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REVIEWS OF Regal Cinebarre Palace Station IN Nevada

Craig Wales

First, I'd swear that the Regal App gave the starting time at 3:45, maybe my fault but I think not. My wife is handicapped and the theater computer had a hard time getting us inot the handicapped seats and then sat one of our party some distance from us even though there were closer seats available. For what ever reason the handicapped seats did not recline and my wife, who uses a walker but sits in a normal seat found them uncomfortable. With respect to the concessions if you get there late they don't come to your seat and there is no concession stand so you have to go to the bar to order. We had been paying about $9 at the Ailante Regal and this place was not, repeat not, worth the $5 more just to see a movie.

Ryqi Bell

I went to this theatre on opening night and went back and forth on if I should review because of the newness of the environment. Clearly, I decided to review it. Before the opening of the theatre, I looked into the cinebarre brand which probably assisted in my disappointment. This is NOT on brand with the others so don't try to compare the two. It's a cheap knockoff that prices itself as if it is. As mentioned in other posts, the theatre insists on calling itself a luxury theatre and charging luxury theatre prices when they lack the main thing that makes a luxury theatre just that, reclining seats. The seats are rather uncomfortable after a while and I became very "shifty" around the end of the film. My date, who was shorter than myself, was unable to put their feet down which put all of the pressure while sitting on their lower back. We almost left in the middle of the film because of the amount of discomfort. Also the concept of in theatre dining is not new and it's somewhat upsetting that you have no way of calling your server back to serve as their job title entails. The drinks are good but I think the pricing is too high for the entire experience. Its a regular movie theatre with a restaurant. I was really excited about this theater because it's within walking distance to my house but after going I was greatly disappointed. Like a previous poster, I will more than likely not go back. I will gladly drive so that I get the experience I paid for because this was NOT it.

Eve Parisee

Pretty cool theater, love the idea. Drinks and food order system needs rethought for sure! Just put it in a phone app and digitize it! Our food was forgotten and we had to go ask for it half way through our movie. Eesh! Ordering from our seats via the mobile app is a better idea.

Sadie Schmidt

The bougiest theater I've ever been in

Jesus Medina

A place that i enjoy every time great food and services a place to relax and enjoy the company your with

Terence Johnson

The food is great and dining in the theater is awesome; but the price is not for the faint of heart. Between tickets and food, you could easily spend upwards of $70-$100.

Tina Whittington

Could use more comfortable seats

Jay Springfield

Great food and the whole experience was great

Mawiapia Social Media ALMANZAR

This theater caters to you staff are friendly accomdating and the movie theater itself is comfortable setting and seats are very spacious .Menu available service before movie starts

Stephen Stewart

Great food and service plus a movie i love it

Sexica Williams

I enjoyed the movie and the food was also good I didn't care for the seating it wasn't real comfortable the seats don't recline so that was a bit of an inconvenience for me but other than that everything was nice

Joseph Wylie

The place looks great but the server concept sucks! Why offer bottomless popcorn and not one server came back to refill it? If I have to leave the movie to ask for popcorn or drink refills then whats the point on having a server? Terrible idea!!! Also, they have stadium seating with seats that only partially recline leaving your feet on the ground. Overall the place was beautiful and clean but I hate not having the traditional concession stand and recliner seats. I most likely will not come back here again.


Went on Saturday afternoon was only $18 for 2 Free refills on the popcorn and soda had a great time ! I think this is the Theaters of the future Waitress was efficient and friendly- to see Cinebarre on Youtube Search “Thoy”


Went to movies and the services this theatre offers is awesome

Glen Kornhauser

I've always been partial to Regal Cinemas, and while I was staying at Palace Station, decided two nights in a row to take in movies. My first night, I ordered a chicken sandwich and drink. I was not disappointed. The second night's movie, I just ordered drinks, and just as content. The staff both nights were very friendly, and super helpful. As a note, while most of Palace Station's dine-in restaurants and buffet close around 9 PM or so, Regal Cinebarre offers dining in their sports bar area well past that. As I wasn't able to check in from my flight and unpack until almost 10 PM, I found everything closed but Cinebarre. On the recommendation of the bartender, I ordered the brisket sandwich (I can't recall what the named it). I was served THICK with beef brisket, onion rings and horseradish sauce. It was truly an amazing sandwich. My hats off to the usher when I arrived. While I didn't want to take in a movie my first night, she was nice enough to give me a quick tour of the restaurant, and theater. That's quality customer service! I thought the theater set up was nice. Each theater only holds 68 people, and you pick your seat prior to going in, but the computers up front. Yes, the seats don't recline. But the seats were extremely comfortable, and vibrate to the action on the screen. I loved it!

John Jones

The seats don't recline and they only come through for drinks once.


I love this place !!! This is my new go to movie theatre hands down ! Food is amazingly delicious ! Just service needs to change up a bit , adding a service button would be a good idea.

Katherine Marosok

Bro, the staff talked louder than the annoying, shouting guests. The worst part about that experience is how the servers would enter the theater, with their screens on max brightness, and yell “CAN I GET YOU ANYTHING ELSE?” During the movie. Like....honestly only go here if you’re down to waste your movie ticket. Theater is beautiful, the idea is great but application is trash.

