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REVIEWS OF Village Pointe Cinema IN Nebraska

Lyd Hellerich

I took my youngest to see Dora. We signed up for the rewards card. She loved the reclining seats and being able to cuddle, although was disappointed to learn that you had to choose between those two options due to the center armrest being in the way when reclining. She danced in front of our seats during the closing credits without bothering anyone because there was so much space. People were even able to walk past our reclined seats without problems.

Tavi Arnold

me and my friends had a great time

Carl Davis

First time going and LOVE the theater!!! Went on a Tuesday night and love that my ticket was only $5. Staff was very nice and love that there are a variety of options to do at the theater before or after the movie including grabbing a drink at the bar, sitting on couches and talking, or watching TV in the lounge area. Been awhile since I've been to a theater that puts the butter on the popcorn instead of allowing you to but work out great in my case...was perfect!! Although I did not try, they had lots of great looking snacks along with a pizza and similar food options. Will definitely be back and recommend checking out!!!

Feelin Nerdy

Every time I visit this theater the snacks are good. The staff is courteous and the seats are clean and in working condition.

Axiom Inquirer CCC

Nice theater with big comfy recliners. The bar tender was pretty nice and outgoing. We will def be back.

Jake Farrell

Nice. Clean. Heated reclining seats are a nice touch.

Roger Johnson

Village Pointe Cinema is conveniently located with easy access to the Village Pointe mall shopping locations... The up-to-date theater offers 13 movie options, and maximum comfort, with their oversized reclining seats... The convenience of online ticket purchase removes much hassle, and adds to the enjoyment. It also offers Assurance of movie Time, a reserved Seat in the Movie of your Choice. The Convenient Concessions offer plenty of Choices, and are adequately staffed for Ease and Quickness of Service. Grab some drinks and snacks and ENJOY

Kristina Frazier

Great place to go and watch a movie. Clean and polite people. A little pricy, but what theatre isn't? I definitely recommend going here if your looking to go out.

Kurt Brink

Love the loungers in the theaters.

Tara Elyssa

Well organized, clean, helpful staff, great seats, good service and excellent choice of movies.

Tj Vrba

Good place to watch movies

Monica Valenta

Every seat was taken and they didnt have two people doing ticket sales

Rick Robinson

This is the place I take my family to the movies, even though I could drive to theaters much closer to my house, and I drive past theaters on my way here. They don't have the stupid no concealed carry signs up everywhere. That and the seats and atmosphere, but honestly any place that doesnt infringe on my rights will get my business.

Dave MacDonald

Comfy place to see movies and love that they serve Pepsi products

Cote Imus

Love the theatre people. They are awesome. The movie was good. The chairs are awesome as well

Kiko & Diana. K&D the Miranda's The Miranda's team

Has good movies! Mostly clean and has great staff and most of all yummy food!!

Rob Bradshaw

Great place with comfortable seats, and a great selection of food and candy. Parking can be an issue in rain or inclement weather, but great otherwise.

Tom Lukanski

Sunday night for a 10:30pm show - Popcorn was very stale. The salt for the popcorn was regular table salt instead of popcorn salt, so it wouldn't come out of the shaker. Consession area and restrooms were very dirty.

Monica Tavares

Is one of my favorite cinemas in town. Clean and friendly staff.

Matt P

Marcus Village Pointe now has seat selection when pre-ordering tickets. A great upgrade! $5 Tuesdays keep my whole family coming back. Make sure you say "Hi" to my buddy Greg Marcus before the show starts.... ;o)

Daniel Simanek

we always enjoy the upscale feel of the place. Never had a bad experience there in 12 years. great job.

Pablo Jimenez

The seats are great. Unfortunately it was pretty dirty that day. Not like that usually.

Barry Schneider

My son and I just recently saw the movie "John Wick 3" here. Good action packed movie, BTW. Village Point Marcus Theater is a very good place to see a movie. The seating throughout is awesome, with large electric controlled recliners, the comfort is unmatched. The only reason 4 stars and not 5 is the ticket price. This is not a negative to Village Point in particular, the whole movie industry. The ticket prices are outrageous.


Amazing seats, huge screens, mega bass you can feel in the seats. Just the ultimate cinema experience. I saw endgame a second time in this theater and I loved every minute of it.

Chris Beasley

Great theater. Love the look of it and the convenient location of this place.

Jay Wedgewood

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the Movie theater. The seats even warm up now. Too cool.

Kathy Link

Bought tickets online. I COULD have checked in electronically if there would have been a sign directing me to where I could. Instead, we waited in line for 10 minutes. They said they were working on that.

