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REVIEWS OF East Park Cinema IN Nebraska


Always a great time. We can finally take our 3 year old to the movies and she will watch the whole thing. Theaters are always clean and staff is always so friendly and professional.


Since the remodel this place honestly looks pretty stunning, the outside is still a little plane but don't let that fool you, take a step inside and you'll see. The employees here are nice and do a very good job, and I always love the popcorn here. The only thing that sometimes gets on my nerves is the numbered seating since they added it with the remodel, but I completely understand why they have to do it, so I just have to get used to it.

Jake Schutte

Love the recliner seats and the ability to reserve/purchase tickets online. No more worrying about showing up early to get a good seat.

Bill Shelburne

Love the recliners

becky haskins

Always fun going to movies...holy cow expensive!!!!

Sherrie Allen

Awesome popcorn!Excellent comfortable seating!

Jon Miller

Good place in general but not very clean.

Moe D

Our family loves the movies and have always had a great experience at Marcus Theaters!

David Ellis

I enjoy the seating and hanging out with my boys.

Michelle Hensel

This theater is my favorite in Lincoln. The dream loungers here are more comfortable than others I've been to. I love the layout of the seats and that you pick them ahead of time. Also 5 dollar Tuesdays are awesome. You get free popcorn if you're a rewards member!

Michelle Paxton

Always courteous customer service

E.M. Seevers

Good theater but no dream loungers so you can't book seats ahead of time. Still, easy parking and 5 dollar movies on Tuesdays are great.

Matt Titchener

Theater is always clean, staff is always friendly. Big fan of the dream loungers in every theater, not just for comfort but because it saves so much hassle by selecting seats when buying the tickets. I know the remodel here was done several years ago, but it did a great job of improving the only theater on the eastern half of Lincoln. Restaurant inside serves pretty good food as well!

Maite Rodriguez

Went to see Endgame. Excellent experience, it's not a big theater but you can buy online, print out your tickets, they have food and coffee besides the regular stuff and reclining seats. Sound system is good although I didn't see the big screen just went to one of the regular. All in all very happy with the experience.

Kellie Kapke

It was really hot and some teens would not sit stll kept getting up n down

&!rc!e !!

Clean and reclining seats. Will be back.

Ron Tangeman

Great theater! Love the seats! Popcorn was addictively hot and fresh.

Jaime Jaramillo

Made to order donut dippers!!!!! Awesome!!

Rose Blair

Nice and clean, comfortable seats

stacey Loos

It isn't too busy and the seats are very comfortable.

Dayna Bahr

This is my favorite movie theater in town. I always can get the best seats!

Alysen Mp

I went to see the new Spiderman. Sooo gooddd. Good service, and nice chairs and good hd quality and noise. Good food and drinks. I love this place! Could be cheaper tho lol. Tuesdays are great!

Janet Schmidt

This is a decent and well-used theater. Needs some updating such as adding recliner chairs. Otherwise, enjoyed experience!

Laura Mueller

We had a great time. The place was packed. It was fun watching a movie with my family.

George Barker

Comfortable with great picture and sound.

Barbara Smith

Pretty decent prices for the theater.

Andrea Mcatee

Great place to see a movie the lounge chairs are fabulous!

Jim Laws

Great movie, popcorn and pepsi

A Collins

Bad seating If on the far ends screen was hard to see.

John Trumble

$11 and change is a bit pricey for a 3:45 matinee. But the place is nice, facilities and food are good, and the DLX experience is worthwhile.

Taylor Bernt

Great place to see a movie!

Cory Bellamy

Fantastic place to enjoy the night

Scott Jensen

Love the dream loungers

Julie Mueller

Consistently the best movie theatre in town. The manager is friendly and engaging, and if there are ever any problems he steps up to make sure everyone leaves happy. I feel like this place is my home away from home. Add in the lounging chairs, and I never want to leave.

Gregory Cutting

Great theater. More convenient than parking downtown.

Mathew Lawson

Movie good.

