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REVIEWS OF Eclipse Theaters IN Nevada

Lucy H

Exceptional theater and event venue. Staff and owners are the most gracious, friendly helpful people. Attended event at this theater and it was perfectly put together.

mark anderson

Lobster rolls were on point

Adam Kadosh

Amazing movie theater great service

Ayanna Wolff

Love this place. The fact that you can dine while you're watching a movie, is good time. Come one or come all its a great place and people are friendly.

Greg Graham

My new favorite place for the movies. I love the service, I joined the rewards program. Even though I have Netflix and Amazon watching movies at the Eclipse is like having my own home Theater complete with a cook, server and and maid!

Brent Wilson

Lounge seating and some solid food and beer. Full bar and outdoor patio with a nice view before your show. It's a nice night out. It will definitely cost a little more than average movie night

Ekayah Williams

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't "Oh wow so amazing!" Like I thought it would be. It was nice and quiet, the employees were nice as well, but I wouldn't get food from here. I ordered the nachos and they were not worth $10.83, they were overpriced for the size and amount. My expectations for the place were high and it just fell short.

Tana Sproul

Great and friendly service, comfy chairs, great selection of movies! We had originally missed our movie and were so understanding and handed over free movie passes for us to use at any time we wanted for a month. They have impressive cocktails as well. Definitely my favorite theater in Vegas.

britini jones

We bought a Groupon and came here and had nothing but issues with booking the Groupon and movie timesthey kept moving the movie times every time we went to book the Groupon then the movie we wanted to see they would say that we would have to wait x amount of days because it was a newer movie okay that's fine I understand but then when we go to book it again they move the movie times then when we get there cuz we now have finally got to see the movie, we don't get any service for the first hour that are movie is playing10 minutes after talking to the manager and asking for a waiter to come in waiters finally come in low and behold wear on the first row of seats they all walk right past us now we're an hour and 45 minutes into our movie and we still have had no service the Groupon comes with two drinks a popcorn and a movie we have yet to get our popcorn into drinks so I get back up and go back out to the manager who gives me my popcorn and drinks but I have to carry it back in myself which I thought the waiters were supposed to.moral of the story I'm very saddened by this experience I will not be returning to this movie theater I will be sticking to my good old Green valley luxury theater if I'm going to be carrying my own food and drinks then I might as well keep going to the luxury theater that I've been going to.

Daniel Gooda

We had a Groupon for two tickets, two drinks, and a popcorn for $45. This place is a hidden gem. Staff was friendly and attentive. The popcorn was great and the drinks come in actual glasses. The seats are very comfortable, and parking is close and free. We will definitely be coming back!

Plum Angel

The atmosphere was great and my food was only ok. Not bad, I will remember Aladdin more than the food. When I visit again I will order food. I love and enjoyed myself!

Mike Desmond

garbage, overpriced food and bad movies. they host events but those are lame corporate gimmicks. add a negative sign to my forced one star.

Tenaya Williams

Very nice movie theater! Chairs were comfortable. I loved the menu and the option to have a drink while watching. Staff was very nice as well.

The Matadore

I’m a fan of this theatre. The experience is like none other in Las Vegas: not only can you sip on wine and eat something tasty but they also have experts in the industry develop their own special drinks, cocktails, and meals that you can’t get anywhere else on the planet. It’s very low-key but worth it! Their employees so far have been super friendly as well.

Ann Gomez

Awesome theater, great seats, don't have to wait in line for popcorn or drinks, have good menu with lots of awesome choices, plus can get alcoholic drinks, best way to watch movies

John Robinson

Weird place, weird vibe. Like going to watch a movie at your rich uncle's house...

Andrea Smith

BLACK NURSES ROCK!!! Beautiful facility!! great customer service!! will def be going back!

Christiana H

Yummy food. Amazing venue and sound system. Fantastic customer service. Eclipse is a great theater!

Desiree Waters

Fun place to see a movie. We were able to have a cocktail and a snack before watching the movie. Not very crowded but it was a Tuesday night. Seats are very comfortable. Only negative was all the road construction in the area.

Chiquita Duplessis-Turner

Nice little theatre. I enjoyed the acoustics and setup for guests

Omar Espinosa

Nice and clean excellent services the waiter super friendly and the prices good.

Bob Painter

Tickle me comedy club was good. Had a great time.

