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REVIEWS OF Century 16 Suncoast IN Nevada

Paprika Pink

Is there another way to get to the theater without walking through the crowded smelly casino? I like casinos in general, but this one is unpleasant. The theater itself was okay. I first wrote "fine" then I remembered that they never turned the lights down till THE END of the movie. The reclining seats are great. I saw a sign that said (this is in Nov 2018) they will serve drinks at the concession soon. That will be nice.

J Victor Mastronardi

Big recliner chairs. Theater is usually clean.


The reason I gave it a three star is because from the popcorn area and the lobby was a miss and dirty there was trash on the floor and there was no one cleaning it. But the service from the ticket stand to the ording the popcorn and cashier they all were nice and great. if the place would of been cleaner I would gave them a 4 or 5 star

Gilberto De Hoyos

We love the buffet, and the movies afterwards. Pretty decent prices

Scott Anderson

Nice theater. Lounge seating. Good place to see a movie.

cathy brown

Great theater, Tuesday prices are so worth going

Kate Eugenis

Screen and sound we're both good, but there was a bit of anarchy when it came to the seats (there are assigned seats but some confusion when it came to people actually sitting in them). There was also someone pointing a laser light at the screen for parts of the movie and it took some time to get that sorted out (and that was generally disruptive).

erika valdez

This is a very good theatre we had a nice movie experience !

Veronica Yens

This was a nice visit. Concession stand needed to be stocked and cleaned by the drink stations (employees standing around chit chatting at the time). Gentleman that sold me popcorn though buttered it thoroughly though which I greatly appreciated. As for the walk to get to the theater, I wish the casino didnt smell so bad. It smelled like strong men's cologne, actually triggered a bad headache which ruined a bit of the movie experience. Seats were quite comfy in the theater which was nice.

Rah'Shaun Shaffon

Pricey....but the seats are heated and comfortable

Coco Dalton

Love the theater, haven't been in so very long, clean, reclining seats, great job!

Edward Vodek

Awesome comfortable movie theater.

Kris Hayes

Awesome cushy, button controlled recliners!! And the seats have heaters! Not necessary during the summer months but the rest of the year... Oh yeah!!!! Great sound system as well.

Dar F

Getting there is easy and the staff are very friendly however paying 26 dollars for popcorn, stale nachos a hot dog a slurpee and a coke is just ridiculous on top of the 3 entry tickets for 36 bucks, it makes it just not that enjoyable.

eric kurth

Clean and fast service. Seats are newer and very comfortable. We'll be back again.

Richard Yescas

You haven't been here yet! Local love this place. Excellent sportsbook, excellent restaurants and movie theatres.

Carlise Ballinger

The theater was very nice, seats have warmers and recline in addition it was very clean. The only complaint the pop corn was not hot or even warm. Considering the price It was very disappointing.

Rebecca Oakley

Parking was easy and the theater was clean. I'd definitely go there again.

D. M.

Recliner seats, comfortable, and not as packed as other movie theatres. More relaxing.

Toni Beatty

Those seats are so comfortable you will fall asleep before the movie starts. Ticket prices are reasonable and senior get great rates.

Lisa Taylor

90 ninty bar is the best place great social hour prices!! Nice movie theater too

Frank Sublett

Luxury recliner chairs. Wide aisles. Reasonable prices.

Josef Knebel

Great movie theater definitely above average

Bryan EP

Great place. The seats are very comfortable, reclining, even with heat. Sometimes we come here just for the heated chairs and the movie is secondary!

Steve Krill

Newly renovated and modern. Recliner heated seats and a new larger popcorn and soda area. They will have beer and hot food soon too.

Dan McHugh

Wow! What an overhaul! Very comfortable electric, reclining seats with swivel mini table for snacks, cup holder for any size drink. I sat through Avengers: Endgame and was not uncomfortable at all. A lot of leg room!

Barry Kennison

Having been to five different movie theaters in Las Vegas, I would say this is my favorite. It's not the fanciest of all, but the price is more reasonable. No sound or picture problems. Concessions have been good. Thursday with the players card you get a free popcorn as an added bonus.

Megan Richards

Best Kept Secret. I love this theater. The theater is in the SunCoast Casino - people are busy gambling and very few people are in the 16 theaters. Sometimes we have the show to ourselves. Big recliner seats. matinees are best.

Fausto Sierrapeniche

Chairs recline are comfortable and heated. Nice touch.