Matthew Hawke

Went to a movie with my son and the Downtown theater was so busy we decided to come hear and to be honest with you I might just drive a little farther from now on. The service was friendly and the theater was nice. The popcorn was good the only complaint is the ice machine was slow and that is me reaching for a complaint. Will be back!

funvideos 3135

There's nothing that can beat $5 Tuesday

Eric Stewart

Good Lord!!! $70 for 3 kids and me for admittance and concessions

Daniel Richards

Haven't had any real problems here except for the cost & availability of the food.

J Golas

I think that this is a wonderful place. It is so easy and it was really inexpensive. I went here to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and the theater was very comfortable and spacious. My girlfriend and I went here on our first date and we had an amazing time as well as an amazing viewing experience.


Horribly expensive to watch a movie with the kids, or even let them get something from the snackbar. They do a scratch ticket like you'll really be back soon after blowing through 80.00 just for admission, popcorn and water... No thanks. Nice chairs though. Terrible set-up in the event of a fire, or a real disaster... A 7 y/o who has to pee.

David Patterson

Nice and clean

Danielle Trout

God I love the seats there Lazy boys I was laying down watching Spider-Man Far from home!!! Totally going back when I get time go back to Lincoln

Gregory Tyrrell

I really fun place to spend time with the family.

Dalton Kock

Bathrooms were disgusting, theater was clearly not cleaned between showings. Left food tray on floor from previous seat occupants. Staff were less than enthusiastic at the counter, and no one was checking tickets from the self serve kiosks. The movie was the only real highlight of the night. Thanks Marcus... #ShutupGreg

Jay Carnes

Nice theater,, pricey, 13.50 for a regular fountain drink, and small popcorn. 11.75 for senior ticket, but it was a movie I wanted to see. Normally when in Florida for the winter I go a lot of 5 dollar Tues.

Spencer Delp

Good theater to catch the latest movies at. The parking lot is big enough so parking isnt an issue. The inside is clean and well kept. The staff is kind of hit and miss. The theaters are all clean as well. I dont really care for the food size of the Marcus Theaters branches, its gross and overpriced. This branch in specific shows a few main movies and a fee others due to limited screens.

Ankit Singh

Love this theater. Staff is very freindly. Only downside is costly concessions but overall I love this theater

Candy Rohweder

As always it was a very pleasant experience.

Amy Rockenbach

Clean, well staffed. Lines moved quickly. Popcorn had been made ahead, and wasn't hot. Theater was clean, and seats were comfortable.

Sandy Miller

I like the reclining seats.

Kyle Kramer

Really enjoyed the movie-going experience. East Park’s renovation was a great upgrade, & it’s now probably one of the best theaters in Lincoln. Free parking is a huge plus, and while concessions are pricey, there are lots of dining options near the theater to take advantage of beforehand.

Andrew Templeton

Friendly staff suggested options to save money. It was a relaxing experience.

Dark Oblivion

The best things I like about the theater is the hospitality and that they have a no spoilers rule in place. And the collector cups of course I just got a Spiderman one tonight thank you so much East Park for your dream loungers and the movies.

Vincent Vilay

Not bad. Not bad at all. Went here to watch Bohemian Rhapsody with some friends a while back. Was on a Tuesday, so it was only 5 bucks. I like the reclining seats. They were pretty comfortable. Whole place overall was fairly clean. Concessions looked to be a might pricey, but I figure that's to be expected at any movie theater.

Charlotte Lee

The actual theater is really nice, clean, comfortable seating, all very pleasant. The reduced stars is because of concessions- the concessions were so overpriced, it was insane. I know theater concessions are high but this theater's prices are outrageous ( this isn't NYC or LA- sheesh!) So go to the movies here, but come full or bring snacks from home.

Carol Schade

This is a great theater to visit with the reclining seats and all the different food you can order before you go in prices are a little high but that's normal for any movie theater food anymore really really great place the volume and stuff is always great on the movies they have lots of previews for movies coming up really like this place

J.L. Schmidt

Saw Mission Impossible. Always try to sit in Row E in the middle of the row. Can't beat the convenience of buying tickets online and picking them up at the front kiosk. The Dreamlounger seats make the whole experience better, even a crummy movie is better from a comfortable seat.

