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11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135 Located in: Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

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REVIEWS OF Regal Red Rock 4DX & IMAX IN Nevada

J Victor Mastronardi

The theater was clean/nice. However, the non-Imax theater had the regular seats, not the nice recliners. It's Vegas... I've been to multiple theaters with the recliners. It's time to update folks...

rachel s.

though a convenient location, and fandango said they have "reclining" seats. Yay! Other theaters nearby (rainbow or palms) have nicer and newer reclining seating. Now that I know, it's a deterrent and probably would not pick this theater again.

a. de luz esparza

My favorite theater. My home base for watching movies I just have to see on the big screen.

Veronica Yens

Saw Spiderman: Far From Home in 3D, in the 4DX theater. It was expensive (to me, about $48 for two matinee tickets) but sooo worth it!!! You at least need to do this once. Was such a great choice of film to experience it. Air and water spray at you, seats move and shift, flashing lights and phenomenal surround sound. This will definitely be a special treat.

S Wagner

Great movies, great seats...just too expensive....but we go there.

C.M. Gueory

I very much wish I could give more than 5 stars on Google reviews! My husband and I had our child's 3rd birthday party here and went to see Sherlock Gnomes. We planned a party in the party room and it was decorated exactly as we'd asked. We worked with a woman in customer service named Heather and she was the most wonderful and perfect angel. My husband went to grab our kid's birthday cake, food for the adults (the Regal supplied personal pizzas for the kids that were actually far more and larger than they originally informed us they were), inflate his many balloons, and come back in time to set up. He unfortunately ran out of time and Heather stepped up and promptly had as many pizzas as we needed made for our party as fast as she could, she even inflated his balloons for us. I was so blown away. She took major stresses off our shoulders and with a smile. The party room itself was MORE than large enough to accommodate 9 adults and 4 small children running about and 2 teenagers, the tables were big enough for all of us and there were even additional chairs already in the room, when we needed them. The pizzas were enjoyed by everyone and the drinks were delightfully cold. Thank you again, Heather for being so very wonderful and making this a pleasant experience for myself, my husband, our child, and the entire party! We hope to celebrate many more happy birthdays at your location!

M Montegomery

I feel like this theater is bigger than the other station casino theaters. The employees were friendly and the bathrooms were clean when we went. My only complaint is that the chairs are small and not updated. They do not recline and are uncomfortable to sit in for long periods.

Valerie Yopp

Movie at end of very long hall and no close bathroom. Old seats not loungers

Denny Monroe

Had a turkey sub at Capriatti's and it was delicious. Watched "The Hustle" at the Regal 16. The seating was nice and comfy.

Rich Barry

this theatre needs an upgrade to its seats. old chairs, many of which have cracked head rests and on some seats they go back too far. many theatres in the area have the nice leather seats that recline. you are better off going there for a movie - e.g. Orleans and South Point.

Jermaine Mason

They just need to add reclining seats.

Betty Woody

Is a good movie theater. Confortable chairs. Sound is a little strong for me

Jerry Haraguchi

We were in the view box its always a pleasure there

jacob silva

Just great besides is a great casino and got a great restaurants really like go there , the times i spend there is just really good time my girlfriend really love it.

grrouchie serge

Looking for a place to take my boy to watch the new Avengers movie and the only IMAX theater that had two open seats together that weren't so close to the screen that your eyes would hate you afterwards was Red Rock. The IMAX pricing was higher than some others and the online fees stink but the screen and the sound were amazing. It also helps that the movie was top notch and well worth it. Also, next movie I want to see is Toy Story 4 and they had a nice big advertisement for it!!

Joanna Bryant

Awesome experience! Don't get drinks without lids if you're going to the 4D.

Bethany Perez

One of my favorite theaters, it's quiet and clean.

Michelle Muradyan

Great movie theater but they do need to work on costumer service and most of the time they are usually out of food items or the food items aren’t ready, I went to see the Lion King and me and my family asked for hot dogs that were expired and had to put new ones we also asked for freezes that they we’re out and not ready to serve, but although the theaters are always clean and ready for new guests to come in and watch an great movie.

