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6587 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Located in: Town Square Las Vegas

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REVIEWS OF AMC Town Square 18 IN Nevada

Anthony Molloy

I like the facility. They keep it clean and it is a great family friendly environment

Angela Sweet

This theater was awesome. They had the stadium style seating that went way way high. The theater was clean and the employees were very courteous.


I always enjoy my time there


Very clean and nice, helpful associates.

Bradly Morris

Enjoyed my movie great staff and friendly

Sunny Rosen

Very nice theatre but people leave alotta garbage

Amanda Crinigan

I guess I'm spoiled? Maybe that's it. We are local & typically go to Century at The Orleans. Maybe because that theatre serves a hotel & casino it's, IMO, better. AMC smelled like a porta potty, the theater we were in was dirty, the seats stiff, old & uncomfortable. A ridiculous line @ concessions even tho they could easily open another concession stand. Keep it simple & only serve soda & popcorn at the extra one to reduce cost/staff but improve customer experience/time in que. Honestly, we won't use AMC unless, as was the case today, Century isn't showing the movie.

Ramona Martinez

The customer service is awful, the seats are very uncomfortable also feels like your sitting in your neighbors lap. The concession stand lines are very long and very poor service

Ayanna Wolff

Variety of theater rooms, all features are shown there, fun place for family, their in a good spot where the shopping, and dining is at your leisure.

Andi Cloud

A quaint theater to go to if you're going to kill some time. They are in need of updates for their theater seating and ticket purchasing. Bathrooms and theater were clean. Picture and sound quality were good. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Skyra Hope

Loved my time here. Clean every time I show up. Staff is helpful and kind.

Flora M

Watched 3D version of End Game. Theater 6 was cramped, not a lot of leg room if you're over 5'5". You're going to either kick the seat in front or your foot will go between the seats which is not fun for that person. Reclining is limited. The seats cost extra, take out a few rows and expand the leg room please.

Andrew Perez

The movie theater it self is awesome, comfortable seating and clean. The reason for the 1 star is due to an employee not washing his hands after using the restroom. He stopped at the sink to pick at his face. This person needs to be dealt with as this is absolutely unacceptable for health reasons.

Bryan Curiel

All the times this is my go-to movie theater when I want to see something new in a comfortable format. Food is obviously absurd, but it's a movie theater so that's the norm. They also have a bar where you can get drinks before the movie and generally have some themed after whatever is playing. I cannot stress how much I recommend seeing something in the Dolby Theater part. Extra comfortable reclining chairs and the sound in there absolutely is better on a technical note then IMAX.

Allan Jay Garcia

Nice Threatre. One of the reasons we would leave the strip so that it’s instant entertainment for the kids. Love the smell of food when you enter theough the doors. Morning showings are the best times to come. Usually crowded in the evenings.

Barbara Musso

Large spacious movies theater. Love that you can serve yourself for sodas and staff was friendly.

Cynthia Marrufo

I’ll save everyone time and just list off the issues: it is uncomfortably hot in the theaters, the staff I’ve come in contact with were rude, the popcorn tastes burnt and is cold, the soda machines have barely any options and the options they do have taste terrible. Also the seats aren’t terrible but don’t waste your time and go the AMC on Rainbow instead, much better there!

Abbye Dinkins

If I could give this place zero stars I would have. This was the first and last time I would come to this place. The staff were rude and the lines was super duper long. We went to see a kids movie and it's expected to have seats kicked and kids talking Loud behind you. But the adults were worse then the kids. Phone going off with bright screens every 5 mins and to top it off the adults sitting behind us kept dropping the f bombs and telling their kids to sit their a** down. I couldn't believe my ears in a kids movie. And when I went to speak with customer service I had the rudest encounter with joseline who told me it was my responsibility to come out of the movie to report the people so they could be removed. So I'm supposed to leave children in the theater alone to go tell on adults and run the risk of being confronted by them for "telling" and when I asked where is security to check in movies they said they only come in some of the movies not all. She was very confrontational and never offered an apology so I had to speak with her manager. It was the worse experience and customer service ever. And it's dirty. The concession is dirty and the bathroom only had one working soap dispenser out of 4. And you can't even hear the movie. We sat right in the front and could only hear the loud people behind us cursing. Don't waste your time here. Go to southpoint or galaxy if you want a better experience! They have security that comes and checks in the theaters to make sure it's safe and the rules are enforced!

S.Allan Preston

Join AMC Stubs A-list and watch 3 movies a week for only$19.99 a month. Dolby Cinema with its large format screen, reclining seats and thunderous sound is the way to watch.

Raul Elizondo

Best theater in Las Vegas. It has the Dolby theater and true IMAX.

Patrick Ferguson

I like the theatre a lot but am not a fan of their snack bar. They sell you a full tub of popcorn to take to the self-serve butter dispenser, which means you can't layer the butter properly. You fill your drink cup at those self-serve Coke dispensers that seem to use a different syrup than the normal ones because it tastes weird. And today, they had none of the flavored Cokes, which I thought was supposed to be the selling point of those machines.

Kiyomi Beverly

Always loved watching movies here. The staff is great and it's always clean. And yes, there is alcohol served here!

