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2920 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516 Located in: SouthPointe Pavilions

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REVIEWS OF South Pointe Cinema IN Nebraska

Vernon J

Close theater to home. Enjoy the show!

Donovan Stone

Love that it's just within walking distance.

Katie Baughman

This movie theater is great! The location in South Pointe mall makes for a very nice day on the South side of Lincoln. The theater is clean and staff are nice. They are limited in how many films they show at a time so be sure to check online before going in.

Hunter Sieckmeyer

Probably the best movie theater in Lincoln. Edgewood is kind of depressing, the Grand requires you to park downtown, etc. This one has nice facilities and options for food. Everything's pretty clean and the staff always seem friendly. Snacks are crazy expensive and lines can take a while though, but that's kind of just movie theaters in general.

Tyler White

Good place to go. Staff are friendly and never had a problem with Marcus Theaters. Love the renovations.


I just love this cinema. Gets a little too loud but all the more experience.

Joey Alfer

This is the best theater in Lincoln and it isn't close. The auditoriums are maintained clean, comfortable, and cool. Sound and recliners also have the best quality out of the three renovated theaters in Lincoln.

Nicholas Doty

Newly renovated. Has the recliner seats like the other renovated places. Clean, good picture, good sound. A little on the pricey side but great for a casual date or group of friends.

Michael Webb

Really enjoy going to this theatre, if you choose your times right you can almost be the only one there, seats are very comfortable and you can buy your tickets online and print them off at the kiosk at the theatre.

Joseph Irvine

This is an excellent movie theater. There is good parking, and there are plenty of places to eat nearby. The theater is a good building. The customer service is good. I definitely will be going back to this one in the future.

kim Severeid

great theater but it was so warm I was sweating

Gale Keefe

Very relaxing Cinema entries are$$ Leather recliners are extremely comfortable

Trent Allsman

They shut down the beer/food area before the last show is even close to starting. Guess I’ll be going to a different theater from now on. One that wants to make money.

Jennie Bennett

A bit overpriced for tickets and food. Otherwise staff is friendly and theatre very clean.

tom porto

It has gotten too expensive to go to the movie very often

Rasmia Fattah

It's really comfortable and really friendly staff I love this place it feels like home just grab your blanket and go

Amy L

Very clean. We purchased our seats online to be sure and get spots in an almost full theater, only to get there and see over half the room empty. I'm sure that's just to get the $8.95 convenience fee, but at least we got to pick our seats ahead of time.

k chambers

Ticket seller just decided on her own to move us over two seats to accommodate a large flock of women who came up BEHIND us. Would appreciate ASKING before they do that. Especially when she just asked us to pick our seats... and we did in the center before she moves us!! Then only one person sat in the seats she booted us out of!

Mary Spurlock

Nice theater. Enjoyed my experience.

Lisa White

Great theater. Large lounge style seating.

b p


Snu Light

Wish prices were better but it's all of Marcus theaters are like that.

Tony g

Okay service, good movie

anita lang

Very comfortable reclining seats with plenty of room. Concession stand was clean and organized.

Echo Bartos

Clean, comfortable seating. Great volume. Kind staff. Can't wait to use my new Marcus card!

Robbie Wiese

Great place to see Movies. They usually have specials for students, seniors and $5 all day movie... Any movie and free popcorn with Movie Rewards Card.

John Trumble

The place was a little understaffed for a Saturday night, but it was clean and the experience was ok overall. However, I remain mystified about their inventory management. 7 PM on a Saturday night and they have exactly one hot dog for sale at the concession stand. They steadfastly refused to make more. They said it would take 35 minutes. This is their actual business, selling food. They make squat on box office takes, that mostly goes to the studios. So not only can they not prepare enough inventory to meet demand, not only do they lose out on sales because they couldn't begin preparing more an hour ago when they were beginning to run low on hot dogs; they also create a bad customer experience and seem unapologetic about it. This would be plain stupid if it happened once. But it happens roughly half the time I go there, and not just to the South Pointe location. It's systemic. It's truly confounding.

Whitney Munn

Staff was kind of short and rude...

Xavior Lincoln

A good area for dinner and a movie

Heather Manns

Love this theater, the concession staff are very nice and the theater was very clean!

Anne Urbauer

It was nice and clean. Relaxing recliner chairs. Unfortunately we were too late for a beer since they quit selling at 9pm. But that's ok

John Antillon

Very nice theatre...Very dirty mens bathroom

Cris Yanak-Cushman

Friendly staff, nice, clean theater. The dreamloungers are a nice touch to the overall experience.