Phillip Rannebarger

Closest theater to me and I enjoy going here. Love their cheese fries and chicken strips. Always clean and seats are comfortable. They don't have a designated line for soda/popcorn refills so you may have to wait quite a while behind new customers. I have complained about this many times

S Harvey

Went to see a movie with my family, we had a great time

Tim Wanemacher

Been awile since I've been to Red Rock. No recliners??? Seriously??? Even Sante Fe ( a Station Casino) has updated their theatres. Can't believe they have not spent all their money updating their theatres. Learned my lesson. Guess I'll keep going to Suncoast.

Brandon Selvage

I'm not liking the assigned seating. The place is usually empty though. Clean and the food was good. I suggest eating at the food court b4 going to the movie theater next to it.

Melissa Campbell

Loved it. Definitely one of my top 3 Regal cinemas.

Marc Guzman

Saw John Wick in 4Dx. A little pricey but a lot of fun.

Sara Rogh

(Ones upon a time in Hollywood)The movie was horrible!Completely wasting 2hr 45 min . Thay didn’t establish any direction and what is about this movie! It seemed to be all over the place

Sham Lewis

Clean and comfortable. IMAX screens seemed a bit small but overall, great experience. Plus $2 margaritas in the sportsbook!

Shannon Lee

Nice theater. Regal has a great rewards club. This theater has comfortable seats and very roomy. Pretty good prices and matinee shows too.

Captn Crowley

Finding the parking area was alittle confusing but plenty of spots when I got there. Ticket and snack prices are above what I am used to but not a deal breaker. Regarding the theater itself, The seats are small so elbow room was limited. Sound and picture quality was great and the tentative of the theater was okay. Usually they're pretty cold. Seeing Avengers Endgame was well worth it. Would recommend to anyone as long as it's not a packed showing.

Tim Taber

This is our default, go to, movie theater in our local area and we always have a great experience there. parking is free at the red Rock casino and you can get from the parking garage to the movie theater without having to traverse a tremendous amount of casino. Very family-friendly with an awesome arcade right outside the theater

Michelle Weihman

The service is always so slow here.

B Robles

Large concession stand, several self serve ticket kiosk, wine and beer served on the tap, Cheetos and popcorn mix served here. They should update their seating. Luxury seating would be really nice at this theater.

Mike Davis

Almost a 4 ... because of the old style stadium seating. Easy ticketing kiosk, if you want to avoid the line. Concessions are a little pricey, but they're quick and the popcorn is always fresh!

Marco Ramirez

4dx is a funer movie experience. Thumbs ☝

Rival's Videos

Probably one of the best theaters I've been to so far, especially in Las Vegas!

walter panoski

Great place to watch a movie.

Cynthia Ashley-Eason

Off to see the Wizard

Jonathan Ruvalcaba

My go-to theater. Nothing is really different from all other regal theaters and you do pay about $1 more than other places, but everything is always clean and it's not ever too busy. If you're going for a screening, I'd get there early as the line tends to form about an hour and a half beforehand.

manvantar das

Big theaters. Discount for seniors. Enjoy a buffet before watching the movie. Also nearby food court in the casino.

Erin Hilliard

The wait at the snack bar was ridiculous. People started splitting up to see which line moved faster. To wait 20 minutes is crazy for over priced snacks. What was I thinking. So was it the competence of the staff or the customers not being able to make up their mind?

Michelle G

One of my go to places for movies. It's always clean. Staff is friendly. Seats are comfortable. It's kind of out of the way on the edge of town but I know I'm always going to enjoy my experience so I make the trek.

Sarah Mulligan

While the seats might not have reclined they did lean back, had good padding, and were comfortable. They had lots of accessible seating on two levels! I was able to transfer into a seat and sit with my family and friends for the matinee movie. It was really nice to have seating options that work. The theatre and area were clean and well maintained. They had all the popcorn, soda, etc at the usual movie prices. I loved how open, well lit and easy to get around the theatre was. I love that it was right next to an affordable food court. There were lots of bathrooms inside the theatre area and just outside.

Adrian Carr

Great popcorn here along with all the normal movie stuff.

Erik Wesley

Great movie theater. Probably the best in Las Vegas. It's clean and the employees are nice.

