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REVIEWS OF Regal Green Valley Ranch IN Nevada

Chavon D. Walker

Easy to purchase tickets, not busy when i went but it was the first show of the day. Staff was as friendly as one could imagin at a theater. They have a sign up to hire more people. I was a manager in a theater once and patrons are demanding. Hope you get the staff you need to cut down on those wait times like i read about below ut i was not affected. The theater was clean.i Liked that i could pick my seat ahead of time. Will be back for sure.

elijah grant

Saw Jurassic Park here. Theater was clean and quiet. Just the way we like it.

Linda Capnerhurst

Nice theatre

kevin Simala

Nice theatre close to District shopping area and choice varied restaurants. Most seem smaller and needing refurbished but it will do fine for getting a look at that movie you've been wanting to see in a uncrowded venue. The staff ladies were cheerful and eager to help as well. Can't think of any real problems here but we did go to the afternoon matinee which also was a better bargain until 4pm. So go enjoy the unhassled atmosphere while shopping or eating out at one of the suburbs better casual destinations.

Brian Patterson

I like the old school seats not a fan of the recliners. Clean and not too crowded.

Joey Buchanan

Vey clean and helpful staff

Richard Zavala

Had a great time with my family. The fireworks were awesome. The only thing is they could have helped maneuver traffic better afterward. Saw a fight because people are idiots and all because of traffic jam. Other than that, keep it up GVR.

Charisse Fletcher

Laid back atmosphere very clean and professional staff

Harold LLoyd

First time at the district. Nice place to watch a movie or simply hangout. The seats do not fully recline here but no complaints.

Jerry Haraguchi

The room was great and the atmosphere is great. Some of the workers at the cinema and the arcade need to take customer service courses it is a step down from the employees at red rock station

leo miller

Wanted to say a big thanks to Deven and Tyler you guys made our night:] we were excited to see aquaman and originally had to miss it. The service, cleanliness and atmosphere was great. Great location lots of snack choices:) we will definitely be back:)

Jason Zouikri

The only problem with this cinema is that there is no cell reception or a free Wi-Fi. I usually get there an hour early and haven't wait for Noovie to come on to have a little entertainment. However, now I am a little smarter and have eBooks downloaded to my phone; so I can at least read before the trailers start.

Maia Alpert

If you are looking for a movie theater in the Green Valley area this Cinema is comfortable and fairly reasonable price-wise. However, if you have the ability to get over to South Point I think that the prices and the comfort level are superior - $4 movies for seniors on Mondays and Wednesdays and $5.25 movies for everyone on Tuesdays.


Attended Avengers Endgame tonight Theater was sweltering, no A/C Thanks GVR for ruining a 10 year buildup.

Lolita Chanel

Stupid fat white girl named Kay sold my party tickets for an r rated movie knowing I have an underage and then getting told that we couldn’t see it?? Why sell us the tickets in the first place???? Horrible customer service

Nancy Kim

Update: Regal asked me to write their corporate office an email so I did. I haven’t gotten a response yet. No one from regal has emailed me to apologize yet. It’s been 6 months. Still haven’t gone back and nor should you. I had a horrible experience with hunter, the manager. I paid for a movie for my child and myself. In the middle of the movie, they shut it off. I went out to ask why they shut it off and a was met with Hunter. She asked me to get the ticket stub and I couldn’t find it. She then told me that if I can’t find it, then she can’t give me a refund. I showed her the printed receipt and my credit card charge from chase but it wasn’t good enough. After searching my purse, I found it on the floor. I gave it to her and she said if I found it earlier, than it would have been easier. I asked for a refund. She said she couldn’t do it. I finally got my money back after I argued with her for 15 mins. All theaters are the same. Same seats, same food, same movies. The difference is the staff. If you hire terrible staff to work at a theater, you will eventually lose all business. I will never attend this theater again.

cynthia cordova

Nice cinema

Makenna Dearborn

It's what you expect in a theater. Nothing that stands out, good or bad.

Cindy Delgado

Always enjoy this place!