Danny DiNero

I went to Cinebarre last night to check out the NEW movie theater setup at Palace Station and NOW I'm not even excited about it anymore. I entered the property... (TIMOTHY B) approached me with a menu and politely asked me if I was going to see a movie or if I was going to the bar. I told em we'll just get a few drinks right now. Meanwhile he kept looking at his watch while talking to me... Obviously he was in a hurry... BUT didn't close for another HOUR! Anyway, I sit down at the bar with a lady friend of mine and order a few drinks. The NBA Playoffs was on TV and I asked the server (TIMOTHY B) about possibly TURNING ON THE AUDIO for the basketball game - He said OKAY... Gimme a few. I didn't THINK it would be an issue... Especially since the place was EMPTY and I was the only paying customers in there at the moment. BUT NO... I got a scoff from (TIMOTHY B) when I requested it AGAIN... 15 MINS LATER!!! And, then after he did something for me THE CUSTOMER that took him 30 seconds... I thanked him afterward... And, he copped an attitude and decided to NOT make eye contact or acknowledge me after the fact. So I promptly GOT UP and LEFT. Sorry Palace Station & Cinebarre AS LONG as you guys have employees like (TIMOTHY B) working there. This PRESIDENT CARD holder will gladly spend his money elsewhere.

Corey Smiley

This place was pretty awesome. Ticket prices where great. The have a really nice food and beverage menu. They even offer bottomless popcorn. I will go there again for sure. Easy to get in and out. The family loved it.

Clifford Robotham

Its unique experience.

zakiyyah robertson

Very nice atmosphere, food and drinks are on point and reasonable.

Megan Michelle

The aim here is a luxury theatre, but it beyond misses the mark. The service is not reliable, and the seats dont even recline. Do not waste your time, go to literally any other theatre in Vegas and your experience will be infinitely better.

Evelia Cleto

Very bad service they forgot my drinks.the buffet cashier bad service I told her a group of 7 ,6adults and 1 kid .she charged me 6 and I had to pay for another adult instead of the kid

Kris Cullen

We had high hopes for this theater, since it is so close to our new place, but it was a letdown. The ticket service was great, but the food service was a fail. It took forever for a server to take our order. I really would prefer getting snacks and drinks from a concession rather than waiting so long for a server. My wife got the wrong drink the first time, then when they replaced it, it was undrinkable. It was supposed to be an Italian raspberry cream soda, but she got cream in soda water with the slightest hint of flavoring. The biggest issue here are the seats, they are narrow and do not recline. I found them to be really uncomfortable. And honestly, the seat comfort is the most important part of a theater for me. Its surprising a brand new theater missed the mark on the seats. We'll drive 3x farther to go to a Galaxy Luxury+, they are much more comfortable.

dale conroy

Nice modern movie theatre. Would be helpful if I hadn't had to search for a guest service rep to buy my ticket


Great food fantastic staff Quite nice pool tables Dart boards

Chek Parker

Comfortable seats and good coffee.

Aaron Mee

Nice theatre and concept, where you can get an actual meal for the same price you'd pay for popcorn.

Dixi Nicole

Comfortable seating, great staff and yummy food. This place is so awesome.

Kaitlyn Labertew

Nice comfortable seats. Food is expensive for the quality. On my last visit, I ordered boneless chicken, cheesecake and Italian soda. The chicken was drenched in grease, the cheesecake tasted like it came out of a box, and the Italian soda didn't have any cream in it. The best thing so far has been the pretzels.

Joy Hunter

I love that you can order food right from your seat instead of standing in a long line.

EHenry 2010

I recently went there (first time) and saw the Movie "Glass". Nice place to relax after playing at the Casino. Great drinks! But restroom is too far away from Cinema 5. I missed a lot of the thriller Glass. But you got "5 Stars" from me. I am satisfied.

Melinda Robey

The theater itself is nice but if you are expecting to order food for your viewing of show. I would not recommend it. My show started at 6 39 and I ordered and paid for food at bar around 6 10 and after to have delivered ti my seat and 40 min later food was brought but was fixed wrong. 2bd time food was brought it was not what I ordered. 3rd time I had to leave theater to inquire about food, got a refund and still was promised food. Never received food at all. I wasnt looking for a refund. I just wanted what I ordered. WORST SERVICE EVER. MANAGER DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO MAKE SURE I RECEIVED FOOD AFTER MY COMPLAINT. YOUR TEAM IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE SUPERVISOR . IF MANAGEMENT DONT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER THAN WHY SHOULD YOUR TEAM ? NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! IF COULD HAVE GIVEN NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPIER

John W

Enjoyed our visit. Great price. Suggest recliners in theater.


