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1170 Scheels Drive, Sparks, NV 89434 Located in: The Outlets at Legends

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REVIEWS OF Galaxy Sparks IMAX Luxury+ Theatre IN Nevada

Tara Gurries

Clean theaters, good service.

Linda Forman

The seats are divine, and the delicious variety of food makes "dinner and a movie" a doable experience without leaving your seat!

Tiffany Freese

Stupidest chairs I've ever sat on. They were so damn uncomfortable.

zac arenburg

The lux theater is just amazing

VS Travelers

Out of Chile dog chiller at 12:30 pm showing??? Not properly prepaired!!!!

Linda Siders

My goodness, how times have changed! We have not been to a movie theater in many years. It was a wonderful experience. The seats are recliners! Wow! We got to pick our seats. Another wow! The young lady at the counter where we purchased our tickets was patient and helpful since we were like newbies. This theater was clean, had nice staff who were helpful. Would definitely go back. We were there on a Monday afternoon so not too crowded, which was great. Movie was good too.

Tonia Schartner

I was in on 1/22/19. I would like to apologize to the lady who was working the snack area .In the alcohol area. I was rude. I am so sorry . I'm never like that. I was in at around 4:35 pm. Lady was short with brown hair. Sorry I didn't get her name.


We love coming here to see all the big block busters! It's always clean, friendly staff, and they have several tasty food options! Also we enjoy the fact that you can get matinee for such a fancy place. The reclining seats are our favorite feature! They're super comfy and easy to take naps in if you want. They are also great for relaxing, especially if the movie is really long!

John Wilson

I still really like the recliners. All of the employees seem to be enjoying their jobs.

Luis Diaz

Friendly staff popcorn an drink fresh. Great seating


Starting to run down. Theatres aren’t as clean, bathrooms always have something broken, seats torn..Should be better run..

Franklin Sales

I love this theatre, it is super clean and really nice. The staff have always been super awesome. Popcorn is good and fresh

Greg Narsesian

Love this place. Best movie experience ever.

Ronald Alconcher

Very nice theater. My seat had cracked leather but was still comfortable. Enjoyed the show and good popcorn!

JEB Empires

My favorite place to catch a movie. Always a variety of the latest releases. Clean, efficient, and in an awesome area surrounded by different shops and places to eat....

Cindy Bailey-Miller

Tok the kids to see Shazam. Great movie! The theater was clean and staff friendly. We love their reclining seats!

Joelle H

I love this theater, but parking is a nightmare. I recommend arriving 10 minutes earlier than you normally would so you can find a good spot. Also, while I'm giving advice.. USE THE APP TO BUY YOUR TICKETS. Just trust me, all the cool kids are doing it.

Criss Cr

Went to the imax, picture was great, sound great, seats old and not fully comfortable.

Diane Popp

Love this place, makes seeing a movie in comfort a pleasurable experience

Kevin Massey

Love it love it love it!!! It's about time we got IMAX in out own town thank you Jesus! Used to have to drive is S. F. Love the curved screen. Any movie on this screen Rocks! However 3D takes your breath away. You gotta go if you love movies like I do lol.

keena feola

Absolutely love this theater. Almost all of their theater rooms have leather recliner power seats and they are absolutely hands-down the best the price stinks. But the price thinks that every movie theater I mean come on $10 for popcorn that cost $0.25. But I know I sound old school. Other than that absolutely amazing

jesus Castro

Is soooo cool you can go is so fun but is 1 am wich is cool

Stacey Korves

It was a very good experience. The popcorn with extra butter was awesome, butter all the way to the bottom of the bucket. We were in the 2nd row from in front of the screen, i actually enjoyed sitting there. I am not from Nevada and movie theaters like this should be in other states.

Pursuit of the Scottish

Amazing service. Love the movies and scenery.

Mathew Lee

Friendly employees, and you cant go wrong with movie theatre popcorn, or that giant soft pretzel that IMAX offers. Went and saw IT Chapter 2 on Saturday, and had a pleasant time. Only complaint I had was that I felt like the seat I was in was dirty; I get that its a theatre, and it would be almost impossible to clean every theatre every day, but I got the impression that it hadnt been wiped down or anything in quite a while, and it almost had like a smell to it; Being stuck in that chair for nearly 3 hours was not the greatest feeling.