Gwiz Jacovini

Great comfy seats

Dana Perich

I had a really bizarre encounter last night while going to the 8:00 Searching. I went with 2 other adult friends. I was sitting on one of the ends of our group so there were empty seats next to me. My friend in the middle got up during previews to get concessions. While he was gone a random man came up to me and asked to sit next to me. Mind you, there were lots of seats open. I didn’t know what to say so I said sure. While my friend’s still gone, the guy continues to talk to me, ask me for a fist bump, etc. at this point I can smell alcohol oozing off him. He’s clearly intoxicated. He laughs at something on screen, looks me in the eye and says, “I’m insane.” Now I’m on alarm. I can deal with drunk but we do not need a repeat of Aurora. I ask him what he means and he tells me he laughs at things he shouldn’t. My heart calms a little because he’s just talking about his sense of humor which is normal. My friend comes back, it’s still the previews. The guy won’t shut up. He even tries to hold my hand. He then looks me directly in the eye and tells me, “I’m probably insane. There’s no probably about it.” Then he asks if my friend and I are together which he immediately lies and says yes. The guy tells my friend and I to switch spots. At this point I excuse myself for the “restroom.” I ask for a manager and explain the situation. The manager says he’ll come in and move the guy. I told him no. The reality is, I can deal with a drunk person even though I shouldn’t have to and maybe I’m being extreme but do you know what day we live in? As a school principal I have to think about these things on a daily basis but when someone directly says to you more than once they’re insane and they are heavily intoxicated, you should be alarmed. I told the manager I didn’t want him to come in with me and just move him because than I’d feel unsafe through the whole movie and the guy would know it was me. The manager asked what I wanted him to do. Honestly I wanted him kicked out but I said wait until I go in an then just watch. He came in and had to tell the guy to stop talking 2 mins into the movie. Everyone in the theater’s getting annoyed with him, thinking he’s with us. Now that my friend and I have switched places, he’s asking to hold his hand and then saying that him and I need to switch back because him and I had better vibes. At this point we’re about 20 mins into the movie. I went and got the manager again. Before security made their way in, the guy stumbled out. After the movie, we ran into the manager who told us the guy came out as they were coming in and he broke down crying about a breakup. They sent him home in a cab. Here’s my thing: the manager was completely understanding each time I came out and made a point to say he’d take care of it and public intoxication is illegal. My main issue is that I felt UNSAFE and all he was going to do was move this guy to a different seat in the theater. The guy said more than once he was insane. I shouldn’t have to be in a situation where I’m still in a room with him. Secondly and much less important but about good customer service, when we came out and saw the manager and he told us what happened, it bothered me that he was showing pity for this guy, they spent money to send him home in a cab but they didn’t even refund us or offer us complimentary tickets. Honestly that’s just good customer service for a big corporation like Regal. We were the ones that were inconvenienced and quite honestly I was scared with the comments this guy was making coupled with his extreme intoxication. I gave 2 stars because the manager did want to help and make it right. I just don’t believe he gave me good options. Honestly he should have kicked the guy out from the start (not suggest to move him) OR offered us complimentary tickets to come back at another time when I didn’t feel unsafe if he wasn’t going to remove the guys from the theater. Unfortunately, you can’t be too cautious now days and I didn’t like that feeling even if the total encounter was about 40 mins from the time he came in to when he left.


Good up till an employee decides to walk in the theater 2 to 3 times within 30 mins at the end of the movies. when all the action is going on. Twice this has happened.

Kisha Clark

Movie experience was great very comfortable seating

Ponce Perez

Came here thinking it was reclining chairs because is so expensive. $13 for a ticket is not fair when i can go to another regal like fiesta in Henderson and pay $8 for a ticket..

Kimberley Adda

Just a normal theatre, you get what you expect. Nothing fancy

Colleen H

Great prices, comfy seats and good movie selections.

Natalie Vazquez

Great theater!!! Love going here because in the theater the cell service is spotty and people CANNOT take out their phones and use it for whatever reason and distract others. Love it.

Judie Pokakaa

Nice movie theater. The staff was friendly and helpful. The theater was very clean!

R. Alonga

Nice place to see a movie, yet if you're gambling, you think it would be cheaper for the rest of us that don't Gamble as much

Wes Kraven

This theatre is located in the nice Green Valley Ranch casino so you would think the theater would be very nice. The picture and sound met those marks, but seating was a different story. The seats were worn out fabric making the experience less enjoyable.

