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REVIEWS OF Century Summit Sierra IN Nevada

Kelly Tindel

Convenient, stadium seating, rarely sold out for opening night big movies. Beer and Starbucks inside, as well as a great concession. Seats are a bit closer to one another than other theaters with these amenities, but still comfy nonetheless. Great if you use the Fandango app.

mathew abraham

Good location, being part of the Summit mall makes it accessible, safe and you have good options for food. Parking, even though it is all outdoors, is great. It's a luxury edition so there is nice, comfortable and recliner seating. Keep in mind, it's assigned seating so book in advance to get the best seats.

Lee Vymetal

Great seats, nice selection of beer and wine. Friendly staff and clean theater.


Loved the recliner seats! Be sure to get there earlier than your movie so you can pick the seats you want if you plan on buying tickets in person

Robert Barrett

A really nice place to go to great for seniors

Energetic Ervin

The employees are polite and inviting. The chairs are so comfortable you might fall asleep. Theatre food is for snacking not for hungry stomachs that need a meal. Enjoy your movie at the summit century theatres. Seating is limited.

Ed Kirkwood

Clean, great seats, not bad prices.

John Collom IV

The loungers are very comfortable. The staff is friendly and do a great job of keeping the venues very clean. I would also recommend the movie club to avoid movie-goers. The perks are great and it more than pays for itself.

Nicklaus P

Good movie thearte. The lines for concessions and to scan for tickets are crazy long tho. Plus I spend 25% for convenience fees on tickets which is horse poop. Other than that the seats are nice and comfy and also recline.

Tim O

It's like your childhood movie theater except comfortable with alcohol

Kirk Yates, Sr

My local and a good Movie Show House.

Kristina Carrick

Great location and friendly staff! Nice theater with all the fixin's you'd expect from a quality experience! Love this place!

Crissy Herrmann

Great movie theater! I don't take my daughter anywhere else to see movies. Always clean, and the staff is professional.

ml bobo

Such a fun time! We're in the Movie Club so we go a lot. The seats are recliners, very comfy. A very nice atmosphere, if you tend to be chilly, bring a blanket.

Jorge Garcia

Good place to watch a movie.

Maria De Rosa

This is my favorite movie theater in Reno. The seats are comfortable, it is not too crowded, I've never had to stand in a long line. It has an arcade, bathrooms are clean and they also have an ice cream bar. This is the only theater I will go to. Highly recommend.

Alexander Welker

An amazing cinema, comfy seats that aren't cramped.

Lucio Gomez

This time was bad no good employee to serve my satisfaction

William Peterson

A bit dirty, lot's of grumpy employees, and a bit spendy.

lMargaret Squier

GREAT, comfortable place to WATCH GREAT MOVIES

Stacy Grimes

Very CLEAN.. Nice seats..comfy..

Diane Arvizo

We enjoy watching movies at our local theater. The people are friendly, the popcorn is delicious and the theater is clean. Thanks for doing a great job!

Llilanya Davidson

My only complaint is that it's always so cold. Bring a blanket like I do! Otherwise, it may be too cold for you to even enjoy the movie.


Go see the Grinch in 3D... Great movie for you, and the kids will LOVE it.

Elizabeth Rainbolt

The best theater in town. I love the reclining seats.


I like this theater a lot, but they need to keep more cashiers at concessions on busy nights.

Papa NevLo

Fast consessions!


We absolutely love this theater. The only issue we had was when we went to the movies last night there was a couple that had their dog with them. A medium size dog. I ended up sitting next to the dog with a hot dog in my hands. I did not want my daughter next to the dog...I felt uncomfortable. Instead of the couple putting the dog between them it was next to me and the dog kept farting. Finally at one point the owner got up to take the dog for a walk...

Mike Boik

Went and saw rocketman. Me neighbors reclining chair busted. But clean theater intimate experience with powered recliners and alcohol. Best theater in the area.

Bethany Loftis

Love this theater! Always clean, and well organized! And they always have handicapped seating available for my husband.


Clean and the best in Reno.

Eddie Villa

Always love summit! And they got recliner comfy chairs now!

Christopher Garcia

Very nice theater. I enjoyed the recliners.

