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REVIEWS OF Southgate 9 IN Montana

Kristoff Colquitt

Nothing there, looks like every is going out of business

Aurelia Shrider

Loved this theatre, very comfortable seats and great service. The servers are very nice and accommodating! Definitely deserve a nice tip! The only compliant is when I received my food it was cold but that’s okay. And I didn’t find the servers interrupting of the movie, I had a great experience! And not terribly expensive either!

Logan Daily

Good theater. Specifically screen 4 is huge and the experience in there is excellent. Better for big loud movies cause you are gonna have servers coming through to check on people and bring refills. Comfy seats.

Michael Harry

First time, very nice seating, food was very slow

Michael R. Ritt

I was very surprised by the food that was served. I wasn't expecting restaurant quality. We will be going back for sure.

Chris L

We live almost two hours away from this theatre so it is a sizable drive to go here, especially during the winter weather, but we would go somewhat regularly as it had always been an exceptional experience. Unfortunately, our last visit was horrible with poor service and a dishonest employee. We had nothing but exceptionally positive experiences in the past which makes our recent experience and AMC's lack of response all the more disheartening. Our server, Alison, was far from attentive and while not outright rude, she was not personable and barely made any eye contact when taking our order. She seemed more worried about leaving than ensuring we had everything needed. Despite being first in the theatre, the show was already started with most customers already having their food before we got ours. We didn't even get our drinks and popcorn while waiting for the entrees. We only needed help once during the film, for a drink refill, and it was over 20 minutes before a different person showed up and then another 15 minutes before the drink came. A big perk of this theatre is that you don't need to deal with a snack bar line but when you wait over 30 minutes just for a drink refill you really wish you could just fill it yourself. The real kicker came when it was time to pay. The dine-in server runs your card before ordering and then they ring up anything you order through the movie - similar to running a tab at a bar or nightclub. At the end of the movie you are usually given an itemized receipt to review, a receipt to sign and a copy for you - not in this case. Alison only brought the single receipt for my signature and no itemized receipt nor copy for my records. This was very odd and Alison was nowhere to be found so after the less than exceptional service I felt that something was not right and I took a picture of the receipt I signed. I am glad I did this as my credit card statement shows Alison charged over twice the tip I authorized. Looking at the receipt you can easily see that there is no way to interpret the amount I authorized to be what she charged so I have to assume this was an intentional change. As no receipt copies were provided, I also worry that this may a common practice for at least this server though potentially others since it can be difficult to recall the amount you authorized or dispute any discrepancy without a receipt. I understand that issues can occur, mistakes happen and that some employees are not honest. I am not someone that regularly complains, but I also don't like to be taken advantage of and expect a company to address problems when they are reported. I contacted AMC customer service about the issue and included pictures of the receipt I signed and the amount actually charged from my credit card statement. I only asked for them to make good on the difference I was overcharged though I figured they would offer something additional to compensate for the poor experience and incentivize me to return to the theatre. I received no response despite contacting them multiple times and even sending a Twitter message with the incident number. The lack of response leads me to believe this location is aware of these practives and has no desire to correct them. Based on this we have quit attending the theatre and been sharing our experience both on-line and in-real-life.

Katie Zarn

I was there in early December to see Bohemian Rhapsody and wow! Super comfortable large reclining chairs, tasty food, helpful and friendly staff, and you can't see the heads of the people in front of you! The food was pricey, but it came out hot and was way better than I expected for a movie theater meal. I probably won't order food there again because it is relatively expensive, but the movie viewing experience is definitely worth repeating.

Meagan Shelton

Cool experience. Wouldn't do it again as a dinner option. $80 for a starter, a burger and some gourmet mac n cheese. None of which was more than mediocre. I bought the seats online and chose the back row since that's where my husband likes to sit. Once we got there, we realized it put us at an awkward angle and glass covered part of the screen. When we asked the waiter if we could move he stated in order for us to do that we would need to go to the front desk, have our tickets refunded and have new tickets with new seats issued. Super inconvenient. As the lights were dimming for showtime, we chose to stick with our current seats. Chairs are ok. They do recline but not fully. The legs don't open up completely which put me in an uncomfortable position that half way through started to hurt. All in all, cool experience. Wouldnt do it again for the price.