Sara Bee

i live super close to this theater so that's already a plus for me. nice smaller theater, its never really crowded (at least when i go)

Tametha Tyquiengco

It was really nice and very clean and great customer service! Took one star off because when we looked at theaters we saw reserve seating and thought it was the recline seating, but it wasn't, just regular seating but assigned and reserve. We just prefer the recline seating because of the space and not having to worry about people in front, behind, or next to you. But overall, good place and good customer service!

Joseph Peila

I don't like the idea of selecting seats.


Disappointed that I couldn't watch a movie till the end in the movie theater, because of a power outage. I got vouchers as a reimbursement, but nothing else was done for concession expense. It'll be helpful if you had back up power generators to keep the A/V rolling

Gail Hendricks

Whenever I go to Green Valley Ranch, or the district, I usually have dinner at one of the restaurants and then go to a movie there. Very convenient.

Joe Sewell

Love it here. Staff is wonderful. I go there every week.

Arby Davis

Dropping the rating as this location always seems to be understaffed. Long lines at box and concessions.

Ken Sawyer

Saw the movie Judy here

Roberta Abumansour

Like rhe theater and location very much. The seats need updating though

Sam Kem

The only thing that would make this theater a 5 star perfect theater is if it had luxury lounge recliners. It still has stadium seating and the place is clean and welcoming. The staff is very friendly also. Ticket kiosks are easy and convenient.

Reverend Boudreau

I love movies! We love Regal due to the amazing membership card and benefits from that. I see a lot of movies sometimes as many as 6+ every month. So the benefits from the membership are great for us. Also another amazing new product is movie pass something we recently joined as members if you don't know what it is look it up regal is a participating member another reason why we love Regal Cinemas.

phyllis cottrell

Great place to watch a film. Don't worry if you're running late, they show double the amount of trailers than anyone else. I love trailers.

Patricia Abraham

Nice having theater in the casino.

Howard Strum

People are thorough, and seem classy with super kind questions towards awesome service. I commend their efforts, and they are truly loyal and supportive to their customers. Thanks!!

Regann Denton

They do have weird policies of where you choose your seat on a digital screen before you even get in to the theater. It felt a bit invasive, but given the society these days I can also understand.

Kaye Speakman

Temperatures usually great. Clean and good movie selections. Chairs are good and you can upgrade tickets to pick your own seating in recliners. Adult beverages available.

Nicole Jackson

They didn't have blue but very nice theater

Natalie Parrish

The service is over and beyond keep it up !

Jeff Regner

Clean, big auditoriums, massive screens and great sound. Puts my local Regal to shame. One word of caution - don't rely on the Regal app to be 100% accurate on showtimes.

carlos flores

My favorite place to watch a movie now with reserved siting made it better.

Jina Levell

A local hangout and most the time in the evenings you practically have the whole theater to yourself.

Ashley S

Nice and clean theater. The seats are comfy and screens big, sound system is good too. They have tons of options for snacks. Prices are on par with other theaters. There is access right to the theater without having to walk through all the smoke in the casino.

Michael Tulipat

Thank you for having us view the Abominable movie. We enjoyed the visit. Great family movie and got my eyes water.

Michael Wood

A tipacal move theater complex. Clean and secure. Vegas Mike

Laura N

Always nice, always clean, always comfortable, good selection at concession stands

Tammi Spaziani

I take my mom to the movies here every month! Can't wait until they change the seats to recliners! Then I may need to go more often!

Dovilyne Joyce Erese

Great place, food n cinema

Tatyana Neilson

Green Valley Ranch casino is my home! Lol. I eat there I play there, I go to the movie there, I play poker there, I live there one word. LOVE IT! I go to the 3D movies only! Yahoo

Kay Grace

Really enjoyed my movie! Excellent sound

Minoo Saboori

Very comfortable. I do like the assigned seating...didn't think I would.


Very nice place

Lis Driskell

The movie theater is very clean and the seats were comfortable. However the concession prices in ky opinion are outrageous. A bottle of Vitamin water over $6.00...really?

Daniel Sexton

The seats are comfy, food and beverage prices are they and selection of movies are great

Andy Anderson

Favorite theater in town, also used to work here 13 years ago!