Jeff Clarke

Seats are great staff us courteous just suprises me no security

Sandra Salas

Too expensive! Well food & drinks that is. They got ok reclining seats but try not to fall asleep or get your tail bone hurt after watching a 2 half hour movie! But plenty of space than the old seats they had before.

Jamie thomas

Just saw the special showing of how to train your dragon it was awsome the only disappointment was they did not have enough how to train your dragon stuff they sold out really quickly n I was not able to buy my granddaughter a plushie

Lauren Phillips

Very comfortable reclining seats. Good beer selection and decent movie prices.

Ron Gray

Great place too see a movie

Allison Hannum

This is our new favorite movie place setting so comfy in eclectic recliners that you can reserve ahead of time so you don't have to rush and hope to get a good seat. Concession a bit pricey though

Clint Davidson

This is the closest theater to my house and I have to say now that they have beer and reserved reclining seats I'm happy to come back to Century theaters having been going to Galaxy IMAX Sparks for more than a few years. Thanks for finally making your theater comfortable again. PS Stadium seating is horrible.. please dont go back.

georgann lemaire

We could not find the printout of our tickets for the Steve McQueen documentary in our office at home, but proceeded to the Summit theater hoping to be believed! All we had was the fact that my husband had noticed the Cinemark charge on our bank statement the night before & a notation in his day planner with the seat numbers. Richard was very friendly & helpful & worked with us! He checked our credit cards--neither of which documented our purchase!--and then, bless his heart, said that when the movie started he would check to see if the two seats were still open. They were & he waved us over & we enjoyed the show! Our hero!!!

Kathy Rodriguez

Great seats but why is it always freezing in there? I always have to bring a blanket with me! Can we have a comfortable temperature while watching our movie? Not so cold that we are curled in a ball shaking.

UNSC Spartan 774

Give me more popcorn and amazing movie experiences!

LaDean DeuPree

Great theater, Clean, nice personnel. They have the large reclining seats and wide aisle for easy access.

D De Leo

Took my daughter & grandson to the movies. This was first experience at this location in 3 year's. It was easy to pick out our seats & purchase tickets. I love all the updated features. The seats are so comfortable. It's definitely on my go to places.

Richard Kernes-Clark

Comfortable reserved seating and a cafe that serves most Starbucks drinks, what's not to like?

John Logan

Comfortable seats, good sound, and oh hell yeah popcorn.

Cherrie Dolloff

Great reclining seats. Saw the Pets 2 movie so funny

Mark M

Clean theatre in a spacious, clean shopping center. Lots of parking. Love the recliner seating.

Maria D.

One of my favorite places to see a movie. Comfortable chairs, clean and nice staff.

Marguerite Christian

Cozy theaters with reclining seats. This theater serves alcohol, and keeps movies around longer than other theaters it seems. It also lets you buy ahead online and reserve your seats so you don't have to look for a good seat when you get there. Definitely a great theater!

Alejandro Ponce

They spoiled Avengers Endgame 5/8/19. They played the spiderman trailer which has a major spoiler before it started. Than i called today and the manager said there was a nation wide problem yesterday. So they are liars too. Dont waste your time. Cant do zero stars or i would. I posted a review that disappeared so this is my second attempt.

Linda Nicoll

Love going to the opera and ballet here. Seats very comfortable, always take a throw as it is a bit cool there, but better than hot. Like the fact that these performances are always in theatre 10.

Vannessa Lyons

Love this theater!! The staff is great. When my unruly two year old didn't want to sit for a movie they were extremely calm. They talked to him and let us walk around in the lobby without hounding me. It's always clean and I love the reclining chairs!!! Fresh popcorn too!!!

Megan Hanscom

As movie theaters go, this place is awesome. It has always been very clean, has awesome seats (recliners), and two sides to the snack counter so there isn't usually a wait. They also have a bar, which is awesome (but pricey... but hey it's a theater). It's worth the longer drive to get here.

Brian Morris

The seats are comfy and the movies are presented in high quality, but they leave they lights on all throughout the trailers playing, and they are way too bright and wholly unwelcome (ugh - I don't know why anythone thought this was a good idea). They are also incredibly slow to get things repaired, leaving their arcade unusable for days, even weeks at a time, and their pizza oven has been broken for many months now.

