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REVIEWS OF Galaxy Theatres Victorian, Sparks IN Nevada

Angela Stamper

Heard they reopened this movie theatre and WOW. so nicely done! The theatres have very nice rows of chairs (someone complained about the seats not being motorized in an earlier comment...NOT even a problem. They’re really nice chairs very comfortable) the staff was super friendly and it just FELT good to be on this place. Definitely coming back!

Eric Benton

Recently remodeled. Looks awsum. Nice big plush chairz. Not automatic like tha 1 at sheelz, but stil cumfy. They serv alcohol now jus like sheelz az well. A lil on tha xpensv sd tho. Othr din that, def wrth watchn a moovy ther

Joseph Ted Arellano

I love it! Enormous and so much leg room. Nice employees and overall, clean. Recommend it and would come back here again.

Carlos Riano

Nice open area but maybe somewhere to sit when waiting for some one.

Tammy Regis

Nice theater. Serves beer. Recliner seating.

John Ross

Awesome staff , always willing to go the extra steps to make sure your movie going experience is phenomenal. Plus the rewards program is awesome. Can't say enough about the Victorian or Legends IMAX!!

Tye Sussmann

Went here before they remodeled and came back and it was a fantastic experience. Not crowded, very nice seats, stylish lobby. Parking garage nearby for convenience and doesn't cost to use. Also, it leads right inside without you have to walk in the elements. My only complaint was that it was a very expensive experience. Concessions are worse prices than other cinemas and tickets are expensive.


Seats are awesome, very comfortable. Would definitely reserve beforehand to avoid the lines, but they go pretty quick anyways.

Emma Garcia

Went and seen Captain Marvel. Service was great. Their seating is awesome.

Kalei Aila

This place is awesome. Great place to watch a movie

Shuaib Abdullah

Always easy to get to your movie


I don't know what is is, but this place seriously had some of the tastiest popcorn I've ever had. The seats we amazing too, so squish and comfy - even more so than the ones at legends. We're making this our go to theatre now.

Allen Tilley

Very pricey. Comfortable seats.


Best theater in the area. The remodel is incredible and creates a much better experince with comfortable seating and spacious leg room. Food optiona are still over priced but that is expected from all cinemas today. Film options are great & parking has never been an issue. Hands down mine and my families favorite.

Barbara Kearns

We enjoyed our visit. Service was extremely friendly. I had purchased our tickets ahead of time to surprise my husband for his Bday. On or way to the theater my husband checked his email and saw he had a free Bday movie ticket. When we got there, we jokingly mentioned it and said , hope a good movie comes out next week so we could use it. They offered to refund one of the tickets I had purchased and we could use his Bday ticket. We were impressed that they would do that. We had a great evening.

Lisa Smith

It's always clean and people are polite

Michael Zolyniak

Great theater. The remodeling is perfect. I can see our family attending this theater more often.

Jessica Stehman

This is such a beautiful theater. I was trying to avoid this place and when I finally went I was in awe. My most recent trip, I had to park in the parking garage and they have an entrance to the lobby thru the garage. It really is a beautiful remodel.

Thomas Hornberger

The best movie theater.

Ashley Crane

Super comfy seats, clean theater. Loved it

Charles Ketcham

Parking is surprisingly easy and connected to the theater... finall. Plus the updates are appreciated.


Love the theatre, seats, and layout. Concessions crew needs a little more training, and direction

Patrick Derry

Great theater it is never busy or packed like the others. Snack counter is slow, we were second in line and waited almost 30 just to order a popcorn and three drinks.

william ortiz

Nice place friendly people from staff

Jessica Sanchez Grimaldo

Was super bummed about the new layout in the lobby, seems like it would be chaos if it was super crowded. Staff were great though! Popcorn was meh.

John Mccoy

This was the worst movie experience I have had in years first the price of a senior ticket was $11.50 I could have seen the same movie at another theater in town for $5 the time to get a ticket was too long and there was only one person in line then approaching the food counter take a long time also with only one customer in front of me my popcorn had over 30 unpopped kernels bad on my teeth I would not return to this theater again

kyler cuddy

Great theater. Super comfortable seat, great picture quality and a fantastic selection of food and drinks. The scenery around the theater is still under development but still looks nice enough to sit outside and eat some food from either of the two restaurants next to the theater.

Clifton Seay

Great experience, love the non-electronic recliner seats.

Tyler Belunek

Pretty nice movie joint for Reno

anna crowel

Love the parking garage, wish it was easier to find. Signage out front would be helpful

Icea Edwards

The place was amazing Expensive but that's to b expected

Where in the world is Toni

I love this place! This is my new go-to theatre when in the Reno area.

