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blvck.elitesociete Hussein

Very Nice place friendly service great seating

Terry S

The reclining leather seats were comfortable, but walking through the smoke-filled casino to get to the theater was not.

Sarah Todd

Love this theater my favorite place to be

Chanel Feemster

This is by far my favorite theater. I love the reclining seats, that it's always quiet, clean, that there are trays for the chairs. It's a big upgrade from a normal theatre. My only complaint is sometimes the concessions can take a LONG TIME, so make sure to get there early. But that's not enough of an issue for me to mark it down, since the threatre itself is pretty great. I would recommend it, especially with the roomier chairs and spacing between them you don't feel cramped like you might in a normal theatre.

Michele Dodd

Pleasant Staff. Love those recliners. Can't forget the popcorn


Everyone was courteous and efficient. Had a wonderful time.

Phil McNally

Comfortable recliner seats, clean theater, great sound system, and an excellent selection of movies!!

Trina Allen

We simply love this theater. Leather reclining seats, you can choose your seats, you get 1 refill on large popcorn and drinks. We share using the trays and we never get through both popcorn buckets. The front seats arent as bad/close as other theatre's the last row in front of the screen is not too bad.

Tirie Honeyblue

Numbered seats and the ability to reserve said seats. Reclining chairs AND the best part: If people are noisy, they get kicked out from the movie (no refund). It ensures you actually get to watch the movie without someone being on their phone or yapping throughout the whole movie.

Sarah Hall

It was such a great experience! The seats were recliners, the space was well maintained, and the employees were so pleasant to speak with.

Duane Anzalone

This is our preferred movie theater due to the proximity to our home. We love the Cannery Casino and having a quality movie theater so close is great for us.

chava ramirez

The footlong hotdogs are amazing

Ethan Ferris

Scary stories to tell in the dark was a great movie.

Cheryl Hernandez

Loved the luxurious chairs.. Clean ,nothing sticky..

the sad rat

Pretty chill place with cool staff

Gio Sylar

Amazing. Comfortable seats and loud and clear picture. Will be making this my movie spot.

K. M.

It was clean. The theater was not too cold.


Nice theater. Seats recline. Clean and comfortable.

Michael Maxwell

ENDGAME IN 3D DBOX on opening night....enough said.....The theater was nice and comfortable. I have been in the lounge chairs and the DBox chairs...both were extremely comfortable and concession prices seem reasonable.

Pheroados Gyaramosa

This was an ok place, their buffet was the best part THEY HAVE DUMPLINGS! witch is my favorite food(other than lobster) and I ate 10 of them XD but anyways the arcade was kinda a waste of money. They didn't have much to do however mom was obsessed over the pinball machine so that's a plus. I used up half my money on trying to get a head band and never got it :'D also. While my parents were gambling they put up a sign witch said " do not bring in children without an adult" soooo I hid in a corner until my parents came would recommend for adults only :T

LuzMarina Villegas

Great service. Tuesdays are 6.50 matinee prices for club members

Paul Blankenship

I've seen many many movies at The Cannery and I've always has great experiences. One time I went to a late show at 10:45 pm and bought a Hazy Little Thing IPA 16 ounce. I asked what time they close concessions and the guy said 11 pm. So he let me buy the 2nd IPA as well. Good stuff!


THE. BEST. EVER. This movie theater is fit for kings. The popcorn is great, the movies are great, and the screens are HUGE. The best place for a birthday. And buffets are next door. This is the best movie theater I've ever seen PERIOD.

Monica Rodriguez

Young fella Cortez helped me find my keys, he is the definition of customer service great location for a movie date

Travis Hammond

If you're looking for somewhere to bring the family to watch a movie while you get some sleep? Try the Cannery's movie theater where the spacious and reclining nature of the seating leads to maximum comfort. Or you could watch the movie, I guess that's cool too but I'm sure another reviewer can leave that feedback.

Ande Anderson

Almost always a good experience...occasionally there are rude people that have no manners when it involves the most important thing in their life; their cell phone. People...listen, if you don't have the capacity to turn off your phone during a 2 hour movie you likely have a meaningless existance and are very narcissistic...

