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Where is Marcus Theatres Majestic Cinema of Omaha?

REVIEWS OF Marcus Theatres Majestic Cinema of Omaha IN Nebraska

Sue Makin

Love the red leather 'lazy boy' seating! Theatre was clean, restroom was clean.

Lacey Peters

I love the reclining seats, by far the most comfortable theater. They have many snack options and meals as well as a bar. All food and drinks can be taken into the theater and even ordered during the movie. They do come at the marked up movie theater cost though.

Erica Adair

Great place to see a movie. I would give them 5 stars if they had Student Thursday’s and the mini sugar donuts that the Twin Creek location offers.

Brett Jones

I always love coming to the movies. Great place, easy access. The floors need a little TLC but overall great theatres!

David Wallace

I just love coming here. Sure, you pay a little extra for concessions bit there something about the experience that makes for a great night out. Overall it's very clean, although the soda stations get a little disheveled. The recliner …

Darrell Darrell

Place is great. Try the wings you wont be dissapointed.

Tyson Dunbarr

Love the ability to reserve seating. The prices are reasonable for the going rate too go see the movies. The concessions aren't the cheapest but they are far from the most expensive. Also, Tuesdays are $5 movies with free popcorn.

Jeremy Rose

Solid theater, I still maintain that it could use like a 'deep clean' refresh. I occasionally get some vibes of it being a bit old feeling? But I still really prefer this theater for the seats, the layout, and it's also super close to us. Sure Alamo is neat, but it's so far away, and it's stadium seating vs these nice lounge recliner seats... Highly recommend.


Best theater in town!

kolby johnson

Definitely my go-to movie theatre in Omaha! Love the seats and food! Bar section is quite nice as well. **Update the soda fountain station though... Paying $5 for soda you guys should have better choices. Everyone else has the touch screen which has 100 choices.

Becky Alexander

Always a great venue. Food was fantastic!

Justin S

The seats here are comfortable. 5 buck tickets on Tuesdays. 4 out of 5 because the sound is decent but could be better.

Sharla Ederington

We always have an amazing experience when seeing movies here. Great staff amd exceptional customer service provided every time.

Lawrence Hernandez

The mozzarella sticks alone are worth going for!

Roxanne Straub

We love Majestic. Great atmosphere. Clean and comfortable seats. During the holidays they had someone playing the piano. It was very festive !

Tom Halverson

America's best what an awesome place to experience a cinema.

Heather Dumas

Love the recliner seats. Nice staff!

Daryl Paulk

Alot of options to enjoy a movie night out


Need to be more clean. They didn't clean after the show. Its popcorn. Everywhere on the floor and seat!!


Very dirty theatre and restrooms. Food & trash all over floors and in parking lot. Disappointing for potentially and decent theater.

Monett Hart

Open and Spacious...Clean...Chairs recline electronically....LOVE IT!

Bradley Reis

Very nice movie theater. All the seating is, assigned seating.

Eddie White

The best theater around

jacob jackman

Great price, service, & the environment is Comfy. Would definitely recommend.

Lori Ujhely

Favorite place to watch movies

Tyler Bundy

I held an event here and Marcus theaters in rented out an entire theater for my past clients for my client appreciation party. It was a great success they allowed me to play videos that I chose before the actual movie started in place of the previews and we were able to enjoy a Blockbuster movie!


Such a cool atmosphere, bar has special drinks, and they have great reclining seats to relax and enjoy the movie.

Gregory Hall

I love Marcus theaters. The movies, staff, seating are all superb. What doesn't make sense is bar quality food at expensive prices.

Haylee Huskey

Very clean and super friendly staff

Evan Beck

Nice theater. They have great deals on Tuesday

Stephen Moore

The Blue Icee was out of order again. Otherwise it's my favorite theater.

brandon most

I've seen quite a few movies here over the years and still remember when the "20 grand" was first built. At this point though I think it's time for some repairs and a deep clean. 3 out of 3 kiosks up front were broken, meaning we had to stand in line to get tickets even after preparing ahead of time. Other theaters we can just scan our phone and walk in with no need for either which is much easier on everyone. The other issue was the DIY soda station was pretty gross. I doubt it got that dirty by mid day, but if that's the case, it might be time to step up the cleaning schedule.