Ande Anderson

Overpriced. Limited parking. Military and Sr Citizens discount is a measly $2...really? The food is overpriced. Parking is kindof tricky since you pull into an alley and park in the limited space hidden garage. Seating is nice. The screens could be bigger for the $20 entry to see a movie...

Chris Mitchell

If you are going to take 20 minutes to get to me, have a place that I can order my own drinks and popcorn.

Leanne Ma

A little pricey but worth it for the occasional night out. Good service, pretty good food and amazing cocktails.

Connie Wiggins

Couldn't believe how fancy this theatre was located near Fremont. Very elegant restrooms and food served to you while watching a movie It was well worth trying to find it.

Tamika Latrice

My entire experience was amazing! The staff was friendly! The food was great! The service was excellent and swift. The movie was crystal clear and the sound was not overwhelming and i could feel the special effects. I'm excited to return there.

Captain Zarge

Great place to watch movies and get food

PoppahWillie Williams

I went there to see a show in the lounge which I enjoyed. The business model is unique because of the lounge on the second floor lounge.

David Bickmore

Got a groupon good deal

Roberta Monreal

First time here it was great can't wait to come back worth the price

Rukiyah Polk

The theatre is nice and clean. Staff is friendly. Decor is modern contemporary, sleek.

Kori Speece

Not bad. The theater was super clean and in great condition. The audio was nice, but nothing special, at least it didn't seem it. Screen was a good size, and the menu was priced well. I did have a problem with the wait staff taking nearly 20 minutes to show up after I had pressed the call button, and them not alluding to the size of a drink when I said I wanted a large drink for me and my wife. It came in a standard pint class. They got us another but the detail would have been nice up front.

robert helm

Pricey, but worth it if you want to be treated like a movie star,

John Greene

Great experience! Parking is free on the street. Recliner seats

Benigno Nieto

This is the best theater in town! Reclining, comfortable seating. Great sound and picture. There's small limited seating available so it makes for a more intimaten personal, and unique experience. Kid are also not allowed after 6 p.m.! Heard they had some bankruptcy issue going on, but I was told by an employer that they aren't going to be closing any time soon. Good news! The bar and lounge area is beautiful and has the option to sit outside to enjoy the Spring weather. The -1 star is for their food. I've been coming here for quite some time and have not been impressed with the food. Most recently, I came here and ordered the chicken wings and fries. The fries were similar to the type of fry you get a McDonald's. The wings were rubbed with their "signature" sauce, but it was only red hot. Nothing special. I would not complain about this if it wasn't for the high prices for serving mediocre food. Regardless, this is the best movie experience in town and I'll keep supporting this local gem in Downtown Vegas.

Cyril Aubry

Best concept of Ciné-Bouffe Cine-Bistrot of the World ! A must to be done. Seats are very comfortable, and can lay down. Food is great. Sound is amazing. A stunning movie with food experience ! Why is there not this everywhere in the world....?! The Price of the movie is a bit expensive, but it's a good deal considering you will eat inside at a correct price and watching a movie


Very nice place to watch movies.

Monica Angelo

I love this theater. Literally some of the best food ever!! And I love how only like 20 seats are open per room. The seats recline and they have a call button to place more orders so you never have to get up

Johnathan bennett

My grandson was so happy! My entire experience was amazing! The staff was friendly! The food was great! The service was excellent and swift. The movie was crystal clear and the sound was not overwhelming and i could feel the special effects. I'm excited to return there Great place to go watch a movie. They have a menu set aside on your seat. You can order what they have on the menu and they will bring it to your seat. Somewhat expensive. But worth it. They also serve alcohol drinks. Seats are comfortable you might fall asleep

elizabeth batz

Love this place. It has great ambiance. The seating arrangement is sets of two attached leather recliners with swivel top tables, you pick your seats when you buy your tickets which is great. The seats were extremely comfortable AND clean. To call staff over you press a small button on your table and you receive prompt very friendly service. 10/10 would see another movie there. After 9pm its 21 and over which is great if you don't want to deal with people bringing children into the theater.

