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REVIEWS OF The Marcus Twin Creek Cinema IN Nebraska

Scott Craven

Management understands customer service and took care of us despite the issue being our fault. Very thankful.

Mr. T's Reviews

Third time in a row the our seats haven't reclined and nothing had been done about it. Wont be returning to waste my money

Nancy Wright

Comfortable lounge seating, and pleasant staff. Very clean!

Claudia Robles

Me and my family have gone to this theater for years and we’ve never had a problem, until this evening, May 21, 2019, while watching John Wick in theater 9, my 13 year old son was molested by an older white male, at least over 55 years old. My son had to seat next to this man, and this man had the audacity to reach over the armrest to lean his hand and arm on my son’s thigh, my son had to ask him twice to stop touching him. We didn’t know about this until after the movie ended and he told us so we waited after to be able to ID his face, he stayed inside and waited for everybody else to leave then he hid in the bathroom. We tried to get help from the off-duty police officer, we pointed the man out, he was headed into another theater, and not even the fact that he was sneaking into another movie was not enough for the officer to actually follow him and confront him, instead he spots him and proceeded to walk a few feet then tried to turn around and call it quits, but he saw my husband looking at him and instead he went to look into theater 5 and 6 when this guy was in theater 4. This is unacceptable, my son is 13 A minor. And the fact that an officer of the law didn’t want to help us with confronting this man is unacceptable I also asked for the manager but non of them did nothing about it. Their is so many teenagers who come here by them selves and that’s what I told both of them off duty police officer and manager but they didn’t even try to look at this guy’s face. I guess they’re just waiting for these type of incidents to escalate, and that’s even more terrifying.

Chuck Madison

A favorite movie theater of ours and close to where we live....

Teresa Moore

Love Tuesday $5.00 movies!

Allen Rummel

If you live near twin creek and go to movies often, get the rewards program. Tuesdays are $5 movies and they have discount for members at the concession.

Catherine Todd

Clean building, clean bathrooms, comfortable atmosphere. All theatres have dreamlounger chairs (which are really comfy!) and ample seating. Plenty of food and drink options from concessions, as well as from their movie and dining options in their specialized theatre room where you can order food, desserts, and drinks to your seat.

Barbara Mendez

Always a great time. Fresh food, comfortable seats great staff.

Caitie Standifer

Awesome theater, will be frequenting often.

Chris Davis

It was clean considering the amount of people were there

Michael Adkins

It's a great place for friends and family to sit and watch movies together and watch it on a big screen

Mikayla Baker

Only come here if you want a movie to be ruined by people on their phones, talking, being obnoxious etc. I wish they had a system like Alamo does. The last movie I went to had teen boys wrestling on the ground in the front and a kid next to me playing fortnite the whole time. I live 2 minutes away I will gladly drive the extra 15 for Alamo.

DJ Ski

How is it that everyone sells fountain pop at $1.50 but this place charges $5? Would have a better rating if they thought sensibly in their prices. Movies prices I understand, but food & beverages?

Ashley Taillon

They are way better priced than AMC. I take my kids here all the time.

Anton Rodnov

Nice place, but need to clean and update some armchairs.

Natalie Adams

Hadn't gone here in years but was greeted with smiling, busy young man who explained things may start "off" due to power glitch. No lines at concessions, theater was clean, and recliners really comfy!! Even the temp was good. Still costs arm & leg, but was great fun with staff really trying. Def go again!

Bob Pelshaw

I'm not a hater as some people love this place. The remodel was nice but even with free refills in large sized popcorn it still can't beat Alamo Cinema for overall value and quality. Great option if you have to take the kids with you though as Alamo isn't a great choice unless its a kid's movie due to their noise policy.

tonieh moshier

Good selection of movies and food. Their hotdogs are the best

Tawnya Wylie

Nice comfortable theater. Good sound and big screen. The popcorn is terrible. Everytime we get some, it's always either over cooked or tiny peices that is not edible. Waste of money

Kathy F

I love Marcus theater's. Great seating, 5 dollar Tuesday, food selection is great.

edith blaske

This is my favorite movie theater to go to! Its always clean and everyone is so polite.