Heather Daggett

Clean and easy to get your tickets and be in your seat for the previews

Gary Pinter

The service was good .but the prices were too high

Marcus Martinez

Always have a great time here

Usmon Dehqonov

Always good, like the people and early access to the movies

Terran Hattaway

Clean theater, usually a quick line for concessions unless you show up just before the show time or are attending a particularly busy day. The bistro offerings are ok, I wouldn't call this a dinner and a movie type of situation. Also haven't ever tried any drinks from the bar so I unfortunately can't comment on that aspect.

Celly Sue

i love this Cinema, food is cool, comfy seats. im always happy here.

April Randall

Nicely decorated modern appeal. Friendly service. Not too busy when we went. Chairs were very comfy also

James Grandstaff

Ah, the comfy seating of the Majestic! Their seats make it possible for me to sit through a long movie and still be able to leave without feeling like I am too stiff to move. Today, we saw X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Overall, the plot was coherent, with stellar performances by the cast. The Majestic is in a great location, with other businesses nearby which have a variety of shopping available. Overall, they still have good food, with enough screens to show a large number of movies. To date, this is my favorite spot for movies, even above AMC locations.

Lynn Armagost

Relaxing environment great reclining seats!

sandeep chilukuri

Theater is good with reclining seating.Went for The Lion King 3D

Bruce Guichard

Popcorn and a cherry slushy...heaven!

Anne Knight

Comfortable awesome way to relax and see a movie! I felt like I was sitting in my own living room.

Nathan Douglas

This will always be my favorite movie theater in Omaha.

April Trisdale

Almost always a good time. Exception being once they couldn't find my member card in their system even tho I have been a member for years.

jodi shely

Love this place. Very nice staff, to date lol.

Sue Klein

The best place to see a movie. Family friendly

David Smith

I think the prices of the food is a bit expensive and the alcohol/liquor is way over priced.but other wise a great experience


This has been a popular movie theater for several years. The location is excellent, on the corner of two major streets and with plenty of restaurants nearby so you can make a full evening of it. The food at the restaurant and the concession stand is much better than standard popcorn and Mike-n-Ikes. And the seating in the auditoriums is very comfortable. We really appreciate the discounted tickets, too, on $5 Tuesdays.

Karen Mitschelen

This is my favorite theater to go to. It's clean. The workers are nice and helpful. The food is great.

Henry Matthews Jr

I always like trying to go to Marcus majestic. Its one of the 2 close theaters where I live at. I know usually I'll have to preorder tickets in advance which is fine. But never really had a bad experience at majestic

V. James

Food was great. Atmosphere was warm and comforting. Ambiance was amazing.

Kane Jacks

Fantastic theater.... let my youngest run around inside with only five people in the theater. People are always friendly and they always have the best movies.

Firecreeperk8 FC8

What a great theater. Always has high quality workers, mcdonalds caters, chick filla, freddy fazbears pizza is always there. Makes the corn state better. I guess nebraska we got dem corn on da cob at marcus theatres. I play the piano there. So one time minecraft qnd I thought so what would be the best way to get there is to get a link to be a good time to get a job done with a lot of the creek and get a lot of people out of the state and the fact that I have a lot of money to be made in my life is the only way we could get the job together but it is not just that you are going back into your home state or the city or you have a chance of winning a playoff berth and you can be the only team that has Risen in this season and I have a great chance of winning a team and the best teams are going forward with a lot more of this season because they have been in this situation and the players who is the only player in this league are going through a jam of coarse ice and the rest is a lot more than the game that we are going forward. And thats why i love marcus

Jessica Bogenreif

Comfy friendly and close to shopping centers

Jennifer Kennedy

Love going to this place with my family!

Doom Totem

The app selected the wrong time for a movie and we didn’t recognize it until it was too late. It was later at night and we both had to work. There was no way to cancel the tickets and after calling the theatre before the show time we got no response and no callback. When we appeared in person later that night we were refused a refund even though we didn’t see the movie. We will be taking our business elsewhere. Trash app trash policies. “We treat them like concert tickets, if you don’t return them 30 min prior in person we don’t refund.”

Jerry Tegtmeier

Love lounger seats. Food service to seat pricey, but fun for birthdays. Dolby Atmos sound system awsome.