Alxenia Brown Gay

Been 10 yrs but stylish and wonderful atmosphere~

Marcos Emiliano

One of my favorite theaters in Vegas. Plenty of screens and great options such as IMAX and Dolby Atmos.

Albert Sauri

Not that impressed. We went to see a movie Wednesday night and the theater still needed a good cleaning before the show. The seats need to be replaced and the whole facility needs to be updated.


Really do NOT like the new "pick your own assigned seat". Never fails that people have no consideration by keeping their mouths shut during the movie. Even though we had assigned seats, we had to move couple rows down.

Kelsea Gray

Good place to go to see movies. Large theater with plenty of space. Theres always multiple stations open to buy food and drinks; not to mention theres even a bar if you're of age. I'd recommend it.

Michele Ruybal

Leather Seats that lay back. Alcohol Drinks and there Snack Bar is updated. Huge restrooms and amazing Staff

David Jackson

Went to see Avengers End Game and the sound in the theater was terrible. There was only sound coming from the front speakers. No surround sound. No bass. I was in one of the larger theatres ( I believe #4). For a theater that size there should have side speakers for the people in the back to hear clearer. I'll try IMAX one day to see if it's better other that that I will continue going to the one on Rainbow. 1000% times better than Town Sqaure. Now I have to go see Endgame again because the experience was bad due to the sound.

john halpin

We used to really like this theater but this last visit was a bummer. The theater was a mess. Popcorn and garbage everywhere. We had to reserve seats but one of the cushions had something wet on it. The employee barely tried to clean the place up. Then to boot most of the chairs were in disrepair and the arms were falling apart. I hope this was just a singular occurance and they turn it back around.

Alexander Daniel

This theatre is a MESS!! WOW, Where do I start?... From the ticket window to the main lobby and concession area. Popcorn on the floor (looked like an entire bucket spilled) in front of soda dispensers, soda spilt on counters, food pieces in soda dispensers, shall I keep going? It was a Saturday to see a 6:15 movie, dont know if they were short staff or if its normally this bad. Been a year or so since last time here. It looks rundown and obviously management isnt concerned with visual impressions on people. The first machine I tried to get a soda from was broken. The second one was fine, the finding the correct size lid was a little difficult having to dig my hand way into the back of the storage Cube holding the lids. Looking like many people had pulled Lids out out and put them back in. The Gourmet Popcorn we ordered was stale and we asked to have half cheddar and half caramel and the girl didn't even put the divider in correctly as it's stuck out the top the bucket and didn't go all the way down. We asked about the flavors and she didn't know that there was a cheddar crunch flavor as we kind of asked for a description a bit and she said she has a Spider-Man popcorn was her description of the flavor. After the movie I notified a manager about the popcorn being stale as he started to say. there's nothing I can do" as I quickly cut him off saying I'm not looking for anything I just want to make you aware of your popcorn being stale just so you know. Maybe you can rectify that problem before someone else complains and does want something to be done about it or leaves a poor review of your theater such as this review. But he did not seem too concerned and in my eyes blue Off the complaint. The theater itself that we saw the movie in was fairly clean. Except noticing that there was trash buy seats on the side that I know we're not sat at 4 Hour showing which just leaves me to believe that they were left from the show before and they did not clean thoroughly in between showings as they should have. Next time I think I'll stay home where it's clean and tidy and I don't need to invest $20 on two tickets and $21 on a bucket of popcorn a bottle of water and a soda. I definitely won't be rushing back to this movie theater for the next movie I want to see. People don't want or need to leave their homes to watch movies anymore, maybe the theaters need to work a little bit harder getting customers to them to see the movies, I highly recommend starting with a clean bright shiny theater and providing Hospitality above and beyond. cuz all the theaters are going to need it to stay in business....

Anisha James

This is mine and my boyfriend's new spot. Gotta grab ur tickets fast. No other movie theater will compare. Great staff one con is the hot dogs sale fast so get a movie b4 11

Sydney Browne

Pretty cool experience to watch Spiderman far from home in Imax, but personally, it seemed like the sounds were a little too loud for my tastes. Otherwise a good theater with comfortable seats.

Greg Muenzmay

My go to movie theater, disclaimer is that I only see movies in the Dolby Atmos theater. It is in my opinion the best way to watch a movie and well worth the extra money. The movie house itself is clean and the staff are friendly enough. For the most part people watching a movie in the Dolby Atmos theater are behaved and not on their phones or talking. Of course there is always the chance you could have a rude inconsiderate person in the theater near you.

Natalie Vazquez

One of my favorite movie theaters. Love this theater and quality of the movie and the service. They are always quick to get things moving.

Judie Pokakaa

I love this place. We are in the $20 a month club. We can see 3 movies a week. The staff is friendly and helpful. The theater is always clean. And I love that I can have a special cocktail while there.

Maria Inez Ramirez

We took the bus and followed the maps guidance but we were also looking for signs along the way. We circled the actual building in 103 degree weather until we found the actual entrance. I feel they could have more signs to direct people better. Once inside the lighting and presence is very nice. Staff is nice, so many machines to fill your drinks, and clean restrooms. Overall good experience once inside.