Adam Vogel

It's a decent theater. Not my favorite in town, but, I do frequently go here for convenience.

Bob rain

Very disappointed with my experience at this theater we were there to see the newly released IT chapter two and in the middle of our film the power went out and instead of continuing the movies they stopped it and forced everyone out of the theatre. 10/10 don’t go here worst movie theatre in Omaha.

Julia Erin Campbell

Greg Marcus

Alicia T

Friendly staff excellent facilities! Clean.


I dread going to Marcus Theatres when I cant see a movie at AMC. Theres always trash in the cup holders, popcorn in the seats, and on the ground. I have to wipe my seats with a wipe because they are so oily and dirty. One experience I had was our prepaid seats were so dirty and we had to complain up front to have then cleaned. They gave us the choice to get newer seats but when we went back to sit on those, they were dirty too! We were tired of complaining so we just found random seats that no one was sitting in. It was very frustrating. Not only that but Marcus doesnt make money for the movies so concessions are overpriced and the butter doesnt taste like anything lol. I highly recommend people go to the AMC theatre by Oak View. It's a MUCH BETTER experience. Idk how this theatre has glowing reviews because it's awful and I havent had a good experience since they first applied the reclining chairs.

Jeanette Mitchell-Cummings

Staff was very nice, however they need to clean their soda nozzles and slushy machine had visible mold build up around the pull spouts, just needs daily wipe down from workers. Otherwise it was a good visit.

andrew creech

I love this theater, it's one of the only places I own a membership card and for good reason. Great movie quality, it is clean, and they have the best seats I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in. To top it off they have a bistro and bar that will bring the food right to your seat. Doesn't get any better than this.

Daniel Jennings

Really a great movie theater. Great location with many of food options around it. The seats are big and comfortable and the prices aren't that bad either. Many of different options for viewing experiences too.

Adam Gehringer

Saw the movie! There were concessions available! Adequate.

Matt Koth

Always good movies and customer service.

Farmer Ted Jacobs

Very comfortable theater, well priced, and friendly service.


Overall, we have had great experiences here the past several years. I personally have had great experience with customer service at the ticket counter and at concessions. I see some people have had issues with loud people in the theater, luckily I have never experienced that. The food is decent, not amazing but not bad by any means. Some items are better than others. It's movie theater food so you can always expect it to be expensive no matter where you go. The one thing I hate about the theater--the bathrooms. They remodeled the concessions area to add the beautiful fancy bar area and the nice new recliners. Yet, the bathrooms still look like something out of a Saw horror film.

Sarah Santos

Place was dirty popcorn and soda spilled everywhere not happy

Tom Domanski

Our favorite theater. Clean, great seats.

Henry Villarreal

Very Nice open parking, cosy lounge and great theatre viewing.

Mary Hester

The seats are wonderful. Very comfortable reclining chairs. Tickets aren't bad price but refreshments are high priced. The popcorn is really delicious though. We will go back again. Again and again.

Tina Fleming

Was very clean, show was wonderful (Aladdin)

Just Me

Our new favorite. Perfect popcorn, service, and ease of entrance! :)

Meg Blair

Comfy seats, amazing food and drink choices.

Jeff Geaghan

Decent theater experience. Seats are comfortable. Concessions are ridiculously priced. 2 popcorns, 4 drinks and 4 items of candy came to nearly $60. You get a warm message from the Marcus family in the previews though, thanking you for showing up to their theater. I'm sure they really appreciate your business as they rip you off.

Laurie Miles

Love the dream loungers & $5 Tuesdays with Free popcorn!

Carole Policky

Saw toy story 4 ..fabulous

Melody Peters

The fancy reclining seats are wearing out in the favorite sections. Sad. Twin creek is showing it's age and poor construction. It's a decent theater.

J osh

The theatre is always great. Great food, service, and seats. My only complaint is the new app they have is terrible.

Rob Klepfer

It was a great movie experience, nice theatre.