Leann May-Burr

Comfortable seating and very clean. Buy your tickets online and you can always get your favorite seat in the theater.

Andrew Watts

Server was great. Food was delicious, beer was cold.

Kerry Harland

Employees are very courteous and friendly. Theaters are clean. Seats are clean and comfortable.

Todd Horton

So amazing! Love this place


My friends and I go here every Tuesday. Mainly because of the 5 dollar tickets. Even when the movie is sold out there is plenty of room because of the recliner seating. The staff all are willing to go out of their way for you. In the 100+ movies I've seen there I've had one bad experience and spoke with the manager about it and had my movie refunded and was given additional tickets to another film. This is MY movie theater!

Michael Sondag

The dream loungers are very comfortable. The food is diner quality. They have really good screens!

David Jorgensen

This is not the closest movie theater to my house but by far my favorite. Will say I was disappointed they did not have Overcomers playing at this location.

David Garcia

This place is definitely one of the better movie theaters in Omaha. It has given me the best experience with recliner seats and being served entire meals during your movie!! Though it is a nice facility, it sure gives it a reason to be relatively packed and crowded, but that's proof that this theater is of great quality!


Very nice theathers the floors were very clean and obstruction free which made using my crutches very easy

Chris Curtis

One of cleanest movie theaters I have been in. Bathrooms were clean and didn't stink. All staff was friendly and greeted us. Only complaint was popcorn tasted burnt.

Janelle Hardy

The parking lot is terrible, the rows are too close together making it virtually impossible to get you car out once other people park behind you. It's also incredibly dirty, this place could be so great if the owners put some of the profits back into the business.

Davis Tolbert

Great movie theater (overpriced concessions). It may just be a Missouri thing (where I'm from) but in MO you just walk up and pay for a ticket. I learned from the in-laws that it's not really something that is done in NE because all their ticket sales are online. So if you're from out of town thats good to know. Also seating is arranged and not just pick what's open and the arrangements are done online when you buy the ticket so that's also a good thing to be aware of.

Chandy Candy

We really like this theatre. The seats are awesome and the food is good, popcorn is always fresh. But good God- almost $12 for a movie ticket on the weekend? I understand you have to pay employees and pay for your overhead but that's about the steepest of anywhere I go. Much like southpointe in Lincoln. But... it's nice and clean, the people are super friendly and I can't complain too much.

Michael Selman

Always a great experience when going 2 Majestic movie theater. Richard the ticket guy is awesome.

Derek Ruppert

Process getting tickets were fast and smooth. New guy running the register. Was polite and apologetic for learning which wasn't necessary. The recliners are much better compared to the original seats. Who doesn't love a good movie?

MrHill 1981

Movie experience was great but the cashier's at the food counter were very rude, young , no customer service experience at all.

Austin Petak

Chairs are comfy and recline. Like any movie theatre food is way over priced. Thus 4 stars

Lashree Mattan

This has been my favorite movie theater for about 3yrs. Last night I went to see Widow and had an issue with my food. The management went above and beyond to take care of me, I've never witnessed anything like it. I was treated better than I would have been treated at a 5 star restaurant! Thank you!

Al Holzapfel

We have been going to Majestic for years and the theater's and sound system are great. However, the service has been going down hill since. We ALWAYS wait in a LONG line for the over-priced concessions. I know ALL theater's have high price concessions, but Majestic will have 5-6 people walking around behind the counter, with only 2 of them helping the LONG lines. Greg Marcus would not approve.

Patty Johnson

Good food. I recommend the black bean burger.

M Scott

Great location & well maintained

James Thomas

Comfortable seats, good food from the concession stand and great Tuesday deals. Unfortunately no Coca-Cola, only Pepsi.


Love this theater. We are here at least every other week.

Adam Houghton

It's really nice place to go with friends and watch a movie in some comfortable seats.

Lori Caspers

Nice clean theater, cocktails are a little expensive but Tuesday prices make up for that

Susan Skinner

Clean theatre. Comfortable seats. Loved the closed captioning device!

John McKinley

Do not ever apply to work here. The customers treat you like you’re the scum of the earth. The managers also like to pick favorites, give them special treatment and let everyone else know about it. Any problems that staff brings to managers is not addressed and that goes for customer complaints as well. All in all this is a horrible place to work please never apply here

Jared Anderson

gets dirty quick. tuesday $5 movies is awesome. reclining seats. serves food. even being dirty at times, we generally go here first and we don't even live on that side of town anymore

Lauren G

Our go to move theater! Super comfy chairs

Lavern Stewart

My husband and I enjoyed it very Much.

