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Where is Century Sparks and XD?

REVIEWS OF Century Sparks and XD IN Nevada

Pilar Trevino

Beautiful! So new and clean! Very comfortable also.

Deborah Naffziger

Great Location

Troy Smith

The place was nice and clean great movie theater

David Kille

I went to see a movie and when I was at the concession the lady working spent 15 min talking to a customer about hair dye and told me to wait. Poor customer service

Allen Tilley

No longer Century Sparks. Is now Galaxy.

john bridgwater

Theater is very difficult to find. Buried in the middle of a residential area. From previous reviews I anticipated the food to be more eunique. Same stuff. Shockingly overpriced. I enjoy a good movie hot dog. The bun was stale however the toppings were fresh. Service was disfunctional. After standing in one line for the first cashier you received part of your order THEN, you go stand in another line for the remainder of your order. Theater was not busy but the disjunct process of ordering consumed a lot of time. Theater is nice. Seats are top of the line and plenty of space between and in front of each seat.

Tomas Orpiada


Tyler Harding

One of the cleaner theaters in Reno-Sparks, though the parking lot can be a challenge on peak days.


Great movie theater!

Really old account

Consistent nice clean theaters , nice staff , ac always works. The worst thing are the prices of popcorn and drinks

Humberto Vera

Security was awful, had a bad attitude. Never returning

Rick Jonah

The best place to watch movies in the area... For now. Good snack bar, directly connected covered parking, able to easily make reservations online and pick up the tickets. We usually go late to avoid the crowds and traffic.


This USE to be the BEST theater in town. It maintained the best until the the IMAX at Legends opened up. Now they can't get the top movies in right away because they are at the IMAX. Some movie theater rule, and IMAX won. IMAX is shutting these guys down and it sucks. Once it is gone, IMAX will raise it's prices. I loved this theater and the way they built it reminded me of the one in Back to the Future. We haven't been here in a long time because they never have the new movies that are big, the block busters, and we only go once in a while to theaters. I am so disappointed to hear how it is running now. The ones complaining about kids and buses, hello, it's summer break and the camps are coming to the movies. The ones complaining about the fountain, it was built to be a splash pad for the kids. Why are you going to kids movies if you don't want to be around kids? The one with the mom letting her kid run all over, yeah, that would piss me off to. My kids don't even do that at home let alone a movie theater. The service, I would be angry at that too, but it doesn't surprise me since everything is changing and going down hill for that theater. Go to summit or even park lane if you want a better experience, they don't have fountains. But guess what, IMAX has a fountain for kids to run in too. So don't go there if you don't want to be around kids playing in the summer time heat. Cracked me up that they complained about the 100 degree heat and then complained about the fountain. But I promise you your experience could have been worse. They could have sent you into the wrong theater and you would have seen the last hour of a major block buster that was 2.5 hours long instead of watching it from the beginning. That happened to us at the summit Cinemark theater. I don't know if this one can be saved thanks to the IMAX theater. But it was a great theater before then and my favorite. Sad to see it go down like this. Last time I was there, it was clean, the bathrooms were clean and the sound and picture were great and the chairs were comfortable. Food was good too and the snack bar was normal size for a theater this size.

Mike Arroyo

Employees were polite and helpful. Restrooms were clean and did not smell. Auditoriums and furnishings were clean. All in all the movie experience was excellent. We definitely would return to see another film. Wonderful experience. The film did not overlap the screen and volume of the movie and trailers was set at a comfortable volume causing the film to be clearly understood. The floors were vacuumed and free of food and related trash. Employees were attired in neat and clean uniforms.

Michael Bolden

Wow!!!! Love the new theater! Very friendly and helpful staff!

R Parker

Love the new Reno on this

Carlos Sandoval

Awsome it.... Great workers and great environment.....

Desiree Rivas

do the seats recline like the theater at legends

Robert Glaze

Nice, clean and respectable people.

Gloria Kidd

Nice people, comfortable theatres, good location.

Dennis Buck

Nice and quite.

Frank T

Great theater with modest beer and wine selection. All first run movies.

Kevin Massey

I went here with some friends to see " Angry Birds 2" I was tired because I work two jobs but I wasn't sleepy. However as soon as I took my seat in those lounge chairs I started nodding out. Literally falling asleep so comfortable the seats are lol. Trying my best to stay awake I finally made it through the movie. If you haven't been here yet you owe it to yourself to check it out. Newly remodeled and they did an amazing job. God Bless.

Ian McAlpine

This theatre is showing it's age. The theaters are in dire need of a renovation.

Lenina Gullett

Seeing a movie in the theater is a whole different experience than staying at home. Century Sparks is just the best of the best. Fresh snacks, friendly employees and CLEAN! Next time, go to Century Sparks!!!


