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REVIEWS OF Regal Aliante & IMAX IN Nevada

Moe Betta

This is a great movie theater I really enjoyed myself at this theater laid back not too many people in the theater

Michael Walling

I've seen two movies here. The theaters were large and the seats were comfortable. I had one item from the concession stand, the spicy chicken sandwich. For theater food, it was okay.


Nice theatre, has beer at consessions, some food options

Jason Busch

Great place to watch movies lots of parking, We’ve never had problems with anyone. The staff is always friendly and lines are fast. Just wish they had more comfortable seats.

belleza unica

Nice place so relaxin funny movie

Laura Inzunza

expensive for regular seating. poor customer service. stood in line at the concessions only to find out that register wasn't open. several workers saw people waiting there and said nothing.

Aaron Palmer

The concession lines have the slowest, laziest employees i have ever experienced. i’m still in line after 30 minutes. they’ve successfully served 3 people. 11 folks left in front of me. they look bored, disinterested, and move like they hate being here. Hey Regal Cinema ownership— your employees are costing you money as i’m not going to stick around and put the massive profit margin you make on concessions in your pocket. Ridiculous. Part 2: i just stood in line for another 10 minutes to get a refund on my tickets. after 40 minutes in the concession line and not halfway through, i gave up because the movie was starting. 5 minutes in, the 3D isn’t working (in their poor version of a Lie-Max screen) so it shuts down. after another ten minutes of fumbling with the lenses, the sound comes back, no picture. and at this point, i’m pulling the plug on this pointless exercise in futility. Everything about the experience today was a disaster. Highest mark were on the ticket refund, which happened relatively painlessly. but even that is up in the air until i see the actual credit on my card. I wouldn’t come back to visit this sticky floor/pathetic lazy slow employee/ technically inept theater at any point in the future, even with free tickets. Couldn’t pay me to come back here. what a wasted afternoon.

Daniel Gooda

This was probably the worst theater we have been to in awhile. First it was $24 for the two of us to get in. Then the floors were disgusting with popcorn, napkins, etc everywhere in the halls and theater. The theater has sticky floors and trash cans were overflowing. It's like they don't care at all about cleaning the place but will charge high prices. And the seats were very uncomfortable.

Tiffany Martin

Bought a ticket through Atoms ticket at 50% off to watch Widows. I opened app and my prepaid ticket was ready to scanned at the usher stand. I bypassed the box office line and went straight into the movie. Nice little experience and no hassle. Theatre was nice, clean, and loved the stadium seat as usual.

Craig Morris

Great Seats that are super comfy and don't make my arse go numb like most Movie Theater seating. Can be busy if there is a real popular movie out like Star Wars or IT. Prices are the same as every other theater in Vegas. Take all Movie Ticket Apps etc. Have a loyalty program also. Cool BIG Arcade with Tickets and Prizes. Also really cool it's connected to the Aliante Casino for some adult fun!

Donald Bartholomew

Didn't get to stay long enough.

James Fosdick

Very clean. Organized. Not very crowded at 4:30 in the afternoon Saturday. Bigger crowd as we walked out. Very polite

Richard Behrens

We regularly go on Tuesdays. Tickets are less expensive, and we get our large popcorn for all of four bucks. Theatre is nice, easy parking in the back. This theatre does not have stadium seating, but they do have a fuller menu and adult beverages.

John Berkowitz

The floor in the theater was very sticky where I sat.

James Francis

Good place to see movie.

Annette Spears

One of my favorite theaters in the valley! We went there to see Infinity Wars and it was very well organized considering the crowds and of course I love being able to pick my seats ahead of time. Good concessions, everything was nice, we'll be back!

Al Rodriguez

Great place!

Darrell Fox

I watched a movie in auditorium #5. The seats were old and uncomfortable. My back and butt hurt by the end of the movie. However, the sound system was really good.

