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REVIEWS OF Regal Boulder Station IN Nevada

kenneth kleitz

Disappointing marque said move started at 1220 actually started at one with 25 min intermitiom


The reason I give it a 3 star is cuz they need to upgrade there seats and everything plus the theater was kinda dirty. But the service was great the workers had a smile.

Andrea Barrett

Came to see Aquaman. Great movie. The line to get in had one worker, otherwise a great place to watch a movie.

Anna Alonzo

Great movie selection. Fresh nachos. Price is fair and the matinee is a good deal. Family, couple and single friendly. It is wonderfully located inside casino. The parking is great and plentiful. The drinks are fresh and staff is friendly. It is not packed on the weekdays and is a nice place for a date.

belleza unica

We have a good. Time with my friend .

Edgar Desantiago

Good buffet i love playing the roulette table my wifes and mines date night every week

Federico Zazueta

Look's like is in remodeling or construction

kcb. bcbc vcnnv

ENJOY THE Movie, Buttered POPCORN, and ate at Restaurants AFTER MOVIE Dumbo!

Lindsey Billheimer

I wasn’t expecting to have to walk through the smoke filled casino in order to get to the theater. Other than that, it was a very nice theater.

Rick Leroue

Great food.

Julio Hernandez

Open during construction, and it's looking great


Haven't been to a movie in a long time. Was surprised because I'm disabled, they had seats 2 make disable people comfortable and have a good view. Amazed how the movie sound surround sound and perfect.

C Jay

So, as far as regal cinemas goes, boulder is alright, but as a whole compared to competitive theaters... This scoring is generous. I would rank the prehistoric ways of regal in the same line of questioning as "why the dollar cinema has a full price concession stand?"... I would say some upgrades are past due. But of course, they play movies and have a concession. I feel like they either don't have or you must pay for popcorn seasoning (can't remember which) but it is mind boggling!

Sarah Gonzalez

My son and I have both recently watched The Lego Movie 2, and Wonder Park. We enjoyed both movies and are now awaiting for the next kid friendly movie in the upcoming month!

Randy Gaess

I actually went to breakfast at the Grand Cafe in Boulder Station. The Grand cafes are good at all Stations Casino locations

Luis Vicente Mendez

Boulder station it's one of my favorite casinos fantastic food amazing gamble machines it's a must go

Alxenia Brown Gay

Lived here 21years & Boulder is fun**

Anastasia m

Less expensive than the cannery theatre. Not as nice seats but not crowded. Pleasant staff. Not so freezing cold like other theatres. Great sound system. Going there from now on.

Beth Erickson

Nice. New seats, good sound

Tina Johnson

Chairs are uncomfortable and it was scary going down to the theater. Hope construction gets do e soon and they have reserved recline seating.

Rina Bobiles

Comfortable seatings but everything at the.concession is to over priced. As it is the ticket price is high they should give movie goers a break since you can't bring your own snacks in.

Tammy Dosono-Barboza

It's just recently got a make over. Still in progress. They have new seat. The theatre I was in had so many seats. They also have this regal card that you pay $21.99 for unlimited visits per month. Great! if you go to the movies weekly.

Pauline Gonzales

Theater is a little out dated in the style but the have good updated seating. The have a lot of snack bar options. Evening serving wine and beer. If the updated the movies more often that would make them perfect.

Jose Mena-Garcia

Love the new look!

MarReeOnO MarReeOnO

Theater seats look nice but are uncomfortable. Movie seemed like someone was shaking the camera.

Evelia Corona

I was not allowed to go into a rated R movie because I had my one year old with me!

Marcello Costa

I really like the buffet

Dale Bear

Theater speakers work! Sucks to go watch a singing movie, and there's a tweeter blown popping and missing through the whole movie like Boulder!

Shannon Lee

We love this theater. We are new to the city. This place is not too "busy", clean & friendly staff. Comfortable seats & great prices.

Samantha Guasto

I would give zero stars if possible. I spoke to the manager on duty regard my issue and she (Kayla) was rude, dismissive and condescending. I plan on writing a full letter to corporate regarding this experience. She made it seem like I wanted something for free. All I wanted was for her to take my complaint seriously, not try and fight me because I had a negative experience. I have never been so offended by someone who is suppose to be a supervisor. Another man named Chris was right next to her and didn't say a thing. I am not sure if he agreed with her response or was afraid to speak against her. I feel bad for the employees who have to work for her, if she is this rude to a guest I can only imagine what her team must endure under her leadership. Poor service, poor response and poor brand loyalty. This location she be ashamed to have such a terrible person representing them, I know I will never return due to her attitude.