Dianne Richardson-Conda

Went to see Green Book on a Wednesday evening. From the moment I pulled in to park, I knew I had found my new Wednesday night hang out. I was impressed just by the appearance of the theater. Parking was a breeze, but I can imagine there might be issues with parking on the weekends. The entire staff provided exemplary service-from the sweet woman at the ticket counter who explained the Rewards Program to me, to the concession stand guy who was just downright charming. There were only 6 other people in the theater-which was a dream come true to watch one of the best movies I have ever seen. The theater itself had very comfortable, large, reclined seating and was immaculately clean throughout. I just moved to Reno from NJ. You would never find a theater with such high standards in Jersey-just another reason to make me feel lucky to live in beautiful Nevada. Thank you Galaxy for making me feel so welcome in your theater and giving me the inspiration to actually want to go to the movies again. See you next week!

Lauren Phillips

This was my first time at this theater and I'm glad I went. There is a parking garage (no charge) and you can enter through the garage. The seats are the new reclining type and we were super comfy! The sound was great and the theater wasn't freezing for once.

Joel Flores

Great Seats. Reclining, large, very comfortable. Friendly staff. #reclinerseats #datenight

Christopher Gear

Wow, Galaxy did a great job remodeling this theatre. It's nicer then their theatre at Legends in Sparks

Kbullbam Bam

The perfect movie going experience with plenty of parking, unless the rib cook-off Street vibrations or hot August nights is underway. In that case, good luck.

Evelyn Mages

I love the place but no chair or a place to sit.A lot of people were sitting on the ground.I notify the manager. I was waiting for my movie to start.

K.C. Jones

Great experience- Excellent customer service from Sierra at the Snack Bar and Dylyn at the Customer Service desk. Attached, convenient covered parking. My only criticism is that the conversation parts of our movie were difficult to hear -however we had to cover our ears because the music in the film was SO LOUD! We saw the film 'Yesterday'

Aaron Wermuth

I like this theater much more than Legends, mainly because of the parking. My only comment would be to find a better use of all that space in the corridor from the parking garage. Maybe some seating for waiting on people or more displays for upcoming movies.

michillinda burke

Love it! The recliners are so comfy, and no one hits your feet when they walk by.

Jimmy Harris

Good theater. Good leather seats, manually reclined. Expensive concession costs which I suppose is expected in today's market..

Jemma Jupiter

Not too bad little slow on the service though

Patricia Rosaschi


Nevaeh McEwan

Oof its amazing.

Jenny Calderon

Love there seats and very clean

Juan Alemon

Do not do a matinee here. This is my first time here and my first impression is poor.Arrived for a 930 matinée but no popcorn or hot dogs were ready. Staff was rude when we asked when the food would be ready.

Leah Sage

Took my dad and my 2 very young children here for a night out. I honestly dreaded taking my kids at first because I hate being that person with screaming kids. But the concession people were kind. And the bubbly manager made my kids day by treating her as her own customer while getting our snacks and drinks. They gave us a good deal on seats as to not have to drag kids around since it was a late showing. Surprised at both my children though the movie for just kicking back in their amazing seats and just watching the movie. Definitely a good cinema experience worth recommending.

Shirley Kelley

Recently remodeled. If you want a great movie experience, check out this theater!

Kathy Chapman

Very nice theater. Love the oversized recliners


These are good but comfort level of the seats can be improved.

LiZZ Maes

Beautiful place, nice people, Soo comfy. I'm impressed with what they've done. People say the seats don't recline?? But they do, and are really soft.

Tania Ng Lam

The remodel is beautiful. The theaters are nice and comfortable especially the seating.

Angie Wilson

Very nice! Seats are new and not ripped or torn. People are nice and service was great!

Randy Stromlund

I really like the theater since the remodel. But parking is limited and it'll get worse as the area develops.

Jayson Sheffield

By far my favorite local movie theatre. Never too crowded. Seats are the best with lots of arm rest room and comfy. Manual leg rest is much better than electric to me. Sound and screen are the most state of the art. Parking garage allows you to never deal with bad weather. Only gripe is prices but it is worth it.

Nobukato Donre

Not crowded. Costumer service was efficient. Comfortable chairs and enough space to walk through. Speaker volume excellent

Nicholas Kimutis

The seats are fantastic and the staff is super friendly and courteous. Parking is also very convenient!

Tyler Tolman

Live the remodel. Amazing how much work they've done but a great improvement.

