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REVIEWS OF Century 18 Sam's Town IN Nevada

Terry S

It’s an average 18-screen movie theater. I’ve been here many times in the last ten years or more. My family and I were a bit concerned this time because there was no audio during the commercials, but once the trailers began the audio came on, and everything was right in the world. LOL

Rosie/Jeremy lohr

Popcorn everywhere. CBD oil drug free

Margaret Williamson

Raised prices, sloppy area for food, theater dirty, drinks watered down, disappointed, always came here because I could afford it, very disappointed.

Lucky Jester

Good place to catch a matinee movie. Not luxurious but clean and comfy. First run movies conveniently located in a casino with lots to do there like bowling. Went with a bunch of friends and we had a good time.

Francisco Rnelas

Theaters are clean, well lighted. Snacks are pricey, just like any movie theaters. The concession store employees are pretty fast. Bathrooms are kept cleaned. Good family place.

Susan Flores

I love Sams Town theatre. I go to the matinee's which are $5.. I'd quit going to the movies if I had to pay $9. to go in. The high prices for popcorn and soda is ridiculous so $5. admission helps somewhat.

Frank Cotton

Good hot dogs

tom twells

Awesome place and always lots of room

Michael Sojourner

Enjoyed a great movie with my bride. Clean, roomy, and comfortable. Concessions were great and service as well. Excellent matinee prices and military rates.

Jazzi Miller

I have a movie club membership, it's ok...however I feel like it should have more benefits...

Thomas Cabrera

Great not crowded..

Jason Stone

Nice movie theater always a good time

Brandi Hall

I have been going here for YEARS and this was by far the worst experience I've ever had! A woman bought at least 6 kids tickets to see Joker and walked away to gamble as the staff let them in, they were incredibly unruly the entire time and the concession area, theater and bathrooms were terrible! Staff walked in the theater 3 times and did nothing about the kids except look, as they threw food, climbed over rows, yelled and used their phones. Complete disappointment Sam's Town!

soni reese

Great price, friendly staff and clean theater.

Luis Vicente Mendez

Love this place great prices all the time

Alxenia Brown Gay

Been here 21 years and counting• Sam's Town movie theaters always great!!

Sugar Speed art

Good movies. Every Tuesday is 5 dollars per person

Shyanna Barclay

I love the fun atmosphere of Sam's Town Casino. I always bring my visiting relatives to Sam's town and show them the mystic waterfall and laser show BUT, and that's a very big BUT the theatre was disasterly messy! The trash cans were overflowing, the women's bathroom needed to be cleaned and smelled like stale soiled diapers. Inside the theatre room there was popcorn on our seats, popcorn and trash strewn all over the floor, the floor was very sticky and it was gross to walk on, and the trashcan next to the door was overflowing. There were candy wrappers by our original seat and an empty nacho or hot dog or pretzel container on the floor. We moved to a different seat and there was still popcorn and sticky stuff on the floor no matter where we went. They needed to clean ALL areas of that theatre. I had little kids with me and it was gross to have them there. If they get the place cleaned then it's an awesome place to go, and the movies are usually enjoyable. They also have a bowling alley there! But the theatre needed some serious cleaning! A good vacuuming, mopping, and taking out trash was definitely needed!

Nyque Brown

Serves its purpose. My family and I love matinee. Just works better for us. No complaints great customer service.

Andy Gonzalez

The top place to get popcorn/food area is unusually not put when i went there once it was open.

Melissa Ball

I find Sams town to be the hear Casino and hotel in Vegas and I'm a local. Its peaceful and mystical. Must see casino and make sure to stop by the mystic falls park it has a water lazer light show 2pm 4pm 6pm and 8pm at no cost.

Yvonne Griffin

An alarm went off and spoiled the movie Downton Abbey I was watching.The alarm lasted over 30 minutes and it was very loud so I went home.

Mary Sims

Great service. Beautiful cinema. Very clean.

Tammy Dosono-Barboza

I went to see "It", the theatre itself was clean, great. But have people lost their minds? They talk during the whole movie. It's just as bad as having small children in there.We need to resort back to theatre etiquette. Or employing retired librarians.


Great prices, definitely go on Tuesdays because it is cheap ticket prices all day. The theaters are nice, the staff are friendly. The only downside is when you go to a late showing. They close their concessions too early, so when you buy a large popcorn, you can't get the free refill because they close it all up. But great place, and it's conveniently located near where I live, so overall pretty great theater.

cheryl Tzavaras

Good ticket prices reached food prices great staff, clean and comfortable I've been here many times with a pretty polite clientele.