Elizabeth Martinez Chavez

I've been going to this movie theater for years and counting. My favorite theater in Nebraska with such comfortable seating.

Melodi Adams

I am from Lincoln and my theater there was East Park Cinema. I loved it because it was smaller and they were great with customer service. Twin Creek has been about the same, and I visit there often.

Sue Klein

Out of the way for me in West O but it had the time and film I wanted so my grandson and I drove there. It is a very well done theater. Great concessions and the great reclining seats

Adam Woodruff

Comfortable seats and if the movie is in 3d awesome

Jennifer McClaren

Everything was great except 2 things. 1 - we bought 2 beers at the bar, but the woman "helping" but she could not even pour draws right. It took them almost 15 minutes to pour 2 regular size beers, 2 - there was trash in the theater from a previous customer.


I grew up in Papillion and have gone to this theater since I can remember. They’re managerial staff is excellent and caring, and they always hire friendly employees. I’ve only ever had one issue here with reserved seating and it was handled quickly and the manager I dealt with really seemed to care. Even though everything was dealt with completely before the movie started, he still gave us apology tickets for all 5 seats I had purchased. Love this theater, and will continue to go here as long as I am in the area.

Cj Walter

Very nice theaters. Great Soundsystem!

Jazielle Robles

Unbelievable! My 13 year old brother was sitting down next to my mother and a stranger. Then the stranger goes and puts his arm on his thigh! My brother asked him twice to move his hand away but the guy ignored. And it wasn’t that the seats were squished, they had plenty of room no matter what size you are and have an arm rest to keep the individuals from going into their personal space. But this man purposely put his hand on his thigh! We went to report it to the police that is there in the theater but he did nothing! We pointed in which way the guy went and he even saw who he was but he went and hid in the bathroom as though keeping people safe wasn’t his job! We told the manager as well of the situation but he just blew it off not taking the matter seriously. This man was over 55 years old, bald head, Caucasian, and seemed to weigh over 275 pounds. Do not let your kids and teens go to the movies alone! There are people out there who are just waiting to find a kid just to touch them and do other horrible things to them! Look after your kids as well. My brother was to scared to speak out until the end of the movie and many kids don’t say anything not wanting to cause problems. I do not want any kid to be touched in a way they do not want and this theater did not even bother to help us out! Horrible just horrible!

Rodney Monson

Don't use the moldy cup holders

Oscar dela Rosa

Didn't like the fact that they turned off the screen while watching the ending credits. That's one way I find out if theirs going to be a next one being made. Watched Toy Story 4 was hoping to see if they were going to make the fifth one but I guess not since they turned it off on us.

Amanda mcguire

Two adults and two kids for 15 bucks to see a new release! Love member Tuesdays! And besides 5$ Tix to any movie, it comes with a cherry on popcorn! Always clean and friendly, could do with more people behind the counter but they move fast so no big wait on average days. I did not appreciate the fact they drove an elderly man to yell at length about something he was dissatisfyed with by not just giving in to whatever it was he wanted. I didn't need to know the details to realize they just should have taken care of him. They tend to be sticklers about "well that's just how we do things" in a variety of aspects customer service wise.


Love the movies and the set up of the cushioned seats. However, that is my main problem. They are just so dirty. I dropped my phone and all this trash was there and was utterly disgusting. Also the seats smell!

Zachary Long

This place is AMAZING. The best movie theater I've ever been to. Very professional and helpful people help cater to the ultimate movie-going experience. Very clean, well-maintained, and open for audiences of all ages. Highly reccomend this theater above all others, you'll love it!

loyda morales

Itt was a AMAZING experience!

Victoria McGiffin

The theater manager profiled a young mother and her child and bullied us out of the venue. Horrible experience. I took my son to see his very first movie here and the manager came into the theater about half way through to watch the crowd - she noticed my 2 year old son was standing in front of his chair, so she approached him and told him he needed to sit down. He was obviously frightened and clinged to me after her confrontation. He saw a lion on the screen and said “lion” and she approached us a second time and said “He is going to need to calm down” my son was not jumping, crying, yelling, shouting or being disruptive. He simply said “lion” because we were watching The Lion King. She made us so uncomfortable that we left the theater and she followed us from the theater all the way to the exit. This was my toddler’s first theater experience, completely ruined by poor customer service. Had my son ACTUALLY have done something disruptive, I would have escorted him out of the theater. There were other kids in the theater talking and some even running out of their seats but this was how we got treated. Had my husband been with us, I doubt she would have confronted us.


