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Where is Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas / PBC?

REVIEWS OF Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas / PBC IN Nevada

Monica Fields

Cool lil theatre.

julia adreon

Had a nice date

Barbara Simon

Good shows but a little expensive.

Bill Harris

Great movie theater sound is awesome

Echo Preston

The prices are fine and the staff were all very friendly. The screen we watched was in good condition and the sound was mixed perfectly. These are the things that make a five star review. Sadly the lobby reaked of burnt popcorn (i love popcorn.. but i want the wonderful buttery theater popcorn to greet me at the door, you know?). The bathrooms were gross. Worse of all the seats were installed incorrectly so they are at a forward angle making it impossible to sit correctly or recline in the slightest way. Terribly terribly uncomfortable.

Tim Lozoya

Great ticket prices and there's almost never a line. Great for releases. Snacks are fine and overpriced, but it's a theater so it goes without saying despite me having said it.

Adolfo Martinez

The wrong movie started, but it was a very late movie and the staff was nice and accommodating

Stephanie Horvat

Theater is dirty and out dated, but the prices are somewhat reasonable

Doug M

great friendly place to see movies , discounts always and small theaters never crowded

Martha Minter

Great movie selection always

todd leavitt

Decent place to watch movies

Robert Anderson

Great Service and friendly staff

Zoe Jacobs

Nice variety of new releases and good matinee prices.

Delfina Rocha

The service was great. Even tho the cashier wore many hats including the snack bar, cashier and checking people in. He did a great job. Hats off to him.

Deondrae Bridgeforth

Nice and clean but no eating places!

Mike Cook

Great theater and manager Jay always remembers the customer. Great guy!

Earline LaPierre

Left early the theater was freezing cold

karla dowdy

Free kids movies are great. Spent 50.00bucks at concession for 7 kids. They could have been a little bit nice

Isabella Miln

Great Seats and an incredible staff

Marvin Donatto

Good theater very very comfortable seats.

Doug McGeehan

great inexpensive movies compared to the others, usual over priced food and drink bur that is some everywhere, go to the dollar store in the same mall and get the mandms for 1.00 instead of 4.50

Frank Sandoval

Good prices, Friendly employees, Awesome seats, and Excellent Sound system all for the low price of $7.00 dollars, The popcorn is always Fresh

Drea thats me

Idk why but why can't you sneak snacks in

ann Childress

Great value

Daniel Pencoff

Cheap tickets,clean cinema

Joey Carruthers

Nice theater but could definitely use some deep cleaning. Carpets cleaned, fresh paint, arcade games filthy. Popcorn and soda little expensive but fresh and good....


Love the theater love the commercials before the movie but change your guyses seating the chairs suck. Get more modern chairs with better legroom. You're sitting on a gold mine of a theater. If you change the seating more people would come to your theater.

Barbara Cox

Very nice, clean, and employees were friendly.

Bree VanM

Theater is a bit small. But a step up from what it used to be. Friendly staff good price tickets and I recommend getting the medium size raspberry icee. 10/10 Would just go for that even. It's an alright place if you're lookin for something to do.

Liana Neidlinger

Great place to go. Reasonable prices. Always enough seating.

Corvette Aubuchon

Seven dollar movies!

Michael Rodriguez

Nice place for movies

Janie Gardener

New movies. Clean. Comfortable seats. Not too crowded. Reasonably priced. Air conditioning good temperature. In an indoor mall. Good picture and sound. Friendly staff.

Albert payan

Nice little theatre....

Betty Seymour

Gerat price !!! Enjoyable

GND Devine

Best prices i ever seen not that much people here line is short 1-5 min wait

karen Morales

Great place to see movies

brian perez

This place is kinda small but I liked that about it. And it wasnt crowded maybe because everyone else is out gambling. Seats we great and staff was good. Good job.

Allen Milner

Meh, kind of dirty

Jon Urban

Love this theater. They are amazing. The hot dogs ain't half bad either. Movies come out on time and look good. The staff for the most part is very friendly and likes to help. Cheap movies and good times.

Michael Strauss

Cheap movie tickets. Very clean

Terry Gibbons

Wouldn't call this "state-of-the-art". However, the price is right, the people are nice, and the seats are comfortable.

Eduardo Tovar

Excellent peeps and ambience when we visited back in November 2018. Will be returning this November as well.

Frank Tedesco

Just OK. Flop mall is depressing.