Teanna Lewis

Considering it poses as a luxury theater I felt that some things about this theater could be improved. I came here a while back with my boyfriend and there wasn’t any good parking spaces so that was kind of frustrating. We got in and bought tickets we met a black man with dreads(forgot his name) and he seemed nice. He asked to check my back and all I had was a water bottle in it and he said that was fine and I could take it in with me. Our movie wasn’t playing till an hour later so we left and came back. Once we came back the same man asked to check my bag again and all I had was the water bottle still and he said I Couldn’t take it in with me. I thought that was strange of him to go back on his word like that but I brushed it off. But when we tried to find our seats they were numbered wrong so we didn’t know where exactly to sit so we asked him for assistance and he made it seem like it was a hassle for him to assist us to our correct seating. The food items on the menu are a little high but the seats are comfy and the sound and picture was great. Only thing that needs improvement here is management.

John Thomas

Great food quick and friendly service clean and comfortable chairs combined with a great price. Walking distance from all hotels on the freemont side of town. Will definitely be back.

Colleen Frazier

It's a very clean and enjoyable experience... The staff is helpful and friendly and the environment is very nice...

Tee Bee

When to a private party on the 3rd floor. It was awesome!! The only think that sucked was the parking. Because it is downtown their parking garage is small and you have to park on the street. It is in a sketchy part of downtown so beaware.Also there were no bathrooms on the 3rd floor so we had to go down to find one. But other than that the place is beautiful.

Barbara Williams

Very clean. Great surround sound. Courteous staff.

M Branch

Nice place! I’m only judging the bar and upstairs lounge though. I went to see some local comics; they were alright. It was a cool night out overall. It’s off the strip a bit, so I used a cab to get there. Driver told me to get a cab back; don’t walk, it’s not a walkable type of neighborhood at night - I suppose.

Raymond Reyna

Very fancy! I will be back for sure!

Sabrina Perez

Always a great experience and the food is so tasty. The seats are cozy and did I say the food was tasty.

Franklin H

This place is amazing the staff is very attentive and the ambiance is great the movie theater is very modern and comfortable. The food is also good, I will return

Ibrahim Abousamak

I don't know why people complain it's expensive. I don't do movies much, but Lion King with the kids was a must. It was $48 compared to only ten dollars cheaper at regal. Here they had a bigger screen, great surround sound, and the ability to order a variety of Applebees style food in the theatre at the push of a button from my seat! The prices were same as Applebees and the food quality just as good, served right to your reclining chair. As locals who live a mile away, our family will visit soon as Disney has an array of releases this year and the quality here was worth the extra $10. Dunno how it will fare against that new earth dome theatre but that place will cost a fortune. I think Eclipse is a great medium between that and a regular theatre. Found our new go to place! PS if u drink they also serve alcohol in movie...but is dilligent as they should be.

Sean Fagan

I’m being hard on this theatre because it was very expensive just for a movie, so when I’m charged $18 I expect an experience more elevated than an $11 theatre elsewhere. While it was nice, it wasn’t worth the extra money. Situated in a redone office building, there is no cinema feel. Not a dealbreaker, but not a fun experience. Not designed for families or casual moviegoers. They won’t let you into the theatre more than 15 minutes before showtime, and the only place to wait is the blank hallway or bar area. Since food orders are taken from your seat, timing becomes difficult. There is one server per theatre, making the whole process very slow. All orders are taken in the theatre before they are brought to the restaurant and put in the computer. Refills are difficult because of slow response time and slow travel time to retrieve it. Much of this is to be expected with food service, but I think the biggest issue is that you would really only go to this theatre for the food + movie experience, so everyone in your auditorium orders something. When the food runner delivered my food, I asked for a refill and he told me to buzz my server and he could do it. About 9 minutes later someone came to get my request, and about 10 minutes after that I had a nice new glass of Pepsi. It was, however, a comfortable seat and high quality sound and picture. Again though, nothing that can’t be gotten from another place. The food was also very good. With only about 30 seats per auditorium, it is a more intimate movie experience. I think if money were no issue to me this would have been a lot more fun.

Ryan Saffell

Wasn't overly impressed with the food but the theater is comfy and ticket purchasing was easy.

Mark Steele

Great place to watch a movie. Very friendly and professional staff. Luxurious accomodations. Make sure to try and plan a Tuesday visit as movie tickets are significantly lower. $12. Feel liquor prices should be lower for options offered. But ultimately my choice to buy or not. Will be back.

Spote Redding

Love that they serve drinks and food while you watching film.