Daniel M

Clean movie rooms but the self check in kiosks were not working. But over enjoyed my experience. The moving chairs are fun.

Void Magma

Very nice and great service!!

Nieonky Jones

The recliners are great and comfortable

Divina Arellano

Great movie theater. Very clean and excellent quality of projection, sound and chairs.

Reyne Storm

I love this theater. My toddler and I went to see Spiderman and got there in the nick of time. We ordered food and our movie began. I was worried we were going to miss the beginning,but one of the servers took my receipt and brought our food to us to our seats when our food was done. I was impressed and felt good about taking my son here. Great experience.

Vee Gee


William Cooper

I truly love going to the movies again. The Galaxy Theaters are truly five star . Large reclining leather seats, wide aisles and extremely clean and neat. Well done every which way you look. Those two seated theaters are this way the one in Henderson as well as the one at the Cannery

Dennis Bartholomew

Not too bad seats are comfortable but if your girlfriend likes to cuddle like mine when watching a movie this isn't the one do heated seats are designed you cannot do it at this theater

Javana Johns

Good theatres. Never really been into the rest of this casino but good impression. It appears cleaner than most and the theatre is good.

Daniel Haynes

Theater was nice but I think you would get alot better sales on your beer if you drop those prices ,and let people 50 and above (like myself and my wife) pay a flat rate matinee not exceeding almost $10.00

Alex Early

Reclining couch seats and a separate line for alcohol.

Diane Rimestad

Loved the seats only problem is the wall between seat sections is about 3 inches to high.

Vincent Mills

We love this place. It's comfortable and clean, the employees are always friendly. we've had one or two problems in the past the management always goes above and beyond.

Jos Verlinden

Very nice and luxury. Good sound and screen.

Queen Buttafinga

Seats are so comfortable, the bathrooms are clean and the staff are pretty cool

David N Krystal B

Love reclined seating. Add in alcohol and a decent selection of food items and you have a great time watching any movie. Lastly, who doesn't love reserving their seats via an app ahead of time!

gaming with co so cool

Really like the area. Not too busy. Lots to do. Highly recommend this place for fun with family.

Janel Green

I wish I lived closer to this theatre because it is great! I love that they offer free popcorn seasonings.

Angie Allen

Love the bars in here, but they need a better air purifying system. Just walking through to the movie theater makes your clothing reek. It would be a good place to play blackjack if it weren't for the air quality. I can't stand eating there for that reason, and the Italian restaurant is fantastic.

Frank Bastedo

Nice Seating and Super Friendly Staff!!

Aubrey Spilsbury

Went to go see "scary stories to tell in the dark," we had preordered tickets and we sat in the back up top in the comfy seats. I love those seats. There was a lot of people just chilling where the ticket taker was standing. Overall experience was pleasant.

Kitty Holland

One of the best luxury theaters in town. I love going here!

John Douglas

Very nice theatre. Bought tickets online and you get to pick which seats you prefer and what great seats. Leather recliner seats with a tray and cup holder. The only employee we interacted with was friendly and helpful. Very wide aisles and plenty of leg room. Overall a great experience and this will be my go to theater from now on.

Mike E

Tried to purchase 4 seats online, but the website wouldn't take our order with one empty seat to the right of the seats we selected (there were three seats already purchased to the right of the empty seat). Poor customer service.

Luciana Jones

The theater was clean and the staff was friendly. It was great fun for an afternoon matinee! It wasn't even cold like other movie theaters! Galaxy you got it right.

Joshua Fitzsimmons

Management doesn't pay attention No one checks the theaters No one sits where they need to. All falls back on management I think it's a time for change in management at this location.

Chris Easley

I Love the comfort of this theatre! Craft Beers and other goodies available! A go to place for me and my family!

jamal chinn

Extremely clean and ran to perfection from the box office personel all the way down to the usher cleaning the movie theater!! My fav in town I literally dont go anywhere else!!!!

Jill C

Super nice staff, nice choice of toppings for sausages, great to have open captions available

Hybrid Snake

Clean environment, comfortable reclining seating, amazing sound system. Top notch experience!