Charles Rinck

Awesome staff, great food

Ethan Jenkins

Had the absolute worst theater experience of my life. I decided to take my sister to a late night movie and go to the nice dine in theater. A friend gave me a Fandango card so I used that to buy tickets, and when we got to the theater and tried to pickup the tickets the guy at the ticket counter was just rude and acted like it was such an inconvenience to print our tickets. Once we got in we ordered a couple of drinks (you know, the ones with unlimited refills which is the only reason we'd pay $6 for a Sprite). Once the movie started there was an incredibly rude and loud group sitting in front of us, and while this isn't the theater's fault the employees continued to just walk by them and say absolutely nothing as they continued to be disruptive to the rest of us. The final straw however was trying to get a refill on our drinks. We sat with the lights on our chairs requesting service for somewhere between 30-45 minutes and when someone finally came they just told us it was late and the drink machine was off so we were out of luck. If you're going to sell overpriced drinks but offer refills, have the courtesy to let people know they only get one (because it was a complete waste of money and we wouldn't have bought them at all). Basically they charged us $35 for two tickets to a disruptive show with dismissive employees, rude interactions and one drink each even though it was supposed to be unlimited. The only reason this gets a second star is because the chairs are very comfortable. I'll give them that.

Michael Hilgren

I love movies, and my granddaughters, so movie night with Grandpa is fun. A little slow on service, but they do take care of you. Recliners are great to watch movies in, nice and comfy. The sound system is really nice, you can feel it as well as hear it!! Overall, it's a good time!!

Desiree J

Our family ordered before the movie and never received our stuff. So half hour into movie pressed two of the service needed buttons. They never came back. First and last time there. And for the price of everything you would think they could turn on some heat since it's in the middle of winter? I don't think this place will last for long if this continues .

Kylie Fisher

The movie theater it self is beautiful. It has high definition screens, and the place it self is big and good for a bigger group of people. The only thing was it was slow service, if that was improved it would get a 5. Otherwise, it was a nice experience!!

Nightshade Radtke

I have a lot of good things to say about the AMC 9, but there are always bad things. The staff were fairly friendly, even though they knew almost nothing about their version of the fast pass, which you get the ticket online, scan your phone, and go ahead of the lines, which I had to wait in. The theater is largely unfinished, which was really disappointing to me and my girlfriend. The seats reclined, and you had a way to elevate your feet and be comfortable, which was nice. The food was surprisingly good for a movie theater, but I'll never eat there again. One bowl of noodles was almost $20, and I despise that. They only had one size of popcorn, no seasonings besides the salt, and they didn't have lockers for my girlfriend's purse, which is new to me. I'm sure if they did, the lockers would be around $5. So it's a great theater, wonderful quality and exceptional help besides the front desk. But if you're like me and you want to skip the lines, you might want to go to the theater on Mullan.

Sonny Vigallon

Comfortable seating, good food, fair prices, and a very good overall experience.

Jon Beck

Great experience

Dixon Burkett

Love the theater. Service was great first visit, but has sloughed off a lot since then. Go for the movie, but I'd avoid dinner.

Marie Garrett

Great place to shop and eat food

Laurie Jones

How To Train Your Dragon was a wonderful experience for the whole family. Food and service was excellent.

Chelsea Chafee

The seats were comfortable, actually. And for once it wasn't a cold theater. The server was very kind, friendly and helpful. However the food was more like over priced bar food and when we got it it was cold. Overall good experience, definitely wouldn't order anything other than popcorn though.