Reggie Smith

This place is a one timer for sure. The lay out of the dining experience is better than the actual food and the drinks. The theater itself was cleaned, spacious and the seats were semi comfortable. For the money you will spend here you could get a bigger bang for your buck else where. Hope this helps.

vanessa white

The movie was great Food was Awesome I had the Caesar Salad and added Shrimp so yummmy and Buffalo Chicken tenders were so divine and their Nachos OMG yess plus their Drinks fabulous ( Classic Margarita w/ sugar rim with comfy seats. Food and drinks came out in a reasonable timing, food was fresh and taste like an actual restaurant. I will be returning for excellent service like this.

Rachael Bratt

Comfy, reclining chairs! Order drinks and popcorn from your seat.

Rachel R

One of the best theaters that I've been to. Comfy, accommodating and a quality place to enjoy a movie or even a watch party in. I will definitely come back if I get the chance!

Adrianna Gardner

This is a hidden gem indeed. I came here for the first time through a group event and was very impressed by the ambiance and the theater room. Food and drinks are served during the film and the seating is very relaxing.


Loved it. Great service and very comfy.

haci ali

Good service,friendly staff but terrible food.

Amanda Goodavish

Had never been here before, but it was very clean and stylish inside. The drinks and popcorn were good and service was impeccable. A wonderful place to go for date night where you could have dinner AT the movies.

Aaron White

Great Food, Great recliner chairs, Great Service

Sunny Agea

Great food, service, and atmosphere. Nice change from the other crowded theaters in the city. It's a pricey night out but worth it. I'm happy to support this local black owned business!

Kellie Smith

It was okay I was expecting more, they are probably decent for some events but nothing really stuck out that said yes go there for a movie. Plus they don’t have all the movies.

Natasha Lewis-Clark

Everything from the bar to the theater seats to the staff was awesome. I only gave 4 stars cause my server forgot to bring my food out with my husbands, cause he forgot to put it in.

Jason Winn

The bar tending staff is great. The Seats are nice. Would go back.

Dreamer Johnson

Nice upscale theater. There's a lounge area on the second floor that's great for drinks and music before your movie. They also host a live comedy nights

Big Burrddd

Best theater ive been to!

William Gum

Awesome luxury theater downtown. Everything you could want in the best upcoming neighborhood!

Jeff Young

Great customer service, doesnt look sustainable tho, not many patrons for such a large place.

Paulette Griffin

We saw the 1st movie that I was in tonight, 'Stop Playing Church". Awesome seating Nd viewing. Comfortable seating even when someone is walking you can still see the screen.

Rhonda Wingfield

The chairs were reclining& very comfortable. The customer service was excellent and the food was delicious.

ashley buchanan-nickson

A little on the pricey side but I love the fact that they have servers who will come to you and take your order

Jboodka Pitts

Nice ambience. Didnt have chance to try food though. Service was nice.

Taher Barbhaya

Great service - great staff - great manager !

Smoking Sista

It was a real comfortable experience. Wish there was better parking but I had a blast!

Jason Navarro

Great movie theater but ticket prices and drinks are definitely more expensive than your traditional theater.

Bek Michael

Great service! Nice set up with great seats

Caitlyn Engebretson

This theater had great seats and an excellent menu. The service was quite slow and interruptive during the movie, so that was a bummer. The waitress took our order 25 minutes before Avengers started and we didn’t get the food until the movie had begun. Other than that, it was good.

Michelle Guevara

Had a great time. Went there to watch baby daddy perform at a party. Staff was really nice. There was a disagreement with a guy from the prior party, but the staff handled it in a very nice and professional many!!

Bridget Tapia

Great place to go watch a movie. They have a menu set aside on your seat. You can order what they have on the menu and they will bring it to your seat. Somewhat expensive. But worth it. They also serve alcohol drinks. Seats are comfortable you might fall asleep lol.

Joshua Jones

berry extraordinary. haha. pardon my humor. #OutofThisWorld


Wow! What a theater! Recliner chairs, and all my drinks and snacks brought to me by pushing a little button! The servers were fast & attentive. Will definitely stop in again!

Lisa Kim Sammons

Not your typical theater... On Monday nights on the second floor they have live musical entertainment as well as a comedy club on the third floor. The theater seats have 24 recliners / theater with attentive catering staff

Fredrick Sylla

Great vibe for Sunday brunch

Katie Maddox

Only problem I have is the food....the popcorn and service is good. The menu items are expesive but taste completely processed.


