chairs and relax with family. Bring your own food or grab something at the snack bar. There's also a flea market during the weekend where you can find cool things at great prices than at a big box electronics store.

Linda Hyde

Movie started kinda late. Freaking minutes early would be good. It's so late by the time the second movie started we we're falling asleep. Lol The asphalt could use some light, I feel down on unlevel ground. It was so dark it wasn't noticable.

Madison Coleman

My favorite place to watch the latest Movies

Walter Starkloff

So great going to a drive in theater, I'm from Alaska and don't recall going to one before they shut down.

Alyssia Pittington

Parking lot needs to be replaced. Snack bar needs more space d customers

Robert Fisher

Snack bar bairly stocked. No ice cream

Ben Humphreys

Only drive through in town, and I think the last swap meet as well. Having a nice system in your car makes it much more enjoyable, and a snack bar too. Men's bathroom still sports a 60s style public urinal, disgusting. But all around a good experience if you have a comfortable car.

Derek Padilla

Had a great time enjoyed the food selection and the double feature. I'll be going again

Amanda Carpenter

Love the drive in. It's a great place to watch movies in the summer with you kiddos. Lots of room, great quality screens and the food is reasonably priced. Great place to visit.

Will Studer

Amazing! Great picture and sound quality. 4 screens, often with different movies. Great concessions or bring your own. YES THEY ALLOW YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. Can't say enough good.

Beverly Valley

A little expensive because it's $7.50 per adult. But at least it's a double feature. Concessions stand prices weren't that bad.

Johnnie Lohmann

Our car battery ran dead and they were incredibly helpful and polite. We have road side assistance and did not need them but it was nice to know they were willing to go the extra mile!

Dennis Bell

I have been going to this drive inn since 80s it has alaways been a great time with the newly remodeled restrooms and newly paved theaters customer service is on point I look forwards to my next trip which is weekly family carnavel nights are a great family experience be sure to take advantage of

Nathan Stieg

Great theater screens are well taken care of. Snack bar has good food.

LaRena Fry

KERPOW! BAM! "Holy Smokes Batman, we've gone back in time." "No Robin it's the drive-in movie theater" There are no time machines and sadly no Batman. But you can still get that nostalgic feeling by going to the Drive-In movies. Hmm! I am going to age myself. I remember seeing the original "Star Wars" at the Drive-In movies in the 1970's. That was in Idaho. Sadly the Drive-In in Idaho is closed. I don't believe there are many Drive-In Movie businesses open anymore. However, we are blessed with one in Sparks. I have been going to this one for over 20 years. Originally there was a small playground like equipment with a slide and swings. The equipment was removed years ago. In the old days, you used to have to put a speaker on the window of your car. There are no more speakers. Nowadays they will tell you which channel to set your car radio to and then the sound of the movie will be heard on your car stereo and speakers. Or you can bring some chairs and sit in front of your car and bring a portable stereo. Restrooms are available and a cute little snack shop. It reminds me of the old drive-in intermission ad "Let's all go to the snack bar and get ourselves a treat." The snack bar has candy, popcorn, hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of other items. It's a great place to go with family and friends. You can go with a big group and park close to one another. It feels like a party. Bring a blanket for the kids to sit on. Our drive-in offers 4 different movies and they are all double features. Movies do not play until dusk. If you stay for the second movie it may not get out until 1 or 2 am. Tuesday nights is Family night kids 11 and under are $1.50 and kids 12 - adults are $5.50. Be sure to get there early for the best spots on Tuesday nights and weekend nights as there is often a huge line. This is a popular venue in Sparks, NV. If you have never been what's keeping you? Experience what your grandparents and parents experienced. Rather then Back to the Future go Back to the Past.

Ardella Main

Wonderful drive in. Snack stand reasonable prices with delicious Nathan's hot dogs.

Alex Emerson

Snack bar wasn't open. :(

Janice Heckert

I enjoyed the double feature movie, especially watching it outdoor at night

Jon Michealjonhiltontrumpgottii

A sure winner! Of a trip outdoor movie plex, in every place there offered high definition actions are the greatest to see

Sharon Eddy

It was amazing and so much fun! A bargain, as well, with the double feature. Will definitely come again.

Frankie Torres

Admission price is very reasonable, and you can take your own snacks, and food if you want, plus it's pen air, and you're in your own vehicle, so you don't have to worry about annoying ppl causing distractions.

Crystal May

The drive in is always a cheap, fun adventure! Either date night or a night with family, its always a good time.

Katherine Macco

I really like this drive-in! The pavement has rows of bumps so you can park to see the screen better. We went during the off-season and it wasn't busy at all, but they had four screens!

Richard Schmall

First time for all grandkids , and Tim's girls ,which I consider my grandkids too

Jamie Killion

Lots of fun for the whole family

Manders T

Flea Market, bought a jack scooter for $5 and no one plays with it cuz it’s broke

YourMotherWasA hampster

Seriously one of the best places in this city to go.

Sam Gray

There was a very rude security guard.

Diana Santos

needs improvment in the line control causes alot of traffic issues maybe a better location in the future since its a pretty popular thing to do in reno????


Great kid friendly place! Loved it!

Tyler Crow

The tickets are affordable, the snacks are still pretty affordable for it being a place of entertainment. I enjoy bringing my family here.

Angela Guzman

Summer and Drive-in movies are really happening at El Rancho Drive-ins, just be sure to have a strong battery, must use car battery to channel in on Flicks

Gabriela Freeland

anita Reason

Great fore the hole family

Jerry LaVoie

Wnt to the swap meet flea market. Maybe 10 vendors in all. What a disappointment. Ruin down, poor neighborhood. Will not return.

Chad Engelbart

The most AMAZING experience I have ever had. I loved every minute of it. I will DEFINITELY be back for another movie.

Buddy Davis

Love this little 4-screen drive-in! Great night out under the stars for a reasonable price -- go during the week and it's really nice / quiet.

Andrew Dufoe

Had a wonderful time! Thanks for the experience. (:

sharon crandell

The only drive in that i know that still shows movies. Super impressed....and they even play them in the rain!

Rob B

Not a good part of town but what drive in is? The idea behind a fun family or date night will always have that allure. If you can, view a show from the #2 or #3 screen as #1 and #4 are flooded from bothersome street traffic and noise. Get there early and partake of the pre-movie entertainment ie kids playing together and tailgating.

Jeremy Trader

It's wonderful to be able to take our young son to movies without worrying over his constant questions about what he's seeing on the screen. The location is a little tight when driving and it's insanely hard to enter the lot for Screen 1. The screens themselves are noticeably dilapidated and you get a screen door effect no matter the movie or screen, some are worse than others. Still, for nostalgia sake and ease of seeing films with small kids, I'll keep going back! Besides, good car audio makes a huge difference!

AJ Wolff

Great place to take your family! Go early to avoid the long lines. Invite your friends and 'tailgate' before the show!

Russel Young

Amazing old school

Kennadie Frias

Great experience! Radio audio match with movies screens were clear.

Kristal Lutz

Love the privacy of staying in your car and being able to watch the movie w/o rolling down your windows. Lots of kids running around and playing before the movies start which adds to the excitement, for me. Can't wait to be able to go again and take my husband this time.

Darryl Helton

Well since it is getting colder there were only a few cars which is great when you need to leave and you want a little more of a romantic vibe. It was 7.75 per adult which is fare. Great spot for date nights and drinking in th summer. Also, in the day there is a flea market there during the warmer months.


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