Jack Long

Expensive but same as every other theater here in town. Serve alcohol in the theater. Very very comfortable seats. Only real complaint is that if you sit in the higher rows you cannot recline your chair all the way or you won't be able to see the bottom, or more, of the screen unless you are very tall that is. I am 6 foot 3 inches and I still couldn't lean it all the way back.

Jeremi Rapp

The staff are always friendly and polite. It's my favorite movie theatre with the most comfortable recline seats.

Mark Holman

I love this theater they're so much more organized and faster than AMC where we've been going. I don't think I'll ever go back to AMC. The larger theaters are Awesome!!!! Fast friendly service with awesome clean theatres.

Jesse Munoz

That atmosphere and customer service is pretty great. My girl is very fond of movies so we go to quite a few fairly often and I have to say galaxy is one of my favorites. Only issues I had are the fact the chairs leave some comfort to be desired (granted the theater isn't new) and the audio in the viewing rooms can be made louder but aside from those two small factors love this theater

Diane Rivera

Love this theatre...2nd time here 1st time I drank a beer in 2017...loved it..memories

Marcus drysdale

Great screens and sound. Reclining comfortable chairs and reasonable prices.

Doyon Son

Still the best of the new luxury style theaters. Seats are roomier and recline more and the table for your movie snacks take it over the top. Some of the walls are a little high and can block a bit of the screen.

Don Benjamin

Decent prices. Sometimes the sound can be a little too loud and the air-conditioning can be on too cold. These theatres tend to primarily show the popular movies but not the more independent movies; they do show older movies Sundays and Wednesday and this is a nice feature.

ttv.Achilles Storm

It's great chairs really comfortable popcorn is great just the right amount of BUTTERR and yeah overall it's a great place!!!

Veronica Moten-Fulford

Cozy, quiet...Really enjoyed the Cannery experience.

Emma Tate

One of the best experiences I have had at a movie theater. From the parking structure to the credits of the movie, I was in my happy place. Lobby ✔ concession stand ✔ menu ✔ popcorn (the BOMB) beverages ✔ alcohol drinks ✔ seats (was like being at home in my own family room, reclining with my own little table) Super comfortable seats, sound system, everything was great. I will return for sure!

Larry Villagomez

Best theater I've ever been to. Luxury, comfy seats, picture and sound is quality!

Mandisa Childs

This theatre is great. The seating is comfortable and it's always clean. The consession prices are outrageous but all of them are these days

5856LetsGo 5856LetsGo

My favorite movie spot!

ThatNinja Dak

Great experience, the chairs are amazing, and many different types of food to choose from.

fanny wat

Love this place. Make the food cheaper tho.

Futuristic Concepts

Great place to relax and enjoy a good movie. I see why it"s called GALAXY Luxury Theater because it's out of this world!! Great seating, ticket prices and the food was great! They really know how to serve popcorn too. Not too much salt and the perfect amount of butter. And the staff is so nice. They make you feel welcome and make you want to come back again. As for the theater layout, exits that don't disturb other patrons and easy to remember. The acoustics are state of the art and you can feel the sound vibrations in the seats. Mindblowing!! The screen colors are vivid and are so acute that you feel like you are there in the movie. People talking while the movie is playing? NO. People on phones? NO. Phones ringing? NO. And why is this? That's easy. If you do those things and disturb other patrons they eject you from the theater. Problem solved. If you want to have a good time, a SAFE time, go to the movies. If you want to REALLY enjoy the movie experience I highly suggest the Galaxy Luxury Theater at the Cannery. Great times, clean restrooms, courteous staff, price friendly. Well that covered MY list of expectations. How about you? So go get those snacks and get into the theater. Hurry, the previews are about to start!! Have a great time at the Galaxy!! Good times for all I guarantee!!

Black Mamba Reg

Visiting from CA. Took nieces & nephews to see Madea. Super big, comfy & reclining seats. Definitely recommend!

