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REVIEWS OF Regal Texas Station IN Nevada

Veronica Yens

Really like what they've done in the remodel. Really miss having combo options at the concession stands. It at least made me feel like I was "getting a deal" when I'd buy snacks. Make sure you visit the arcade on the way out too. Fun for the whole fam, or for date night.

Thomas Nicholson

Under construction had to go upstairs for snacks and popcorn. Long way not cool.

kathy beyer

I didn't care for the movie but the cinema was clean, with comfortable seats. The food (popcorn and stuff) was over priced. It's easier to rent the movie or buy it, and cheaper.

Joseph De La Cruz

Kids had a great time, also arcade outside the movie theater

Tamika Griffin

The seating quality was great. The price was a little high but that’s expected with the movie theater.

Johnny Finley

Had a wonder time

Micheal McCarter

Need to make it easier to get to snack bar from down stairs.

paco saldana

It was definitely one of the best casinos I've been to so far would recommend going

Frosty Point

Pretty good overall

Ashlee Carlisle

Be sure to order the recliner seats , very comfortable and they have tables!

Corey Why

This theatre is always clean when I visit. The team members are friendly and nice. This is my favorite theater to go to.

Vera Cleveland

This is my spot for movies. It's always nice and clean. And they added more theaters upstairs! It's more awesome now then it was before and they have a bar upstairs and a brand new concession stand.


This offers great movies and has great customer service

Debra Larsen

Best popcorn anywhere!

Pancho Pantera

The theater is soclean power seats recliners wood tables with names really friendly that is so cool

leslie hanson

Nice clean theater w comfortable seating. And beer at the concession stands are a nice added touch!

Nieonky Jones

Great remodeling friendly worker's

Juan Zuniga

Not bad needs a face lift

Paul Aragon

My favorite movie place

Patrice Hughes

The seating is HORRIBLE now, you aren't able to recline, nor do the armrests go up to get comfortable... Terrible decision... I did like the lounge like atmosphere...

joe mamadotnet

A nice comfy place with comfy seating. Low key, not too many people. Probably on account that it's in a casino but even better for the few people who find it. I do have to say everything was great besides the popcorn. More salt please.

Natalie Vazquez

This theater has definitely gone through an upgrade and it's amazing. They are still under construction but the area they have open is completely different but amazingly different

Rok Ramiquires

They recently upgraded their top floor with glowing pillars and LED movie posters which interchange every few seconds. Unfortunately, they still only sell concessions on the bottom floor even though they have a concession stand on the top floor.

Keitha Munerlyn-Perry

I haven't been there in a very long time. But today I decided to go see Aladdin. it when I first walked in the lady told me "They are revamping the regal Texas station" When I first walked in and I thought wow they are really changing things around. But when I got up stairs all I could think was that looks amazing up here. There was a little area where you can sit down and chat.and I aren't you know how you get to the movies early and you don't really want to sit to the previews, that is a great area where you can just sit down and chat or even after the movies if you just want to sit down and chat and I like that.. I also noticed that the Texas radio station has never had, is a bar. No it wasn't open but I still thought it was really nice up in there..... I'm so sorry, but I promise next time I will take some pictures

Barb Bentley

Nice that they are remodeling.

Shannon Lee

A pleasant surprise at how nice the theater was. Leather reclining stadium seats with lap trays for snacks. Very roomy & well priced considering the experience. Even has a bar upstairs for adult beverages.

eric Salcedo

People was very friendly . It was clean and pleasant. Cannot wait to go back .

Jose Guerra

Theater is awesome & fast working employees.. best place to go to watch movies


Haven't been to this theater in a while, so I was shocked to see the amount of new food items added at the snack bar. Of course it's all ridiculously marked up, but it was good. My fiance was happy to learn they serve wine, beer and spirits there. For all pregnant women going to this theater, the seats are rather uncomfortable after about 30 mins into the movie. They don't recline as well as other theaters, so remember to bring a pillow. The place is kept rather clean and it wasn't as cold in the theater as I remember it being before so that was good. The sound, however, was exceptionally loud (watched the predator). Even my fiance and other movie goers noticed it. Overall I would recommend this theater if the movie your wanting to watch isnt playing at the drive in (right up the street and cheaper)

Joseph Nucifora

Excellent seats excellent sound amazing quality like you were in the movie itself. and a server to boot! choose your seats in advance, before six, there was no one else in the theatre with us , it was just a delight ..chairs that recline all the way back places to put your popcorn and your soda just great experience all around and the clerks were just as nice.

Joan Combre

Great venue!