Gaven Vance

As with any movie theatre it's expensive and the food is garbage. But the seating and staff are great so I prefer the Majestic over any other.

Scott Thomsen

Didn't have that crowded theater feel with the spacious layout. The popcorn was great and I don't even like Popcorn LoL. We ordered our tickets online and picked the seats we wanted! Now that's cool. Will visit again.

Katherine Hicks

Loaded Nachos were very good. They need more snack choices but overall I enjoyed myself. Customer service was great!

brooke Lamprecht

Great family fun! Really wish theaters would reconsider their concession prices!

Jaya Krishna Paragati

Best cinemas in town .. like the way serve popcorn .. adding butter

Tatianna Guinn

Seats are so comfy and recline! Gets busy on $5 Tuesdays, but so worth it! When you buy tickets you get assigned seats. Another plus! We signed up to be members and got a huge bucket of popcorn for $4 and a free small one! Love this place!

Raymond Heller

Theater is nice as are the recliners and food. Almost 30 minutes of commercials and previews before actual movie started.

Lucas Outman

I was pretty happy with the theater as in movie quality and the seats were cozy, but man the ticket guy and drink vendor seemed to have sticks up their rear end or something because they had no hospitality

T Dunbarr

Reserve seating, reclining lounge chairs, good popcorn. Reasonable prices. A good place even if the movie isn't.

Donna Wade

Nice theatre. Love the recliner seats.

Brandee Otto

Always clean. Love the recling seats.

Skyler Willis

Great staff, good food, seats are comfy.

Cheryl Courtier

Comfy and inviting, loved the movie and theatre,convient locale for visiting my family

Tara B

Comfy seats and tasty food. The server was friendly and accommodating as well.

Keith Thornton

Seats are comfortable. The screens could be a little bigger, but still a great place to enjoy a movie.

Scott Schwartz

Great place to see a movie

Teresa Methe

Love this particular movie theater. The movie prices are fair and the concessions cost about what you’d expect. The seats are extremely comfortable and recline. This theater was one of the most clean in Omaha that we’ve been to, other than one other. Great selection of movies too.

Jacob Carton

Very nice place. Comfortable seating. The lobby is a tad small, but otherwise good. I ordered my ticket online, and it was fine, but the website doesn't do a good job of displaying the scale of the rooms. In most cases, you'll want a seat towards the center, as the back seats are Really far back, and the screen gets a little small.


One of the nicest movie theaters I've visited. Loved the reclining chairs and the fact is a 3-gen family owned business. Thank you for keeping the legacy.


Best theater seats in town. The seats are large, leather, comfy and reclining. I know technology is making life more convenient but I am not a big fan of this theater allowing people to buy tickets online in advance and reserving their …

Joshua Robertson

Not as good as Marcus Twin Creek. Would not have come here if the movie I wanted to see (Tolkien) was playing at Twin Creek.

Erica Cartledge

Every time we've gone has been a positive experience. The recliners are awesome compared to the old style of cloth theatre chairs and everyone is always so helpful and good attitudes! I don't go anywhere else

Detrick Hill

Very comfortable seats with leg room

abdullah nather

The best theater in town ❤️ seats are big and comfortable, enjoyable environment

Nicole Mapes

Good theater. Staff are friendly. Cost is average for your typical movie theater. Will go back to see more movies

Cathryn Beck

Apart from this being our favorite theater in Omaha, their customer service has always been excellent. This week I purchased tickets from the Marcus App and we ended up having a snow storm the day of the show. Unlike a purchase through the Fandango app, Marcus's policy is that you have to go in person for refunds or exchanges but I called anyway, and they graciously refunded me over the phone to avoid me driving in that weather. This type of customer service is refreshing.


Went to go see spiderman: far from home there and it was amazing (no pun intended)

Rachel Jones

Love their reclinable couches, very comfy. Dirty bathrooms, the kind of dirty that looks like someone tried to clean it but didn't care enough to clean everything for a long period of time time.