Davia Shuttleworth

Love it there...not crowded

Dottie Henderson

This location is the worst. We have gone here twice and both times the manager helped us and was completely rude. I will no longer be going to this location. Get new staff then maybe.

Connie Moreno

Lub it better than the busy legends one!

Bob Lewis

Great movie theater

Deidre Pagni

Clean comfortable and easy access from parking garage

Paul Mars

Very clean very nice and awesome customer service

Kristen Jones

Great parking! Nice layout, comfortable seats, average pricing.

Veronica Dominguez

The newly remodeled movie theaters is beautiful compared to what it was a few years back before it closed. The service was amazing! The staff was friendly and really helpful. The seats are really comfortable with lots of space around it. I had a great experience at this place!

Luis Merino R

Nice seats. Entrance to parking is in the back of theater.

Todd Cooper

Had a power outage tonight about a quarter way into our movie. Although it wasn’t Galaxy’s fault, Galaxy management totally stepped up to the plate and gave several hundred movie goers free movie passes and an apology. The process was very organized and quick. I was very impressed, way to go Galaxy.

Lupe Payne

This place rocks! Ticket booth is inside, away from the elements. The staff is friendly and helpful. The popcorn was hot and fresh! The best part, spending time with my husband enjoying the movie!

Hans 4u

Great service, good parking, clean, brand new theater. Hard to get good seats if you are in a group.. You have to do a reservation.. But to do it online, there is a convenience fee.. Major turn-off for me. I just went down to the theater and did a reservation myself on the self-help kiosk... Nice theater, but not a great value in my humble opinion... Would rather hit the cinemark on riverside or parklane

Jackie Brown

It was nice yes

Mark Lemler

Had a great time here. The theater's here are all newly renovated. The seats are all recliners with a table for all your snacks and popcorn. Price is cheaper than the IMAX, I'll definitely be going here again!

Kellie Schwab

Love all the changes they made

Luis Mares

Great movies, super high prices

Jeff Downs

Nice theater. Seats recline, but not fully like thw ones at Legends. This is good if you are trying to avoid falling asleep. The seats are manual, which is good because my son had an electric seat at Legends that stopped working halfway open. The theaters are smaller, which means there are fewer bad seats (we sat on the end of the back row and it wasn't bad at all). The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Carol Bennett

Great seats friendly staff.

Coleen Denson

First time to the New Galaxy very impressed. Recliners are amazing. Didn't have to share any part of my seat with anyone. Glad I was able to go up the rows for another seat k was still to close for me. Foods to expensive if one personget small popcorn and small drink. No Senior or Veterans discount for afternoon food like they once did

Sarah Enlow

Pretty, but there is a certain emptiness to that theater that worries me.

Martin Halnan

Great theater, they do need pay attention to their beer lines. I do wish we could tip them.

Dustin Christean

Nice theater experience

julie sleep

Ok I must say I really love the movies well this was my first time here now that they updated everything the place looks good. Ok the popcorn bucket comes with a LID yup I said it a lid that acts as a bowl too now how fabulous is that okay the seats are extremely comfortable I have to tell you but you have to do it manually which is okay it was very easy and the armrest oh boy do you ever have some good good space on that so . Now for the bad which isn't bad at all so if you don't get your tickets in advance or if you don't do it while you're there on the computer and you have to stand in line to have an actual person help you well just be prepared to wait cuz they only have one person doing it for a very long line but overall I have to tell you the experience was amazing the stuff was fabulous as always and the place was so clean and beautiful looking so kudos to you for doing a good job on the remodel.

Edwin Jaymes

I like the way the theater is set up the recliner seat are great

Ismael Carrillo

Comfortable seats. Love it


I love this theatre it's a Galaxy experience but with less of a crowd. Not as many people come to this theatre since "Galaxy at legends" is down the street but this has all the same features (minus the IMAX) plus the parking garage is connected to the main lobby so you don't have to walk outside during bad weather.

Tamara B

Love the remodel, very nice theaters and comfy seats. I love that the parking garage is now connected to the theater! The staff is super nice!

Paytn Morales

Employees were so sincere(:

LuLaRoe Rachael Gardner

Convenient parking and access, slow food service

Jason Kalayjian

This place is the best.

Tom Padgett

Less crowded than Legends, the seats manually recline.

Paula Balog

First time there and really liked it. I will go again

Jo Ann Smith

The best movie theater in the reno/sparks area. GreatFood choices. Friendly staff, theater recliners, good prices, great inside parking.

Jose Corona

Fast service, great employees and nice atmosphere loved it!!

