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REVIEWS OF Galaxy Fandango 10 Theatre IN Nevada

Jesse Coffman

The luxury seating is the best I've ever been to. Will never watch a movie and other way. Loved the whole experience, just watched It chapter 2. Was awesome!!

Acacia Ennis

Great experience with my two kids. Awesome recliners and reasonably priced tickets and snacks.

Sergeant Wifey Versus

This always a nice place. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The theaters are clean and have new seating, very very nice new seating!

Kaitlynn Gatrell

Awesome to watch movies nice and cold

Matt Smith

This theater has been making improvements, adding luxury seating that reclines and some of the theaters, which I appreciate. It's worth the extra couple bucks to recline in luxury and watch a movie with your family. They also serve beer and wine which is a nice plus for adults having an evening out. You can buy or reserve your tickets online or on their app, or you can buy them early and select your seats. It's nice to see an upscale type theater in a small town like this.

Jordan Jones

The customer service was great. We accidentally purchased tickets for the wrong show time and they refunded the money to us without any struggle. The seats are comfortable and provide plenty of space. If you are a couple that likes to snuggle up during the show there is some bad news. The divider between seats cannot be moved. The snack bar was clean but a tad slow.

Rick Szel

Saw Queen there seats were reclining, no back pain

James Bradley

GreT comfort and service..


I absolutely love the staff, and the luxury theaters are amazingly comfortable.

Sandor Ramos

Is a awsome theater sit are very confterbal and really great sound and very friendly and great service on the snack bar


Good service and pretty decent beer selection

Luis Tello

Very good Popcorn and comfty seats lol

joe coates

I just got back from taking my grandchildren to the movies. I was expecting to pay 6.50 because it was Tuesday. When I went to pay the lady said the 6.50 price didn't apply because we going to see a movie in the upgraded seating. I pointed to the sign saying Tuesday's were 6.50 all day with a galaxy rewards card. I had the card but was informed to read the fine on the poster that said (in really small letters) that because the show was playing in the theatre with new seats that I card wasn't good in that theatre. I am highly disappointed that they put up a poster with big letters saying when using the card on Tuesday that all shows are 6.50 all day. The part that said except in certain theatres this does not apply was written in letters to small to see. This tells me that you are cheating your customer by putting the wording in such small letters as to make them hard to see. Just because you are adding new seats shouldn't change the price of tickets on Tuesday. They don't seem effect the price of buying your ticket any other day. Unless this problem is address, I feel I can not and will not support a company that uses small print to charge me more just because you want to compete with other theatres by making your theatre more comfortable for your patrons. Well is one patron that will seek other theatres that don't use small print to show the true cost of going to your theatre.

Karinda Perdon

LOVE the popcorn!!! Always good service!!!

Karen Bergstrom

Nice comfy seats. Tuesdays are always pretty quiet don't have to wait in lines much. Matinee prices.

Bert Bledsoe

Great for small town theater. The staff is super friendly and it is rarely busy enough to create a substantial wait. Concessions offers a variety of choices including alcoholic beverage selections for patrons over the legal drinking age of twenty one.

Kitty Weber

Last time we caught a flashback showing of Aliens, which we were thrilled to finally get to see on the big screen. But when I ordered popcorn and drinks, I got THE best service I've ever gotten at any theater.

american shaun cena

OMG I loved the luxury seating! You pick your seats and they recline with a little swivel table!! Just perfect! Thank you

BEASTmode Fursuits

Went to lux showing and wasn't disappointed need people to better check tickets during late hours

Michael Bodam

Awesome experience to go here, just wish it wasn't so expensive.


Good theater plays most recent movies. They have beer and wine at the over priced snack bar.

Steven Hart

Today it was 89". Went to see a movie at about 5 pm. Was very hot in movie theater like 85". No air conditioning. Was super hot and uncomfortable in theater. I sounded if they are having financial problems and can no longer pay there bills

J Anderson

Great theater clean and friendly. And the sounds quality is amazing.

Sonya Dworak

Seats have been redone with nice leather and semi recliners too. You can enjoy your movies much better and now you can also select your seat too.


This is the main theatre in carson so everyone comes here. They have nice facilities, and comfy seats. Great place to go durring the day for a movie when it's calm. There's a small arcade you can play at for a bit if you get there early. Concessions are fast and good quality. I think my only gripes are a few experiences with employees, but overall the staff is very nice.

Gacha Wolf

There's No better movie theater than Galaxy Fandango. They have good quality food and drinks, and luxury seating.

Kage Walker

This theater is fairly clean most of the time. I've been coming here for many years.