Carrie Bianes

Very comfortable seats. Plenty of volume on the movie we watched. Concession stand was too busy and not enough people working that my husband missed the first 10 minutes of the movie


So far I like this theatre. Offers comfy extra padded seats, can do seated arrangements with self serve, and free refills of popcorn. They also have a great selection of arcade games to chill out after.

Brent J

A good place to catch a movie. The audio is great. Clean theater. Seats are ok. Staff very friendly.

Daniel R. Grayson

The theater is modern, comfortable, and conveniently located, with ample free parking, but there were two problems with the sound that interfered greatly with our enjoyment of the film. Firstly, the sound in our theater was painfully loud; the children noticed it, too, and I had to pull out earplugs and pass them around. Secondly, the sound in the adjoining theaters was too loud, or else the walls were too thin - Aquaman was playing on both sides of us, and explosions (or something) from their sound track often interfered with the soft scenes in Mary Poppins Returns -- the explosions are especially noticeable when wearing earplugs because of the low frequencies involved. I tried the URL in the response from the owner (below) but the page cannot be found.

Roland Lopez

Theater is great! You can't get internet on your phone so you can't use your regal app to get or use points!!

Steve Collins

We always have a good experience at this theater. Even when it's packed it seems like they work thru everything in a timely manner. Avengers Endgame What What! Thank You for the excellent family experience

Victor Thomas

It's a little dirty not a lot of great deals for repeated customers

Charles Thompson

Alexa did a great job with the butter distribution on my popcorn!!

Nannette Finazzo

Great Movie Theaters & the entire staff is very helpful & nice. Plus, the Casino is terrific.

Suzi Mcgann

Wednesdays give us seniors a deal. Clean, never crowded, n quiet theaters!

Rene Buehl

Average seats, Mediocre popcorn, ordered buttered hardly any on it. Tons of preshow commercials and trailers (10+ minutes)

Rafa Calleja

Nice place.

Robert Graham

We were told that we needed to sit in our assigned seats but the couple beside us were not in theirs. If a rule is a rule, it should be enforced in some manner or not have the rule. Otherwise it was a very good experience.

Marco Theseus

Good vibe

Chadd H

The theaters are okay. Usually clean. The seats will lean back, but definitely not the nice reclining seats. Recently they started reserving seats. According to a worker this was a corporate decision, but it definitely doesn't work for this type of seating. The employees are nice. Discounted tickets on Tuesday. No paper towelsin the restroom! Only hand dryers.

Adrian Bernal

I love all Regal Cinemas, the Green Valley one is on my favorite list.

robert ali

You would think that when you pay this much for a movie and concession items that the accompanying service would be decent. I have been a patron here for many years and have noticed a marked decline in service since Deavin took over as manager. The guy has a confrontational/passive aggressive thing about him, and seems to be gifted at hiring on rude,cheeky kids who show little respect for older patrons like myself. It is my opinion that his higher up management are asleep at the wheel concerning the shortcomings of this young man and the clear fact that he is failing as a manager because since he showed up the service has gone south. This was an establishment which Was noted in my books as a stellar movie experience.....No More. Deavin only today reprimanded me for having dealt with one of his rude employees:Baltasar who addressed me as "my friend" again and again despite my objections. Deavin confronted me after the show amd warned me to Not make any objections directly to his employees and Only to him in future because he said I upset the young man who then had difficulty completing his shift: a young man (Baltasar) who continued to address me as "my friend" in the cheekiest of ways despite my objection...i was provoked to the point where i told him explicitly "I am Not your expletive friend. After being addressed more than once as "my friend" After the show i was promptly confronted by Deavin who spoke to me as if i were a child being instructed in what Not to do in His House I want to say Unbelievable ....but it is Not It is Precisely what I've come to expect since this manager took over This guy's a real Power tripper to the max. He Does Not smile I have a suspicion that his behaviour toward me is what he considers acceptable since unlike most of his other patrons I am Not white, I asked him a direct question to that effect in response to which he very cleverly evaded an answer. Going to utilise every forum to bring attention to this There was no mention of my movie experience being ruined by this rude kid Only that I ruined his day by scolding him Never have i been reprimanded by a customer service manager when i was the is extraordinary but i have to say i saw this coming The manager Deavin seems to want to impress his teenage staff more than provide good service ro patrons.