Joe Christensen

This place is ok when no one is there. But on busy days it a cluster. Its Labor Day and there are only 2 cashiers working. The lines take forever! Normally I would let it slide but on more than one occassion it's been below par. One day the grill was out completely. Waiting 20-30 min for food. Needs to be managed better. Now on the menu they say they have onion rings and come to find out they dont. They also ran out of hot dog buns so you cant even get a hot dog. ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS!

Lee Evan

I got this theater all the time on average about twice a month easy access normally there aren't very long lines sometimes you may have to wait a little

Jovie Edwards

First time at an IMAX theatre. Took the ladies (mom, grandma, & sister) out to see Star Wars Ep 8 and IT WAS A BLAST! The sound and quality of the film was superbly enhanced and the screen was a gorgeous compliment. Only real complaints was how far out you guys are and the seats could be a bit better in the comfortable department (being my grandma is old). Prices aren’t terrible because it is well worth the extra bucks and the concessions were nice. I will be coming back

Alxenia Brown Gay

Love the buffet's bread pudding but the movies are comforting as well

Peggy Hendrix

Good service. Easy access into theaters.

kevin holiday

Needs recliners in the theaters to make it more enjoyable.

Michael Hamilton

I went to go see US. There was some nacho cheese (a lot) on the floor that was there for awhile. People were cutting in line. The people were acting like wild animals. The ticket sellers looked rude, over there job, and ehh it was so annoying to see. But maybe because all the people who kept talking at once, I don't know. But I wouldn't ever come here again.

Hugo A. Lopez

This movie theater is one of the nicest and friendliest movie theaters I have been too. I mean that truly. You know how sometimes there are no customers in line at movies but movie staff ignores you? Not here!! They are so quick and prompt. Oh and not mention I forgot my wallet inside the theater, they totally went out of their way to get back to me! Love them and will continue to support such a well organized theater right within our beloved community.

Weldon White

Nice theater with a wide selection of movies. Just wish they had the better seats and the ability to choose your seats in advance.

Mary Richardson

It was very nice me and my daughter Angela and grandson Zylen had a great time!!

Tony Verrengia

Great place to see a movie. Very clean theaters, staff very friendly and informative and Alliante casino is a great place to stay.

Gabriel Canovas

Went here twice, 6 months apart. Both times we got the worst popcorn you could ever buy from any movie theatre, which tastes like it was weeks old. Our seats in our second time watching here were stinky.

Marc Ashcraft

Horrible seats so very uncomfortable

Michelle Harris

I frequently go to this theater. As usual in a Sunday afternoon they had a line and only 1 person selling tickets. The concession stand to my surprise had more than 1 or 2 lines open today. They normally only have 2 at the most on a Sunday afternoon. I enjoy watching movies at this theater but I don't care for the way management handles the crowds and amount of staffing.

Ken Wilkins

We have seen movies several times at the Regal Aliante theater. We typically go on senior Wednesdays and eat lunch at the buffet after the movie. We normally view the regular movies instead of paying premium prices for the IMAX versions. We also go to senior movies at the Santa Fe Casino on Wednesdays.

Sherry Jack

It is a very nice theater love the setting went to see Aquaman.

Bobbi Vierra

This hotel/casino has something for everyone. From the food court that has a variety of fast foods to choose from to the casual dining of the all you can eat buffet to TGI Fridays. It has a theater and a even bowling alley. I love the Aliante hotel and casino.

Holly Osborne

Nice theater. Great seating for wheelchair bound. Snack bar prices are REDICULOUSLY expensive. Wont ever be ordering snacks.

Lupe Sandoval

Excellent theatres, great movies,great prices and friendly staff.

Kathy Gibbs

The Regal Cinemas theaters at the Aliante are actually decent. It's better than the Cannery's theater and was really clean. There are plenty of movie theaters better than this because these seats don't recline. They're comfortable, but not as comfortable as seats that do recline. The bathroom is usually clean for the most part, although sometimes I have to fish for which hand soap dispenser works.