Roxanne Joy

Screen was nice and big, but the leather chairs were to slick and we kept slipping out of them. Plus everything was way over priced for what we were given

Jack Fitzgerald

If you are looking for a theater in town, here you go. I always have a good experience her. Food, beer and a movie what else can you ask for. I drive across town to take my family to this theatre when we have family movie nights.

Joel Flores

Great location. Love the reclining seats and margaritas. After movies walking distance to eat at restaurants.

Freddy Coronado

Great place to sit back and watch a movie. Seats are very comfortable and make it that make better.

Alex X Show

Seen a great movie today had some good popcorn and a slurpee while watching Godzilla king of monsters. Only reason this gets 4 stars is because the seats in the 3d room they have are messed up badly. Seat was at an angle pointing at the ground and not straight. Basically this made us shift and move about through whole movie to get comfortable. Other than these rickety seats everything was great! Even grabbed the poster.

Tony Martin

My favorite theater. Never have any complaints when I go here. Clean and comfortable with beer on tap.

Ryann Shoaf

When we walked in to buy our tickets we were impressed with the way we were able to select our seats from a viewing screen run by an employee. We had numerous options for movie times and seating. Prices varied depending on which viewing experience selected as well as movie time. I would recommend purchasing tickets in advance if you have a set timeframe to see a movie. There is assigned seating and recliner style seats in the theaters.

Brandi Montoya

Saw Downton abbey amazing comfortable seats

Angela Colt

Great movies but sadly slow on getting pizzas and large pretzels out in mass quantity

Jessica Holcomb

We love this place!! The seats are soooo comfortable!!!

Paola Ramirez

This is the best movie theater in town! Even though it is out of our way we always make the short trip to sparks. I love the luxury seats/bar. The staff is always so friendly. I left my wallet on the counter of the bar. A few days later I called them up and they told me it was there. I went and when I opened it up everything was still in there. I am happy there are still good people in the world and nothing was missing from my wallet. We will continue to go here!

Jacin Strange

Comfy seats. Not too busy.

Janice Rampley

Saw Downton Abbey. Movie was great.

MA Campisi

The IMAX does have the comfortable seats like the normal theatres. Pay double the price but have to sit in seats that are as comfortable as a theatre from the 80s or 90s. End Game was great but three hours in the seats was unenjoyable. The movie would've been more enjoyable and cheaper in one of the ATMOS theatres.

Christopher Clements

This is one of my favorite theater's. I regularly go out of my way to see movies here. the recliner style seats are very comfortable. The entire experience is always a joy

Brigham Gardner

Small quibble--the admittedly great retractable seats make it tough to hold hands with your significant other. Its also hella loud but you expect that .

Emma Flores

I requested butter in my popcorn and it was only on the top the rest was very dry ,it's clean comfortable but they stopped the air conditioner in half movie and it was very warm.

Alexis Wilburn

Best movie theater in town. Get there early on the weekends though because parking can be difficult as well as the line for snacks. Not too bad on the week days though.

Chris Cruz

The bathrooms were extremely dirty. The mens bathroom had piss all over the ground, very disturbing. But the movie was great and food service too.

Roccina Briggs

The seats are perfect for movie viewing. I haven't gone to the theater in years, and now I'm wondering why I waited so long (20+ years)! There were problems trying to use the kiosks to buy tickets and popcorn. We just got in line like everyone else and we made it in time. We were even able to choose our seats before we went in. Awesome experience!! Definitely worth the rating (based on the movie experience not the tickets).

Kiara Aaliyah Tongson

It was great but in the DFX theater couple of the seat's head rest things weren't working

Willis Chambers

Best theater on the planet. Come check it out have a bite and a drink oh and watch a movie.

Shandor Korda

The reclining cushioned seats are the best part about watching a movie at this Galaxy theater. The IMAX screen here does not have such comfortable seats. There are 11 other screens though. The snack bar has the usual plus a bar serving alcohol and pub items. The customer service policy is very strict and not customer focused. If your experience is not what you expect, you must raise your hand right away to correct it, otherwise you won't be compensated easily. The popcorn is really salty. The ticket kiosks are smooth and quick. You can pick your seat when buying a ticket and see what seats are taken.


Great theater with great reclining seats. Also watermelon margaritas and nachos are good stuff!!!