Stevie Lamas

I love this theater, a little out of the way which means it never seems too crazy busy. Seats are picked when you buy tickets and very reasonably priced for all the benefits, comfort and top quality screens. I'm always at this theater to watch my movies. Has Starbucks, serves alcohol for the adults, ice cream and regular concessions for the kids. A top quality movie theater.

Teressa Alger

I enjoy prepaying and reserving seats.

Annie White

I do love going to this Theater over the one in Carson city, I drive the extra 15 miles to enjoy the benefits that Century Theaters offers! I joined the Cinemark Movie Club a few months back and the benefits are awesome! I pay $9.00 a month, and I get 1 free movie ticket, 20% off of concessions, and other discounts... Tuesday Nights are Discount Night where all admission is only $5... The Concession Counter is always prepped and taken care of, however I do not suggest going to a late night movie (around 9:45pm and later) i went once to see a movie with my fiance and the concessions was about closed, the popcorn was cold and I couldn't go and complain because no one was there to fix it. That was my only downside. I love the movie club and I will always recommend the program!

R. L.

Nice & clean, very good seating! Polite staff!

Miguel Neri

The best time we had in a while, my family and I had a blast watching the movie. Costumer service is excellent and the seating is magnificent.

Liz Prag

5 dollar tuesday! Woot woot!

LiZZ Maes

Summit is for some reason full of unhappy or snooty people. The theater serves straight up food, with a nice addition or two... coffee and Ice cream among them. And it's usually very clean. It's got the nice feature of reserved and reclining seats which aren't in any other Century theaters in town.

bud irving

Please keep the sound up, there are many people who have difficulty hearing. Some movies are OK but others are in need of more audio.

Patti Allan

It's clean; it's awesome!

Doug Nishino

If you want to see a movie and are in the south end of Reno. This is the theater to visit and enjoy reclining seats to relax in.

Scott Wittig

It's so good, Sometimes it's hard to get in. Best seats and layout.

Steve Gordon

My favorite movie theater in the Reno. They have all those fancy, latest projection and sound effect equipment that makes movie watching as a treat. The only recommendation I have for management is to have more healthier food and beverage options in the theater… some people just don’t care for Coke and Popcorn any longer!

Pamela Wells

Friendly staff. In the theater I was in there was wonderful and spacious reclining luxury seating. Every seat felt like a front row seat. Only drawback was the 20% service fee they charge for buying tickets online.

Dragonstar Entertainment Bud Gibson

the employees are respectful and do their best to keep things moving and cleaned up. The theaters are always in great condition. The price isn't too bad either.

Juan Martinez

Great seats, but service could be faster and better. Waited about 5 min after pizza had come out the oven.

Russell Aaron

Quality theater, but go on a Tuesday to capitalize on the $5 tickets. Love the reclining seats, and everything is always clean. Much better than driving to Legdends for an overpriced movie.

Chad Johnson

Toy Story 4 was awesome. The free refill on the large soda and popcorn was a good reason to purchase. The 2 recliners were broken but we were given 2 guest passes to see another movie.

Jeffrey Whipple

Great theater. Not as busy as the "new" theaters. Recliner seats.

Brock Obrien

Very kind staff, and good food.

judith strasser

Always clean

Michael Thomas

Best place to watch movies

Steve Nickson

Wow! Reclining seats, and good place to catch a movie, in the afternoon!

Justin McIntosh

Love the recliners, still iffy about reserved seating, when most the best seats were empty, but we couldn't claim them. Solid theater, look forward to returning. Might need to buy my seats a few days early next time.

Mark Atkinson

This is an excellent movie theater with a very modern concessions stand, great seats, and well organized. We saw an action movie and the sound was also excellent. Prices are about like everywhere else. Recommended.

Gretchen Winkler

Been here several times. Love being able to obtain assigned seats in advance. Also the seating is very comfortable and will fit all shapes of people. Tall and wide people no longer have to feel squeezed into a row. I really prefer this type of theater experience.

J. K.

Nice comfy seats. Good sound and picture.

curley curley

One of the best place in the area to see movies.