Cesar Torres

Reserved my seats for a Saturday 8:25 showing of Shazam! Just make sure you get there alot earlier than 10 minutes before the showing. Super packed, lovely lovely atmosphere. Only downside is probably that it's understaffed? Extremely dirty concessions. Popcorn all over the floor. Get inside the room for our movie and it's slippery and sticky all over the place. I understand people are dirty but this is before the movie even started. So my assumption is that no one came and cleaned it after the last showing. Other than cool place

Taylor Rennie

Most disgusting bathrooms I've ever encountered. There was even an overflowing sink. The seats online say luxury but when you get here they are far from it. No recliners like you see across town. Instead your chair goes back just a little bit and they count that as a recliner. The seats are also fabric, which can spread lice. For being in town square, you'd think they would have the best available to customers. Very disappointed in the cleanliness of this establishment.

Jonica Galvez

The staff's nice and the theater rooms are kept clean; however, most of the ticket kiosks are out of order and some of the sodas are not refilled.

Andy Mendoza

The only place in town to experience Dolby Cinema. The difference HDR and Dolby Atmos make in the large format is undeniable.

Prankish Ryan

Dirty theater we were in #4. Staff not very knowledgeable

John Ruiz Jr

First time to AMC theater Town Square, Las Vegas. I went to see Jon Wick Parabellum; the movie is garbage, but this review is about this theater. My quick advice, from all my experience over years, Regal Cinemas are 1000% better managed than AMC. That's my experience of these two companies anywhere, not just Vegas Town Square. Regarding this particular theater, first off, I couldn't find the main entrance. I had to walk through a huge video game room, ask a game room employee where the theater entrance was... how about concise signage AMC? Entered, there were 3 people in line, 1 ticket cashier, that's fine. What is not fine is, for not so clear reasons, it was taking 5 minutes per customer to purchase tickets. They were having meetings at the ticket window. Discussions about promotions, discounts, member cards, brochures and recipes were being exchanged, then you have to pick a seat on a screen in a theater that is empty, that's more time because most people don't handle more options very well. Cheese n Rice! You're not buying a car! I decided to go to the self-service kiosk. I answer all the questions, answer no to "become a member" 47 times, slide my debit card and "error," cannot print out your ticket, "go to ticket window." AAAHHHH! Now there's 3 more people in line! I just want to buy an effing ticket! Can I do that, and move on please?! After running the ticket purchasing gauntlet, I hand the concession stand a sack of cash for a soda, and found my theater. Movie (previews) start time 3:45. It's 3:49, dark screen, what...? 3:52 projector finally turned on. The restroom not maintained, paper towels all on counter tops, trash can overflowing, towels all over floor around trash can. Handsoap dispensers all empty. I paid over $5 for a bag of M&M's, which always stings, that's every theater, but at least properly manage your business. AMC needs to closely examine and overhaul their business plan, nationwide. What's happening at AMC now is failure. Consistently, not just this theater, the difference is clear, Regal theaters are how theaters should be managed; AMC theaters are how not to.

Emily Meens

Comfortable seats. And they have alcohol. A great place to go to kill time if you're in Vegas and waiting on a flight.

Victor Etuk

The seats were so comfy I enjoyed the movie I'll definitely recommend it and I'm expecting some free tickets two thanks guys.


Great rooms. I always go to amx. Best kind. Popcorn is desant. Not that pricey.

Krista Huey

I prefer the AMC in North Las Vegas. The seats are way better.

Faythe Rodrigues

The movie was amazing and the theater was all that you can expect. The lines however I had an issue. A+ fast lane? What is this Disneyland? Unless I’m at Disneyland during summer in line for Splash Mountain I don’t think a fast lane is necessary. My family and I were literally next in line and someone who was an A+ member got to go right in front of us mind you without being told to come up they just walked right up to the window like it was ok. They weren’t waiting in line and mind you there were probably 15 other customers still waiting. Oh but then it got worse. The snack line was for the “normals” was stopped and didn’t move along for a good 10 minutes. A line of “normal customers” of about 20-30 different paying customers waiting, with 5 “A+ priority” customers waiting. 3 cashiers and all of them taking the “priority A+”. It wasn’t until a “normal customer” spoke up about the situation that they finally started taking there “orders”. Quite frankly A+ movie goers should have the perks of better deals but is it really necessary for a fast lane? It isn’t Disneyland. The lines aren’t THAT crazy at a theater for one. I think the highlight of the day was watching a good movie in a clean theater.

Chloe Linder

We went to see Aladdin last night. I would never take the time to write this but I was so disgusted by the cleanliness of the movie theater I hope someone sees this and does something about it. The bathrooms were so gross I couldn’t use any of them. 2 stalls had poop smeared all over the stall and there was trash everywhere! The theater was just as nasty. It looked like it had not been cleaned since the very first movie. I had to step over trash to get to my seat. And don’t bother looking underneath the seat!!! GROSS GROSS GROSS.


I had good time with family we enjoyed our day beautiful theater

Jorge Berrueco

Love this Movie Theater, one of Best in Vegas.