Kelley cline

First time there had a blast

Patricia Mcclain

Great theater. Saw Spiderman in 3D. Very comfy stadium seats. Great that you can preorder tickets and go right through. I go there pretty frequently although I live on other side of town. Two thumbs up!

Gladys Hernandez

Nice theater not too busy and the seats are ok

Hailey Scott

Amazing place lots of things to do including there free water show, and the arcade and movie theater plus adult friendly concerts, and of course gambling

Douglas Couch

Clean theatre, inexpensive matinee, free parking, and there's an entrance near the box office so you don't have to walk the kids through the casino. If it's local to you I suggest you check it out. If you time it right you can even see Sams mystic falls lazer show will you wait for the movie to start.

Dale Bear

Good food, great theater's that have speakers that work and are not blown out like Boulder! Clean casino, good parking, but it's Nellis and Boulder!

T o N i C

I only come here for the theater now. There used to be a really good BBQ place here, called Big Mess BBQ, but it disappeared one day. Such an unfortunate loss. It's so hard to find a good BBQ place in town that does beef ribs properly- if at all. Anyways there's a Cinemark theater here and they have specials all the time

Corey Avis

It has a very unique atmosphere in the heart of the building with a free show that everyone will love.

Captbob Malinowski

The place must have had a party that's Saturday because there was garbage all over the place and the seats wouldn't recline and the movie. US was one of the worst movies I ever saw but that's got nothing to do with the theater. Lot of young people were having a great time because the movie was so stupid

Kai Edwards

I always have best experiences at my local Sam's town

Brandon._. Rizo

Amazing place to go and great customer service

Arnold Raichle

Large area plenty of room the only downside is that they don't have reclining seats


Always plenty of open seats. Lots of screens. The snack bar offers free refills on soda and gives you your popcorn refills at the same time as your bucket...I love that I don't have to miss the movie for my refill. Theater, halls and bathrooms are well maintained, as is the rest of Sam's Town. There is clearly very good management here. This is our number one choice every time.

?Error? ???

Iv been here with my family omce or twice and both times iv loved it The popcorn sucks and i wish they had hot sauce cause that would make the popcorn taste way better

Joshua Keen

A great place to go visit, and if you're into Pokémon GO, they have 2 PokéGyms and like 5 PokéStops. They also have the same amount of the Wizards Unite versions. The movie theatre always has the best, popular, and most recent movies out, the bowling alley is very fun, tho make sure you come before the Bowling Leagues get there! Also they have this super cheap deal on Tuesday's that makes for happy wallets! Not to mention you get a free game if you head there right after your movie and give them your ticket! Starting at 2 pm untill midnight, they have a spectacular water and lights show every 2 hours. I'm only getting into my 20s so I'm afraid I have no information on their slots.


Very clean overall good good place to watch a movie.

Brenda Trejo-Trejo

The stage was so nice to see from the back.

Jade Aragon

I Love coming here i think its a nice/fun place to come with family, anyone or maybe even by yourself! The food court has a variety of options the "bear" show is really nice like a big splash of water and it looks even nicer at night because it lights up and changes colors! The movie theaters are fun just so you know on tuesdays there $5 per movie ticket! Hope you can go and have a fun time (:

Rosanna Kent

They have good deals on their popcorn and soda. The seats are comfortable and the staff are friendly. They also have good movie prices on certain days.

Molly Harsh

The seats are comfortable enough but the upstairs snack bar never seems to be open

Dawn Stackhouse

Popcorn cold and old, theater was never cleaned before Shazaam 5:55, and the screen play arcade thing with your phone is ridiculous.....

Marilyn Stephan

What an incredible experience! My family and friends came away with a smile and a lifelong memory that we all still talk about to this day :) Thanks again!

Dan Arz

We went to go see endgame it was great

Henrietta Peterson

The theater is great and the employees are friendly .

Christina Schaeffer

They were out of kettle corn and the seats are old, gross, and uncomfortable!!!! I paid $16 bucks a ticket for a fathom event, was not worth it for this place!

paul 039

Went there on a Saturday. The area where you buy popcorn and drinks is so unkempt. The popcorn is littered everywhere on the floor, the floor is also sticky. The movie theatre and the hotel looks aged. I wish they would clean the concession area in a timely manner and make the hallways brighter. Maybe they could change it to LED lighting. The movie theater seats are comfortable, the sound quality of the movie is good, and the image quality of the movie is good. I paid 9 dollars for the movie. Overall, if there's a newer and cleaner movie theater, I would go there.