Kyle Kraemer

It's a decent theater. Usually fairly empty. They don't have the luxury seating or reserved seating that other newer theaters have however. But there's lots to do in the resort itself.

Jean Austin

We had a wonderful afternoon at Geen Valley Ranch Regal Cinema. The children were thrilled watching Secret Life of Pets 2!

Haunani De Guzman

Great movies

Darlin Henderson

Movie theater. Costly concessions

Saysha Arnett

Very nice they will definitely be a 5 star when they upgraded to recliners.


Worst customer service management team. Devin will not only discriminate against you for your life choices, but will refuse to offer the same help he offered everyone else in line because my mom smokes. The facility is attached to a casino that allows smoking. The entry from the casino to the box office does not have any no smoking signs. In fact Devin didn't even mention that there is no smoking in that area of the building. He just jumped about 15 feet back and said he didn't want his "suit" to smell like smoke. My mom is a 75 year old lady. She couldn't hear him. So he repeated himself louder and continued to go on about it in his raised voice making sure my mom could hear every judgemental comment he had to say. He caused a scene in the middle of the box office lobby. Of course everyone is turning and looking at my mom as he continues to publicly shame her. All my mom could do is turn to me and tell me she is sorry for embarrassing me. When I asked another assistant manager to speak to upper management, upper management "stepped out for a moment" then I asked if they will be back by the time my movie will be over and the assistant manager said actually they stepped out for the day. This was the first showing of this movie that day. the theater just opened but management has already stepped out for the day. Nice.

Justin Phipps

Cozy theater that is not super crowded. My go to theater but unfortunately they tend to play less action flicks and more romance films.

Darcy Alic

It was clean, staff was friendly and the popcorn was good.

Abena Foster

Super clean!!! Really nice seating great for a date or just a day to chill!! Always families here and being attached to a casino ain't bad

Diana Traydon

It's just OK. The seats are old and uncomfortable. With other theatres offering reclining seats and upgraded food choices, this Regal cinemas theater needs up up its game. Unless you go on Tuesdays when tickets are $6.80, it's not worth the price, in my opinion.

Philip Johnson

Saw the latest Jurassic Park movie on opening weekend and wasn't busy without advance tickets. Comfortable theatre seats with plenty of room. Good sound system and clean (not sticky) floor.

MrsGreen Apple

Sunday Feb 10, 2019. We went to the movies. There was plenty of parking. Saw a van with a boot in the parking lot. The walk through the casino was nice. We were in theater #3, it was clean and smelled like nothing

Tracy Martin

We had a great time. Clean theater. Comfy seats.

Miradil Omuraliev

Have Beautiful garden with pool, like soo much

All Boys Family

No recliners other than that pretty good theater

rag e63

Lovely ambiente. Not like all the other theater's

Oscar Aceves

You gotta try the 3D its awesome

Dave Bianes

A good clean comfortable place to see a movie. Volume a touch loud but that seems like the standard. Snack bar line moved extremely slow.

Beth M

Came for a late night movie on 04/09 with my sister. Misplaced one of the two tickets after I purchased them, somewhere between buying snacks, the restroom and the walk over, who knows. Anyway, I walked up to the guy standing at the podium and told him I must have thrown one out.. The young man standing there checking the one ticket I still had, called to his manager about it. The manager on duty (Devon) said we couldn’t enter unless we had our tickets in hand, I asked politely if he would please ask the young man behind the counter who I originally made the purchase from to confirm that I in fact paid. Devon immediately responded back to me saying that the young man already confirmed I just paid for two, yet DEVON still wouldn’t let us through to our seats!! It was 20 minutes later... while sitting in the lobby I decided to write this review. The manager (Devon) came back and asked which trash can I may have thrown it out in.. UM, excuse me?! If I knew where I lost it , this wouldn’t be an issue to begin with. I’m extremely embarrassed for this so called “manager”. Devon finally came back and said he couldn’t find it, so after waiting and waiting, he then let us through. Why even waste our time if that was your end decision all along? First time in an authoritative roll and need an ego boost? Absolutely no experience in management and awful customer service. He couldn’t even speak to us with respect. I’m looking forward to speaking with someone above him, especially due to the fact Green Valley Ranch is my home gaming casino. Note to self: cling on to movie tickets to avoid the hassle. (Even with proof of purchase) lol Note to Regal: hire managers that are capable of making managerial decisions and polished in the customer service industry. A little respect to paying customers goes a long way. You never know who will walk in your door... or who will never come back.