Jennifer Young

My home theater, the best in theater in the North. Great reclining seats, always clean, employees are extra nice. this past weekend I had a great conversation with one of the employees it was like we had been knowing each other all our lives. Keep up the great service Cannery. 5 1/2 stars

Ellen E

Good Customer Service... very friendly and professional.

Cherita Thomas

Viewed The Lion King 2019 on the house. 7/18/19. House was packed, I was dead center in Row J. Nice family oriented crowd. Audience was cool for an 8p showing. Stereo was booming when need be. Nachos crisp. Cheese nice and very warm. Korbel was on fleek! Chilled in my recliner chair. Didn't think to take photo. My baad! But very pleasant evening.☺️ Check it out. Cannery NLV!

Colleen Poole

Great seats and late night showings.

melissa hunter

Great movie theater and very comfortable seats

Larry D

I always love seeing a movie here. No more trying to find a comfortable seat with a good view of the screen. You reserve your seats when you buy your tickets. Your seats are comfortable recliners with a small movable table and cup holder. You can even buy a pizza and have it delivered to your seat. What's not to like about that.

Jessie Martin

Comfortable seating when you can find one that's not broken. Majority of the staff seems irritable and management lacks attention to detail. It used to such a good place to watch movie. I hope things get back to the way they were.

Tawny Lefear

Very nice theater! The seats are nice and comfortable. You can buy alcohol, wine and beer.

matt phillips

Great sound, nice big screens, reclining seats, it's everything I look for in a movie theater.

Cris Tejada

Great place. Always have a good time.

Jose Alvarez

Excellent place to pass time good attitude on cocktail waitress

Master Ex

I love this theater and all the rooms have seat recliners, Awesome

Mike Nation

Never had any issues, the movie theatres are amazing, they have reclinable seats so you can even sit in the front with out getting a broken neck

Abriam Santiago

Seats were clean reclinable and very relaxing

Ricky Valero

Customer service was amazing Ease of transition from getting into the theater, buying tickets and buy concessions was easy to navigate. Wait for food was not long. I ordered a pretzel and the taste was good. Pricing is about on pair with other movie theater chains. Benefits are obvious, reclining seats are spectacular, so comfortable. The tray table is nice add and can be moved as well. Overall fun experience to be had and heck you can even slide over and gamble a little after the movie.

Lisa Ray

Great theater.. comfy seats that recline.. very spacious, no climbing over people to get to a seat..

Katie Maddox

Love this theatre!!! The popcorn is the best, the theatres are clean and the staff is great!

Stanley Ross

Movie was great the casino lost machines u can st least win some money on their machines

firme trucking

To be honest little ghetto all the local spots are besides red Rock, aliante, I'm just a few others

Italia Perez

My movie was boring but thanks to their seats I didn't have to sit there in agony waiting for the movie to end, instead I took a really nice nap. Thanks!

Michelle Zenteno

It was as clean as expected. The seats are comfy, so that's a plus. The tickets are reasonably priced but the snacks are INSANELY OVER PRICED. Won't be back.

ricardo villalta

These theaters are well maintain with super friendly and attentive staff. They have deals for rewards members. Assigned seating with DFX sound. Plenty of parking. Get the app, it is worth it. Free complimentary movie on your b-day.

Duane Ward

My wife and I just got love this theater. We rarely go to another. Most comfortable recliners we have found

Mateo Curiel

Really nice theaters. They are clean and have a lot of space.

Debbie Colson

Galaxy is a great theater. Clean and comfortable seats.

Laurie Baumgartner

Galaxy Cannery is great. We love the luxury seating and being able to reserve your specific seats in advance. The concessions are pricey, but that is the case at any movie theater you go to. They offer a wide variety of food choices and they also serve beer & wine.

Fred Martin

One of the best theaters i've found! Alcohol is served here, along with basic food and drinks. You can select your seating. The chairs are super comfy and recline. Lots and lots of parking. Always a good experience!


I've never had bad service. This is my favorite theater and I love the reclining seats.


Very clean and comfy seats!

Brian Baumgartner

Very nice theater. Prices for food & beer are understandable, but a happy hour would be a nice touch.