Saul Gaona

Very friendly and always having discounts Tuesday

Chelsea Cleveland

Nice theater, mostly friendly staff. Had a problem with some of the folks at the snack stand ignoring me first time.

Kealoha Lani

Had a great time. Enjoyed mother son on to the next movies..

sergio perez

always good movies!!


I parked In the casino parking garage. The theater is at the end of the casino. The theater is clean and the workers are friendly. They had fresh popcorn in time for my movie. I'll definitely come back.

Sean Miles

I am a regular at Cinema Orleans their subsidiary. I visited this location for the first time. I was somewhat happy their customer service is good like Orleans. They actually have better movie and Concession prices, even though they have the same owner. My biggest gripe about this location is the seats are awful, especially once you are used to the recliner type seats and I don't like the open seat policy they have here. I prefer the assigned seating at Orleans. Overall I will come back her watch certain movies after the 3rd or 4th time to pay $5 to view, instead of paying $8.75 to $11 at the Orleans that's it.

Jaynee Pallay

Who doesn't like the movies? Check out the laser light show at Sam's also along with waterfalls and animated wildlife

Steven jungels

Whoot $4.00 wed sienor day.

Nina & Cliff A

Make sure to choose the row that the seats recline a little, much more comfortable. Good place to catch a movie.

Tiffany Carse

For being in a casino on the Eastside it's very nice.

Me Too

Very nice. cool and clean!

Jan Kirk

Sure can't beat the Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday movie prices for seniors and early birds. Of course concession prices are ridiculous {exclamation} but for $4 movie go ahead get some popcorn.

Ramses Palomino

I loved the Addams family there

Nicole Ann

my fave movie theatre on the east side. tickets are fair priced & the staff are all pretty cool. last time we went, my daughter spilled a large soda right after we got it & they refilled it, no problem. the snack bar is a bit pricey (what movie-theatre snack bar ISN'T?) but they don't check you for snacks when you come in or anything so i always just bring some of my own & maybe just get popcorn & a drink there. they FILL the popcorn boxes up OVER the top so that it's literally spilling out, so at least the staff try their best to give you your money's worth. the actual theatre is nice & has good screen & sound quality. chairs are pretty comfy & there's enough of them where you usually don't have to be crowded around too many people. last time i went here to see the new Lion King movie, we had the whole row to ourselves.

Alexia Thomas

Seat arms don't go up :(

_Jenni_Jenni_ Jenni_

I love the theater here. The pretzels are good, food is over priced in the movie theater, but what theater isn’t. The only thing I would change is the food prices and change the theater seats, they are not very comfortable.

Tom Coupe

Great early movie price $5 tickets

rhonda lyon

Great movie chooses and the cheapest prices around. Love $4 senior days on Weds

Jessie Dedrick

Great staff loose slots and good buffet

Amber Curran

Discrimination against pedestrians disguised as post September 11 saftey. Possible covert way to keep transients out. No bags bigger than 12 inches $20 wasted on an Uber ride We offered to leave our back packs up front and they refused.

Cheryl Spurlin

Saw #ToyStory4 w Kids, Grands n hubby it was #SuperCuteAndCool n we ate at #TGIF then we bowled a fun time had by all

Luis Gonzalez

Awesome place always clean, staff very friendly and attentive my wife & I love going there. Isaiah Picket is a great employee has helped us prior and for that I appreciate him & I would like for him to be recognize. Taking his time very intuitive that extra mile for the Guest that is why I take my business to this Movie Theater & awesome staff. God bless you all.

Jessica La Fume

This was a great theater. I wish they had table trays like the cinemark i used to go to in California. It was a great experience though.

E Williams

Nice Casino. Has quite a few restaurants ad not too crowded.


The matinee prices are what get me here. And cheap snacks. Standard movie theater, seats and a screen and sound. No complaints in that department. Sign up for a Sam's town card and if you are a senior you get in cheap on a certain day.

lewis v

Thanks for putting the jalapeños back instead of selling them.Now I can finally buy a bucket of popcorn goes good with jalapeño.Brenden started selling there micro size bags of jalapeño since then haven’t gone back.thanks once again century theaters.

Patrick Anyasi

Nice place to be and it's wonderful site.

Droop LoC

The prices are decent for tickets and snacks...the seats sucked but hey its bot luxury so you get what you pay for


Never crowded, nice staff, good movies, amazing scenery.