Great place to see a movie love the luxury seating I've recently had back surgery n i can comfortly watch a movie only draw back just like other theaters snack bar prices OUTRAGEOUS

Ed Lenardson

Nice theater

deb rodgers

Our experience wasn't even worth ONE star!! Will NEVER go back....they had tons of school buses there with food lines taking up both sides just for them, even refrigerator doors for water (my granddaughter was feeling ill and I needed to get her a drink quick!) had locks on them so I couldn't get a drink, all drink cups were pulled, and no one would help me whatsoever...the children in line were nicer than the help!!!! Don't bother going here or you'll miss the entire movie waiting for any kind of food or drink and the help STINKS (the kindest way I can put it)....I threw away our tickets and went to IMAX at the Legends instead. THEY are always kind and helpful and I don't have to beg to be helped and then ignored like THIS dump!!!! Save your money and your sanity!!!!

Jackie De

Old man that thinks he is security here harasses you and your kids. He is always very rude! Will pick any other cinema here in town besides this one!

Tyler Belunek

Amazing movie theater.

adventure time of a lifetime

Always great seats and a beautiful fountain.

Matthew Fatheree

It was a great movie experience

Adan Begay

Great place to watch a movie

Amy Martinez

Nice comfy chairs!! Great popcorn!! Nice helpful staff!!

battle born

They make you pay too much money for a dam ticket to watch the movie then don't let you bring anything in make you pay more money for their garbage food

Janet Roberts

Love this place, all clean, new facility. Popcorn is great too!


Omgoodness the best movie experience I've ever had... But super expensive

Jim McNulty

One of the best in Reno

Richard Cornea

Really slow behind the counter.

Ken Ballone

Great renovation.

Curtis Beckerdite

Nice, big, comfortable seating. Nice and clean. The employees were friendly and helpful.

Brian Smith

Very enjoyable experience

Leche hombre

Top notch, state of the art theater.

Valerie Evans

This is my mother and my favorite theater. We've always enjoyed going there. I heard recently it will be shutting down the end of September. So sad!

Mizan Rahman

Sound system is being very clear. And out door looking very nice too.

Evelyn Mages

I love Century movies, I was not happy with Galaxy

Angela Tramontana

Great theater and excellent service.

Juan Castro

Friendly, ridiculous prices

Richard Schettler

Updated seating, our new go to theater.

Drexia Westbrook

is nice but I wish the service can be better

Samantha Brown

Great customer service

Michele Psick

Love there set up but makes u want to sleep but great theater except eat before u go never eat there way too expensive

Nevaeh McEwan

I live this theater there movies are amazing and there seats are so comfy and there snack for example the popvorn is to die for. I would recommend this theater.

elizabeth ortega

Great service

Michele Johnson

Enjoy going here since they reopened! Always a good time, clean friendly

Laura Harper

Lots of close parking, clean restrooms and theaters

Melissa Goldfin

The way they have redone this is amazing. It is comfortable and clean

Kathleen Ames

There's nothing better than putting your feet up, reclining and watching a movie on the big screen. Lines move fast, people are helpful, great sound system, clean and you get to pick your seat!

Stephanie Gonzalez

Plenty of parking that is easy to get to :)

Jorge Maravel

Nice place and clean I really enjoyed the movies

Steve Johnson

XD theatre is the best!! Large comfortable leather seats with plenty of leg room...

LiZZ Maes

Great place for kids. There are walls in-between each row that give great privacy. The seats are wide, deep, and super comfy. There are handles for the recliners on the chairs.

David Sanders

Beautiful place, very few people know its open yet!

Matthew Garrison

The updated atmosphere, chairs, food and screens really cleaned this place up

William Reeves

Very nice

jair infante

Better than any movie theater ive been 2

Jim Robinson


Sherry Davis

This was the old Victorian theater. Nice, clean new chairs but the wete stiff.

Kristin Mccassie-James

Love the new udated of theater an lobby.

Lisa Gatlin

We had a great time. We will come again.

Janay Parr

Good movie comfy seats but friends seat handle was broken

Last Breath Studios

Always a good experience. Excellent service indeed.

Mary Cooper

I love the comfortable seats and great sound

Luis Merino R

Nice seats

Jeffrey Sabo

great time always.

Elif Ecem Baş

Best movie theatre experince ever.

Endo Mass

Always nice but hard to get to with the construction going on.

Paul Huddleston

Nice seats recliners.

Kallie Mendoza

Area is always clean. Staff is friendly. Everything is almost perfect. I might be biased due to a somewhat bad experience when watching the movie. At one point a womans phone started going off and she answered it during the movie. Then at one point the movie cut out for a very noticeable split second. Other than that I had a great time at this theater.