The table service sounds like a good idea but in reality it is not. I was next to get service and there were 7 spaces empty and then the girl took so long flirting with the couple before she came to me and a group came in and sat between us then I had to wait till she took their orders and they took their time ordering, when it was my turn the lights were already low and the previews were on and she was taking the order for them and stood right in front so I could not see through her to also watch them, plus in you want another drink no one to take your order, why don't they just let you see what they have and get it yourself in a timely fashion. Also since I am venting the seats are crowed with the tray in front of you and the seats don't recline like every other theater in the city. I said I will only go here if the other theater are full like last night.

Jill Lasater

Such a beautiful place! We just love it!

Mark Hamilton

They don't believe in air conditioning. One of the worst experiences ever.

Brenda S

The new Cinabarre is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the outside patio area with the heaters and the pool tables add a very nice touch but as far as the theaters are concerned, I wish that they had put in seats that recline because it is 2019 and most theaters do have seats that recline. I think that they would have gotten or would get a lot more customers if they had seats that recline. This is definitely the only mistake that they made in addition to the prior movie prices. Thank God for the reduction in movie prices. I live close by. I have grandchildren nieces nephews son's daughters all who which love to go to the movie theater. Please change the seats to reclining seats and we will be there each and every weekend as many other people will be guaranteed

Mars Mercury

Simply gorgeous and outstanding. Huge bar, spacious Outdoor lounge and balcony overlooking the Valley and stratosphere Tower complete with an outside hundred inch TV . Awesome for the summer when it warms up & hanging out before the movie starts or after. This place is like a first-class nightclub act and connects directly to movie theater . They actually serve you in your seat with the food and have an array of tempting Burgers Fries & salads Plus outstanding beautiful drinks of plenty. Matthew at the bar is great, patient as staff waitresses that serve you while you're waiting and it's not very long they as they are very prompt. When ordering popcorn you will be served with a gorgeous silver parabolic Treasure dish. With refills I noticed on the menu. What a great change from the old bag. The ride up at Double escalators have great visuals and large photos of drinks Etc and upcoming movies along the way. I was going to try the buffet after the movie but the theater was so inviting I decided to eat there with my wife. That's a good thing as the buffet closes at 9 for cleaning and reopens at 12 midnight till 9 or 10 p.m. the following evening. The Fertiti"s did an awesome job on the Palace Station Cinebarre theater and expansion. The movie " Long Shot " was hilarious, but definitely for adults in a few places not for kids unless you truly want to embarrass yourself his parents. Good movies worth seeing a second time. Sincerely Jesus cares mm .5..22..2019

Rachelle Davis

My first time in Vegas, and the Cinebarre was everything drinks and food delivered to you, comfortable seating , great customer service. I would recommend it again and again

John Graber

Great concept! Here you can have a grown-up movie & dinner. Full bar, full menu and yes you can still get popcorn & candy. The theater design has contemporary look with tall ceilings throughout the social areas. This theater does not have a traditional box office, but rather has kiosks and a guest service person up front to assist with tickets. I recommend buying tickets in advance on the Regal app or online with your favorite app. The seats are assigned, and larger size living room style chairs to relax in. The bar has pool tables and dining tables galore. There plenty of Tv's and even a patio to get fresh air. I've enjoyed a few visits so far, and plan to have several definitely need to Check it out.

Ismael Ortiz

Great experience with it's cinema

Amanda Grant

Second time being here, both times we were early as requested to order in the theater.. first time our order was continually incorrect and an order of wings "fell onto the floor en route". Nothing comped and no assistance. Second time the theater was a mess, gross plates and glasses from the previous showing.. also no one to take our order until well after the lights went down. Great concept but very poorly executed. Only gave 1 star because food is actually really good. Overall, really disappointed.

William King

Its really nice but food servers walking in front of me for the first 15 mins of the movie is irritating AF.

Christian Torres

This theater is extremely nice. The waitress kinda killed it by getting our order 45 MINUTES into the movie. Other than that, this is the theater to go to.

Alex Betancourt

Great prices on everything. Wish they had recliner chairs.

Linda Day

Exlt movie theater the best

Davaughn Jones

Place was lovely,great food,great theatres,friendly staff,they just opened so i would suggest checking it out

Theresa Atimalala

No concessions, instead servers come and take your order from your seat. The concept would've been cool, however no server ever came to take our order (even after I flagged an employee in hallway to take our order) And mind you there was literally 4 people in our movie. HORRIBLE!!! We are movie goers too, so unfortunately they lost good potential customers!! THUMBS WAY DOWN ON CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Natilia Olivares

Love the service here.. i think the change was good..

S Rey

Had a good experience here. More personal space than the average theater. Can't vouch for if the seats recline as I don't usually do that in one's that can anyway. I don't believe they did. Food service was fine. The food itself was priced more like a restaurant so that seems a little high. Lobby was fine too. Less rundown and hectic looking than others. Plenty of lounge areas. Movie tickets are always $9 unless 3d

Michael Perkins

I loved it and plan on going every week. The movie and food prices are the best in town. A family of four could have a nigjt out for less than $75.00. Kids meal with drink's $5.50.and parents can have fully loaded nachos with two drinks. $18.00. And all the popcorn you can eat $9.00.So you figured it out. Bust deal in town. $9.00 movie tickets.