Stephen Nicholas

This is probably the premier movie theater in the area from the point of view of the multiple screens and the new limited seating in each theater. What this means is that the seats are huge there is tons of room around you the seats go back foot rezk come out and of course they sell beer and wine now. There is a game room multiple 3D theaters and lots of free parking. This theater is in the summit Shopping Center which is a large and relatively new open air Shopping Center with many many different stores to complement the movie theater and restaurant experience. All of this is not to say there are not other excellent movie theaters in the area because there are. But this theater complex and the summit Shopping Center are quite nice and full-featured.

Carrie Onorato

Love the seating great sound system extra nice snack bar and nicely located near restaurants

Devin Howard

Nice new movie theater. Has luxury recliners in each theater that are super comfortable. Super efficient snack bar checkout with lots of options.

Diann Detloff

Bought tickets from their website for what I thought was Sunday 9am show and instead it gave me tickets for Saturday 9am they refused to help me at the counter then told me I had to call the customer service line what a joke they refused refund I will never purchase from this theater again

Taylor Elkins

Nice place! Concession stand is unique and easy to navigate. Seats are reserved and big, luxury lounge chairs. Had a good experience buying tickets, getting popcorn, and watching the movie. Highly recommend for a movie in south Reno.

Dave Younce

We got a good price on tickets for the first show of the day, and had a positive experience with the friendly staff & comfortable seating. Would recommend.

Candi McCormick

Love the recliners. Expensive as all get out, but everyone was nice and convenient service for a night out.

Mike Peissner

Recliner seats are excellent. Easy to walk around even when the seats are extended. Plenty of parking. Lots of theaters with a variety of movies. Tuesday is $5 for any movie all day!

angel yaj

Absolutely loved the recliner seats. They’re so comfy and plump! Really enjoyed how the popcorn guy put butter on our popcorn too haha

keanu 33

Love the movie but i thought it was weird seeing a dog in the theater row a few seats down from me .. ... kinda coincidence tho since it was a movie about a dog (wolf)

Julie B.

I like the fact that you can reserve seats, but the theaters are small so movies can sell out fast.

Darilyn Matsuoka Sprague

Always a great time with reclined assigned seating

Aaron O

Love this movie theater and they made it even better with the upgraded F&B offerings. Ticket price are very reasonable and now that they serve wine, beer, smoothies, and coffee drinks kinda no reason to go anywhere else unless you want the IMAX experience.

Chief Minion

Most expensive public beer per ounce that I know of and mediocre selection at best, but, they gave beer, so, I won't knock too hard...I like the movie club with the fat concession discount, though, so I won't complain too bad. No tray tables in the seats make it awkward when you're trying juggle your food and drink without a p.i.c to help hold stuff. It's easily the best Cinemark theater in town, but it still doesn't beat the two Galaxy theaters on the north end...especially with their 32oz dirty wookies for $10...Galaxy FTW!

Patrick Coleman

I used to like this theater - they took out self serve ticket kiosks - according to the assistant manager this was the GM Paul Greg's choice as they still have these at other Cinemarks. I feell this move specifically is disrespectful to those who are disabled - many have specific social disabilities that other theaters accommodate via self serve kiosks whereas now this theater now does not. I won't be coming back

crystal Pace

Love the seats, and love the location. I recommend going here to watch a movie over any other place.

Drew Hunnicutt

Worst Showing Ever: 1/21/19 **Edit 1/30/19** Went to go see "They Shall Not Grow Old" during its encore screening. Their automated system failed to start the film, and no one noticed. It took an audience member 2 attempts, and 30 minutes, to get someone to get it going. Then, with about 8 minutes to the end, its audio cut off and the house lights turned on. The entire experienced was nearly ruined. When a dozen of us approached the manager he had the opportunity to handle it, and failed. Not accepting blame or fault, and merely saying "Its automated, I did not know, this is the first I'm hearing of this". He reluctantly offered guest passes, however most customers didn't want them by this point. I've been to this theater to see movies before, and the experience is okay, but seeing how they handled this one made me more wary. The screens and seats are decent, its the service I find greatly lacking. (Another customer said the womens bathrooms were a mess that evening as well) ** The General Manager did respond to a comment I made on their website and apologized. This is at least better customer service than was exhibited when the issue happened**

James Vegella

Nice people and good prices

Lindsay Bailey

Walked into a dirty theater and had to clean off our own seats and throw trash away from the previous show. Asked to speak with a manager and the solution was to have 2 gentlemen come in while we were sitting and then clean. Have been to dollar movie theaters that are cleaner than the one we were in. If this is your idea of customer service, you might want to re-evaluate your standards.