Aaron Gallardo Jr

Awesome place to see movies, hands down my favorite theatre.

Vickie Stone

What a great place to watch a movie! The reclining seats were super comfortable... The price of popcorn was way too much as at most theatres but made it all worthwhile!


Out of all the theaters, this is the one I go to the most - everyone is so friendly!

Jaime Suarez Reyes

The seats are very comfortable, but they need to keep the soda dispenser area better.

Kimberli Gutierrez

Paid for Bistro and had fun, but my oldest daughter was 4 seats away from me and told me after the movie was over that they never brought her food that we had paid for. I tried to talk to someone after, but they were too distracted with a very intoxicated guy.

Robyn Crone

Comfortable recling seats and good concessions. Love $5 Tuesdays

Cynthia George

So un happy with the NEW Marcus Theater app!!!! When you look at movies playing it just list the names of the movie! Then You have to go to a different app just to see who is in the movie and what it is about ! By the time I do all that I am un-interested in even going to see a movie ! I haven’t seen a movie since the new app came out and I use to go to at least 3 or more movie every month !!!! :( Please fix this !!!!

Davonte Vinson

Beautiful theatre go here whenever I want to see a movie, they hold $5 tues. and the service when you get the Bistro is like you are at the Alamo but 10x cheaper. Oh and dont forget they have reclining chairs, so you feel like you are right at home.

Jose Martinez

It's alright. They happen to have different set ups then kost movie theater. The only thing I would improve in this place is the layout and decorations. I love that the drink are out for the customers to fill their drinks up and they have different popcorn flavors there like hot cheetoh flavoring. The seat are recliners and the area was clean for the most part. Something that is almost impossible in a movie theater. I think this place is one touch up away from being 5-Star.

Donovan Campbell

Excellent Theater, great seating, wish the screens and sound were a little better.

Miguel DC

of my favorite spots to go see a movie. The place is always clean there are huge recliner chairs to sit in. The staff is always quick and friendly. They also have a bar that serves drinks and food.

Mary Gilmore

I watched Aladdin and loved it...

Saravanan Arumugam

Great movie experience. Love their recliner seats. I guess this is the only theater around with such great seats.

Bonita Del Campo

Comfy seats an to be able to order food. And have it brought to you it rocks an the friendly staff. Its where I'll be .

D and M podcasts

I saw a movie here and the movie was good. Tired of that Marcus dude showing up

Desiree Hernandez

Love this theatre. I remember when it was 20 grand, as a kid my sister and i loved to play in the game room before the movie. They definitely should bring it back for the kids. Heck you not they already have a bar in there.

Benlee Richardson

Great theater! Awesome service and respectable staff. I will be going back to see more shows.

David Nelson

One of the best cinemas of all time. Every film I have ever seen here has brought me to the brink of tears. I once saw the face of Christ in the brown paper of the bathroom towel. I enjoy large LA cinema films and savor my life in Omaha. In a world devoid of meaning in service to managers who know nothing I only find solace in having a large Pepsi and watching a generic film here. I recently saw Hustlers here and whispered to myself I AM GOD.

Nebraska Red

Comfy seats and good prices.


It's the best theater to view a movie in comfort!

Hilda Lew

Everytime me in my family visit majestic its always best time

Deb Rouse

Love their bistro theater and their comfortable recliner seating.

Gloria Gardner

Saw Spiderman with Grandkids. All enjoyed the popcorn and treats plus movie!

Todd Howard

Super comfortable seating.

Joshua Hample

The dreamlounger chairs are awesome plus nothing beats the flavor of true theater popcorn.

Planet Reddit

Good seats one time a sat in front and if you recline the The chair you can barely notice. Easy website for booking seats. Very much recommend

Jade Gordon

The staff always goes above and beyond I love being a patron

Karen Thorne

Had a great time watching It with my family. Great drink and food selection. Love the seating!

Kiwi Aki

It was nice comfy and the food was great.

Paula Tobin

The movie was good. We ended up not getting the seats we wanted. Theta messed up

Michael Wright

The seats are nice recliners. The sound and picture were really good, but the food was terrible. The pop out of the machine tasted moldy. The chicken nachos were really greasy which made the chips soggy. When charging $28 for a drink, nachos, and popcorn I expected them to at least taste good. Overall not a bad experience but will not be getting food next time.


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