Junior Jay

Nothing but ratchets and parentless teenagers here. You'll most likely sit next to idiots texting chatting and chanting the entire movie. Theater doesnt enforce their removal policies as strictly. Look for a theater outside of North Las Vegas for any modicum of civility OR just come 2 weeks after a movie debuts.

eli serrano

Amazing as usual, but someone was in our seat and we had to involve staff to make them move.

Luis Nieves

love this special place, good movies, a couple of glasses, moscato,


Great theater, great seats. Very relaxing

Eduardo Diaz

It was a great experienc' I love it

Ann Wilson

We were the only ones in the theater. Movie was great. Audience was very quiet. No trash. Seats wete comfortable

Silvia Y. Mendoza Las Vegas Realtor

I love this theater!! Reclining chairs are so comfortable. The popcorn really tastes amazing, seriously! I’ve tasted other movie theaters’ popcorn and it really doesn’t compare. The rewards program is amazing, I get at least one free movie ticket per month. TIP- do not cash your $5 off at the concessions, save the points and use it for a free ticket.

Laura B

I loved the experience here. The luxury seats are one of the best in the movie industry. And there's a nice bonus in the restrooms. They play movie themed scores from movies passed. That is smart! No elevator music for this gal

Sin City Overland

One of my most favorite theaters ever!

Sami Ali [STUDENT]

Awesome seats, and okay customer service. Would expect better.

Ayanna Taylor-Wade

Never been and it was an amazing experience. Reclining seats and plenty of arm room

Melissa Terrazas

The reclining seats were comfy and it really made the movie that much better. The sounds was AMAZING. However the concession stand pizza was still cold. The popcorn was delicious, as always.

Lucky Lady

Good selection of the newest movies PLUS we can always find a movie for the grand-children to enjoy as well. Comfy recliners and convenient snack tables with notch for your drink. Table can be right in front of you or swings out of the way as desired. Friendly staff. Clean theatres. Restrooms always clean. Arcade/play area immediately as you exit from the movies. Main Entrance and entire theatre & play areas are totally separate areas from the casino; no need to take my grands through a casino with smokers to get to the theatre. Very convenient. PS: No idea what reviewer Javette Mackey's talking about -- there is absolutely no smoking in the theatres!

Travis McGuire

Love this place! Tried about every theatre in town, always wind up here.

Reggie Smith

I'm a returning customer to their buffet. I'm stuck on their salad and ribs.

Douglas Hinman

The recliner seats here are wonderful. However, there is no IMAX screen. Which is something they sorely need to fix. There is a variety of choices for concessions but don't think the combos give you any kind of deal because it is literally just all of the items' prices added together directly. The combos are only there to advertise to you that you might want those foods/drinks at the same time (pretty much all theaters do this though) this theater is very busy as it is the main go to of North Vegas. If they don't have seats left check Aliante Regal they're not as busy.

PJ Acosta

The buffet was good. The movie was also good. Date night went well, I enjoyed myself.

alisha hicks

The entire theater was clean and the staff was polite and friendly. Love this theater

Rhy Rhy

Great theater just wish it was a little cheaper and could buy tickets on Fandango or something.

Armando Flores Jr

Great place....some seats need updating but overall pretty good

Dianna Headford

Not very clean the chairs are not comfortable

Betty Ann Reiner

Great Staff. Good Machines!

Linda Narumit

The seating is very comfortable and the employees are friendly and professional.

Aurora Buffington

I had a great experience, as I redeemed my free birthday pass that I received for being a Galaxy rewards member. I picked a movie I had really wanted to see which was excellent! The seats were comfortable even though I was almost in the front and it was relatively easy to get in and out.

Brian Goodman

My favorite movie theater! Always clean and great screen views.

Mi Wa

Very nice experience. The seats are like home recliners that are very comfortable and spacious and also each seat has swing arm tray tables that hold your drinks, popcorn, candy, etc... Also, almost any seat you choose will be comfortable for viewing the movie, even the first few rows are designed so you're not having to look up at the screen which might be uncomfortable and put a strain on your neck.