Sunny Obstinado

Second time visiting and still a lovely experience, if not better this time. The movie (Captain Marvel) was fun to see, staff was pleasant and the seats were comfy as always! Had some trouble with our stubs premium cards, but Manager Chris was very nice and helpful! He was on the ball and got the situation figured out even though it was a busy night for them. We’ll continue coming back!!

Jean Elizabeth Lawry

It's way too expensive but makes you feel spoiled with how well the employees treat you.

Sue McNees

Our tickets we purchased on line didn't register when we got there. We haven't been to the movies in probably 20 years, but wanted to go for Downton Abbey movie. Made it a true date night. Finally got to our seats. Decided to order a bottle of wine. We waited and waited for 45 minutes at least. Called 3 times to find out what happened to our order. Finally after the movie was going another 20 or so minutes got our wine. Movie was great and the seats were comfortable. Service could be alot better. Just glad we ate before or we could still be waiting for food. No extra low dim lights to see what you're doing, just have the screen light to guide you. Go there if you can patiently wait and wait.

Paige Archibald

Everyone that works there is very nice phenomenal job helping you. It's a way better experience for everyone in the family. The prices are not too bad for the food as well. Well I'm but a couple times but I can't wait to go back again and again.

Patrick Flanagan

AMC is one of the most problematic companies I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They enforce a redundant policy that restricts 18 year olds from buying multiple movie tickets to an R-rated but 21 year olds can? What’s worse, is if you get the wrong showtime for this R-rated movie or if you’d like to change it around for you and your guests you need to be 21 just do get a new showtime for you and your friends. AMC, this is a flawed policy that has caused me and others nothing but trouble and has honestly made me question why you are even a legitimate company. Remove it.

Holly Shoup

Terrible service, our first guy was good, then they dropped the ball. I cant see how this place will stay in buisness

Manousos Kouidis

Movie ok and all BUT literally out of every item on the menu NOTHING was vegan. Nice dine in...


Nice place, a little crowded, if you are near the isle the lights will blind you. Chair buttons can be hard to find in the dark. When I told the waiter I was still looking at the menu and would be just a minute the waitress never returned to order.

Rebecca Parker

We have been twice now. Really enjoyed our first time even though the food did take a really long time. We loved the comfortable chairs and the great movie. We decided to go again today and the lady at the check in was so rude. I was trying to check in on the kiosk when she asked if she could help me so I went over, she asked if I had my confirmation number and I told her I was pulling it up when she heavily sighed. I explained I would be happy to use the kiosk if I was bothering her and she told me to go ahead and use it then rolled her eyes at me. I was having difficulty with the kiosk because the scanner is apparently broken and there is no sign. I told my husband maybe this was a mistake when the lady says we can get you a refund and starts waving down the manager and telling us we can leave. We explained to the manager we just wanted to check in and go enjoy the movie with our kids. The manager was very polite and said she thought it was a misunderstanding and then lady said they were working with this employee on this problem (maybe I’m not the first). The rest of our experience was great but the lady checking us in ruined it for me. We already reserved tickets in advance for our anniversary but now I’m not looking forward to going.

C.B. M

Big comfy seats. Honestly could never afford the food so I just go here for matinees xD

Robin Tief

A bit overpriced but what movie theater isn't. Comfy seats and good food. Sometimes have had a bad experience here because waiter never brought food back to us but they made it up to us. Some very nice people here.

Olivia Estep

I love going here. The seats are very comfortable and they are handicapped accessible. The seats also recline.

Pam Bolin

Absolutely love this place. Food and drink prices are high, but all in all great and friendly service, 5☆'s from us:)

blu poppy

Nice to finally have such a cool and fun place to go see a movie in town

Nathan Hansen

Phenomenal service, ultimate comfort and delicious food. Now if they could only figure out a way to keep the food hot before serving it. I've never really had hot food from there. Anything that was supposed to be hot was cold by the time I got it. Talk about a first world problem! Overall, a wonderful experience. We will be coming back!