Timothy Reynolds

Super comfortable with GREAT sound $8.50 matinee in "regular" theater (not ATMOS or DFX)

Michele Greth

Nice renovations to the theater. Our movie theater did not hold many people so get there early or purchase tickets online for new release movies

Rusty Blackwater

Good snacks and comfortable seats!

Jean Snarski

As for being remodeled a short time sgo, the restroom is in bad shape. The trim on the wall corners are broken and falling off. I have been there twice in the last few months, and have used different stalls and the toilet seats have been loose. When they clean the restroom can't they let someone know they need to be tightened? But I like the arm rests for each seat in the theater, and the divider between each row of seats. Overall the theater is very clean.

Chris Johnson

Great place to go see a movie, not very crowded and staff is very friendly


Quiet and way less crowded than Legends' Imax Galaxy theater. The always very clean bathrooms and the super helpful, friendly staff is a huge plus.

Russell Scott Farrer

Enjoyed the theater slot like the sitting place was just great

James Lane

Reclining seats with foot rests, really comfortable. Tickets can be 13.50. They have beer on tap, dacquiris, and margaritas! The sound and screens are superb.

Rebecca M

Very clean, helpful people.

Greg White

So good,Doreen and I love this place...cheers

Michael Stollger

The red leather chairs are amazing! Great viewing experience highly recommended.


This is easily the best movie theater in town, it has recliner seats, very comfortable, lots of legroom, generous portions on the snacks, very clean, and all the theaters have screens in good condition. Also this isn't for me, they have alcohol if you're into that kind of thing at the movies.

Toph Fletcher

Was way better when not all the condo or apts were surrounding the building

Lisa Campbell

This theater us up to date. You can pick your seat, the seats recline and they serve beer and wine . Love Galaxy!

Wendy Marsh

This is my families favorite movie theater since this Galaxy location opened. We've found that it's easier to find parking and access the theater rather than the other Galaxy location. The seats are comfortable and with the walls in between the rows, it feels more private. The employees are always pleasant and helpful. As far as the food, the hot dogs and popcorn are amazing. And the giant pretzel with cheese is always a group hit. We will keep coming back to this theater every time.

Karen Loves Mochi

It's very clean but a little understaffed. Everyone was very friendly. I wish there were places to sit in the lobby or in the hallways.

Miesha Wright

Very comfortable seats very nice staff...

Nicholas Borgé

If only they would keep their hot dog condiments stocked, still a very clean theater. But don't lose your popcorn tub lid! Otherwise you'll end up coughing up $ 0.25

Anastasia Carter

Loved it! Comfortable & enjoyable.


Surprised it's not more crowded, great popcorn and food menu, reclining chairs, and much more.


Really nice staff, I meet the manager and she was really cute and nice recommend

Phil Turner

This was a very good experience ... the seats were comfy and the movie quality was good. Staff was helpful and polite.only thing I found to be in the negative .. was the price on concession. This was extremely high.. but for the overall experience of the theater and its modern design I can understand this. I would return and I would recommend it to others

Steve .Funicella

Beautiful theater for watching the latest first-run movies and free parking is right next door with a convenient walkway right into to the theater.

Ryan VI

This location enforced a mandatory bag on my Wife's purse, said that it was corporate policy. I called the Luxury+ theater, the other Galaxy theater in Sparks and they were only checking large backpacks/backpacks, not purses. If you want your privacy violated, please check out this theater. They touted the reason of Safety for their staff, bunch of BS. Guess there's a reason why this theater has less business.

Sean Powers

Great place to see a movie, very clean and helpful employees. Also, there is a parking garage attached.

Kristin Havelka

Nice theaters, with really nice reclining chairs, but pretty small theaters. Buy your tickets in advance. We waited and ended up too close to the screen to make it super enjoyable.

Tyrell Milliron

Place is really nice and clean. One star off because they seem to have cheaped out on the projectors a bit. Movie was pretty dark but definitely still watchable. Chairs are comfortable with manual recliners and at least for the room I was in there was a big wall behind each row of seats so the row behind can't see the rows in front of them.

Robert Fisher

Confey seat's is why we go there

Brandon S

Slapped some perfume on a pig. No water fountains and seats are not as nice as other theatres.

Diane Rossmann

Definitely different from the old one but alot more better and comfortable

Carena W

Lovely, clean, lots of movies and showtimes to choose from. The concession line moves quickly.

Alex B

First time here. Fairly nice theater. Lots of options at the concession stand including alcohol.

Andrew Miller

Great theater and a step up from when it was a Century theater. I'd give it 4.5, but that's not an option. The only reason it doesn't get 5 is because the Galaxy at Legends exists at d the seats there are motorized amd superior. The ones here have a lever and seemed to constantly wanting to revert back to their original position. Overall, though, great.

