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REVIEWS OF Aksarben Cinema IN Nebraska

William Swett

$5 Tuesdays. 'Nuff said. But they also do military discounts. The theaters are always clean, great sounds quality, and (mostly) comfortable seats.

Judy Meyer

Be sure and see the lion king! It's so good

Tera Barber

I had a wonderful date night with a great movie comfortable seating and cute souvenirs to remember it by!

Robyn Popescu

Beautiful Movie Theater in Omaha. I am visiting here and my dad told me it's a very new complex- and it shows. The seats are very luxurious - and even have cup holders. We didn't buy any snacks, but the concession stand had a lot to choose from. My granddaughter and I saw Toy Story 4, and we were able to select our seats. The sound system was excellent. All of this for the bargain price of $12.00 for both of our tickets

Percy Dukes III

Mannn y'all get that Henny Berry Fiz #ThatIsAll

Elaine Svoboda

Clean and friendly. Wholesome movies to chose from (pg)

Morgan Heafey

Nice staff clean theaters..

Seth McCoy

This is a nice place to relax and watch a movie.


The worst theater in omaha

Sharon Carss

Very nice and clean. People working there helpful. Pool and hot tub great

Myst- Repeat

Great place to watch movies had a great experience.

Casey Claus

Always a great experience here. Tuesday nights are the best. $5.00 movies and $2.00 sodas and hot dogs!

Shan Pierce

Affordable great staff excellent movies very clean establishment

Fannie Greene

I love the seats very comforable and real good customer service

Jeff C

Went to see an opening movie on December 20th. It was freezing inside the theatre. Had to keep our jackets on and it was still uncomfortable.

Comar Logans

Excellent place but kinda high prices on snacks.

Elizabeth Anne

Love this theater, I go there all the time. $5 Tuesdays are great and in a very convenient location

Adam Vogel

Not my favorite theater in town. They will do in a pinch, though.


I loved it Detective Pikachu movie was so amazing!

LaShaun McCroy


Gregory Keefe


Paris White

Some seats recline and some don't. It's reserved seating so you can grab a bite to eat before hand and not have to worry about there being no more seats. Makes it great to book in advance for the more popular movies. Great movie theater and tons to do around the theater before or after the movie

Mia Stubblefield

Love the theater and the staff are always nice. The bathrooms could use a bit more cleaning though

Lynette Berg

Horrible snack prices unless you go on tuesdays. Cinema is really nice and easy to navigate. Nice comfy large seats.

Patrick Geho

Clean theatres and fast concession lines

Green Dragon

Was helped by a young lady named Kaeli, I believe. She was very helpful and polite! She definitely earned my respect. I want to see her face around this theater more often :)

Max Sanders

Great place, it was clean, the seats are comfortable, and got to pick our seats.Concessions are easy to navigate, and the soda machine has many flavors.

Steph H

Besides the less than respectful girl who sold us our tickets it was nice. We typically go here if we go to the movies. Not a fan of rude employees, everyone else was super nice and helpful though. Not a fan of having to choose your seat before you get inside either. I'm the kind of person like likes to get into the theater and choose based on other

Angie Stapleton

Today was my very first time ever going to this place. It's really beautiful and spacious. I really love how the lay out of the interior is. I went to go and see "Green Book". That movie was awesomeness and great. I seen the previews of the movie way before going to see it. And I said that that was going to be the movie that I want to see. The cashier and staff were very very friendly and helpful. They were able to help me pick out the right movie that I wanted to see and they did. And I really and truly thank them for that. Even though I was holding up the line though. I would love to go back and see another movie there as well one day.

Pat Constance

I had a great time. Always enjoy Aksarben Cinema.

David Earl

Great place to see a movie in great entertainment and dining district

Gloria Mont

today I had a bad experience a man began to insult me in front of my daughters, for a parking place since he came in the opposite direction, when I got down he verbally assaulted me on the street and inside the cinema no employee did anything. I think he had a bad day but God bless him and don't treat any woman like that

jessica brown

I really loved the movie. This is the first time I want to a premier

Daniel Shute

Have great movie ticket prices. Bathrooms need to be bigger to accommodate more people. I feel like they need to take out the front front row because it's too close to the screen. Other than that the staff was very friendly and polite. And overall a good place to catch a movie.