JacQue Lawson

Fav movie theater. Comfy recliners! Matinee and senior discounts. Not crowded during the week.

Odisa R

Great time great movie very clean and comfortable!!!

Jerry Freter

Reclining seats suck, don't recline nearly as much as other theatres. The seats are also a little too close to each other

Chris Olson

Nice service. Comfortable chairs and they usually show the latest movies

Joe Skinner

A hidden gem! They now have updated leather recliner seats with heat! The sound system and picture quality is better than the "Luxury" theater downtown and it is half the price. $7.50 early bird and $9.50 regular pricing. They now have assigned seating so you don't have to get there early to get a good seat.

Tia Stizza

Fun place to visit! Had a great time. Movie theater was clean, $5 Tuesday! Casino was well lit, staff friendly

Ken Shutters

Great place to see a show! Terrific Movie "Us"!

Will Roane

The seats have been upgraded since I last was here. They now have upgraded recliners in both of the theaters that I have been to recently.

Ari Monson

I went to the movies with my grandparents and it was amazing... Not just the Theater but the entire casino... If you live near always come here(In my opinion)

Bella Bernath

Beautiful theater with nice luxury seating. This is also the first theater I’ve been to with heated seats! Like whaaatt!!?? That’s a mega win for me. Also $5 Tuesdays.....!

Jorge valentin

good place to watch móvies the seats are great

Jack Cutler

Too smokey but otherwise a fun place to get a cocktail and enjoy a night out

Eileen Yescas

Super comfy seats and plenty of good eats!!!

Sean Whitaker

The Suncoast is great for locals especially if you're doing sports betting. It's clean, isn't terribly smokey, but it is a little old school.

deon riley

The new setup is nice reclining seats with heater

d mcgaw

Movie rooms are updated with recliners. Very nice

Joseph Leos

Movies. Comfortable

Michael Cortina

Senior friendly, reclining seats (heated too), and a Coke® "freestyle" machine!

Julian Turner

This is the best movie theater in summerlin. All recliners, reserved seating, same price as a regular movie theater.

Annalise Tingler

Super comfy reclining seats with a heater button! I love coming to the cinema for bargain Tuesdays! At only $5.75 a ticket, my husband and I try to come to the movies every week! Staff are friendly and parking is good.

Steve Tayrien

Inside the Suncoast Hotel. Nicely remodeled with comfort reclining leather style chairs. Always friendly staff. Try to go on Senior day and save some money !

Julio Salvador

Best seats, concessions, cleanliness. THE Place to go!

Kristian Shellman

Suncoast is always quieter than Strip casinos. Crowds are manageable and the theater's usually clean.

Todd Shiber

Great popcorn! There was a line, it went fast. Service was friendly. Popcorn is king.

Christian Carrillo-Abarca

Not a great looking place to lose money. Or I mean risk ot on legal gambling. I reccomend santa fe with 5 dollar progressive paigo

Gordon Harris

Im from North Little Rock, Arkansas I enjoyed the movie but it was hot in the theatre. That why given 3 stars.

Eugene Kaufman

Great theater!

Natasha Gustafsson

Recently renovated. Usually has some good mix of movies plus one arty or foreign film.

James Stanlake

My favorite place to enjoy a movie.

Al Snyder

Bad. Double charged for one drink and they refused to refund it. I even spoke to the manager and he said, « There’s nothing more I can do for you; the charge stays. »

Melora Deaux

The General Manager is quick to address issues. Enjoyed our movie and the new remodel. Thank You Suncoast Cinemark.

Susan Bradshaw

The seats are the best not only do they recline they heat up

Annabell Thomas

This was just an outrageously great experience, staff of cool, prices are good and the place was really clean

robert stine

Casino is like an amusement park for adults. Employees are very respectful and professional. Between suncoast and red rock casino you cant beat them. You will never go to the BLVD again unless your going to hogs and heifords bar


Great place..

Cari Lynn Jenkins

First time visit for me to the Suncoast theater, where I had the pleasure of watching "A Dog's Way Home"... as a huge animal lover, it was quite entertaining. Never knew initially that the seats were both reclining and heated, so that only made my viewing experience of this movie there quite comfortable and all the more enjoyable!

Robert Newlander

Great place for a family to watch the " ole fashion way " Walk from the parking lot should have a security guard

debra caudillo

My dads favorite buffet

Dora King

There are new Cushioned seats which are very comfortable. Good prices during the week days. Good selection of concession products. Worth a visit.