While I love the convenience of wait staff taking your order and the availability to a sizeable menu, however, the popcorn seemed stale, and the fountain drinks we ordered took longer to arrive than the food. The chairs, while "cushy" were awkward. The do not have a motorized recline, but when you sit down, the back automatically tilts back, while your legs dangle down. It was uncomfortable to not have your feet raised while you're forced to sit back.

Kai Grace Collins

This place is awesome!!! Great food and drinks!!!

Ryan White

The only thing better than my experience here is the customer service offered management after a slight miscommunication. I completely forgot her name unfortunately after the wonderful movie experience. This is my familys new favorite place to come thanks to the professionalism of management.

Tara Grant

This was our first time in the new theater but we are locals and come to eat at Pslace Station all the time. Ever since the upgrade all over the hotel, Palace Station has never weaved in their commitment to excellent customer service but one this day and this time it was horrible. We waited for over 5 mins for help and ig was very slow and no one was there. The waiter on the floor was leaning and talking not cleaning and helping. And the service just did not get better till the most helpful busser came and brought us our food and they were awesome. Management helped me with my points which was awesome too. But that server was just awful

Eric Vincent

I thought the theater was cheap, lounge it's nice and service sucks

Jan Vii

We watched aquaman. The movie was late for 15 mins. Then when it started there were still previews. That's another 15 mins. When the main movie starts. They had the wrong movie playing. We lost an hour waiting for the correct movie to play. Food service is good though. So we mostly finished our food while waiting.

Sirina Sanchez

Pricey for nothing. You can go to any other theater for a better experience. I like the idea they are going for there (food service while watching a movie), but the food was alright, not worth the price, at least for me, but I figured hey this is the theater I'm going to overpay on food at any theater plus it's about the experience right? Wrong, if we are going to get "service" at least have them come back to give refills. They gave us your average bowl that could fill the same amount of popcorn that you get from the microwavable bags. The drinks were pretty small as well if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that it was 90% ice. My bf is a mindless drinker when watching movies but at least he makes it halfway into the movie before he starts drinking my drink, this includes the trailers, but he barely made it to two trailers when he managed to finish his soda. You don't get a person serving you in the theater room at other theaters, but at least you get refills and bigger portions. And what made it worst was that after realizing we weren't getting anymore popcorn, we just wanted to lay back and enjoy the movie, but we couldn't. Call me spoiled, but if you're going to have those big comfy couch-like chairs then give us the ability to kick our legs up and recline back. Would give it a 1 star, but I really liked the Captain Marvel movie and I'm in a good mood right now.

Bernadette King

Computer kiosks were all out of order. Had to wait in line for 20 minutes.

Mike Vaughn

I love this theater. Great food, comfortable seats and with $9 tickets all day this can't be beat!! The unlimited movie option is great too!!

Kyle Collins

The agm Maribel is very customer service oriented and gets the job done. The popcorn could be better if they added the spicy cheetos popcorn. Comfy seats with ample space

M. Stephen Haynes

Stadium seating. Huge comfy seats. There is a bar in the lobby, but no concession stand. Wait staff takes orders and delivers to your seat! Every seat has a swing away table, napkins and tableware. Pretty darn cool.

Roland Lopez

Can't wait toEverything was great. Only had popcorn but the menu looks great and affordable. Signs telling you that servers will take your order at your seat or how to get refills would be nice. Can't wait to go back and try the food!!

Simone Hunter

Great food and service


Very new & very clean. The seats are so comfy and large, the decor is fresh & exciting. The food was actually pretty good for a movie theater & worth the price! I will say that it is kind of a distraction with the food so if you want to enjoy the full depth of a movie to do so without the food. If you just want to catch a movie & some food then you should be fine if you dont want 100% immersion in the movie. The bowls that the popcorn come in are cool but they are silver bowls so you cant take any popcorn home, I haven't seen paper/cardboard popcorn cups. Definitely will go again! I do got to say the service was a bit spotty. Couldnt get my regal card scanned to redeem a free popcorn & the attendant brought me a wrong order and told me it was my correct order. A $6 item turned into a $26 dollar item as I was lied to. They also brought us the wrong bill the first time around but I'm giving it a chance since it's fairly new. Will update after I go a bit more.

Milky Mike D.

Helpful friendly staff. The food was okay. The only negative I can say is that food is ordered and/or served just at the end of the movie trailers and during the beginning of the movie. this can be frustrating if your movie starts right away, where there's lots of action at the beginning. Also, areas marked 21 and over unfortunately where unsupervised and had children running around. Theater seats are soft and comfortable but do not recline all the way back. The theater sound was loud but not too loud or uncomfortable and the temperature was just right for warm summer day in Las Vegas.

Lisa Christy

Had been a couple of times to see movies, this weekend was disappointing. Movie was great, they were understaffed, only 1 girl taking our orders. Felt bad for her. Please try to fix this for future movie goers.

Alejandra Vazquez

Best movie theater I have ever been to wow

Asri P

It is a nice place, staffs are nice, food are great and so many options to order! The only thing is the seat does not recline.