Brenden Carducci

Didn't give me a hard time

The Summoner

Terrible experience. I asked for the Hot Cheetos Popcorn as advertised every where. They were out. I asked for mozzarella sticks, they weren't available. Cashier blames another employee for not cleaning and preparing the fryer. Walked into a flooded restroom and walked out with sticky shoes.

Jessika Hashey

The chairs are very uncomfortable and there were no attendants anywhere so anyone could have just walked in to see a movie for free

Valerie Thomas

Always quiet and clean

Aubrey Spilsbury

The movie theater was where I went, the theater stuff is usually dirty. Because of the traffic I imagine. I always like going there because it's close. But the bathrooms arent in the best cleanliness and the front area where you get the concessions is usually not the best but everyone is always friendly.


Like comingnhere to watch movies clean all the time and the seats as well

John Vasquez

Friendly staff, comfortable seats, and awesome viewing. Only movie theater we go to.

Tina Monto

We did not enjoy the end of our movie tonight. The theater was evacuated due to a drill, that could not be confirmed if it was really a drill or not. ALL of the staff needs to be (re)trained on drill and emergency protocol. The person evacuating our theater couldn't tell us where the theater's emergency exit empties into, we exited through the casino, where there was no sense of urgency at all. Please train your staff, in this day and age anything can happen at any time, and your staff should be able to guide your guests to safety.

North Cote

Amazing service. Park in the back behind the parking garage for direct walk to the theater.

Christopher Shewbarran

Great location, plenty of parking at the casino, friendly staff, clean theater. - The IMAX theater is pretty nice, however I was under the assumption that the "recliner" seats were actual recliners where you could put your feet up (I bought a ticket online). While they aren't, you can still lean back a little and the seats are comfortable.

Cole Davenport

The manager is walking around aimlessly while the concession lines are a 30 minute wait. There are 8 registers open. Many people are complaining about missing shows.

Lovely Tan

Regal theater my favorite place to watch movies. Good customer service, clean place, free parking & safe.

Manuia Tupuola

Great staff & good food!

cory smith

Overpriced and cramped seats . Imax is a regular screen in my opinion. Popcorn is ok.

Wayne Mowery

BLUF: Arrive 40 minutes early if you plan on ordering anything from the concessions stand. The most BELOW AVERAGE concessions of any local theater. Look folks, place a standard Coca Cola self serve fountain on the other side of the counter and cut the wait times down as guests fill their own drinks. would think movie goers were ordering custom gourmet hand crafted pizzas at the rate the line moved. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the management should seriously consider warning folks when they buy a ticket that concessions is going to be “a thing”. Although the hilarious comments from the furious moviegoers waiting in line did provide some amusement.

Angie Meadows

I would give them a 5 if there snack bar was not so slow.

Shelly Benkman

Great movie theater. Always clean! The employees were very friendly.

Juan V.

Comfy and clean. Always good movie selections and show times. No long lines waiting to buy tickets. My go to cinema. Bathrooms are clean. Employees are friendly

Patricia Hart

Comfortable seats, good sound. Discount on Mondays before 6pm for seniors. Tuesday discount for all shows, all ages. Regal card available. Clean facilities. Have not tried the snackbar but they will refill your popcorn after the movie as you leave.that's a bonus.

Lillie Williams

They were doing construction the last time I went, so it's a maze and the snack bar was in a totally different place from where my movie was. Plan ahead. Nice seats.

Chris Broadus

We saw Vice here. It was packed but the seats were nice and the place was clean. I'd go back. #nice #movie #theater


Been coming here for years and have also like this movie theater. However, I feel the maintenance of the place has gone way down hill. The signs for the movie theaters are all down and have been down for months. Not sure whats taking so long to fix them. I have seen multiple seats have been put out of order. One of my seats had a pretty massive hole in it. The sign in the front lobby that shows the movie times and when they are playing is broken. It just shows the wrong movie and times with some weird code next to it. Hard to explain. Just know that it is broken. I will give 5 stars once I see the maintence go up. I do love this movie theater and I hate to see it start to go downhill because no one wants to take care of it. To end on a positive note is that the popcorn and snacks are great!