Christopher Morrow

Great place to catch a flick and reserved seating means you can show up last minute

Nancy S

Theater 1 -- VERY LOUD! Volume does not need to be this loud. Please tweak down. We almost left. My ears are still ringing. I have normal hearing.

Bill Duckworth

Enjoyable show ( 'The 15:17' to Paris ). Everything clean, friendly staff. Comfortable seats. Senior discount, $ 5.00 all day Tuesday. Get a card, earn points towards items. FREE POPCORN with card. I shall return.

Jennifer Kutschkau

Love the new seating! Ultrasound rocks!!

Carol Copeland

Great place. $5 movies all day Tuesdays

John Galaska

Good but its full of highschool kids that are extremely annoying

Caitlyn :p

Nice seats! The sound is also really good


Always my favorite. Morning Matinee is the coolest idea ever

Bart Cox

Was at the theater Tuesday, November 13th. I arrived 25 minutes before show time and stood in line for concessions 30 min before finally giving up as my movie was starting. I’ve never seen such slow service with no sense of urgency on the part of the people working behind the line. I do not go to that theater often and it left a bad impression.

C Tang

Great theater with recliners. Went for a matinee and the ticket prices were about right for the comfort you get.

Jerry Sczepaniak

Disney at its best with Tom Hanks

Wai-Ming Kuo

Lazyboy seating. How can you contend? And not crowded. Thanks streaming video.

William Mikan III

Super comfortable seats decent prices I'd say a little more pricey then most theaters but overall I'd say the seats make it worth it

Philip Thorson

Great place to watch movies!

Bill Jackson

Place was a mess, from concessions to the hallways, popcorn seemed to be day old, we attended a 10am movie. I only bring this up because it is usually in better condition serving fresh products. Seats are amazingly comfortable.

Satish Muktineni

Good seating, easy check-in, however the sound quality isn't good and they forget to turn off main lights untill a while!


I have watched at-least 15-20 movies in this theatre and this is the best theatre.Best seating experience.

Kyndra Sturm

Bought tickets for a late show since I work ten hours plus a day and I show up and all the doors locked they eventually opened up the building after I gave them a call. They said oh aaaaaa the site was supposed to cancel the show are you kidding me which app am I supposed to go off of. The old app worked just fine and it still works if I might add while the new one sucks can barely see what is available and can barely see the text and it’s a lot slower than old app. The new app had same show times as the old.

Janine Hunt

Great movie experience at this theater!

Shanna Letcher

Huge theater. Nice kick back seats. Clean restrooms

Emily P

Never a wait for tickets and seldom for concessions when we go during matinee hours. LOVE the dream loungers and pizza is really good.

Trevor Nelson

One of my favorite theaters to go to. Chairs are extremely comfortable, always clean, and staff is always very kind and friendly. I will continue to come back for future movies. And continue to recommend village point Cinema to my friends and family.

Mary Janel Selix-O'Hara

Pricey yet all theaters are anymore but clean, respectable place and staff.

Kelly Zimmerman

Friendly staff, clean theater and restrooms

Deanna Arnold

Enjoy this theater and the recliner seats

Scott Susman

Was there on a Saturday morning a preschool birthday party. There was a nice but smallish party room and all the kids got popcorn, fruit snacks, and a drink. Pretty easy for all the parents.

Robbin Harris

The theater was clean, the staff was friendly, and the seats were comfortable. The only issue was that there were lights that kept turning on and off during the movie and it was annoying and disruptive. My husband told them about it, but it kept happening.

Mark Ford

Booked seats on line and saw the latest installment of "Mission Impossible" (good flick!). Had a comfortable, wide, leather recliner lounger and a cocktail! Great time.

Zach Petersen

Sat at the bar for 25 minutes and watched the bartender serve 7 others who came in way after us. Tried to wave him down and he just nodded then went back to talking.

Bart Weaver

Great seats.... ruined me for watching movies anywhere else!

Jeffrey Sharp

I love this theater! Reclining chairs and a bistro that serves amazing food!!! See you again soon. Thanks for the awesome hospitality...

Eric Klotz

I've been to probably 20 cinemas around the U.S, and this is the nicest cinema I've been to by far.

DanandMel Dashiell

Tuesday is awesome here. 5$ tickets.....great snack bar deals. Love to bring the family here for Tuesday movies.

Stephen Lawrence

Always fantastic service. The food is well prepared and the drinks are always good. They keep the whole place very clean from the theaters to the restrooms. The new seats with butt warmers are a plus! Dont forget $5 Tuesdays!