Blanca Andaluz

Really nice place to play, enjoy with kids and eat

Kimberly Ford

Saw "WIDOWS". Not what I expected. Not predictable at all! All the best actors, Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell ... u name it, they're blowing the lid off this movie. These women are FIERCE. LOVED IT! Not to mention, really comfortable seats, clean theatre, friendly staff & delicious food. Overall, we got everything thing we wanted in a movie experience. That's why, whenever we go to the movies, we go to the CANNERY.

A Arellano

Luxury theater, best one I've been to.

Sanguenetta Joof

Movie Theater with reclining chairs . Awesome

Chris N.

1st time going to this theater and it was awesome! Would go again.

Jay DS

I've been going here ever since it opened. And since they they've don't nothing but improve. Never had an issues with them.

elijah ornelas

Really nice theater, comfy recliner seats with good picture and sound. The food is pretty good, though in only ever get popcorn and nachos. D-BOX is pretty cool, definitely worth it for certain movies.

Lavender Star

Reclining and oversized seats! And extra roomy isle makes for a most enjoyable experience.


We always come to this theater for the convenience but we've had no issues outside of one time I got their pizza and it was overcooked. Considering how much you're paying you'd expect it to come out without issues. Aside from that there's really no reason why you shouldn't come here for a movie.

Patty Bellotte

The Cannery is great! They have reclining seats and they are assigned. The popcorn is really good here. You can get a foot-long hot dog and dress it up if you are hungry, and you can take in a beer or a glass of wine if you like.

James English

Love it there clean and comfortable whole family enjoyed it .

Carlos Cervantes

Not a great place if you have kids and baby’s always kicking people out due to small noise honestly won’t be returning to this place as a boycott now. Including not once but twice bought tickets to see avengers and was given the incorrect tickets and had to be fixed first day had to come back because seating was filled second time the manager made a mistake by giving me tickets for a complete different date which this is just unforgiving.

vegas mama

Staff are nice and friendly. Seats are first class! Good thing is we can access directly from parking lot not through Casino area especially when you have children!

Christopher Backus

Reclining leather chairs, great screen, and good sound. It's very convenient to Nellis AFB.


Best movie theater. Mainly because of the super comfortable reclining seats!

Richard McGinthy

Assigned seating, reclining seats, seats with tables and, cupholders! Definitely worth a few extra dollars to ensure a quality experience. Theater also takes a hard stance against people talking in theater or being disruptive by kicking them out. My favorite theater in the valley.

Greg Hockenjos

Always fresh popcorn. Comfy seats.

Ashley Potter

They host free movies for autistic children from time to time you can sign up through feat or even bright to get emails and reserve your free tickets! Sweet people.

Frank James Stocum I

This place is top notch, reclining chairs and trays and tons of leg room the place was nice and will go to this one over and over.

Devan Sanchez

Had the best movie seats

Todd Mitchell

It’s just a really good movie theatre

Vaughn Roberts

Very Good Vibes

Javette Mackey

The buffet is very comfortable, food is good. The theater has lounging chairs. You'll love it if you're a smoker....nonsmokers, well you may want to head somewhere else...

Darrin Valentine

Still one of my favorite theaters to see a movie, they have many options from upgraded audio to 3D viewing, yet all seats are the new reclining leather seats. They serve alcohol to adults in a separate line and footling hotdogs. The rewards program is nice too, periodically getting a free movie and popcorn.

Vonte Burks

New seats very very comfortable. The theater is always clean and the staff is always friendly. My favorite place to watch movies with friends and family.

Stephen St Clair

My favorite casino in North Las Vegas. Good restaurants, nice decor, close to the 15 and plenty of other activities close. 10 minutes to either the strip or Freemont experience.

Damon Boyd

My wife and I went here to watch a movie with our kids. The theater was awesome! They had recliner seats, you got to pick where you wanted to sit, and the staff was friendly. It wasn't even that busy, granted we went to a 1pm showing on a Friday. I will definitely be coming back to this theater again.

charett stokes

Best place for drinks, great popcorn and a wonderful movie watching experience!


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