Vicki DeVore

We absolutely LOVE this theatre! The seats are very comfy, the staff are all exceptional, and the food is amazing!!

Kristina Morgan

Great theater comfortable and great employees

Jesse N

Great theater, nice screens good volume, not too much noise from neighboring movies, and great reclining seats. However, we've been disappointed with the food service speed and temp every time we've chanced it. I think the burgers and fries could be good if they weren't cold. Burger was room temp, fries actually felt cold tonight. Square up the food and this would be a premier Missoula date location.

Trenton Thomas

ALWAYS live the Southgate mall! They are never short on community events while also out reaching as well! The stores there are fairly priced and kept in great condition allowing optimal service. The only issue is parking/traffic can get a little hectic at times.

jeff osborne

Nice theater and friendly staff but for me, popcorn is a big party part of the experience. The popcorn is not great. Maybe they are trying to make it too healthy but, sorry, it just didn't taste like movie theater popcorn.

Georgiana Graf

The seats are comfortable. They were out of several things on the menu and there was no sign anywhere indicating they STILL are not serving beer or wine, despite it being on the menu. There is no children’s menu, unlike other eat in theaters. We ordered two hamburgers for three children and never received them, despite asking and leaving the theater to advise them of this three times! Even so, the burgers were on the bill! We never received the soda refill asked for, (which was almost $5 per glass). The movie was fine, but our family will never go there again. No apologies were offered. 7/17/18

j w

While the theater itself was comfortable oh, I continue to be unimpressed with the dining service. After a less than edible experience on previous visits oh, we only ordered popcorn. Granted we asked for extra butter, but instead of putting the butter on the popcorn, we were brought little individual serving containers a butter. This place needs to decide whether it's a movie theater or a restaurant. It's not succeeding doing both.

Tor Gudmundsson

Dinner and a movie. At the same time. You can't beat that.

Nicolas Salomon

Pretty overrated. I pretty much choose not to go to movies in this theater anymore strictly because of the price. It costs more to sit and watch the movie with a bunch of talking and whispering people than it does to buy the blue ray version and watch in the comfort of your own home. Or even wait for streaming services to get the movie. If I recall correctly it's about 25 for two people. Makes it a very costly endeavour.

Kendal Anderson

Super comfortable seating and movie experience. They MUST do something about the service. I would much rather go and get my own popcorn and soda rather than wait this long. If the theater is open for seating they need to have servers.

Sidney Watson

Movies are alright, chairs are comfortable. Food was not so great. When I finally received my food, it was cold.

Lee Philips

Food is great. And the staff is very courteous amd helpful

Teresa Dlc

Real Nice, love this way of watching a movie. Nice seats, great service. Not overly cold inside, actually got warm for a min

Michael Sween

Love the seats and the theater

Laurel Farrell

The chairs are comfy. The food not bad, but no separate fryer for shellfish, so I can't have the shrimp-fries. Popcorn is BIG. ...and I'm disappointed there's still no beer.


Really nice! Comfy chairs! In dining really makes the experience that much better. The food is good! Great staff! A little expensive but worth it! Great date!

Amy Sanders

Bathrooms disgusting. 4 clogged and garbage everywhere. Used qtip on floor in doorway. An employee could've picked up. Food overpriced. "Ultimate nachos " gross, soggy, and not a thing "ultimate" about them. 9.49 for a pint of flat tire. Some friendly employees but they all should at least have smiles.

the_ panda23 25

I loved it! Great service recline able chairs! They even have a service button on your chair

Peggy Miller

So glad I didn't care about the movie we were seeing. Food was expensive and not that special, servers were personable but very distracting, seats seemed to have been designed for a non-human species. Hope I don't have to go back.

Kayla Willey

Very clean, amazing service!

joe mcnees

Took my wife for a date night . We did have a problem with the tickets we bought on line . They didn't register . Finally got to our seats. Ordered a bottle of wine.,waited over an hour before it was served. Called 3 times. No real low lighting to see what you are doing . Please do not go if you are hungry ,you'll get your meal at the end of the movie .