Alvaro Ballesteros

helpfull employees and great picture

Sherman Joseph

Staff was friendly and professional and up sold everything. The seats are dirt in the auditorium. The food was sub-par in comparison to other theaters in the area. I will not visit for a blockbuster but for a run of the mill flick not bad.

Bob Nunya

Better than average theater

Greta Kilpatrick


katheryn Biggers

I love going to the movies here. The staff working there is always so incredibly nice and friendly. They always go above and beyond. They have the absolute best popcorn of all the movie theaters I've been to. I also love the nachos. They have two sizes!!! The cheese is so yummy and they are generous with it! I ran out and they gave me more! Plus the jalapenos are incredibly delicious. This place is my favorite place to go to the movies. It's small, but the staff and the snacks are wonderful.

Kimberley Hoffman

Love the seats, be careful who sells you the tickets. Some of the clerks do not listen well.

Rose Jarvy

Love this place living off of min wage single parent it is REFRESHING to be able to tell my son yes we can go several times a month n i can afford it- might not be able to afford Mcdonalds anymore but Love that I can afford this THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Kim Leon

Best Theater in Laughlin. Small but always clean.

Christopher Valdivia

We always go to a night showing and it's never packed. Definitely a good way to get out of the heat for a bit.

Steven Roberts

Decently priced, usually clean theaters, customer service is okay, could be a little better, prices for snacks are okay.

Russell Henslee

$7.00 for admission all day everyday. Concession prices are a bit cheaper compared to other theatres. Movie houses are clean; have stadium seating with lifting armrests. Equipped with digital projectors, so visual is clear. The sound system is mediocre; good enough to hear dialogue but sfx suffer a little. Customer service seems better during night showings.

Donna Reyes

Has a lot is shops

Dottie Graves

Whenever we go to Laughlin we always see a movie. Nice place

Coco Day

This theater has a great employee named Robert. He is friendly, courteous, and helps make our experience better every time he's there. He always greets you with a smile and holds the door open for you. The world needs more people like him!

Jeff Nabors

Great. Clean, V friendly. $6 for 1st run. Going back tomorrow.

Steve Biggs

I think this is very comfortable place.

ray anderson

Get what you pay for. Cheap seats for a cheap theater but when you need a break from losing, this provides just that.

Ronda Robinson

I've gone here several different times. Most of the time that people are nice. But today they weren't so nice. It cost $7 no matter what age you are everybody $7

Waterworld Jetski & boat

It's OK for it age it really needs remodeling

Rod Rodriquez

Very nice, theater is just the right size good seat, with plenty of room.

Donald Thomas

It was great my baby loved the show as you can see

Douglas Pettengill

Very friendly staff.

Terry Young

Dirty, smelly and when we complained about a kid smoking in the theater all they did was ask him not to which he totally ignored.

upstate rounder

This place is awesome. Friendly staff, nice theatre, good picture and sound. There's a lot of reviewers here, who don't seem like they go to the movies very often. The Stadium in Laughlin isn't a "high-end" theatre. It's in a mall, so you're going to have a "theatre in a mall" type atmosphere. As for the prices, listen: Since the invention of modern Cinema, a running joke has been that the prices for soda/popcorn/snacks are outrageous. That's the same for every movie theatre in the country. Every. Single. One. It's going to cost around $20 for two sodas, a large popcorn, and a box of candy. Which makes the entire date like $34. That's not really as terrible as people are making it out to be. I've been other places where the tickets were more than $40 for two people. If you're that broke, take her hiking. Not for date night? Even when I take all 3 kids up to The Stadium, it runs about $60. Which, if you have kids, you should know that price is an absolute steal. If you're that broke, stop having kids.

Eddie Franco

Good prices and great deals

Michael Cypher

The women's rest room was closed AGAIN, and my wife and I were taking my 3 year old granddaughter to see a movie and she had to go to the bathroom. So I took her into the men's room as I have done in COUNTLESS businesses. I come out and the older black concessions gal was chewing on my wife for me doing so, saying we should walk her to the public restrooms in the mall, even if it was risking her peeing her pants. Another woman jumped in saying her husband often has to do the same with their daughter. This is bs. I guess they dont want kids there. Here is an idea, FIX THE LADIES ROOM. Been over a week that I know about as we took her there last week too, including the bathroom.

dallas c

Nice movie theater and its only $7. Very nice people that work there

Ken Nadeau

Nice place you enjoy it stop in and see him something different always everywhere

gayiest mobile player

It's cool

Sine M. Scott-Surwill

Not a bad little theater. In a small strip mall that's not to busy...