We left out refillable popcorn bucket. I called and the guy said he'd hold it so we went back and nobody knew what I was talking about. 2 of our 5 seats wouldn't recline. It hadn't been cleaned from the previous movie so it was a mess on the seats and floor. We ordered chicken wraps and both were not what we ordered. The pretzel was hard on the ends.

Spencer Hoyt

Always a very clean theatre with great employees. I really enjoy their popcorn, when you ask for alot of butter they don't hold back. Great prices especially if you take advantage of their Tuesday $5 for everyone or Thursday $6 student discount!

Cennielle Robles

Me and my family have gone to this theater for years and we’ve never had a problem, until this evening, May 21, 2019, while watching John Wick, my 13 year old brother was molested by an old white man, at least over 55 years old. My brother had to share a seat with this man, and this creep had the audacity to reach over the armrest to lean his hand on my brother’s thigh, my brother proceeded to ask him multiple times to stop touching him. We didn’t know about this until after the movie ended and he told us and we waited after so we could ID his face, but he stayed inside and waited for everybody else to leave then he hid in the bathroom. We tried to get help from the off-duty police officer, we pointed the man out, he was headed into another theater, and not even the fact that he was sneaking into a movie was not enough for the officer to actually follow him and confront him, instead he spots him and proceeded to walk a few feet then tried to turn around and call it quits, but he saw my dad and followed through but instead went to look into theater 5 and 6 when he knew he was theater 4. This is unacceptable, my brother is a 13 yo. A minor. And the fact that an officer of the law didn’t want to help us with confronting this man is despicable and terrifying. I guess they’re just waiting for these type of incidents to escalate, and that’s even more terrifying.

John Steen

Reclining chairs, and the Bistro food is definitely great!

Scandia Siyaka

Downton Abbey was very good. The Dowager Countess did not disappoint!!!The staff were very friendly and helpful. We paid for our tickets online so going from ticket counter to our seats was very smooth.

Kristopher Pederson

The price is great and the food is good. The seats and screens are everything you'd expect and the customer service is spectacular. Nathan helped us out when he didn't have to. This is our go to theater in the Omaha area.

Jai V

Over the last year, I have been watching this place slowly deteriorate. We went yesterday and the hallway leading to the theaters stunk, that dirty college dorm carpet smell, yeaaaa, you know what I'm talking about. If you have children on the Spectrum, this stink may trigger them. The bathroom stunk as if it hadn't been cleaned in days, and the men's hallway restroom had no soap. If they could just get a nice good natural cleanser like vinegar and water to kill germs and freshen, it would spruce it right up. I paid for my ticket online, normally when I stand in line, I'm only there for a few moments before my phone is scanned and I can go inside. There was one cashier working with this one man and we stood there a good 10 minutes as cash was exchanged back and forth, coin rolls were broken, awkward pauses ensued. The cashier refused to make eye contact with the growing number of line behind me. Even the nicely mild mannered woman behind me begin to fret, and he finally, finally calls from management. All the while, you see five or six people lounging behind the concession stand with absolutely no people to help. Probably because all the people in line behind me. Also don't have coffee on your menu if all that is done is slapping a little pod inside of a Keurig. (Also it would help if they actually knew how to use the Keurig, but that's another thing. ) If a place is going to have coffee, make it nice for the price offered, I think most would agree. It's been a couple of months since I had Bistro but the last time I had it, a gluten-free pizza option was offered and when I asked for it, the waiter looked really super annoyed and informed me that they don't have a gluten-free option, that the menu was outdated. He was just disgruntled in general. I know people have bad days but please don't take it out on your customers, I couldn't have known about the menu change and I didn't think my husband's request for a beer was completely out of line given that he's well old enough. We do spend a lot of money at this theater and I would really hate for it to see its decline. Perhaps a talk to the staff, a good carpet clean with natural chemicals, same with the bathroom, actually vacuum under the seats every now and then (I had to search under there yesterday for my child's toy and let me tell you, it was pretty disgusting) and this place could be a winner again.