Vince Direnzo


Zachery Beach

Seats could be better

Adele Kimmel

Nice theater, with comfy seats. Good popcorn and friendly staff.

Michele Liberato

Surprised it was more expensive than theaters in Hawaii. Comfortable recliner seating, quick concession service, clean restrooms

Ronnie Overbeck

Very clean place. Food was great. Even has military discounts and seniors discount.

Killerwolftank Gaming

Typical theater but it's no cannery luxary + seats aren't very comfortable.

Stacy Gresham

Nice and clean.

Christopher cavemain

Great movie theater.... clean. Need to get recliner seats. Other than that. Super.

Kyle Collins

Service slow , the place was super dirty with popcorn all on the hallway floors for hours

Veronica Dougherty

Great staff. Awesome $5 movie nights on Tuesdays. Be sure to get a Rewards card. Free movies and snacks add up quick

John Wood

Run by rude children, we will not return.

Ericha Richardson

Great was easy to buy our tickets from the kiosk, it was busy and clean.

Amanda Goodavish

Courteous staff, but these are NOT comfortable seats. My husband and I tried to walk to our seats across an aisle in theater 5 and the aisle was SO sticky I nearly broke my shoe. That's right. Gross. The entire aisle. Went here because we wanted a movie on whim, but probably won't be back if we can help it.

Amie Miller

They are always nice and helpful. They are also patient with the kids. It's family friendly of course. Seats are comfy and you didn't have to choose your seats ahead of time. You can show up early and get what you want! I love that. I like to be early so I can watch previews and I usually get the best seat that way. You can buy tickets ahead of time online which makes getting in so much easier. Bathrooms are clean.


love the theater, but slow food service.

Lowell Caro

Almost always have a great experience at Regal Aliante

Lyssa K

Loved the movies clean and nice

Jennie Hrdina

Love going to the movies here. I wish they would update their seating to recliners.

jason robb

South was very friendly, but they didn't turn the lights off when the movie started and I had to go ask somebody to turn them off and missed the first couple minutes of the movie.

Gary Chilton

Great theater complex. Clean and modern

Marge Dombrowski Marge

Horrible, stood in line for concessions for almost an hr. Missed 15 min of the movie. Place was a mess, staff behind the counter needed help. It was properly managed. Even to get a refill took 20 min and asking the manager for help. Next time im bringing my own food, I'm not going to miss what I pay for because they can't stay properly and manage what they have.

Genia B

I didnt like the customer service i received at the snack stand the popcorn tasted like it was 3 days old and mixed in with the new popcorn and i waited to switched it out my popcorn to the girl who served it to me and her friend i guess that works in the food court at dairy queen was ahead of me..she was speaking to the girl who served us the nasty popcorn about going to school and going to breakfast on monday or tuesday...the conversation lasted more than 3 minutes and i finally said excuse me i just want to switch out my movie is starting...i think the girl behind the snack bar should of had some common sense and tell her friend she would call or text her later...i wont be returning again but the movie was great.

Ryan Gaddy

Seats were comfy and a good viewing experience. The spicy chicken sandwich was good but the wait is forever. I almost missed the start of my movie because I had waited for 20 minutes.

Denise Bruckner

Nice place but every time I go I get sick for the next week

Leah Dillard

The sing alongs are a ton of fun (for adults and kids). You have to check one out (little mermaid - a classic and Moana - a must for the kids...)Plus - a great scenery and awesome place to just sit back and look up!