Cedric Wedlaw

This place is the Sh@t. I mean there nothing like this any where else. Good food drinks and a movie

Ashley Williams

No kiosk but service is good. Guest service is fast and helpful.

Eileen Stauch

No service during movie. Requested soda and popcorn but never came during previews or movie....nice theater and bar area though...

Stephanie R. Graham

OUR New FAVORITE spot for movies, vittles, and libations

Robert Moos

Was told that they have lounge reclining chairs.they lied, just a big leather somewhat of a rocking chair. Terrible idea for this type of chair. Nobody going to rock during a movie. I will never come here again unless they change to reclining chairs. What a waste of money. They should fire the designer of this theater.

Famous Ceaser

It is a great theater the best one here in Las Vegas. They have excellent customer service and the staff is super friendly.

Chadd H

$9 Movies... let's just keep that in mind when you get there. Seats are nice, but they don't recline. Why? Other older theaters recline. There's a bar and outside (and outdoor) seating. The screen and sound seem okay. Then there's the bathroom, three urinals and three stalls for the men, supposedly eight stalls for the women's. Nice, but good luck when you need to pee and have to wait for the old guy to pull up his pants. They have a decent sized menu. Prices are okay considering it's a theater. Unfortunately, the menu says to be there half an hour early for the server to take your order. We didn't know and were there about twenty minutes early. No server to be found. Ended up going to the bar, staffed by only two bartenders. Took one drink, but they had to deliver the other one with the food because fruit punch wasn't in the gun. Food came about half an hour into the movie. The drink took over an hour (thirsty!). This is after two requests to the servers. The servers were nice, tried to hurry in front of us, but still got in the way during the action. Long story short, we love the idea, but the execution is lacking. Nothing got refilled, nor was it offered. I'd rather run to the concession, but there is none. To be fair, there were six people behind the bar when we left, but there were six times the people around the bar.

Giovanni Ciraso

Tickets are 9 bucks and you have the in-theather-service for food and beverage that is not bad at all. Comfy seats but unfortunately not reclining.

me me

I loved the experience!! The popcorn is refillable and our waiter went ahead and brought is 3 popcorn bowls ahead of time. They serve alchohol too which is different! The seats are comfy and it looks spacious. There are pool tables a bar..benches. like a lounge area right outside the entrance to go into the theaters. Everyone was friendly and felt like a safe environment. ITALIAN SODA WITH VANILLA SYRUP AND THE TOP HALF AND HALF. Your welcome

Dee Wilson

I love this movie theater. It cost more but your food is served to you in the movie. Yes you order from a menu

Carolyn Weaver

Great service. Food great for the price. Nice menu Comfortableand bar. It wasn't crowded when we were there. All movies $9 except"old guys" Wednesday. Great change from the usual movie experience. Hidden gem.

DJ Jenkins

Price was right. Food was good. Staff was polite.

R.T. Santor

Tried quite hard to find a menu online. Tried calling too but there is no way to call directly you just get list of all locations of regal in Vegas which is quite long and takes forever to get the location you want

Marina Montelongo

The best movie experience in my life. Seriously! They have a full food & bar menu. A waiter comes and takes your order inside the theatre and they bring it to you. This makes you proud of Vegas!!! $10 drinks & $10 a food item; its big enough for 2 to share and gourmet. It's a must try. Impressed.

Ryan Gaddy

It's okay. It's new which is nice but that will wear. Staff were friendly. The concept could be better. Most reviews have pointed out chairs don't recline, this is true. It's a shame because the chairs are comfortable and a recline would make the experience all the better. Food seems reasonable price. Alcohol Drinks are probably a bit extra than normal but soda is probably cheaper than what you would see at a theatre. The problem with the concept is while it's nice to order concessions before the movie, it ruins the viewing experience because waiters are constantly walking or standing in your line of sight. Most meals were delivered before the movie started but there were a few that happened during the movie. You can't help but to look away from the movie. Furthermore during the movie how are you supposed to tell the waiter you wanted a refill. Having some type of gadget or something built into the seat would have elevated the experience. Instead unless there close to you, you still need to get up and go outside the movie and flag someone down. Really it's nice seats that don't recline with a bigger eating surface attached. Having food delivered didn't add much value. Movie screen and audio were good like any other place. There is a lounge area if you want to eat your food there or play billiards, a couple TV's to. And again what value does this add. I go to the movies for that, if I want billiards I'll go to a bar or Dave & Buster's. Maybe if you got there super early and wanted to pass the time. These things just could have been better executed.

Cray Artaba

new fave movie theater!

Glenda Davis

I fvcks wit it!♥️

Kandace Lavender

Cool place but when someone is ordering their food during the movie the waiter stands in your way so you're missing a couple of scenes

Lesta Isley

Stylish spot for a casual date.

Olivia Arana

Great food, great service and great movies! 10/10 would recommend

Raul Marquez

Excellent service great food

Tracy Feliciano

Love coming to the theater here in palace Station.. so glad you have a movie theater. And great staff service.