Ken G

Recliners are really nice, and seemed well maintained. Picture was clear, the sound loud. Popcorn was good, and so was the slurpy. I am happy to have this theatre so close to me. I even found the goofy statement from the owner a bit charming.

Tom Leighton

Awesome movie experience with the recliners!

Jerry Goreham

Very nice and helpful staff

chris gianunzio

Always enjoy a movie on the big screen. Took my daughters and they had a good time. Wish prices weren't so dang expensive and during the movie it was a touch loud. Overall, good experience.

Spencer Delp

Good location! Tons of parking, easy to access! The inside is clean including bathrooms. Prices are average across what you'd expect. The reserved seating is amazing so no worrying about getting a good spot if you order ahead. My only complaint is the lack of enforcement on people being on their phones during the movie, or the people who talk the entire time. It would be nice to have a employee in each theater as a detterent, or someone to address the issue. Ruins the whole experience.

Jeremy Shoemaker

Super comfortable reserved staduim seating. Good sound and picture. Not cheap, but worth it.

James Wilson

The Grand is favorite but all the Marcus theaters are great

Susan Holle

Enjoy the movie here

Shirley Kness

Great place for any movies.

Andrew Newton

Theater 5 has a constant rhythmic high pitched sound coming from the left speakers. Told the front desk and they said it was because of the movie next door. There's no way this kind of sound is caused by a loud movie next door. Got a partial refund. They won't refund the $3 "convince fee". First time at the theater in years. Cost $3 to remember why. Definitely will not be returning to Marcus theaters again.

Robert D Ellenberger

1st time, seats were soooo comfortable l kept falling asleep. Didn't care for the movie.

Morgan Reed

This is my favorite theater to go to in Lincoln. The staff is always friendly and the theater's are clean.

Kristen Warden

We love $5 Tuesdays! Always a positive experience.


staff is nice. the sell achohal and food. it is also alowed in the theaters. trey was the best countet assistant to serve me at this location

Nicky Lutjemeyer

Price of food is a little high other than that great place to see your favorite movie.

Sploinkydink 0

I love this place, where I watch all of my favorite movies in the best seating on the world.

Jason M

Favorite Marcus theatre in town. The grill that they have served great bar food. The seats at this theater are also the really comfortable recliner seats. If you are going to a movie in lincoln this is the theatre to go to!

Deeleen Sawyer

A wonderful movie experience! Comfy chairs and comfort food too. $5 Tuesday are great if you love movies but don't have much money from your budget!

Richard Westling

Nice movie theater with recliner seats.

Internet Infamy

Like most theatres in the area, they have upgraded to the dream loungers. Service is fast and easy, and they have a good selection of snacks. I would say something about the prices being too high but that's kind of to be expected when you're at ANY movie theatre.

Kevin Knudson

Drink station was very dirty. Floor was really wet, lots of spills. Theatre and move was good. Beer prices high, great selection. Zip line Copper Alt is one of my favorites.

Jeremiah Stutzman

Bathrooms looked like ones in an Indonesian prison and the popcorn was stale and gross. I expected more from the south side.

Troy Hand

Great experience! Theater is always clean and staff is friendly.

blade of grass

An amazing place to watch all the movies

Linda Kalin

As I was coming out of the ladies room the door and long handle/bar closed on the back of my leg and did this. I used the website to contact the management and never heard a word. An employee at the ticket booth called someone and after 5 minutes brought me 2 band aids. I can't be the only one this has happened to. They need to replace those 5' bars on the restroom doors. They aren't necessary. One star because they did not contact me.

The Doghouse

Staff were helpful but it took a bit to get our popcorn, there weren't any lines but they were not prepared for the people who were there. The movie was great, and so was the theater but when I went to the bathroom there was a line out the door. This location needs a second restroom!

Layla Dosky

Really it's one of the best movie theater that I have ever been to i came from Maryland we don't have these comfortable chairs in any theaters that I have been to . Really awesome really enjoyed the movie ..

Sheldon Tyser

One of the best theaters.

Catherine Benoist

Very comfortable. Great movie. Equalizer 2.

Jenny Marchesa

Very good theater to see the current movies. Rarely a large line and the prices are what we have all come to expect, that is high prices. So it is a careful treat when I am able to come here.

Natasha Cullinane

I just had the best time of my life! The staff was so friendly, considerate and helpful making sure my night out with my best friend would go well. We both work until 11 and last night was opening night for the movie I wanted to see. The movie was scheduled to start at 11 and I was worried about how things would work out. After calling ahead of time and speaking to a lovely person on the phone, the staff amazed me! We were greeted, and the door was held open for us. I just want to shout out how thankful and happy I am for such a wonderful night out! Thank you! This is my favorite location in Lincoln. I will be back

Steve Swanson

Went on weekend. Pre ordered tickets online. No problems or issues.