Shyan Beaver

Love this place. Super friendly

Savannah Gow

Definitely would not recommend anyone come here to enjoy a dining experience. We ordered easily microwaveable food upsaled 300% and it came towards the end of the movie cold and soggy. Understaffed and terrible food to be considered a dining theater.

Josh Chai

The general manager of this theater hung up on me during a conversation where I was trying to resolve an issue that was their fault. She then insulted me by asking if I was going to listen to her when I called back. I have also heard of this theater mistreating and exploiting their employees based on her incompetence. I would steer clear of this location completely if you want good customer service from employees who are treated fairly.

BJ McAlear

It was totally different than any ordinary theater. Since I couldn't see what I was eating I don't think I will order a meal again. Just something simple. I was very comfortable.

Kent Big Man

It was awesome..

Sabrina Charlson

Definitely was not impressed. Very over priced. I ordered a milkshake, which my server said was “the best milkshake” she had ever had and so my hopes were high. When I received it, it was super sloppy and mainly milk and hardly any ice cream. Not worth almost $9! Would not recommend getting any food here. Thought a salad would be safe, but the chicken was freezer burnt and the lettuce was subpar. Go to AMC 12. I will never return to the dine in.

Mathew R

I love the comfortable reclining chairs. Wish they had beer. UPDATE... Now they do have beer!


Love their chairs!!! That alone is worth it. Food service is slow. Food is good, but not great.

Jamie Chapman

Watched Captain Marvel. Movie was excellent, check in process was a little annoying due to not having scanner for tickets purchased online.

Brian Walston

Good service and comfy recliners. The only way to watch a movie!

Ryan Dunn

Really nice theater! First time going to this theater and I have to say I am really impressed! There are nice leather power seats that are really comfortable. The picture quality is great and the atmosphere of the place is amazing! Also the waitresses/waiters are really friendly. All in all I have to give it 5++ star review. Can't wait till the next time!

Cameron Nielson

My wife and I took our 2 kids here Thursday to see bumblebee we ordered our popcorn wings and soda got the popcorn but no wings when we asked for refill and reminded them about the wings but they never came back. Was told they would fix it and reimburse me for it waited and nothing they took my money off the card but didn't reimburse me for the refill on popcorn and wings but didn't get. Won't be going back

Tracey Riley

We enjoyed it. Will be better once the tavern opens

Clipped Games

No concessions like a true movie theater, if you asked for buttered popcorn you’ll have to butter your own, oh and never show up to a late showing because after 11 you can’t get refills on soda or anything for that matter. Pathetic representation of a “movie theater” & what they call a restaurant/concessions

Matt Brown

Went to matinee service excellent. Food was hot and served quickly. As with any theater you will pay theater prices on stuff. Great selection of food and refreshments. Gluten free options as well.Was an epic experience. Beer was Ice cold

Amanda Klinker

Horrible service. Everyone in our row had food and drinks, so after a half hour we asked if we could get our drinks. The lady seemed super annoyed with us and said she would check if they were done yet. I didn’t think two kids lemonades, a Dr Pepper and a water would need to take that long, especially when everyone else who ordered about the same time also had their food. We waited another 20 minutes for that. Then we were afraid to ask for our food after because of how put out our attendant seemed with the drinks. About 30 minutes after the drink she comes by to give us our check...still no food. All she says is, “oh I won’t give you that then (referring to the check) and leaves.” Another 20 minutes or so passes so I finally went out to see if we were going to get our this time my kids are starving. The person I found was very nice and helpful and found someone who knew that said it was coming and they comped a bunch of it. It finally came, and it was ok food but really not that great. And the bill was a mess. They charged everything twice, the kids drinks that were supposed to be included separately, they charged for milk...which we didn’t order or get, then took off $92. So they made it seem like we payed for just drinks and we got a huge discount, but really we basically paid for an adult meal and the adult drink. Just seemed super slimy to make it seem otherwise. I would definitely get better, cheaper food somewhere else and skip this theater. Not worth disrupting the movie I really wanted to see for horrible service and subpar, overpriced food.