Matthew Jones

Easy to park. Very comfortable seats.

DJ Vaught

Nice place, don't have the recliners that I'm used to.

Tee Money


lilly carter

5 dollar Tuesdays are the best and they usually have a deal for popcorn and soda on that day. You just might have to wait a little while in concession line. Clean and comfy theater (especially the lounge seats).

Harley Bass

A wonderful theatre to go to. The couple seats allow you to snuggle with your significant other.

alexander vondoom

Awesome theater and amenities. Go to movie theater for me.


I love this theater. It’s always clean, the seats are comfy, they have a bar, and popcorn is good. My only beef is that, although the Tuesday deals are incredibly affordable, getting a small popcorn and drink on any other day will set you back $11. I would definitely spend more on concessions if the popcorn were a bit cheaper, even just for matinee showings.

Tina Spatz

We really enjoy this movie theater in general. Besides that it is convenient to us the theater has a good feel to it. And of course they serve alcohol which is a plus. However I do have a few complaints. Their bathrooms are always always always dirty. Thank goodness for purse hooks because I barely want the bottoms of my shoes to touch the floor. Also in the past 8 months or so, they changes something about their popcorn and I know at least 3 people who it makes sick to their stomach, myself included. Since then we have to get dinner before going to the movie (rather than having a popcorn dinner which is one of my favorites).

Tammy Phillips

Good customer service and great matinee prices and senior discounts

Tammy Jackson

Great place to take the family. Especially if you go on $5 Tuesday's.

Jerry Parriott

My go to movie theater. I love paying and choosing my seats online, and printing off my tickets at the theatre. Comfortable seats and friendly staff.

Ben Nzem

Nice place, confortable seat, good location, it's clean

Deb Bradley

Comfortable seating, audio not too loud, concessions ridiculously high!

Rosemary Deloa

Enjoyed the whole atmosphere and staff

Kristen Warden

Seriously the nicest movie theater I've ever been to!

Bryon Leeper

Nice seats, comfortable too. Average priced food and drink.

Amol Gurjarpadhye

The best of Omaha..! Rightly said.. There theatres under roof with ACX Aksarben. You would love to watch movie, eat food and hang out.

Oscar dela Rosa

No complaints about it everything was great. Although all cinemas need to work on lowering their food and drink prices a bit.

Kelly Minard

Great cinema..had food and drinks.

Sara Born

Really nice theater. Bar, concession Such comfortable seats Family owned. Great location . Wonderful people who work there.

Crispen Sanchez

great seats loved the reclining chairs see Alita

Jeff Magnuson

So baller my go to jam


I booked tickets for 9:00 pm show and was late by 30 minutes.I told the same to the guy at the ticket counter and asked tickets for 9:55 show. No questions asked he immediatly told me to select seats for the 9:55 show. Amazing service. I would rate this the second best theatre after Village pointe cinema.

Shawn Bina

Experience was awesome, but the snack prices are outrageous

Jim McWilliams

Great neighborhood movie theater. Plenty of food and snacks.

Paul Baker

The best theater in Omaha. Great screens, great seats, and they know how to crank the sound.

JoAnne Young

Everything great except the bathrooms.

Donn Holmes

Decent is all i can say

Cody Kitzmiller

Good theatre and great location. Lots of parking in the back, like the weekly deals and the concessions are top notch.

Glenda Langley

Movies good food great parking Farmers Market is awesome easy to get around bikes ride


It's a movie theater, overpriced food and drinks. oftentimes you find people sitting in the seat that you reserved, and when you tell staff about it they seem to not do anything. The lack of recliners makes it unfavorable as a movie theater that I would highly recommend. Parking is another challenge.

Jon J.