Grossly overpriced! $18 per ticket for a movie before 3pm! And they said it was because they have ppl bring you concessions. But when we ordered food, we still needed to tip! If you’re charging more in the ticket price for the delivery of food, why is gratuity not included in the price? I’d rather get my own snacks. It was nice and clean but nothing special to be so pricey in tickets and food prices.

Roosevelt FREEMAN

Slow service, limited selection of drinks.

Megan Breedlove-Speece

Nice theater. Very clean. Seats are super comfy and the menu was decent. Wait staff was slow and not particularly helpful.

savannah traylor

Nice theater, love sits. Hate the prices..


Love this place, saw live singing at their bar, was AMAZING, great chill vibe, great drinks and really good food!! I'll definitely be coming back next Tuesday!

Miami Carnival owed event space..a trini and a Haitian ...owners. The perfect date night..drink, dinner and a movie... then more drinks. This is the best hang out spot ever. And free parking... whaaaaat? I love this place. I've been to a corp gathering, a meeting and a carnival mas band launch. In the future... I'll go to the movies with my husband then have family night there. Amazing!!

Melody Burch

I love the comfort and space you get. You get a server and a pretty decent menu. I've been here twice a love it, will be coming back!

Cormac Smartt

Comfortable seats & good food

Tim Oberemok

What a place !!! I haven’t been to a such fine establishment for a while !! Five stars guys keep it up and we wish more of these would pop up here and there !

Dennis Farfan

Theater was nice but nothing special. The seats were comfortable and overall ambiance was nice. Just your usual theater serving up food.

Sheri Chesser

Love this place!! Everyone there was really friendly and great. Super nice theater. Food was good too. We will definitely go again. Was fun.

ShaRhonda The 1 N Only

Beautiful lounge area. Great food and drink choices. Most seats recline and are very comfortable.


Movie theater with bar lounge and larger selection of food than your standard theater. Seats were very comfy. Service was fast and friendly. Worth noting that most seats are set up in pairs, perfect for couples. There are a few singles available too. Good option for catching a movie, a quick walk from downtown hotels for those tourists wanting to catch a new release as we did.

Q. McFerg

Food is always amazing. Love the quaint intimate setting. Great view also

martin pena-ortiz

Terrible service bad food... Manager was very rude No wonder they are going out of business

Whole Nedz Needs

Very relaxing! We need one in Pine Buff, Arkansas. Great place to watch Aladdin


Very comfortable, friendly environment really enjoyed it

april guadalupe

The best dining reclining movie experience!!! Servers come to you at a push of a button, yes drinks too!! Outstanding staff!!!❤

Peace Alliance

Very nice and clean, it is a real eclipse from other theaters.

Elizabeth Walsh

Excellent service, very clean and comfortable. Very modern! The food is excellent but a bit pricey.


Good place to enjoy a movie on groupon but behind the house they need to get it together an pay their employees on time on pay day without bounced checks.

Fernando Rojelio

The comedians we're good but the service of drinks sucked


Cool experience. Great seats.


Great evening..great


It's a nice theater. I'd definitely visit this establishment again when in Las Vegas. The seats recline, staff are helpful and personable, it's clean, and not overly busy. I ordered lemon pepper wings - crispy, hot and flavorful and a cocktail: Caribbean Punch or Rum - it was not impressive for the $12.99 price because of the taste and portion. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and appetizer.

Huperor208 Rozenberg

Overall it is okay but it feels like the movies are short and for what you pay for you don't get as good of a service as they used to provide.

Doniecee D

Came the during the day. Quiet. Love the recliner seats and small theaters.

Octavia Payge

Definitely going again soon! Being a luxury theater it was definitely worth the price to see a movie with my friend. And with a simple press of a button you can order food to your seat while enjoying the program. The seats are so comfortable, you can push a button and it reclines up and back to make sure your are as comfy as possible while the movie is showing!

Bradley Sheets

Amazing staff and amazing theatres and very classy clean bathrooms

Lisa Danielson

Staff is friendly and working, but not as the website and in theater adds would lead you to believe. Menu is a fraction of what’s represented on the website - food and beer is sub par. Best to go have a meal somewhere else and find a theater that that is dedicated to the movie experience.