Scott Lazore

A friendly casino with movie theaters and several good restaurants

Brandon._. Rizo

Amazing place to go and great customer service

Donna Mazza

Theater very the staff very friendly the movie Aladdin was good too. The only thing the concession is so expensive.

Ruby Stafford

The place had a very good atmosphere and very, very good staff.

Marco Ramirez

Under cunstruction for a better movie experience but there still open

jordan a

Nice atmosphere, helpful staff. Chairs are a little cozy

Lisa OzNuCed

This is one of the best places in town to see a movie good also, it's one of the few places that have 3-D movies.

Kimberly Moore

Filth high prices no idle room

Oak Ghost450

Small theater, big screen though. SUPER loud!

sharon williams

Saw greenbook was real good got popcorn and soda with refills people were very friendly

Lynn Smith

The place was clean and cool.

Mars Mercury

I visit here often. I miss their valet services for parking but theater is located just inside and easy walk from parking lot. Theater is clean and quiet. Help could be much more customer oriented. Waits can be long at food counter.

Apple Ofuri

Great place to see movies they have a lot of half price times

Thomas McIntyre

Great to have cinemas inside of casinos. Makes life so much more enjoyable.


Good food at the cafe inside of the casino and then a movie at their theaters. All was spotless clean and staffed with friendly people. Well lit parking areas at night.

Hector A. Gonzalez

Regal Cinemas is 1 of the Vegas best places to go watch movies comfortable and good popcorn they have a new new movies every Thursday so they're on it

juana palacios

I'm giving 1 star for the design of the new chairs..the older chairs were alot more confortable then this new ones. This is the last time i would watch a movie in this theater because OF the new seats. THEY'RE WAY TOO SMALL AND WONT RECLINE VERY GOOD..I DONT RECOMMEND THIS THEATER ANY MORE

Anthony Hill

Great theater seating dre

Adam Archie

Currently short - staffed so there is a wait. Also limited theatres during renovation. enjoyed the movie.

Blanca Brown

Went too see anabelle it was good.

John Smith

This is not a rating for the regal theater because I did not go there. However, I ate at the buffet, which is always awesome.

Vicky De La Torre

Just got it fun

Sharleen Bielman

GGreatbseating and ,clean. Just be careful when buying your movie ticket. Make sure to say what rims. They will.sell you a ticket 15 min after the movie already started if you dont specify the time. They did fix the issue though. Also, the soda had to be taken back due to carbonation issues and even though no one else was at the counter you had to get their attention to get any of the 3 employees help.

Steven Belcher

I did ok 6out of 6 ×4 = 178.00 an thin walked away good start for my b-day week


Best place to watch movies!

Paul Verona

Great place to see a movie awesome customer service

Travis Dean Whitaker

Always clean and staff is very friendly. Plenty of safe garage parking.

Alex G

Under construction but is coming out very good, unfortunately didn't have bathrooms when I went so it made it very inconvenient to go outside to the casino area but I guess once is finish the rating will be better lol

alexandria miranda

very nice upgraded n good clean nice atmosphere

Mark Hembree

Fun place to spend some time


I like this theater. It's almost never too crowded. There are only eleven theaters, so sometimes they don't have the movie you want, but their selection has improved from before. There usually isn't a line for concessions either. There's always plenty of parking and sometimes you get the whole theater to yourself!

Fredra Junior

Saw How To Train Your Dragon - theater/bathrooms were clean and the staff friendly and helpful.

mark noel


Annette Davis

I really enjoyed my meal at this place

Cathy Jackson

Oh I love this movie theatre. It is close to the house and I don’t ever have to wait in line to buy a ticket because I always buy them on my app on my phone. The only thing I will say is, if you come in the middle of the day (around noon) you may way to come early because there is usually a line for concessions. Other than that, everyone that I have encountered has been friendly. The temperature of the theatre is not too cold and the theatres that I have been in have been spacious.

Alba Nidia Galvan

Nice place with nice people

Jay Rader

Great seats great sound

Kami Green

It's clean and there staff are friendly. I really enjoy going here.

Mary Stolz

No reclining chairs, but comfortable. The back reclined some. Bring a sweater.

scott lyons

Wear a face mask for disease protection and watch your wallet.. very rough environment

George Marchan

The most recently movies and affordable price

Rigel Voogd

Normal quiet theatre with good ticket prices

Big Homie

Cool spot.