Nick Breeden

Great place. Wish there was a kid friendly walk path to it though.

Heidi Cosio-Davenport

Love the seats and popcorn was good

Jeanine Gibson

Love the upgraded, assigned recliner seating. Clear picture, great sound, mostly friendly staff. Concessions can be hit or miss, especially when it comes to butter on popcorn so be super specific when ordering!

Julie Kennedy

The theater itself is very nice and I love the fact that you can now select your seats and the seats are like recliners. I do not like paying $18.73 for a small popcorn and medium coke. I think their prices at the snack bar are too high and we don't go that often because the current run if movies is so crummy but that is Hollywood' s fault and not the movie theatre

Trina Gentzel

Heated, reclining seats. Decent snacks. $5 Tuesdays. Small bar.

Aimee Goodwin

The entrance is in the back of the casino up the short stairs. It's atandard movie theater, but the new renovations are shaping up to be really nice! There's more of the motorized partial recliner seats now, and the food court is being redone as of August 2018.

Michelle Morgan

Nice movie theater here with decent seats almost fell asleep during the movie it was so boring. So since the movie wasn't more than half way through, I went and got my money back from the box office and went and played a keno machine. Didn't win anything as usual.

Rob Bry

Love the kettle corn and mini bar

Omrie king

Amongst the best theater seats I've ever been in. Not only do they recline have a tray but can heat up as well if you're feeling cold which happens often in movie theatres. The food as stated previously is a bit overpriced but it is a movie theater so not much you can do. Most times the popcorn is fresh. I would recommend this place above luxury 5 any day as it is about 6 dollars cheaper and has more availability in terms of seating.

AJ McCrary

Theater 16..has very comfy "heated" seats with individual "TV trays" attached. Great concept!

Sylvia Harrell

Very comfortable seats, very clean and so friendly. I will be coming back

Cait Fox

Nice place!

Don Benjamin

We love this movie theatre, it is very clean, the temperature is perfect, sound is perfect. The seating is very comfortable. Pretty close to perfect.

Greg McKay

Everything was ok really, I just miss the good old days of theaters with HUGE screens.

Esther Ponticello

Took myself to see A Star Is Born before it leaves the theater. Saw the original and love them both but have to say Bradley I loved more than Kristofferson. Lady Gaga's voice is amazing. Did not like paying 13.00for a 6oz glass of wine.

Dan Egan

The theater was plush. The staff was friendly. The refreshments were plentiful (and over priced) like most theaters. However, you cannot use CineMark rewards because the place has no cellular reception. They need a guest WiFi or other solution.

Melvin J Basham

Great place to see a movie. Very comfortable.

Meurice Crandell

Nice clean place.

Omara Corona

Theatre was bigger than expected ! Loved the seats they have heated recliners! What more can you ask for?


Luxury theater with reclining seats and seat warmers. Worth every penny in my opinion. Concessions sells regular movie food but also sells alcohol.

Pete Rizzo Rizzo

Great seating and food offerings. We had a nice time

BTS Army4Life

Very nice theater. Very friendly service and comfortable seats

William Alford

Went to see a movie at. The Century 16 theater at The Suncoast Casino. Easi parking garage and an excellent movie experience. Very clean and comfortable movie house.

Benjamin Lublin

I LOVE the Suncoast movie theater. It's never too busy and they have great early bird specials on tickets. Popcorn is great and they have a special ice cream stand.

Starla Brayboy

This theater was nice... The seats were comfortable.... Employees were friendly

Vaughn Kalawa

Great place for a movie house, plan early due to assigned seating that is never checked. Movie hoppers tend to still happen.. Be a cinemark member as discounts due help with extensive pricing of concession.. Seats are recliners great addition... Why 3 stars cleanliness and movie hoppers, customer service and overall welcoming...

Barbara Sabo

Easy to use app. The seats are amazing and each has their own tray for snacks. No more butter popcorn in your lap! Sound quality is excellent.

Ty Battle

Really nice theater

Carolyn Custer

Great updated theaters! Comfortable and clean. Friendly staff. I'll definitely return, even though it's in a casino. Parking garage is close to theater.

Larry Brooks

Very comfortable seating...... saw the new movie john...

Linda Holpuch

Great theater. Comfortable seats with easy access

Fatima Iglesias

Love the comfortable chairs.

Shana S

Seats were broken and, even though they have tables attached to them the tables are equally annoying and useful.