Jeremy Hitchcock

Nicer than the galaxy but the name is wrong here this is the galaxy at Victorian. It's not a century anynore

Jeff Downs

We had pretty good seats despite the last minute purchase. They need more staff to sell tickets and they need the ticket printers to work.

Nick Hollister

Always a good experience. Great recliner seats.

Carol Bennett

Comfy, and helpful staff

Joshua McNeal

Treated poorly. We purchased a movie pass for summer movie series at another century theater. When we tried to use it here we were told it was good only at the theater we bought the pass. That was never explained to us, nor was it stated on the passes. We were let in after arguing with ticket person, why did it have to come to that? Just honor the pass purchased from the same chain. We spent money on concessions, you would think they would like to have our business. Theatre has now closed. Poor business practices have caught up.

Erika Ramos

It's Good, but not like the best. Very comfortable as well.

julie sleep

I'm only giving them this 3 star because I want them to know that your pretzel sticks are nothing but grease and nasty other then that the staff is wonderful and the seats are good.

Ambrosia C

I use to go to the Century often before it closed down and I enjoyed it then. Yesterday was the first time I had gone since it's Re-opening to a Galaxy theater. I absolutely LOVED IT! The theater was awesome, you weren't looking down on people's heads and the seats were so comfortable. The staff were amazingly friendly, the food delicious. It always gets me when people make statements such as "It was too expensive" It can be but, that's part of going out anymore, to me it was worth it. I plan on going at least once a month if I can. Also, you have to try the super pretzel! It's a little pricey but so good!

Annette Schumacher

We saw a afternoon movie, had not been to this theater in a long time. Well worth it! Very nice. Racquel was very helpful at the concession. We definitely will be back!

Ismael Carrillo

Best seats in the area for movies. Its a galaxy theater.

Jo Lynn

Very friendly staff, lots of smiling faces.

Stephanie Flanagan

Love it..clean, comfortable seats

Cody Galloway

I love the theater

Sam Hood

I love going to this theater the staff is wonderful and it's a great place to see a movie

amber torres

It's very nice!

Jo Ann Smith

The BEST theater in the area. Friendly staff, good food with selection, great clean loungers.

Rusty Blackwater

Love this place! Brats with the pretzel bun!

Josh forcum

Always clean

Arturo Rangel

Better then IMAX

marie england

It is my go to place to watch movies

Meagan Cardella

Great theater great picture and sounds quality and awesome electric seats

Corissa McLeod

Before I even walked in to the movie theater, I parked in the free parking garage, totally gross. Tried the elevators from the second floor, both going up and down, filthy. Finger prints, smudges, dents, trash and shoe prints on the walls. The lower level had an over flowing trash can. There was a homeless man that was begging for money when we first exited the elevator. I finally got in to the movie theater, used the big computer touch screen to purchase my tickets. Was very convenient and easy to use. Spent 21$ for two tickets. Went to buy some popcorn and it was a maze to get in line. Probably expecting great crowds at 8:10pm? Got to the door to the theater where the movie was playing and the trash can right inside was full, almost over flowing. During the movie it was very hot and stuffy. Was not impressed with sound in theater 25. The chair I sat in was stiff and in order to bring up the leg portion of the chair, there was a lever next to your right thigh instead of the usual buttons. When I left the to go out of the theater 25, the trash can inside was still full and there was more trash on the floor in front of it. I used the restroom right behind the usher. Floors were not cleaned with black smudge marks from all the shoes that walked on it, trash was on the floor in each stall, whether it be toilet paper, a toilet seat cover or popcorn. The far left sink wasn't working correctly and the paper towel dispensers weren't automatic like the faucets, the soap dispensers or the hand air dryer. Will not be going to again. Would rather go to the other theaters instead. What a waste.

T- ilex

Big seats. Big lobby. Small theater size. Also no water fountain. The whole outdoor area is being developed nicely.

Kristi Zmak

Very nice!

Joe Orcutt

It's better but NO PARKING

Howard J Allshouse Jr

It isn't the Century Sparks anymore. It is now the Victorian Galaxy theatre.

Sharon Zenz

Love the remodel!


This is easily the best theater in Reno. It has reclining soft cushiony seats and very clean restrooms. The aisleways are very roomy so you don't have to step on other people's toes to go to the bathroom mid movie. Also great video and sound quality on the screens.

jimmy turner

Got great seats and awesome service.

Diana Franklin

I liked this movie house.