Kim Wajda

I think they need to put some more Seating in the Lobby again for Medical Reasons . The Movie was Very Good and also the Pop Corn

Dillon Dixon

Pricey like all movie theaters but really nice place.

Michael Thornton

There are several things about this place that makes fantastic to watch a movie. It is spacious on the inside, plenty of parking spots available, great food from the kitchen as well as the front area, great drinks and no delays in movies. The staff is also fantastic and quick to help.

Kayla J

Tuesdays my favorite day to go!! Also the rewards program really comes in handy!

PVZ Savage Team

Great place to catch a show

Phoenix Luna

This is my personal favorite theater around. They recently renovated the entire building to seat a few less people, but in return delivering a more luxurious feel. The screens have gotten bigger adding a Dolby atmos surround sound. Sitting in the theater has never made a person feel like they were actually in the movie until now. They upgraded their seats to a plush leather with auto recline and foot rest to your preferred level. The theatre offers deals on almost any given day to make their prices more appealing since movie theaters always have pricey concessions. The staff is always friendly and whatever movie you want to see will be available during multiple times throughout the day to become more convenient to whomever may want to watch. (A few exceptions regarding the amount of time the movie has been out. The longer the movie stays in theaters, the less showtime's are available so new films get their nice opening week box office hits.)

TheGoat God

Great love going to the movies here

Mean Mom

Staff was friendly, theatre was clean. Enjoyable movie experience. Concessions were overpriced; that’s the only area that could be improved. (But is expected when going to movie theaters, it’s still disappointing though that all theaters charge far more than a reasonable price for snacks and drinks.)

Jared Anderson

Screens and food were great. Would likely give 5 stars, but the bathrooms were pretty gross even for a movie theater.

ZEKE 402

Great place for food a flick and family

Richard Cooper

Good place to go see a movie. Nice location. Decent staff. Will definitely return.

Jill Ann Hindman

Love my Marcus but honestly it is time to do a deep clean and replace some cushions.

Tara Shropshire

Great place to kick back to watch movies with pizzas and a drink

Rikki Desaire

The only thing that really makes me upset is that they NEVER have bags of cotton candy on any Tuesday night movie I've gone to in the past year in a half. I've talked to them about it and was reassured my complaint would be passed up to the appropriate member, but still NOTHING. I really hope you guys get this fixed. There are plenty of people who like and want cotton candy.

Joe Vasquez

Love Love Love this theater! With a big family who all love to see movies, this is the place to go on Tuesdays!! On Tuesdays, You cannot beat $5 ticket prices!! Awesome discounts on concession and FREE popcorn to Magical Movie Rewards card holders!! Can't wait for next Tuesday!!

Willy Arnold

Great as usual however the food services available is confusing as hell. I just don't understand it.

Sofia Brown

The theater was good for the most part but I thought it was a little unsanitary. They could definitely do a better job with service and for the most part though everything was pretty good they have good movies we went to see some really good movies that day. The atmosphere was really nice and the theater screens are really big especially in the deluxe rooms and I have to say that the chairs were really comfortable but I would recommend bringing a blanket because it's really cold in the theaters.

Christine Pinkerton

I had a bad experience all around when I first went there. Called spoke to Chris the manager there he said they'd make up for it. Not going to go into detail of the bad or good but I went again, Zack the other manager took care of my son and I and made it a better experience. He was very professional and polite. Absolutely will go back because of the way he treated my son and I.

Edward Keener

Nice theater in Bellevue. Stadium seating with reclining chairs, and food served at your seat in a couple of the theaters. Tuesday is discount day so it's usually pretty packed then. The staff does a good job cleaning the theaters between shows, and the concessions have been fresh.