Good seats good layout good screens same Cinemark snacks, everybody on the staff is pretty nice, I would recommend making the drive out for it, but not for special events, cause they don't do those.

John Crowley

The best movie theater around. If you want to enjoy yourself at the theaters oh, this is it. Get as comfortable as you want and nice reclinable recliners. Plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the movie. If all movie theaters would like this I'd go every week

Jamie McBride

Really loved the heated seat feature with the new reclining chairs :)

Dez Moy

Very comfortable seating and overall enjoyable experience

Bobby Painter

We saw the movie at the massive screen. It was awesome! My only complaint is that the reclining seats don't recline completely. (I assume this allows for more seating -- and therefore more tickets to be sold -- in the theater.) I keep adjusting myself in the chair because I felt as if I weren't in position.

Ilan Dvir

This has become my favorite theatre in town, small crowds, fair prices and the most comfy recliners of all!

Buddy Wizard

Awesome place for movies. Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks slushies and all.

Anna B-Ippolito

Was comfortable and not too chilly in there.


So basically, they have a concession stand but the also, have beer and wine area. You can purchase tickets ahead on fandango or cinemark. The seats are pre assigned, so if you do it online it's less than a couple of bucks extra. Just like airlines seats. Pay a tad bit more for the seats you want. I suugest signing up for cinemark movie club. You get one free movie t. A month and it rolls over if you dont use it. Pluse you get 20% at the concession starts. The seats arent as nice as the other company, however it is heated. There,'s discount for seniors on certain days . all.

Dimitri Allen

For the area no good theater! Broke recliner and you have to sit in your assigned seat!!

Sen Pham

We'd like the theater layout the seats are cool . But one of our seat inclines is broken.

Roselynn Phillips

Omg..... Awesome comfy recleiner seats!! Perfect temperature, never find myself sweating while watching a movie like i do at village square regal cinemas. Staff is awesome as well. I NEVER have a bad experience!! OMG they carry muddy bears in their bulk candy section! $12.99 lb which i thought was expensive but actually is not. 1lb and 2 oz box of muddy bears selling at candy ahop for $17.99 so its actually not a bad price.... In fact ita cheaper then the candy store! When can u ever say candy is cheaper at the movies?! Well I guess now I can! LMAO. just all around awesome place for a movie experience. However.... The recliener seats at the Oreleans is better for couples. Their recleiner seats are double connected. So you can get really comfy with your other half because you can lift up the arm!!!

Sandy Vigil

Luxury seating and they have kettle corn! And cheaper than most movie tickets. *Love*

Brian Mason

Seats are amazing! Not always super clean but seats are amazing

keldeo arceus

Awesome place to go at when you want to get some food and watch a movie! They have a arcade,and gambling machine's.

Richard Poirier

Great place to spend a few hours away from home. Large selection of snacks and drinks. Large comfortable seating.

Jacob Gallison

Great place! One favorite places to go gamble and see.a movie. They really great dining options and great rooms no one will be disappointed here

Mark Panoy

Always Clean, friendly, good service.

Ryan Quesenberry

Very comfortable seats, always a plus with assigned seating. Didn't watch the fancy theater just one of the regular theaters still was a good viewing though.


Great place to watch movies but the food is too expensive and workers seem bored out fo their mind

Bob Petty

Great screen size, but the seating made me uncomfortable.

Huperor208 Rozenberg

Not many choices and like all casinos just another scan for your money.

John Naccarato

This theatre rocks! Not only were the staff friendly and it was clean, but here are my top reasons: 1. Assigned seating when booking your show online so no hunting. 2. Reclining seats with foot-rests that go up 3. Huge isles between feet and people in front of you 4. Heated seats 5. Elevated seating so you can't see the people in front of you 6. Swing in table tops for your Nacho's! :) 7. Deep drink holders 8. Extra wide seats 9. Sound quality was phenomenal 10. 3D XD theatre with solid 3d glasses OK that's enough for one day! You'll love the experience!

Darren Sanner

Super clean room with amenities, fresh linens, a hairdryer, mini fridge, floor-to-ceiling bay windows with a landscape view of Vegas that goes as far as the eyes can see

Edward DeAngelis

Company removed cheap Tuesday movies. Changed to 4 star because you can get cheap movies. You just have to have their free movie rewards program. Which is still slightly annoying.