Travis DeVore

I love coming to this theater even though it's little farther out. The seats are comfortable and place is very clean. I know they've recently remodeled some of the theaters but I haven't seen any movies in those yet.

Marco Ramirez

Tne new remodeled looks nice fancy looking bar

Enrique Aguilar

I been coming here since I was 5 and now I bring my kids. I love the new leather seats and the jack daniels slushie machine. Its always clean and staff are really nice.

Jorge Mateos

I love Regal Texas Station, always have a good time at the movies with my family.

Tina Threats

New chairs are AWESOME

Irock DeMello

It was hot! Turn on the ac!

Joan Pewett

Very nice cinema. Although I was surprised at how small each viewing room was. The picture quality is very good along with the audio. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have not tried the concessions. The food court outside of the cinema catches my business before I make it into the cinema. Wednesday is senior day. You can get tickets for $4 if you are over 50.

Tyrone Robey

Great place to see a movie.

jose contreras

This is an excellent place for all the family. There is a cinema movie theater together with an arcade that children can enjoy. Additionally there is a bowling section for all ages and slots to play. I recommend this place very enjoyable.

Edith hernandez

Disappointed of the fact that I had to pay full price on a Tuesday for not having a regal card, the cashier said that it was effective since March but that is a lie because I had gone after March on a TUESDAY and pay half price .

Eleanor Guerrero

Movie cool very nice but the cubby guy at counter not so great. Asked where the straws were he rolled his eyes like really. Just rude. The other girl was very helpful

Angela Longman

I am very disappointed. I work for the state and we take our residents with disabilities to the movies often and the manager Ralph refused them service because they do not honor companions for the individuals with disabilities. The theatre was not even busy and there was no one there and still would not let them see a movie. They have been waiting anxiously to see. More information: I was told that at managers discretion they could deny the companion for an that not discrimination? It is not the individuals fault they have to have someone accompany them into the movie theatre...this is discrimination towards people with intellectual disabilities.

Jimmy Martinez

Great service very comfortable seats. I went to watch No manche frida 2 and i laughed so much. I would recommend that movie and if you don't understand spanish it has english subtitles.


My Go-To for all movie experiences . I purchase through Atom typically and everything is quick and easy with a fast scan through your mobile device . The downstairs is regular seating ‘ but the upstairs has the special recliner seats & bar access ! I love they can accommodate both styles . Plus a great kept secret , since the theater is always empty when I go , so it feels like you rented the whole thing out for yourself

Codiene NMe

Hot slots if u got big. Bank

Debra Depew

I will miss this movie theater and I wouldn't know when I will be able to come back . I rate this movie theater with more than five stars .

Joseph Leos

Chairs suck. Food good

Lisa Nulsen

Impressed with the remodeling cant wait to see what's next.

James Lugo

Never really crowded but not the most comfortable.

A Leann

Ive always loved texas station casino !!!

Andrea Barcelo

Always a great place to visit and the theatre is always fun. Renovations are taking place to make it an even better experience. I'm excited to see it when done!


A very nice place, they have everything, Theatres, Bowling, Buffet, Restaurant, Hotel, Casino, Arcade, this place always makes me happy


They have stairs and an escalator (you lazy... :-)) Nice couches in the lobby, a full bar. Not electric but semi reclining, very comfy, spacious, theater seating.

Nathan Homistek

They have reclining seats in some theaters and they cost no more than a theater with a normal seat.

cherie harris

Perfect for cashing a payroll check

Matt Minton

A good place to catch a movie and they got privet booths

Karina Rodriguez

Wonderfull cinema upstairs is very nice and clean everything new I love it

mary garcia

Good service and nice place

Melora Deaux

We go to this theater all the time. The service is pretty much always great. I do not like the new looks like....something very terrible happened and the carpet hasn't been cleaned. It honestly looks like blood stains. Whoever picked that carpet wasn't thinking....

Doug Fleming

Nice clean theater. Enjoyable experience

Christy Gragson - Dennis

We love the new much more u cant beat the prices of the 1st matanae..i can bring my daughter for $ 20 for both of this place..

Mariana Briones

They close the snack bar even before the movie was done this place sucks

Debra Rivers

Great Movie Theater Good Seats That Recline And Clean Bathrooms And Friendly People.


Two Thumps Up on thee UpGrade! *Super Comfortable Seat .. The whole Top Floor is GREAT!


Tickets are a lot cheaper on Tuesdays! I think they're half price! We watched Spiderman: Far From Home for only $6.80 each! My only gripe is that the cashier, Christina, wouldn't let me pay with Samsung Pay, even though another cashier did in the past. You get to pick your seats and they recline. The theater is also under construction, but I didn't hear any noise during the movie.

islandmomo Caribbean

My family enjoyed the atmosphere of the theater and the movie we went to see. However staff can be more genuinely welcoming and not robotic!!.