Ethan chavez

Good movie theater.

Kristi Joseph

Nice theater

Linda OLeary

We enjoyed our time together

Nashaul Seric

Awesome theater with patient staff and their new recling seats are amazing. You have to try here.

David Pummill

Good location. Fair concessions. Distracted staff. Comfortable theaters with pretty good sound and picture.

The one Game Show on Disney

This theater has reclining seats, which is really nice! Love going to this theater.

Wendy Bendickson

Comfortable and clean!! Always polite! Love the recliners!!

chad ellison

Very nice place to watch a movie. The chairs were very comfortable. Can't wait to go back!

Miller Amy

Nice theater comfy chairs but you can't snuggle next to the person you're with

Hannah Abbott

I really don’t want to write a bad review because I like this theater. But the last two times we’ve been there we’ve been (for lack of better word) terrorized by mice during the movie. We saw late night movies and the first time by boyfriend saw a mouse run up the lighted stairs and then it’s ran across our laps. The second time we all saw different sizes of mice all around the same time. The employees we told seemed upset but it didn’t seem like it was the first time someone told them that.

James OConnell

I love the seats.

Pinhead 198

Great theater with amazing seating

Leeanne Hemenway

Good movie. Theater was clean and comfortable.

Dezi MacMillan

Love this theater!! There is online ticket purchasing available as well as seat reservations which makes going to the movies so much less stressful when you don’t have to make sure to come early anymore to get good seating. Also, the staff here is always very helpful and nice. It’s always clean and with all the new reclining seats it doesn’t get anymore comfortable! Plus, 5 dollar Tuesday is such a great deal if you can’t afford regular day to day movie prices!

Patrick Harvey

Cleanavd xery comfortable

Norm Harrison

Nice mall easy to get around in everything you need love South Town

Brandon Woods

Clean theater, polite staff, assigned seats when purchasing tickets. Overall it's a nice theater that has luxury seating and decent space between the front of the chairs and the safety rail.

Steve Kaikkonen

Very comfortable seating, no possible obstruction to your view and good sound

Luis Prado

Nice and clean, like the options in food and starbucks inside...

Aeon Flux

Really pleased with their renovations to add reclining seats. Way to go! If we can't get seats at Galaxy this is our new go to movie spot.

Kenya Friday

Excellent theater to just come and RELAX and watch a good movie. The chairs recline almost into a BED and you don't even want to go home when the movie is over. You just want to stay and take a nap. lol

dave go

This is my favorite movie theater in Reno, has the bigger seating and not as crowded as Galaxy. Price of the food and quality is not as good.

Aaron Jen

Large theater with good screens, audio, and seats. Cleanliness can be better.

Yasir Hassan

Cant go wrong here

Mountain Activities

Great seats.

tara ray

Love the recliners and the pre booked seating!

Ricardo Garcia

Nice ,good service.

Grace Slama

Love going this theater because the reclining assigned seatings. Since the theater is on a smaller size scale, one have to buy tickets/seats in advance because it fills up fast.

Nancy Esch

Clean, comfy seats, friendly staff

Henry Hyman

Love the reclining seats. Very comfortable to watch movies.


Always a good experience when I'm here

Gaylene Gott

Clean theater. Welcoming delicious concessions. Quite comfortable seats that recline. Every seat in the house is optimal to view exciting movie you choose. Matinees are quite affordable. They have a movie club that you can join to get concessions at a less expensive price. I have enjoyed each movie scene in this theater. Dress warmly because often times it's quite cold. Also, expect to have your handbag rummaged through for inspections.

ranjeet pokharel

Best theater i have ever visited in USA in this price. Damn bro, much comfortable seats with 11 bucks.

Scott Martin

We go quite often to the Century Summit Theater in Reno. We went September 11, 2018 for the Senior $5.00 Tuesday. We were turned away because they would not allow my wife and mother in law in with their purses. This is ridiculous. The people at the door were very rude. We ask to see a manager and she was just a rude. Others in line were leaving. I will never patronize their business again. Why didn't they inspect their purses? Cinemark comments below. Cinemark does not provide a general area to check bags or any other personal belongings not allowed into the theatre. Cinemark reserves the right to inspect all bags and packages entering the theatre.