Dustin McElreath

This is a nice theater. Prices are reasonable, the theaters air conditioning was out, but the staff told us before we bought tickets and they were all very friendly. The theater is also nice and clean inside.

Walther Solano

Really good place it felt nice it’s clean

J.D. Patterson

Purchasing tickets online was simple and easy. The staff was helpful and friendly. We were the only people in the theater. The women's bathroom was atrocious! 4.5 stars if the restrooms were even average.

Liv Morales

Enjoyed Jurassic Park with my man

Armando Vidaurri

Great place to visit Cant wait to go back.

MrHill 1981

Every time I’m in Laughlin I come here nice staff. Great movie quality not to many people in the show with. Prices are same as every where else.

Kay Ru

Popcorn is expensive...and no refills

Dianna Russell

Had newest movies, close to our hotel,Edgewater, clean, no crowds or lines. Loved the covered parking!!

Robert Saunders

Best movie theater in the area, clean, and comfortable.

Paul Rpl

Was only 6 dollars per person and it a pretty nice theater

Kel Turner

The movie I saw was funny

Slate The Great

Always a great price and food. Short lines and easy to get in and out.


This is a cute little theater. You will find it inside of the Laughlin Outlet. There is also covered parking to keep your vehicle shaded. The theater was clean and spacious. The staff were very personable and helpful. Would come back to this theatre if I were ever in the area again!

jim runkle

Great price, easy acess


Stadium style seating with arms that raise. They show new releases, classic and retro films. Its more comfortable than Riverside Cinemas and not quite as comfy as the Brendan Theaters, food is of course expensive but on par with most movie theaters...maybe slightly better prices. Service here varies greatly. It's dependent on the on duty manager. I don't know everyone's name but when Joe, John, and Zach work service is usually great.

Cindy Ellis

Saw Aquaman. Very comfortable seats. Highly recommended

jesus flores

Its nice, but just a bit warm inside.

Bob Arriola

If this theater is the one in the mall then the manager has zero people skills. Unfriendly and cold. Theater 7 AC does not work. I told the MGR. Next day we came back to see a different movie theater 5. The MGR remembered me. I don't know if it was intentional but it was ice cold inside and everyone was freezing. MGR's service and attitude is less than poor. This place needs a change in management. Appears no training. The young lady helping us is definitely more qualified to be the manager.

Mark Kahley

Very nice theater. Has an annual popcorn subscription and annual loyalty soda cup.

Josh LaBlanc

I seriously can't explain my fullest satisfaction for this theater. It's six dollars all day, which is insane, but, honestly, price is second to theater quality for me, and this theater seriously amazed me. Their Dolby theaters have absolutely spot on sound with impressive screens. I've seen Zootopia six times now, and this theater made the movie look and sound the best by a very considerable margin. The seats are comfy as well, and it looked pretty dang clean in the theater itself. If you're in Laughlin and want to see a movie, this is definitely the place.


Had a fire alarm during the movie. Nobody came in to get us. Then when it was over, no one re-started the movie until we told them to. Scary if it would've been a real fire! You're on your own!

w weston

Customet service was good and the seating is great

marshmallow Fan

Can't beat the price!


It was too loud

Penny Saver

Prices are great seats are comfortable & they do so much for the community & children, like free movies in the summer... Love it when a company gives back.

Everett Home

It was OK about the movie thing

Maria Brown

The women's rest room was pad-locked and I had to walk the Mall rest room. Last time we were there, I went in to get seats, my husband stood in line for Pop Corn, when he got ready to go into the movie, the woman who sold him the Pop Corn, made him come to me and get proof that he had purchased a ticket. After going to the bathroom, I went back to the box office and told the clerk that the price of the ticket should entitle Women the use of the restroom and I explained the other reason why I would not be coming back to their Theater. I also told him I would post it on line. Ladies, you have other movie theater choices in town and I for one will excercise my right to go elsewhere to see my movies.


Great price... now $7 all around!

Monica Ramirez

Very abandoned

Ken Harris

Great prices.

Brenda Miller

Very friendly people

Brenda Whitten

We sat about 9 rows from the front and everyone stood the entire 1st half so we Couldn't see any of the show. We just left.

Chairdain Alvarado

A place to relax when not gambling!

Christine Seibel

7.oo per person everyday

Tina Shuba

#reclinerseats relaxing!!

Roberta Martinez

The staff members were very polite and friendly. The movie was a good one.


Went to see Aladdin. This was my first time here. From the box office to the ticket taker this place had world class customer service! Theaters are older but still nice. Restrooms could use some update but over all this was great.