Barbara Papenhausen

Very pleasant employees, and also very helpful.

Sky Williams

Wish the seats reclined with a push of a button

Paul Meinke

Great place to go. Food was great as well.

Soooby Rooo

Wonderful local amusement. My current fave.

Halo Dada

Ok for off the strip...

Michael VanderHeiden

? Overall great experience loved everything cleanliness was awesome and staff was very friendly

Cindy Tinnell

Nice theaters. They sell beer.

Enrico Vita

Boulder station sucks. Very dirty. Trashed parking garage. Run down property. So long Boulder Station.

Rose Horton

I'm not really sure why I don't care for this place...the atmosphere isn't that appealing each there own...

arthur mesler

It was a whole lot better than Sam's town theater

lori Cherpeski

Always empty, when we go on Wednesday, it's seniors day.

Oscar Vee

Loved it! The workers at the ticket counter as well as at the concession stand were very friendly and helpful. They helped me save some money on the ticket price as well as on the popcorn by getting the Regal Cinemas app, which I hadn't been aware of. Overall, a good experience.

Peter Cha

Plays movies fine, but the entire theater reeks almost unbearably of cigarettes.

Sarah Collins

Looking forward to see what the theater is going to look like after construction!!!!!

Rachel Brandel

It's ok prices are a lot but I am a vet opinion about all movie theaters that are over $5 a person also training your gluten test points so you do not have to pay so much. I don't recommend movie theaters at all at this point but if you're going to go see a movie and show out that kind of money this isn't one to stay away from. I would go here.come to think of it you're probably better off going to the movies vs playing in the casino that it's in . Peace n chicken gease. the place WORLDWIDE. ORGINAL nyhc gb

Aaron Miller

Nice place good prices.

Ruben Soto

Took for ever to get popcorn and soda and they were rude

Jaime Guzman

Love that they finally upgraded the kid's quest and the movie theater so I'll definitely be stopping here more often.

Michael Bellairs

Great service great food awesome movies there to go and see take your friends and family

Michele Haldeman

Love Going to the Movies

Christine I. Campbell

Live to go there at night with husband John for a relaxing date night!

Jennifer Harris

Enjoyed the movies. Clean casino, friendly staff and great choice of places to eat after the movies

Dennis Dominguez

Very clean and every one where very nice i give it a 5 star

Chris Mund

Expensive. And staff is rude. My son went to get a refill. Accidentally gave him food receipt and not ticket receipt. Wouldn't let him back in.

chris pope

Seats arent very comfy. If you want an amazing experience for the same price you pay at boulder station theater go to the orleans the seats there recline your feet are up and you have space all around you no hearing people chew in your ear.

Gabby Ornelas

Take sons to Watch movies on weekends clean and courteous❤

Larnette Winston

usually a good experience at this location. But today on a holiday weekend, very short-staffed; only one ticket agent who appeared to be the manager and had to step away for at least 8 minutes while the line grew longer. Only two people working the concession stand with more than 10 people in each line. Almost missed the beginning of the movie.

danielle918 webbs

This place was nice. They have a concession stand on the first floor and second floor. The concession was big on the second floor you got to walk through it and pick what you want. The movie theater was a nice size and clean.

Ivett Soto

Everytime I come here there isn't enough staff at the concession. I have to wait at least 15 minutes in line. Nice stuff but they need to move quicker or get more help.

Island Don

Nice cinema. Nice and intimate with very comfortable seats. Not too loud either.

Donna Adams

I had dinner @ Guadalajara Restaurant @ Boulder Station, The Food & the Service was outstanding. I first started going there when I first moved here from California, in 2003. Easy parking, covered, if you like!! No charge to park. Lots of activity for families,

Laurel Tate

We didn't go to movies, we gambled. No waitresses, no drinks. For 3 hours

Bishop Snow

Nice clean theater, great sound system, clear projection.

J . Eduardo Nuño Solis

I love the buffet, tasty and a lot of food, cheap prices. The casino is nice. I don't like bet.

Garrett Pace

horrible. They've apparently started pumping ventilation from the casino directly into the theaters. The entire movie it smelled like there was a lit cigarette burning on the row behind us. I assumed another patron was smoking in the theater, until we went out in the hall and it smelled just as bad. Don't come here until they fix it.

Shari Albright

Love this place, one of my all time favorite places to go. We have lived in our current town 9 years and have never seen a movie at the local movie house. Everytime we go back to Vegas to visit, we always come here.