Eric Sorenson

, but good 3D. No recliners

Toye Mitchell

It was perfect I really enjoyed it

Lyndy Larue

Good seats....comfortable. ..they now have beer n wine, pricey but nice to have the choice.

Mari Keuter

Nice theater. Clean, not too busy. Convenient if you are staying at the Casino.

Mary Reusch

Great theater, it's just too darn smoky inside the Green Valley station casino!

Michele Haldeman

Love movies. Wish the prices were lower.

Fany Lopez

They let you choose your seats so you believe the chairs are recliners when they are not. I think is misleading to make you believe something that is not the case. Just don't let people believe is luxury style by letting choose seats rather just let people seat anywhere. No hassle no confusion. Place is clean and friendly staff. I had surgery not long ago so no recliners was an issue for me.


Nice and quiet.... So, glad I don't eat popcorn... Slipped a footling subway sandwich in there

Nidal AkkeLah

One of the few theaters in town that I like to go and watch my movies definitely I'll come back again


Theater was not full recline. Watched a new movie. Decent popcorn,soda and pretzels. Went on a Wednesday afternoon. Had only a few other patrons in the theatre. Sound and screen in good shape. Temperature in theater was decent

Jill Kuch

Good seats over priced snacks but RIDICULOUSLY over priced bottle of water, $5.19 for a 16.9oz bottle! Absolutely absurd!!!!

Nichole Roach

A large group came today to see Mary Poppins. Unfortunately, the power went out 20 minutes into the show. This was not the theater's fault, however how the management handled the situation was not ok. We had spent over $100 in tickets and $200 in concessions and staff didn't seem to care. Horrible service!

Joel Kleinman

Close to the house and the casino offers SR rates.

Bill Koonz

Convenient theater, but horribly uncomfortable. I would go anywhere else in town before going back to this theater.

Tim P

The Cheeto popcorn used to be bigger but over all nice lil theater

Eric Raymond

Good equipment, modern menu. Small auditoriums but they try to show the smaller/independent films. Welcome addition to the Regal family but the chairs are not the assigned luxury recliners.

Astaras Lite

Comfortable with a good selection of Snack Bar treats. The staff seems friendlier than some of the patrons.

Charles Stigger

Love this casino. Good movie

Ernie Valdovinos

Reserved seats just started...kind f nice.

Heather Hicks

Favorite movie theatre in my neighborhood! HALF PRICE TUESDAYS!!!

Andrew Muha

nice small Theater, good staff

Zevic Butler

Very nice staff professional.

Kaiden Howard

It was great, staff was freindly popcorn too expensive!

sharon sadler

I really like going to this theater for the convenience! They offer a variety of discounts for different groups so check to see if you can get a discount. They don't have the fancy reclining chairs but the seats are comfortable and do rock.

Gavin McAffee

Seeds not very comfortable had a bigger dude sitting next to me overflowing into my seat and I just have to sit there and take it

Robert Ogburn Jr.

This place is small but clean without huge crowds during the day. Great place to catch a movie.

Daniel Ward

Very clean theater. Friendly staff. Wear a jacket, it's cool inside.

El Flor

Southpoint is better! Its ok!

Kym Smith

Following what was posted on Fandango, we got to the theater only to find out that the movie started 2 hours after we arrived and that it WASN'T in a theater with reclining seats. Shame on the theater for not updating their listings on fandango.

leslie renzi

Great service. Must have Casino card to receive $4.00 movie price on Wednesday.

Kevin Gossett

Although a little loud for my hearing, a nice multiplex experience. Very nice snack bar

Allie Clary

Lovely place ....