Mattieu Evans

The movie was awesome but the restrooms were God awful here. Couldn't take a step in them without getting stuck to the floor. We almost had the theater to ourselves which was nice though.

John Butler

Have been here many times although convient the floor in the snack area is always a mess, help needs to be better informed. Mgr came by to collect and bleed cash drawer and never said hello or smoked or directed anyone to sweep floor please AMC wake up and do something to improve this location training, supervisory awareness just kick it in the but and make these people do better.

Jarred Tsinnie

Very poor quality, first time visitor, quality was well below most, very outdated theater, under staffed, broken kiosks, all cards transaction were swiped and not chipped, popcorn was all unpopped kernels, poor quality and uncomfortable seats, broken soda machines. Surprising clean toilets. Guess I was lucky that day.


I really enjoy this theater. It's always clean and festive.

Laura N

Always nice, always clean, always comfortable. Good selection at concession stands

Mary P

Saw Aladdin. Nice seating & comfy. Prices for concessions were quite expensive. My large soda was $7.15 with free refills. Not at all with the cash. Will go back of course but won't purchase concessions.

raymond harrison

Wonderful place to watch cinema!

Samuel Simpson

Little hard to find, since they dont have their own parking and it's not on street level.

Dulce Pulido

Watched Annabelle comes home with my mom and she absolutely loved it .It was my second time at the AMC and it was really nice I enjoyed the movie and the People were very friendly and Kind

Bridget Brooks

I loved Tuesdays here, was a great Reno movie theatre, the kids,working were awesome

Richard Friedman

I went to see the movie once upon a Time in Hollywood and was mightily disappointed. It was a period piece set in 1969. It was basically a movie about the Charlie Manson murders

Vadim Olari

My favorite movie theater! Clean, spacious, very good sound and vide and always seats available!

Robert Cook

Usually this theatre is great but today half the drink machines were off, the other half were out of the popular flavors, most of the signs were out making it difficult to find our theatre, and everything was messy. Hope this doesn't become the status quo.

Lorenzo Holmes

Great atmosphere! Shopping, dining, & a movie!

Shana W

Pretty bad as far as AMC goes. DIRTY with plenty of staff standing around. Seats and ground littered inside theater. Five of 6 soda dispensers were out of coke. Soda dispensers did not stop and kept running so the floors were super sticky.

fenixx six

Used to be great. Still clean but lately it's like they are going cheap on the power bill.. Be prepared to stick to leather seats in a full theatre in summertime. Would also be nice for another Dolby theatre and / or more luxury seat options. Also good luck in finding seats and rows in the dark.


I have been to this theater numerous times and always have a blast!

david rodriguez

I bought tickets on fandango yesterday for the joker at 10.25 and i arrived a couple of minutes late and the doors where locked and someone finally let me then some lady said i have to call for a manger and i was trying to explain to her i had already bought a tickey then a manger showed up and was being so extra not trying to let us in and he was being so extra and basically kicked us out and said call fandango for a refund but they dont give refunds after the losted showtime never coming here again stay away !


Watched Spider-Man Far/Home last night, the entire place was filthy. Popcorn every where on the floor, sticky shelving in the lid/condiment areas. Butter dispenser was faulty. Theatre was literally trashy w/ inoperable recliner. Popcorn was for the birds, literally, not lush popped corn is what I got had to return for a decent serving. Not being a “premier” member put me at a disadvantage in attaining service, whereas I don’t frequent AMC much. Overall I was displeased with what I believe a theater should be. Had this place been on the north side of Las Vegas then I would wholeheartedly understand the presence but either way I’ve seen far cleaner AMC theaters in Az. It is my hope that this particular place “cleans up its act” should I consider revisiting it again - probably not.

Michael Maniscalco

A lot to do in this little shopping area, don't be fooled. Wonderful to walk in.

Lynda Bohnstehn

Nice theater, AC was not pumping very well, but employees very nice.

Adam de Jong

Theater is garbage. Picture was completely missing during previews. Alerted staff. They turned on the picture, but the colors were all messed up. (neon pink instead of white). Told them the colors were messed up, they came in and looked and refused to fix it. Told me I could watch it messed up or get a free pass. Why would I want to ever come back!?!? Employees were both inept and uncaring. A lethal combination for a business.

Mike Fowler

Worst movie going experience I've had in years. First 3 of the soda machines were out of order- and one of the working ones was out of ice. Then the theater was filthy, hadn't been cleaned between at least 2 showings I would guess, if not more. And just to put the cherry on top, the armrest was missing on my seat! It was the middle seat in the back row, so one of the most popular seats in the house! Why not grab an armrest from some off in the corner seat and fix it? We won't be back. Too bad, nice location

Luis Morfin

Been here a few times, some of the auditoriums are in need of some tlc. One of the seats was very worn and cushion had no bounce to it, the beverage holder was missing. Overall not a bad place especially for matinee and their $5 days.