James Heneghan

Just had a terrible experience at this theater. The customer service is severely lacking. My wife and I had tickets for the advanced screening of Pet Semetary starting at 7PM. We worked all day and arrived at the theater at 6:50PM. Stood in line for concessions for 15 minutes, and purchased 2 beers and a small popcorn for a total of $30. We then tried to enter the theater at 7:03PM and were told that we were no longer allowed in because the screening had already begun. So we went over to the customer service desk to see if there was anything they could do to get us in. They explained that they had rented the theater out to the production company specifically for the premier and that there was nothing they could do to get us in. Ok, I can understand that. So then we asked, since we had already purchased $30 worth of concessions, if they could comp us passes to see a different movie (we visit this theater quite often). And Drake (the "manager" it was also explained to us that there was no manager there because they are in a "transitional" phase) told us he could not do anything for us. Just a terrible experience that we will never forget.

Johnna Lamb

I love the 4DX experience.

Marc Schwalb

Awsome place to watch a movie great employees

mandy bognar

Typical movie theater. Seats have not all been upgraded to recliners yet, dont be fooled by the reserved seating.

Carolyn Reed

Since they implemented assigned seating, the line on Wednesday (Senior Discount Day) is VERY SLOW AND LONG, especially as it relates to earlier showtimes. Seniors can sometimes have difficulty selecting their seats which slows down the process, especially if you only have 1-2 attendants on duty. Before the change, it was so quick and easy to purchase a ticket. Hopefully, they will go back to the old tradition so the senior population will not have to stand for long periods of time in a line. Other than that, a really nice movie theater.

Makayla Knutson

They have everything you need to get before the movie theater. They aren't that packed there's people there but not a huge amount they have a casino an it's really nice.

משה בר גיל

Very nice location inside the Casino. the seats at the theater was not as comfortable as expected. Same goes for the audio sound. Overall not a bad choice .

Hugo Fuentes

Very nice and I love it, very clean

Jason Colledge

Super clean. A lot of great places to eat too.

Michael Whitehead

Always comfortable to watch movies in clean as well.

MIkey C

I would love to give 5s for my last two visits but both experiences was the same 1st time was to watch "Ma" and the 2nd to watch "X-Men Dark Phoenix" Now the movie setting it self was lovely there was hardly anyone there on both visits so there was plenty of lounge room and plus I could watch the movie without the distractions of other people, However the problem began at the concession stand..OMG I have never seen so many employees work without a purpose no motivation no drive no sense of watching snails move, I myself who has worked in that type of customers service before would never have gotten away with carrying myself that way, somebody please teach this kids how to and why this is important to customers..nobody should wait 25-30min to get there order taken. Other than that lovely place to visit for movies

Natasha Gustafsson

It's a nice theatre. Normal overpriced bad quality snacks. Tons of restaurants in food court next to it.

Anne Declouette

Had a lovely time watching the movie with my "book club babes" based on a book we read a while back. Red Rock is nice and close to our homes, so that made it a great choice and the theater is right inside the entrace from the south entrance in the west garage. The price was reasonable and I like the openness of the theater to the casino. The concession seemed overwhelmed by what shouldn't have been a lot of demand. When I got to the front of the line to be served, my order taker just went ghost ... like for over 5 minutes! (A book club bud finally stood in anotjer line as a placeholder). I summoned over someone and who looked like the manager but still had to wait until ghost-guy was finished whatever he was doing. Seems to me like that manager should've pitched in to get the back up resolved. And those nachos, when they finally came were ... underwhelming! Even with extra jalepenos as a consolation, considering the actual chips were served in an unwarmed chip bag ... sigh! The actual theater playing our movie was uncrowded, so also good. But there are more comfortable seats at other venues. These seats aren't anything special. Only reason this gets 4 stars is because it was so convenient for us to get to - in and out. Otherwise, there are better actual theaters.