Tim Snyder

Still way overpriced, but they have 2 nice DLX Screens with Dolby Atmos and it's close to home.

James O'Neil

They really need to police their theaters better, especially when it’s full of disrespectful, over privileged, unsupervised kids. It probably just best to wait for the movie to come out and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home instead of wasting your time putting up with disrespectful brats...

Minju Lee

The seats were cushiony and tickets are pretty cheap. For good seats I’d recommend reserving online (if there’s an option?) or buying inside, going shopping, and coming back to see. The theatre itself is great!

Aaron Mathis

Visited the cinema for our first time for Endgame. The seats were comfortable, and the drinks were large. My only complaint was 2 hours in, the temp in the theater was warm, and I stuck to my seat. I apologize to the person who sat in row A seat 9 after me. *Spoiler alert* Captain Kirk defeats the Klingons in an epic battle inside the holodeck on the Defiant.

Dillon Ganegoda

This is a great Cinema; with excellent seating (fully automated seating, with foot rest (lazyboy type seating)); and have dinner while watching the movie. Excellent experience!

pika gear

The price of taking the family out to a movie is getting pretty steep these days. The popcorn is good here but not cheap. The soda should really be free refills at their cost and they would still make a good profit. The place is well kept and the chairs are very comfortable. The staff are nice and I enjoyed the movie.

Brian Calhoon

Favorite theater in town. Its kept clean, has great seats, and a friendly staff.

Paul Murphy

This place is amazing, and the staff is so friendly!


Went to see John Wick 3 at the movie theater at a late night showing and after the movie, my brothers truck passenger window was broken into. After that they went to my house and stole my dads truck from our driveway since he left his keys in my brothers truck. There are no cameras that look into the parking lot where we parked and the parking for theater is all on the west side of theater. Wish there were cameras in that parking lot since that is where everyone has to park.

Lisa Tyler

The popcorn is always stale but love the theater

Bryan Drebes

Fantastic Theater. Reclining seats.

Brooks Hinrichs

Very enjoyable! I went with my very in real life girlfriend and we watched rocketman and she didn't understand why elton wore those clothes and I broke up with her. Good movie though

Autumn Oliver

Best movie experience ever! Love the seats

Adam Hopple

Nice facility nice staff. Movie was dead pool 2. It was very good funny movie. Food was pricey but that was expected. Got burger and buffalo chicken wrap. Wife said the wrap was pretty hot. I would go back again.

paul tomaso

Great location. Lots to do besides a movie but alos dinner right out side the theater

K Bailey

Not a bad place overall but I was disappointed that there wasn't an IMAX and the screening I went to for Mission Impossible the theater was filthy! I sat down in sticky seats that had old pop spilled on it. Tried my best to clean it and would've sat elsewhere but it was reserved seating. Also, just the surrounding was gross too. Popcorn and trash everywhere before and after. Not sure if it's always like that but it wasn't a great experience.

ladiesman217 Witwicky

Really great seats. Love the whole interior design of the theatre rooms. Much better than AMC Theatres. And in the lobby has great design. And great service.

Jason Kyzer

It's a theater. Staff is bad. Dirty facility. Overpriced tickets and food.

Amy Rowan

We love this theater. The seats are super comfy, the staff is friendly and everything is usually very clean. Despite having a theater closer to home, this is our usual date night choice.

Fort nite Zack2000

Love their lounge seating and $5 Tuesday pricing

R Simms

One of the better theaters I've been too. The seats recline further than most. Super comfortable.

Johnathan Silva

My wife and I LOVE the cinema at Village Pointe! Just around the corner from my office at BHHS, it's a great place to grab a quick bite and a movie! Date night? Head to the cinema early, grab a bite and a couple drinks, and enjoy the film. Perfect! Did I mention the dream lounger seats?! I can neither confirm nor deny that I have fallen asleep during a movie due to their comfort.

Kim Alberts

Love all that it has to offer.

Keith Thornton

Fantastic heated seats and the screens and sound system are amazing. Concessions and tickets are pricey, but still the best theater around.

Fox Teen

Comfortable, huge leather chairs that recline fully...enjoyed the movie-going experience!

Jaydon Carlson

One time I lost my wallet here and I never got it back :( that was the most expensive movie I’ve ever seen... but this movie theater is great! It’s definitely one of those theaters where the kids under 17 try to get into R rated movies, so watch out for them lol. The concessions are expensive (but it’s a movie theater so what else could you expect?), and the seats are above average. It doesn’t help that the most recent movie I saw here sucked (Slender Man), so maybe I’d give it 5 stars if I had a better experience here.