Joe Jackson

Great staff, theaters and restrooms are always clean. Concession food is fresh

Veronica Chavez

The place is awesome. It's been remodeled & has reclining seats. I would definitely recommend this place!!

kayla fisher

Movies were cheap. They play the latest of period but it's an outdated movie theater. No reclining chairs like all the new ones have. Movie food was exposed to. If I had my choice I will definitely pick a different movie theater.

sherry miner

Went to see john wick 3 very good movie for adults.

_Jenni_Jenni_ Jenni_

I liked most of the remodel, in the movie theaters. It’s nice I see what they are trying to do, but these are were the worst seats I ever sat in. Me and my friends were in pain from watchign IT CHAPTER TWO. 2 hour and 50 minute movie. They are awkward seats doesn’t matter if you sit straight up or not not it’s very painful. Doesn’t matter if you 5’2 or 7 feet, 16 years old or 30. Me and my fiends were very uncomfortable. Probably won’t be coming back until the seats are changed. It’s sad, because I really did like the theater, all well.

mike lawson

Senior Day Movie 4$'s

Maria Valdez

Great place to watch movies, they to upgrade the seats

Dena Johnson

I have never had a problem with this place!

Georgina Garcia

I was surprised of the new upgrade, the new chairs were very comfortable.

Sally Yasuda

Very comfortable seats, foot rest nice! Movies- great here!

Brookside Waltonland

This theater is clean and tidy. It is also equipped for handicapped patrons. Staff is very pleasant.

The Banana Smasher

The staff was pleasant. The theater was hot and extremely loud. I make a point to crank my music in my car and at home so that I can't hear when I'm older. This theater was so loud it was physically painful to listen to. At the very least the theater lady said she would do something about it.

Angelia Renee Lilly

Friendly service and if you go early enough, you will miss the crowd. And enjoy the movie.

denise halvorson

Similar to other theatres in movie choices and snacks. Cozy screening room(#10) with very comfy non reclining chairs.

K. Alexander

There is a bar in the concession area. The stadium seating are reclining and there are trays attached to seat for your food. Also there a wide aisle in front of each row. Great movie experience!

Steve Gorden

Very clean employee are friendly, pop corn is good seats are very comfy.

Dennis Romero

All good, except they need to allow refills on the side and not have to get in long lines for refills. There's a movie running that we need to get back to. Please provide better service!

Apples Rodriguez

The employee was really nice at the ticket stand, and we used fandango to reserve our seats. The snack bar is great, the theatres themselves are cool, but the seats are somewhat uncomfortable. They're adjustable, so they move to become like a lawn chair, and also like a straight-back normal chair. The neck was the uncomfortable part. They have cool small tables that you can have in front of you, with a built-in cupholder. It's like an old-school, small desk. The bathrooms are also extremely clean

Del Dillihunt

I feel like everytime I go, I never win. I don't want to be negative but I feel like if the payouts would be a little better, you will attract more people.


Nice movie theatre. There's a dozen different movies playing anytime. Regal Cinema. Can be 15 minutes late cause they play a lot of trailers

Karla Landaverde

Can always find park easily. Easy to find movie theater in casino. Located close to food court and there is an arcade next to it as well.

MrsGreen Apple

We went to see the Lego Movie 2 with a small bunch of kids. That's what my son wanted for his birthday. The theatre was clean when we got there but we have butter finger kids. The restrooms are dark and clean. $10 Large popcorn + tax free refill on that size. $5 Large soda + tax, free refill on that one. Candy is more than $3 + depending which one. $9 for kids, $12 for adults.

Hitesh Patel

Good theater..nice ambience.. comfortable retractable seats. Good to be here again.

Doris Hall-French

Regal cinemas offer $4 movies on Wednesdays for the older generation. They have $1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at special times. If you are inti saving a little money be sure to check them out. The theater is always clean. The staff are friendly and you can enjoy a relaxing time

Tee RuHoo

Movie was great. Food too pricey and not enough selection.

Angel Baby

I liked the movie and how the seats lean back

Ricardo Ruiz

My best place to watch movie, they renew the 2 floo

Greg Kelly

Top notch movie going experience

Donna Hicks

It was a very nice movie theater the seats is very comfortable .I never been in such a big movie theatre with escalators!! Love the casino to

Marcel Mackerl

Better than i thought it would be. Nice little lounge upstairs

Hessa Eliana

How the heck do you call this place? The regal recording gives you the option then it just either hangs up or gives you another recording! I’m not going to purchase tickets if i don’t know if they have seats or not!!! Very frustrating.