Aaron Makaiwi

We love the Regal Cinebarre. Theaters are clean. Seats are comfortable. Staff is super friendly and helpful. We love the modern look, style, feel and integration with technology! One suggestion: maybe find a way to integrate, with the app, a way to order food on the menu from our seat inside the theater. Thank you for another great experience

Ron B

Ok Folks, I read the reviews on the movie theater part and have no opinion on it. But ! The food and drinks are off the hook. Great selection and pocketbook friendly. Who ever made that Smokey beef sandwich should be awarded. Tender and favored just right along with fried onion strings and a great horsey sauce and fries. Large 32 oz. drinks are a plus. Service could be a little faster, but remember they are new and just working out the kinks. But I am all about value and what you get for it. By far they past the test for that. Very friendly and try their best.I will be back ! Stay tuned. Mean while keep up the good work.

T Villarreal

We were regulars here once they opened, but service slowly started declining and we will not be returning. Our last visit was horrible, starting with the wrong order being delivered and staff not returning to fix it (food runner said server would be right over). Had to go to the bar area where there were servers and bartenders casually conversating while customers waited. I called a manager who was careless and glad to refund our money instead of apologetic about the mixup and poor service. I also contacted corporate on Regal's website and never heard anything. Definitely not acceptable for a place that's 30 minutes away with consistently poor service, average food, and seats that don't even recline.

Dan Manley

Perfect, got no complaints

melissa hunter

Fun atmosphere in the bar area. Seats in movie theater do not recline however they are very comfortable.

Brian Small

This is a really good theatre to see a movie. The theatre was very clean, the seats were comfortable, and while the staff was very friendly, there were a number of mistakes with orders, which is the only reason it got a 4/5

Natalia B

Nice theater..very clean...booze shakes.are.the best!!!...

Winnie Hsu

everything was good but most disappointing part was there are no reclining seats...also no call button for additional services and no server to be seen after initial interaction meaning can't order more food or drinks during movie

Teaira Williams

Love it. First time coming! Better than texas station

Donnie Voight

Outstanding. Place to go see a movie clean great food and most of all. The staff is wonderful i wouldnt go anywhere else .to see a movie but ..right at palace station. !!! Great customer service thats the most important thing that brings me back ..thank you management and employees for being so nice .Workers always bright smiles and friendly greatings. !! Thanks again for changing my mind to come to palace station for movies. !!! I live in vegas and i will always. come back here !!!! Again staff thank you all for being so nice. Donnie.

Martha Vargas

This theater has a restaurant INSIDE the theater. My husband and I usually go to AMC but we thought we'd come check this once out since we live closer and honestly it's going to be a bit hard going back to AMC after seeing the kind of service and atmosphere of this place. We both ordered burgers off the menu and they came not too long after the movie started, not to mention they were delicious. I think the only thing that could improve would be that you were easily able to order something while the movie was playing, like a dessert or an alcoholic drink. Besides this was an amazing experience and a great date night.

Anna B-Ippolito

Real comfortable atmosphere. Only thing missing were the seats that recline. These don't. Lots of room between rows. Big food portions too.

Ryan Clay

Place is bomb. Smells clean, great price, food and drinks....servers took care of us all night!

Aris L

The seats and theater is awesome but the mix drinks has no alcohol in them and the unlimited popcorn and drinks didn't get service for refills.

Javier Robles

This is place is worth every pennie.... The service as great, and the fact that you can order food and get it brought out to you was was trully awesome..


It's a nice place, actually is very clean and employers are friendly

David Craig

It's very rare that my girlfriend and I get a night out without the kids. Tonight was one of those rare occasions. We decided to visit the Cinebarre Theater because of their low ticket prices($9). When we arrived the place was dead. We got our tickets and were seated at 7:05pm. Five minutes later we were approached by a server. I decided to get the Guacamole burger after confirming with the server that it didn't have onions in it. My girlfriend got a meal as well and we each ordered an alcoholic drink and 1 water to share. About 20 minutes go by and the server comes back apologizing for the wait and explains that they're understaffed tonight. At 7:50 the people next to us who ordered at the same time got all of their food and drinks. Ten minutes later the server comes with our drinks and I inquire how much longer for our food. She apologizes and again mentions they're understaffed. At 8:14 I leave the theater and see multiple employees standing at the bar. One of them is my server. I mention to her that we haven't received our food yet and she had no clue that was the case. At 8:24, almost an hour and a half after ordering, the food comes. The manager approached me, apologized, comped our entire meal, drinks, and gave us two free tickets. It was a wonderful gesture. However, the guacamole was loaded with onions, my burger was firm, overcooked, and tasteless. I later had diarrhea. Although the manager did everything he could to make things right it's highly unlikely that we'll return. Our free time is precious and I wouldn't want to risk ruining another night out at this establishment.

kimberly thomas

This is the best movie theater in town however management is getting a little ridiculous with not allowing bags ...Dont forget that their are t shops and other restaurants at the resort, none of which will stop patrons from purchasing your popcorn and drinks while watching a movie. If you continue to piss us off, we will not drive out of neighborhoods to watch a movie in your theater.