Rachel Duckett

Always great experience with the kiddos comfy seating and 3D fun with Imax

Ashley Coffman

First time being there. Was great. Love the elevator option as i just had surgery and it was a greathelp being able to sit with everyone else amd not just down the bottom rows. Down fall was alot of armrest/cup holders broken, or missing and had sharp screws so you couldnt use the arm rest even without the cup holder. And the seats were pretty worn out and ripped

Maite Baker

Going to the movies is a favorite past time for our family on occasion. The Galaxy IMAX is especially awesome to go to if you've had a hard day of work and are tired, they have wonderfully comfortable seats that lay back and let you put your feet up. They have a great array of movies to choose from, at least a couple that you can bring the family to instead of all rated R like some places. They also have 3-D movies. The only downside is the concessions can be quite expensive. With a growing family in diapers, it really hurts the wallet when $30 is spent on concessions plus the actual movie tickets. But other than that it's a wonderful experience and a lot of fun. It is also located in Legends Oulet Mall and has a wide variety of stores close by if you're killing time or taking your special someone on a date.

Don Cord

Good place, I still cant figure out why those Damn places think its O.K. to charge $9.00 for a Hot Dog, ect. I guess its because we're dumb enough to buy the stuff.


I was pretty disappointed with the theater. The "reclining" seats just rock back and do not actually recline. Most of the seats had tears and breaks in the armrests and seat bottoms; most seats have little to no padding. It seems like they do not adjust volume between the movies and the commercials and previews; some of the commercials were ear splitting loud 20 minutes before previews even started. Drinks and snacks are stupidly overpriced but the popcorn was pretty good; 10 dollars for a pretzel is just ridiculous. The screen and sound was good but did not make up for the rest for the theater. They could really stand to put some money back into the theater.

Jorge Maravel

Great experience I love the sound but the best part was the reclining chairs.

Jeremy Curl DeMarzo

I love this theater. It's great I can get a beer the size of my head. The seats are comfortable and recline.

Rob Watkins

Had a guy sit right next to me in a mostly empty theater and proceed to talk the whole movie, ruining it. The employees here didn't seem to care. It's a shame because otherwise the place is nice but I won't be returning anytime soon


Really nice theater they're IMAX screen is amazing top notch picture and sound.

Aushon Hale

Not much can screw up a movie goers experience. Bought a ticket from the kiosk. It was smooth and fast. Friends were able to move through the concession stand quickly and the theater was clean. The only theater I go to

Mark Green

Good move theater, and will come back again.

Jackie Johnston

Great time amazing seats good acustics

April Garcia

I've always gone to this theater. The place is always clean, the staff are friendly, and the seats are comfortable. Never had an issue.

Tyler Tolman

We're so grateful that this Galaxy theater is here. It's right inside the mall and easy access if you want to make half a day of it. The staff are very very friendly and they always keep it very clean. The seats inside the theater are very comfortable. Between DFX, IMAX and then just regular you have lots of options. We also like how you can reserve your seat online.

Lionel Oconnor

Nice theater, great selection of movies.

Adrian Gonzalez

Large, comfortable, reclining seats, great food, and friendly employees

Stefani Berna-Inzua

I enjoy going to the movies here. It isnt too cold. The food is good.

Frank Lessary

Always fresh popcorn, fresh tasting soda hot dogs and most of all you can grab your own beer and choice of spirits before and during the show.


Clean and comfortable. We enjoy the assigned luxury seating. Fresh popcorn is always a plus!

Joe Smith

Really Cool place to watch a movie!

Saul Hernandez

One popcorn, two large sodas, and a personal pizza(maybe 6 in.). $27. But that's always my only complaint about this theater.. When you walk into these theatres, it's like you walked into a den of luxury. They are more vigilant to watch for those that try to get in without paying... But all the seats are assigned. You can order online with no "convenience" fee like Century Theatres and know exactly where you're going to sit. The seats are super comfy recliners and you have to reach out to bother the person next door. No rubbing elbows. :)

Evan Infantino

Best theater in town. Only downfall is its so popular the seats are starting to rip up

Emily Ferrin

O made the mistake of going after my usual bedtime, so I fell asleep during my movie. The chairs are super comfortable! I had none of my usual theater back and neck pain. I want to go back if I get the chance again.

Jessica Eldridge

Sound and pic great but seating sucks the chairs are not luxury seating at all. Very uncomfortable

Mark Lemler

Really enjoy this theater, concessions are great, love the reclining chairs and trays. I would have given a 5 star rating but the IMAX theater's (which are more $$), have no reclining seats, no trays, to make eating my delecious concessions next to impossible. Also there is no video game arcade. Overall fun place, bring plenty of money.