Erny Ruiz

Staff may need retraining, i went to attempt to watch the nun. I above the age of 25 had i.d. and was refused the purchase of the ticket for my wife because she didn't have hers. Due to her losing it the night before. I happened to call the corporate office and was told as long as the purchasing party was above the age of 25 any one with said party was allowed in the theater. Hope the best of luck for the rest of you. Just trying to have a good movie experience.

camilla unicorn 123 Lauren

I love the seats the food and the movies

Jeff Bradshaw

Very nice cinema. It has been remodeled with power reclining seats.

Robert McCallister

yeah they could do better needs some refurbishing

Red Flame

Thank you guys, the best movie theater I've been to you guys are great.

Dana Rowell

This place is like a step back in time. I'm use to reclining leather seats. They are all cloth and no reclining. No at all what I was expecting.

Rin Lera


Monica Allen-Larry

Lot's of variety at snack station n clean restrooms

Liz McVey

Currently been in line for concessions close to 50 minutes. I am an idiot, obviously. This is unacceptable

James Mathis


Alicia Lopez Mendoza

Awesome set up! Bar and all!

chante lacy

There are insect crawling around on the back the screen as we try to watch the movie. Very distracting and a little bothersome by the thought.

Robert the bruce dixon

Overpriced. Small theaters. Super bad popcorn.

Pat Siprut

We went to see the movie. Played a bit got our coffee. All staff is courteous. Bathroom clean. We feel at home.

John Schneider

My favorite cinema company and the one that is closest to my home… A great viewing experience each and every time

wanda ratcliffe

Regal remodeled their theatres. So comfy, plenty of room, assigned seating. Yeah!!

Danelle Andrews

I can't not even begin to tell you what a big help the guy at the door was for my family tonight. Being a single mom of 5 is by far the hardest thing I've ever done and his help literally had me in tears. Thank you so much for showing compassion. It's the little things....

Matt Harding

Really hard to watch a quiet indie movie when the other screening room is blasting bass through the walls. Either work on soundproofing or schedule movies better. Also, employees came in the theater three times during the film - presumably looking for people sneaking in? I don't know. But considering there were only three of us in the theater, it felt a little ridiculous.

Christopher Zinke

Nice theater now they've upgraded to reclining seats.

Miss Bamboo Mexico

My first time coming to this cinema, We came to see end game, the theater was super hot not aircon, and they never turned the lights off, went to get some snacks and the attendant was like angry of something, not very good service, I'll think twice to come here again.

Nathan Gifford

I’d I could give 0 stars I would give -100. By far the worst movie theater in Las Vegas. Went to see Avengers End Game opening weekend and a kid screamed the whole movie, not once did an employee intervene. Teens where also scream vulgar stuff and nothing was done. We complained to management and they just comp’d us two tickets. We went two weeks after(last weekend) and 3/4 other families in the theater where talking so loud we again couldn’t hear the movie. Both my fiancé and I told an employee to stop the people from talking and nothing was done. Never will we ever return here.

Lynn barnes

Awesome new setup but i still think it should bebfirst come first serve not this assigned seating

Mike Cilla

New seats are awesome... clean and roomy. No bad seats

bob ross

Its was good I liked the recliners but people in the movie wouldn't shut up

Israel Cervantes

Great movie theater!

Sherry Manning

Fun time's at the movies. A wrinkle in Time. Great movie

Samuel D.

The popcorn was good and fresh and the extra butter was perfectly put on. Clean and taken care of.

John Schmidt

Station Casinos has all the right amenities in their Hotel Properties for families with children.

Breena Brown

Love the remodel & reclining seats now available! Top that off with great customer service. Smells like my new favorite theaterrr

g Shepard

Great sound, comfortable chairs. $6.00 seats all day Tuesday! 1/2 off popcorn with Regal card. This theatre is very conveniently located in Texas Station by the food court.

t b

Very clean comfortable environment loved it

Summertwin Cain

Very nice, clean and relaxing from entry to exit. Staff was extremely friendly and professional! We had the theater to ourselves but that was just a bonus! Cool spot to see a movie!

Pablo Reyna

I like the bar and the staff is super awesome but man those seats were bit very comfortable =(

christina shumpert

It was a great place to watch a movie, BUT it would've been a lot better if the seats was more relaxing.

Robert martinez

Super cheap would recommend allways 4k and has a lot of movies.