Shirley Bressman

Favorite theater in Lincoln.

Neil Anderthal

I was a fan of the reclining seats, that was about it. The chair made my $5 Mountain Dew a little tastier. I was a little disappointed in the fact that specific seats can be purchased in advance. I miss the awkward good old days where seats were FCFS. We of course aren't well versed on the movie scene and ended up in the very front row. Next time I will wait to see the film on Netflix.

James Hollenden

Very clean and easy going atmosphere

Deric Carpenter

Always a good time popcorn tends to not be as fresh but it happens

Christine Ochs

Love the chairs, so comfy.

Sadan Lamichhane

Comfortable theater. Excellent seating.

Spooky Fizz

The theatre itself was pretty much the same as any other Marcus theatre, but it was difficult to find.

Amanda Dale

Love Marcus Theaters. They have comfy lounge style seating, $5 movie nights, and a great rewards system. Snack prices are too high though (excluding the popcorn, great deals on popcorn)

Nancy Patoka

There's really nothing not to like. They have it all. And Tuesdays are awesome. Great theater.

Tammy Knuth

Loved the movie overcomer and the theater seats.

William Gibson

This theater is awesome! It's very clean and well climate controlled. The Dream Lounger chairs are a must.

Ron Ott

Shazam movie entertaining

Trevor Hickman

Great place to watch a movie

Laura Benda

Everything t I tried to order for food they were out of but still listed on menu

roseanna estell

Very nice and clean. The staff is wonderful.

Lee Jergenson

Nice place to go, to forget, the tough day you may have had.Great seating to relax and watch the latest movies.

Linda Lindell

Love the dream loungers. It was a little chilly - a jacket felt good!

Jessica Phillips

Best theatre in town, good parking, good seats. Love this theatre

Leon lionhart

The seats seem saller then the ones at east and its alot farther away, but for the price of the food you do get alot so i will come back if east isnt available but thats about it

Justin Bussard

Great service comfortably chairs

Michael Yates

Great services, just pricey if you don't go on Tuesdays.

gamestatr 8i76

Went there on a date with my girlfriend just to come home with scabies! That’s absolutely disgusting that they arnt cleaning their chairs good enough. I went there to enjoy time with my girlfriend and family but came home itchier than ever and having a burning sensation

Richard Knoop

Great seats


Had someone not able to make it to the movie, they provided credit toward another movie for us to the ticket we purchased ahead of time. The manager was very helpful!

Harold Klaege

Love the sound and the seats!

Michael Neeley

The various Marcus theaters around Lincoln are all very well maintained, with quality seating, great picture and very loud sound lol I would say if they have any flaw, it would be the sound, which seems to be at just a little too high of a setting, to where there is a little feedback or reverb on low range/deep bass; not so often as to lodge a complaint but often enough to be noted in the course of a movie. Complaint worthy in most movies is the simple fact that condiment prices are astronomical... $8.95 for a (mostly ice unless you think to ask) drink that mini-marts charge us .99¢ ? Specific to South Pointe, they seats are electric recliners with cup holders and are setup stadium style. Enjoy!

Aaron Beasley

They've done a great job with the recent renovations. The dream lounger seats, Dolby Atmos surround sound and curved screen really added to our enjoyment of the movie. The ability to order a beer is nice but concession prices are high much like all theatres. It's nice to be able to pick your seat when buying a ticket so there's no being surprised that your stuck in the front row or finding out every one in your group can't sit next to each other.

Doug Mill

Love this theater... So close to home and always friendly and clean.

Jason Giesler

Always have a great experience here

Sue Rogers

My daughters and I came to a movie here on the morning of Jan 15. I have never, ever, been told that my bag needs to be checked until this day. Your "assistant manager" Jessica was completely rude to me. I asked her when the bag policy started and she said it's always been that way. My family and I went to six movies between the middle of December and the middle of January and I brought a bag to each one and it wasn't checked. The reason I bring a bag is because my daughter, who has Down syndrome, has a very particular diet. She doesn't eat popcorn or sweets or any of the other foods offered for sale at the theater. My bag contained two pieces of bread for her to eat during the movie, while the rest of us enjoyed our immensely overpriced popcorn. Jessica told me I couldn't take the bag back to the theater with me. I'd either have to leave it there with her or take it back out to my car in the freezing single digit weather. I told her I've lived in this town for over 50 years and I've never had my bag checked and confiscated. She said she's worked there for 10 years and they've always checked bags. An argumentative outright lie. She needs to be reminded how to talk to a paying customer if she's going to be working with the public. South pointe also needs to revisit their bag policy. I might have been bringing in bread for my daughter, but I was still planning to buy expensive popcorn and Icees. I've spent a lot of money at Marcus this past month and I don't appreciate being treated like this. Also, we were at the 11:30 movie and when we went to leave, the garbage can was so full and overflowing, I couldn't even throw my garbage away.