Lance Bauer

Prices are high, but the theater is nice and the staff are friendly

Toni Williams

People that work thy

Kevin Main

Wasn't bad! Slightly crowded due to holiday, but otherwise decent experience. Movie was good price but they always get you at the concessions. Damn! Need more selection!!

Keith Brown

Great threate but hard to find a great movie.

Shannon Dickmeyer

Its an awsome place to watch movies on tuesdays its only 5 dollors.

Bailey Rinehart

We love going to the movies on Tuesdays becaue of $5 Tuesdays. The theaters are always clean. They have the reclining chairs that are very comfortable as well.

Jeremy Reed

Love the dream lounger seats. The screen was not curved for the movie we watched so there were dark spots for us when we were sitting on the edge. Staff were nice. Wish it were cheaper to see movies.

Melissa W

Great customer service, clean, and great prices on Tuesday's.

Leah Huffman

Fair prices on movie tickets. Comfortable seating. EXPENSIVE concessions!

Sheri Cerveny

Clean friendly - could have better popcorn - kinda bland and dry

marie clinton

Love the dream loungers

Sue Yaunk

Popcorn was stale. Had to wait for fresh

Brad Belk

Ordered beer popcorn and cotton candy was excellent but the seats weren't great spots way too close to the screen

Kati Lee Gates

The seats are comfortable, the movies clear, and the concessions decent. I know it isn't much to look at from the outside, but the inside is nice.

bobby stevens

This would have been a great theatre, although one thing completely ruined my experience. That would be the customer service provided by Ellie (employee). Ellie helped me today at the concessions stand, and right off the bat, she was extremely rude. She was yelling and demanding things at her coworkers and causing an obnoxious scene for all of the customers to watch. She was also really slow and I don't think I'm coming back. Please fix.

Wilson Ellis

I had a wonderful time! Would go back again and again


Annoying to have no recliner. Easy fix, but not my job to go behind the seat and plug it in

trevor thomas

Great prices and love the dream loungers.

Lara Thompson

One of my favorite, and the best, theaters in town!

Angie St. Cin

Love the lounging recliners. The ticket kiosks are usually broken which slows down the process of getting your tickets and getting to your seats. Employees are usually decent. Have encountered a few that were pretty unprofessional.

Kevin Wright

Great service and, comfortable seating! Great Icee's too!

Shawn Wilson

Our seats didnt recline

Michael Mike

Great theater, great customer service, the gentleman that sold our snacks and beverages was very friendly and insightful. I'd definitely come back again.

Steve Swanson

Great weekend rates. Great reclining seats.

Sadan Lamichhane

Great atmosphere, well located, clean, with friendly staff. The seats are slightly smaller than the one in South Pointe Mall.


Endgame is amazing and the seats are super comfy hate the prices for a candy bar which should only be priced at a dollar

Samuel Pickerill

People were talking loudly during the entire movie, theater itself was great though

Tony Esbri

Great place for a movie

Chris Reid

Great theater, make sure you sign up for the rewards because if you don't popcorn and other concession items get pricey.

Ryan Burr

Very nice couldn't ask for more. Seats are outstanding. Little pricey tho but worth it

Fred Freytag

Great movie. Love the seats.

Laurie Bayless

Pricy, even matinee has gone up that we don't get popcorn anymore

Phillip Lackey

Great popcorn and seats

Michael Goebel

Staff may be a bit quirky, but overall good experience.

Mackiyah Love

Comfy seating. Need air fresheners in each of the theatre rooms though, musty.

David Morton

Nice! Easier parking and great theaters. Better for families than downtown.

Patrick Joyce

They was out of the bucket for the endless popcorn, and would not use the display, and the manger would not even do anything to keep a sale. I was very unhappy because I watched the movie I wanted to see, but without the endless popcorn. If they don't have a bucket for the endless popcorn, then they need to do something to make the customer happy. They did loose a sale at the snack bar.

Lonnie Higgins

Nice recliner and was clean!

Lisa Thompson

Being a huge movie fan I love this little theater. The tickets are pricer because of the comfortable reclining seats. They have great food, my favorite being warm brownie bites with cold ice cream on top, love it. I'll always keep coming back.