Dominiquie doe

Went for social dancing once and it was great! The open dance floor that was still separating the bar from the dance floor. Lots of seating and open space.

joseph dayan

Nice and clean. free parking and great drink

Melissa Barnes

Wonderful theater but for all the costs, your could get better A/C

S Williams

Views from the outdoor balcony are nice. Theater is spacious. Staff are friendly, courteous, and hard-working. Menu is smaller than anticipated, but still sufficient. I look forward to visiting again.

jadyn miller

Movie started at 3 and we arrived at 2 and no one was there and the doors were locked. Unprofessional.

Mandi Trame

Very cool. Pretty private theaters - only seating about 30 people or so maybe. The seats recline all the way back into little couches...sooo comfortable. The food and drink prices were also quite a bit cheaper than other dine-in/drink-in theaters I have been to which was a nice surprise.

Rene Panlaqui

I liked the concept. Comfortable seats, good food ( though the popcorn leaves a lot to desired). The only problem is on my last visit, I was the first person in the theater and after 5 minutes I hit my light because I was SO thirsty. I waited almost 45 min to get my drink because the one server they had got everyone in front of me before I was served ( got my food after 20 min and still had to ask for my drink). All that confusion made me lose focus on the movie which ,at $18.00 a ticket, was disappointing. I’ll go back but just hope I don’t receive the same service. Server was polite though.

Rose Rai

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS THEATRE. I’ve been going here for awhile and all of the staffs are super friendly. The seats are very comfortable. HOWEVER, the black lady in the front register was super RUDE and oversmart. I’m never going back to the theatre because of her poor customer service. She brought the overall image of the theatre down.

Kevin Galbert

Great small theater with leather seats that recline AND in-movie food / alcohol service. The wings I had were delicious even at the price of $12 its worth since its not fast food quality. There was 1 issue the fan noise from the projector was whirling a loud enough to hear over the movie during quiet scenes in #7 but I can't knock a star for some extra noise I highly recommend repeat visits just to try the entire food menu

Rechaela Rena'

Excellent service! Attendants super friendly. Theater has super comfy reclining seats and there's no reason to leave the theater during your movie because attendants bring you whatever you need at the push of a little button located on your seat. Perfect for date night or girls night out. Food and drinks were great and theres a super chill lounge you can hang out at before/after your movie.

kashonda daniels

Not the same as previous visits. Smelled like stale cigarette smoke. Requested service with call light but no one showed up. At least the seats were comfortable.

Vicky Creazzo

Was staying downtown 10 minute walk from Fremont Experience. A nice little theater. Recline large seats, full service restaurant. A little heaven in the middle of chaos!

Heather M

Took a group of remake students here for an educational field trip. Students loved the luxury theater experience and the staff took great care of us. Will definitely return!


I'm not much of a movie theater person. Although, if there's a movie I definitely want to see at the theater....this is the place I choose.

Mario Long

$18 a movie? The seats are just as comfortable as green valley luxury theater. (Both recline). Green Valley, Orlean theaters are @$9 for senior $10 regular. Same movies , popcorn (green Valley better/ no seeds). Food and drink all the same. So why go to this theater. I see other comments about the customer service. They should pay real close attention to that.

Yvonne Gonzalez

Very creepy theater. No pictures just plain walls seem gushing try to save money on decor. Theater didn't have air conditioner up guessing it was like 78°. Popcorn was not hot with butter that didn't taste good. I would not go again for this price I'll still to cinemark

Mimi Aldana

I love coming to this theater. Even better, they always have a groupon deal running, so you can always get a great deal. The food and drink menu always changes (seasonal wise) so its never boring. Must go with family, and friends. Great place!

Heather Orton

Very clean place. The prices are insane though. They did forget my kids drink a few times but we do appreciate the fact that they bring the food to you and the food was honestly phenomenal. The seats were comfortable. Very nice place.

Latonya Tyus

You relax and someone takes care of you the whole movie no running for refills just push button This place is AWESOME

Brian Messenger

I have been to The Eclipse since "Star Wars: Rogue One" came out. I just renewed my 3rd year today 7/2. I can confidently say it was the worst experience I've ever seen here. First their website said a 6:30 showing of Spiderman was available. I called to confirm it wasn't an error and was told it was not. After we tried to enter we found out that their website was wrong and we were asked to wait until the 7 O'clock show for "re-admisson". We went to the bar patiently and ordered some drinks. We were then told that we would have a drink "on the house" but never got them after a side conversation with the manager on deck. After waiting in the theatre for 20 minutes with nothing playing and no explanation I went to ask for the manager. I was told that there were issues with the movie playing. After I asked to be simply notified the manager said the employees didn't know what was happening. After I mentioned that the bar tenders who mainly talked to eachother offered unfulfilled drinks on the house, the manager said he told them not to since our tickets were reimbursed for the movie that we inevitably never got to see after an hour and a half of our time. The Eclipse theatre was much, much better when I first started coming as a downtown resident. Over time the staff has disenigrated into what I mentioned above. I will exclude the front desk employees who dealt with the stress and have always provided patient and great customer service.