A decent theater. Good screens, sound, and great seats. Parking is a bit of a walk though.

Eugene Taylor

One of tge best theaters in town. The large ACX auditorium is fantastic, and had one of the best sound systems I've ever heard. Full bar as well, with a good selection.

Zach Roland

Great local theatre, the bar is pricey so not totally unexpected

Jon Schriner

This is easily our favorite theater in town. Tuesday nights are great. $5 ticket, $2 small popocorn and $2 small soda. You just can't beat it.

Kira Tropp

It was good although I was a little surprised not all the seats rebounded in the theater.

David Ortman

simple, comfy and good sound system. Assigned seating is nice and the fact you can grab a drink or two on the way in is great. Staff is courteous. Good stuff, but not knock you socks off good.

Jennifer Lamar

Great locally owned theater. 5 dollar Tuesday is fantastic! Comfortable seats.

Scott Rhoads

Best movie going experience in Omaha. Locally owned too. Gives it that personal touch the big chains simply cannot do for you. There's a reason it's won Best of Omaha since it opened.

Mecca Slaughter

I've yet to have a bad experience at this theater. Exceptional service every time I go. I was running late for my movie and my family member left my ticket at the front. I was able to tell them there was a ticket for me and they had it ready. Would definitely be back.

Austin Petak

Great seats, easy viewing, used to be cheap.

Jessica Powell

I like this cinema mainly because they offer adult beverages and comfortable seating. It's also next to a lot of eateries in the area.

Frank Bracken

Ok place. Not one of my favorites

Dorothy Osborne

Location, comfy seats, good choice of movies

Patti Seeley

Good movies comfy seats the hot dog was a bit overdone

Julie Knight

Delicious food and great staff!!

John Mccomic

Great atmosphere, went when it was busy with Omaha film festival, but was still comfortable.

Carmen McNally

My husband and I live in West Omaha, but this is our favorite theater to go to. The employees are courteous, the popcorn is hot, and the bartenders make a great gin and tonic. And being located in the Aksarben area is a big plus! So many options for dinner before or after the movie.

William Miller

Saw Captain Marvel, they had great sound and comfortable chairs. I recommend it to anyone looking to see a movie.

Amy Upchurch

This is a really nice movie house. Love the newness of the construction, the cushy seats & easy-boy-type seating, the nice bathroom furnishings, trained staff. Concessions is still completely junk food. Movie volume continues to be verging on painful.

Todd A

Nice place, the seats that dont recline are super uncomfortable.

Kelly Skiles

I love it there always clean and nice people working there thank you for a great afternoon with my daughter

Jireh B

I've seen older comments about the reclining seats not working for like 9 months now and you surely haven't fixed it yet. Does anybody from the corporate even read all these reviews???

Daniel yoder

Comfy seats! No long ticket lines. Well run theater.

Caleb Stout

This is a great place to watch the trending movies at a great price!

devin mueller

Great location but the popcorn could be better

Max Ann Castater

Decentl theatre. Seats don't recline and the image quality the film could've been better but it's still pretty nice.

Katherine Hicks

They have new seating or maybe it's been awhile since I've been here. Clean and comfortable.

Jorge Siow

Brought my son for an early morning showing and the place was super clean and service was pretty quick.

Adrian Fuentes

The people at the ticket booth have no personality. But the young man that helped me at the concessions was friendly and offered me a similar deal, but with refills for just about the same price. That's always appreciated!

Jessica Raymond

First time I've ever been to Aksarben Cinema. Tickets were cheap, popcorn was good and the seats were comfy! I appreciate that they showed Out of Omaha. It was a great film!

Lulu Whiteside

On March 12,2019 , my family and I received the worst customer service ever! We’ve been going to this place for years and then all of a sudden something unusual happened. Despite of all of my family and I being upset, Chris, a manager that was on duty was kind and apologized for all the wrongful doing and made the night better. He was nice to us all night. Thanks Chris.