Happy Heart

About 3 weeks ago they decided to implement assigned seats. Not pleased. About three months ago, they raised their matinee pricing from $5 to $6.50 and some movies are even higher.

john alexander

Great atmosphere, good folks, good layout of casino.

spookygothgirltee 101

I absolutely love this place. Beautiful atmosphere..the waterfall show is so amazing... The hotel is nice and clean..and employees are so friendly... We visit the movie theater every weekend's perfect..

Steve Gorden

They had the AC set low.. we were very cold. Besides that it was ok.

Mom of 5

We go here almost every Tuesday can't beat $5 all day especially when you have 5 kids!

Amina Z

It's okay, the seats are not luxury or assigned but, I find that the tickets are more economical at this location. This is my back up on discount Tuesdays if I can't get to the movies on Mondays elsewhere. Or....if I need to see something right away like Endgame!

Penny Kitchener

I will always remember this place. Best ever place.

Lanessa Rosel

Fun, quick and easy theatre. Good choices. Special screenings. I cant complain!

Bruce LJ Martin

The theater was nice. Unfortunately there was a Salesman grab my woman's attention wasted some of our time and made us late to the movie. Also had to pass through secondhand cigarette smoke to get to the theater. So I had my first time at the theater and my last time.

Joe Bosse

Clean and after the movies, we were able to grab a bite inside.

Robert Langford

Before 4 pm on Saturday and they have $5 for movies. Very nice movie gheaty

angie scoles


Rosario Martinez

We want to see toys story 4. Very good movie]

Gregory Dark

I love Sam's Town as a whole. I'm not a huge fan of this movie theater in particular though. It's very basic, but is sufficient and doesn't lack anything. The prices run slightly cheaper than most theaters. It does not always screen for every new release, so be sure to check online beforehand. It is a Century (Cinemark) theater so their online listings are always exact and well-maintained.

Jennie Cisneros

The movie was great and staff were friendly

Richard Castaneda

5 dollar matinee. Great value. Highly recommended.

Lucia Peterson

We love watching movies at Sam's Town. Students pay only $5 anytime, any movie! Only need to show student ID. Also, with the movie ticket you can have a free bowling game, or at TGIF you can eat 2 and pay for 1. I love good deals! The staff overall is nice.

Nickle The Tater Tot

Comfortable seating, easy to get tickets and good consessions.

Kala Bongard

I enjoy the discount movie Tuesday. The seats are kind of small, not considered "cool uxury" theatre but the place serves its purpose

marie moore

Nice place not smokey that make it very nice thanks

Young Pisces

This place has it all,great movies,popcorn,and nice people

David Arauz Gonzalez

It's alright. But it is expensive

David Rubalcava

I used to love going to this theater. I stopped because the managers don't know how to staff well and the facilities were always dirty and disgusting: condoms in the urinals, vomit and feces all over the toilets. I sent E-mails over Century's website but no one ever returned my message. Luckily the Regal cinemas are usually much cleaner and not too far away.

Brian Eads

I was here to watch some movies. The theater is dated with what used to be standard rocker seats. The casino is western themed, and has a large local fan base, so there's bingo, bowling, fast food outlets, a cheap buffet, and the barest minimum of comfort. If you don't have to be here there's no reason to be here.

Miguel Juarez

Easy access, plenty of parking space. Everything is good about this place.

Melissa Deal

Ok theater that needs updating. The chairs creaked quite a bit. The popcorn really didn't have much flavor and you had to buy seasonings that are free many other places. It is nice that it is connected to the casino resort and a good place for kids to go while parents are gambling.

Martin Ayres

They have the best movies for $5.00 a show

Robert Farnsworth

Great location even greater environment seats in the theater were comfortable and spacious. Employees were very customer oriented treat there customers very well.

Rebecca Erickson

Two-story movie theatre inside Sam's Town Casino!!

Patrice Ferguson

We had a great time at the garden show and had Chinese food before leaving. The staff are polite and always seem eager to serve. Great place to hang out.

Bonnie Brown

This Oscar season we've been able to see quite a few of the movies that were in the listing for Oscars. The Sam's Town movie place is usually the best place to go because of the best price and it's pretty clean too.

Laurel Tate

It's a nice off strip gambling hall. Lots of things to do. Still expense.

Lisette Mengana

Great movie theater and service and people love going here to enjoy a good movie!

Rosaie Lajoie

The movie Robin hood was better than I expected. The main character was fabulous. Hope to see more of him in the future

Joyce Dronitsky

The people that work here are friendly and polite and very helpful

Christopher Valdez

Good size theatre inside a local casino. Very convenient.