Karen K. Gessner

Saw the new Mary Poppins movie; loved it, very well done. Super nice friendly staff. Very good popcorn.

Leo Ben

I tried to get my kids tickets to the new pet sematary movie. But the workers said no even tho i have a 18 year old daughter that was going with them.

Carina Delgado

The new remodel look amazing


your average theatre but wouldn't be so bad if they updated the seats


It's an old casino but it's one of them more relaxed definitely locals casino


Workers are great. Especially Alvin. He is multitasker with great customer service.


Very nice chairs. I was comfortable the entire time.of watching the movie. Not to mention I had at least 8 spine surgeries!

Eric Mar

Always been Awesome since 1997 to me

Ronald Chaplin

.most exalent movie. Good for kids too

Sheryl Garrett

Nice quiet not crowded

Jeremiah Lindsey

Popcorn is great, but the seats could be better if they reclined. They are comfortable and well kept. It's close to our house and that is cool.

David Schneider

Nice seating. Roomy. Dark with only some walking lights. Drawback: smoke still seeps in.

Sharon Damon

Lots of construction but the seats were comfy and we had a nice bunch of folks around us.

Pauline Nichols

I've been there before and had a wonderful experience and great sound system movie was awesome

mark mckenney

Fun movie night

Black Calm

It follows the path of all of the station theater's, up to date and clean. It is at the casino.

Magali Iglesias

The place in itself is ok. but customers service its horrible. I wouldn't come back here. I asked for two boxes for carrying drinks and one of the workers started to question me how I was going to use them . Not a happy customer.

Laura Almaraz

Love coming here on Tuesday nights

Michael Cantrell

Beautiful building but I would love to see some sales on tickets

Yoel Rodriguez

For east side persons...good place for enjoy movies

Kelly Coppler

I loved Aquaman! The girls and I wanted to do something a bit different this evening, so we checked this theater out because it was new to us. Great service and kind staff! Thanks guys! <3

Jose Lara Magaña

How much are the movie tickets ? Anyone?

Ginger Bledsoe

Easy in/out, parking and great prices for admission. Concessions sky high like everywhere else. Sound a bit loud is only complaint.

korey newton

Great movies

Chiquita Bonita

I luv that movie theater nice cozy seats that recline so U can B confortable while watching a movie

Susan Lofink

Good theater. Friendly people. Monday afternoons are not crowded

Laura DeLaTorre

Enjoy even though there under construction

lynn hale

I love the Regal Cinemas and Sam's Town Casino! I am a boxing fan, and the theater offered a special boxing event. Love that

Robert Graciano

Everything is great of this place just dont mind the dust they are remodeling

wilbert sorto

It's all good here but of course a lot can be better like the people around here but of course not much can be done about that so I'm satisfied with everything so far

Sharon Newton

Excellent seating & clean theater!

A Dejoure

Wish they had more variety in movies but overall cool.. cool

Shanna Browne

Love love love the staff, they're all great!!

Alison Lear

Expensive. Theaters were incorrectly assigned and we missed first 10 minutes of Bohemain Rhapsody. On a good note, theater was clean and easy access from parking garage.

Leobardo Hernandez

Love this place. Not too packed and at a good price. Staff is always fast and friendly

danny g

Eastside babyy


Watching movies in recliner chairs was pretty good.

J Ness

The place is nice. They have alcohol if you want it. Seats are comfortable. They do not have assigned seating which I like. Like all movie theaters you will spend more on concessions than the movie.

nelson martinez

Also nice seats recline and have a lot of space recommend

Christopher Hoffman

Clean but cold, LOL Air conditioning is on high, so dress accordingly...

Brian Jia

Unfriended staff. I would not go there even it is free.

William R. Butler

Regal Boulder Station Prices above competitors and always poor attitudes. Still old style seating and I still always look for alternative to this thester

LaShay Caldwell

The food is just wonderful here.

Jack Anthony

don't like casino bad help works there

Laly J

Very poor service and high prices but seats and theaters are very good!

Victor Thompson

Awesome, my favorite for the family to watch great movies!

Lovely Az'Eva

I personally have never been in the theaters but my daughter and her friends I have shaken to the cinema there love it and they say the sound is wonderful and a good experience overall for everyone

Tyrone Wilson

Movie was good but the line to get popcorn was a little slow but other than that everything was very good

Laura Hernandez

Is not the most up to date theater, the food prizes are high of course but they don't have combo deals. They do serve alcohol. Is not too crowded so that's also a plus


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