Jeremy Hitchcock

Love this theater. Staff is friendly, app is easy to use, and seats are comfy. Only minus is how much of a service charge they charge you on the app to book a movie

Travis Moynahan

Awesome IMAX screen, comfy chairs, excellent concessions!

Travis Schwieger

We only come to the Galaxy theatre... Love being able to reserve seats

Sue Unruh

Saw End Game here. Amazing theater. Comfortable seats. Drove from Carson City to Sparks. 40 minutes. Worth the trip!

Arthur Godric

Prices are a bit much but the seats and concession stand make up for it with great variety of drinks and food. Also good customer service but won't discount or give anything away for free

Julie Martinez

I liked the "no waiting"; therefore, no long line to stand in. I went to see: "Hotel Artemis". Absolutely riveting, from beginning to end. No disappointment, all the way around . Great acting, (Jodie Foster; outstanding, as always). It's amazing that an actress as seasoned as Ms. Foster is better than ever before. On a one to ten scale, I'd give her an eleven, easy!

Shannon Blue

Love the reclining seats, the snacks, the screens and the sound. This is the only theater I want to go to. And ordering tickets through the app is so easy. I love that you can save your seats.

Zeeshan Razvi

Really nice and luxurious theater. Comfy seats and great food options (albeit pricey). Great spot for dates!


So comfy! Huge electric reclining chairs and a lap table. Yes, please!

Adriana Quinonez

Really great prices! And you can't beat the comfortable seats. For how big the beers and hot dogs are makes it well worth it. Go hungry.

julie sleep

I still love these push button chairs the best. The theater is never to cold either and I actually like the popcorn here. And the point system is way better then others.

Barbara Read

Love this theater. Plenty of room so you can relax in the nice seats. Love you can save your seats. Will never go anywhere else.

Renee Brown

So comfy! Like being at home only bigger. Food too expensive like every movie venue.

Chris Reed

I was disappointed in the seating, and that's it lol I've been here a few times and love it, but did not realize the luxury seats weren't going to be in the IMAX theater. Also when I picked my seats I didn't realize how low the seats I selected were. Beyond those things the staff is friendly and helpful. The bathrooms were so clean, I appreciated that. But why are soda and popcorn so expensive?

Jesse Theron

Nice movie theater. Love the reclining seats! Wish they played more independent movies, that have come out recently, but overall fun place to see movies with the family or byself.

Dawn Howarth

The movie was excellent, the sound was very good, but the seat that I sat in had been ripped to pieces.


Had really great seat that recline and the movie was aswome. I really was impressed with the seating

Carson Schneider

It's a movie theater. If you are expecting quiet, get your money back. The seating is nice, restrooms are nice (but small) and the movies look amazing.

Gordon Short

Great sound. Comfortable recliners. Good food and drinks. Plenty of room in each seat. Definitely a great place to watch a movie.

Eliezer Martinez

Excellent movie theater with state of the art image and sound. Add alcoholic beverages and reclining comfortable seats and we have a winner.

Streeter Brazzanovich

It's not a bad place to go see a movie. Quality of the movie experience is actually worth every penny spent. This is our go to theater we have taken all our kids before to go see a movie there and believe me it is a great theater

Michele Greth

The theater is very modern and love the big screen in theater 10

Glenda Tobias

Very fun and comfortable place, you can have alcohol drinks inside Theatre like wine or beers.

Dana Hobbs

Great place to chill and watch a movie!

Sandra Ford

Comfy seats, good seating, excellent popcorn.

jason nazario

Great food and great drinks and good staff

Bruce Lafferty

My biggest problem is having to wear ear plugs. The volume level is way too loud.

Deana Connelly

The theater was too small.. The speakers sounded awful

M. Jackson

Great picture, awesome sound. Truly the pinnacle of the movie theater experience. If your gonna go, do it right and watch on the big screen. The only "negative" (and the reason for four starts) is that the seats leave something to be desired. Most theaters in town now have high back recliner seats, at least in their biggest rooms. For the IMAX, Considering the premium screen, sound, and price, the good seats are quite noticably absent.

Mike Baumgart

Quick service Eben with huge crowds. Comfortable seating. Clean.

Mary Harwood

Really enjoys the movies and the atmosphere. Love the lazy boy type recliners, one can get spoiled

Jokers Wild

Comfortable seats. Lots of leg room amazing

KT Hewitt

What keeps me coming back is the beer on tap and comfortable seating. Staff is great!