Kelsi Crisp

Loved the seats in this place and the food was really tasty! It was the most comfy theatre I've been to ever! Can't wait until they get beer and wine though... That is kind of the point of done and watch theater in my opinion! Great sounds and picture though so I'm super happy this place is there!

Jake Vautrot

A full service theater without a liquor license. It's ok, will rate 5 once they serve beer.


The seats are comfortable but they don't recline very far. The seat-side service is nice and the servers do a good job in the loud theater to hear your order. It is very pricey though but I dont mind paying for a theater that nice

Alyssa Haley

The food is super good (esp the nachos) and everyone who works there has been very nice. They have accessible seating and devices to give ppl the cc for the movie.

Jared C

The movie was great, but the food service was very poor this evening. The food was cold in my kids refused to eat it. Especially since it was a $60 meal and $40 tickets for the four of us combined. I'm not going to give it a two because the front desk was very apologetic for the issue but it was definitely not the best experience we've ever had. I will definitely think twice about this type of outing in the future.

Derek Vieira

Echoing other reviews, most of the theater experience is great except the service gets three stars. We have been there 4 times and only once was everything smooth and acceptable. We have not received waters when requested, our check was messed up, we have waited over 20 minutes for a drink, we waiting 10 minutes after a movie ended to get change and close out our bill. The last one was really fun. The cleaners were standing awkwardly waiting for everyone to exit. Also, besides service, the app will not let you purchase $5 tickets on Tuesday although it clearly indicates that it is possible. Would someone who knows food service please manage this place properly?

Christopher Morigeau

The fish and chips are amazing. As are the cheesy bacon tots. Our new go to spot for movies and dinner.

Gene Johnson

Loved the recliner seating. The food was very good too.

Adam Cutler

Very nice with comfortable seats and pretty good food. No liquor license yet though.

jerry linton

It was a much more enjoyable experience than I had expected. Seating is super comfy. Wait staff was NOT a distraction as I had anticipated. I will definitely go back again.


Watched a few different movies during the launch of Avengers infinity war. The food was amazing and service was great. Out of the three movies I watched the service and quality was 5 out of 5 stars. Totally worth the 210 mile journey to check this place out.

Levon Martin

Very nice theater. Very new. Friendly staff. Soft easy chairs and a fireplace in the waiting area are nice touches. Seats in the theatre are the new reclining variety.

Loklin Nord

Movie theaters are huge, super comfy reclining chairs. The tickets are priced alright, but be careful of what food you order. It is not always the best and quite expensive. Personally, I think their milkshakes are the best purchase option.

Rachael Horner

What a great experience!! A little pricey. But the experience was a lot of fun

Bradley Wyss

Great dine-in theater with electric chairs.

Desiree Fresorger

It was very comfortable. Great service. A bit pricey though. And I didn't like that there was only one size of popcorn. Nobody can eat that much popcorn....goodness.

TheH Bomb

Service could be was a B

miss buchanan

The brussel sprouts are to die for! The service is always amazing here. Only thing that sucks are the people who come here and think because their are reclining seats and food served to your seat that they can act like they are at home when they are really out in public... otherwise the food is great, a little spendy, but the chefs know what they are doing! The seats are better than the seats at the classic theatre because they recline and make you feel so comfy! I love this place!

Brittney Huseby

Fun place and nice staff. A little slow for food sometimes but worth the wait. Brisket fries are my fav.

Pokey Mott

Great service and the most comfortable 4 way reclining movie theater seats you'll find in Missoula. Dine in options are priced reasonably and brought right to your seat by courteous wait staff. Phenomenal sound and picture, the only way to watch a new release in my opinion.

seth venne

Still don't have there liquor license for shame AMC

Julia Warren

Awesome service! We don't have this kind of service in southern Idaho. This definitely surpasses the theaters there by far.