Kara Gillmore

Love their $5 tuesday movies. Great place to spend those cold winter nights or one of the way to many snow days from school this year.

Dee Pacholski

Great way to introduce small children to the movie king experience! The theater staff does a super job of making it a fantastic experience for the kids with the added games & treats.

Alexander Avila

Saw far from home. Good atmosphere

Piran Talkington

Love the tuesday, thursday and early bird deals!

Fernanda Monteiro

Love this theater. The chairs full recline and are really comfortable. The screen is huge and the food is good and fresh.

Kaylee Ponds

Would give it 5 stars, but the prices seem to never stop going up.

Brenda Quignon

We went to see IT, great the bistro, service was great, food awesome

Ian Rokicki

Good theater with comfy reclining seats. The DLX screen is awesome as well.


Love this theater. $5 Tuesdays and Thursday there is a student discount for $6

junior Smith

It's a fun and great service

Missy D

Love it here! Always clean and recliners are amazing along with sound system and screens!

michael perez

Love the reclining seats, the mozzarella sticks are huge, and the funnel cake is a must, all brought directly to your seat.... you can't ask for much more. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention $5 Tuesdays lol don't mind blowing $70 on all the food and drinks, after spending only $20 on tickets.

Shannon Eustice

High prices but love the atmosphere

Joshua Robertson

I've been going here regularly for the last 4 years. The only bad experiences were a couple times where parents weren't keeping their children quiet, which I can't hold against the theater itself.

Marcus Gomez

This theater has made renovations in recent years to keep it a state of the art facility. Always enjoy coming here.

Brandon Nichols

I absolutely love $5 Tuesdays and $2hotdogs!!!!

Jonathan Uriel

Always nice to see a $5 movie on Tuesday.

kieran lundmark

Great movie selection, great seats that become beds, and good popcorn and food. Very nice atmosphere with very dark lighting unlike other theatres.

Michele Shonka

One of my kids favorite theaters

Amy Kimmet

Great place, great movie theater! Staff are amazing!

Ally Cat

Clean and great service food comes out fast . Always packed on the weekends so go early for great spots

Tee Jones

Always a clean comfortable movie theater. I don't go anywhere else.

Erik b

This place was great a few years back. I feel like it's not as well kept as it used to be. Not bad theater but there are nicer ones in Omaha.

Steve Schwarz

Good seats, good sound , adult beverages during the movie. Good place to see a movie.

Mark S

Arrived early on snowy day, It was nice to sit in the bar and watch show on big screen 8x12 projector before movie started. Staff is nice here, they said hope you enjoyed movie and have a good day...

kevin frazier

Love this place. $5 Tuesdays make for an inexpensive midweek date night.

Matthew Johnson

Decent food, prices are crazy better to just sneak in some butterfinger bites than pay two dollars more than any where else, also Tuesday is the best time to go cheaper prices.

Linda Tharp, Steedly, Nissen

Clean, good popcorn, nice staff

deadlock407 xaiver

Didn't get my points cause they had already rang everything up. Should still be able to get credit afterwards

Mike Luna

Great theater. Always clean, friendly staff, and they have most of the movies you'd want to see along with occasional special event films. Recommend it highly!

Tawni Stenberg

Comfortable, spacious seating, great screen.

Brian M

Always a great experience to watch a movie. Price is high, but they have Tuesday $5 movie to help.

Tina Spetzman

Very enjoyable movie watching experience every time we go here. The seats are ultra comfortable, and in some of the theaters you can have food and drinks delivered. Staff is friendly and efficient, I even got drink refills in my seat, you can't beat that!

Eren Rodriguez

A lot of memories here as I grew up, and it has never disappointing me! Also, Max is a great employee and is such a sweetheart! Keep up the good work!

Yea Yea

Been the spot since it opened Tuesday deals same early weekends good location

Heather Huntrods

I love going to Marcus Twin Creek Cinema! They always have the newest movies and many viewing options, comfortable seating, yummy foods and drinks at the Five restaurant. The few times that they have been out of finding in bathrooms or an issue with the theater, they are very quick to fix the problem. Employees seem nice and the theater is very well kept.