Juanda Best

The movie theater was dirty. You have employees that pick their nose, touch food, don't use the popcorn scooper, they just stick the whole bucket and their whole arm in the machine. The bathroom was dirty. The counters are disgusting. The floors are equally disgusting. Worst AMC I have ever been to. The staff is just too young and inexperienced.

markine valdez

The theater was super hot and to top It off the theater was full so you can only imagine how stuffy it felt. It had a nasty weird smell to it and their customer service was horrible. I would never come back to this place again. I am an a list customer and have visit many AMC’s from Arizona, California and now Nevada never have I seen such disrespect from an employee

Misty Williams

Great theater. We saw Captain Marvel in IMAX. We really liked the chairs and Coke Freestyle Machine.

Alfredo Rodriguez

Lost my wallet in there couldnt get any help FROM NO ONE IN THE THEATER, it was a really difficult time for me. Keep you belongings safe when walking in here because if you lose them, you'll never see them AGAIN!!! :,(

Lian Wei

Always have ONLY ONE attendant at the ticket booth. Always long lines.

gacha genny

It was very good service I had a great time it's a bit pricy but it's nice

Milo Johnson

The seats were creaky and uncomfortable. The staff also forgot to turn off the lights following the previews for Avengers, which left the audience wondering what was going on during the beginning of the highly anticipated film. Not cool...

Geo. Brawn IV

Great place to see a flick.

Dawyone Prime

Seats, let you take it all in. This is an experience worth the drive if you don't live on the south side of Vegas.

mary cunniff

Great theatre, convenient to the bus, good food nearby

James Conn

This is my place, i love it, very nice people, that go above & beyond every single day!

Neil Hoskins

Went here for two reasons; 1. AMC to see a film and 2. Apple Store. Is give the cinema 5 stars, it has 18 screens, plenty of choice and decent food options. The Apple Store there was awful, the worst service we've had in the USA ever.

Chris Smith

I'm on the AMC Stubs A-List which means I can go to the movies three times a week with my monthly subscription if I want, but more accurately, if there are ever three movies out in a single week which I want to see, which almost never happens, I can go see all of them. Unfortunately, I've always preferred Regal to AMC but Regal doesn't have a subscription service so I'm compelled to use AMC. Credit where it's due, AMC has gotten a lot better about several things in the past year that I have had this subscription. They seem to have finally realized that there are many people who don't want the thermostat set in the 80's because you can always wear a sweater but you can't peel off your skin if you run warmer. I love the theaters that feature the red recliners but the black recliners in the Dolby theaters are consistently uncomfortable. The website claimed that this theater featured recliners but they sure didn't have them in the one I was in. That was disappointing. Luckily, their non-reclining seats were more comfortable than average but I was counting on recliners and this was frustrating. Additionally, this location is not easy to get in and out of. When you have the ability to see all the movies you want, you don't need to see the same 23-26 minutes of previews three times over the course of a week so you tend to time your arrival so you can just roll right in as the actual movie starts. This location makes it very hard to do this as you have to find a parking spot, hike into the mall and then go up a couple of flights of stairs to get to your film. It basically takes you at least 10 minutes to get from your car into the theater which is a pain. Since there are only two AMCs in the LV area, I really hope the other one has the recliners. It's a little further of a drive but it's in its own building so you can park right in front and walk in.

Tracey E

Big, comfy theater. Pick your seats, not very crowded. They also have a bar :)

Sandra Valentine

need better seating but Aladdin was GREAT!!!

Greg Morris

Yummy! Soju is the key to life. Or not.

Matthew Joyce Entertainment

Theater 1 with the Dolby digital experience is one of my favorite spots to watch a film. The food is really mediocre compared to luxury theaters but that is to be expected right?

Devil Smile

All was good except that they need to make sure their soda machines work. Movie theaters are well kept!

Tifffany Reilly

Always a pleasure. Good priced movies especially if your in the club. Concession line was long, and wish the bar was open. Lol.


Great place for movies! Like the fact I can hit up yogur land afterwards

Brian F Olsen

The AMC theatres are nice enough. The seats are comfortable and the sound quality is great. Prices are outrageous, but that is typical for the movies anymore. I do like that I could get all the refills I wanted with my 7 dollar soda. The fountain drinks and Icees are self serve. I don't care for the Coke machines they use. Just because they aren't reliable. And I prefer Pepsi. All of the machines were out of order and caused me to be late for the movie. There is too much logic put into them. Besides that it was an enjoyable experience.

Cody J

Easily one of my favorite theaters out here in Vegas.

Nathaniel Ventura

Staff could have been more helpful. Great location good sounds.

Kyle Bebout

Located in Las Vegas Town Square, a lovely outdoor shopping center. Great antidote to crowds and noise of Strip. There is more to Vegas than gambling & drinking!

Blackhorse Investigations

The seats are very comfortable and they have Coke Freestyle machines. That's where the good ends. There is one person at the ticket counter during a busy evening. There is a massive line for concessions and slow moving employees.

Scot Haskew

Good movie theater. Modernized. Dont like the fact that you have to butter your popcorn, so all the butter is on top. Was in theater 1 with reclining chairs. Not a tall person at 5.9 and my feet would hit the wall when I tried to recline. Great sound system and could see the whole screen with people sitting in front of us. Actually we couldn't see anyone in front of us unless they stood up.

Gel Salazar

Nice location, but only one theater with recliner.