Valerie Carter

XRegal Cinemas is a great getaway to watch our favorite movies and the staff there is excellent especially the ticket booth Associate,we just love the Cinemas,we try and go every week,so yes 5 stars all the way! Val

CG Hill

Just a real nice theatre. Has many nice food options. I love the cheeseburger and nachos along with my popcorn.

Bill Cooper

If only I had invested in the movie industry! We're retired and spend every Monday, and sometime Tuesday as well, watching the finest movies ever made. Yes, we are over 70 and well remember all the great movies of years past, but how can they do what with computers is mind boggling! Yes, the popcorn & drinks are expensive but who cares?! Have a great time, some laughs & maybe a few tears, even. Just go and enjoy yourself. Bill & Phyllis Cooper

Justin Britton

The theater at Aliante is not a bad one. They serve beer and the seats are standard theater seats. You won't find recliners here. Prices are typical. Nothing really special about this place but it's a good theater to take the kids. If you're looking for a date night at a nice movie theater then hit up Red Rock or the Cannery for recliner style seating or D-Box motion seats cause they don't have them at Aliante.

Rose Jerus

Joan Stotelo

It was fantastic. Our family enjoyed watching Toy Story 4. Why is that the theater floors are always so sticky. I realize people drop things, but are the floors ever mopped, especially since we attended the first showing of the day.

Joe G

Great experience. Staff is friendly and I didn't have to wait unreasonably long for my food. No issues with the movie either.

Stephen Murphy

I go every Tuesday because its a bargin! Comfortable seats

Andres Pulido

So outdated With the Seats in the Movie

Hisani Jaliwa

Close buy and has good popcorn

Mike Nation

Wouldn't suggest going here, everytime I've been we have issues and the only good seats are toward the back, I suggest going to the galaxy theaters at the cannery because they have reclinable seats.

Jeremy Nokes

It's an okay Place hard to find because it is inside of a casino people were nice just not much Variety in their sodas so couldn't get it diet drink which is why they got three stars because I'm a Diet Dew person and not a Diet Coke

Elexus Loebbecke

So I park in the back so the kids dont have to walk through the casino. We wear our jammies and bring our blankets then snuggle up to watch a movie of our choice. Prices are average high, wish all movies would lower their prices again. But this is my favorite theater in the Vegas Valley.

Alex Wasden

This place is pretty decent as movie theaters go. On the plus side, it's always clean and never too crowded. On the negative side, most of the seats are older and the concessions stand takes forever.

Sandra Hanson

My biggest problem with this theater is the exposure to cigarette smoke while buying tickets. Second-hand smoke has been declared to be more dangerous than first-hand smoke yet, there is no consideration for the safety of patrons that are non-smokers, cancer sufferers, allergy sufferers, etc. Another prime example of the core of capitalism, which is greed, that serves profit only.

Mandy Hopkins

This is a decent theater. I wish they had upgraded seats especially since you have to reserve seating during ticket purchase. Theater and restrooms are usually clean and they sell Starbucks coffee. Prices are similar to other regal locations in the area.

Cory Lewis

One of the few theaters left where you can buy tickets last minute and get decent seats. Most theaters out there have reserved seating, which can be great, but recently we wanted to see a movie that was out for two weeks but still sold out like crazy at the reserved theaters (Avengers). We bought tickets that morning and showed up 30 minutes early and got our pick of seats. That's just me though, I am old school and like to show up early.

Lana Lee Heckman

Movie theater clean and pretty comfort.

John Huston

Loved the movie theater here. Frankly I couldn't be disappointed when I was there because I was the only customer. I surprised the employee when I walked to the counter and got a coke and a popcorn. When I walked into the theater I was the only person there and to my delight and somewhat discomfort nobody else bought a ticket and came in so I had the huge theater to myself. A bit creepy and eerie but otherwise a nice treat to watch a movie and not be disturbed. I was there on a wednesday night for a business trip.

tia macklin

Had a great selection of food. Seats were confortable.