Karmell Cruz

The worst customer service at the concessions stand I’ve ever experienced! I was behind a couple who were chit-chatting with the cashier and being extremely slow, taking up so much more time than necessary, and none of the other cashiers offered to take our order and help us (the other lines were empty), instead they kept taking new people walking up instead of us when we were waiting like 10+ minutes and we felt completely ignored and disregarded. Then when we finally got up there to order, none of their hot food was ready. They said we would have to wait another 15 minutes which would have cut into our movie time, so all I ended up getting was candy and a drink. Then the girl overfilled my drink to the point that it was spilling all over me as I was walking to the theater. Not to mention the people in the theater behind me kept kicking the back of my chair the entire movie and this was just such a terrible experience that even after spending all that money, I just wanted to go home.

Roy Williamson

Clean good sound but lacks the recliner style seating that we all prefer.

John Klingbiel

It's so nice to put your feet up and have the room to relax.Like your in your home but with big movie screen.Staff are always friendly and wanting to help.

Laura Martinez

We went to Red Rock casino movie theaters last night to watch Captain Marvel (615pm showing, April 13, theater 10). For some reason, three VERY bright lights were left on directly overhead throughout the whole movie!!! It made the screen hard to see during low light scenes and made it hard to enjoy the movie. We were disappointed.. In fact, we have already purchased tickets for the new Avengers Endgame movie at this theater and I am hoping that they don’t have this same issue!

Rachel Poore

This theatre needs to do a better job at training employees for big/special events such as fan events/special screening. Had to wait whole concession employees argued about whether the special combo was $5.oo or free and if it came with a drink or not... its a "combo" people. Then i witnessed an employee pocket a collector coin that was supposed to be given paying guests. Next, another ticket taker was throwing a paper airplane. These people need better training.

Heidi Cosio-Davenport

We're told they would bring us food.... never happened .... pizza was cold soda was my husband went to get name of manager Buckly who then ripped paper out oh his hand and said my husband didn't need his info. BUCKLY STATED HE DID NOT GIVE A F*** WHAT MY HUSBAND DID. So much for customer service!!

Virginia Schramm

Just got back from seeing Toy Story 4 at this theatre. The movie was great seating ok. The problem was it was so ungodly hot in the theater. It never got any cooler!! It was hard to stay and enjoy the movie! I would much rather stay home and rent it when it comes out on DVD where I am comfortable then to have to pay a lot of money to sit in an oven and be that uncomfortable. If they can’t start lowering the air conditioning to make you more comfortable I will not be coming back.

islandmomo Caribbean

Nice for the whole family to visit!! Lots to choose at the food court. Service is nice and friendly. Regal cinemas nice and clean with comfortable chairs. My kids love visiting Red Rock. The layout is very beautiful!

Kyle Collins

The 4DX theater is amazing!!

florencio garcia

It is cool for the first 30 minutes but $50 for 2 people is a little excessive. Then the snacks is another dent to your pocket.

John Wood

Theater is kept clean and the seats are comfortable. Wednesday is seniors day with discounts on tickets. I recommend Regal Red Rock Theater.


Biggest movie of the decade and half the concession stations open. Not to mention slow and unmotivated employees.

J.C. Flowers

Theatre was great. Get here early low staffing at concessions

Nick Rohleder

Fantastic cinemas. I have seen a majority of the movies I've ever watched at this theater. New releases are always here. The snack bar has a fantastic selection and now sells beer and wine.

Robert Strong

The bathroom was filthy, all the trash cans in the hallway were overflowing, this theater charges $12.30 for an adult ticket and doesn't even have recliner seats. The theatre was at a comfortable temperature.

Spencer Erjavec

Nice theater, just wish the would upgrade there seating

Asri P

For $20 each you expected better seats than this picture, at least the recliner. And the keep it super cold in there, bring jacket! I gave 4* cos as local it is just nice to enjoy going to a movie withouth the crowds and with an easy and free parking.

Jessica Mello

4dx is so great for turning a mediocre movie into a fun experience. We went to see a standard movie and on our way out saw the sign for the 4dx theater. We bought tickets within the hour completely on a whim and it was so worth it. We saw the new Godzilla movie and the movie experience was so much better because of it. Adding small added interests all throughout the film. I wouldn't recommend for all films, but your big blockbuster, adventure action style films are great. Think jumnanji, Godzilla, or fast and furious.

Gary Wilson

Waaaay to far (mid-movie)to restrooms from most theaters. Snack bar $$$$$

Cici Clark

I really like this theatre but they're behind the times on not having the recliners.