Jonah Wungnema

It was fun had to ask for the things I paid for and than got charged extra couple of bucks for a chili cheese dog that I paid for and never got cheese

Lacey Wolf

Super awesome theater! Friendly employees, amazing sound, very very comfy seats, everything about this theater screams 10 stars! This is the best theater I have ever been too, I will be back for sure! I saw the movie Alpha, what an amazing story it is! Had a great night! Thank you for making our night awesome!

rhonda leap

Best day ever we found a theater where you can get a beer, popcorn and comfortable seats. The fandango theater in Carson city has all three, it is clean and the staff is friendly as well as helpful.

Amanda Murphy

Most comfortable seats and the theater is so clean.

Lily Cid

Good movie

Allison Hannum

!!!The new seats allows me to be able to sit comfortably throughout the entire show.... yay!!!!

Karen Espinosa

Great movie John Wick 3

Tina Anderson

Great place to enjoy a movie. Roomy seats and clean too.

Jon Bowers

The seats in here look comfy but really suck. Terrible neck pain after movie was over. Next time going to Galaxy in Sparks

Maria Seaman

Ticket and food prices are outrageous, but I enjoy my marvel comics so what choice do I have


This is the best theater in town! It's pretty basic overall with all the standard things you'd expect. I like that they have some big plush seats that recline in some rooms! They also have a selection of beer and alcohol. The staff is always nice. It's easy to order tickets online and just show up if you want. Sometimes the bathrooms are gross, but overall I think they do a decent job of keeping the place clean.

Chantal Ferguson

Manager lies but everything else is good.

Michael Sanchez

Great stereo system a lol pricy for the snacks though;)


Love the seats an love the easy online ticket portal thingy...

juvenal mojarro

This theater feels like a newer theater. It's generally clean, and will kept. The theater had large comfy chairs and plenty of space in between each person so you don't feel crammed in. I do love the ability to choose your seat. I'm not a fan that it has Fandango in the name, but you can't purchase tickets off of Fandango; it's still the best theater in town.

Lee L

Nice theater with comfy seats. Best one Carson but only one screen has recliners. The rest don’t move but still luxury seats.

Cathy Keene

Luxury rooom was pretty awesome!

Angie Murphy

We don't go to the theater often because it's so expensive. The matinee value was not bad, $6.50. The seats were cushy, but almost overly so, I felt like I was bent over rather than sitting up straight. The person who sold me the tickets was super helpful, great customer service. Didn't phase him a bit when I asked to add one more ticket at the last minute. Will definitely go here again!

Judy Buzzetti-Brooke

Very comfortable atmosphere in the theatres. It's nice that you can buy tickets online ahead of time. I also like buying a specific seat so our group could all sit together.

Nick Caputo

Great theatre! Very clean and comfy luxury seating. Friendly staff, & always showing good movies.

Richel Swingrover

We enjoy going to The Galaxy theater but especially liked it this time as we were in the Luxury theater. Very comfortable chairs and very relaxing. Service was great and they were very friendly. Thanks Galaxy, we'll be back ✌

Eric Oakes

Great service lovely seats really comfortable

melody lindsey

Great little theater. Undecided on if I like the picking of your seats when purchasing tickets though..9 times out of 10 someone is sitting in your seats when you get into the theater..but the seats are comfortable and it's a clean theater.

Annie White

I love going to movies and i love our local theater!!! Every tuesday is rewards day where movies are only 6$ all day!! The concessions are a bit expensive but i mean the service makes up for it

Don Cord

Good theater.

Mic Grover

Clean comfortable and pleasant. Not ready for popular movies with big crowds and don't bother asking for equipment for hearing impaired. That stuff doesnt work and the manager could care less.

Shelley Owen

Comfortable seats. Beer and wine. Expensive.


Theater was in disrepair, old uncomfortable seats, screen quality meh

Jason Ogasian

Big comfy seats that recline!!!


I loved it especially the chairs they were so comfortable and everyone had there own little tables that was a great idea we all had a great time watching the movie in comfort. Thanks.

Shadow Wolf

Food is extremely expensive, theater was not clean, seats in 7 were stiff, but good sound, good screen, good movie. Overall the best theater nearby outside of Reno.

PMS Sanchez

Always a great place to take the family

Alejandro Mendoza-Garcia

it's amazing! I love the seating it alot better organized!

Rosalva Plascencia

Fandango Theater is okay it's kind of pricey but if you get the tickets at the Fandango Casino it's much better I mean you pay $10 for the tickets when you're paying 15 something at night and then they are going to be making it up when you buy your popcorn drinks and whatever else you want so you really not saving much so I give it three stars

Kodi Hamill

The chairs are awesome and comfortable. The screens and audio are food quality and the place is kept clean. I would rate higher if it wasnt so expensive.