Frederick T.

Newer, just as comfortable as the first Galaxy theater in town, and less crowded - let's keep it that way... Shh!

Tony Koehler

Clean, up to date movies you desire to see and it's now a gem hidden between several eatery.

Ira Black

Nice place to see a movie, without the crowd of Legends Galaxy so far. Plus for me it is a nostalgic place to watch movies

Beverly Valley

Movies have become so expensive. It was comfortable and quality was good.

Just Another

Yayyy. So excited! To have the theater back, plus it's a Galaxy Theatre!!!

isaul reyes

Good place to go see a movie. Liked what they did with the remodel

Karolynne Blee

Nice kick back seats People in front of you are on a lower level you no longer have to look around them to see the screen

Janice Heckert

Compare to what it was, before remodeled. It is way much better now. Nice interior, larger leather seat, indoor ticket booth. Clean, friendly customer service & they also do discount Tuesday too.

Jayneen Casbarro

Great beer selection. Employees are FAST and efficient. Good Margaritas too. Love the theater seating

Floyd Hoyt

Love the lazy boy recliner seats. Big screen, great sound. Now for some popcorn.

Brenda Ray

Great experience, beautiful theater, comfortable seating. Saw a wonderful movie"Breakthrough", highly recommend movie, and theater!

Steve Lewellen

Remodeled. If you haven't been to it since then, you must go and check it out. Seats are reclining but they're not powered, but very comfortable. The theater is clean and staff is great. Management has been awesome. What are you waiting for; Go enjoy yourself.

Sheena Harvey

Always a good and comfy time

Richard Schmall

We always have a good night at your theater

Neo Lithic

This place is nicely remodeled, and really clean partly due to said remodel. What I can't understand is the size of the seats. They are huge. I understand that as a nation we are getting larger, but wow.... And the armrests between the seats are also very wide (8"?). Somewhat restrictive as I went there with my girlfriend... Not far enough away that we needed to raise our voices, but it really takes some of the fun out of being on a date! I really hope this isn't a tend!

Glen Dixon

Sales and concessions are great. People were all friendly. Non-DFX seating is ok but not as good as other stadium seating. Everything is very clean and well-maintained, so far. Neighborhood is under construction seems to be improving. Can't wait to see the results. Better lighting, safety and parking anyone?


Comfortable seats and huge tubs of popcorn

Heather Torres

One of my favorite theatres and staff is super nice

Jeremy Hinton

After the remodel the theaters are more comfy and wheelchair friendly.

Silver Behemoth

Great place, offers lounge chair seating w/ trays. If you get the pretzels here expect a bit of a wait as these things are the size of a small/medium pizza (they come in a box with two things of nacho chesse to dip them into.)

XxWolf GodxX

Very nice seats are great. Like the wall between no one to bother you. Like parking garage entrance.

Silvia Salcedo

Love this place since Galaxy Legends is always packed

Alexus Martak

Nice theater! Love the remodel! Not so crowded.

Shawn Martinez

Customer service was good, friendly staff! Seats are not as comfortable as the Legend's theater.

Heather Carmen

There wasn't a long wait, parking is convenient and the theater was very clean. Definitely going back again.

robb rainville

Best theater in Reno-Sparks area

Leah Hudson

Very nice theater; fairly clean and good service, friendly and professional employees

Tim Stoffel

It's good to see this theater open again. Unfortunately, it is buried so deep in a housing / business development that it's hard to tell where it exactly is. The only redeeming feature of the outside is the original facade, marquis and much of the courtyard still exists. Internally, the interior has been extensively remodeled. The theaters feature considerably fewer seats, but it is much more comfortable and intimate. The projection and sound have been considerably upgraded. The snack bar has been redesigned and enlarged. There is now an internal walkway to the parking garage. All In all, it is a nice place to see a movie, without the press and crowds of the Legends theater.

Rob Miles

Nicest theater I ever been in.

Minty Huynh

This review is for the happy gigantic pretzel. It's giant. And so happy to see you. Other than that, it's a movie theater. You come here to watch movies, maybe eat a little popcorn. It's clean, and you can reserve seats.

Kristal Lutz

You get to pick your seating so you know there will be room for you. Recliners at a homey feel to the movie. Large popcorn is more like extra large.

Matthew Harris

This is a very nice movie theater. Its newly redone so the chairs floors and over all areas are very clean. Its a nice area too where it's located. Parking is an ease with a nice big parking garage that leads straight to the movie theater. Get food, snacks, drinks, beer and all too.


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