Really nice theater. I hate that you can't see a movie anymore without having to reserve your seats online ahead of time but I guess thats every theater now. Very clean, great snack bar and awesome seats.

Mark Turner

Theater 5 was well maintained unlike my last visit where the upholstery of the seats were ripped in the other theater. Even though I did not have any alcohol I appreciate that I can have a beer to drink since I hate sodas.

Jeff Haak

It's a great place too take your family and friends.

Austen Dow

This was my first experience going to the cinema where you could order adult beverages! Since then, I've been a few other places where that has become the norm, but I'll never forget this place!

Ann Hatch

My favorite theater! Friendly staff. Amazing seats with a table.

Linda Chaffee - Gogarn

Very nice theatre - comfortable , sound is awesome, popcorn and cherry coke is good!

Debbie Hallmark

Its the chairs. Its a big movie theater with the standard pricy but good movie food, they have a bar (not sure how good an idea that is but....). A little higher cost than most movie theaters but its the chairs or should i say recliners. If you want a true comfortable seat like home while wat hing a movie, this is it. Parking is tough by the way

Tina Bryant

Super comfortable seats, yummy food.

Cynthia Flores

Great customer service, Thank You Kathy!(ticket booth)

Shawna Sturkey

Very comfortable seating. Everything is extremely over priced, eat before you come

Agnes Combo

We went to see "The Quiet Man" on a small theater and seats was not great. We are too close the big screen. No other choice.

Laura Blais

Nice place to cool off when it's warm outside

Steve Erin

Use watching movies here but I think the maintenance of the place has really gone down hill. Broken and torn seats. Dirty bathrooms. Sticky floors.

Sami BestFoxxo

We watched detective pikachu! Everybody had a blast!

Bonnie Johnson

Always polite and friendly. Say hi to Mike who checks the tickets. Great guy.

Shaive Reza

IMaX . They serve beers and have my fav kettle corn seasoning. Staffs are nice.

Candace Porter

We enjoy the comfy recliners and love catching late lunch or early Dinner in the area afterwards

Teddy Wehking

Cool comfy reclining seats with good food and good service

Peter McDaniel

Watched IT Chapter 2 in IMAX and I'll probably never watch an IMAX again at this location. Most of the seats are torn, the seats don't go back far at all so you feel like you're constantly being pushed forward, and after an hour you want to leave the theatre because you're so uncomfortable. After about 3 hours at the end of IT I was so uncomfortable I honestly considered sitting on the floor. A folding chair is more comfortable. Apart from that at least the speakers weren't blown, the movie didn't crash, before the movie the theatre was spotless, and the seats had cup holders that moved out the way. I honestly feel sorry for the attendants as I watch a mother and two kids leave a large popcorn sized mess and their trash behind. The theatre looked like a war zone inside and out as we left. I can't believe cleaning up after yourself is something people in this area have an issue with.

Start Button Scott

The seats are super comfortable and the screens are massive and show high quality videos. My complaint is mostly with the concession stand, they got my order wrong twice and either watered down my friends drink or didn't put anything in it at all. The staff was friendly and the theater is really clean though.

Sister Shaw

Everything was great pretzels.. Wine until Captain Marvel first showing was over... I didn't mind paying the 21$ for the bonuses.. I didn't see any at the concessions n when the movie was over I had to ask the staff at the entrance counter if I n everyone else would receive a coin.. It seemed they forgot.. Where is the management.. For n opening first filming it was lacking in excitement.. I Loved the movie.. I'll be there for Avengers the end game.. Hopefully the staff will be better prepared!

Tracy Susslin

Well..... because of their reclining comfy seats and great hot dogs I just haven't been tempted to go to another theater if I can see the movie there then that's where I'm going. I also like that you can pre- reserve your seats. That can get tricky for big box office opening day films but if you're a bit flexible you'll get what works best for you. They don't reserve all the seats, but then you might end up in a neck breaker.

Cherrie Shoats

So comfortable and I had some wine to relax at the movie.

CarrollAnn Adams

Wonderful! We saw Alladin while sitting in recliners! Such comfort!!

Rizzo Johnson

This is one of my favorite theaters to go to in the Reno/Sparks area. It has the big reclining seats with swivel tables to hold your stuff. Food and alcohol options are delicious. The big pretzels are gigantic! They fill a medium size pizza box.