Holly Cattanach

Love the luxury loungers. I pretty much only see movies that are shown in the luxury theater. Way better experience than regular seating. No one kicking your seat, lots of leg and elbow room. Love it!


New reclining seats are great. 3D show not working today but the manager took good care of us and we still enjoyed the movie. Will be back!

Lindsey Cottiero

Great service and super friendly employees! Can't beat the free refills on the large soda and large popcorn tubs! Delightful movie going experience with my mom and kiddos.

chase johnson

Good theater and surround sound. Wish the seat would recline a little bit more though


I like this theatre very relaxing. Good drinks and Food.

Javier Urena

Always a good experience.

Jonathan Forrester

Nice. Clean. Comfy luxury recliner seats. Friendly staff.

Justine Chambers

Saw Gemini- Awesome! Friendly place. Clean and comfortable.

Queen Kahos

I always enjoy going here where else can you order a beer or wine and go watch a movie. The concession prices are high just like every other theatre the best time to go is the middle of the day. Even durring busy times you can normally get seats. The seating is assigned as well which is nice to know where you are going to sit. I like to order the tickets online before going it takes the guess work out of things.

chris mattoon

Seats are kinda meh but movies so it's good

Jacob Budd

High prices for movies, but good movies and a fun place to go.

Pamela Wells

Clean, good service, and a wide variety of show times. They also have classic movies showing that are wonderful to see again on the big screen.

Tim Dodds

Seats no longer recline EXCEPT theatres 1 & 10 but they are " leather " and very uncomfortable. Sat in seat R11 in theatre 5 and there is popcorn, candy and who knows what down the sides of the cushions. Used to be a pleasure to come here but now it's not.

Dragonstar Entertainment Bud Gibson

Love coming and watching movies here. Great service, clean, and I love the cash back theater also... that was a great idea.

Connie Wilbur

Great service and very clean facility

Beatriz Diaz

Great seats in the luxury theater and Dirty Wookie is a must have for any viewing occasion. Plus poke stops within range. Only downfall is no kids section so you can hear whiny babies if their parents see fit to take them to an adult movie and ruin our day.

TheGamerDude X

Good Service good timing

Ben Ellsworth

Great experience comfortable seating and great service

Steven Salazar

Luxury theater seats make watching movies a joy. Love drinking a beer or having a cocktail while watching a great film also.

Erin Been

Very clean stadium style theatre. Great popcorn, shakers are free! They serve wine beer and margaritas for adults. 10 theatres. All leather seats, some (Luxury+) are reclining. They have 3D and D box too. Lots of parking. Join rewards program and see your dollars as up. You even pick your seats upon purchase so no need to rush in and find the best ones!. You can even purchase online too.

Sandra Gray

Love going to the movies. Comfortable seats. Saw "Bumblebee" movie. It was great.

Jacob Pritchard

This place is my new theater the manager Emma took care of my cousin and I we drove from Fallon to watch the new spiderman man but long story short stuff happened with the theater and they made sure to get us new seats and still got us in so we could enjoy the show thanks agian

Lacey Ludwig

Nice staff and clean seats. Always fun

Pat Gelmstedt

. Staff is awesome. Enjoyed the seats. However, the bathrooms are never clean. I won't use them, no matter how much I need to relieve myself.

Lori Goldberg

Great service! Clean!

Mrs. Berna

Love this place. Gets busy in the afternoon/night. The place is big and very comfortable.

Barbara Geach

I just wished all the seats in every theatred reclined.

Jeff Polk

Nice place. I liked the clean reclining seats

Josh's Journey

This theatre has comfortable seats and all the current movies. Concessions are expensive as is expected but they also serve alcohol. Great place to go see any movie and matinee ticket prices are very reasonable.

Justin McIntosh

Staff was very pert, bordering impolite. Decent facilities, nice clean bathrooms.

Danny Ray

This place needs to be updated and better sound system

Sergio Chacon

I loved the recliners to see a movie,plus alcohol...niiice

Rebeckah Smith

Normally, my experience at this theater is positive. Maybe they were just having an off day.

Jan Baker

Great with the exception of stale hot dog buns that were to expensive

Cheri Scott

Nice theater and they have wonderful reclining seats. I do get irritated that you have to make a reservation to get a seat. I'm much more spontaneous than that. Parking lot is always full.