Brian Baack

Excellent place to watch movie

Keith Herald

Great place for a movie! Reclining seats. Very comfortable

Kristina Lopez

Wonderful movie theater! Clean and comfortable.

Addelle Pigford

Loved it!

Steven Fankhauser

Easy access, free parking, clean and comfy, great popcorn. Would be a five star but they just raised their prices a lot even for mantinees. Hard to take a family to a matinee at $8.50 a pop.

Figment Girl03

Great place to watch movies. Female bathroom always has at least one stall out of order though. Few chairs are in need of repairs or some deep cleaning. Never had a bad experience. It's our go to location for all movies

Jeff Lee

1 small beer and 1 small drink were $15. That's ridiculous. The soda probably costs 15 cents at most.

Sonya Francisco

Know they sell drinks, but letting a customer sneak in their own and the guy gets so drunk he is falling on people trying to watch the movie, then you let someone know ( manager) and they don't do anything except give you a look like what!

Chrystal Read

Toy Story 4 was the best! And the seats had me wanting to nap they were so comfortable!

Nick Petenes

Great theatre. Very friendly staff. Seats were great.


Good place to watch a movie. Lots of movie times starting as early as 8:00 AM, plenty of free parking. Just wish there were more 3D options.

Andrew anderson

The best movie theater in Lincoln. The theaters are always clean and staff always friendly.

Alex Martinez

Our evening was perfect! The atmosphere was pleasant and the service was speedy.

Sandra VanLandingham

I love this theater.


I love this place I was able to buy the seats next to me so I don't have to fight anybody for an armrest.

Emily Bohnart

I took my 9 year old and 2 year old here to see a movie. Everything was going fine until my 2 year old started to get impatient and fuss. After briefly trying to quiet him down, I took him out of the theatre where he proceeded to throw a typical 2 year old fit outside of the movie. I had just calmed him down when I was approached by a manager and told that if I didn’t “have him under control,” that we’d all be asked to leave. He told me they’d received a noise complaint, to which I told him that yes, when he began to cry, I removed him from the theatre. I asked what else I was supposed to do, and the gentleman repeated again that I needed to keep him “under control.” I don’t know if any of you have kids, but if so, you’d know that it is very hard to keep a 2 year old quiet at all times. My youngest has gone to other movies just fine, but he did have a tantrum for which I removed him from the theatre for. The gentleman was so rude, I was afraid to even return to the theatre for us to try finishing the movie. My 9 year old then sat through an hour and a half of the film completely by himself, and we spent money on tickets and snacks for absolutely nothing. While we sat in the lobby, the 2 managers kept looking over at us and snickering and glaring. I understand not wanting to have a child screaming through a movie, but if the child has been removed for his noise and calmed himself down, was it really necessary to threaten us in such a way that we felt unsafe to even return? It spoiled our day for sure, and we will never return. Poor management, no respect, and the theatre was dirty when we arrived.

brooke jacobsen

Staff was nice (nicer than my last experience at The Grand) the food is good but expensive. Fried pickles are awesome!! Seats were nice too.

Aydan S.

They redid the theater and it looks amazing. Also they added self help ticket machines.

technical kinda guy

Great seating, perfect location

Amber Shook

The service was great and the movie even better.

K. Peterson

This theater has patient, friendly staff most of the time I visit. I had a poor experience and they made it better for me immediately (this was last summer). The theater is always clean and the seats are comfortable. My only complaint is it always seems chilly inside. Solution: Bring your own blanket!

Matthew Dibbern

Very comfortable. Friendly staff. Nice theater.

Kenneth Calnan

Love EastPark! It's the theater we use the most. Love the expansion in food and snacks. Love you can get a beer. And love the new comfy seats that recline and have foot rests. I know it's way too expensive at the movies but at least you can be robbed blind in style with comfy seats, lol!

Sue Smith

So relaxing..Great reclining seats..Good Tuesday prices on tickets, food, and free popcorn. A fun, cheap date night . Thanks Marcus...

Sterling Musholt

Awesome place to watch a movie. Great recliners and very clean facility. Recommend this place for kids of all ages.