The seats feel like a block of freshly carved cedar. The popcorn is mediocre, the prices are inline with other theatres, however for the quality of the product you could simply sneak in a bag of easy pop and a microwave. The employees are all wonderful people, including the projector specialist, however as a company AMC is not worth the time or effort to attend. Unless the showing you want to see is limited to AMC, I highly recommend you go somewhere else. As you can see by the attached photograph, I highly recommend you stay far, far, away

Ben Jobe

Love that all theaters are pick your seats now. Staff is always nice.

Anjia Roberts

Great movie theater, clean and large enough to seat over four hundred people. No need to fret about getting last minute tickets. Concession stand has a variety of snacks at decent prices. If you love the movies then AMC Town Square 18 is one for the books.

Jose Hernandez

Super slow to get tickets they have to open up more windows. They made us 10 minutes late to the movie we wanted to watch. Do yourself a favor get there early and get the tickets at the machine. it's quicker than the windows.

Cicero Pulaski

Friendly staff, great prices.


Went on a Tuesday night, late showing and the snack counter was filthy. Condiments in the large receptacles were ALL empty. They only had ketchup packets out. Very disorganized line setup. The IMAX theater was filthy with trash still in the cup holders and under the seats. Crusty, brown stains on the corners of the seats. The seats don’t decline even though the website describes this theater as having recliner seats. I do give props to the crew working this night as they were friendly and attentive to the customers. However the cleanliness of this theater needs a huge improvement.

Jason Caniz

Liked the theaters. They are clean. The best part is the unlimited-refillable slushies! They took a bit long to assist us and the cashier kind of dozed off and got lost during the order

Carol Mabon

Love this theater but sometimes the workers can be rude. I will go back since I usually drive here, from 35 or more miles away to see movies. The theater is great but customer service is not always good.

Paul Gerstenberger

Love the Dolby and IMAX theaters here. And for $20/month you can be on the AMC theater App "A-List". Which gives you 12 free movies a month. No extra charge for 3D, Imax or Dolby screenings too, And earn points for free snacks too. And no charge for reservations in advance. Even better than Moviepass.

Justin Pulliam

Wow has this place has been let go. Took my kids to see a movie and was shocked how run down it has become, looks more like a dollar theater. Place was filthy and the screen was having issues like old rabbit eared tv. Went to tell staff and they said "well sorry" asked to see a manager and they said they were busy.

L.J. Crandell

Good theater but it needs the new recliner seats.

mona lisa

The ticket lady messed up our group show times which messed up our times. When we asked the ticket lady to change the tickets to what we needed she proceeded to tell us that it would be an additional $10 per person for the show time we wanted. The popcorn was not fully cooked and was mostly corn kernels-Gross and impossoble to eat. Not the best experience. Luckily the movie was great. Hopefully they dont continue to make this mistake and explain show times and specific costs instead of just completely ignore the customer.

Elisa Escalante

It was great we got our tickets online we didn't had to wait on line or anything.

Jose Lopez

Very very nice place, loved the entrance and design but the seating could be a little more comfortable for it's looks

Kandyce Martin-Mittone

I'm an A Lister to the AMC membership and I visit diligently 3 times a week. I enjoy most AMC theaters but this one needs some work..I'm not sure if it's because they are such a popular location that they are unable to keep up with the cleanliness of the auditoriums but lots of the seats are discusting with dried up, chewed food spots and gum stains. My sister and I spent several seconds switching our seats because we could not find a clean one especially in the first two rows next to the bar. I highly suggest they gather their staff to all check the rooms and each seat to figure out how many need to be replaced I'm sure they have the funds to do it. Other than that the staff is nice and helpful and the snacks taste good. Sorry AMC town square.

Keith Anderson

Nice theatre, really big. Were remodeling last time we were there.

Noah Angulo

One of the best movie experiences I've ever had 5 STARS!!!

emoji ever thing

We where directed to the wrong teater and mossed half the movie. But it was alot for snack as I have a big family.


Normally good but have gone a bit downhill, movies start a little late, concession out of products, half of the coke machines down and lines backed up from front to back, maybe under staffed ?

Mikey Mike

Last night it was horrible, service was horrible the person at the concessions did not issue me my Stubs Reward discount I mentioned it, his answer was the scanner is not working, I asked him id he could please type it in, he said it was not showing up. I asked if I could get a number to call and he got another person to help him and they pretty much just shun me off. This was by far the worse experience I've ever had there. Been going there for many years and they've always been great never had an issue, in the past.

Tom Baron

Best movie theater in vegas.

Jonathan Vail

Uh.... Dolby Cinema?? WOW!! I never want to go to any other kind of theater. Unbelievable sound and clarity. This will pull me from a home theater to pay extra. The Lion King was spectacular! If you have not experienced Dolby Cinema I highly, highly recommend it. 100 speakers, huge screen, dual 4k projectors producing true black, vibrating reclining seats.. wow.

Maxwell Kamm

Great movie theatre experience. Join AMC Premiere to move through the lines with ease.

Anna Light

Huge theatre unfortunately it was very dirty and unorganized. The seats in the Dolby theatre gave only a few inches for folks to walk by if the chairs were reclining which made for some issues during the movie. The bathrooms were dirty as was the lobby.