Adam Vallaster

The Galaxy Fandango theatre in Carson is awesome. Definitely one of the nicest theatres I've been to. The employees were extremely nice, and helpful. The ticket prices were very reasonable. The theatre had the best seats I've ever seen in a theatre. They were like overstuffed leather recliners! I couldn't believe the roominess in the rows. I'm 6'1" and with my legs stretched out,I still had about a foot and a half between me and the next row. The seats also had a nice little swing out food tray to set your stuff on. Also, the theater was clean. No stepping on old popcorn or candy on the floor. it was a great experience going here versus going to the theatres in Reno.

Edward D. Tsao

Great theater! Love the new stadium seating with raised leg rests.

John Moriarty

It is a nice movie theater one major problem the seats did not recline and legroom was limited they need to update the seats

Stephen Nicholas

Great local multiplex theater here in Carson City. The theater has a walk across pedestrian path to the Fandango casino. The theater itself serves all the usual treats + beer and wine. They have both standard theaters in 3D theaters. They take good care of the place everything is clean and fresh.

Nick Kever

Get the recliners. Awesome.

Silvia Ramirez

I love coming to the movies here at Galaxy Theater even if I have to drive down the hill from South Lake Tahoe the people are friendly they don't charge you for refills for extra butter Heavenly they're always charging you for extra butter a dollar and a dollar for refill on sodas hear you ask for extra butter they never say it's a dollar extra I love coming here and their food and popcorn is so delicious the best theater ever sorry to say this about Heavenly theater but they need to stop charging you for extra butter and soda it's not right I give Galaxy Theater a 10 Stars not five♥️♥️

TA Dickerson

The new seats are awesome. First Class

Anthony Roling

Lion king was a great movie

April Hyatt

As one of the two theaters in Carson, I'm very happy with the seat upgrades in the theater. The staff is always friendly and the building is kept very clean. I like that you can buy alcohol at the snack stand (at movie theater prices).

Candice R. Liddell

A great place to take your family and see a good movie to encourage your heart.

Ava Scott

The theater is clean, and they offer assigned seating, which is nice. And the air quality is nice, not hot or stuffy.

Cassandra Bissman

I love the seats here!

Hanapa'a Todd

Clean theater only complaint as it was extremely loud, they could turn it down a notch or 2

Jenny Claypool

Comfy chairs good sound and screen

Kim Northrup

Saw grease was very enjoyable

Michael Mandeville

Great staff 6 very clean!

Vicky Torres

Fresh popcorn, the luxury seating is great otherwise pretty average seating.

Jose Diaz

A few things.... The same urinal has been out of service for the last YEAR AND A HALF+. Its a game on when they will have it fixed. What bothers me about this theater is that for these big marvel films lately, that have these collector cups. The problem is, (as I found out) this theater sells the cups before opening weekend and they sell out.

Candy Harris

Comfy seats and friendly staff

Kimberley Larosa

Nice and clean theaters

Dorothy A Rasmussen

Chairs ok, sound level fine for 6 and 60 year olds.

Cindy T

Nice theater. Comfortable chairs & great sound.

Arnold Faerber

Luxury theater, leather recliner seats, smart box office reps, helpful with getting my movie pass app to work properly. Theater is spotless. Theater is right next door to Fandango casino. Great experience.

Thaddeus Von Awesome

The seats were so comfortable I took a much needed two hour nap. Thanks fellas.

johanna lee

Very friendly, comfortable seats, little expensive on snacks.

Richard Bryan

Great service and clean theatres

Big John

Luxury seating is great and we will go back. Pretty standard popcorn and drink prices, $20 for large and two large drinks.

julio colon

Comfortable seats

Terry Glad

Matinees are fun. The theater is beautifully designed. Very comfy seats. A swing out tray table is great for a place to put your bag or cap, as well as your popcorn bucket. The chairs do not recline. Hoping someday they will replace some of them with recliners. Never too crowded for the movies I want to see. Your seat is pre-selected by you & assigned. They do allow you to change it if you are not happy with it once you sit down in it. Going to this theater remains a special treat for us for all these years!

Rodney Martin

Very nice, Luxury seats make it worth the $$ .

Haylee Medeiros

Very family friendly and fun. Great movies and fun arcade games. The seats are comfortable and cozy. The snack bar has good popcorn and pretzels, but the pretzels take a long time and candy is usually expensive. But overall this is a great place to enjoy a movie and popcorn

Leandra Carr

Clean, easy to navigate, lots of restrooms, VERY comfortable seating. Took a sweater just in case but did not need it. Took refillable popcorn container back - no question and no wait! Lots of room in seats, no need to move to allow people to pass

John Genzler

Abdominal is a great movie.