Rod Howerton

The Company I work for used this Theater for our kids Christmas party. Our kids, or grandkids have a chouce of 4 currentl new release movies. This was the best and smoothest work Christmas party event I ever been to. The theater was prepared for this event. That was so nice. This theater was very clean, the sound was good, the images were good, the staff was helpful and so polite, I liked that the seats were very comfy, clean, and they were electric recliners on top of all that Yes, I would go there again.

Jaime Blunt

The Movie was on a Tuesday so the ticket cost was $5 Dollars! I did see a late movie and it was very funny! Luckily I was the only one in the movie theater.

Mason Brown

Family comes here often for a movie. Could use a little updating but overall it's always a good time.

Miles Erlewine

Fair prices on snacks the seats are where it's at it's nice having individual loveseats

David Kerschinske

Really like the reclining seats.


just saw Jurassic world in theater 9. the seats were amazing very well kept. they were the adjustable seats that also had a heating option that you can turn on and off at your discretion. staff is always friendly. I wish people would pick up after themselves though. felt bad for the ushers that had to clean after. all in all it was an amazing experiences

Matthew Johnson

Great comfy seats and huge screen

Warren Arledge

We had a great time with our family. Mom and Dad love the comfy seats. The young man that served us was so pleasant. Thank you for making movies fun again.

Shirley Fritz

Both my daughter and I were disappointed that Marcus Theaters gives us points or coupons or whatever you want to call it I had three for $5 a piece and she had two for $5 a piece and we try to use them and then they expire the day before I won't do that again

R Shults

Tuesday is $5 movie night with free popcorn and lower concessions.

Chad Jansen

Probably my favorite theater to come to here in Omaha! Very clean and the staff is very helpful and friendly as well! Lots of theaters in it as well so it is usually easy to pick a time that works for you! If there is any downside worth mentioning, it would be that it is a little more expensive than it's competitors in town for that reason I recommend going during discounted times!

William Pae

Remake Aladdin showing, well done visual effects

Elizabeth Roberson

Comfy seats that fully recline, helpful staff, and reasonable price on discount Tuesday.

rita mack

Nice theater but concession stand way too slow

gmaandi06 aw

Went with son-in-law Neal, Granddaughter Emma, her BFF Natalie, we all are Marvel fans so went to the 4pm showing of Captain Marvel, excellent movie, great for the girls both 12 years old. We did buy our tickets ahead of time, always the best thing to do. Assures you will get the seats you want. Popcorn of course kids had to have candy and soda, and we were set. Afterward dinner at SHUCKS Seafood, great way to finish off the evening with great company. Thanks guys.

Ubeyd Ekici

Great place for whole family! Clean rooms, fast and friendly service!

Logan Preister

It was awesome, I recommend seeing the movie "A dogs way home" Amazing experience

Jeannine Rowe

Veteran friendly theater with so many amenities!

Kim P.

Went to see "The Kid that would be King" and it was so worth it. Ticket agents very friendly and snack agents were very knowledgeable with the menu and helped us find the best deal... a must do again place!

Bobbi Anania

Marcus theaters are my favorite! Comfy, reclining seats, tons of theaters and great popcorn.

Eyad Skaf

Elegant and comfortable chairs. Inside village point mall. Not crowded so you could pick the seat you want.

John McIlheran

This was a great experience. The theatre was clean. The chairs were well maintained and the popcorn was fresh, without being over salted.


Overall, I love the cinema but the only thing I was questioning was the smell of my seat. It had a gross smell to it as if there was food under the seat that has not been picked up. That made me questioned if they wash the seat and under properly.

Ken Pieretti

Best place to see a movie.

Kathy Anderson

Nice place. Great selection

Thomas Henley

Here Sunday morning almost noon and they only have two people working the concession stands with a line 30 people back

William Bruno

Nice theater! Heated recliners are very nice on a cold night. Watched in the dlx theater, very good quality and spacious.

Gloria Gardner

Saw the New Grinch with Daughter & Granddaughter, Great movie and you leave feeling Happy!

unknown gachaverse

First time ordering tickets & picking out the seats online. Very easy! Did the Dreamloungers & they were Amazing!! Can't wait for the next movie so we can experience this again! =D

Mi Vida Jugosa

Those chairs are so comfortable. We watched Infinity war there (long movie) so it made the movie much more enjoyable because we were sitting on those chairs. We did not try the food because they close at 11:00 pm (we love late movies) but pop corn was very good

Katie Jane

Good price for the $5 Tuesdays. Wide range of seats available. Will come again


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