Aidan Karan

Excellent overall movie experience. Went to go to see the Spider-Man Far From Home and it was great to see custom blue and red popcorn as well as a little Spider-Man figure for everyone who saw the movie launch night. Theatre I was in was number 3 and the theatre was huge with plenty amount of seats to fill up the space but still enough leg and arm room for each individual person. Staff was good and got my snacks quickly and efficiently before the movie started as well as coming into the movie was just a quick scan if you bought tickets online beforehand. Overall great experience in an excellent area with many areas to eat and shop around as well.

jenna fox

I have a two start rating. One for offering amazing matinee prices. Two for offering a monthly membership for $19.95 allowing me to watch 3 movies a week with no restrictions. I would like to give all five stars. Unfortunately the theaters here are filthy and is in need of a deep cleaning. Every theater is discussing. There are stains all liver the place. Before you sit make sure to use your flashlight on your phone to check your seat or you will guarantee toto g stains on your clothes. Two, . Customer service sucks here. I don't expect much but being polite, friendly, and helpful.

Brice Laughrey

One of our go-to's for date nights. Location is good because of the restaurants; easy dinner and movie location with decent variety and nice walking around if you're waiting between the two. Ticket kiosks and windows, basic snacks, and those drink machines with the touch screen where you pick what you want. All the theaters are pretty comfortable; I think I've been in all the different styles. If you haven't tried the Dolby digital theater, I highly recommend it. I always wondered what the big deal was and why tickets were more expensive, but I've seen three movies in Dolby, including one in 3D, and I think it's hands down the most stunning screen and surround sound I've ever experienced. One tip, though: if you see something 3D in that one, don't sit up close in the lower section. It throws off the effects. Get a good center seat if you can.

Norberto Carrera

Excellent it has everything.theatres Bar.pool cream shops.and a lot more basically anything you need or looking for.

Valerie Feltis

This Theater is a Favorite of Ours, the Location is good and is Easily Accessible, even in a Wheelchair as I have been in! My Only Complaint is the Digital Seating and Screening are Not Comfortable! When You have "Adult Type Movies," like R Rated, they put More of those in the Digital instead of Putting Kids Movies in there and Adult Movies in Dolby Seating who Need that for More Leg Room, Back Comfort Etc.!

Richard George

Always have a decent experience at AMC grabbing me a drink and a couple snacks from me and my family

Dan N

They haven't update their seats to the fake leather recliner. The cloth seats they do have are still plush though. They do serve beer on a very short list on tap. Hungry? They have burgers, pizza and pretzels. Place is usually clean and you are still hungry after the movie, the area has plenty to offer.

Brandon Lord

Terrribbblleeee experience. Ticket line is ridiculously long due to 3 of 4 kiosks out of order. The 4th didn't accept payment so anyone (myself included) unfortunate enough to wait for the single working kiosk was out of luck and had to return to the crazy long standard line. There were 2 people staffed for probably 100 guests in line. Then CC reader didn't work, and had to move to another station, which upset people waiting in the premium line. No paper towels in completely wrecked bathroom to top it off.

Dannielle Vosburgh

This is our usual place to venture to for movies. We LOVE the AMC A-List! Such a great deal on movies and we definitely utilize it. The bathrooms are the only thing I don't like about this theater, but aside from that, the seats are comfortable and updated. My husband and I can't get enough of the Dolby theater! Best theater in the place next to IMAX.

Deborah I

Nope!!! One theater had the luxury seating.. We are too spoiled so we wont come back to this theater!

Tara Kapcsos

Town square isn't as nice as it used to be. Quite a few stores have closed. It doesn't offer the variety of other malls in the area.

Cristian Garcia

The theater was clean and the bathrooms aa well. The movie had no issues, the sound was clear and the picture crisp. The employees were nice and kind. Take advantage of the matinees on Sunday morning, tickets are only $5.00 before noon.


Get the 2 liters of soda and 5 gallon bucket of popcorn, lol


Get an AMC membership and reap all the awards here. No lines for food or tickets if your a member. Plus the theater is very nice and the place is safe and clean.

Eytan Evans

This place is horrible and beyond filthy!!! All the ticket machines were broken, the staff at the concession are miserable and extremely rude. The popcorn was stale, burnt, no flavor and tasted like it was sitting out for 3 weeks, worst popcorn I’ve ever had. 90% of the soda fountains were broken and the 2 that worked they were out of like 60% of the options. The place is absolutely disguising. The floors are littered with trash, popcorn, and other debris and literally every square inch of the floor was covered with food and filth, from the entrance and all the way to the walk to the theatre. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were rats and ants anywhere taken how beyond filthy the place was. And the stations where the drinks were are also gross and disguising. When you finally get to the theatre, it’s also filthy!!! Popcorn and trash all on the floor, half drunk drinks still on the cup holders. And within a minute of sitting down you notice how hot the theatre is!! I was sweating a little from how hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable it was in there!! The movie finally started and the sound system was all broken, it sounded horrible and a vibration from the speakers. And the people in the lower rows did not stop talking and making noise!! Ruined the entire movie and had to leave 15 minutes into the movie!! Got a refund but the staff seems so nonchalant and non caring about all the issues the theatre has and no care at all to fix it, and no customer service skills!! Avoid this place at all costs!!! AMC has gone way downhill over the years but this theatre was the worst movie experience I’ve ever had. It looked like the zombie apocalypse inside the theatre or the aftermath of a Frat party. Smelled awful in there too. DO NOT GO HERE!!! Go to Regal instead!!! I always have an amazing experience at Regal. A million times better there.