Missy D

Had people behind me constantly kicking my chair with their legs. Usually go to theater that has recliners. Now I know why. I don't miss this kind of seating. Hopefully will upgrade and put quality and comfort over $$$. Otherwise nice theater.

Beth Biros

I love this theater. The newly remodeled interior makes it very comfortable to watch movies. I like that you can grab a cocktail or any type of pop imaginable and the concession selection is great! Clean area, great staff.


Nice,Big but Decent chairs sit in


This theater has all of the latest movies and is nicely located near bars and restaurants, which makes for a convenient night out with everything in walking distance. The seats are comfortable and there is a bar inside, which is a nice touch for the adults.

Don Slaughter

Good seats, good audio, and great prices on Tuesdays.

Jon Andersen

Nice movie theater located in a busy area. Comfortable lounge seats that do not recline. Soda machines were out of many flavors of soda at 7:30 on a Saturday night

Garret Smeal

I’ve been more comfortable watching a movie on Alaska Airlines.

Ann Steele

Popcorn taste old, seats did not reclined,

Charles Barton

Great theater. Offering full bar service. Friendly and attentive staff.

Shirley Fritz

My son special needs social group goes to the movie once a year and eats a DJ Duggars dugout both the cinema and DJs treat them royally highly recommend this place.

Estefany Gonzalez

So good the popcorn so good

Terrill Dunn

Great customer service

Armando Morales

Went on $5 Tuesdays, what a steal! Bar specials are great. They could use more selection. My favorite seats are front and center (2nd or 3rd row in their new recliner seats)!

Jerome Pizinger

Another movie theater, with the bare minimum of employees

chad claborn

If you want to go to a theater were there are no kids this is the place. Peace and quiet. You can enjoy the film.

Martha J

Love the new chairs and the discounted Sunday before noon! Great way for families to get out of the heat!

Kat Harris

Super clean. Super friendly staff, cute little photo booth up front. Great experience!

Jsmes Wells

Real nice place with a popcorn with salted

Luv Bird

Came to Omaha to shop and eat dinner and a movie. This is a very nice theater. The seats are very comfortable. The pop corn is alright.

Tremain Gardner

Went here with god sister/ bestie and her fiance we saw the moviemovie was okay I would love to plant there wasn't more cardi b in the movie didn't know that it was based on a true story all in all it was a good show

curtis Callaway

Good time. Great seats. Well portioned room *not too big* with an excellent screen view almost everywhere. I like it. Lots of shops coffee. Eats. Bars cupcake place and other things nearby. The parking garage is close enough but not the easiest to find. Street parking is almost as always full due to the many things to do in the plaza. The walk is nice however with the many shops.

Debby Leigh

Relaxing recliners with cup holders..very comfy and the place was games..this was the best movie theater I've ever been to. Thanks for the great experience!

Brandie O'Reilly

It's no Majestic Theater, but that was expected. Still, friendly staff; just not the fancy seats in every theater.

Cesar F. G.

It's pretty good, movies are visible, popcorn is edible, soda is potable, seats are sittable, don't get too demanding, alright? Good, now go watch some movies!

Jordan Fiorini

Good place for a movie. No recliners

Shannon Crow

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because there are so many college kids being loud in the movies. It's right by the university so it's really no fault of the cinema. It's ruined a few flicks for me to hear the kids goofing around and laughing during serious scenes. The ticket taker that has been there for a while is very friendly. Popcorn is fresh but they don't have a self serve butter machine. Which is probably for the best. Lol. Prices are insane for food which is the same at any theater.

Cheryl Bast

The movie theater chair was broke the place was messy the manager was rude they told us a movie started at 7:20 when I called they really started at 7 he was mad because he had to walk us into the theater because we couldn't see the whole experience was terrible and cost $40 and never will go back there again and I'll tell everyone I know which is a lot of people the place is a joke but I've already heard that from other people I should have went there in the first place. I wouldn't even give them one star except that's the lowest marking I can give them


Comfy seats and great sound system makes for a great experience


The movie was excellent and so was the theater.