K Trice

This is what I am used to, coming from Scottsdale, AZ. Most of their theaters are set up just like this. They have a variety of tapas and several meal options for a great price. Not to mention an entire drink menu. The only thing I would fix is the wait staff. The wait staff is extremely slow!! They cannot blame it on the food prep time for it wasn't that many patrons. 30 minutes into the flick and you're still waiting on drinks! Also, stop asking me for a card to put on file. I guess it's the area we are in for Scottsdale, Az theaters never asked for upfront payment nor did they ask for a card to put on file.

Michael tucker

Great place..always hit it when in town..great food service and prices really close to freemont theatre ever..

Melanie Tascione

Great place to get off of the Fremont street life and enjoy some food in front of the big screen. Friendly staff, reasonable prices and great champagne! Would definitely go AGAIN!

Lady LaSeñora

Smelled like a locker room. Funk and BO in every corner of the place. Sat next to some chick who coughed for the entire movie. Over priced. Never again. I'll stick with galaxy luxury on Sunset.

Belinda Scott

Love this theatre. So comfy and yummy food

Eric Hwang

It is absolutely the best movie theater in Las Vegas! The boutique experience and gourmet food are both top-notch. Every Vegas local needs to try it at least once!

Adrian Gan

Great place. Local family owned theatre. Great bar and very laid back and comfortable. Great service and theatre seating

Air Cams

What a great movie watching experience! And when we got out of our movie, Tickle Me Comedy club upstairs was having a live comedy show! GREAT TIME! DO THIS WHILE IN VEGAS.

Pasquale Ermocida

The place itself was very nice and workers were friendly and great customer service! The reason I give it four is because the food wasnt up to par with the whole experience. Other then the food though I would go for a night of movies and drinking.

Aryn May

$16 for matinee is a bit extreme but it was hands down the most comfortable seating I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in. We arrived 20min early before they opened and the gentlemen cleaning was so very kind to open the door and politely tell us someone would be there to let us in soon and he was very kind upon entering the theater too.

Bran Dent

I've been wanting to come here for a bit. Finally made it. Excellent experience! Only thing is trying to find a parking spot.

Kellarice Rayford

One of my favorite places. Food service and great recliner seats.

Derek Knell

The seating is amazing, especially right up front. Excellent in-seat service at the push of a button.

Old Man Nick

The WORST! Technical difficulties for the 630 showing. We wait for 20 min and decide to just get our money back. I'll probably still be on hold with fandango trying to get a refund when you read this. Dont get me wrong. Technical difficulties happen. The way the theater front desk reacted when we asked for our redund was not cool..she said "oh you gotta contact fandango" and turned to take the next guest!! You could say we had a few words.

Pam Coatney

A great place for a first date or to bring friends to, great vibes.

Tehuti’s ASMR Channel

The food was HORRIBLE!!! The costumer service was HORRIBLE!!! My sisters were waiting at least 30 to 40 mins for the service to come and an additional 20 for them to give us our drinks. My sisters had to get up to look for our service and our drinks were just sitting there. Nice movie theater but the service and food


Gotta love that service to the reclining seats.


Super comfy seats, food is great, and the service is amazing. Some say it's pricey...but I'd rather pay $12 for something delicious that has been just cooked right there than pay $12 for a box of stale gummy worms at the usual theater. Yes, waiters swing by to drop off your food and check, so he/she may block the screen very briefly, but it's totally understandable (it's service at your seat and you are warned beforehand). I really enjoyed this place!

fred owens

Very nice. Theaters are nice and cold. (if you are in shorts, wouldn't hurt to bring a blanket, ) and chairs are very comfortable. Service to your seat is a great concept. Can get a bit pricey, but you certainly get what you pay for, in this case The overall experience was fantastic. Will definitely be back.


The movie theater was great and has big tv screens and good quality of stuff


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