Very clean theatre. The rows are set further down and there are small walls between each row so no one can block you're veiw. The individual theatre size is smaller then the one at legends. The sound is really good, and very clear. There is a side entrance to the theatre lobby from rhe parking garage, which is a great idea. The chairs recline with a manual lever, instead of the motor controlled ones at legends. Overall a delightful experience.

Pharoah Boi

I went to go watch Avengers EndGame opening weekend, very good experience. There was even a S.H.I.E.L.D. car outside of the theater. The seats were very comfortable and I would definitely come here again.

Dillion Douglas

It's so shiny. The new layout is nice with a hallway that goes from parking lot directly to the theater which will come in handy when its cold outside.

Sean Powers

Very clean and friendly employees.


A decent sized move place. Staff smile and are quick to assist you in any thing you need. Low lines and not crowded.

Warren Lee

Horrible service, waited in line 15 minutes before "Arianna" yelled at us that we were standing in the wrong line. She just stood there spinning her keys and was obviously uncaring and unprofessional. Dirty theater as well. Go to the Sparks Imax and avoid this one.

Gary Sevigny

Very Awesome place great seats !!!

Edward White

My wife and I really enjoy taking or kids here.

Judith Van Vorous

Very clean , seats lay back. Adults can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. Their food is good. You pick your own seats

Ben McDonald

Nice theater

Ashley Prickett

Good food.

Francisco I. Velez

Everything is new but the only difference with the other galaxies is the seats are not electronic they are manual

Jerome potash

No longer Century theater, now Galaxy Luxury, much nicer theater and better seating

Dan Zenz

Great new seats.

Monica Morelos

Nice place!!!

Bonnie Johnson

Poems was a belly laugh. Theater great

Love America

Nice place . Easy access and amenities nearby.

Ira Black

When you ask for extra butter on your popcorn, they treat you right

Beverly Valley

Like many theaters, it's very expensive. It has comfortable seating and tasty popcorn. Good for a splurge day.

Dex Siguan

Toilets are the nastiest I've seen, how about the theater itself, I will just look at the their toilets and it tells me all.

LaRena Fry

Loved this Theater. So sad it closed

Laurie mckinnish

Love it

Molly Riles

HORRIBLE! Went there today for the first time and it was the worse experience in the world! We waited outside for thirty minutes in almost 100 degree weather. Went in to get popcorn and snacks for the movie and found this weird convenience store set up that was so small that with the amount of people there today made it hard to get anything in there. The woman running the popcorn was completely rude when my husband asked her for two large drinks she snapped at us "It's self serve!" It was our first time at this theater. All the employee were completely rude. Went in to watch Angry Birds and had a mom in there that let her kid run all over the theater the entire movie. Telling the employees did nothing they never even came in to talk to her about it. It is poorly kept. The parking garage is nice but when you go to get in the elevator and it smells like someone uses it as a bathroom every hour it isn't worth it. On top of the horrible service they have a weird fountain area that they have let people turn into a splash park. So not only do you have to stand outside in Northern Nevada where the weather is always at one extreme or another you have to deal with kids running around and parents not watching them or if you get as lucky as me a very fouled mouth parent that was saying a different curse word every two minutes in front of my seven year old son! Worst experience ever I will never go back there.

Teela Segura

It's Been my favorite Theater for majority of my life, very well maintained and has always had friendly staff. love this place!

Martha Salas

I love it is the best theater

Leslie Reyes

Good costumer service!!!

Doug Simmonsen

I really like this theater

Karen Woods

The theater has been redesigned. Very nice, with recliner seats.

Brandon Urrutia

They wanna search all bags .........

Adam Sabado

Great family fun, DFX is the best.

sandra giron

I like this place because is not busy as the IMAX at Legends. Clean and the chairs reclined too.

Carla Smit

Very nice theater @ great prices!!

Silver Behemoth

Pretty good oddly tends to be not so crowded during the mornings on the weekend

D Vigue

Good place to catch a movie. Went in with my kids to see a movie. Theater was clean and quiet. Popcorn was hot and got a lot of it for them. Food was pricey but that is the way in all theaters lately.

Silvia Salcedo

Not crowded at all. Love this place

Yuma McGinty

I like it. But not as much as the Legends location. The seats are comfortable but not automatic, the food is decent and they serve alchohol. And it's right down the street from where I live

Will Layman

Wish the seats would lock into place when reclining

Brendan Fisher

Nice clean theater. Great seats!

aaron schmerber

terrible service.we went to see zootopia.wind was blowing about 40 mph,they where supposed to open 30 minutes before the start of the show.we where informed that they could open when they pleased.15 kids lined up,blowing cold and they would not let anyone in early.i will not spend my money here again.Thank You Jason Goodnight(manager)for your terrible service.


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