Ryan Kelley

A nice theater to go see movies.

Kevin Galvin

So far my favorite theater in Omaha!


I loved everything about it except some seats dont recline but overall it was nice 4/5 stars

Gene Davey

Value priced and comfortable seats

Melissa Ring

We had a good experience.

Deb Ciullo

Comfortable and actually warm enough in the theater. Pleasant people working there

Rebecca Huckleby

The red Exit sign is so bright in the theater. There was a constant red glare on the screen. The clean-up crew need vacuum cleaners to suck up all the popcorn people leave behind. The clean-up crew do not have a long time to tidy. Vacuums would provide a quicker, thorough job. Normally, the speakers are too loud, so I generally don't go to Aksarben. My normal theater was not playing the movie I wanted to see, so I had to grin and bare it and go to Aksarben. The most recent time, the speakers were not too loud. I'm hoping that is the norm. The popcorn is delicious! The butter is not layered, so only the top gets it. Be sure to ask to layer that scrumptious butter throughout.

mj Lucifer's prophet

Suh dudes and dudetts go to this theatre man. It's litttttttt

Marie Wolf

Love this theater compared to other big chains! Great family atmosphere! Concession were a little over priced, but you get that at any theater. Would rather spend it here than some other theater.

Khai Dinh Van

Very affordable price, show highly anticipated movies, great price for students on Tuesday and Thursday!

Heidi Melvin

Best theater in our area! Love the leather seating. I go during the day, the price is right. Everyone there is helpful and friendly! Tuesdays have really good ticket prices all day. Can't beat it. Thanks for being there.

gucci gucci

Great deals on Tuesdays 5$ movies 2$popcorn

Sad Sin

Everything was really nice, I dont really like the seats, kinda uncomfortable.


I could bore you with all the details of things like how uncomfortable the movie seats were. How watered down the soft drinks were. How extremely overpriced all the snacks were. But I’m not. Instead I ask you to stare at the photo I’ve attached. The mangled & disembodied mess of a mozzarella sticks platter. For somewhere just short of $10.00 you too can enjoy this tasty treat for yourself! Make sure the same 17yr old imbecile makes your order for the full experience. Watch as he microwaves (4) frozen, pencil thin mozzarella sticks right before your eyes in 60 secs or less! Watch as he takes them from the microwave and ATTEMPTS to scrape, pull and tear them from the filthy, black, rubber cooking tray and flings them into the container for your enjoyment. Just don’t bother asking your clueless cook if this is the standard serving procedure because he will happily tell you how the original baking tray is out of order. Then hold back your cheers as you are finally handed your aborted cheese snacks for your enjoyment. Don’t forget the marinara sauce. He did. So I asked for some and got a frozen container of it. All in all it was truly amazing how oblivious yet confident the kid/employee/mozzarella stick master chef handled everything. I say he’s CEO in 5 yrs or less. Sarcasm aside, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUMP OF A MOVIE THEATRE! What a tragic and god awful experience this was. I wouldn’t go back if they paid me.

Roshelle CARTER

Great theaters but parking is okay

Omega Dragoon

Great place to watch movies I saw the new how to train your dragon there and it was awesome

Megan Kohn

Super comfy seats, and the concessions have some more "adult" options than your standard theater. Higher priced because of that so I don't know that it would be an everytime choice for me but once in a while for a special occasion heck yeah!

Sommar Paredez

It's a great place would be better with reclining seats and more choices at bar


They don't believe in using the central air. I went to see Angel had Fallen. It was so uncomfortable and hot.

Mahmudul Hasan

Loved the ambience and the place!


If you go to this theater the experience is great. Walking along the strip of restaurants during the day, and leaving at night with all the lights is a wonder. Especially if you plan on listening to pedrodium on SoundCloud. I'd say he's pure heaven but I think he's a different form.

Gina Stennis

I would have given it 5 stars. The only reason for me not is that when they play the films there they don't stay long enough, also some movie selections can be better.

Kate Graham

Loved $5 Tuesdays


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