Prissy Cardens

The best place to go see a and eat good!

Katy Garcia 2o Account

Antony (the bartender) is so awesome!!! so friendly and the drinks was unbelievable, the bar is really recommended!!!

Amada Munoz

We had to go up to bar for them to take our order and my food was cold. Will never come back. Pricey for the very little food you get too.

irma escalona

Always a great time and great food! We ordered burgers and its so big i couldnt finish it! Great and friendly staff.

Tom Han

I remember writing a review about the Palace Station and stated that I wish for a movie theatre while they were in the midst of a renovation. My wish got answered when they opened up the Regal Cinebarre early last winter. I came in to watch the Lion King. The theatre was very modern and super clean. The staff was cordial, too. It is a $9 movie ticket everyday and extra cost if you watch a movie in 3D. Haven't tried out the food yet. I definitely will come back here for a movie since I literally live walking distance.

Rebecca Alisca

Love this place! Great staff, great food and wonderful atmosphere! Movie theater, bar, pool tables, patio, nuff said.

Jesse L

This is the new cinema at Palace Station. I’m not a huge fan of theaters inside of casinos but this place is crazy awesome. No concessions, just waiters and bartenders to take care of you. Great beer selection and great food accompanied by great service and comfortable chairs.

Tony Hebert

Wow such a beautiful theater

kjk lv

No recliners, terrible service, overpriced, but nice space, hopefully next operators will be better because regal won't last. Serve craft beers and "upscale" drinks but bartender didn't even know what hefeweizen beer was, even though they had 2 on draft. When we finally received our popcorn, the topping was cold and made the popcorn soggy and inedible. We had been waiting months for it to open and wanted to love this place, far from Luxury :-(

Joseph Corcoran

Very nice to have a family escape. The movie was wonderful.

Lisa Sequera

Love the vibe and very reasonably priced tickets! My only thing I would change is the chairs. They’re comfortable but don’t recline.


First off, the staff is very friendly and attentive. The theatre itself is just ok. They advertise as having ‘reclining seats’. These seats do ‘recline’ however, they recline even less than a regular movie theatre seat. The legs don’t recline and the seats are narrow. With all the options out there of having a true reclining seat while watching your favorite movie, Cinebarre failed to keep up with the current theatre experience.

sheffey cappiello

Like it not to badly priced at $9.. They have an full bar and food service... Mudslide is really tasty

Dirty Cajyen

Food was a bit much, but for that price you really got your monies worth. Kinda wished our seats reclined. Other than that great theater.

Traci Feliciano

I love the service..but I wish the chairs were recliners it would be better on the legs.

Lillian Aguirre

Gr8 place, gr8 food!

Lashanda Ball

No reclining chairs. Servers were a little slow


Very clean and organized, cheap prices and great service

Mary Rodriguez

Soooo I heard things about this place. Not so good ones but I heard red rock bought it and it’s been remodeled and a new theater. On vacation came to see Aladdin walking in the theater and I’m confused. Dirty plates everywhere popcorn everywhere and movie starts in 3 minutes. We’re they not going to show it anymore? Walked out and saw employees on there phones. Spoke with a manager and said they’ve been back up. First it wasn’t busy at all Second employees on their phones, they have time to clean it up. Don’t go to this theater.

kesh Raquel

They got bottomless popcorn which is a plus! Overall nice theater and different experience. Besides being overcharged due to the waitress providing the wrong check. Maybe cause it’s dark AF. They should definitely have concession stands tho so we can take the popcorn/drinks home.

Karlos Rojas

Nice place to watch a movie but the seats don’t recline, that is a big no no for me. Most of the theaters here in Vegas have reclining seats and that makes a big difference.

joanne kaplan

We have to call for service and the bar itself was ok. They could’ve made it recliner seats for the price. Not coming back. There are more reserve seating w/ recliners even though no bars but just are better.


I haven't even been here, but the review by Danny DiNero is such a lie. Read that review out loud to yourself and ask yourself if this even makes sense.

A Grisham

Awesome place to hang out and drink and watch a game.

Laurie Clemens

It was good. The bartender was super nice. From the Caribbean. The food was really good. recliner???? What??? Hmmm. I know that may be hard with people eating. But I really like my recliner! I will come again but probably not as a regular. We go to movies a lot and love the recliners. I can do without toms of food if there is wine and popcorn! Lol.

Greg Herr

Let's start with the good... Staff, food, environment, outside seating and bar. Let's talk about the bad... The theater chairs! As a Regal Cinemas member for quite a few years now, and going to different Regal theatres, I have to say these chairs suck! For being a luxury theatre, the seats should recline, and I don't mean, a few inches when you lean back in them. This is garbage, plain and simple. Where are the adjustable recliner seating??

Logan Strong

The prices of tickets were good, the seats were comfortable, the sound was good. However, the service was terrible. After making a point to note our seat number for our food order, the servers proceeded to send all of the food from the whole row to the wrong people, continuously asking around for who ordered what, making it difficult to enjoy the movie.