Nathalie Jones

We go to this location often; the price is right and the staff is so friendly and helpful vs the uptight and horrible mangers over at Sunset Station. My only critique is that the facility itself seems a bit run-down; lately it seems that a lot of machines are out of order and the food service area tends to be messy. It's a very kid-friendly theater and we get a free game of bowling with our ticket purchase. Not bad at all...

Julius Charles

This is a very nice place to go to the movie.

Josh Gaston

This theater is easy to access and they have great matinee prices - perfect for families on a budget. They play first-run movies. Like all other theaters, the concession prices are extortionist, but I don't buy concessions. They also do NOT have assigned seating - something I like. Why do theaters need assigned seating? I'd rather choose my seat once I walk in to the theater. Overall, this is a good theater and worth the price of admission.

Peace Alliance

Most affordable movie theater in town, seem to be in Sam's Town. If you have the app for cinema club you get 20% off all confessions.

Taz Carter

Good movie good seat bit had an issue with using my rewards.

shylanai Wise

It's wonderful. I bring my family everytime they come from out of town. Clean ,quiet but yet just enough . and something for all ages

ectotron-1 Kollar

I love watching movies here

Brittany Nicole

To my surprise this place was pretty great. My family and I went to see secret life of pets 2 and ihe facility was clean the staff were polite and helpful. It was a great experience will be going here again

Brandie Prado

Usually the theatre is not too crowded. No reserve seating. Popcorn is usually fresh. Staff always friendly. Have never had an issue at this place.

Art Imus

We go to the theater. Movies are cheap and refreshments aren't bad. Place is kinda ghetto.

Robert Lopees

Sam's town is cool, bowling and arcade and they have some sort of free lounge act. They don't try to gouge your wallet for a beer.

Sandra Baker

Very nice movie theater... beautiful deco. More affordable than boulder station.

Sabrina Russo

Very dirty. It looked like it had not been cleaned for some time.

Araceli Russell

I love coming here every Tuesday is movie day for our family

Jeremiah Lindsey

Came here on a Wednesday, got the senior discount from the kiosk. Popcorn was fresh and the employees were friendly and helpful.

Bryan Isais

Always a good time at this theater in this casino

Brad M

Theater was clean. Half the urinals in the Restroom were broken. Staff selling tickets were very slow.

Antara M

Great movie theater.military discount is awesome great place to take the family.

Brittney Lewis

The theater is always clean! The seats are hella comfortable! The staff is always super kind! I've never had a problem here. Highly suggest driving here also because its never busy


It's a cool theater

LYNDP 2100

The movie theater is great the movie it is the worst part 2 ever,it was like watching part 1 and 2 at the same time.Plus they all have a serious casé of esquizofrenia and sicosis they all need a huge and therapy. Is obvios they still having bad memories. But really is a bad movie.

James Byers

Good seats. Multi screen cinema. Great pricing Tuesday and Wednesday for seniors and everyone on Tuesday.

Lee Hoyes

This is a wonderful place to go with the family or to gamble, but taking the family there is lots to do there , if you haven't been there you have to check it out

Nancy Ramos

Great place to go. Good service

Katrina Neal

Never had an issue. Service has been good.

Review Queen

5$ before 4pm what a deal nice theater with good affordable snacks

Nicholas Poma

The theaters are nice but I got two cans of cream soda at 4.50 a piece and the guy didnt give me a chance to change my mind and didnt seem to care so I suggest to sneak in your own stuff lol

Shaunie Baptiste

Love the movie theater always go for matinee way cheaper then general admission.

Susan Heffner

Enjoyed the movie theater very much, no luck with the slot machines though


Awesome Family Atmosphere Casino Las Vegas Nevada.

Frances Simmons

Spend an entire day there had a great time Wonderful Buffet

victor cordon

Great movies for a great price, definitely one I'd recommend people to go to.

cesar vazquez

Great costumer service. Fast check out

Laurice Guice

Great customer service & clean theater.

Terese Sugden

Wednesday is senior day $5 movie how can you go wrong I love Sam's Town

Randy Austria

Spiderman far from home was a good movie

Tiffany Kennedy

It's a beautiful atmosphere with, bowling, bars, and a movie theatre, it was a great place


Theater has good seats. Some make noise when you move, unfortunately. Food is awsome

Tamber Trapp

I always love Sam's Town. Even on Christmas Eve. Mystic Falls is just as awesome now as it was when I was a kid.

Catherine Hallett


Nicholas Hale

Getting kick out for five hours that's when I can be allowed back in casinoFUCK mY life


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