Sherry Alvey

Not a good experience with the first couple of employees. When we went to purchase our tickets the young man was rude to both my sister and me. So, we asked for the manager and got one of those "I'm the manager" so we asked who do you report to. The girl taking the tickets also seemed to hate her job. But, the girls at the concession counter were sweet and bubbly and friendly. The theatre and movie experience itself was fine. So I changed my one star to 3 to average it out. But it was unfortunate our experience began so negatively. But honestly after that we had a good time. Although it costs more to get popcorn and drinks than it does to buy a ticket. I find that sometimes the kids box is perfect for me. Small popcorn, small drink and small candy is much, much cheaper than the adult all you can eat popcorn and all you can drink soda combo.

Christofono Brown

Still my favorite theater. From so many high quality screens to the seating and the employees. Always enjoying catching a show when I’m in town.

jeremy guthrie

I got the pretzel and it was doughy and no chesse

David Shreve

Comfortable and clean. They could have turned the volume down a little, but other than that it was pleasant.

Elizabeth Power

Wear ear plugs. Never going back. Rediliously loud.

Marie Vazquez

Enjoy the convenience of preordering your seat/ ticket online. Really enjoyed the luxury seating, but wish there was a way to elevate or remove the center divider between the seats. Other then that, we love coming here. It's defiantly cheaper then California luxury theatre's.


Would give 5 stars, but not all of the theaters there have the recliners. Otherwise a great place


Decent place. Saw "men in black" here....✝️♥️

J. P. Greene

I really appreciate the comfortable chairs! They recline and have great lumbar support. The movies are easy to view... Don't think there's a bad seat in the theater. My only complaint is the volume is too much. I use an ear protection headset, much to the embarrassment of my family.

Adam Woodrum

Great theater in Carson. I love Galaxy and hadn't gone to see a movie for years until I heard about this chain. Reserved reclining seats. Unlike other Galaxy theaters I've visited the times I've been to this location the chairs don't recliner as far.

Art Redmon

Fantastic place. Great seats. Great sound. The place is nice.

Will Hines

Great movie theater. Staff have always been very kind and helpful. Theaters are always clean and my experience here is always positive. One of my regular places to go on a weekend.

Stephanie Lowrie

Saw Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell. Comfy seats. Comfy temperature. Friendly employees.

Alisha Walker

Super luxurious theater. Reclining seats, very spacious, with individual tables at each seat.

QueenB aka bebe

Great experienece comfortable seating and great service :)

Greg Oliphint

Good movie night .

Anastasia Mrowczynski

Had fun watching Dead Pool 2 here with my honey <3 Lots of yummy pop corn, comfy seats... But make sure you stop by a couple days in advance to buy them or order online for an extra fee. Otherwise you might get stuck in the first rows which will surely give you a neck pain and make the whole experience just a tad less exciting

Lance Boone

The theater is okay, but the temperature inside was way too hot. It would've be a nicer environment if the air conditioning had been turned on more.

Wendi Tyzbir

We saw Dumbo with the kids. . There were 8 of us. You think we should have got another movie free for the cost we paid.

Douglas Fong

Nice theater with friendly staff. Well kept and clean. Located just behind Fandango Casino on Carson Street.

W. Eric Watt

Great theater, good staff, helpful Manager makes for a great experience.

Angie Tucker

Very comfortable seating, and options to where sit. One of the micer spots in Carsin City. Thanks Fandango's#aircondion/Galaxy Theater#love /

Damon Benson

One of my favorite theaters.

Richard Ruiz

My family and I were watching Hobbs & Shaw as the movie was almost at the end(20 mins were left) the movie Suddenly just turned off,my wife and others went to tell someone in the theater what just had happend,we were told that there was a Glitch with the computer that was showing the film,they told us ,they would try to fix the problem and be resume in a few minutes after several attempts we were told that were was a problem and that they had to shut down the theater.An usher,the manager and also an other employee to us that they could offer a refund,re-admission or free movie tickets for another time.Though we were upset not being able to see the ending of the movie,were were Happy to see how the people at Galaxy Fandango handled the situation,I commend them on how they showed Great customer service and because of that my family and will Continue keep coming to theater which we Enjoy.5 stars

gary ashby

Good theater. Clean and safe

Lee Burwell

Nice place to see a movie. I recommend the luxury+ seating and if you want to drink a beer, bring your ID

Sofia Martinez

I love going there... always amazing

Sharon Wood

Online showed one show time, when I got to the theatre it was a half hour later, they also showed previews of shows for reduced prices which all the dates were expired already


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