Gary Williams

Went to the movie very clean theater and polite workers. Then enjoyed a Great club sandwich @ DU-PARS Restaurant.

lucrecia Short

It was awesome. The movie was great and I was very comfortable sitting on those nice chairs.

Slava Petkova

It's was awesome. We watched toy story 4 and my 2y old watched it the whole time. He was very excited

Claire Rothman

Comfortable seats, but did not like the movie we saw

Bob Borbeck

Seating very nice, but access to getting into the theater and parking is a 1 Star

Preston Andreasen

Great service and the new recliner seats have seat warmers! Also there's an all new cafe, concession, and a soon to be bar. And the staff was very helpful when my chair wasn't working. Couldn't ask for more!

Jimmy Johnson

I really like this place. Super clean and fantastic seating. Reserved seating so you don't have to rush and you get to pick your spot if you order tickets online early enough. Early shows will save you money.

Gary Alan-Barr

Love the seats. Electric reclining. You can not go wrong with popcorn...

Latosia Palmore

The private booths are the best.

Kurt B

Luxury adjustable reserved seating, very comfortable and updated theater...

Sapte frati

I agree, the seating is excellent inside the cinema, but I also like the feel, the atmosphere of the place, inside and outside the Casino. Oftentimes I go there when movies I want to see do not run at Regal Village Square .... then I walk back home. What a treat ! I now appreciate that some movies will require to see them on the big screen and not the DVD.... I even started liking the previews, go figure ! .... We are lucky, here in Las Vegas, movies are excellent. Plus, regardless of the season, going to a theatre to see a movie has become an experience, a renewed pleasure. No claustrophobic panic attack ! People are nice everywhere, both the personnel and the public .... good vibes here. Enjoy ! OlgaB. 10apr19

Cynthia Bickford

Went to the Suncoast movie theatre and had a very comfortable relaxing movie experience, the seats recline and warm you at the same time!

Nancy Perez

Took my boy to watch the lego 2 movie, we were the only ones in the theatre which was AWESOME SAUCE. The popcorn did'nt taste fresh&it was bland. Icees were delicious. The movie was ok, my son enjoyed it. Employees are nice w/huge smiles.

Channel Davis

Comfortable seating, def don't have to worry about being cold because the seat have a warmer built in! Concession stand is quick, ticket prices are cool, customer service is great, bathrooms are clean

Mike Toro

I keep telling you and you dont listen. Seating is horrible. Most of the time you sit so close to each other that you sit next to a slob who eats like a pig and spills their food all over the place . Theatre employees never monitor the place . The other seating arrangements were great. Why change when you have something good . Never return awful.

Tina Marie

Love the seats. Was able to lay back and if I was cold can turn the heater on the seat. Was awesome! The have a little table that moves so you can set your popcorn or whatever on top of it while you laid back and watched the movie. I would recommend this theater for sure..juhnn

Lori Simpson

Reclining heated seats, clear sound system and HD screen. Highly recommended!

Anthony Morella

Good place to see a movie. Nothing fancy. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Jamie Haton

Love this theater! Comfortable seats! Very clean!

Tammy Kennett

Went to the theater it was very nice

kyle grimlie

It was fun and the payouts here are easy better than red rock.

Shelby Markovic

Love the reclining chairs. Good popcorn. Always my go to place to watch movies. Get the movie club its worth it!

Charles W

Love you can choose your seat in advance. Always prepay online choose middle row middle seats

Don Moody

Buffet was good at Suncoast as always 1

Nani Kamalii-Chang

The theater was wonderful and the experience was great.

Todd Kennedy

Nice theater.

Mike Meyer

The snake area is a disaster and needed cleaning. Pop corn all over the floor. Mostly young kids working and goofing off I stead of picking up a broom.

Noah Jensen

I love the movies and the suncoast has a great theatre. The staff never bothers you about bringing in a water bottle and the self serve fountain drinks are an ingenious way to keep the lines at the concession stand down. Prices are as high as ever but we have only Hollywood to blame for that.

Brandon L

Love the updated look. The seats are comfortable

Edward Kane

Lots of places are going to individual recliners, but this place really does them right: Each row is an individual tier of box seats, with capacious leg room, unobstructed view, and great sound. Also, this is a Cinemark theater and Cinemark Movie Club is the best, buy that's a subject for another review.

Cathy Cravens

It's nice.

Mitch swetsky

They have comfy recliners with heated seats. The movie had trouble downloading and started 30 minutes late so the manager gave free passes for next time. Stuff happens but making it right is a key to customer care.


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