Commsman76 Las Vegas

Great service great clean theatres nice seating friendly staff

Jay Brezzy

So this theater is in if my favorite...and actually is my go to for movies. The theater is, and I repeat, always clean. Thank you staff for this. Now, if you're going to have issue with a few kernels on the floor, then you're a person who would complain that water is to wet for you. If you're a realists, you understand that there will be a few things that are part of a movie experience


I love regal cinemas here. It's never too busy. They have closed captioning glasses. Great feature for someone like me that is Deaf/ HOH.

Sami Ali [STUDENT]

A great experience, would expect lower prices though with the seat quality.

Virgie Lozendo

No recliners, they put the wrong movie title on the outside of the theater door!

Alejandro Lujan

I take my family here to watch movies all the time great projectors . Clean nice environment

Becky Brown

Nice new seats and they are comfortable.

Brett M Wyman

Unfortunately, the negative reviews are accurate. We purchased our tickets, went into the restroom in the lobby and came back out and got a refund and left. Bathrooms were so gross. Rather disappointing because the casino is amazing..but then there is this place..

Sidney Kelly

The perfect place to enjoy a movie in North Las Vegas. Super clean


I have seen 2 movies here so far. The first time it was clean and the experience was smooth. The second time the whole building was littered with popcorn and our theatre looked like it hadn't been cleaned all day with an overflowing trashcan. I don't know what happaned but the standards aren't consistent.

Q. McFerg

Sound was great. There are typically no long lines for tickets or snacks. They have reclining seats but are in need of an upgrade with foot elevation too

Vandy Ramirez

Just don't go there and watch movies with a room full of high school kids. They don't know theatre etiquette. Wasn't able to enjoy our Family movie night with our kids. Just very disappointed by that. I feel like if you're shelling out $60 for tickets and more $ at the snack bar you should have a great movie experience right? Other than that it's normally a good place to watch movies.

Sherwin Lucas

Its clean and love the atmosphere, the food service was great and very attentive. Thank you

gabby and me!

Nice movie theater from Regal Cinemas. If you are a member, you'll get freebies qnd discounts at the concessions counter. Itnis a little old fashioned movie theater but the seats are very comfy and the ambiance makes you feel back in the 80's. Highly recommended.

Douglas Hinman

The only theater that has an IMAX screen for those of us in North Vegas, which for me is a huge plus. Don't park in the garage if you are just going to the movies drive north on Aliante to Elkhorn and make a right turn right again just past the garage and park near this west entrance it will take you directly to,the theater so you don't have to endure the insufferable and suffocating cigarette smoke that permeates the air of the casino for too long. Once you're in the theater all you get is the delicious aroma of theater popcorn.

Debrah Garcia

First time we here watch movie ticket man rude insulting us he said discont senior citizens is Wednesday do we look like senior citizens we in early 40 n 50 damn no respect. he old at least 65 that senior citizens

K Lee

Arrive 45 minutes before your movie time if you plan on getting concessions. Staff is INCREDIBLY inefficient, manager does not particularly care. One if our seats was broken in theater 16, as were several other people's seats.


I saw Godzilla in IMAX. It was a great experience

Bob Petty

Comfortable seats, just wish didn't have to pre-select where to sit.


Usually go during the day so not crowded. Excellent customer service. Rarely a problem but if there is, they offer a quick and fair solution. Only suggestion would be since they now offer an extensive menu, to add trays whenever they upgrade seats.

Rosa Padilla

Nice and clean.

Joel Rand

Nice theaters, seats dont lean the way back - no red vines

J.L. Goody

Floor felt like I was walking on glue paper.. hella sticky... INVEST IN A MOP

Simply Tony

This was the Absolute WORST theater I've been to in ALL of Las Vegas. The food was trash. The drinks were FLAT. The Seats gave me and my Girlfriend Back pain by the end of our movie. And the theater room itself was FILTHY. Would Not recommend this location for movies EVER

William Durham

Very quiet, good temperature, everyone very nice.