Crypto 604

who dosent like a good movie? this place is great and the seats are clean everyone their is having a good time, i would recommend this place because of the low price foods

Glen Dixon

Recliners are comfy. Lots of room. Recommend reserving seats in advance for popular shows. We've walked away twice because no seats were available. Concessions are decent.

Nevada Airbrush

Always very clean!!

Jamie Bichelman

Clean theatre with luxurious seats that recline. I wish they allowed food from outside - if you’re vegetarian, or have leftovers from a nearby restaurant at the Summit, you’re out of luck. The matinee price is great!

Robert R

Our primary theater... comfortable, clean, concessions are hot or cold as necessary, and it is a luxury theater, so has large reclining loungers and great space. Only reason I drop 2 stars is because a few of the staff who have served me have had attitudes and been impatient. Service is the most important aspect of my experience with various businesses.

Diana Santos

awesome hang out location

Kavitharaj Verma

is the 2 ok saisha verma sv

Amber Newman

The reclining seats are comfy! The popcorn is fresh and the new soda machines have a very large selection of soda options.

Monica McCallum

We went to watch Bumble bee on New year's night. We loved the movie but this place was under staffed and such a mess. Popcorn littering the floors from the moment you walked in. The theater we we're in was covered in popcorn . The bathrooms were so dirty and smelled. Don't even try to wash your hands because the water is ice cold, talk about not being able to kill bacteria. Not sure how they can comply with OHSA standards when they don't have warm or hot water. I'm scared to even consider getting any food as the employees wouldn't have warm water to disinfect hands. I was disappointed with the facility. Things have changed here.

Paula Reyes

I've been coming to this theater with my family for over 3 years now. We love the reclining seats, and being able to order our seats ahead of time.

Kahlan Joy

Staff is friendly enough for a theater. Theater is very nice and has extremely comfortable reclining seats! I always go on $5 Tuesdays... What a bang for your buck! Tuesday has become my movie day and I appreciate that discount. My favorite theater in Reno by far!

Alicia Christensen

I absolutely love this theater, better than the Sparks Galaxy theater! There are these half walls behind every row of seats so it makes it much more private and quiet...Which for someone like me is perfect because I hate the noise so many people seem to make at the movies it just ruins it for me.

Ball Remover

Watched Youjo Senki there great movie

Lorena Aguilar

We had a wonderful time we're from California and we've been gorgeous. Very much that has all the amenities that we have at that cold and your staff was very friendly

Bil Bowen

Our favorite place to see movies in Reno.

Glass Techs Plus

First time to a movie theater in who knows when. A few years ago for some reason I started falling asleep in movie theaters. Since I snore its better for everyone that i wait for the movie to come out in dvd. Again I can't tell you what we saw but i definately remember everything else. My first surprise was when i purchased the tickets. i was asked which seats would i like. Im trying not to look out of touch then pointed to a couple of seats away from the rest. We walked in an to my suprise The movie theater business has made some serious improvements. I loved the seats. Plenty of room a place for your drink and popcorn and way easier to fall asleep in.

Joel M

Management is terrible. Can twlk they dint like their job


Great place to see the latest films! Great overpriced snack selection but amazing theaters!!!

Susan Smythe

Clean theatres, snack staff not real friendly. Made me feel like u was an inconvenience. A bit confusing on how to get there.

Lew in Reno

Discount Tuesday and they only have ONE person selling tickets. got there at 10:05 for a 10:30AM movie and barley made it in for the start of the movie. got seated at 10:27. The line for tickets on a Tuesday morning was out the door. Also when I got into the theater it was FREEZING!! I do not mean cold or was freezing, I don't think the temp was even 60 degrees. It NEVER warmed up for the entire movie. I have NOT been to the movies since this episode. This use to be a nice theater, a good place to go to see a movie. They must have changed management and management must get a bonus for saving the Century chain money. NO customer service at this theater.

Matthew Lastimosa

Great place to watch a movie!

Priscilla Salcido

Love the comfort


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