Erika Estrada

Worst service ever. Seems like the whole staff ate edibles and lost simple communication skills before their shift. Waited 15 minutes for a pretzel they said would take only 5 minutes. Even the manager looked high. I would have rather seen a movie on boulder highway.

Jimmy Johnson

Nice clean facilities Blanc nothing to complain about here. Assigned seating. Priced comprable to everybody else. The good place to see the movies

Lee Trevino

Movie and seats were good but the concession stand need a lot of work!!! They were running out of popcorn!!!! Had to wait long time just to get what I ordered! Not coming here to watch movies.

Brian Pao

Very clean theater...attached to a casino. Prices are typical of today's theaters. Sound system was outstanding and has reclining seat backs.

Emerald Shadows

Great theatre, nice staff. Awesome manager (J.B.) very helpful and friendly.

Mary Ann Kunz

Great place to see a movie

Daisy Stapleton

The seats are not reclined which I didn't mind. But they were too closed together. It'd not feel comfortable if you're sitting next to somebody you don't know...Just my opinion. The price isn't as cheap for the seating. I noticed the concession prices are much higher. Wish they would changed it to reclined chairs, more cushion and a bit space in between seats.

Lisa Lehr

4 stars because no reclining chairs. However it is exceptionally clean, especially the bathrooms.


Nice place very clean,but needs luxury seating

Benigno Benoza

Just watched Johnwick3


Love this place. Wish they would get reclining seats.

K Trice

I like the large theater's but you would think Green Valley Ranch would up their game a bit and get better seats. The seats are horrible! I am just shocked that this location does NOT match what Green Valley Ranch has to offer.

Ikaika Villanueva

Convenient enough for me since I work here. Always ask what kind of discounts they provide.

Brad Boudreau

Good theatre, no recliners though. But nice peeps.

Josh Hatch

If I could give less that one star I would. This place is a total mess. On countless occasions we have waited it the snack bar line for over 20 min. There does not seem to be any customer service at all. I watched one of the employees yelling at a guest because he politely asked what was taking so long. Last night 8/6/2019 at the 7:20 "Hobbs & Shaw" showing the movie cut out 20 min from the end. We all sat in the dark for over 15 min. No one came in and told us what was going on. After 20 min the lights came on and one of the guests that was in the movie came in and gave us an update that they could not get the movie back and that the would be refunding us the ticket. A GUEST not even an employee!!! I tried to get a manager to speech to but they were "unavailable" or did not have the communication skills to deal with a problem so they made the ticket checker deal with the issue which she was less than capable of doing. Unacceptable Regal! Look into you management and customer service you can only do better!

MariaLareina_babygurl Oribello

Nice place to watch a movie ..with ur kids..and at the side is a fun arcade...

B Freedo

The movie theater is nice. However, they often lack the most popular and best reviewed movies. They didn't have Resident Evil and now they don't have John Wick 2 (at least they had Star Wars). I live half a mile away and often have to drive to Fiesta or Sunset. Hopefully management reads this and improves.

Renato DeSouza

Great theater, and clean plus beer and wine... Little drank, little popcorn, and a show..

Jamie Cornejo

Great movie theater just to far from us.

sux 2 suk

HUGE theater huge arcade love it here this is my new go to place for movies

Julie DSP

We saw the Avengers. Not in 3D or Imax or anything, just standard movie viewing. It was about $24 for 2 tickets but I got a free small drink with Regal points I'd earned before at various Regal cinemas. They offered to upgrade to a large for $1. Everything worked fine for the film. The seats are comfortable. They are assigned when you buy your ticket so you aren't searching for a good seat when you go in. You already know if you can get a good seat and could decide on a different movie if the one you want doesn't have any good seats left. I like their app, too.

Van Morrow

Lot of chairs worn out. And sound is way too loud!!! *** *"*

christine Raddatz Ciccone

Nice theatre with comfortable seating that tilt back a bit but no reclining option. Friendly staff. Love that you can choose your seat when you purchase at the wicket. We went for 50+ years $4.00 matinee and excellent value. Get there a bit early to avoid waiting in line. Highly recommend.


First time here. Friendly staff. Wasn't crowded on a Tuesday evening. Will return.

jt saint

Very Cool

Olaitan Olatunde

Cool cinema. Loved the multifunctional seats


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