Kaitlin Krozel

Very nice place but I've been waiting I'm line 20 minutes to get a popcorn and water. Seems like they need to set up the concessions differently as I see the cashier's walking around everywhere to fulfill orders. There has to be a better way. Now I've missed 20 min of our show. I would have said forget it 15 min ago but I'm with kids and they want popcorn. Next time I'll bring my own popcorn and water.

Andre Brooks

Good and quick service, comfortable seating

Margot Brand

Great theaters, we just started going and pretty nice inside, and the workers have came in and cleaned after every movie we've been to so far! We've seen Meg, Halloween and going to see Bohemian Rhapsody this week. Snacks a little pricey but that's the movie's! They also sell wine and beer! Ok, now we've seen Bohemian Rhapsody awesome movie!! If you love Queen, this is a must see for sure!!!! Will touch your heart guaranteed!! IMAX AWESOME!!!!!

Daniel Lee

This is our main movie theatre. The place is decent with good selection of movies. Theatre is somewhat clean. But ever since they started to do reserved seating, it get crowded in the center. No more spreading out.

Mario Ramos

Nice movie theater, very clean. The seat are comfy and lean back. The prices are reasonable and the seating is fairly open with a selection on multiple levels unlike the other theaters in the area. This is one of my favorite local theaters to attend.

Adam Marsh

Used to be 5 stars but we have had terrible service getting food for 2 movies in a row. At the last one, we were 20 minutes early and still missed the previews and opening credits.

Quinn Turner

The seats weren't the most comfortable compared to the recliner seats at other theaters. Also the movie projector froze up multiple times during the movie. It's too expensive here to be this subpar.

Chris Smith

I prefer Regal to all of the other chains and this theater is pretty good as far as sound and ambiance. The two points I'll make are that I don't like having to hike so far from my car to get into the theater and they need to just pull the trigger and upgrade all of their theaters to recliners immediately. Once you've seen the top of that mountain, you can't really go back

Mike S

This is a fantastic movie theater; it's a hidden oasis amidst all the gambling and cigarette smoke in Red Rock Casino. They have all the fares of a standard movie theater, but with beer! I'd recommend Michelob Ultra and Welch's Fruit Snacks for a great combo to go with a two-hour flick. 10/10 would attend again.

flynn lee hale

It is So good that watched the secret life of pets 2

John Luke Mills

Really nice new cinema. Excellent sound and very. Comfortable chairs.

Steve Roush

Movie Theater needs updating/remodeling to meet the standards set by the rest of this beautiful Casino. Watched The Peanut butter Falcon (5 Star Movie)!

Ray Phillips

Fine but only 3 star because it was so cold. Everything else was just fine. Restrooms very clean.

johnny pimentel

Came to watch in 4D and once again the seats didn't work smh

Christopher Smith

Good staff. Movie experience was good.

Jessica Graybill

Great go to place for movies. Tuesday's has special 5 movies at certain locations. Also, if someone gives you free movie tickets they never expire. Free popcorn refill is pretty cool. Would give 5 stars if they had better chairs & beer like Galaxy.


Regal Cinemas Red Rock, Large and clean theaters, very comfortable seats. You pick your own seats when you purchase the tickets. Clean restrooms. Large, clean and well stocked concession area. Easy access from the parking garage.

jakey lankin

This is a very nice place to go for a movie night as a couples.

Reuben Frederick

Clean. Fast counter. Prices are typical for a theater but well maintained. 16 screens 1 IMAX screen.

Julian Amen

This is may favorite theater in vegas. The staff is cool and we always have a good time.

Delani mastagni

Theater and restrooms were filthy. We sat through a 3 hour movie with absolutely no AC. It was a sweat box. Rather sit outside.... will never be back. Only reason we didn’t leave is we drove 2+ hrs to see Avengers. Didn’t want it spoiled.


Love this theatre. Staff is very helpful and the times are always convenient. Always clean and never a dull moment goes by

Travis Whidden

Still the same old place. Theater one was quite hot. Old seats. No recliners yet? Come-on! Good audio, nice screen. Just needs to get with the times. Used to be the go-to... Now we go elsewhere.