Skye Tenopir

Clean, nice theater, but the movies are played with extremely loud volume

Lee Jantze

Love this theater. Big plus you don't have to pay for parking, and if you want to shop there are plenty of places to shop. And if you want to eat there are a variety of places.

Adam Holly


Kim Kjolhede

Love this theater.

Martin Rowland

Comfortable, great concessions but hard to leave there with a family of four without dropping a C note.

Narthan Guy

A kid said he was going to piss before the movie started then proceeded to pee in my popcorn bucket.

Justin Linnemon

Since my wife and I fairly new to Lincoln we have found somewhat of a haven in Marcus Theater at South Pointe. The theater is clean, the food is fairly good, and the experience in terms of watching a movie is that of watching it in your own home theater - provided you had one. I will miss Marcus theater when we leave Lincoln someday.

Tyler S.

All dream lounger seats, has automated ticket machines, both theatre fare and pizza/burgers/alcohol.

Janette Drohman

The movie Transylvania 3, was great show for the grand kids & a big bucket of theater popcorn.

Jacob Schott

Very clean and a great place to watch some movies!

Joseph DeMarco

Good clean place. A bit pricey, $14 for 2 large drinks. Saw Captain Marvel.

Dan McElravy

Great place to watch a movie

Adam Johns

Very comfy! Great price on Tuesday.

Robin Bell

Everyone was really nice.

King V

This has become my favorite movie spot in Lincoln. I drive all the way from the North side of town for it. Great place!

R. J. Smith

Nice place. The reclining seats are very comfy!

Colleen Kadavy

Rocket Man was a good movie.

Mary Baker

nick hicks

Love the chairs, clean, little spendy, awesome food options, nice staff. Good for the whole family.

Brittney Smith-Caudill

Love the theater seats and selection of movies pretty good

Cassandra Pomajzl

Good service, good popcorn, great seats

Nancy Price

Movie was pretty good

Arcane Klownz

Always love Marcus movie theatres...great seating amazing picture.

Melissa Rule

Best theater in Lincoln

Francie Elder

Love going to movies

Bill Wehling

Movie was great but it always seems pricey. Stick with beer or wine from the food bar, the food is awful. Stick with popcorn!

Brad Clements

Great theater. Love the dreamliner chairs with assigned seating. You can purchase tickets online ahead of time. Rewards program is decent. Tickets and concessions run about $20 per person.

Christina Rexer

Love this theatre. Great location on south side of town. Great parking and very clean. New seating and now serves food.

Lanta Latham

Always friendly staff and clean environment

Darlene A. Mason

Great as always, but seats could be cleaned every once in awhile.

Tyler Anderson

Love the new recliners

Celeste Ellwood

I wish the seats were bigger but well worth going to the movies. Always clean & nice friendly people.

Ghada Al-Qaysi

I'm so unsatisfied with their services lately! The manager didn't let my brother watch a movie with me when I'm his big sister, adult, and I'm the one in charge. The manager's way of explaining was too sassy. I don't know how the heck she became a manager with her poor way of communication.

Brandon Russell

I always have a good time there

Peyton Svehla

Love the chairs

Judi Schroeder

The staff is amazing!

Shane Whitehouse

Hands down best theater in Lincoln, probably the state.

Bill Dinger

Recently renovated theater located in the south pointe mall. The actual theaters are quite nice with reserved seating and reclining seats that can be used as couches as well if there on a date. Audio visual equipment is standard, although a single theater there has been equipped with the Dolby dlx experience. Concessions have also been upgraded in addition to standard movie fare there's a ice cream and sweets style counter with some hot food (like pizza) available. The negatives are since this is located at a mall parking sucks and getting into and out requires fighting mall traffic.

Abby Quinn

I wouldn’t change anything except the food prices

Alison Ludwig

One of my go-to theaters in Lincoln. Mostly because they have seating that isn't that silly overpriced Dreamlounger stuff. I like to come for early bird pricing, and to avoid the crowds. It's kind of a long way to drive but it's in a nice area with lots of other things to do and cute little shops around.

Dave Mayhew

Nice seating, concessions are expensive.

Linda Anders

My favorite theater. Love their $5 Tuesday movie specials.

Rawan Ali

I really liked it better then the one at downtown food was great


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