Estivante v1

Like how cheap the tickets are and they have good movies.

Trevor Hudson

Nice to have a movie theater in your own hotel

Oscar Felix

Halloween great movie

Sabrina Mia

I’ve gone to the movies here for years and I still do! Excellent theater

john purtle

Restroom is a bit run down and games seem out of date . soda prices not bad if you don't mind spending enough to buy a small country.

El Señor De los fuegos

Not the greatest but it's Enough to go watch a movie lol

Crystal K

The ticket price is were it should be. The snack options are pretty good for the size of the theater.

Gary Luckhurst

Great cinema experience. We went to see A Star is Born, what a great movie starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I tip Cooper for an Oscar. The seats were super comfy and reclineable. The sound was amazing. We did find the refreshments very expensive 4 and a half dollars for a drink, wow. Take your own. Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Rodney Martin

A great option for guests in Laughlin.

Samuel Owens

This movie theatre is very old but it has free movies every week for kids and the theatre is very clean!!

Nicole Starman

$7 movies and great service.. Can't beat it

Jodi Crowley

Movie was good. Saw the Lego Movie 2. Good fun. Go see it. Also got my tennis shoes cleaned. Go see Nikki. She'll do it right. And finished the day off with finishing my hunger off with Hangry Payne's, Chicken Chipotle sandwich, otherwise known as The Hangry 420. And some killer chicken tortilla soup.

Jingles Jacquelyn

Enjoyed the theater with my dad.

Michael Antonio Canganelli

One of Old haunts when we lived down closer to the Colorado River!

Dennis J

Can't beat it for $7. Newer movies. It's pretty clean. The seats are basic. Screen size is moderate. The sound is good.

Andre Gomez

Loved Avengers Endgame

Keven Garcia

Nice place.. the chairs could use an recline more.. us tall folks could use a bit more leg room.. but overall its clean and screen viewing is just right..

Dave Heath

This theater is the best in Laughlin. The prices grab you, but when you get there you see how hard the staff works to give customers a quality experience. They set up snack deals so you can see a movie with a snack and drink for $20. They have movie-specific trailers and fewer ads than the other theaters in town. One theater shows the same three trailers on every movie for 3 or four months at a time. That is a sign that nobody cares. Phoenix is just the opposite. They have more 3-D showings than any other local theater. One of the local theater doesn’t show anything in 3-D. They even get the little things right. They are the only theater still serving Mr. Pibb and they have the best popcorn butter and beat nacho cheese. The staff is friendly. The summer free movies are awesome for kids. They care enough about movies... no. They LOVE movies enough to have a film festival! These guys just do it right and I am thankful they are around.

John Ray Othon

Enjoyed the theater. Service was good.

Brandon Walker

They always have good movies, concession stand is clean and up to date. Restrooms suck, definitely need remodeling

Amanda Rivera

Great time

Aquarius Joker

I love this place, awesome prices and friendly staff

Kristal Oelfke

Good prices and comfy seats

William Supple

Good seating. Good food selection for goodies while movie watching.

Lisa Johnson

Love this place We go several times a month!

Paula Pease

Tickets are $7.00. Can't beat that! Theatre was nice and clean. Had a great time.

McCoy's Landscaping


Kay Jay

Entire mall doesn't have diaper changing tables how am I supposed to change my babys diaper?

Cynthia Switzer

Employees are always very nice.

frankie miller

Nice place

Ronald Hanson

Very friendly place love this movie theater!

Ravyn Auberjonios

The prices aren't that bad for the tickets. But the bathrooms are really gross. And they close later than the mall so if you go to a later showing than park in the back otherwise you have to walk around the mall because the front Is caged off

Amy Vessey

Good prices on food and movies.

Bernard Paul Brown

We attend there at least twice a month. We like the stadium seating.

Steve Engle

Decent theater experience. The men's rest rooms is atrocious. It's never crowded there so there's really no reason as to why staff can't work on it to keep it clean.

Paul Garnevich

Same price all shows every day

B.E. Wear

Friendly employees, comfortable sits

Tonette Matera

Nice people, good price.

Terry Newton

Theaters are ok, some air conditioning problems on occaision.

Mike H

Good prices and new movies!


Great place. Happy times there.

Brian Hickerson

Good place to watch new movies.

Jenny Stranc

Their was a lot of stores closed.

Keli Drozd

Good for day movie

Fred Kreutzer

Always fun

Jerry Horine

Always clean and nice stadium seats,always go there have been fo years.

Deon j.

So many good movies and quality


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