Kim P.

Just loved Aladdin... staff were very sweet and accommodating.

Janine Weatherby

Our home away from home. Go there every chance we get. Thank you for so many memories.

David Johnson

Great theater. Getting food from counter can be a lil slow. Place is way too hectic on $5 Tuesdays.


Piss Poor Customer Service ... a Zero rating if possible! Nothing like an inoperable recliner ... disturb others or power through (we opted for B). When I notified Managers they said it was probably unplugged (wow flash light to fix it, really). I provided my tickets to the on-duty Manager & my loyalty number with my on-line feedback, just to make it easier for them (they didn't bother to call in spite their loyalty program data). After my third contract, I figured I'd share their reply; they never attempted to remedy the problem. Thanks Twin Creeks Marcus Team.

[WUT] OctoX

It had alot of good movies.My family visits every tuesday.

Jessie Soto

they charged me 7.23 for a drink and the seats we sat in the head part was black and the arm in the middle of the seat was black as well and greasy. (this is a red chair). They're should be a policy bringing in 1-2 yr old toddlers that especially cant stay calm during a movie and whine the whole time If I'm paying for expensive pop and expensive tickets I expect to be able to enjoy a movie and seating as well! But the movie was great!

Cory Wilson

Love the reclining seats. Our specific theater wasnt cleaned well from the previous showing as there were still candy and food wrappers in the cup holders

Ken Quignon

Great place, clean, helpful staff, not cheap of course, good experience in Grest seats...

Jillian Plumb

This place has a nice environment on the inside. The movies are good, no interruptions. A cold breeze does happen sometimes. At first I thought it was just because I had been watching a scary movie, lol.

Judy Souder

$5 movies and free popcorn is great

Timothy Hurley

My favorite theater I have been to, hands down. Seat selection is great, movie selections are great, pricing is great plus they have multiple times when they offer discounted tickets. I have never had a bad experience here and I highly recommend making this your go-to theater.

Kenneth Ogden

Finally caught "Captain Marvel" needed to complete for "Endgame" that's coming up. I haven't had a bad experience at Twin Creek Cinema. The staff is friendly and personable making our experience there pleasant.


Amazing service great seats, could vacuum before previews tho

Nancy Peters

Great comfortable reclining seats clean theaters. Restrooms stocked and clean. Courteous staff. Love various types of theaters

Marc Grass

Box office personnel first rate

Curtis Hammett

I love this place. Always clean. I live the recliners and bar. Food is decent but not for the price. And the concessions prices are outrageous. $5.00 for a small soda!!!! Crazy. Bathrooms are always clean. And the staff is very helpful. Even the management is very professional!

Kelly Vasko

Excellent service. I had issues with my pre-purchase tickets (my fault) and they got me straightened out quickly.

Donna Ashley

Haven't been over to the Bellevue movie theater in awhile but it was Okay..The Bathrooms Need To Be Checked On A Regular Basis..

Michael Bryson

I've been to Marcus Twin Creek in Bellevue, NE twice, once with my son to see Alita Battle Angel, and once with my wife to see Avengers Endgame. She insisted we go to the theater that served food. It was late, and we hadn't eaten, and 'if we were going on a date, we had to have dinner'. I was glad we did, the hamburger and onion rings I had were great. But I must say that the main reason I like Twin Creek is the floors are clean, and the seats are better than the ones we have at home. Pick a movie and go, you'll love it.

Caylah England

Great except they carded my 77 year old Grandma at the bar. Got a good laugh but still... Really?

Mohan Krishna

Theater was clean and snack counter servers were fast and attentive. Some seats were missing snack trays.


Love this Theater close to home love their Tuesday specials

joshua petersen

Best sleep In my life those recliners I need one

Juan Rodriguez

$5 Tuesdays are the best. They also have student Thursdays which makes it a cheap way to watch movie premiers. It's a clean establishment with friendly workers. Very busy location as well


The Marcus Twin Creek Cinema en Nebraska
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