LeRoy Downey

Great seats and pleny of leg room

April Morrison

I really liked the service and the seating. It was clean too

Theresa Nance

Able to Enjoy a Movie and Time with my Granddaughter


Very clean very comfortable theater featuring great sound and amazing seating!

Steven Valder

I like that plas

Raina Hameer

East Park had always been my favorite theater but now that it has finished the remodel I can't think of anywhere else I would want to go for a movie. The new seats alone were such an appreciated update. Throw in the new menu and layout and you're practically walking into a whole new movie going experience!

Roger Timperley

Love the Dream Lounger seats! Theatres, restrooms and lobby are always nice and clean.

Jordan Vlasnik

Nice theater. Managers don't care. Had a group of people (3) talking and on their phone through the first 20 minutes of a movie. I left the theater and complained to a manager. They said they would come talk to them. An hour later the manager never came and the people were still on their phones. There's 4 Marcus theaters in Lincoln, go to a different one.

Francie Elder

It was a very good movie. Peanut butter falcon. Staff was very nice also..

Janelle Jackson

Nice family evening. Two of the recliners that my group had (DID NOT WORK) so that really kind of sucked.

Lanny Ropers

The seats are electric and recline, most comfortable I've ever sat in!

benjamin hoyt

I asked them to be quite. They didn't listen. I told the lady at the front desk the screen number and the seat codes. The man with a blue dress shirt and dark tie came in and stood at by the rail for 10 seconds and then left without ever saying anything to the men who continued to talk and take photos once he left. Do your fn[k1ug job, dude.

Allen Malsbury

Always clean and friendly.

Gwendolyn Farewell

Comfortable and clean, lots of food and drink options. Very convenient parking.

Brad Clements

Love the dream liner seating and the assigned seating when you purchase your tickets. Lots of free parking near the theater. Good stuff

Shaun Cummins

I love the big screens. This place used to be the biggest dump, but they renovated it and now it's one of the best.

Dorothy Deschane

Hate the lights stayibg on thru previews as makes it hard to see & enjoy them - also not a fan of having to pick seats ahead of time - what was wrong with the old way of just letting us go in & pick empty seats ? Searching for #'s and then not likeing where you picked because chooseing off a keypad isn't as good a way - otherwise no complaints - love the comfy recliner seats , movies & $5.00 movie days as we're seniors on fixed budget -

Shannon Arena

Great movies, great popcorn, great time. I love coming here :)


Plenty of space for free parking is a plus to enjoy the movies :D

Corey Trevor

Love coming to youre theatre to enjoy the newest experience, art, and ability to travel to new places and back in a couple of hours time. I have had many meaningful and wonderful memories made at your Eastpark location specifically. Thank you and keep up the good work Marcus Theatres.

Cathy Ott

Uncomfortable and dirty loungers, need to be replaced. South Pointe theater cleaner.

Mike Taylor

Place is so much nicer than when I worked there in high school.

David Traxler


Stewart Pascoe

Love the new reclining seats

Shane Whitehouse

Wonderful experience. The seats were so comfortable, almost like sitting in my chair at home. The food though a little pricey was delicious and filling. Overall a great trip to the movies.

Nancy Gerke

Popcorn was ok. Its better at the Grand. Online seating chart was not the same as actual seating. Sound was great. Picture was good.

Treven Bruce

Always a great time and great service, they were patient helping me figure out the info for my rewards card even though I had no idea what number it was under and it took a few tries. The concessions workers are always equally helpful, suggesting combos to help save money and adding that extra extra butter!

Ryan Evans

My favorite theater in town. The parking is super easy and accessible. Always clean.

Darryl Lock

It's a movie theater...what can I say?!? It was clean and comfortable.

Brian Fitzgerald

Not always every movie but good seats maybe a little TOO comfortable

Stephanie Trumblee

Love that you can reserve seats. Great rewards program. Nice, comfortable reclining seats. Nice staff. Good movie selection.

Karen Johnson

Excellent movie

Tyler Goodrich

I hadn't been in this theater in almost 10 years. I can't believe the difference the remodel has made.... staff could use a little more training in the concession area and do a deep clean. However, the rest of the place was very clean

Deena Griffin

Comfy chairs


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