Wife and I saw Far From Home in the 4DX and it was a crazy awesome experience. Neither of us felt it to be too jarring. This was probably the best movie for this theatre.

Barbara Iardella

Great place. Love it.

Britt Senecal

Very nice theaters and great service

Nidal AkkeLah

This is my first time coming to Red Rock and visit the Regal Cinema and I was impressed how massive these Cinemas are and how clean it is & super friendly staff, no doubt I will make this as one of my favorite movie theaters in town

MF Outdoors

Nice Theater inside Red Rock Casino. This is not a luxury Theater. I hope they step up their game and add luxury seating. Typical food at the concession stand......popcorn, hot dogs, candy etc. It's always clean and has a friendly staff. Keep it up Regal Cinemas at Red Rock.

Albert L.

I've seen a handful of movie here and each time I come there hasn't been anything lacking that I can remember. It's clean and up-to-date listing and price. The space between seating comfortable, but you can't fully recline just a few inches. I'm happy that they send a crew to clean and get ready for next showing. This scene is repeated movie after movie. No more sticky floor due to spill soda or popcorn stuck on bottom of shoes. Get ticket at box office head over to concession grab your treats and you're set. #redrock #summerlin #cleanandorganized #twotierseating #easyticketpurchasenohassle #freeparking #casinoenvironmentoutsidetheather

Cicely Breland

I love 4DX! Makes the movie an experience!

Nicholas Hajduk

Theater is nice and spacious. Seats were comfortable. Speakers and screen were good (aside from the beginning in which the sound was not working -- about 5-10 min after previews but during the movie. Otherwise would have gotten 5 stars).

Mike McKinney

I enjoy coming to this theater I frequent this place a lot and the 4DX experience I think it's fun

Dee Jay

I was there to experience "IT" movie on 4DX for the first time. The meployee walked in and said the seats doesn't work. In line to get my refund and ask when will it be fixed. The manager said it never worked every since IT was released. The guy behind me told me he was here for 4DX on 3 separate ocsassion and seats never worked. They are still selling the 4DX ticket online though the seats does not work.

Becky Brown

Comfortable seats. Great theater

Stacy A

We saw Aquaman in IMAX. It was awesome. The theater was clean and I was able to bypass the line and use the ticket kiosk. Be sure to have a credit card ready for the kiosk, it doesn’t take cash. And you have to pick your seats...which be careful with this too or you think you picked something in back and your actually in the front so pay attention to the letter of the row! Bathroom was clean....there’s also lots to eat in the casino outside the theater so you can grab a bite to eat either before or after.

Mr J

Good movie thearer for a casino

Ike Cartaya

Nice theater's with reserved seating.

Cora Colucci

A great place to enjoy your favorite Movie!

Julia J.

Love this place. It's always clean and comfortable, and the concessions are "slow" but not normal movie theater slow. They always have a lot of lanes open which helps move it quicker. We come to this theater over most because we can rely on the quality and efficiency. We also love our regal rewards!

Joanna Serrano

Prices for matinee are effin ridiculous! 10.90 really? Pretty much same price as going later on at night!

Lana Kendinian

Free movies passes, great atmosphere. The only complaint was there wad no accommodation for my handicapped mother. People were too rude to get up from the handicapped seats and I had to assist her down the stairs to be seated, which wad hard for her after the extremely long walk just to get into the theater.

Sarah Anderson

Always clean. Nice comfortable seats. I wish they reclined more though

K Lee

Seats are comfortable, staff is helpful. They need to stay on top of the lighting situation, overhead light in theater 10 flickers a lot and gives me a headache before the movie begins :/

Hockey Fan

Easy parking behind the casino. Comfy seats. Reasonable matinee rates.

Sherri Fogel

The theatre seats are stadium style but there just regular seats not recliners.

Jennifer Buchanan

Favorite theater to go to when were in Vegas. We also use our ticket stubs for a free game of bowling afterwards with our kids.

Machelle Rasmussen

Doesn't have reclining seats. It's standard stadium seating, but I enjoy this theater. It is always clean and the staff is friendly. I love using the Regal app to check movie times, prices, reserve seats and earn rewards.