Jake Stoner

Love watching movies here with electronic recliners, seat trays for each chair, stadium seating so no heads in the way too. Was excited when they opened a few years ago and still quite happy with the experience from this week. Will visit again and again.

Alice Archer

Great seats. Loved being able to recline with my feet up to enjoy the movie. The picture was real good and sound was excellent. I definitely want to go back again and again...

Jonathan Henigin

The seats. I'm tempted to pick bad movies just so I can fall asleep in those seats.

Jarred Jordan

The best place to go and see a good movie. Little bit expensive, but what you pay for is worth it. You won't be disappointed.

Trevor Montes

Awesome seats with lots of room. Great screen and audio quality

Steve Lewellen

Comfy reclining seats. Clean establishment and many auditoriums to see the movie you want. Parking can be a challenge later in the day if there is a "parking lot" event such as car dealer blow out, trade show etc. Good selection of goodies to munch on. Expect to pay a premium for the concessions, but worth the fun time.

Lidija Painkiher

Great theater we always try to go there if it all possible very comfortable seats as well

ali ochoa

My son and I enjoy this place every weekend. The seats are comfortable and the environment is clean and spacious. One of our favorite places to go.

Jennifer Hunt

Wine and comfy chairs?! Amazing time at the movies!

Luis Recabarren

Luxurious and great popcorn. Awesome theater.

Eli Trimble

Best place in town to watch a movie based on size of screen and seating, unfortunately there’s a significant fee for booking your tickets online.

Lizbeth Howard

Very awesome place to see the newest movies, but prepare to pick your seat because that's the way they do it here. If the movie has just hit the big screen, make sure you get online or in the theatre early to get seats together, or you will be sitting far apart.

G Ho

Newish seat switches stick and I couldn't he out of my seat. The seats are smaller than the old seating also. Cram more into the place. Hapoens everywhere these days deceptive comfort.

Janet Ayala

It was great. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Hannah Arthur

It's pretty good. Not bad

Patrick Simi

I'd give them 5 stars but they don't seem to ever fix the recliners.

Roderick Miller

Love it. The seats are the main reason I keep coming back

Shelby Lopez

Always fun...good movies

Lauren Maryon

Saw Aladdin...Great movie! Love this comfy theater!!❤

Yuma McGinty

I love this place! They have comfortable seating, serve good hot dogs and beer!!!

Debbie Reynolds

The price was great for the theater but, there is much to be desired by the way service. I pre purchase my tickets online and thought it was really cool how I could walk up to the flat screen and print out my tickets but, what I thought was even cooler was I was able to order my concessions... or so I thought. The tickets printed out and with instructions to go to the bar next to where they sell sausages. I waited for quite a while and nothing so I handed the girl my ticket and told her that it said to come here. She didn't seem to be able to read the abbreviations that were printed out and had to ask me what the items were. It was was popcorn with extra butter, soda, and a furreal shake. We walked all the way to theater 7, which is at the very end of the hall, my son goes to dip in his shake and it's hard as a rock. I told him to go ahead and go back which we found out it was self-service. Next I'm eating my popcorn and after I get past the first layer it was just dry salty popcorn underneath. I noticed they had popcorn seasoning station ccessible to guests which is nice but, not if the popcorn is dry. It would make more sense for them to have a butter station as most of the upgraded theaters do have as well as Sports arenas. So again I walk all the way back from theater 7 to the concession area and go back to the same counter. After being ignored through two sets of customers I asked her if she could put more butter on my popcorn because it was supposed to be extra butter. Mind you this was the same girl that got my food. There was a butter station literally behind her. All she had to do was take the popcorn, turn around, and push it a couple times. Instead she tells me that I have to go get in line at the other side to get more butter on the popcorn that she made wrong. The line was super long and the movie was starting. I felt like that was piss poor customer service on her behalf. Anyhow, this theater itself is all right. The "luxury" recliners had red duct tape covering up areas that I guess had torn. Not sure duck tape is luxury. The positive are that the tempetature of the theater was perfect. The screen size was good and the sound system was excellent and at the perfect volume.

Brendan Fisher

Nice place, great luxury seats

Lori Reyome

This cinema is always comfortable. The employees are very pleasant and helpful .

Adam Boeder

Lovely staff, reclining seats, soda and food that's consistently good. Alita Battle Angel was amazing. As is the other 500 or so movies I've seen here.

Priscilla Salcido

Love the Imax experience

Anthony Herrmann

Big screens, good prices, delicious popcorn. You cant go wrong with this theater.


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