Sabrina Mikolic

First time at this movie theatre and we had a great time. Went to see Joker and the service was great, we got our food right on time. They accepted our gift cards as well. Definitely a great movie theater

Aeolian León

This theater has always been great. The Dolby and Imax screens are crazy good

Jeremiah Johnson

Love this place See it in Dolby! The speakers shake the seats


Love this place.... Great service, the theater itself is very comfortable... Always clean, and since I am a premier customer, I am always served very quickly... couldn’t ask for a better time with friends and family...

Megan Miller

This is truly the best theater in Vegas! Comfortable, fun , enjoyable in everyway. The price is right. You truly can't get a better theater than this. And the art work is amazing. Always fun displays to take photos with. This is my number one. I promise you will love it here. Another great tip the seats are comfortable for bigger people.

Brenda Link

OMG.... I am being nice giving them one star.... This place is filthy.... I didn't even want to sit in the seat.... The staff are young kids with no customer service skills.... Never again will we go to this place to see a movie...

Ingo N.

Great movie theater. Seats are very comfy and screens are big, sound is good. However, I am subtracting two stars because of two things: concessions are ridiculously expensive. $6 for a large drink borderlines to robbery, also the sound seems to be extremely loud in some theaters. I love movies (I am a stubs a-list subscriber) but when my ears actually hurt (no joke), and I have to put my fingers into my ears, there is something wrong! It seems like it's mostly during the ads and the trailers.

Michael Simon

I am a premier member and have been for over 2 years. I never had a problem with the theater or movies I have seen. Only on one occasion did a movie not play but it was reimbursed after for a free showing of any movie. Great staff and using the AMC app is a life saver. I can get my tickets and have them scanned at the door and no long lines. I also like that it notifies me of when tickets are going on sale. Great amenities and atmosphere, only place I see movies.

Kenneth Daniels

Parking was difficult staff were young but polite overall we had a great time and the staff made up for the long line and small theatre very pleasant experience

Javi Gallegos

We went on a Monday afternoon so it was not busy at all. Walked right up, bought the ticket. Then went to the concession stand, and again no line. They had a good selection of regular fare and some hot food as well. The concessions were clean. The theater was clean and the restrooms were tidy. The screen and sound were very good. Only complaint is cut down on all of the previews. 20 min is way too long.

Doris Miller

We actually had a night out at the Blue Martini and I haven't been there and what five years I believe it's been that long and it has changed tremendously there entertainment was off the chain I have the opportunity to participate with the entertainment and I had so much fun at the martini bar and the food was excellent I don't know about anything else on the menu but let me say that's what we ordered at our table was excellent

Mike S

Good seating terrible movie screen

Maria Linford

A great place to spend time together with friends or a date

Miguel Malav

Not what it used to be. Time for complete chair replacement in all of the theatres outside of the Dolby & Imax theaters.

Leonardo Molina

Horrible experience from the start, we arrived and we were going to purchase tickets from the kiosk but all three were broken. We bought the tickets through the fandango app and proceeded. The worker that helped us buy our snacks look like she hates her job. Half of the soda machines were broken, the bathroom had no paper towels and the sink wasn’t working properly. When we got to our auditorium it was 10min before the movie started and the auditorium was so dirty we thought we were in the wrong auditorium. When the movie was about to start workers from the theater came to start cleaning the theater even though guest were already sitting. Other movie goers expressed how dirty the theater was, popcorn on the floor and old soda’s left in the tray. The arm rest on my seat was broken and completely came off by slight movement on it. The screen wasn’t turned on until 10min after the movie was supposed to start. I understand the theater is busy but they need to hire more staff and also fix everything that’s broken. It’s very unprofessional and the condition the theater is in should embarrass the managers of this theater. I came to this theater before and it was relatively nice which is why we chose it and it has gotten so much worse.

Joseph Smith

Went on a movie date here. Good snacks and staff was helpful. Theatre seating was below average for the area. Seats get uncomfortable after an hour.

Cianna Fernandez

I am a stubs A-list member and I have been to this theater several times within the past couple of weeks. DO NOT COME HERE!! Every single time I go the theater is dirty, the soda machines have left over dried soda on the surfaces, the counter with butter is always covered in salt and condiments sauce. The popcorn tastes like it's either been burnt or cooked with old oil and this has happened several times. The staff always seem like they are overwhelmed and yes there has been a couple times when it was busy, however they forget how to do their job. I ordered a large soda and instead was charged for a large popcorn. When I told the girl that was wrong she just stared at me like she didnt understand. Now i have to go talk to customer service to get it fixed. Now I know to go way out of my way and drive the extra 10 miles to the other AMC theater and hopefully it will be better.


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