Jay DS

I'd say about a 5 star because their upgrading to the recliner seats. It's actually begging to look pretty cool. The service there is good I've never had a bad experience and I've been going there since I was little.

Crazy Dog

It is not crowded there not like AMC it it take 2 minutes at least to get the tickets not unless the movie came out that day and if it a big movie like endgame but other then that there not a lot of people.

Greg Herr

Stadium seating... Ugh! It's not like other theatres that have recliners. I'm not going to knock them to a 4 because of that... They have lots of food options, as well as drinks for both little ones and adults. The price is reasonable. I will visit again...

Jaziel D Berumen

It's a quick and well equipped location, obviously it isn't a premium theater but things are pretty streamlined and easy to get around and get to ones personal screening. It looks to be well kept but it's a theater so it's dark so its clean enough. Usually gets pretty crowded on premieres or days that most people go to the theater(Fridays or weekends) but I usually have a good experience here.


Great theaters. And aeating

Chris Strain

Love the reclining seat although it wasn't a full recliner but definitely worth it. Popcorn was great and the guy that took our order did a great job.

Alaina Artiles

They would be perfect if they had reclining sits

michael gonzalez

Good place for locals. Bad things there's no special on food like combos. Every family would love to save on popcorn and drinks.

Tony Miranda

Great theater, comfortable seats, friendly staff. Only neg: went to see John Wick 3 and the volume was on Super Max. Uncomfortably loud.

Angela Hernandez

This is my favorite regal cinemas location due to the fact that they have brand new comfortable reclining Theater seating. They also have audio descriptive movies for people who are visually impaired like myself. This theater doesn’t get very busy which is also a plus, picking out a place to sit is very easy. I definitely recommend downloading the regal cinemas app to your phone you can earn points for free stuff inside the theater.

Darin Weidauer

For me the Seats were comfortable, but my wife is small and it was difficult to get her seat to recline.

Coco Beanz

Remodeling the downstairs but, the upstairs is like a DREAM!!!. Hard wood floors,wide spacious rows (no butts in people's faces) lol. Faux leather seats that recline back like a bed. I love this place!!

Delinda Edwards

Took the kids to movies on Christmas they really enjoyed them selves great movie establishment for kids

Phillip Navarro

Renovated movie theater

Robert Fitzsimons

Had to wait in long line to get into movie when we had our tickets, they wouldn't let us in to buy snacks. Almost late to the movie due to snack lines.

Paul Jackson

Awesome place to watch a movie and order drinks, but pricey

Tania Jackson

I always go to this theater no lines and It is never crowded. Full service with food, liquour and recliners. Definitely a hidden treasure.

sergio virgil

I haven't been here in a while. They redid the whole place. It looks awesome. And theres a bar on the top floor. It feels like a vegas nightclub- I mean that in the best way. Lounge area

Sherice Henkel

This has always been a friendly and nice place to visit. The whole upstairs has been renovated with an actual bar and the theater has reclining chairs now.

Bobby Slaughter

Very good. It's been a long time since I last watched a movie at this location. The theater was clean and service was good. The two factories that separateit from 5-star theater are the fact it does not have reserved seating, an expanded menu offered above the standard food/drinks, nor does it serve alcoholic beverages.

David Forsyth

Really good movie theater. We saw the Avengers Endgame and had a pretty good view even though we were closer than we like.

Isaac Martinez

Really liked how it was set up

Ricardo Herrera

Not all their chairs are recliners so that's kind of a bummer when you find that out

Goblinetta New


Mrs. Stash

I'd rate this lower but management was very supportive of my frustration. Endgame is clearly the biggest movie release - at this point of all time, already smashing most records. So why. Oh why. Would corporate plan a remodel during the midst of the release? We were just at this theater a few weeks prior for Captain Marvel and there was no issues. But for Endgame *opening weekend* an entire snack counter was shut down for remodel and the upstairs staff couldn't handle the volume of customers. Meanwhile the 'bar' that could at least take some of the volume for those who just wanted beverages was closed, presumably because we were there during the day? We gave up, even though we'd arrived early, about 10 minutes in to the previews. We saw the people in line next to us sneak in 10 minutes after the start. Popcorn isn't worth that. But the horrifying part? The staff loudly announced at the end that there was no credit scene and not to bother waiting. Again. Management was very understanding of my frustration with this inappropriate attempt to get people out so they could clean (no spoiler - there is a small Easter egg if you pay close attention). But, between those two things, definitely knocked down my otherwise decent view of this theater. Oh, and the new 'reclining' seats are nothing like that of real full service theaters and manage to be more uncomfortable than the old style. Guess we'll go back to driving over to the Cannery for the 'good theater' experience.


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