Keeping It Trill with TrillyDoe

NO LIE ! One Of The Best Places In Las Vegas, I Enjoy Myself Ever Time & My Girlfriend Loves It To. We Order Food Play Any Game They Have and Watch All The New Movies. REGAL CINEBARRE You Guys Are The BEST #TRILLYDOE

Nyxsedi Ex

My husband and I really like this theater. It's super comfortable and cool to have someone come to you instead of standing in a long line for concessions. The drinks are great too. The only reason I didn't give it three stars is because the first time we came we never got any refills on our drinks. And the second time, it took them like a good 15 to 20 minutes to bring me my drink, when they brought my husband's right away. I was starting to worry that they forgot about my drink. Other than that, though, it is a really nice and clean theater. One of our new favorites. And reasonably priced!

LingHi at

We enjoyed it..watching avengers..$9 per ticket..unlimitd refill popcorn nd they serve u..the seats dnt recline but its comfy. I agree with the server part, they come in the begining nd thats it they wont show face. Quick note on the seats if u on the big nd tall side then this theater is not for u. Century Orleans has the best seats.

Robert Graciano

Its a great theater, bar staff is very friendly too

Sandra Hashimoto

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to this Regal Theatre. I've never been to it because it's in a Casino. It appears to have gone through a major renovation. I could smell the clean carpets. The seats are big and comfortable. The downside is they don't recline. The staff comes by to take your order and brings it to you. The menu is reasonably priced and has a nice variety of food to choose besides popcorn. The shakes we had were delicious.

Jasmine G

If I could give this place LESS THAN HALF A STAR!!! I would Most Definitely would. Horrible customer service, horrible employees. They all had attitudes and would do their best to ignore you as much as possible. The bartenders are RUDE! For the price, it was NOT worth it at all. They make you pay before you even get your drinks or food, and after they get your money they completely forget about you. Just ridiculous.

Alberto Cruz

Hobbs & Shaws. Great

gadgetman palmer

Love place. Very handy to watch & eat dinner

sally blair

We were excited to try this new theater. Well I. Was disappointed went went in to theater looked nice sat down and no reclining seats. Food service was horrible after 20 minutes and movie already starting I had to go find a manager to even get someone to take our order. One of the male servers came in 3 times walked by us and never said anything. After manager sent a server into us she was nice and apologized. All our food came before our drinks ever did. Food was good even took leftovers home. Seats leaned back but really weren't comfortable because your feet are left to hang down. Over all I wasn't really impressed the cost felt high for 2 people we spent $70 probably won't go back. Theater not to far down is much more organized and has reclining seats.

Mrs. R Esquivel

You can order food and drinks right in yr seat... An the price was only $9

Tawneyton Perona

Every staff member that I came across was super sweet and helpful.

LaTasha Hiley-Newsome

Great experience. Children had a great time.

Mana Wannabedone

Late night movie, empty theater, arrived 45 minutes early to check it out, tickets purchased at a kiosk, no attendant available in case of troubles. Individual taking our tickets indicated the theater isnt open yet, directed us to have a seat at the bar. No standard concession stand, big luxurious seating area, long bar, big sign that indicates no one under 21 allowed near bar. Usher stated she would call us, as it was fairly empty, after 30 minutes, 15 minutes till start of movie, usher (whose standing 10-15 feet away) has made no indication we can go in, asked another worker who stated we were fine to go in and made a comment to usher about why she made us wait. Entered theater, nice, clean, spacious. Server approached took our order for popcorn, fries, and soda, left with debit card, food/pop brought out by 3 different servers (wait minimal) and original server returned with card and receipt. Popcorn refilled twice (bottomless), comes in a large metal mixing bowl (fresh, delicious, and buttery), 2 rather large plastic cups, no tops, for soda, and large platter of seasoned fries with side of ketchup. Seats not the greatest but definetly not the worse, theater stayed cool, and sound was not overbearing, like many other theaters.

Annabel Herrejon

Went there this past thurs, for an early opening of Toy Story 4 and absolutely loved it!! The servers and runners were nice and very helpful, as I did not know how to order. Will be back soon enough!

William R. Butler

Nice casual sports bar for watching the games; also with outside balcony sitting with large screen

John Miller

Very dissapointed. Advertising luxury recliners . Seats do not recline . Ordered fries , popcorn and a drink . Our order never came. Other customers that ordered after us received their orders . We ended up leaving after 30 minutes of the movie . I explained to the manager that we were very dissatisfied with the customer service . He ended up giving us passes for our next movie . He also said that the charge on my card wouldn't go through. So basically no charge on my card. Two days later I looked at the Bank Card Charges and not only was I charged for the order but also for the tip . This is unacceptable . I do understand the concept of what they are doing , but they sure have a lot of Improvements to make .

Anthony Proszenyak

Comfortable seating, great selection of food & beverages. Great experience !

Dan Mackey

Could be the NICEST movie theater I've ever seen! Absolutely amazing!!

Cheryl Arevalo

Great place and good food. The staff is so nice and they keep it clean. Will be returning.


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