Kaydee Barker

Coolest theater I have ever been too!

Gary Coghill

Cramped seating and for movie specials, the employees don't even know what to do (lack of communication from a kid management team). Only thing good is the popcorn which is way over priced.

Edward Lamer

Awesome time at the movies with the Lion King in Imax.

Jason Boy

For as nice of place as the Red Rock is the movie theatre leaves much to be desired. I left feeling disappointed. The seats are too close together, they dont recline like at other places like the Santa Fe but their prices are just as high.

Angela Dotson

The IMAX was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed Phoenix!

Mitchell Pasztor

Okay seats, good looking and sounding screens, awesome staff. Very very pricey for what you get

mark micheals

I watch movies here all the time clean great service

Ethan Woods

My go to theater for regular viewings. The theater is always nice and clean, the staff extremely friendly, and the picture and sound quality of the theaters (especially the IMAX) is the best of all the theaters that I go to in town.

Eric Sheppard

Awesome theater. Sound system is crisp and clear, visuals are of great quality. Staff is friendly, patient and helpful, and prices are reasonable for the area. They don't offer combo deals like many of the other theaters, but it's not that big of a deal.

Jimmy Johnson

Always kept clean. Tuesday is the best day to go if she asked me special pricing on movies and popcorn. Comfortable seating nice sized theaters

Sean Terry

Great theaters. They should definitely look into converting into luxury seats as the rest of Vegas is. Also, audio quality of the theaters could be improved.

Stephen Knipe

Great theater. I have been going here for a while and I have not had any problems. Always clean. Great customer service. Helpful managers. What more could you ask?

Mark Cooper

When my family goes to the theatre Red Rock is the place! Spacious and clean. But for a family of four to watch SD, with drink, popcorn, and one candy...$80 to GO to the Movies. Everything was great, just over priced.

Adam Wertsbaugh

Seats could be better, food selections are limited on a Friday night, even though they expected to be busier, they were still low on items and out of others. 20 minute wait for hot dogs is ridiculous. Kids are running the place. Another theater to turn into boulder station.

Ramsey Millsap

Really enjoy coming to watch movies here. Many large theaters and generally very clean. Restrooms are kept pretty well too. It's a shame you can't bring food from the food court in here, but if you plan ahead it still works well. Parking by the rear elevators to get here is best. There's bowling and a kids arcade nearby at well. The arcade is perfect for teaching children to lose money they don't have at a young age in preparation for the casino.. But anyway, the movies are great, and on par with any of the better ones you've gone to. Don't forget to smuggle your drinks and snacks in inside a big purse!


Even though there was a slight problem with our regal account, Once the manager came she cleared it up very quickly and we enjoyed ourselves

Aprylle Linch

The seats are so big! Always clean. Never burn the pop corn. Very friendly staff.

Joy Fickel

Theater was very nice and clean. Chairs were comfortable. The staff were very polite from the ticket counter to concessions to admission. No complaints at all.

Incanto Montoya

The only issue with this theatre is the smaller theaters. I went to see Venom and the seats are smaller and tighter then a airplanes. Very uncomfortable seating. I am not sure if the larger theaters here are any better. But avoid the theaters that are super small. If the movie you want to see is showing and has been out awhile avoid going here.

Nolan Salzman

I went to see detective Pikachu! Awesome!

Sherry Gimble

This is my favorite movie theater. Very convenient. Nice staff.

April Montgomery

Everything was good except floors and bathrooms were not close to clean.

Louis Williams

It's the red rock enough said.. thought the theaters do need an upgrade like they did with the Texas Station theaters

Ethan Dang

Regal Red Rock is one of the biggest theaters I have ever been to. My family decided to watch Spiderman: Far From Home and it was superb. The seats were comfortable, the sound system was immersive, and the projection had spotless (some theaters have small smudges on the white screen, or a bad quality projector). I would highly recommend this theater, but one thing that I did dislike about it was the lighting. I felt that the ceiling lights were a bit too bright for a movie. I feel like there are safety issues regarding this, but it was a bit distracting when I am used to having dim lights on the sides of the theater.

Brandon L

Just saw How ro train your Dragon. Great movie. Great theater.


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