Jody A. Huston

My first experience in this type of indoor movie viewing. As well as the 3D projection. I was impressed and enjoyed the 3D experience. Glasses furnished at check in. The theater venue was very impressive and I will be returning for future attractions. Although I didn't partake in "The Dine In" portion but in observing other patrons it seemed quite appeasing. The menu was very sufficient in choices from appetizers to entrees. Normal movie snacks also were available. The staff was very thorough and polite. The seating was by reservation when purchasing online tickets and there was no confusion. Seats were very comfortable with recline and foot rest if desired. The aisle allowing for this in accessibility. Handicap seating was available and sufficient. Do not see myself going any where else after this. Honestly a Leap above the normal theater experience. Highly recommended!!


Idk it’s like all other theaters pretty much

Judy Maxwell

Good food and recliners. Come early to order. No lights at seats.

Brett Barto

This is the nicest theater I've ever been in--adjustable leather seats with servomotors, a bar in the lobby, a full menu with a few dozen items to choose.

Christopher Katona

It was not a bad theater it was actually a great theater cause the people just get what u want

Michelle L

A great movie experience! Reclining seats. Excellent food quality. Very nice, cheerful staff.

John Zeigler

Chairs were great. Movie awesome. Not so good on the food.

Cynthia Nesbitt

The staff was friendly and helpful. The place was clean. It has a nice open layout with a cozy lounge and fireplace. But the seats in the auditorium weren't very comfortable. That were just "ok." They reclined which was nice but if you go too far back, a glass divider obscures a small part of your view. The food was also ok. It was better than I heard from others but I was hoping for a little better taste considering the price. Our food arrived just before the movie started so it got dark and we were unable to see our food and exactly what we were eating. All in all, I'm glad I went to experience it. But it won't be my first pick for date night.

Inicorn Refs

The fact that our community has a movie theater like this in Missoula great! Food is decent and slightly expensive, but what do you expect- your eating at the movies with reclining luxury chairs and can even have a drink while you do so. Staff is always friendly and we've yet to endure long wait periods, like some of the other reviewers.

Jeff Sloan

Nice and clean workers were helpful

Haley Wilson

This place is fancy. Seats are ridiculously comfortable. It's like your home recliner. I like it particularly because each row is kind of secluded, you can't really see the people in the row in front of you and the people behind you can't see you. I didn't order food, but the options seemed good and I plan on going and trying out the menu next time. This is my preferred theater, just make sure to get tickets ahead of time because they don't have a ton of seating.

Rachel Edwards

We never got our food. The waiter told us before the movie started that the kitchen was behind and that food may take a while. We were ok with that, and just enjoyed the movie. He brought us our bill half way through the movie and we told him we never got our order. He came back shortly and was very nice and told us our meal would be free and it would be right out. But it never came... The seats were amazing! And our drinks were refilled without missing a minute of the movie.


Best theater I've ever been to hands down!

Donna Kellough

Very comfortable theater. Sound is a little loud for me. Love the seats and in seat service. Dinner was good also!

Tom Maley

Good food & service. Plan ahead to be seated 30 mins before showtime to order for best service. Wide aisles between rows. No one could possibly disturb your viewing by kicking the back of your seat. Reclining seats are wide.

Anastasia Schoon

Dine in theater is great. Toppings for Mac and cheese are not the best quality but the theatre itself is great and service is wonderful. Appetizers are the best!

Julie Schreckendgust

Oh my gosh comfy seats great food. They lost a star for how slow they were on service. They messed up my order and took 15 min.s for a server to come see what was wrong.

Christopher George

Food is meh. Seating is wonderful

Mallory Lamb

Love the theater. Everything was great. Only reason it didn't get 5 stars was no beers yet. I was told they are waiting on state approval. I totally understand that. I visited on 10/23/18. I would still highly recommend.