Chris Seda

Wish they would add luxury assigned seating. Everything else is fantastic

JoAnne Racicot

Friendly customer service, but popcorn could be hotter/fresher, restrooms could be cleaner & smell better!

John Yim

It is what you would expect. Tickets are discounted on Tuesdays, seats are cloth and have the ability to lean back 20 degrees (estimating). Food and drinks are pricey, but all theaters are. The lines can get long, but they do a pretty good job of getting the line moving so the wait wasn't as bad as I initially thought. Drinks are free refills so that's a plus. You can get some food next to the theater if you're hungry, there are a few restaurants easily accessible right next to it.

Herman Alapati

Cool fun place. Clean . Nice family place

Judith Stanford

We saw Captain Marvel at the IMAX. Great sound, great experience. Assigned seats, decent price. Would prefer reclining seats like other cinemas now have.

Dispo Cifer

Nice clean movie theater and friendly staff

High Maintenance

My movie didn't work for 30 mins

Romero Allamani

The facility a norm. I liked the attempt to provide added retail items...spirits. A warning to management the hot dog was the worst I have ever had...nathanael or not. Your prep process left the hot dog bun like rubber and it was not at proper temperature...stop the microwave and go back to grilling and steaming. I want more for the cost!

Shelby Crockett

Concessions took over ten minutes and had to go through 4 people to get Alcholic Beverages. Floor in movie theater was super sticky.

Christopher Castillo

Its now one of our favorite spots for movies!.. There's a little arcade near by and places to eat before or after the movies

Jerry Gibson

Excellent staff. Popcorn is always hot and fresh. But like any walk in theater snack bar prices are high and often understaffed.

Michael Gutierrez

When we go out that far. We love this theater. Very comfortable

paul graffenberger

Gave it a 2 for slow sloth like service ,they don't give you glad your here Wow experience factor. Never have fresh popcorn. The only convenience is it close to home and not crowded. They need to up there cleaning floors sticky and messy.

Patty Bellotte

OK theater. They have stadium seating and have finally started selling assigned seats, but if you go in late you cannot see the seat numbers. Also, there are no reclining seats.

josephine janson

Was amazing

Charles Matt

Great place to watch a movie on a Monday

John Wulf

We were in theater 8. The seats were not updated to the recliner seats we have become used to, but the sound was upgraded to 7.1, and it sounded really good. We enjoyed Toy Story 4. Snacks were typical theater care and exactly as expected.

Jessica Fox

Clean and nice theater

Kim McQuade

Nice atmosphere, good movies, appreciate discount days!

Adrian Gan

Go to theater for me and my wife. Comfortable seating and always clean.

Sunshine Ray Taylor

Wonderful place for a good time. Food accessible at the front, I ordered a chicken dinner and it was really good. The movies are amazing and the seats aren't bad either. Great service! Would definitely go multiple times and I do

Richard Randell

Pretty nice theater!

Carlos Worm

Good service. Helpful customer service lots of food and beverage to choose from


No waiting. Spacious. Exceptionally friendly staff. Good quality. Great parking. Convenient for dinner and happy hour.

Victoria Ko

Clean and affordable.

Alex Barrett

Great location. Easy to find. Prices for the tickets were better than I expected. Customer service was top notch. Very fast, friendly and polite. Cleanliness of the theater was top notch. Bathrooms were cleaned to perfection. Seats were the most comfortable I’ve ever been in, inside the theater. Definitely recommend. Will most definitely be back.


This is my favorite movie theater in LV to just relax have some popcorn and take a break from casino games and cigarette smoke.It is a well managed place .Bring family and friends.

Terry Sender

While the movie I saw there (Incredibles 2) was a lot of fun and amazing, the theater itself wasn't all that much to write home about. The ticket taker didn't let anyone in until just a few minutes before the previews started, the floor was EXCEPTIONALLY sticky, the seats were a little off... I've been to nicer theaters before.


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