Christy McLaren

We had a wonderful time!! Staff and food was great!! Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. You must check it out

Kathleen Cameron

We really enjoyed seeing Capt Marvel from our comfortable lounge seats. The sound quality in the theater was exemplary. Loved being at the Southgate 9!

Ronda Smith

Theater was comfy but every time I order food it isn't very warm when I get it.

Elizabeth Pocha

Clean theater, great service and tasty food. If you need something during the movie, there is a button on the front of your seat to let the servers know you need something, nifty.

Alice in Wonderland

Everything is great and the service is always very nice. The only two things that were disappointing any times in a row, they ran out of the pretzel bites and unfortunately the mac-n-cheese was overpowered by salt it wasn't pleasant at all and If you're trying to decide when to go, go early.!

Athena Waschke

Great seats, good food

John D.

Good food and great seats. I will never go to a different theater


11 movie tickets are not bad at all! Great Staff

Bobby Slater

Food is always good. Prices for drinks and candy are as high as you would expect for a theater, but the food is decently priced. Lots of leg room, but the seats are a little small for bigger people like myself.

Aimee Bouldin

Visiting this movie theatre was certainly an experience and a great way to individually spend time with my son. From the time we walked in we were made to feel welcome. After selecting and then locating our seats we were approached by our server. He graciously took our order. Being served in the movie theater was different as the movie noise was so loud and I was sure he couldn't hear but he was on top of his game and must know how to read lips in the dim lighting as he got it all with no hitch. They took their time to return to clear the plates which was fine and as always movie theater prices are extravagant but we certainly had fun for the experience. We will certainly go again.

Matt Karlson

The food here is really good, way better than you'd expect in a movie theater, worth trying out if you haven't.


Absolutely the best service I’ve ever received from a dine-in theater’s staff. Always very respectful and helpful when I ask what they reccomend I eat. If you haven’t gone there yet, do so asap.

Carl Clark

Great seats, food was good especially by movie theater standards. Service was quick but it was not super busy when I went - seems like it could be challenging with a full theater but my experience was great. Would recommend.

James Glantz

Comfortable setting and friendly employees, however, our food has been forgotten or not brought out on multiple occasions.

Gary Mitchell

Great food, comfortable seats! Could not ask for more!

Deena Sweet

Saw a great movie, Hunter Killer & enjoyed the dine-in theater. Had a royal burger & fries. It was a big thick juicy delicious burger w/fries. Will definitely eat it again.

Marne Newton

Love the overall experience. But the food is a little more expensive than it should be. Depending on what you buy it doesn't have a lot of flavor to it. I will say that spending $8.75 for a chocolate shake is a little outrageous but it sure is a good Shake.

Curtis Newart

...great venue! Good food. However, the service over the past few weeks has declined so noticeably and so rapidly that it makes me think there is a serious problem with management/training and morale. I attend this venue an average of twice a week and without a fast and noticeable improvement in service I will no longer spend my money here and will not be able to recommend this place. It's a real shame as there are some pleasant people here.

Jake Cochran

Fantastic seats good different on prices than going out to eat

francisco flores

It was awesome, the screens were pretty big. The chairs were comfortable. The food was great. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you AMC

Tom Buchanan

A great experience! Best reclining seats for a theater in Missoula. However, the theater is cold, so dress warm in the winter. The food is good but, expensive for what you get compared to other restaurants. Overall a great experience & the best way to watch a movie in Missoula depending upon your preferences.

Erin Lenci

It's a lot of fun. Unfortunately my chair didn't work so I couldn't lounge. The food was pretty good. Prices aren't too bad. Staff was friendly.

LaDarrius Jackson

Great service good food and a funny movie

Anthony Bourne

Amazing experience for basically the same price. Beer, wine, full food menu, servers in the theater, and some of the most comfortable chairs I've sat in. Great place to take your date.

Anthony D.

God the food is bad. Makes me sick everytime.


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